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Doing research on the internet can be very tedious (in my opinion). One of my favorite ways to do research via the web is to post queries on message boards that are dedicated to specific counties or surnames. Sometimes I receive replies and sometimes I don't. But hey, I figure it's worth a try!

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Newton Queries



Newton Queries

Reed Thomas Newton (G-grandfather)

See this family's page!

http://genconnect.rootsweb.com/genbbs.cgi/USA/Ne/Gage posted on the Gage County, Nebraska query board
Thomas Newton (GG-grandfather)

See Thomas Newton on the Most Wanted Ancestors' Page!

http://cgi.rootsweb.com/~genbbs/genbbs.cgi/USA/NY/Unknown posted on the New York, Unknown County query board

Patterson/Routon Queries

Patterson/Routon (G-grandfather and G-grandmother)

See this family's page and JFred Guy Patterson on the Most Wanted Ancestors' Page!

http://genconnect.rootsweb.com/genbbs.cgi/USA/La/Jefferson posted on the Jefferson Parish, Louisiana query board

Hines Queries

Joseph Hines (G-grandfather)

See this family's page and Joseph Hines on the Most Wanted Ancestors' Page!

http://genforum.genealogy.com/hines posted on the Hines Clan query board

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