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Welcome to AIKAB

This website contains a compilation of data, that is the most accurate that I am aware of about the farm, town, and people of (or from) Bangsund, Norway. This information is NOT mine as it (94.78261%) was

  • found by searching the keyword "Bangsund" on websites such as Hotbot or AskJeeves ,
  • obtained at the Family History Center of a local Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints (Mormon), or
  • given to me by (some of) the names of those that I quote.

I hereby admit to the theft of the title "AIKAB" from John G. Bangsund (e-mail). It would appear that he and I were on a collision course of putting together a BANGSUND history at the same time. He from Australia and I from the United States. Fortunately he and I have collaborated and have been sharing all of what we know with each other.

This saga is free to anyone who desires it and the only costs involved is that YOU share any and all information, corrections, or additions that you may have that would enhance this Family of Bangsunds. The following characters are for your use and may be copied from this page:

Å   å       Ø   ø       Æ   æ

For help in tracing your ancestors in Norway:

Clark Bangsund





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