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A Grandchild's Heritage - TALBOT Line Talbot  Blazon Talbot  Blazon

A Grandchild's Heritage

The Talbot Line

MOTTO: Humani nihil alienum.
Nothing that relates to man is indifferent to me.

Other lines directly linked to Talbot through their wives are Beauchamp, Butler & Strange

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The Talbot Line
Generation No. 1

Richard Talbot [www1]
d 1175

The Talbot Line
Generation No. 2

Gilbert Talbot [www1]
d <13 Feb 1230

The Talbot Line
Generation No. 3

Richard Talbot [www1]
d <13 APR 1234

He married 1219/24, Aline Basset~ [www1]
b <1200

The Talbot Line
Generation No. 4

Gilbert Talbot [www1]
b >1219/1224
d <8 Sep 1274

He married Gwenthlian Ferch Rhys~ [www1]

The Talbot Line
Generation No. 5

Richard de Talbot [www1][S810] [S1922] [S1993]
OCCUPATION: Governor of Cardiff, Monmouth Castle
b Abt 1250
d By 3 Sep 1306

He married aft Jan 1268 Sarah de Beauchamp [www1][S810] [S1922] [S1993] B&B LINK
b ABT 1255/By 1268/9
d aft Jul 1317

The Talbot Line
Generation No. 6

Sir Gilbert Talbot 1st Baron Talbot K.B.
[www1][S810] [S1922] [S1993] Knight
Chamberlain To Edward III
b 18 Oct 1276
d 24 Feb 1346

He married Anne Le Botiler BOTELIER [www1][S810] [S1993]
dau of William le Botelier Of Wemm b c1250
b >1261/c1280

The Talbot Line
Generation No. 7

Sir Richard Talbot 2nd Baron Talbot K.B.
[rt9;95-31][hs34][www1][S1922] [S1993] Knight
b Abt 1302/1305
d 23 Oct 1356
BUR: Flanesford Priory

He married in 1325/by 23 Mar 1326/7 Elizabeth Comyn [rt9;95-31][hs34][www1][S1922][S1993] HS LINK
b 1 Nov 1299
d 20 Nov 1372

The Talbot Line
Generation No. 8

Sir Gilbert Talbot 3rd Baron Talbot
[rt9;95-32][hs34][www1][S1922] [S1993] Knight
Lord Talbot, of Ecclesfield, co. Hereford; M.P.1362
b c.1332
d 24 Apr 1387, Roales, Spain

He married 8 Sep 1352 Petronella Butler Aka:Pernel [rt9;13-31][hs34][www1][S1922][S1993] - B&B LINK
b Abt 1327 m BEF 8 Sep 1352/by 1361 d Aft 28 May 1365/1368/1387


"He was summoned to Parliament 14 Aug 1362 to 8 Aug 1386. This nobleman served under the Black Prince (Edward III, so called because of his fierceness in battle). In the 1st year of the reign of Richard II he was in the King's Fleet at sea, with Michael de la Pole, Admiral for the North. He married Petronelle and they had his son, Richard, 4th Baron Talbot." [S1922]

The Talbot Line
Generation No. 9

Sir Richard Talbot 4th Baron Talbot de Blackmere K.B.
[rt9;14-32][hs34][www1][S1922] B&B LINK Knight
b c.1361
d 7/8/9 Sep 1396, London, England

He married by 23 Aug 1383 Ankaret le Strange Baroness Strange [rt9;8-33][hs34][www1][S1922] [S1993] HS LINK
b 1361
d 1 Jun 1413


"He was summoned to Parliament from 3 Mar 1384 to 17 Dec 1387 by writ directed to "Ricardo Talbot de Blackmere". He was summoned as 4th Baron Talbot of Goderich Castle from 1387 to 1393. In the wars with Scotland, and in the 15th year of the reign of Richard II, he succeeded to lands of the family of Hastings. Earls of Pembroke, derived through his great-grandmother, Joan de Valence. She was sister and co-heir of Aymer de Valence, Earl of Pembroke. Joan was also the wife of John Comyn.

Richard Talbot married Ankeret and was succeeded by his eldest son, Gilbert who left an only child named Ankaret who died young, and the honorary honors reverted to John Talbot, 6th Baron Talbot." [S1922]

The Talbot Line
Generation No. 10

Mary Talbot Abt 1397.[rt9;14-33][hs34][www1] HS LINK - CH28 LINK
b. Abt 1375/1383,
d. 13 Apr 1433

She married Abt 1397 Sir Thomas de Greene of Green's Norton, Northamptonshire
[rt9;14-33][hs34][www1] Knight
b 1369/1373 in Green's Norton, Northamptonshire, England
d 14 December 1417 in England.
Sheriff of Northamptonshire 1416

Lineage = Talbot ->
Greene -> Dyer -> Card -> Wilcox -> Saunders -> Barb´┐Ż

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