My Thompson Family in Alamance County North Carolina

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My name is Gary Thompson and I am a direct descendant of Thomas Thompson, an early pioneer who settled about 1762 in what was at that time Orange County, North Carolina.Hiswas not the only Thompson family to settle this area, and it is often difficult to determine exactly which Thompson family an individual descends from; and of course there were marriages between different Thompson families which later tie them together. My work concentrates primarily on the descendants of Thomas 1731-1796 with special emphasis on the families which remained near the area originally settled. Many families of Alamance County have links to mine, Stafford, Wood, Foust, McPherson, Albright, Stockard, Newlin and Johnson especially. Orange County families include McCauley, Johnston, Neville, Lindsey, Lloyd and Blackwood. Chatham County families include Snipes, Hadley, Clegg, Lindley and Vestal. Obviously, this is only a small percentage of families linked to us; My family tree can be viewed on RootsWeb Family Trees.

I'm currently trying to help get Alamance Co. cemetery surveys posted at Allen Dews cemetery pages. The cemeteries that I have surveyed are posted on the documents page on this site and on Allen's website. If anyone has or knows of surveys and would be willing to provide them for this purpose contact me please.

NEWS: 1 Sept. 2008 Some time ago I submitted a DNA sample to the Sorenson Molecular Geneology Foundation. I descend from Thomas, son of Thomas Sr.. A cousin with a well documented lineage back to Thomas Sr., through his son John, has had a DNA test also. I recently entered his DNA markers in the SMGF search engine, and his DNA matched mine on all but one marker. I have purchased a higher resolution DNA test and eventually my profile as well as our other cousin's will be posted on the Thompson DNA Project website. Anyone believing he is descended from Thomas should consider getting a DNA test and joining the Thompson DNA project. At best it could prove Ancestry, at worst disprove it, and my hope is that eventually, someday it may help us determine exactly where our Thompson's came from.

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