PRO REFERENCE FOR THIS CENSUS: RG9 Piece 2494 Folios 39 - 50 (23 pages)

 Schedule Surname            Forename   Relation Cond   Age  Occupation          Where Born           Comments


    1   Canner              Eliza          Head    U     53  Living on income    Stanley
        Martin              Isaac          Serv    M     40  Serv                Not stated
        Martin              Mary           Serv    M     43  Serv                Ticknall
    2   Fletcher            James          Head    M     30  Labourer            West Hallam
        Fletcher            Lucy           Wife    M     24                      West Hallam
        Fletcher            William        Son     U      3                      West Hallam
        Fletcher            Sarah          Dau     U    15m                      Stanley
        Flint               Mary Ann       Niece   U     19                      West Hallam
    3   Winfield            William        Head    M     37  Farmer's labourer   Chaddesden
        Winfield            Frances        Wife    M     40                      Stanley
    4   Stevens             John           Head    M     40  Farmer's labourer   Mapperley
        Stevens             Amey           Wife    M     46                      West Hallam
    5   Stevens             Samuel         Lger    U     34  Farmer's labourer   Mapperley
    6   Cook                Lot            Head    M     25  Farmer's labourer   Sandiacre
        Cook                Ann            Wife    M     26                      Repton
        Cook                John           Son     U      2                      Stanley
        Cook                William        Son     U      1                      Stanley
    7   Hall                Charles        Head    M     33  Farmer's labourer   Stanton By Dale
        Hall                Ann            Wife    M     44                      Stanley
        Hall                Eliza          Dau     U     12                      Stanley
        Hall                Fanny          Dau     U      8                      Stanley
        Hall                William        Son     U      6                      Stanley
        Hall                Sarah J        Dau     U      2                      Stanley                  Jane
        Hall                Thomas         Son     U     3m                      Stanley


    8   Waldram             John           Head    M     31  Labourer            Kegworth LEI
        Waldram             Eliza          Wife    M     28  Labourer's wife     Stanley
        Waldram             John           Son            7  Scholar             Stanley
        Waldram             Thomas         Son            5  Scholar             Dale Abbey
        Waldram             Benjamin       Son            3                      Smalley
        Waldram             Eliza S        Dau           7m                      Stanley                  Sophia
        Hart                John           Bro     U     50  Labourer            Stanley
    9   Hartshorn           Catherine      Head    Wid   60  Farmer.........  	 Stanley                  ...of 10 acres employing 1 boy
        Blankley            Samuel         Gson    U     18  Agriculturers boy   Stanley
        Hartshorn           Aaron          Son     M     35  Labourer            Not stated
        Hartshorn           Hannah         Dau     M     33  Dairy maid          Dale
        Hartshorn           Thomas         Son     U     11  Scholar             Dale
        Hartshorn           Timothy        Son     U      6  Scholar             Dale
        Hartshorn           Harriet        Dau     U      3  Scholar             Dale
        Hartshorn           Isaac          Son     U      1                      Stanley
        Marshall            George         Serv    U     15  Carter              Ruddington


    10  Scattergood         William        Head    M     53  Farmer.....         Stanley                  ...of 20 acres & builder
        Scattergood         Martha         Wife    M     53  Farmer's wife       Barton NTT
        Scattergood         Jane R         Dau     U     20  House work          Lenton NTT               Ruth
        Scattergood         John           Son     U     12  Scholar             Stanley
    11  Hart                Richard        Head    M     36  Coal Miner          Stanley
        Hart                Mary           Wife    M     33                      Kirk Ireton
        Hart                Dinah          Dau     U      2                      Kirk Ireton
    12  Harrison            William        Head    M     30  Labourer            Kirk Ireton
        Harrison            Ann            Wife    M     31                      Yeldersley
        Harrison            Emma           Dau     U      9  Scholar             Yeldersley
        Harrison            Mary           Dau     U      7  Scholar             Yeldersley
        Harrison            Thomas         Son     U      5  Scholar             Stanley
        Harrison            Hannah         Dau     U      3                      Stanley
        Harrison            William        Son     U      1                      Stanley
    13  Steavens            John           Head    Wid   51  Coal Miner          Mapperley
    14  Robinson            John           Head    M     46  Shoe Maker          Mapperley
        Robinson            Hannah         Wife    M     40  Shoe Maker's Wife   Stanley
        Robinson            Edward         Son     U     26                      Stanley
        Robinson            Daniel         Son     U     24  Brick Maker         Mapperley
        Robinson            Zadock         Son     U     19  Shoe Maker          Stanley
        Robinson            Hannah         Dau     U     13  Shoemaker's dau     Stanley
        Robinson            Betsy          Dau     U     12                      Stanley
        Robinson            Ann            Dau     U     10                      Stanley
        Robinson            John           Son     U      8  Shoe Maker's Son    Stanley
    15  Hart                Ann            Head    Wid   56  Washer Woman        Stanley
        Hart                Abraham        Son     U     39  Brickmaker          Stanley
        Hart                Walter         Son     U     21  Coal Miner          Stanley
        Hart                Benjamin       Son     U     15  Farm Servant        Stanley
    16  Grundy              Lawrence       Head    U     25  Farmer.....         Stanley                   ...employing 1 boy
        Grundy              Mary Ann       Sis     U     41                      Stanley
        Grundy              Dorothy D      Sis     U     27                      Stanley                   Druscilla
        Upton               George         Serv    U     20  Coal Miner          Bridgeford NTT
    17  Hartshorn           John           Head    U     24  Stone Miner         Stanley
        Hartshorn           Martha         Sis     U     19                      Stanley
        Hartshorn           Enoch          Bro     U     17  Stone Miner         Stanley
        Hartshorn           Samuel         Bro     U     11  Scholar             Stanley
        Hartshorn           Benjamin       Bro     U      9  Scholar             Stanley
        Hartshorn           William        Bro     U      6  Scholar             Stanley
    18  Cotton              John           Head    M     60  Labourer            Dale Abbey
        Cotton              Frances        Wife    M     64                      Spondon
    19  Hunt                William        Head    M     34  Victualor           Morley
        Hunt                Martha         Wife    M     36  Victualor's wife    Morley
        Hunt                Martha A       Dau     U     11                      Morley                   Anne
        Hunt                Samuel K       Son     U      8                      Morley                   King
        Hunt                William H      Son     U      7                      Morley                   Henry
        Hunt                William        Son     U      5                      Morley
        Hunt                Sarah E        Dau     U      3                      Stanley                  Elizabeth
        Wood                Hannah         Serv    U     15  General Servant     Stanley
        Fletcher            Isaac          Board   U     53                      Staffordshire
    20  Barksby             Thomas         Head    M     57  Miner               Stanley
        Barksby             Mary           Wife    M     53                      West Hallam
        Barksby             Jane           Dau     U     16                      Stanley
        Barksby             Susanah        Dau     U     11                      Stanley
    21  Moon                Mary           Head    Wid   56  Occupier.....       Chilvers Coton WAR       ...of 7 acres of land
    22  Winfield            Frederick      Lger    U     26  Labourer            Chaddesden
    23  Hart                Henry          Head    M     32  Labourer            Stanley
        Hart                Charlotte      Wife    M     30                      Stanton
        Hart                Fanny          Dau     U      7  Scholar             Stanley
        Hart                Benjamin       Son     U      5  Scholar             Stanley
        Hart                Mary           Dau     U      1                      Stanley
    24  Thomson             Mary           Head    Wid   35  Grocer              Stanley
        Thomson             Rebecca        Dau     U     17  Assistant           Stanley
        Thomson             John           Son     U     15  Miner               Stanley
        Thomson             Frances        Dau     U     13  Scholar             Stanley
        Thomson             Sarah A        Dau     U     11  Scholar             Stanley                  Ann
        Thomson             Rhoda          Dau     U      8  Scholar             Stanley
        Thomson             Elizabeth      Dau     U      7                      Stanley
        Thomson             William        Son     U      3                      Stanley
    25  Richardson          Thomas         Head    M     51  Farmer......        Ashlehay                 ...of 200 acres emp 2 labourers
        Richardson          Sarah          Wife    M     52  Farmer's Wife       Ashlehay
        Richardson          William        Son     U     27  Son                 Ashlehay
        Richardson          John           Son     U     26  Son                 Ashlehay
        Richardson          Sarah          Dau     U     24  Daughter            Ashlehay
        Richardson          Mary           Dau     U     21  Daughter            Ashlehay
        Richardson          Thomas         Son     U     19  Son                 Ashlehay
        Richardson          Martha         Dau     U     16  Daughter            Ashlehay
        Beeston             Samuel         Serv    U     18  Cow Man             Hulland
        Kirkman             George         Serv    U     14  Plough Boy          STS
    26  Outram              Thomas         Head    M     36  Labourer            Butterley
        Outram              Elizabeth      Wife    M     41  Wife                Smalley
        Outram              Sarah          Dau     U      7  Daughter            Sawley
        Outram              John           Son     U      5                      Stanley
        Outram              Francis        Son     U      1                      Stanley
    27  Hart                Frances        Head    Wid   78                      Stanton
        Hart                Clara          Gdau    U     19  Scholar             Stanley
    28  Brown               George         Head    M     28  Butcher             Desford LEI
        Brown               Harriot        Wife    M     21                      Derby
    29  Hodgkinson          John           Head    M     35  Farmer.....         Mickleover               ...of 70 acres employing 1 boy
        Hodgkinson          Elizabeth      Wife    M     40                      Littleover               Mary
        Hodgkinson          James          Son     U     11                      Littleover
        Hodgkinson          Thomas         Son     U      8                      Mickleover
        Hodgkinson          Elizabeth      Dau     U      5  Scholar             Little Hallam
        Hodgkinson          John L         Son     U      2                      Little Hallam            Lowe
        Carter              Julia          Serv    U     12  House Servant       Stanley
        Marvin              William        Serv    U     17  Carter              Spondon
    30  Fisher              John           Head    M     50  Carpenter           Stanley
        Fisher              Mary           Wife    M     50                      Stanley
        Fisher              Paul           Son     U     20  Labourer            Stanley
        Fisher              John           Son     U     18  Miner               Stanley
        Fisher              George         Son     U     15  Sawyer              Stanley
        Fisher              Isaac          Son     U     12  Scholar             Stanley
    31  Williams            Edward         Head    M     60  Land Agent          Stanley
        Williams            Ann            Wife    M     56                      Longford Ardley House
        Williams            Edward         Vis     M     65                      Stanley
        Hollingworth        Clara          Serv    U     19  Servant             Smalley
    32  Martin              Joseph         Head    M     32  Farm Labourer       Stanley
        Martin              Mary           Wife    M     36  Labourer's Wife     Quarndon
        Martin              Chris          Wid           78  Farm Labourer       Stanley                  Christopher
        Martin              Elizabeth      Dau            7  Scholar             Stanley
    33  Cliff               John           Head    M     63  Farmer.....         Horsley GLS              ...of 6 acres of land
        Cliff               Elizabeth      Wife    M     47                      Smalley
        Cliff               Martin L       Son           12  Scholar             Smalley                  Luther
        Cliff               Elizabeth M    Dau     U     16  Governess.....      Horsley GLS              Mary  ...to day school
        Barksby             Emma           Serv    U     13  House Servant       Stanley
    34  Barton              Sarah          Head    Wid   68  Farming.....        Unreadable STS           ...19 acres of land  Birthplace?
        Bull                James          Serv    U     15                      Unreadable STS           Birthplace?
    35  Handley             Thomas         Head    M     45  Tailor              West Hallam
        Handley             Sarah          Wife    M     41                      West Hallam
        Handley             Mary           Dau           11  Scholar             West Hallam
        Handley             Elizabeth      Dau            9  Scholar             Stanley
        Handley             Frances A      Dau            2  Scholar             Stanley                  Amelia
    36  Martin              John           Head    M     63  Labourer            Stanley
        Martin              Sarah          Wife    M     66                      Dale Abbey
        Martin              Mary           Dau     U     39                      Stanley
        Martin              William        Gson           8  Scholar             Stanley
    37  Attenborough        Henry          Head    M     36  Collier             Stanley
        Attenborough        Jane           Wife    M     27                      Codnor
        Attenborough        Sarah          Dau     U     16                      Stanley
        Attenborough        Edwin          Son     U     13  Collier             Codnor
        Attenborough        Mary           Dau     U     11                      Stanley
        Attenborough        Francis        Dau     U      4                      Stanley
        Attenborough        Rachel         Dau     U      2                      Stanley
        Attenborough        Henry          Son     U      1                      Stanley
    38  Cotton              Elizabeth      Head    Wid   59                      Mapperley
        Cotton              Mary Ann       Dau     U     25                      Stanley
        Whitby              Enoch          Lger    M     35                      Thrumpston NTT
        Whitby              Eliza          Dau           35                      Stanley
        Whitby              Allis          Gdau          15                      Stanley
        Whitby              George         Gson          13                      Stanley
        Whitby              Joseph         Gson           7                      Stanley
        Whitby              William        Gson           3                      Stanley
        Whitby              Elizabeth      Gdau         3hr                      Stanley
    39  Woodward            Joseph         Head    M     75  Husbandman          Stanley
        Woodward            Elizabeth      Wife    M     66                      Rowsley STS
        Woodward            Luke           Son     U     45  Tailor              Rowsley STS
    40  Cotton              William        Head    M     29  Coal Miner          Stanley
        Cotton              Patience       Wife    M     22                      Stanley
        Cotton              Mary A         Dau            2                      Stanley                  Anne
        Cotton              George         Son           6m                      Stanley

        SOUGH LANE

    41  Harrison            Joseph         Head    M     54  Farming.....        Unreadable STS           ...55 acres of land
        Harrison            Elizabeth      Wife    M     51                      London LND
        Harrison            John           Son     U     25                      Boylestone
        Harrison            Hannah         Dau     U     19                      Uttoxeter STS
        Harrison            Elizabeth      Dau           17                      Uttoxeter STS
        Harrison            Mary Ann       Gdau           6                      Uttoxeter STS


    42  Hart                Humphrey       Head    M     60  Labourer            Stanley
        Hart                Ann            Wife    M     50                      Netherton STS
        Hart                Phillip        Gson          12                      Stanley
        Hart                Florance       Gdau          10                      Stanley
    43  Hart                Daniel         Head    M     36  Labourer            Stanley
        Hart                Salome         Wife    M     36                      Elvaston
        Hart                Humphrey       Son           11                      Stanley
        Hart                William        Son            5                      Stanley
        Lomas               Elizabeth      Niece          5                      Stanley                  Surname?
    44  Sarson              Thomas         Head    Wid   42  Labourer            Sileby LEI
        Sarson              Samuel         Son           14  Miner               Holbrook
        Sarson              William        Son           11  Farm Boy            Stanley
        Sarson              Joseph         Son            9  Scholar             Stanley
        Sarson              Thomas         Son            6  Scholar             Stanley
    45  Hart                Harriet        Head    Wid   50                      Horsley Woodhouse
        Hart                George         Son           22  Miner               Stanley
        Hart                John           Son           18                      Stanley
    46  Carter              William        Head    M     50  Coal Dealer         Foston STS
        Carter              Mary           Wife    M     47                      West Hallam
        Carter              Samuel         Son     U     18  Unreadable          Stanley                  Occupation?
        Carter              Herbert        Son           12  Scholar             Stanley
        Carter              Ann            Dau            9                      Stanley
        Carter              Hannah         Dau            4                      Stanley
    47  Carter              James          Lger    U     59                      Stanley

        SOUGH LANE

    48  Moon                John           Head    M     23  Engine Driver       Stanley
        Moon                Harriet        Wife    M     23                      West Hallam
    49  Moon                James          Head    M     26  Blacksmith          Stanley
        Moon                Mary           Wife    M     30  Dress Maker         Smalley
    50  Wheatley            Isaac          Head    M     52  Coal Miner          Dale Abbey
        Wheatley            Mary           Wife    M     52                      Mapperley
        Wheatley            Herbert        Son     U     20  Coal Miner          Stanley
        Wheatley            Millicent      Dau     U     17  Assisting mother    Stanley
        Wheatley            Harriet        Dau           11                      Stanley
        Bonser              Martin         Lger    U     40  Coal Miner          STS                      Surname?
        Geay                John           Lger    U     43  Coal Miner          STS                      Surname?
    51  Hart                Joseph         Head    M     65  Rope Maker.....     Stanley		  ...& Grocer
        Hart                Mary           Wife    M     52                      Stanley
        Hart                Frederick      Son     U     31  Rope Maker          Stanley
    52  Hartshorn           Thomas         Head    M     38  Labourer            Stanley
        Hartshorn           Rebecca        Wife    M     39                      Stanley
        Hartshorn           Timothy        Son           14                      Stanley
        Hartshorn           Edward         Son            9                      Stanley
        Hartshorn           Thomas         Son            6                      Stanley
        Hartshorn           William        Son            4                      Stanley
        Hartshorn           Albert         Son            2                      Stanley
    53  Waldram             Charles        Head    M     29  Labourer            Kegworth
        Waldram             Emma           Wife    M     27                      Ilkeston
        Waldram             Fanny          Dau            5                      Stanley
        Waldram             Mary           dau            3                      Stanley
        Waldram             Lizer          Dau          10m                      Stanley
    54  Capewell            Thomas         Head    M     34  Labourer            Bedworth WOR
        Capewell            Alice          Wife    M     35                      Coldshill WOR
    55  Wheatley            William        Head    M     47  Coal Higgler        Stanley
        Wheatley            Sarah          Wife    M     58                      Stanley
        Wheatley            Eliza          Dau     U     18                      Stanley
        Wheatley            Mary           Dau     U     14                      Stanley
        Heap                Albert         Child          3                      Stanley
    56  Shelton             Fanny          Head    U     52  Nurse               West Hallam
    57  Phillips            John           Head    M     33  Labourer            Stanley
        Phillips            Elizabeth      Wife    M     28                      Stanley
        Phillips            John           Son            8                      Stanley
        Phillips            William        Son            1                      Stanley
    58  Martin              William        Head    M     29  Miner               Stanley
        Martin              Ann            Wife    M     29                      Stanley
        Martin              Thomas         Son            7                      Stanley
        Martin              William        Son            2                      Stanley
    59  Hollingworth        John           Head    M     42  Labourer            West Hallam
        Hollingworth        Eliza          Wife    M     41                      West Hallam
        Hollingworth        Jacob          Son           15                      Smalley
        Hollingworth        William        Son           10                      Smalley
        Hollingworth        Eliza A        Dau           12                      Smalley  Ann
        Hollingworth        Mary           Dau            7                      Stanley
        Hollingworth        Letitia        Gdau         16m                      Stanley
    60  Wheatley            Jacob          Head    M     23  Miner               West Hallam
        Wheatley            Sarah          Wife    M     23                      Stanley
        Wheatley            Mary           Dau           8m                      Stanley
    61  White               Isaac          Head    M     25  Labourer            Stanley
        White               Seleaner       Wife    M     25                      Stanley
    62  Growcock            William        Head    M     25  Labourer            Ratcliff
        Growcock            Hagnes         Wife    M     20                      Stanley
        Growcock            Louisa         Dau           6m                      Stanley
    63  Guinbley            Joseph         Head    M     46  Brick Maker         Stanley
        Guinbley            Alice          Wife    M     31                      Stanley
        Guinbley            William        Son            4                      Stanley
        Guinbley            Sarah          Dau            1                      Stanley
    64  Clark               Hannah         Head    Wid   49                      Stanley
        Clark               Elizabeth      Dau     U     20                      Stanley
        Clark               Mary           Dau     U    11m                      Stanley
        Clark               Stephen        Son     U     16                      Stanley
    65  Hart                Richard        Head    M     32  Miner               Stanley
        Hart                Hannah         Wife    M     31  Miner's Wife        Stanley
        Hart                John           Son            9                      Stanley
        Hart                German         Son            5                      Stanley
        Hart                Richard        Son            3                      Stanley
        Hart                Frances        Dau           8m                      Stanley
    66  Barton              Martha         Head    Wid   75                      Hill Top,Horsley Woodhouse
    67  Hartshorn           Joseph         Head    M     28  Engine Driver       Stanley
        Hartshorn           Eliza          Wife    M     29                      Repton
        Hartshorn           Henry          Son            6  Scholar             Stanley
        Hartshorn           Enoch          Son            4  Scholar             Stanley
        Hartshorn           Helen          Dau            2                      Stanley
    68  Wheatley            Joseph         Head    M     26  Collier             West Hallam
        Wheatley            Elizabeth      Wife    M     26                      Stanley
    69  Martin              William        Head    M     55  Shoe Maker.....     Smalley		 ...and ? of land
        Martin              Mary           Wife    M     50                      Stanley
        Moorley             Hannah         Dau     M     26                      Stanley
        Martin              Mary           Dau     U     15                      Stanley
        Martin              Charlotte      Dau            4                      Stanley
        Martin              Alexander      Son     U     20  Farm Bailiff        Stanley
        Martin              Henry          Son     U     18                      Stanley
        Moorley             George         Gson           8                      Stanley


    70  Hart                Elisha         Head    M     42  Miner               Stanley
        Hart                Hannah         Wife    M     39  Miner's wife        West Hallam
        Hart                Stephen        Son     U     22  Miner               West Hallam
        Hart                Sadock         Son     U     18  Miner               West Hallam
        Hart                Rachel         Dau     U     16                      West Hallam
        Hart                Joseph         Son           14  Miner               West Hallam
        Hart                Mary A         Dau            9                      West Hallam              Ann
        Hart                Julia          Dau            5                      Stanley
        Hart                Frederick E    Son           7m                      Stanley                  Elijah
    71  Flint               Enoch          Head    M     26  Miner               West Hallam
        Flint               Fanny          Wife    M     24                      Brinsley NTT
        Flint               Ann            Dau            2                      West Hallam
        Flint               William        Son           4m                      Stanley
    72  Fletcher            George         Head    M     22  Miner               West Hallam
        Fletcher            Emma           Wife    M     24                      West Hallam
        Fletcher            Mary           Dau     U      3                      Mapperley
        Fletcher            John           Son            1                      West Hallam
        Brown               Mary           Lger    M     33                      West Hallam
        Brown               George                       1m                      Stanley
        Brown               George         Vis           32  Farm Labourer       Kirk Hallam
    73  Hollingworth        Nahum          Head    M     23  Brick Maker.....    West Hallam              ...& Stone Mason
        Hollingworth        Jane           Wife    M     22  Brick Maker         Mapperley
        Hollingworth        German         Son          11m                      Stanley
    74  Bingham             Benjamin       Head    M     23  Coal Miner          Sutton NTT
        Bingham             Sabina         Wife    M     22                      West Hallam
        Bingham             Robert         Son           6m                      Stanley
        Bingham             William        Son            2                      Stanley
    75  Hancock             Edward         Head    M     43  Coal Miner          Risley
        Hancock             Sarah          Wife    M     39                      West Hallam
        Hancock             Jacob          Son     U     18  Coal Miner          West Hallam
        Hancock             Mark           Son     U     16  Coal Miner          West Hallam
        Hancock             Edwin          Son           11  Scholar             West Hallam
        Hancock             Lucy           Dau            9  Scholar             Kirk Hallam
        Hancock             Alick          Son            7  Scholar             Kirk Hallam
        Hancock             Abraham        Son            4  Scholar             Kirk Hallam
    76  Corbett             Jane           Head    U     49  Shop Keeper         Birmingham WAR
        Smith               Jessica        Serv          13  House Servant       Stanley
    77  Keeling             Robert         Head    M     24  Stone Miner         West Hallam
        Keeling             Hannah         Wife    M     20                      Dale Abbey
        Keeling             Elijah         Neph           8  Scholar             Ilkeston
    78  Hobson              Frederick      Head    M     29  Miner               West Hallam
        Hobson              Julia          Wife    M     29                      Stanley
    79  Hodgkinson          James          Head    M     64  Brick & Tile Maker  Hanford STS              
        Hodgkinson          Catherine      Wife    M     56                      Hanford STS
        Hodgkinson          James          Son     U     18  Brick & Tile Maker  Stoke Upon Trent STS     
        Hodgkinson          Henry          Son     U     15  Servant             Stoke Upon Trent STS
        Numan               Mary H         Gdau           4                      Stoke Upon Trent STS     Helen
    80  Durow               John           Head    M     34  Miner               Ilkeston
        Durow               Ann            Wife    M     30                      West Hallam
        Durow               William        Son            9  Scholar             Mapperley
        Durow               Francis        Son            7  Scholar             Mapperley
        Durow               Thomas         Son            4  Scholar             Mapperley
        Durow               Eliza          Dau            2                      Stanley
    81  Hardy               Henry          Head    M     33  Miner               Kimberley NTT
        Hardy               Hannah         Wife    M     30                      West Hallam
        Hardy               Joseph         Son           11                      Stanley
        Hardy               John           Son            9  Scholar             Mapperley
        Hardy               Samuel         Son            3  Scholar             Stanley
        Hardy               Matthew        Son           4m                      Stanley
    82  Hart                Benjamin       Head    M     76  Farm Labourer       Stanley
        Hart                Elizabeth      Wife    M     76                      Chaddesden
        Hart                William        Son     M     51  Farm Labourer       Chaddesden
        Hart                Jane           D-law   M     49                      Chaddesden
        Hart                Sarah          Gdau    U     19                      Stanley
        Hart                Herbert        Gson    U     18                      Stanley
        Hart                Rebecca        Gson    U     16  Scholar             Stanley
        Hart                William        Gson          13  Scholar             Stanley
        Hart                Mary           Gdau          11                      Stanley
        Lees                John           Lger          48  Framework Knitter   Stanton By Dale
    83  Potts               Mary           Head    Wid   57  Farming.....        Stanley                  ...5 acres of land
        Potts               Michael        Son     M     38                      Stanley
        Potts               Ann            Wife    M     39                      STS
        Potts               Mary A         Dau            7  Scholar             Stanley                  Ann
        Potts               Georgiana      Dau            5  Scholar             Stanley
    84  Wood                Richard        Head    M     40  Blacksmith          Horsley Woodhouse
        Wood                Elizabeth      Wife    M     37                      West Hallam
        Wood                Richard        Son     U     13  Coal Miner          Ilkeston
        Wood                Sabina         Dau            6                      Ilkeston
        Wood                Herbert        Son            4                      Ilkeston
    85  Harvey              Thomas         Head    M     30  Cordwainer          Mapperley Park
        Harvey              Maria          Wife    M     34  Dress Maker         West Hallam
        Harvey              Maria J        Dau            4                      Stanley                  Jane
        Harvey              Thomas         Son            2                      Stanley
        Harvey              Emily          Dau           6m                      Stanley
    86  Thompson            Joseph         Head    M     45  Rope Maker          Stanley
        Thompson            Elizabeth      Wife    M     45                      Mapperley
        Wain                Francis        Lger    Wid   73  Retired Farmer      Mapperley Park
    87  Wood                John           Head    Wid   56  Rope Manufacturer   Gainsborough LIN
        Wood                Thomas         Son     M     26  Rope Manufacturer   Stanley
        Hart                Job            S-law   M     24  Miner               West Hallam
        Hart                Sarah          Dau     M     25                      West Hallam
        Hart                Thomas         Gson          9m                      West Hallam
    88  Evans               Robert         Head    M     59  Farmer.....         Ellastone STS            ...of 100 acres employing 2 labourers & 1 boy
        Evans               Alfred H       Son           13  Scholar             West Hallam              Henry
        Evans               Walter S       Son            5  Scholar             Stanley                  Sacheverall
        Nadin               Ann            Serv    U     42  House Servant       Stanley
        Walters             John           Serv    U     15  Farm Servant        Ilkeston
    89  Beardsley           John           Head    M     30  Miner               West Hallam
        Beardsley           Ann            Wife    M     28                      West Hallam
        Beardsley           Milicent       Dau     U      5  Scholar             Stanley
        Beardsley           Alice          Dau     U      3                      Stanley
        Beardsley           Sarah H        Dau            1                      Stanley                  Hannah
    90  Riley               William        Head    M     40  Labourer            Stanton
        Riley               Eliza          Wife    M     38                      Ilkeston
        Riley               John           Son     U     16  Collier             West Hallam
        Riley               Joseph         Son           14  Collier             West Hallam
        Riley               Sarah          Dau           11                      Mapperley
        Riley               George         Son            9                      Stanley
        Riley               Henry          Son            7                      Stanley
        Riley               Harriet        Dau            5                      Stanley
        Riley               William        Son            2                      Stanley
        Riley               Infant         Son            1                      Stanley
        Riley               Fredrick       Reln          13  Collier             Long Eaton
    91  Bancroft            John           Head    M     35  Coal Miner          West Hallam
        Bancroft            Mary           Wife    M     43                      Belper
        Bennett             Obadiah        Reln    Wid   87                      Smalley
    92  Kerry               Samuel         Head    M     42  Stone Dealer        West Hallam
        Kerry               Elizabeth      Wife    M     39                      West Hallam
        Kerry               Achor          Son     U     18  Coal Miner          West Hallam
        Kerry               Pamela         Dau     U     15  Servant             Stanley
        Kerry               Thomas         Son           11  Scholar             Stanley
        Kerry               Elizabeth      Dau            3  Scholar             Stanley
    93  Dilks               Thomas         Head    M     38  Coal Miner          Stanton
        Dilks               Sarah          Wife    M     34                      West Hallam
        Dilks               Martha         Dau           11  Scholar             Stanley
        Dilks               Timothy        Son            8  Scholar             Stanley
        Dilks               Mary           Dau            6                      Stanley
        Dilks               Richard        Son            1                      Stanley
    94  Gibson              Alfred A       Head    M     52  Perpetual Curate... Godalming SRY            Augustus   ...of Stanley
        Gibson              Caroline C     Wife    M     40                      Middlesex LND            Charlotte
        Gibson              Augustus I     Son           12  Scholar             York YKS                 Inman
        Gibson              Caroline A     Dau           10  Scholar             Unreadable YKS           Alicia     Birthplace?
        Gibson              Edward P       Son            8  Scholar             Stanley                  Paul
        Gibson              Henry F        Son            3                      Stanley                  Francis
        Gibson              Frederick G    Son            1                      Stanley                  George
        Gibson              Godfrey M      Vis           13                      India                    Macdonald
        De Horsford         Richard T      Vis           11  Scholar             India                    Thomas
        Hart                Harriet        Serv    U     19  House Servant       Stanley
        Shelton             Eliza          Serv          16  House Servant       Stanley
        Mee                 Emma           Serv          16  House Servant       Stanley
    95  Hunt                John           Head    M     28  Coal Miner          Turnditch
        Hunt                Ann            Wife    M     26                      Unreadable                Birthplace?
        Hunt                Richard        Son            1                      Stanley
        Pegg                Mary Ann       Aunt    Wid   61                      Derby
    96  Bowley              Robert         Head    M     33  Brickmaker          Stapleford NTT
        Bowley              Julia          Wife    M     29                      Emmington
        Bowley              Mary           Dau            6  Scholar             Derby
        Rowbottom           Herbert        Lger    U     26  Joiner              West Hallam
    97  Toplis              Herbert        Head    M     23  Coal Miner          West Hallam
        Toplis              Lavinda        Wife    M     24                      West Hallam
        Toplis              William        Son            5                      Stanley Common
    98  Hampson             George         Head    M     37  Labourer            Snelston
        Hampson             Martha         Wife    M     34                      Stapleford NTT
        Hampson             George         Son            5                      Stanley
        Riley               Ann            Dau     Ilg   11                      Mapperley
        Hampson             William        Lger    U     39                      Snelston
    99  Beardsley           George         Head    M     33  Coal Miner          West Hallam
        Beardsley           Selina         Wife    M     33                      West Hallam
        Beardsley           Edward         Son            7  Scholar             Mapperley
        Beardsley           Elizabeth      Dau            4  Scholar             Stanley
        Beardsley           Thomas         Son            2                      Mapperley
   100  Watchorn            George         Head    M     28  Coal Miner          Harby LEI
        Watchorn            Ann            Wife    M     30                      Hickling NTT
        Marson              George         Son            8  Scholar             Hickling NTT
        Marson              Enos           Son            6  Scholar             Hickling NTT
        Watchorn            Sarah J        Dau            3                      Hickling NTT             Jane
        Watchorn            Lavinda M      Dau            1                      Harby LEI                Mary
   101  Hazledine           Samuel         Head    Wid   49  Labourer            West Hallam
        Hazledine           Thomas         Son     U     22  Coal Miner          Mapperley
        Hazledine           Abraham        Son           13  Coal Miner          Dale Abbey
        Hazledine           Hannah         Dau           10  Scholar             Dale Abbey
        Hazledine           Rachel         Dau            8  Scholar             Dale Abbey
   102  Mee                 Alfred         Head    M     42  Framework Knitter   West Hallam
        Mee                 Jane           Wife    M     36                      Carlton NTT
        Mee                 Alfred         Son           10  Scholar             Stanley
        Mee                 William        Son            9  Scholar             Stanley
        Mee                 Mary Ann       Dau            4  Scholar             Stanley
        Mee                 Thomas         Wid           44  Framework Knitter   Stanley
        Mee                 Betsey         Dau           11  Scholar             Smalley Common
        Mee                 Robert         Bro     U     30  Framework Knitter   Stanley Common
        Mee                 Samuel         Neph    U     16  Miner               Stanley Common
   103  Brown               Arthur         Head    M     29  Labourer            Stanley Common
        Brown               Sarah          Wife    M     24                      Chaddesden
        Brown               Elizabeth      Dau            7  Scholar             Stapleford NTT
        Brown               William        Son            4  Scholar             Stanley Common
        Brown               John           Son            2                      Stanley Common
        Brown               Thomas         Son           6m                      Stanley Common
   104  Beardsley           William        Head          24  Labourer            Morley
        Beardsley           Emma           Wife          24                      West Hallam
        Beardsley           Harriet        Dau            3                      Stanley
        Beardsley           Edward         Son            2                      Stanley
   105  Wheatcroft          John           Head    M     69  Labourer            Morley
        Wheatcroft          Dorothy        Wife    M     64                      Ashbourne STS
        Wheatcroft          Joseph         Son     U     25  Labourer            Smalley Common
        Wheatcroft          Edwin          Son     U     22  Labourer            Stanley
        Wheatcroft          Frederick      Gson          14                      Stanley
   106  Barton              William        Head    M     72  Farmer.....         Stanley                  ...of 125 acres employing 1 labourer & 1 boy
        Barton              Elizabeth      Wife    M     65                      Dudley STS
        Barton              Ann            Dau     U     36                      Stanley
        Barton              Thomas         Son     U     25                      Stanley
        Barton              Mary           Dau     U     22                      Stanley
        Ludlum              Elizabeth      Serv    U     18  House Servant       Stanley
        Buckley             Frederick      Serv          18  Carter              Stanley
        Barker              George         Serv          12  Carter Boy          Stanley
   107  Carter              James          Head    M     52  Farm Labourer       STS
        Carter              Sarah          Wife    M     49                      West Hallam
        Carter              William        Son           13                      Stanley
   108  Severn              James          Head    M     31  Journeyman          Smalley
        Severn              Mary           Wife    M     38                      Mapperley
        Severn              Samuel         Son            6  Scholar             Belper
        Severn              Charles        Son            5  Scholar             Belper
        Severn              William        Son            2                      Belper
        Severn              Fanny          Dau            1                      Belper
   109  Smith               Joseph         Head    M     40  Labourer            Derby
        Smith               Sarah          Wife    M     36                      Stanley
        Smith               John           Son     U     16  Brick Maker         Derby
        Smith               Alice          Dau           11  Scholar             Stanley
        Smith               Joseph         Son            7  Scholar             Stanley
        Smith               Mary           Dau            5  Scholar             Stanley
        Smith               Hannah C       Dau          10m                      Stanley                  Caroline 
   110  Bower               Elizabeth      Head    Wid   72  Farming.....        Stanley                  ...22 acres of land
        Bower               John           Son     Wid   45                      Little Hallam
        Bower               Sarah G        Gdau          14                      Little Hallam            Georgiana
   111  Shaw                John           Head    M     50  Farming.....        Chellaston               ...25 acres of land
        Shaw                Sarah          Wife    M     49                      Weston
   112  Leeson              John           Head    M     38  Miner               Clifton NTT
        Leeson              Emma           Wife    M     38                      Cossall NTT
        Leeson              Robert         Son           15  Miner               Stanley

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