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I have collected many obituaries and would like to share some of them with you. Obituaries are very helpful in family history research. They often include where the person was born or died, their age at death, which funeral home memorial services where held, where the person is buried, and the names of surviving family members.

Note: I typed these exactly as they are in the obituary. Any mistakes (e.g. spelling) are mistakes that were made in the obituary when it was printed.

Click on a name to see the obituary for that person.

Charles Edgar Hines
Estelle Eugenie Hines
Lionel Joseph Hines
Ruth Hines
Travis Martin Hines
J.F. Kavanaugh
Alice LaLanne
Claudia A. LaLanne
Gloria LaLanne
James Francis LaLanne
Sarah E. LaLanne
Blanche LeBlanc
Alfred Jennings Louis Moss
Genevieve Moss
Lena Moss
Lela Newton
Reed Thomas Newton
Mary Victoria O'Quinn
Anthony Palombo
Frank Palombo
Ouide Palombo
Albert Patterson
Essie Mae Patterson
Hazel Patterson
Lorenzo Delbert "Renne" Patterson
Lottie Routon
Pleasant Ruth "Son" Routon
Mary Esther Taylor
James I Werner


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