IN AEBNIT - 60+ American Spellings (Abnet, Atnip, Atnipp, Inabnit, Inabnitt, etc)


IN AEBNIT - 60+ American Spellings

Abnet, Atnip, Atnipp, Inabenet, Inabnit, Inabnitt

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Hildebrand 'Hiltbrand' InAebnit
His Descendants in America

Our Many Spellings!

At least 65 different spelling variations our surname have been found among the descendants of Hildebrand. The spelling "In Aebnith" has not yet Been found in the United States. The first records we learn of our family, the spelling is "In Aebnit" which appears in the christening records. TODAY, the most common spellings used by Hiltbrand's descendants are ATNIP, INABNIT, INABNITT, and ABNET.

Spellings (in alphabetical order) found include:

Abinet Abnet Abnetin Abnett Abnick Abnieck Abniet Abriet Adnet Allnip Allnipp Alniss Amminet Apnip Arnit Atnip Atnipe Atnip In Atnipp Atnips Atniss Ebinet Ebnet Ebnit Enabnett Enabnit Enapnit Enepnit Hinderpint Imäbnit Im Äbnit Im Aebnit Inabenent Inabenet Inabenett Inabenint Inabent Inabet Inabinet Inabinett Inabnet Inabnett Inabnip Inabnit In Äbnit Inabnitt Inaebinet In Aebnath Inaebnit In Aebnit In Aebnith Inapnit Inatnip Inbind Inchnar Indbnit Indinet Inebenet Inebinet In Ebnet Inebnit InEnet Inenet Inent Innabnit Innapinit Innepnet

Why so many different spellings in the U.S. alone?

  1. Most of our ancestors could not read or write in 1700's
  2. Our ancestors were German-speaking Swiss, who didn't speak English
  3. When English was learned, our ancestors had a very heavy-accent
  4. The prefix "In" was gradually dropped in some lines
  5. Many of our ancestors knew the prefix "In" should be included, but as time passed, it became combined into one word.
  6. Many census takers spelled phonetically and spelled what they heard
  7. Some old handwriting is very difficult to read and has been transcribed INCORRECTLY by others with 'good intentions' in various books
  8. Once recorded - that branch would continue with that spelling

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Walking With Our Ancestors

These descriptions of the life and times of some of our ancestors, together with the areas in which they lived, are a personal touch we believe you will truly appreciate. Click on link below to go to site! ENJOY and please give us your comments on these.

  1. Switzerland

  2. Pennsylvania

  3. Virginia

  4. Kentucky

  5. Tennessee

  6. Missouri


Gedcom on World Connect

There are others of our surname who emigrated to America from Switzerland, but at present, we do not know exactly how they are connected to our ancestor, Hildebrand and his family. We do believe that they were probably all connected in Switzerland, and we are hopeful that further research will reveal their relationship to each other.

If you have any reference to prove relationship between our ancestor, Hildebrand, and Hans & Maria who emigrated to S.C. 1735, Christian who emigrated to Wisconsin 1860's, Jacob who emigrated to San Francisco, CA late 1850's, Peter who emigrated to Philadelphia 1752, or any other emigrant ancestors of our surname, PLEASE E-Mail Liz Marcello as soon as possible! We would like to be able to expand this page in the future, to include and reference these connections. Your help will be greatly appreciated!

For now, our emphasis on THIS PAGE will be on the following families!


We know of this family from the christening records in Switzerland and "State Archives of Bern and Basel, Switzerland" by Albert Bernhardt Faust, A.B.,PhD. published in 1925.

The christening records give us an account of 5 children - 1) Anni 2) Elsbeth, 3) Catherina 'Catri', 4) Peter and 5) Hiltbrand. This list is probably incomplete! Now we only have information in the Swiss records of two of these children - Catherina and Hildebrand. Sometime between 1738 and 1742, these two came to America. Catherina had already married Hans Mueller. Other than the Swiss records which indicate that she died childless, we have found no information on her.


The Faust books say that "Anna Schlegel, probably from Grindelwald, also went to America at that time (l742-1744). She then married Hiltbrand Inabnit (two dots over a)."

Chronology of Events in the Lives of Hildebrand and Anna
*Spellings Appear as Shown in Records*

1725, March 4 (Grindelwald, Switzerland) - Christening of Hiltbrand In Aebnit (son of Peter In Aebnit/Anna Braband)

1742, April 26 (Switzerland) - Swiss Government ruled Hiltbrand in Aebnit had no further claim to the property in Switzerland.

1744, March 9 (Switzerland) -Emigration tax was paid by a Peter inAebnit in the name of Hiltbrand Inabnit, listed as "departing for Carolina". He settled in Cocalico Twp., PA. Tax was 100 pounds on property of 1000 pounds. At the same time, 50 pounds on property of 500 pounds was paid by Hans Muller.

1758/59, - Hiltbrand is on Lancaster Co., PA (Cocalico Township) Tax Lists

1763, April 30 (Lancaster Co., PA) -Hildebrand in Ebnet, weaver, & wife Anna of Cocalico Twp., Lancaster Co., PA, sold to Cunrad Kuel 69 Acres of land in Cocalico Twp., part of 167 acres patented on 20 Oct 1748 to Conrad Weiser

1763, June 24 (Lancaster Co., PA) - Hildebrand and Anna affirmed their signatures as Grantors. Also on the same day Hildebrand was a witness to the deed of Frederick Gass, Sr. of Roan Co., NC to Conrad Kuel

1763, July 1 (Frederick Co, VA) - Jonas Little sells 132 acres in Shenandoah Co., VA to Hildebrand Inabnet

1763, Oct 6 (Frederick Co, VA) -Hillebrand Inabenint writes his will in which he names 3 sons - John, Jacob and Joseph

1763, - Hildebrand Inebinet with Obediah and Henry Funk prospect for precious metals in Strasburg, VA around the Massanutten Mountain area

1763/64, (winter) - Anna dies of some unknown cause at Sandy Hook settlement in Frederick Co., VA

1764, June (thereabouts) - Hiltbrand dies at Inebnit Farm, 6 mi. S of Sandy Hook, Frederick Co., VA

1765, June 4 (Frederick Co., VA) - Hiltbrand's will is recorded. Exectuors of the the will were Samuel Eckerlin and John Martin.

(*sons of Hildebrand/Hiltbrand and Anna)


Descendants of this branch mainly use the ABNET spelling today

*Very little has been discovered about John's life. Any information you can add to the following, please e-mail me! Thanks!!

1764, June 4 (Frederick Co., VA) -mentioned as a s/o Hildebrand in will

1764, Early July (Frederick Co.,VA) - John, age 16, is left an orphan and returns to Ephrata, PA with a group of 26 members of the Brethren faith. (NOW WE DO NOT KNOW AT THIS TIME WHAT BECAME OF John ONCE he reached Ephrata or during the next approximately 20 years.)

Before 1780, (location unknown) - John marries Hannah ? (WHETHER THIS IS HIS ONLY MARRIAGE OR NOT - We do not know!!)

1787, October 13 (Shenandoah Co., VA) -"Hannah Inabenet, widow and relict of John Inabenett, late of Berkley Co., VA released her dower rights to Joseph Inabenett"

1789, June 25 (Shenandoah Co., VA)- "Hannah Inabinet, widow and relict of John Inabinet, sold her Dower rights to Joseph Inabinet."

1791, June 29 (Shenandoah Co., VA) -"Jacob Inabnit and Michael Spiegel are named guardians to John and Jacob, minor children of John Inabnit". (MY NOTE: Document DOES NOT say that John and Jacob were the ONLY children of John. It does list them as "Orphans" of John Inabinett, dec'd and mentions the guardianship shall be effective until "the said orphans shall attain to lawful age". SO THIS DOES NOT mean that there could not have been other children of lawful age!)

1802, March 8 (Shenandoah Co,VA) -"Between Jacob Inabnet, son and heir at law of John Inabnet, dec'd. of county of Shenandoah to Michael Spiegle of same county "sells his 1/3 interest" conveyed to Hildebrand Inabnet (now deceased)" (MY NOTE: There is no mention of the other son - John.)

1806, (Shenandoah Co., Va) - Son, Jacob next appears using the ABNET/EBNET spelling at Strasburg Lutheran Church where his children are baptized

Known Children of John & Hannah ?

  1. John Inabnet (abt 1779 - ) Very LITTLE KNOWN!

  2. Jacob Abnet (Jan 4, 1781 VA/MD - Feb 7, 1853 Adams Co., IN)
    m. Sarah BAKER abt Jan 6, 1806 Shenandoah Co., VA
    ----(1783/4 VA - November 19, 1865 Adams Co., IN)
    ------d/o Johann George Baker and Charlotte Maria Volkner
    --------gd/o Heironymus Baker and Maria Gertraut Punstein

    Known Children:

    • Rebecca Abnet (Dec 7, 1806 Shenandoah Co., VA - )

    • William Abnet (Feb 12, 1808 Shenandoah Co., VA. -Aug 25, 1854 Adams Co., IN)
      -m. Mariah 'Maria' Louise MILLER March 5, 1840 Franklin Co., OH
      ----(March 21, 1817 Madison Co. VA - February 5, 1856 Adams Co., IN)
      ------d/o John Miller and Elizabeth Simms

    • Elizabeth Abnet (June 28, 1810 Shenandoah Co, VA- Jan 31, 1892 Adams Co., IN)
      -m. Benjamin FRAVEL Aug 16, 1833 Frederick Co., VA
      ----(February 15, 1804 VA - July 20, 1869 Adams Co., IN)

    • Jacob Abnet (1811/2 Shenandoah Co, VA - aft 1850)

    • George Abnet (1811/20 VA - abt July 24, 1845 Muskingum Co., OH)
      - m. Ann GORDY March 3, 1843 Pickaway Co., OH

    • Sarah Abnet (May 2, 1813 Shenandoah Co., VA - ?)

    • John Abnet (Dec 16, 1814 Shenandoah Co., VA - Sept 18, 1905 Adams Co., IN)
      -m. Catherine McKINNEY abt Sept 26, 1840 Pickaway Co., OH
      ----(June 7, 1823 OH - February 19, 1892 Adams Co. IN)

    • Rosannah Abnet (April 10, 1816 Shenandoah Co., VA -Nov 2, 1884 Adams Co., IN)
      -m. Josiah CRAWFORD March 10, 1841 Adams Co., IN
      ----(April 21, 1811 PA - February 19, 1894 Adams Co., IN)

    • Lewis Abnet (abt Oct 17, 1817 Shenandoah Co., VA -March 16, 1850 Adams Co., IN)
      -m. Mary A. GALLOWAY Jan 10, 1849 Adams Co., IN
      ----(April 1829 - November 23, 1887 Adams Co., IN)

    • Catherine Abnet (1819 VA - 1879 OH)
      - m. Jacob MORNINGSTAR April 23, 1840 Adams Co., IN
      ----(1814 Darke Co., OH - ?)
      ------s/o John George Morningstar, Sr. and Mary Miller Heathery

    • Mary Ann Abnet (abt 1824 VA - abt 1859 IN)
      -m. John CRAWFORD Sept 16, 1843 Adams Co., IN

    • Henry Abnet (abt 1827 VA - )
      - m. Lavinia McDONALD Oct 27, 1848 Adams Co., IN

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Descendants of this branch mainly use the ATNIP or ATNIPP spelling today

Joseph Inaebnit (Atnip), my direct ancestor, has his own site

Click to view my Joseph Inaebnit (Atnip) Family Page


Descendants of this branch mainly use the INABNIT/INABNITT/ATNIP/ATNIPP spellings today

Jacob now has his own site - Please see it for more informaiton and photos

Jacob Inaebnit (Inabnitt) and Mary Parkerson and Their Descendants

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