PRO REFERENCE FOR THIS CENSUS: HO107 Piece 2141 Folios 491 - 500 (20 pages)

   Schedule Surname         Forename   Relation  Cond   Age         Occupation              Where Born           Comments

       1   HART              Martha      Head      Wid  61          Lacerunner              West Hallam
           HART              John        Son       U    40          Ironstone miner         West Hallam
           HART              Richard     Son       U    21          Ironstone miner         Stanley
           HART              Eliza       Dau       U    18          Lacerunner              Stanley
       2   SCATTERGOOD       Francis     Head      M    71          Farmer of 6 acres       Stanley
           SCATTERGOOD       Mary        Wife      M    80                                  Stanley
       3   HOBSON            William     Head      M    42          Farm labourer           West Hallam
           HOBSON            Mary        Wife      M    40                                  Horsley
       4   HART              Timothy     Head      M    58          Farmer of 24 acres      Stanley
           HART              Catherine   Wife      M    56          Farmer's wife           Stanley
           HART              Timothy     Son       U    22          Farmer's son            Stanley
           BLANKLEY          Samuel      Gson      U     8          Scholar                 Stanley
       5   SCATTERGOOD       William     Head      Wid  83          Farmer of 9 acres       Stanley
           SCATTERGOOD       William     Son       M    49          Builder                 Stanley
           SCATTERGOOD       Martha      Wife      M    42          Bonnet maker            Barton, NTT
           SCATTERGOOD       Jane        Dau       U    10          Scholar                 Snenton, NTT
           SCATTERGOOD       John        Son             3                                  Stanley
       6   CIRKLAND          James       Head      M    25          Coal miner              Codnor
           CIRKLAND          Ann         Wife      M    26                                  Stanley
           CIRKLAND          Sarah A     Dau             4                                  Not stated
           CIRCLAND          Joseph      Son             2                                  Claycross
       7   EARP              Thomas      Head      M    48          Farm labourer           Walton
           EARP              Ann         Wife      M    62                                  Stanley
       8   ROBINSON          John        Head      M    35          Boot & Shoemaker        Mapperley
           ROBINSON          Hannah      Wife      M    30                                  Stanley
           ROBINSON          Edward      Son       U    16          Shoemaker's apprentice  Mapperley
           ROBINSON          Daniel      Son       U    13          Brickmaker's servant    Mapperley
           ROBINSON          Shadrach    Son       U     9          Scholar                 Stanley
           ROBINSON          Jane        Dau       U     7          Scholar                 Stanley
           ROBINSON          Hannah      Dau             3          Scholar                 Stanley
           ROBINSON          Elizabeth   Dau             2                                  Stanley
           ROBINSON          Ann         Dau             1                                  Stanley
       9   ATTENBOROUGH      Gervais     Head      M    60          Bricklayer's labourer   Stapleford, NTT
           ATTENBOROUGH      Sarah       Wife      M    62          Char woman              Bramcot, NTT
      10   LAXTON            William     Ldgr      U    27          Coal miner              Stanley
      11   REDFERN           Maria       Head      Wid  50          Farmer of 40 acres      Huland Ward
           REDFERN           Thomas      Son       U    25          Farmer's son            Stanley
           REDFERN           German      Son       U    17          Farmer's son            Stanley
           REDFERN           John J      Neph           17          Scholar                 Nottingham, NTT
           HARDY             Matilda     Serv      U    13          House servant           Stanley
      12   THOMPSON          Joseph      Head      M    37          Shoemaker               Stanley
           THOMPSON          Mary        Wife      M    29                                  Stanley
           THOMPSON          Rebecah     Dau       U    11          Scholar                 Stanley
           THOMPSON          John        Son             5          Scholar                 Stanley
           THOMPSON          Frances     Dau             3                                  Stanley
           THOMPSON          Sarah A     Dau             1                                  Stanley
      13   SMITH             Joseph      Head      M    30          Ironstone miner         Derby
           SMITH             Sarah       Wife      M    25                                  Stanley
           SMITH             John        Son             6          Scholar                 Stanley
           SMITH             Jemimah     Dau             3          Scholar                 Stanley
           SMITH             Alice       Dau             1                                  Stanley
      14   COTTON            John        Head      M    50          Farm labourer           Stanley
           RADFORD           Edward      S in law  M    28          Farm labourer           Micklehover
           RADFORD           Elizabeth   Wife      M    24                                  Stanley
      15   BARTON            John        Head      M    33          Innkeeper...            West Hallam         ...& farmer of 8 acres
           BARTON            Eliza       Wife      M    31                                  Micklehover
           BARTON            John        Son             5          Scholar                 Stanley
           BARTON            Arthur      Son             2                                  Stanley
      16   THOMPSON          William     Head      M    40          Farm labourer           Stanley
           THOMPSON          Harriet     Wife      M    37                                  Draycott
           THOMPSON          Joseph      Son       U    14          Farmer's servant        Stanley
           THOMPSON          Samuel      Son       U    12          Brickmaker's servant    Morley
           THOMPSON          William     Son       U    10          Scholar                 Morley
           THOMPSON          George      Son             7          Scholar                 Morley
           THOMPSON          Edwin       Son             4                                  Stanley
           THOMPSON          Isaac       Son             2                                  Stanley
           THOMPSON          Amos        Son             1 m                                Stanley
      17   THOMPSON          Frederick   Head      M    26          Framework Knitter       Stanley
           THOMPSON          Marther     Wife      M    34                                  All St Derby
           THOMPSON          Julia       Dau             1                                  Stanley
      18   WOODWARD          Elizabeth   Head      Wid  79          Farmer of 23 acres      Stanley
           WOODWARD          Richard     Son       M    36          Farmer's son            Stanley
           WOODWARD          Catherine   Wife      M    31          Farmer's wife           West Hallam
           WOODWARD          Elizabeth   Dau             9          Scholar                 Stanley
           WOODWARD          Francis     Son             7          Scholar                 Stanley
           WOODWARD          James       Son             4                                  Stanley
           WOODWARD          Edward      Son             3                                  Stanley
           WOODWARD          Thomas      Son             1                                  Stanley
           LEE               Mary        Serv           15          House servant           West Hallam
      19   BARKESBY          Thomas      Head      M    41          Ironstone miner         Stanley
           BARKESBY          Mary        Wife      M    43          Lacerunner              West Hallam
           BARKESBY          Ann         Dau       U    15          Lacerunner              Stanley
           BARKESBY          Mary        Dau       U     8          Scholar                 Stanley
           BARKESBY          Jane        Dau             6          Scholar                 Stanley
           BARKESBY          Emma        Dau             4                                  Stanley
           BARKESBY          Susannah    Dau             1                                  Stanley
           SMITH             Sarah       D in law  U    12          Scholar                 West Hallam
      20   HART              Enoch       Head      M    39          Farm labourer           Stanley
           HART              Ellen       Wife      M    37                                  Shippley
           HART              Joseph      Son       U    18          Farm servant            Stanley
           HART              Bessey      Dau       U    16          Lacerunner              Stanley
           HART              John        Son       U    13          Scholar                 Stanley
           HART              Henrrey     Son       U    10          Scholar                 Stanley
           HART              Marther     Dau             8          Scholar                 Stanley
           HART              Enoch       Son             6          Scholar                 Stanley
           HART              Mary        Dau             3                                  Stanley
           HART              Sammuel     Son             1                                  Stanley
      21   GRUNDY            Richard     Head           28          Farm labourer           Stanley
           GRUNDY            Elizabeth   Wife           21                                  Nuneaton, WAR
           GRUNDY            John        Son             1                                  Stanley
      22   MOON              Thomas      Head      M    40          Blacksmith journeyman   Nuneaton, WAR
           MOON              Mary        Wife      M    43                                  Chilvers Coton, WAR
           MOON              James       Son       U    16          Blacksmith apprentice   Stanley
           MOON              John        Son       U    12          Blacksmith apprentice   Stanley
           MOON              Amelia      Dau             8          Scholar                 Stanley
      23   HART              Frances     Head      Wid  68                                  Stanton
      24   CANNER            John        Head      Wid  71          Retired                 Stanley
           CANNER            Eliza       Dau       U    43          Housekeeper             Stanley
      25   POTTER            Joseph      Head      U    23          Farmer of 94 acres...   Stanley             ...employing 2 labourers
           POTTER            Mary        Mthr      Wid  47                                  Stanley
           REDFERN           Robert      G Fthr    Wid  82                                  Stanley
           RADFORD           David       Serv      U    18          Farm servant            Mickleover
           KIRKMAN           Benjamin    Serv      U    15          Farm servant            Unreadable, DBY
           TAYLOR            Rachel      Serv      U    15          House servant           Nottingham, NTT
      26   STEVENS           Emily       Serv      U    21          House servant           Wilne
      27   BARTON            Arthur      Head      M    66          Farmer of 20 acres      Stanley
           BARTON            Sarah       Wife      M    57          Farmer's wife           Unreadable, STS
           BARTON            Clement     Gson            9          Scholar                 Stanley
           STEVENS           William     Vis       M    54          Butcher                 Quarndon
      28   FISHER            John        Head      M    42          Joiner                  Stanley
           FISHER            Mary        Wife      M    41          Lacerunner              Stanley
           FISHER            Lucy        Dau       U    20          Lacerunner              Stanley
           FISHER            Paul        Son       U    14          Ironstone miner         Stanley
           FISHER            Catherine   Dau       U    12          Scholar                 Stanley
           FISHER            John        Son       U     9          Scholar                 Stanley
           FISHER            George      Son             6          Scholar                 Stanley
           FISHER            Isac        Son             3                                  Stanley
      29   COTTON            Elizabeth   Head      Wid  46          Char woman              Heanor
           COTTON            William     Son       U    19          Ironstone miner         Stanley
           COTTON            Solanor     Dau       U    16          Lacerunner              Stanley
           COTTON            Maryann     Dau       U    14          Lacerunner              Stanley
      30   WHITBY            Enoch       Head      M    24          Farm labourer           Thrumpston, NTT
           WHITBY            Eliza       Wife      M    25                                  Stanley
           WHITBY            Allis       Dau             4                                  Stanley
           WHITBY            George      Son             3                                  Stanley
      31   MARTIN            Christfer   Head      M    70          Farm labourer           Stanley
           MARTIN            Elizabeth   Wife      M    65                                  Appleby
           MARTIN            Joseph      Son       M    26          Farm labourer           Stanley
           MARTIN            Mary        Wife      M    29                                  Darley
           MARTIN            Joseph      Son             2          Scholar                 Stoke, STS
           MARTIN            Sarah       Dau            10 days                             Stanley
      32   MARTIN            John        Head      M    53          Farm labourer           Morley
           MARTIN            Sarah       Wife      M    56          Labourer's wife         Dale Abbey
           MARTIN            Mary        Dau       U    27          Lacerunner              Stanley
           MARTIN            Allis       Dau       U    22          Lacerunner              Stanley
           MARTIN            Ann         Dau       U    18          Lacerunner              Stanley
           MARTIN            John        Son       U    14          Farm servant            Stanley
           MARTIN            Sarah Ann   Gdau            5          Scholar                 Stanley
           MARTIN            Frederick   Gson            2 m                                Stanley
      33   GRUNDY            John        Head      M    51          Farm labourer           Dale Abbey
           GRUNDY            Phoeby      Wife      M    49          Labourer's wife         Ockbrook
           GRUNDY            Charles     Son            10          Scholar                 Ockbrook
           GRUNDY            Sarah Ann   Dau             4                                  Dale Abbey
      34   BARTON            William     Head      M    62          Farmer of 136 acres...  Stanley             ...emply 1 lab
           BARTON            Elizabeth   Wife      M    55          Farmer's wife           Hales House, SAL
           BARTON            William     Son       U    29          Farmer's son            Stanley
           BARTON            Ann         Dau       U    27          Farmer's daur           Stanley
           BARTON            Catherine   Dau       U    25          Farmer's daur           Stanley
           BARTON            John        Son       U    22          Farmer's son            Stanley
           BARTON            Elizabeth H Dau       U    20          Farmer's daur           Stanley
           BARTON            Thomas      Son       U    17          Farmer's son            Stanley
           BARTON            Mary        Dau       U    14          Farmer's daur           Stanley
      35   BEARD             Peter       Head      M    34          Farmer of 25 acres      Bredsall
           BEARD             Emma        Wife      M    31          Farmer's wife           Smalley
           BEARD             Selina      Dau       U     9                                  Bredsall
           BEARD             Charles     Son             3                                  Stanley
      36   CARTER            Jhames      Head      M    46          Farm labourer           Scropton
           CARTER            Sarah       Wife      M    40          Labourer's wife         West Hallam
           CARTER            Emma        Dau       U    14          Framework Knitter       West Hallam
           CARTER            Allis       Dau       U    11          Scholar                 Stanley
           CARTER            Stephen     Son             7          Scholar                 Stanley
           CARTER            William     Son             3                                  Stanley
           DAKIN             Selina      Vis       U    23          House servant           West Hallam
      37   DAYKIN            Joseph      Head      M    50          Farm labourer           West Hallam
           DAYKIN            Ann         Wife      M    40          Labourer's wife         Denby
      38   PEGG              Richard     Head      M    50          Farmer of 70 acres      Normanton
           PEGG              Mary Ann    Wife      M    50          Farmer's wife           Ashburn
           GAD               Ann         Serv      U    16          House servant           Sutton, NTT
           MARTIN            John        Serv      U    19          Farmer's servant        Stenson
           HUNT              John        Neph      U    18          Farmer's servant        Turndich
      39   THOMPSON          Ruth        Head      Wid  73                                  Dudley, STS
           WOOD              John        Bro in lawWid  48          Twine manufacturer      Gainsborough, LIN
           WOOD              Sarah       Dau       U    14                                  Stanley
      40   THOMPSON          Joseph      Head      M    35          Rope maker              Stanley
           THOMPSON          Elizabeth   Wife      M    35                                  Mapperley
           WHEATCROFT        Joseph      ApprenticeU    14          Rope maker              Smalley
      41   SEVERN            Jhames      Head      M    70          Coal miner salesman     Hansley, WAR
           SEVERN            Fanny       Wife      M    64                                  Ilkeston
           SEVERN            John        Son       U    43          Coal miner              Mapperley
      42   HART              Benjamin    Head      M    64          Farm labourer           Stanley
           HART              Elizabeth   Wife      M    64          Labourer's wife         Chadesden
      43   HART              William     Head      M    42          Framework knitter       Chadesden
           HART              Jane        Wife      M    41                                  Chadesden
           HART              Harriet     Dau       U    19          Framework knitter       Chadesden
           HART              Benjamin    Son       U    15          Brickyard labourer      Stanley
           HART              Sarah       Dau       U    12                                  Stanley
           HART              Herbert     Son       U     9          Scholar                 Stanley
           HART              Rebecca     Dau             6                                  Stanley
           HART              William     Son             4                                  Stanley
           HART              Mary        Dau             1                                  Stanley
           LEE               John        Vis       U    36          Framework knitter       Stanton
      44   POTTS             William     Head      M    50          Coal miner              West Hallam
           POTTS             Mary        Wife      M    45                                  West Hallam
      45   HARDY             Samuel      Head      M    53          Farm labourer           West Hallam
           HARDY             Pheby       Wife      M    51                                  Cossall, NTT
           HARDY             Thomas      Son       U    15          Coal miner              Stanley
           HARDY             William     Son       U    10          Scholar                 Stanley
           HARDY             Elizabeth   Dau             8          Scholar                 Stanley
      46   BANCROFT          John        Head      M    25          Coal miner              West Hallam
           BANCROFT          Mary        Wife      M    27          Stocking seamer         Belper
           BENNETT           Obadiah     Vis       Wid  65          Framework knitter       Belper
      47   KERREY            Samuel      Head      M    31          Framework knitter       West Hallam
           KERREY            Elizabeth   Wife      M    29          Framework knitter       West Hallam
           KERREY            John        Son             8          Scholar                 West Hallam
           KERREY            Pamala      Dau             5                                  Stanley
           KERREY            Maryann     Dau             3                                  Stanley
           KERREY            Thomas      Son             1                                  Stanley
      48   DILKS             Thomas      Head      M    26          Coal miner              Stanton
           DILKS             Sarah       Wife      M    22          Framework knitter       West Hallam
           DILKS             Ann         Dau             5                                  West Hallam
           DILKS             Martha      Dau             1                                  Stanley
      49   SHELTON           Joseph      Head      M    74          Coal miner              Bedworth, WAR
           SHELTON           Ann         Wife      M    74                                  West Hallam
           SHELTON           Mary        Dau       U    38          Lacerunner              West Hallam
           SHELTON           Eliza       Dau       U     8                                  Mapperley
           SHELTON           Aaron       G son           2                                  Stanley
      50   FLETCHER          John        Head      M    26          Farm labourer           Stanley
           FLETCHER          Sellenar    Wife      M    28          Labourer's wife         Horsley
           FLETCHER          John        Son             4                                  Mapperley
           FLETCHER          Elizabeth   Dau             9 m                                Mapperley
      51   LEESON            John        Head      M    28          Farm labourer           Clifton, NTT
           LEESON            Emma        Wife      M    28                                  Cossall, NTT
           LEESON            Robhart     Son             5                                  Stanley
           LEESON            Emma        Dau             3                                  Stanley
      52   MEE               Ruth        Head      Wid  56                                  West Hallam
           MEE               Joseph      Son       U    29          Framework knitter       Stanley
           MEE               Robbert     Son       U    20          Framework knitter       Stanley
      53   WHEATCROFT        John        Head      M    59          Farm labourer           Morley
           WHEATCROFT        Dorothy     Wife      M    48          Labourer's wife         Ashburne
           WHEATCROFT        William     Son       U    23          Farm servant            Smalley
           WHEATCROFT        Edwin       Son            12                                  Stanley
           WHEATCROFT        Agnes       Dau            12          Twins scholars          Stanley
           WHEATCROFT        Sammuel     Son            10          Scholar                 Stanley
           WHEATCROFT        Frederick   Gson            5          Scholar                 Stanley
      54   HARDEY            Hennrey     Head      M    24          Coal miner              Stanley
           HARDEY            Hannah      Wife      M    20          Miner's wife            West Hallam
           HARDEY            Joseph      Son             1                                  Stanley
      55   THOMPSON          Jesse       Head      M    53          Rope maker              Stanley
           THOMPSON          Sarah       Wife      M    60                                  Shirland
           THOMPSON          Thomas      Son       U    29          Rope maker              Stanley
           THOMPSON          John        Son       U    27          Rope maker              Stanley
           THOMPSON          Hennrey     Son       U    23          Rope maker              Stanley
           HENSON            Hennrey     Serv      U    12          Servant                 Ilkeston
      56   BOWES             Thomas      Head      M    66          Farmer of 40 acres      Trowell, NTT
           BOWES             Elizabeth   Wife      M    63          Farmer's wife           Stanley
           BOWES             Elizabeth   Dau       U    20          Farmer's daughter       Little Hallam
           BOWES             Sarah       Gdau            4          Scholar                 Little Hallam
           BOWES             Thomas      Gson            6          Scholar                 Little Hallam
      57   SERESON           Thomas      Head      M    30          Farm labourer           Barkby, LEI
           SERESON           Harriet     Wife      M    24          Labourer's wife         Holbrooke
           SERESON           William     Son             1                                  Stanley
      58   HART              Isac        Head      M    35          Ironstone miner         Stanley
           HART              Harriet     Wife      M    38          Lacerunner              Horsley Woodhouse
           HART              George      Son       U    12          Servant                 Stanley
           HART              John        Son             7          Scholar                 Stanley
           HART              Clarer      Dau            11 m                                Stanley
      59   CARTER            William     Head      M    42          Higler                  Foston
           CARTER            Mary        Wife      M    36          Lacerunner              West Hallam
           CARTER            Harriet     Dau       U    13          Lacerunner              West Hallam
           CARTER            Eliza       Dau       U    10          Lacerunner              West Hallam
           CARTER            Samuel      Son             8          Scholar                 West Hallam
           CARTER            Juler       Dau             5          Scholar                 West Hallam
           CARTER            Herbet      Son             2                                  Stanley
      60   DEADMAN           Frances     Wife      M    28          House work              Stanley
           DEADMAN           Rhoda       Dau             7          Scholar                 Stanley
           DEADMAN           Sarah       Dau             5          Scholar                 Stanley
           DEADMAN           John        Son             3                                  Stanley
           DEADMAN           Emma        Dau             7 m                                Stanley
      61   HART              Joseph      Head      M    59          Twine manufacturer      Stanley
           HART              Mary        Wife      M    47                                  Stanley
           HART              Frederick   Son       U    23          Twine manufacturer      Stanley
           HART              Sampson     Son       U    16          Twine manufacturer      Stanley
           HART              Freeman     Son       U    13          Twine manufacturer      Stanley
           HART              Susannah    Dau             6          Scholar                 Stanley
      62   HART              John        Head      M    52          Framework knitter       Stanley
           HART              Mary        Wife      M    48          Lacerunner              Stanley
           HART              Sarah       Dau       U    19          Lacerunner              Stanley
           HART              Ann         Dau       U    17          Lacerunner              Stanley
      63   WHEATLEY          Isac        Head      M    43          Coal miner              West Hallam
           WHEATLEY          Mary        Wife      M    43          Miner's wife            Mapperley
           WHEATLEY          Hannah      Dau       U    20          Lacerunner              West Hallam
           WHEATLEY          Joseph      Son       U    15          Higgler                 Stanley
           WHEATLEY          Jacob       Son       U    12          Coal miner              Stanley
           WHEATLEY          Herbert     Son       U    10          Scholar                 Stanley
           WHEATLEY          Milicent    Dau             6          Scholar                 Stanley
           WHEATLEY          Harriet     Dau             1                                  Stanley
      64   HALL              Charles     Head      M    22          Ironstone miner         Stanton
           HALL              Ann         Wife      M    23          Lacerunner              Not stated
           HALL              Eliza       Dau             1                                  Stanley
      65   FISHER            Catherine   Head      U    49                                  Stanley
           FISHER            Catherine   Niece           6                                  Unreadable, DBY
      66   HART              Ann         Head      Wid  45          Framework knitter       Stanley
           HART              Abraham     Son       U    20          Bricklayer's servant    Stanley
           HART              Walter      Son       U    11          Scholar                 Stanley
           HART              Harriet     Dau             8          Scholar                 Stanley
           HART              Benjamin    Son             6          Scholar                 Stanley
      67   HANDLEY           Thomas      Head      M    34          Tailor...               West Hallam         ...employing 1 man
           HANDLEY           Sarah       Wife      M    31          Tailor's wife           West Hallam
           HANDLEY           Hannah      Dau             5          Scholar                 Stanley
           HANDLEY           Fanney      Dau             3                                  Stanley
           HANDLEY           Mary        Dau             1                                  Stanley
      68   THOMPSON          Maria       Head      Wid  50          Grocer                  Polesworth, WAR
           BLANE             Eliza       D in law  Wid  42                                  Stanley
           THOMPSON          Jhames      Neph      U    44                                  Stanley
      69   STEVENS           John        Head      M    30          Farm labourer           Mapperley
           STEVENS           Amey        Wife      M    36          Labourer's wife         West Hallam
      70   GREGORY           Francis     Ldgr      U    21          Engine driver           West Hallam
           HART              Richard     Ldgr      U    26          Coal miner              Stanley
      71   ADAMSON           George      Head      M    28          Foreman brickmaker      Ratcliffe on Trent, NTT
           ADAMSON           Mary        Wife      M    29                                  Stapleford, NTT
           ADAMSON           John        Son             6          Scholar                 Stapleford, NTT
      72   ADAMSON           Thomas      Head      M    22          Journeyman brickmaker   Woodborough, NTT
           ADAMSON           Laydia      Wife      M    27          Dress maker             Stapleford, NTT
           ADAMSON           Hannah      Dau             2                                  Stapleford, NTT
           ADAMSON           Sarah       Dau             6 m                                Stanley
           WILLIAMSON        William     Ldgr      M    67          Engineer                Bilborough, NTT
      73   MARTIN            William     Head      M    46          Cordwainer              Smalley
           MARTIN            Mary        Wife      M    41                                  Stanley
           MARTIN            William     Son       U    19          Cordwainer              Smalley
           MARTIN            Alexander   Son       U    11          Scholar                 Smalley
           MARTIN            Henry       Son             9          Scholar                 Smalley
           MARTIN            Mary        Dau             6          Scholar                 Stanley
           MARTIN            Salome      Dau             4                                  Stanley
           MARTIN            John        Son             9 m                                Stanley
           HART              John        Ftr in lawWid  81                                  Stanley
      74   GRUNDY            Henry       Head      M    69          Farmer of 95 acres      Ockbrook
           GRUNDY            Mary        Wife      M    58          Farmer's wife           Hickling, NTT
           GRUNDY            Mary Ann    Dau       U    33          Farmer's daur           Stanley
           GRUNDY            Joseph      Son       U    29          Farmer's son            Stanley
           GRUNDY            Henry       Son       U    28          Farmer's son            Stanley
           GRUNDY            John        Son       U    19          Farmer's son            Stanley
           GRUNDY            Laurence    Son       U    14          Farmer's son            Stanley
      75   WILLIAMS          Edward      Head      U    49          Farmer of 117 acres...  Stanley             ...employing 3 labourers
           WILLIAMS          Leitia      Sister    U    28          Farmer's sister         Stanley
           WILLIAMS          Eliza       Niece           9          Scholar                 Ednaston
           BUNTING           Ellen       Serv      U    17          House servant           Bradley
           HUNT              Thomas      Serv      U    20          Farm servant            Quarndon
           WOOD              William     Serv      U    16          Farm servant            Hercuston
      76   PORTER            John        Head      M    41          Farmer of 173 acres...  Spondon             ...employing 4 labourers
           PORTER            Elizabeth   Wife      M    40          Farmer's wife           Ashleyhay
           PORTER            Joseph      Son       U    14          Scholar                 Spondon
           PORTER            William     Son             7          Scholar                 Mapperley
           GOODALL           Jane        Serv      U    20          House servant           Normanton
           REDGATE           Ann         Serv      U    13          House servant           Stanley
           COPE              John        Serv      U    22          Farm servant            Shardlow
           MOORE             Isaac       Serv      U    22          Farm servant            Draycot
           LEWSLEY           Frederick   Serv      U    21          Farm servant            Ockbrook
      77   HART              George      Head      U    50          Farm labourer           Stanley
      78   WOODWARD          Joseph      Head      M    65          Farm labourer           Stanley
           WOODWARD          Elizabeth   Wife      M    60          Labourer's wife         Stanley
           WOODWARD          Luke        Son       U    35          Tailor                  Stanley
           WOODWARD          Abraham     Son       U    19          Higler                  Stanley
      79   MOARLEY           William     Head      M    24          Ironstone miner         Chaddesden
           MOARLEY           Hannah      Wife      M    21                                  Stanley
           MOARLEY           John        Son             5 m                                Stanley
      80   CLARK             Hannah      Head      Wid  37          Framework knitter       West Hallam
           CLARK             Catherine   Dau       U    13          Scholar                 Stanley
           CLARK             Elizabeth   Dau            10          Scholar                 Stanley
           CLARK             Mary        Dau             7          Scholar                 Stanley
           CLARK             Stephen     Son             5                                  Stanley
      81   HART              Humphrey    Head      M    56          Farm labourer           Stanley
           HART              Ann         Wife      M    50          Labourer's wife         Netherton, STS
           HART              Mary        Dau       U    30          House servant           Netherton, STS
           HART              Ephraim     Son       U    20          Farm servant            Netherton, STS
           HART              Agnes       Dau            10          Scholar                 Stanley
           HART              Phillis     Gdau            7          Scholar                 Stanley
           HART              Phillip     Gson            2                                  Stanley
      82   HART              Daniel      Head      M    27          Ironstone miner         Stanley
           HART              Salomey     Wife      M    27          Miner's wife            Elvaston
           HART              Humphrey    Son             1     

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