My Thompson Family in Alamance County North Carolina

UPDATE: currently has special pricing on DNA testing and I have ordered a kit. Hopefully, by the end of Sept. or early Oct. 2008, I will have my results posted on the Thompson DNA project. Meanwhile, as stated on the front page, I have a good match to another proven descendant of Thomas. If anyone is interested in the Sorenson project, I know my markers and it would be easy to see if we match for free. Read the note on the Thompson DNA project page to see the merits of SMGF.

I have submitted a DNA sample for the Sorenson Project Any others who would be interested in contributing to this free project, please do so.

A distant cousin contacted me recently concerning a family tree I provided to the Thompson dna project, and asked whether I had been tested. I have not, but my interest has been renewed. For any who haven't researched this, dna testing appears to be a useful tool. However it does not, in itself, provide any proof of ancestry. The following is from the Thompson DNA Project website " DNA results are only useful when used in conjunction with traditional historical and genealogical research." The Thompson family which I present on this site is (I think) well documented from the time of the "pioneer" Thomas Thompson. What I would like to see is conclusive ties, perhaps through dna, which would link us to the supposed families we are related to in the British Isles. As far as I know, there have been no Thompson's of our line tested for the project, nor any that I can identify, which may be related to us from Great Britain. If anyone visiting this site has information concerning anyone who has contributed to a dna test, please let me know. My knowledge of this subject is limited and my ignorance immence so I will borrow from the website again.

"3. What are the costs of the tests offered by Family Tree DNA? Our "mtDNA" test used for both males and females, and our "Y-DNA" designed to match males (often with the same or similar surnames) are priced, respectivelly at $129 and $159. We also offer a "Y-DNA12+mtDNA" which combines both tests above (and is for males who want to test and database both their mothers' and fathers' lineage). The Y-DNA12+mtDNA is $229.
Our newest tests Y-DNA37 ($289) and mtDNAPlus ($189) are designed to tighten the time to the MRCA by offering the greatest number of markers tested of any genealogical product on the market."

As you can see, this isn't something to do on a whim, and is a fairly sizable investment. I happened across a few other statements on the web site and they are the reason for including this page. First there is a way to pay for the testing of someone other than yourself, if anyone wishes to do so.

"4. Is it possible to pay for a test to be sent to another person (third-party billing)? Sure. In the ordering process there are 2 screens. The first screen is to enter the information about the person that will do test. When you advance to the second screen, you can enter the billing information, in case it is different from the individual that is being tested."

Next, there is a general fund for the Thompson DNA project, which you can contribute to. "The General Fund "Scholarship" is a type of sponsorship/grant program administered by Family Tree DNA where individuals may make a contribution to a specified DNA project.
Contributions to the Thompson DNA Project are used to fund the testing of descendants of Thompson families.
A Thompson DNA Project General Fund Scholarship is a great way to:
- honor your ancestors!
- remember your family genealogist!
- dedicate to a beloved living/or deceased family member!
- or just plain help Thompson families connect!
You may also choose to designate a specific line to be tested."

So anyone who happens upon this site, with deep pockets, and wishes to contribute to the dna project or anyone who wishes to be individually tested, use the following link.


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