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My Family


There is an

Irreplaceable feeling

That I wouldn't give up for the world -

A sense of belonging,

Of being able to turn

To the outstretched hands

Of those I love … at any time;

To know they'll understand me,

And comfort me

When things go wrong,

Or laugh with me

When things make me happy.

Caring and sharing

Life's ups and downs,

And mostly,


As I so dearly love them.





This site was designed for the purpose of finding my family roots, to be able to share with my family their ancestry.

I have been researching my Father's side of my family, the Myles family, which also includes the families of; Dobson, Lyons, Ferguson and many others. My Mother's side of my family tree which I have been researching includes the family names of; Keays, Fair, Harper, Campbell, and many others. If you are interested in any of these names this site might be of interest to you. If you have any information on any of the names you might find on this site and are willing to share your information, or if you would like any more information from me please email.


  Alison J. Myles



My Family



The Myles Family hails from Campbellton, New Brunswick. Campbellton is located in the northern part of New Brunswick's Restigouche County. As it stands today, is bordered on the north by Bonaventure county the Province of Quebec, on the south by Madawaska and Victoria Counties to the Southeast by Northumberland and Gloucester Counties. Campbellton sits with the banks of the Restigouche River to one side and Sugarloaf Mountain to back it up on the other with just the Van Horne bridge to seperate them.

Please keep in mind that Restigouche County was once called Gloucester County, between the years of 1827 to 1838. Between the years of 1786 and 1826 it was called Northumberland County. Please also do not confuse Restigouche County with Restigouche or Ristigouche Province of Quebec which is a MicMac Indian Reserve just across the River from Campbellton. The parish of "Ste Anne de Ristigouche" is very closely related to Restigouche County and a very good place to look for your ancestors as it is one of the oldest parishes in the area with records dating back as far as 1759.





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