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A Grandchild's Heritage - The WILCOX Line
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Wilcox Crest Wilcox Crest
The Wilcox Line

Wilcox Family Crest
MOTTO: Semper fidelis. Always faithful.

Other lines directly linked to Wilcox through their wives are
Thompson, Hazard, Crandall, Brownell, Plant & Card

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Generation No. 1

Daniel Wilcox
b 1565, South Elkington, Lincolnshire, England[www20][www21]
d 25 November 1605 in South Elkington, Lincolnshire, England. [www20]
bur 25 Nov 1605 in South Elkington, Lincoln, Eng[www21]

He married Isabel (Esebel, Esabell).
b c1568 in Lincolnshire[www20][www21]

Documented events in his life were: [www21]

1. VR - Death; 25 Nov 1605; South Elkington, Lincoln, Eng 1. 1605 - Danyell Willcocke was buryed the xxvth day of November

Daniel and Esebel had the following children:[www20]

Thomas Wilcox - b. North Elkington, Lincolnshire. He was baptized 30 Nov. 1589. He married Susan, and died after 1645.
Anne Wilcox - b. 1 March 1590/91 in South Elkington, Lincolnshire. She died 30 Sept. 1593 iin South Elkington.
Ellen Wilcox - b. 1 Sept. 1594 in South Elkington, Lincolnshire. She died 23 April 1599 in South Elkington.
Alis Wilcox - b. about 1595 in South Elkington, Lincolnshire . She died 20 May 1597 in South Elkington.
Margret Wilcox - b. 4 Nov. 1597, died 6 Nov. 1597 in South Elkington.
Francis Wilcox - b. 20 Dec. 1598 in South Elkington, Lincolnshire.
John Wilcox - b. 8 August 1602, died 29 Nov. 1602 in South Elkington.
+ Edward Wilcox - b. before 12 Feb. 1603/04.

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Generation No. 2

Edward Wilcox
Wilcox Gedcom Page
was baptized 12 February 1603/04 in South Elkington, Lincolnshire, England, [www20][www21]
died Bef 13 April 1660 in Portsmouth, RI.
b 26 OCT 1604, Bury, St. Edmund's, Lincolnshire, England [www16]
d 1659, Portsmouth, Kingston, Rhode Island[www16]
Edward died in April, 1660 in Portsmouth, RI.[www20]
died before 1660 in Rhode Island[www21]

Documented events in his life were: [www21]

1. CR - Baptism; 12 Feb 1603/04; South Elkington, Lincoln, Eng 4. Edward the son of Danyell Wylcock was Baptised the xiith of ffebruary
2. VR - Death of Spouse; Bef 27 Jun 1630; Croft, Lincoln, ENG 1. 1630 - Marye the wyfe of Edward Wilcoxe was buried the xxvijte Day of June
3. VR - Death of Child; Bef 27 Sep 1630; Croft, Lincoln, ENG 1. 1630 - Daniell Wilcoxe a [blotted & illegible] sonne of Edward Wilcoxe was buried the same day being xxijth of September
4. VR - Birth of Child; 4 Mar 1632/33; Croft, Lincoln, ENG 1. 1632/3 - Daniell the sonne of Edward Wilcoxe was christened the fourthe Day of March
5. VR - Birth of Child; Bef 26 Dec 1634; Croft, Lincoln, ENG 1. 1634 - Stephen ye son of Edward Willcocke & Susanna his wife bapt Decem: 26th
6. Emigrant Ancestor; After 1630.

He married (1) Mary. in Croft, Lincolnshire, England in 1628/29[www20]
Mary died in June, 1630, in Croft, where she was buried 7 June 1630.[www20]

Edward and Mary had the following child:

Daniel Wilcox - b. in Croft, Lincolnshire.
He was baptized 24 June, 1630.
He died in September, 1630 in Croft,
where he was buried on 22 September, 1630.

Edward, aged 28, married (2) Susanna Thompson 12 May 1631 in Orby, Lincolnshire, England[www16][www18][www20]
baptized in Orby, Lincolnshire, England on 6 Sep 1607[www20][www21]
Marriage Notes

Children of Edward Wilcox and Susanna Thompson are:
+ 3 i. Stephen Wilcox,
4 ii. Daniel Wilcox b. 4 March 1632/33
5 iii. Mary Wilcox b. 1639
iv. John Wilcox.

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Generation No. 3

3. Stephen Wilcox
was born Bef 26 December 1634 in Croft, Lincolnshire, England[www2][www19],
BORN: 6 FEB 1633, Crofts, Lincolnshire, England [www16]
b. 6 Dec. 1634 in Croft[www20]
and died Bef/about 6 February 1689/90 in Westerly, Kings Co., Rhode Island. Age: 54[www13][www18][www16][www20]

Stephen, aged 24, married Hannah Hazard on 30 Jan 1657/1658 in Aquideeck (now Portsmouth), Newport Co., Rhode Island [www2][www18][www20]
BORN: 10 JUL 1637, Boston, Massachusettes[www16][www18]
Bap. 10 Sept 1637 Boston, Suffolk, MA LINK
Hannah was born in Boston, MA 10 September 1637.[www20]
DIED: 1710, Rhode Island[www16]
She died after 13 Nov 1679 in or near Westerly, Kings Co., Rhode Island.[www18]

Documented events in his life were: [www21]

1. CR - Baptism; 26 Dec 1634; Orby, Lincoln, Eng 10. Baptized on St. Stephen's Day
2. Colony Office; 1670; Rhode Island 11. Served as Representative
3. Colony Office; 1672; Westerly, Washington Co., RI 11. Served as Representative
4. Lands Recorded - Granted; 10 Dec 1657; Portsmouth, Newport Co., RI 11. Received a grant of land with Thomas Kent at 2s per acre
5. Lands Recorded - Gifted; 30 Jan 1657/58; Portsmouth, Newport Co., RI 11. Received a deed for 34 acres from Thomas Hazard as dower for the latter's daughter Hannah.
6. Residence; 18 May 1669; Westerly, Washington Co., RI 11. Listed among the inhabitants of the town.
7. Lands Recorded; 21 Jun 1670; Stonington, New London, CT 11. He was complained of, with his partakers, by John Richards, Treasurer of Harvard College, for unjustly possessing 500 acres in Pequot country, east side of the Pawcatuck River, within the bounds of Stonington.
8. Colony Office; Between 1670-1672; Westerly, Washington Co., RI 11. Served as Deputy
9. VR - Death; Bef 6 Feb 1689/90; Westerly, Washington Co., RI 11. Mentioned as of 6 Feb 1690 as lately deceased.

Children of Stephen Wilcox and Hannah Hazzard are:
6 i. Bethiah4 Wilcox, born c1659.
7 ii. Edward Wilcox, born 5 Nov 1662.
8 iii. Thomas Wilcox, born 18 Feb 1664.
9 iv. Daniel Wilcox, born Abt 1666.
+ 10 v. William Wilcox, born c1668.
+ 11 vi. Stephen Wilcox
vii Elizabeth WILCOX [www16]
12 viii. Hannah Wilcox, born c1672.
13 ix. Jeremiah Wilcox b c1674
Elizabeth WIlcox abt 1676
Bethia (Bertha) WIlcox b c1678

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Generation No. 4

William Wilcox & Stephen Wilcox were brothers.

William Wilcox was born Abt 1668.
He married Dorothy Gilbert Palmer.

Children of William Wilcox and Dorothy Palmer are:
14 i. Dorothy5 Wilcox.
15 ii. Anna Wilcox.
+ 16 iii. William Wilcox, born 3 June 1703 in Stonington, CT.
17 iv. Jemimah Wilcox.
18 v. Mary Wilcox.
19 vi. Amey Wilcox.
20 vii. Sarah Wilcox.
21 viii. Nathan Wilcox.

11 Stephen Wilcox
was born Abt 1670 in Kingstowne, Westerly, Rhode Island[rt8].
was born 1670 in Westerly, Kings Co., Rhode Island.[www18]

He married (1) Susannah Hopson Abt 1691[www13].
BORN: ABT. 1670[www16]

He married (2)Elizabeth Crandall BEF. 20 JAN 1703; in 1691 in Westerly, Kings Co.,[www16][www18]Aka: Crandell
BORN: ABT. 1675 in Warwick, Kent Co., Rhode Island.[www16][www18]

Children of Stephen Wilcoxand Elizabeth Crandall are:
+ 22 i. Stephen Wilcox,
23 ii. Edward Wilcox, born Abt 1714[www2]. He married Mercy Robinson 5 January 1738/39[www2].

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Generation No. 5

William Wilcox & Stephen Wilcox are cousins.

16. William Wilcox (William4, Stephen3, Edward2, Daniel1)
was born 3 June 1703 in Stonington, CT[www13].

He married Elizabeth Brown 9 June 1727.

Child of William Wilcox and Elizabeth Brown is:
+ 24 i. Amos6 Wilcox, born Abt 1739 in N. Stonington, CT; died 19 April 1821 in Minisink, NY.

Stephen Wilcox
b c1684 in RI[rt8],
b 1694 in Westerly, Kings Co., Rhode Island.[www18][www19]
b c1705[www16]
d. 1766, East Greenwich, Kent, RI, Age: 72[www19]
d >1766. (He left a will dated 1766)

He married (1) Alice Brownell about 1720 in Westerly, Kings Co., Rhode Island.
Alice was born 3 Dec 1695 in Little Compton, Newport Co., Rhode Island[www18][www19]
m. abt 1716, Kingstowne, Washington, RI
d. 1730/1746, , Washington, RI, Age: 34[www19]

He married (2) Lydia Gardner 16 December 1746.
b. 10 Oct 1702, Kingstowne, Washington

will dated 1766

Child of Stephen Wilcox and Alice Brownell is:
+ 25 i. Benjamin Wilcox,

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Generation No. 6

Amos Wilcox & Benjamin Wilcox are second cousins.

24. Amos Wilcox was born Abt 1739 in N. Stonington, CT[www13], and died 19 April 1821 in Minisink, NY[www13]. He married Mary Burch 1759[www13].

Children of Amos Wilcox and Mary Burch are:
26 i. Isaac7 Wilcox.
27 ii. Benjamin Wilcox.
28 iii. Elisha Wilcox.
29 iv. Nathan Wilcox.
30 v. Sarah Wilcox.
31 vi. Wilcox.
32 vii. Amos Wilcox.
33 viii. Samuel Wilcox.
34 ix. Mary Wilcox.
35 x. Clarissa Wilcox.
36 xi. Asa Wilcox.
37 xii. Jesse Wilcox.
38 xiii. Joseph Wilcox.

25. Benjamin Wilcox
b 1725 in Westerly, Kings Co., Rhode Island.[www18]
b c1725 in Richmond, RI[rt8],
d 5 Jun 1813 in Newport, Nova Scotia, Canada. Age: 44[www18]

He married Esther Sheffield on 16 Dec 1746 in Westerly, Kings Co., Rhode Island. [www18]
b 1726 in Kings Co., Rhode Island. [www18]
She died before 1813; before Benjamin[www18]

Child of Benjamin Wilcox and Esther is:Robert Wilcox

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Generation No. 7

Robert Wilcox
b c1753 in Newport, RI[rt8].

He married Mercy Card, daughter of Richard Card and Hannah Dyer.

Child of Robert Wilcox and Mercy Card is:Charles Dyer Wilcox

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Generation No. 8

Charles Dyer Wilcox
b 20 January 1788 in Windsor, NS[rt8],
d 20 March 1853 in Grand Manan, NB.

m 30 January 1812,
Abigail Card
daughter of Charles Card, {brother of Mercy Card, the wife of Robert Wilcox (see Generation 7 above:)} and Mary Lockhart.
b 3 July 1793;
d 15 July 1882 in Grand Manan, NB

The Irish In Early New Brunswick
I have read and photographed their gravestones in Deep Cove, NB

Abigail Gravestone
Charles Dyer Gravestone
Children of Charles Wilcox and Abigail Card are:
41 i. Charles9 Wilcox, born 9 June 1813. He married Prudence Parker 1 December 1836.
42 ii. William Wilcox, born 14 April 1815; died 1892. He married Jane Driscoll.
43 iii. Job Wilcox, born 25 February 1817. He married Maria Green 10 July 1839.
44 iv. Mary Wilcox, born 30 January 1819. She married John Benjamin Card.
45 v. James Wilcox, born 12 May 1821.
46 vi. Robert Wilcox, born 12 May 1821.
47 vii. Permelia Wilcox, born 9 June 1823.
48 viii. Hyram Wilcox, born 22 June 1825; died 11 June 1844 in Grand Manan, NB.
49 ix. Silas Wilcox, born 13 May 1828.
+ 50 x. Abel Wilcox
51 xi. Alfred Wilcox, born 9 July 1832.
52 xii. Reuben Wilcox, born 30 September 1836; died 15 April 1914. He married Caroline.

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Generation No. 9

Abel Wilcox
b 26 Oct 1830 in Windsor, NS[rt10].

He met Amelia (Meley) Green b c1832,
daughter of William Green b c1793 and Elizabeth Newton b c1796[rt10].

Child of Abel Wilcox and Amelia Green is Lewis Caswell Wilcox

Fisherman/farmer, William Green and Elizabeth Newton were married 26 Jan 1819 in Charlotte County, N.B. by Moses Gerrish J.P.[rt10].

Note on tombstone: SOURCE
Abel Wilcox - 1830 / 1917
his wife Hannah A. - 1832 / 1917

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Generation No. 10

Lewis Caswell Wilcox
b 10 Oct 1871 in Wood Island, NB,
d 28 April 1960 in Grand Manan, NB.

He married Nellie Amelia Schofield 1893,
daughter of Jacob Schofield and Olive Plant.
b 1876
d 1919

Note on tombstone: SOURCE
Caswell Wilcox - 1871 / ___
his wife Nellie A. - 1876 / 1919
his wife Marie Forrest - 1875 / 1947

Caswell - 1904
Nellie - 1904
Claire 1904 (back left) Claire 1906 (left) Children of Caswell Wilcox and Nellie Schofield all born in Charlotte County, NB.are:

54 ii. Avis Amelia11 Wilcox, born 20 February 1894
55 iii. Leland Caswell Wilcox, born 27 February 1896
56 iv. Lawson Lionel Wilcox, born 6 May 1897
+ 57 i. Claire MarieWilcox, born 31 August 1898
58 v. Marjorie Ann Wilcox, born 1 December 1899
59 vi. Pearl Rosalie Wilcox, born 12 December 1903
60 vii. Jessie Alma Wilcox, born 1 May 1905. She married Attridge.
+ 61 viii. Archer Coy Wilcox, born 27 September 1908
62 ix. Donald Lewis Wilcox, born 31 January 1910

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Generation No. 11

Claire Marie Wilcox
b 31 Aug 1898 in Charlotte County, NB,
and died October 1981 in Toronto, ON.

She married John Thom Saunders 31 January 1937 in Montreal QC,
son of John Saunders and Jane Morrison.

Children of Claire Wilcox and John Saunders are:
+ 63 i. Donald Morris12 Saunders.
+ 64 ii. Anne Marie Saunders
+ 65 iii. David John Telford Saunders.

Lineage = Wilcox -> Saunders -> Barb´┐Ż

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