1871 Census of Stanley


PRO REFERENCE FOR THIS CENSUS: RG10 Piece 3559 Folios 4 - 17 (28  pages)

NOTE: This census does not include any locations.

 Schedule Surname          Forename   Relation Cond   Age  Occupation                 Where Born             Comments

       1  KERRY             Achor       Head    M     28  Miner                       West Hallam
          KERRY             Mary A      Wife    M     28                              West Hallam
          KERRY             John A      Son            4                              Stanley
          KERRY             Kate        Dau            1                              Stanley
          KERRY             Annie       Dau            2 m                            Stanley
       2  BROWN             Thomas      Head    M     62  Builder employing...        Breaston               ...6 men 6 labourers & 6 boys
          BROWN             Eliza       Wife    M     63                              Stanley
          KYTE              Jane        Serv    U     16  General servant domestic    Smalley
       3  MARTIN            Isaac       Head    M     50  Shepherd & Herdsman         Dale Abbey
          MARTIN            Mary        Wife    M     54                              Ticknall
       4  HART              Richard     Head    M     41  Miner                       Stanley
          HART              Hannah      Wife    M     40                              West Hallam
          HART              John        Son     U     19  Miner                       Stanley
          HART              German      Son     U     15  Miner                       Stanley
          HART              Richard     Son           13  Miner                       Stanley
          HART              Frances     Dau           10  Scholar                     Stanley
       5  BLANKLEY          Samuel      Head    M     28  Labourer                    Stanley
          BLANKLEY          Harriet     Wife    M     22                              Stanley
       6  BEARDSLEY         William     Head    M     50  Miner                       Ilkeston
          BEARDSLEY         Charlotte   Wife    M     50                              Ilkeston
          ORRILL            William     Ldgr    U     45  Glove maker                 Ilkeston
       7  MARTIN            William     Head    M     40  Miner                       Smalley
          MARTIN            Ann         Wife    M     39                              Stanley
          MARTIN            John        Son     U     16  Miner                       Stanley
          MARTIN            William     Son     U     13  Miner                       Stanley
          MARTIN            Alice       Dau            8  Scholar                     Stanley
          MARTIN            Letitia     Dau            4  Scholar                     Stanley
          MARTIN            Inman       Son            1                              Stanley
       8  BREARLEY          Bernard     Head    M     51  Colliery Proprietor         Ticknall
          BREARLEY          Mary A      Wife    M     35                              Derby
          BREARLEY          George S    Son            8  Scholar                     Derby
          WHITE             Charles     Cous    U     35  Coal Higgler                Derby
          FINLEY            Charles     Vis     U     19  General Clerk               Belper
          WALKER            Jane        Serv    U     21  General servant domestic    Derby
       9  MARTIN            Henry       Head    M     28  Engine driver               Smalley
          MARTIN            Jemima      Wife    M     27                              Mapperley
          MARTIN            John        Son            7  Scholar                     Ilkeston
          MARTIN            Henry       Son            6  Scholar                     Ilkeston
          MARTIN            Hannah      Dau            2  Scholar                     Ilkeston
      10  ATTENBOROUGH      Henry       Head    M     45  Miner                       Stanley
          ATTENBOROUGH      Jane        Wife    M     38  Dressmaker                  Loscoe
          ATTENBOROUGH      Henry       Son           11  Scholar                     Stanley
          ATTENBOROUGH      James       Son            7  Scholar                     Stanley
          ATTENBOROUGH      Keziah      Dau            6  Scholar                     Stanley
          ATTENBOROUGH      Emma        Dau            3  Scholar                     Stanley
          ATTENBOROUGH      Evangeline  Dau            1                              Stanley
      11  HART              Job         Head    M     33  Miner                       West Hallam
          HART              Sarah       Wife    M     34                              Stanley
          HART              Thomas      Son           10  Scholar                     Stanley
          HART              Humphrey    Son            6  Scholar                     Stanley
          HART              Rachel      Dau            3  Scholar                     Stanley
          HART              John        Son            1                              Stanley
      12  GRUNDY            Richard     Head    M     48  Farmer of 10 acres & clerk  Stanley
          GRUNDY            Elizabeth   Wife    M     41                              Chilvers Coton, WAR
          GRUNDY            Charles H   Son     U     18  Colliery engine driver      Stanley
          GRUNDY            William B   Son     U     12  Scholar                     Burton on Wolds, LEI
          GRUNDY            Mary A      Sis     U     55  Farmer's daughter           Stanley
      13  MOON              James       Head    M     36  Furnace & Colliery smith    Stanley
          MOON              Mary        Wife    M     39  Dressmaker                  Smalley
          MOON              Elizabeth A Dau            9  Scholar                     Stanley
          MOON              Emma        Dau            7  Scholar                     Stanley
      14  MARTIN            William     Head    M     65  Boot maker                  Smalley
          MARTIN            Mary        Wife    M     61                              Stanley
          MARTIN            Alexander   Son     U     31  Miner                       Stanley
          MOORLEY           George      Gson    U     18  Miner                       Stanley
          MOORLEY           John        Gson           8  Scholar                     Stanley
          MOORLEY           Mary        Gdau           4  Scholar                     Stanley
      15  NEWTON            John        Head    M     51  Farmer of 65 acres          Draycott
          NEWTON            Ellen       Wife    M     38                              Coniston, YKS
          NEWTON            John        Son           12  Farmer's son                Draycott
      16  WOOD              Richard     Head    M     46  Labourer                    Horsley Woodhouse
          WOOD              Elizabeth   Wife    M     43                              West Hallam
          WOOD              Sabina      Dau     U     17  Scholar                     Ilkeston
      17  COTTON            William     Head    M     39  Labourer                    Stanley
          COTTON            Patience    Wife    M     32                              Stanley
          COTTON            Mary A      Dau           12  Scholar                     Stanley
          COTTON            George      Son           10  Scholar                     Stanley
          COTTON            Fanny E     Dau            7  Scholar                     Stanley
      18  HART              Ann         Head    Wid   76  Receiving Parish Relief     Dudley, WOR
          HART              Philip      Gson    U     22  Miner                       Stanley
      19  HART              Daniel      Head    M     46  Miner                       Stanley
          HART              Salome      Wife    M     46                              Elvaston
          HART              Humphrey    Son     U     21  Miner & Engine driver       Stanley
          HART              William     Son     U     15  Miner                       Stanley
      20  HART              Harriet     Head    Wid   60  Charwoman                   Horsley Woodhouse
          ALLEN             Clara       Dau     M     21                              Stanley
          ALLEN             Abednego    S in lawM     30  Colliery engine driver      Codnor
          SARSON            William     Ldgr    U     21  Labourer                    Stanley
      21  FROST             William     Head    M     37  Labourer                    Snelston
          FROST             Eliza       Wife    M     31                              West Hallam
          FROST             Elizabeth A Dau           11  Scholar                     Raston Common
          FROST             Anne        Dau            9  Scholar                     Snelston
          FROST             William     Son            4  Scholar                     Stanley
          FROST             Samuel      Son           11 m                            Stanley
      22  CARTER            William     Head    M     60  Coal Higgler                Foston
          CARTER            Mary        Wife    M     57                              West Hallam
          CARTER            Herbert     Son     U     22  Miner                       Stanley
          CARTER            Hannah      Dau     U     14  Scholar                     Stanley
      23  DOBBS             Thomas      Head    M     38  Stone Mason ...             Smalley                ...& Beer House Keeper
          DOBBS             Ann         Wife    M     37                              Stanley
          DOBBS             John H      Son            1                              Stanley
          STEVENS           Harriet     Serv    U     12  General Servant Domestic    Dale Abbey
      24  DICKEN            William     Head    M     24  Labourer                    Eggington
          DICKEN            Elizabeth   Wife    M     21  Labourer's wife...          Stanley                ...& keeps small shop
          DICKEN            Hannah      Dau            5  Scholar                     Stanley
          DICKEN            Mary        Dau            1                              Stanley
      25  CARTER            Samuel      Head    M     28  Miner                       West Hallam
          CARTER            Sarah A     Wife    M     20                              Epperstone, NTT
          CARTER            Thomas W    Son            3  Scholar                     Ilkeston
          CARTER            Amy         Dau            9 m                            Stanley
      26  HART              Enoch       Head    M     27  Miner                       Stanley
          HART              Mary        Wife    M     24                              Dale Abbey
          HART              Urslar      Dau            6  Scholar                     Stanley
          HART              Lavinia     Dau            5  Scholar                     Stanley
          HART              Ellen       Dau            5  Scholar                     Stanley
      27  WHEATLEY          William     Head    M     57  Coal Higgler                West Hallam            Lost a leg
          WHEATLEY          Sarah       Wife    M     60                              Ilkeston
          MONK              John        Brdr    U     15  Miner                       Buckingham, BKM
      28  CURZON            Thomas      Head    M     27  Labourer                    Crich
          CURZON            Sarah       Wife    M     32                              Ockbrook
      29  COWLEY            John        Head    M     32  Labourer                    Hulland Ward
          COWLEY            Elizabeth   Wife    M     33                              Hognaston
          COWLEY            Joseph      Son            9  Scholar                     Hulland Ward
          COWLEY            Elizabeth   Dau            4  Scholar                     Mugginton
          COWLEY            Fanny       Dau            1                              Stanley
      30  WHITE             Isaac       Head    M     36  Iron Stone Cleaner          Stanley
          WHITE             Selina      Wife    M     36                              Stanley
      31  GROCOCK           William     Head    M     36  Labourer                    Ratcliff on Trent, NTT
          GROCOCK           Agnes       Wife    M     30                              Stanley
          GROCOCK           Louisa      Dau           10  Scholar                     Stanley                Lame in foot
          GROCOCK           Jabez       Son            8  Scholar                     Stanley
          GROCOCK           Philis S    Dau            5  Scholar                     Stanley
          GROCOCK           Mary        Dau            2  Scholar                     Stanley
          GROCOCK           Rachel      Dau            2 m                            Stanley
      32  HARRISON          William     Head    M     40  Labourer                    Kirk Ireton
          HARRISON          Ann         Wife    M     41                              Hildsley
          HARRISON          Mary        Dau     U     17  General servant...          Stanley                ...out of employment
          HARRISON          Thomas      Son     U     15  Miner                       Stanley
          HARRISON          William     Son           10  Farmer's servant            Stanley
          HARRISON          Charles     Son            7  Scholar                     Stanley
          HARRISON          George      Son            3  Scholar                     Stanley
          HARRISON          Joseph      Son            1  Scholar                     Stanley
          HARRISON          Herbert     Gson           1 m                            Stanley
      33  WALKER            John        Head    M     30  Miner                       Shottle
          WALKER            Elizabeth   Wife    M     29                              Stanley
          CLARK             Mary A      Dau           10  Scholar                     Stanley
          WALKER            Alfred      Son            6  Scholar                     Stanley
      34  MORRIS            Richard     Head    M     39  Farmer of 42 acres          Markfield, LEI
          MORRIS            Lucy        Wife    M     38  Farmer's wife               Ireton Wood
          MORRIS            John        Son            8  Scholar                     Markfield, LEI
          MORRIS            Richard     Son            4  Scholar                     Stanley
          MORRIS            Lucy        Dau            2  Scholar                     Stanley
          HART              Hannah      Serv          14  General servant domestic    Dale Abbey
      35  ROBINSON          John        Head    M     55  Shoe Maker                  Mapperley
          ROBINSON          Hannah      Wife    M     57                              Stanley
          ROBINSON          John        Son     U     18  Shoe Maker                  Stanley
      36  STEVENS           Samuel      Head    M     38  Miner                       Mapperley
          STEVENS           Jane        Wife    M     27                              Stanley
          STEVENS           Sadoc       Son            5  Scholar                     Stanley
          STEVENS           Emma        Dau            1                              Stanley
      37  COTTEN            John        Head    M     70  Labourer                    Dale Abbey
          COTTEN            Frances     Wife    M     74                              Spondon
      38  HARTSHORN         Thomas      Head    M     21  Miner                       Dale Abbey
          HARTSHORN         Eliza       Wife    M     21                              Derby
          HARTSHORN         Joseph      Son            2                              Stanley
          HARTSHORN         Catherine A Dau            4 m                            Stanley
      39  HART              Richard     Head    M     46  Labourer                    Stanley
          HART              Mary        Wife    M     43                              Kirk Ireton
          HART              Dinah       Dau           12  Scholar                     Stanley
          HART              Millicent A Dau            8  Scholar                     Stanley
          HART              Amy         Dau            6  Scholar                     Stanley
          HART              Walter      Bro     U     31  Labourer                    Stanley
      40  HARTSHORN         Aaron       Head    M     45  Miner                       Stanley
          HARTSHORN         Hannah      Wife    M     43                              Dale Abbey
          HARTSHORN         Timothy     Son     U     16  Miner                       Dale Abbey
          HARTSHORN         Isaac       Son           11  Scholar                     Stanley
          HARTSHORN         William     Son            8  Scholar                     Stanley
          HARTSHORN         John        Son            5  Scholar                     Stanley
          HARTSHORN         Mary        Dau            3  Scholar                     Stanley
      41  SCATTERGOOD       Martha      Head    Wid   63  Farmer of 18 acres          Thrumpton, NTT
          SCATTERGOOD       John        Son     U     22  Farmer's son                Stanley
          PURCELL           William L   Gson           6  Scholar                     Stanley
          RAWSON            Henry       Ldgr    M     36  Miner                       Mapperley
      42  HARTSHORN         Thomas      Head    M     47  Farmer of 30 acres          Stanley
          HARTSHORN         Rebecca     Wife    M     49                              Stanley
          HARTSHORN         Edward      Son     U     18  Miner                       Stanley
          HARTSHORN         Thomas      Son     U     16  Miner                       Dale Abbey
          HARTSHORN         Albert      Son           12  Scholar                     Stanley
          HARTSHORN         Charles     Son            9  Scholar                     Stanley
          HARTSHORN         Jane        Dau            9  Scholar                     Stanley
      43  RICHARDSON        Thomas      Head    M     61  Farmer of 160 acres         Wirksworth
          RICHARDSON        Sarah       Wife    M     61  Farmer's wife               Wirksworth
          RICHARDSON        John        Son     U     35  Farmer's son                Wirksworth
          RICHARDSON        Thomas      Son     U     29  Farmer's son                Wirksworth
          RICHARDSON        Ann         Dau     U     22  Farmer's daughter           Wirksworth
          KIDDY             Matthew     Serv    U     29  Farm servant indoor         Shottle
          REDFERN           Aaron       Serv    U     21  Farm servant indoor         Wirksworth
      44  WALDROM           John        Head    M     42  Labourer                    Kegworth, LEI
          WALDROM           Eliza       Wife    M     39                              Stanley
          WALDROM           John        Son     U     18  Miner                       Stanley
          WALDROM           Thomas      Son     U     16  Miner                       Stanley
          WALDROM           Benjamin    Son           13  Miner                       Stanley
          WALDROM           Sophia      Dau           11  Scholar                     Stanley
          WALDROM           Julia       Dau            5  Scholar                     Stanley
          WALDROM           Mary J      Dau            2  Scholar                     Stanley
          HART              John        Bro in lU     61  Labourer                    Stanley
      45  HALL              Charles     Head    M     43  Labour                      Stanley
          HALL              Ann         Wife    M     43                              Stanley
          HALL              William     Son     U     16  Miner                       Stanley
          HALL              Thomas      Son           10  Scholar                     Stanley
          HALL              Mary H      Dau            8  Scholar                     Stanley
          HALL              Charles     Son            3  Scholar                     Stanley
      46  BUNNY             Reuben      Head    M     26  Miner                       Cotgrave, NTT
          BUNNY             Miliecent   Wife    M     26                              Stanley
          BUNNY             Elizabeth   Dau            2                              Stanley
      47  HART              John        Head    M     29  Miner                       Stanley
          HART              Charlotte   Wife    M     37  Charwoman                   Stanley
          HART              Ann         Dau     U     17  Servant ...                 Stanley               ... out of employment
          HART              Benjamin    Son     U     14  Miner                       Stanley
          HART              Mary        Dau           11  Scholar                     Stanley
          HART              Rachel      Dau            7  Scholar                     Stanley
          HART              Amos        Son            1                              Stanley
      48  WINFIELD          Frederick   Head    M     34  Labourer at furnace         Chaddesden
          WINFIELD          Martha      Wife    M     28                              Stanley
          WINFIELD          Anne        Dau            9  Scholar                     Stanley
          WINFIELD          Joseph      Son            6  Scholar                     Stanley
          WINFIELD          Frederick   Son            4  Scholar                     Stanley
          WINFIELD          Elizabeth   Dau            1                              Stanley
          HART              William     Bro in lU     16  Miner                       Stanley
      49  WINFIELD          William     Head    M     49  Labourer                    Chaddesden
          WINFIELD          Fanny       Wife    M     50                              Stanley
      50  BARTON            William     Head    Wid   83  Farmer of 125 acres         Stanley
          BARTON            Thomas      Son     U     36  Farmer's son                Stanley
          BARTON            Ann         Dau     U     45  Farmer's daughter           Stanley
          BARTON            Mary        Dau     U     34  Farmer's daughter           Stanley
          WILKINSON         Isaac       Serv    U     19  Farm Servant indoor         Little Hallam
          MARTIN            Samuel      Serv    U     15  Farm Servant indoor         Morley
          BUTLER            Sarah       Serv    U     19  Farm Servant indoor         Risley
      51  FLETCHER          James       Head    M     42  Farmer of 25 acres          West Hallam
          FLETCHER          Lucy        Wife    M     35  Farmer's wife               West Hallam
          FLETCHER          William     Son           13  Servant ...                 West Hallam            ...out of employment
          FLETCHER          Sarah       Dau           11  Scholar                     Stanley
          FLETCHER          Mary        Dau            3  Scholar                     Stanley
          FLETCHER          Eliza       Dau            7 m                            Stanley
      52  HANDLEY           Thomas      Head    M     54  Tailor                      West Hallam
          HANDLEY           Sarah       Wife    M     52                              West Hallam
          HANDLEY           Frances A   Dau           13  Scholar                     Stanley
      53  MARTIN            John        Head    M     73  Farmer of 14 acres          Morley
          MARTIN            Sarah       Wife    M     77                              Dale Abbey
          MARTIN            Mary        Dau     U     48  Daughter                    Stanley
          MARTIN            William     Gson    U     18  Miner                       Stanley
      54  BURROWS           Edward      Head    M     60  Farmer of 6 acres...        Chaddesden             ...& higgler
          BURROWS           Frances     Wife    M     56                              Risley
          BURROWS           James       Son     U     26  Keeps horses                Chellaston
          BURROWS           Edwin       Son     U     19  Assistant                   Chellaston
          BURROWS           Milicent    Dau           13  Scholar                     Chellaston
      55  FORD              Benjamin    Head    M     48  Farmer of 150 acres         Mugginton
          FORD              Ellen       Wife    M     49  Farmer's wife               Mugginton
          FORD              Robert H    Son     U     19  Farmer's son                Mugginton
          FORD              Anna        Dau     U     21  Farmer's daughter           Mugginton
          HITCHCOCK         Elizabeth   Serv    U     14  Farmers' servant domestic   Ockbrook
          MORRIS            James       Serv    U     16  Farmers' servant indoor     Spondon
          WHEATLEY          John        Serv    U     14  Farmers' servant indoor     Ockbrook
      56  SPENCER           John        Head    M     34  Farmer of 60 acres          Barrow on Trent
          SPENCER           Sarah       Wife    M     34  Farmer's wife               Twyford
          SPENCER           John H      Son            3  Scholar                     Stanley
          SPENCER           Selina      Dau            1                              Stanley
          HOLMAN            Frederick   Serv    U     37  Farm servant indoor         Ticknall
      57  MARTIN            Joseph      Head    M     44  Labourer                    Stanley
          MARTIN            Mary        Wife    M     48  Charwoman                   Derby
          MARTIN            Elizabeth   Dau     U     18  Servant ...                 Stanley                ...out of employment
      58  FISHER            John        Head    M     60  Joiner & carpenter          Stanley
          FISHER            Mary        Wife    M     60                              Stanley
          FISHER            Paul        Son     U     34  Miner                       Stanley
          FISHER            Kate        Dau     U     31  Servant...                  Stanley                ...out of employment
          FISHER            Isaac       Son     U     22  Ill (consumption)           Stanley
          BEVERLEY          Mary E      Vis            4  Scholar                     Bream, GLS
          BEVERLEY          Lucy        Vis            2                              Stanley
      59  WHITBY            Enoch       Head    M     44  Labourer                    Thrumpton, NTT
          WHITBY            Eliza       Wife    M     44                              Stanley
          WHITBY            Alice       Dau     U     24  Servant ...                 Stanley                ...out of employment
          WHITBY            George      Son     U     23  Miner                       Stanley
          WHITBY            Joseph      Son     U     17  Miner                       Stanley
          WHITBY            William     Son           12  Miner                       Stanley
          WHITBY            Elizabeth   Dau            9  Scholar                     Stanley
          WHITBY            Ann         Dau            1                              Stanley
          WHITBY            Enoch       Gson           7  Scholar                     Stanley
          WHITBY            Mary A      Gdau           4  Scholar                     Stanley
          WHITBY            Isaac       Gson           1                              Stanley
          COTTEN            Elizabeth   Mtr in lWid   68  Labourer's wife             Mapperley
      60  OUTRAM            Thomas      Head    M     45  Labourer                    Butterley
          OUTRAM            Elizabeth   Wife    M     57                              Smalley
          OUTRAM            Benjamin    Son     U     21  Miner                       Sawley
          OUTRAM            John        Son     U     14  Miner                       Stanley
          OUTRAM            Thomas      Son            8  Miner                       Stanley
      61  BARKESBY          Thomas      Head    Wid   63  Miner                       Stanley
          THOMPSON          John        S in lawM     25  Labourer                    Stanley
          THOMPSON          Emma        Dau     M     24                              Stanley
          BARKESBY          Walter T    Gson           2  Scholar                     Not stated
  (Note in margin for schedule 62: "This man Hart occupies three houses")
      62  HART              Joseph      Head    M     38  Grocer                      Stanley
          HART              Mary        Wife    M     45                              Stanley
          THOMPSON          Rhoda       D in lawU     18  Servant...                  Stanley                ...out of employment
          HART              Henry       Son     U     16  Labourer                    Stanley
          THOMPSON          Elizabeth   D in lawU     16  Scholar                     Stanley
          HART              Enock       Son           14  Waggoner                    Stanley
          THOMPSON          William     S in law      13  Miner                       Stanley
          HART              Ellen       Dau           12  Scholar                     Stanley
          THOMPSON          Isaac       Gson          10  Scholar                     Stanley
          HART              Francis     Son            5  Scholar                     Stanley
          HART              Mary M      Dau            4  Scholar                     Stanley
          HART              Frances A   Dau            1                              Stanley
          HART              Joseph      Son            1 m                            Stanley
          HEMSTOCK          Reuben      S in lawM     25  Labourer                    Clipstone, NTT
          HEMSTOCK          Rebecca     D in lawM     27  Dress maker                 Stanley
          HEMSTOCK          Mary E      Gdau           1 m                            Stanley
      63  TAFT              Robert      Head    M     38  Innkeeper                   Chaddesden
          TAFT              Elizabeth   Wife    M     37  Innkeeper's wife            Darley Abbey
          TAFT              Charles     Son            5  Scholar                     Spondon
          TAFT              Mary E      Dau            3  Scholar                     Spondon
          TAFT              Lawrence    Son           10 m                            Spondon
          GREENSMITH        Mary        Sis in lU     45  Visitor                     Darley Abbey
          BOSWORTH          Ann         Serv    U     16  Servant domestic            Ockbrook
      64  POTTER            Joseph      Head    Wid   70  Farmer of 150 acres         Stanley
          HUGGETT           Ann P       Niece   U     23                              Broadstairs, KEN
          BUGGE             Eliza       Serv    U     27  House keeper                Denby
          CRESSWELL         Sarah       Serv    U     16  Servant domestic            Denby
          PARKIN            Thomas      Serv    U     19  Servant domestic            Manchester. LAN
          POTTER            Mary        Niece   M     42  Visitor                     West Hallam
      65  HANCOCK           Edward      Head    M     52  Labourer                    Risley Park
          HANCOCK           Sarah       Wife    M     50                              West Hallam
          HANCOCK           Edwin       Son     U     21  Miner                       Kirk Hallam
          HANCOCK           Lucy        Dau     U     19  Dress maker                 Kirk Hallam
          HANCOCK           Alick       Son     U     17  Miner                       Kirk Hallam
          HANCOCK           Abraham     Son     U     14  Miner                       Kirk Hallam
          HANCOCK           Isaac       Son            9  Scholar                     Stanley
      66  SMITH             Thomas      Head    M     25  Brick maker                 Weedon, NTH
          SMITH             Eliza       Wife    M     24                              Longbuckby, NTH
          SMITH             Kate        Dau            5  Scholar                     Longbuckby, NTH
          SMITH             Florance    Son            3  Scholar                     Longbuckby, NTH
          TOWNSEND          David       Ldgr          13  Brick maker                 Longbuckby, NTH
      67  PURDAY            Willis      Head    M     45  Miller                      West Hallam
          PURDAY            Mary        Wife    M     43                              West Hallam
          PURDAY            Elizabeth   Dau     U     16  Needleworker in cotton      Mapperley
          PURDAY            Charles     Son           11  Miner                       Mapperley
          PURDAY            Matthew     Son            7  Scholar                     Mapperley
          PURDAY            Sarah       Dau            5  Scholar                     West Hallam
          PURDAY            Fanny       Dau            4  Scholar                     West Hallam
          PURDAY            Mary        Dau            3  Scholar                     West Hallam
          PURDAY            Amelia      Dau            8 m                            Stanley
      68  HART              Benjamin    Head    M     34  Mining labour               Stanley
          HART              Jane        Wife    M     39                              Winfield
          HART              George      Son           10  Scholar                     Rimmington
      69  BINGHAM           Benjamin    Head    M     33  Miner                       S Bonnington, NTT
          BINGHAM           Sabina      Wife    M     32                              West Hallam
          BINGHAM           William     Son           12  Miner                       Stanley
          BINGHAM           Robert      Son           10  Miner                       Stanley
          BINGHAM           Mary        Dau            7  Scholar                     Stanley
          BINGHAM           Benjamin    Son            5  Scholar                     Stanley
          BINGHAM           Sarah       Dau            5 m                            Stanley
      70  HOLLAND           James       Head    M     46  Labourer                    Chaddesden
          HOLLAND           Patience    Wife    M     38                              West Hallam
          HOLLAND           George      Son     U     19  Miner                       Cotmanhay
          HOLLAND           Joseph      Son            7  Scholar                     Dale Abbey
          HOLLAND           James       Son            5  Scholar                     Dale Abbey
          HOLLAND           Thomas      Son            2  Scholar                     Dale Abbey
      71  CORBETT           Jane        Head    U     59  Shopkeeper                  Birmingham, WAR
          CORBETT           Emma        Sis     U     64  Retired Governess           Birmingham, WAR
          CORBETT           William A   Neph           7  Scholar                     Burslem, STS
          CORBETT           Pauline     Niece          5  Scholar                     Aldershot, CAM
          BEARDSLEY         Elizabeth   Serv    U     14  General servant domestic    Stanley
      72  BROWN             Joseph      Head    M     23  Mine engine driver          Loscoe
          BROWN             Hannah      Wife    M     23                              Newthorpe, NTT
          BROWN             Mary A      Dau            6  Scholar                     Loscoe
          BROWN             Thomas R    Son            4  Scholar                     Stoneyford
          BROWN             John R      Son            8 m                            Langley Mill
          HAYWOOD           Elizabeth   Ldgr    Wid   29  Dressmaker                  India
          HAYWOOD           Robert      Ldgr           3  Scholar                     London, LND
      73  KENNERLEY         William     Head    M     27  Miner                       Burton, LEI
          KENNERLEY         Lucy        Wife    M     29                              Sutton Bonnington, LEI
          KENNERLEY         Henry       Son            8  Scholar                     Sutton Bonnington, LEI
          KENNERLEY         Ann         Dau            6  Scholar                     Mapperley
          KENNERLEY         William     Son            4  Scholar                     Stanley
      74  STURGES           George      Head    M     27  Labourer                    Ketterney
          STURGES           Hannah      Wife    M     32                              Findern
          STURGES           James       Son            3  Scholar                     Findern
      75  DUNKLEY           Joseph      Head    M     35  Brick Maker                 Crick, NTH
          DUNKLEY           Alice       Wife    M     36                              Crick, NTH
          DUNKLEY           Thomas      Son     U     15  Brick Maker                 Crick, NTH
          DUNKLEY           William     Son           12  Scholar                     Heaford, NTH
          DUNKLEY           Frank       Son            7  Scholar                     Heaford, NTH
      76  HART              Benjamin    Head    Wid   86  Retired ag labourer         Stanley
          HART              William     Son     M     60  Labourer                    Chaddesden
          HART              Jane        D in lawM     58                              Chaddesden
          HART              Herbert     Gson    U     28  Mining labourer             Stanley
          HART              Sarah       Gdau    U     32                              Stanley
          HART              Rebecca     Gdau    U     25  No occupation               Stanley
          HART              William     Gson    U     23  Labourer                    Stanley
          HART              Thomas      GGson          5  Scholar                     Stanley
          HART              Jane        GGdau          2                              Stanley
      77  POTTS             Mary        Head    Wid   65  Farms 7 acres of land       West Hallam
          POTTS             Michael     Son     Wid   46  Stone Mason                 Mapperley
          POTTS             Georgiana   Gdau    U     15  Milliner                    Stanley
      78  HARVEY            Thomas      Head    M     40  Shoe maker...               Mapperley              ...& innkeeper
          HARVEY            Maria       Wife    M     44  Dress maker                 West Hallam
          HARVEY            Maria L     Dau     U     14  Dress maker                 West Hallam
          HARVEY            Thomas      Son           12  Scholar                     Stanley
          HARVEY            Emily       Dau           10  Scholar                     Stanley
      79  MASON             Joseph      Head    M     39  Colliery manager            Greenhill Lane
          MASON             Hannah      Wife    M     35                              Leabrook
          MASON             John H      Son     U     14  Stoker                      Leabrook
          MASON             Samuel      Son     U     13  Apprentice carpenter        Leabrook
          MASON             Lucy A      Dau           11  Scholar                     Sleet Moor
          MASON             Lizzie      Dau            9  Scholar                     Sleet Moor
          MASON             Joseph      Son            7  Scholar                     Alfreton
          MASON             Hannah      Dau            5  Scholar                     Alfreton
          MASON             George      Son            3  Scholar                     Stanley
          MASON             Emma        Dau            1                              Stanley
      80  CLARK             Robert      Head    M     26  Miner                       West Hallam
          CLARK             Charlotte   Wife    M     25                              Smalley
          CLARK             Laura F     Dau            5  Scholar                     Smalley
          CLARK             Edith C     Dau            2  Scholar                     Kirk Hallam
      81  HART              Sadoc       Head    M     27  Miner                       West Hallam
          HART              Eliza       Wife    M     23                              West Hallam
      82  WALTERS           William     Head    M     22  Proprietor of....           West Hallam                ...threshing machine
          WALTERS           Mary        Wife    M     26                              Ripley
      83  HEATH             Gershorn    Head    M     34  Miller                      West Hallam
          HEATH             Mary        Wife    M     29                              Belper
          HEATH             William L   Son            4 m                            Stanley
      84  COOPER            Joseph      Head    M     35  Labourer                    Epperstone, NTT
          COOPER            Emma        Wife    M     45                              Lodge in the Wolds, NTT
          COOPER            William     Son            8  Scholar                     East Leake, NTT
          COOPER            Joseph      Son            3  Scholar                     Old Whittington,  ?
      85  EVANS             Isaac A     Head    U     39  Farmer of 121 acres...      West Hallam            ...employing 2 labourers & I boy
          EVANS             Walter S    Bro     U     15  Scholar                     Stanley
          GREGORY           Mary        Serv    U     68  Domestic servant            West Hallam
          DAVIS             Mary        Serv    U     22  Domestic servant            Derby
          SMITH             William     Serv    U     14  Farm servant                Morley
      86  UPTON             George      Head    M     31  Miner                       East Bridgeford, NTT
          UPTON             Jane        Wife    M     27                              Stanley
          UPTON             Fanny       Dau            3                              Stanley
      87  MILWARD           Stephen     Head    M     21  Labourer                    Eccleshall, STS
          MILWARD           Ann         Wife    M     20                              Smalley
          MILWARD           William H   Son            4 m                            Stanley
          ABBOTT            Isaac       Ftr in lWid   67  Labourer                    Ilkeston
      88  SHAW              John        Head    M     49  Farmer                      Dale Abbey
          SHAW              Mary        Wife    M     40                              Shottle
          SHAW              Ann E       Dau            5  Scholar                     Spondon
          SHAW              William     Bro           22  Stoker                      Spondon
      89  MASON             John        Head    M     28  Miner                       West Hallam
          MASON             Hannah      Wife    M     29                              Belper
          MASON             Harriet     Dau            4  Scholar                     Stanley
          MASON             Elizabeth   Dau            2                              Stanley
          BENNETT           Joseph      Ldgr          17  Miner                       Belper
      90  CRESSWELL         Joseph      Head    M     25  Cordwainer                  Heanor
          CRESSWELL         Martha      Wife    M     20                              Stanley
          HUDSON            James       Ldgr    M     50  Labourer                    Castle Donnington
          HUDSON            William     Ldgr    M     48  Labourer                    Castle Donnington
          PLANT             John        Ldgr    U     25  Labourer                    Epperstone, NTT
      91  DURO              Eber        Head    M     27  Miner                       Mapperley
          DURO              Harriett    Wife    M     27                              West Hallam
          DURO              John        Son            4   Scholar                    Mapperley
          DURO              Samuel      Son            1                              Stanley
      92  SMITH             James       Head    M     42  Navvy                       SSX
          MOSS              Samuel      Ldgr    M     32  Carpenter                   Littleworth Bridge, YKS
          MOSS              Annie       Ldgr WifM     31                              Winster Dale, YKS
          MOSS              William R   Ldrg Son      10  Scholar                     Littleworth Bridge, YKS
          DAY               John        Ldgr    U     40  Navvy                       Littleworth Bridge, YKS
      93  HODGKINSON        James       Head    M     76  Brick maker                 Trentham, STS
          HODGKINSON        Catherine   Wife    M     66                              Stafford, STS
          HODGKINSON        Henry       Son     U     24  Brick maker                 Stoke, STS
          HODGKINSON        Charlotte   Gdau           7  Scholar                     Stanley
      94  HODGKINSON        James       Head    M     28  Brick maker                 Stoke, STS
          HODGKINSON        Mary A      Wife    M     21                              West Hallam
      95  WALTERS           Martha      Head    Wid   46  Shopkeeper                  West Hallam
          WALTERS           Hannah      Dau     U     21  Shopkeeper's dau            West Hallam
          WALTERS           Benjamin    Son     U     19  Miner                       Mapperley
          WALTERS           Sarah       Dau     U     16  Servant...                  Mapperley              ...out of employment
          WALTERS           Henry       Son     U      9  Scholar                     Mapperley
          GREEN             John        Brdr    U     16  Miner                       West Houghton, LAN
      96  DUROW             Ann         Head    Wid   33  Small shopkeeper            West Hallam
          DUROW             John        Son           11  Scholar                     Stanley
          DUROW             Joseph      Son            9  Scholar                     Mapperley
          DUROW             Edward      Son            6  Scholar                     Mapperley
          DUROW             Alfred      Son            6  Scholar                     Mapperley
          DUROW             William     Son            3  Scholar                     Mapperley
          DUROW             Lydia       Dau            1                              Mapperley
      97  HARTSHORN         Aaron       Head    M     23  Blacksmith                  West Hallam
          HARTSHORN         Elizabeth   Wife    M     22                              Derby
          HARTSHORN         Samuel      Son            1                              Nottingham, NTT
      98  MEE               Samuel      Head    M     23  Miner                       Smalley
          MEE               Mary        Wife    M     21                              Stanley
          SCATTERGOOD       Eliza       Ldgr    U     19  School mistress             Stanton by Dale
      99  TOPLIS            Robert      Head    M     24  Miner                       West Hallam
          TOPLIS            Elizabeth   Wife    M     22                              West Hallam
          TOPLIS            Frederick   Son            3  Scholar                     West Hallam
          TOPLIS            Emily       Dau            1                              Stanley
          TOPLIS            Mary        Dau            4 m                            Stanley
     100  HARDY             Henry       Head    M     44  Labourer                    Kimberley
          HARDY             Hannah      Wife    M     41                              West Hallam
          HARDY             Joseph      Son     U     21  Miner                       Stanley
          HARDY             John        Son     U     19  Miner                       Stanley
          HARDY             Samuel      Son           14  Miner                       Stanley
          HARDY             Matthew     Son           10  Scholar                     Stanley
          HARDY             Thomas      Son            7  Scholar                     Stanley
          HARDY             Henry       Son            5  Scholar                     Stanley
          HARDY             Emma        Dau            3  Scholar                     Stanley
          HARDY             George      Son            2 m                            Stanley
     101  HART              Elijah      Head    M     52  Miner                       West Hallam
          HART              Hannah      Wife    M     49                              West Hallam
          HART              Joseph      Son     U     24  Miner                       West Hallam
          HART              Julia       Dau     U     16  Assistant                   Stanley
          HART              Frederick E Son           11  Scholar                     Stanley
          HART              Emma        Dau            8  Scholar                     Stanley
          HART              William     Son            4  Scholar                     Stanley
     102  THOMPSON          Joseph      Head    M     55  Rope maker                  Stanley
          THOMPSON          Elizabeth   Wife    M     55                              Stanley
          WAIN              Francis     Ldgr    Wid   84  No occupation               Mapperley
     103  WOOD              John        Head    Wid   68  Rope maker                  Gainsborough, LIN
          WOOD              Thomas      Son     M     36  Rope maker                  Stanley
          WOOD              Fanny       Wife    M     31                              Walton, LIN
          WOOD              Hannah      Dau            6  Scholar                     Stanley
          WOOD              George      Son            4  Scholar                     Stanley
          WOOD              Harry       Son            3  Scholar                     Stanley
          WOOD              David       Son            2  Scholar                     Stanley
     104  HOBSON            Frederick   Head    M     39  Miner...                    West Hallam            ...& occupying 8 acres
          HOBSON            Julia       Wife    M     39                              West Hallam
          HOBSON            William     Son            7  Scholar                     Stanley
          HOBSON            Julia       Dau            4 m                            Stanley
     105  RILEY             William     Head    M     49  Labourer                    Stapleford, NTT
          RILEY             Eliza       Wife    M     48                              Ilkeston
          RILEY             George      Son     U     19  Miner                       Stanley
          RILEY             William     Son           12  Scholar                     Stanley
          RILEY             Peter       Son           10  Scholar                     Stanley
          RILEY             Alice       Dau            6  Scholar                     Stanley
     106  DILKS             Thomas      Head    M     47  Labourer                    Stanton by Dale
          DILKS             Sarah       Wife    M     43                              West Hallam
          DILKS             Timothy     Son     U     18  Miner                       Stanley
          DILKS             Richard     Son           11  Scholar                     Stanley
          DILKS             Thomas      Son            8  Scholar                     Stanley
          DILKS             Joseph      Son            5  Scholar                     Stanley
     107  KERRY             Samuel      Head    M     51  Bricklayer                  West Hallam
          KERRY             Elizabeth   Wife    M     49                              West Hallam
          KERRY             Thomas      Son     U     20  Miner                       Stanley
          KERRY             Elizabeth   Dau           12  Scholar                     Stanley
          KERRY             Alicia A    Dau           10  Scholar                     Stanley
          KERRY             William     Son            7  Scholar                     Stanley
     108  BANCROFT          John        Head    M     48  Carrier                     West Hallam
          BANCROFT          Mary        Wife    M     50                              Belper
          BANCROFT          Mary E      Dau            5  Scholar                     Stanley
          HULSE             William     Ldgr    U     22  Miner                       Walton on Wolds, LEI
     109  THOMPSON          William     Head    M     52  Retired Publican            Stanley
          THOMPSON          Sarah       Wife    M     54                              Horsley
          THOMPSON          Emma        Dau     U     18  Barmaid                     Ilkeston
          THOMPSON          Henry       Son     U     15                              Ilkeston
     110  LEESON            John        Head    M     47  Labourer                    Clifton. NTT
          LEESON            Emma        Wife    M     47                              Stanley
          LEESON            John        Gson           6 m                            Stanley
     111  LAMBERT           William     Head    Wid   70  Framework Knitter           Spondon
     112  MEE               Alfred      Head    M     52  Framework Knitter           West Hallam
          MEE               Jane        Wife    M     48                              Carlton, NTT
          MEE               Alfred      Son     U     21  Labourer                    Stanley
          MEE               William     Son     U     19  Labourer                    Stanley
          MEE               Mary        Dau           14  Scholar                     Stanley
          MEE               Ruth        Dau            9  Scholar                     Stanley
          MEE               Joseph      Son            6  Scholar                     Stanley
          MEE               Jane        Dau            4  Scholar                     Stanley
     113  BONSER            Henry       Head    M     29  Miner                       Willoughby, NTT
          BONSER            Elizabeth   Wife    M     27                              West Hallam
          BONSER            Louisa      Dau            9  Scholar                     Stanley
          BONSER            William     Son            7  Scholar                     Stanley
          BONSER            George      Son            5  Scholar                     Stanley
          BONSER            Matilda     Dau            1                              Stanley
     114  DENNES            William     Head    M     29  Miner                       Barrow on Soar
          DENNES            Elizabeth   Wife    M     25                              Whoughton, LEI
          DENNES            Mary        Dau            6  Scholar                     Stanley
          DENNES            William     Son            4  Scholar                     Stanley
          DENNES            George      Son            2  Scholar                     Stanley
     115  DUROW             John        Head    M     44  Carrier                     Cotmanhay
          DUROW             Ann         Wife    M     40                              West Hallam
          DUROW             Frank       Son     U     16  Miner                       Mapperley
          DUROW             Thomas      Son           14  Miner                       Mapperley
          DUROW             Eliza       Dau           12  Servant                     Stanley
          DUROW             Mary        Dau           10  Servant                     Stanley
          DUROW             James       Son            8  Scholar                     Stanley
          DUROW             John        Son            6  Scholar                     Stanley
          DUROW             Ann         Dau            3  Scholar                     Stanley
     116  BEARDSLEY         George F    Head    M     43  Miner                       West Hallam
          BEARDSLEY         Selina      Wife    M     40                              West Hallam
          BEARDSLEY         Thomas      Son           11  Scholar                     Mapperley
          BEARDSLEY         Sarah A     Dau            9  Scholar                     Stanley
          BEARDSLEY         John F      Son            4  Scholar                     Stanley
          BEARDSLEY         Ada         Dau            1                              Stanley
     117  BEARDSLEY         William     Head    M     34  Labourer                    Morley
          BEARDSLEY         Emma        Wife    M     34                              West Hallam
          BEARDSLEY         Edward      Son           12  Brick maker                 Stanley
          BEARDSLEY         James       Son            6  Scholar                     Ripley
          BEARDSLEY         William     Son            4  Scholar                     Stanley
          BEARDSLEY         John        Son            1                              Stanley
     118  CARTER            Stephen     Head    M     27  Stoker                      Stanley
          CARTER            Hannah      Wife    M     23                              Watton, LEI
          CARTER            Sarah E     Dau            2  Scholar                     Mugginton              Lame from infancy
          CARTER            Eliza       Dau            1                              Stanley
     119  BROWN             Arthur      Head    M     38  Labourer                    Kirk Ireton
          BROWN             Sarah       Wife    M     34                              Chaddesden
          BROWN             William     Son           14  Miner                       Stanley
          BROWN             John        Son           12  Miner                       Stanley
          BROWN             Thomas      Son            8  Scholar                     Stanley
          BROWN             Frances     Dau            6  Scholar                     Stanley
          BROWN             Arthur      Son            1                              Stanley
     120  WATERFIELD        William     Head    M     35  Brickyard labourer          W. Normanton, NTT
          WATERFIELD        Sarah       Wife    M     35                              Birstall, LEI
          WATERFIELD        Mary W      Dau            9  Scholar                     Stapleford, NTT
          WATERFIELD        Thomas      Son            7  Scholar                     Stapleford, NTT
          WATERFIELD        William     Son            4  Scholar                     Stanley
          WATERFIELD        Ann         Dau            2 m                            Stanley
     121  CARTER            James       Head    M     63  Labourer                    Scropton
          CARTER            Sarah A     Wife    M     57                              Stanley
          CARTER            William     Son     M     23  Brickmaker                  Stanley
          CARTER            Fanny       D in lawM     18                              Mapperley
     122  TOPLIS            Herbert     Head    M     33  Labour                      West Hallam
          TOPLIS            Lavinia     Wife    M     34                              West Hallam
          TOPLIS            William     Son           10  Scholar                     Stanley
          TOPLIS            Thomas      Son            8  Scholar                     Stanley
          TOPLIS            Enock       Son            4  Scholar                     Stanley
          TOPLIS            Percy       Son            2  Scholar                     Stanley
     123  HAMPSON           George      Head    M     46  Waggoner                    Snelston
          HAMPSON           Martha      Wife    M     44                              Stanton
          HAMPSON           George      Son           10  Scholar                     Stanley
          HAMPSON           Hannah      Dau            7  Scholar                     Stanley
          HAMPSON           Tom         Son            2 m                            Stanley
          RILEY             John        Gson           8 m                            Stanley
     124  SMITH             Joseph      Head    Wid   46  Labourer                    Stanley
          SMITH             John        Son     U     26  Labourer                    Stanley
          SMITH             Joseph      Son     U     17  Labourer                    Stanley
          SMITH             Mary        Dau           15  House keeper                Stanley
          SMITH             Hannah      Dau           10  Scholar                     Stanley
          SMITH             Eliza       Dau            6  Scholar                     Stanley
     125  RILEY             John        Head    M     26  Miner                       West Hallam
          RILEY             Alice       Wife    M     21                              Stanley
          RILEY             Henry       Son            3  Scholar                     Stanley
          RILEY             George      Son            1                              Stanley


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