Reddick-Benbow-Means Family Reunion


Back to Africa: Our DNA Project

We're excited to announce that we are going to attempt to trace our roots to Africa through DNA. There are two kinds of DNA tests that we can do: patrilineal and matrilineal. A patrilineal test will follow the y-chromosome all the way back through the males in the family. 30% of the time, this test shows some European ancestry. A matrilineal test will follow the genes through maternal lines.

Our family would like to conduct both tests. If you are a male decendant of the Reddicks (see the tree below) or the Benbows or the Means, please contact us using the contact us link at the bottom of the page. You must be a male decended from men in the family. We'd like to use the oldest female decendant of Major Reddick for the matrilineal test.

Once the candidates have been selected, we hope to pay for the test and announce the findings at the reunion!