PRO REFERENCE FOR THIS CENSUS: RG12 Piece 2726 Folios 134 - 149 (34 pages)

 Schedule Surname            Forename          Relation Cond    Age      Occupation        Where Born           Comments

       1 HANCOCK             Edward              Head    M       72      Farm labourer     Risley
         HANCOCK             Sarah               Wife    M       69                        West Hallam
       2 HANCOCK             Alick               Head    M       36      Coal miner        Kirk Hallam
         HANCOCK             Maria               Wife    M       34                        Smalley Common
         HANCOCK             Mary Ann            Dau     S       10      Scholar           Stanley Common
         STEVENS             Alick               Neph             2                        Mapperley
         WRIGHT              Charles T.          Brdr    S       33      Coal miner        Annesley Woodhouse, NTT
       3 LONGDON             Jonathon            Head    M       25      Coal miner        Codnor
         LONGDON             Maria               Wife    M       24                        West Hallam
         LONGDON             Arthur              Son              3                        Stanley
         LONGDON             Walter              Son              1                        Stanley
         LONGDON             Emma A.             Dau        under 1m                       Stanley
         CLIFTON             Annie               Serv            16      General servant   Stanley
       4 BINGHAM             Benjamin            Head    M       55      Coal miner        Sutton, NTT
         BINGHAM             Sabina              Wife    M       52                        West Hallam
         BINGHAM             Francis             Son     S       16      Coal miner        West Hallam
         BINGHAM             Elijah              Son             11      Scholar           West Hallam
       5 BINGHAM             William             Head    M       33      Coal miner        West Hallam
         BINGHAM             Annie               Wife    M       29                        West Hallam
         BINGHAM             Robert              Son             11      Scholar           Stanley
         BINGHAM             Mary                Dau             10      Scholar           Stanley
         BINGHAM             Willie              Son              8      Scholar           Stanley
         BINGHAM             Harriet             Dau              5      Scholar           Stanley
         BINGHAM             Sarah               Dau              2                        Stanley
         BINGHAM             Sabina              Dau              1m                       Stanley
       6 ROBINSON            Noah                Head    M       32      Coal miner        Kimberley, NTT
         ROBINSON            Alice               Wife    M       29                        Bourne, LIN
         ROBINSON            Ernest S.           Son              9      Scholar           Basford, NTT
         ROBINSON            Sam E.              Son              2                        Stanley
         ROBINSON            Sarah A.            Dau             11m                       Stanley
       7 CARRIER             William             Head    M       30      Coal miner        Kirk Hallam
         CARRIER             Rebecca             Wife    M       24                        Dale Abbey
         CARRIER             Arthur              Son              6      Scholar           Stanley
         CARRIER             Ross                Son              5      Scholar           Stanley
         CARRIER             May                 Dau              3      Scholar           Stanley
         CARRIER             William             Son              1                        Stanley
         CARRIER             Stanley             Son              4m                       Stanley
         STONE               Harriet             Serv            14      General servant   Stanley
       8 WHITEHOUSE          Henry               Head    M       30      Coal miner        Walsall, STS
         WHITEHOUSE          Ann                 Wife    M       28                        Stanley
         WHITEHOUSE          Elsey               Dau              8      Scholar           Walsall, STS
         WHITEHOUSE          Georgina            Dau              4      Scholar           Walsall, STS
         WHITEHOUSE          Sarah J.            Dau              3      Scholar           Stanley
         LLOYD               Amy                 S in L          15      Scholar           Walsall, STS        Sister in Law
       9 WAIN                Philip              Head    M       48      Coal miner        Belper
         WAIN                Charles             Son     S       19      Coal miner        Belper
         WAIN                John                Son     S       18      Coal miner        Belper
         WAIN                Philip              Son     S       15      Coal miner        Belper
         WAIN                Harry H.            Son             10      Scholar           Little Eaton
      10 FLINT               John                Head    M       27      Coal miner        Mapperley
         FLINT               Sarah A.            Wife    M       29                        Church Gresley
         FLINT               Matthew             Father  Wid     67      Coal miner        West Hallam
      11 MOON                Isaac               Head    M       57      Shoemaker         Mapperley
         MOON                Mary                Wife    M       56                        Cotmanhay
      13 HART                Elijah              Head    Wid     73                        Stanley
         HART                Frederic E.         Son     S       30      Coal miner        Stanley
      14 MORLEY              Statham             Head    M       36      Grocer            Wymeswold, LEI
         MORLEY              Maria J.            Wife    M       35                        West Hallam
         MORLEY              Emily J.            Dau     S       15      Scholar           Derby
         MORLEY              Harry S.            Son              5      Scholar           Stanley
         MORLEY              Hilda M.            Dau              3                        Stanley
         HUNT                Mary                Serv    S       15      Domestic servant  Stanley
      15 BAILEY              Henry               Head    M       35      Coal miner        Swinford, LEI
         BAILEY              Eliza               Wife    M       34      Dressmaker        Dale Abbey
         BAILEY              Mary E.             Dau             12      Scholar           Stanley
         BAILEY              Clara F.            Dau             10      Scholar           Stanley
         BAILEY              Ellen               Dau              8      Scholar           Stanley
         BAILEY              Henrietta           Dau              6      Scholar           Stanley
         BAILEY              Edith A.            Dau              3                        Stanley
         BAILEY              Joseph H.           Son              6m                       Stanley
      16 DILKS               Timothy             Head    M       38      Coal miner        Stanley
         DILKS               Martha              Wife    M       35                        Ilkeston
         LEE                 Enoch               Son     S       19      Coal miner        Ilkeston
         DILKS               Bertha A.           Dau     S       15      Mother's help     Stanley
         DILKS               Walter              Son             13      Coal miner        Stanley
         DILKS               Thomas              Son             11      Scholar           Stanley
         DILKS               William             Son              9      Scholar           Stanley
         DILKS               Alice A.            Dau              5      Scholar           Stanley
         DILKS               Allen               Son              1                        Stanley
      17 BRADLEY             Thomas              Head    M       33      Coal miner        Green Hill Lane
         BRADLEY             Hannah              Wife    M       29                        Park Hall
         SLATER              Lavinia             Dau             13      Mother's help     Park Hall
         BRADLEY             George E.           Son             11      Scholar           Green Hill Lane
         BRADLEY             Arthur              Son              9      Scholar           Lea Brooks
         BRADLEY             Harry               Son              7      Scholar           Stanley
         SMITH               Arthur H.           Adopted          1                        Ilkeston
      18 MARSHALL            George              Head    M       28      Coal miner        Smalley Common
         MARSHALL            Mary                Wife    M       27                        Stanley
         MARSHALL            Hannah              Dau              7      Scholar           Stanley
         MARSHALL            William             Son              5      Scholar           Stanley
         MARSHALL            Charlotte           Dau              2                        Stanley
         MARSHALL            James               Son              4m                       Stanley
      19 BINGHAM             Henry               Head    M       29      Coal miner        Stanley
         BINGHAM             Mary                Wife    M       28                        Stanley
         BINGHAM             George W.           Son              3      Scholar           Stanley
         BINGHAM             Lucy M.             Dau              2m                       Stanley
         KENNERLEY           William             Brdr    S       24      Coal miner        Stanley
      20 EYRE                Alfred H. A.        Head    M       34      Butcher...        Smalley           ...& Publican
         EYRE                Alice M.            Wife    M       29                        Kilbourn
         EYRE                Elizabeth A.        Dau              6      Scholar           Smalley
         EYRE                Eveline A.          Dau              5      Scholar           Smalley
         EYRE                Sam M.              Son              2                        Stanley
      22 LONGDON             Jonathan            Head    M       50      General dealer    Walsall, STS
         LONGDON             Ann                 Wife    M       51                        Green Hill Lane
         LONGDON             Ernest              Son     S       20      Coal miner        Codnor
         LONGDON             Clara               Dau     S       16      Mother's help     Codnor
         LONGDON             Frank               Son     S       13      Coal miner        Stanley
      23 MOON                George              Head    M       30      Bricklayer        West Hallam
         MOON                Sarah A.            Wife    M       30                        Dale Abbey
         MOON                Ada                 Dau              6      Scholar           Dale Abbey
         MOON                George              Son              4      Scholar           Stanley
         MOON                Julia H.            Dau              1                        Stanley
         MOON                Baby                Dau             11 days                   Stanley
      24 ELLIOTT             Edwin               Head    M       52      Collier           Dodsworth, YKS
         ELLIOTT             Jemima              Wife    M       46                        Cotmanhay
         ELLIOTT             Harry               Son     S       22      Collier           Mexboro', YKS
         ELLIOTT             John                Son     S       15      Collier           Stanley
         ELLIOTT             Walter              Son     S       12      Collier           Stanley
         ELLIOTT             George              Son     S       10      Scholar           West Hallam
      25 SWAIN               James               Head    M       23      Coal miner        Mapperley
         SWAIN               Kate                Wife    M       22                        Heanor
         SWAIN               John E.             Son              2                        Heanor
         SWAIN               James               Son              9m                       Stanley
         HARDY               John                Brdr    S       20      Coal miner        Heanor
      26 CLIFTON             James               Head    M       44      Coal miner        Kimbolton, HUN
         CLIFTON             Mary                Wife    M       35                        Stanley
         CLIFTON             Thomas              Son             12      Scholar           Stanley
         CLIFTON             John R.             Son              9      Scholar           Stanley
         CLIFTON             Sarah A.            Dau              7      Scholar           Stanley
         CLIFTON             Joseph              Son              4      Scholar           Stanley
         CLIFTON             May                 Dau              2                        Stanley
      27 BACON               Joseph              Head    M       36      Stoker...         Dale Abbey           ...at colliery
         BACON               Elizabeth S.        Wife    M       35                        Brecon, WLS
         BACON               James T.            Son             13      Coal miner        Brecon, WLS
         BACON               Selina A.           Dau             11      Scholar           Brecon, WLS
         BACON               William H.          Son             10      Scholar           Dale Abbey
         BACON               Elizabeth           Dau              9      Scholar           Sandiacre
         BACON               Mabel               Dau              5      Scholar           Stanley
         BACON               Florence            Dau             11m                       Stanley
      28 DILKS               Thomas              Head    M       28      Coal miner        Stanley
         DILKS               Ann E.              Wife    M       22                        Draycott
      29 SMITH               William             Head    M       26      Coal miner        Brailsford
         SMITH               Mary                Wife    M       23                        On the Atlantic
         SMITH               William C.          Son              6m                       Stanley
         DUDLEY              Samuel G.           Brdr    Wid     43      Coal miner        London, LND
         DUDLEY              Florence            Brdr             3                        London, LND
         DUDLEY              Violet              Brdr             2                        London, LND
      30 NICHOLLS            Joseph              Head    M       42      Collier           Burton, NTH
         NICHOLLS            Agnes               Wife    M       40                        Mapperley
         NICHOLLS            Arthur              Son     S       16      Collier           Mapperley
         NICHOLLS            Elizabeth           Dau             13      Mother's help     Mapperley
         NICHOLLS            George              Son             11      Scholar           Mapperley
         NICHOLLS            Richard             Son              9      Scholar           Stanley
         NICHOLLS            Frederick           Son              5      Scholar           Stanley
         NICHOLLS            Sarah J.            Dau              4      Scholar           Stanley
         NICHOLLS            Minnie              Dau              2                        Stanley
      31 WINFIELD            Samuel              Head    M       39      Farm labourer     Toton, NTT
         WINFIELD            Emma                Wife    M       37                        Smalley
         WINFIELD            Samuel              Son     S       17      Coal miner        Stanley
         WINFIELD            James               Son     S       15      Coal miner        Smalley
         WINFIELD            Ann                 Dau             12      Scholar           Smalley
         WINFIELD            Clara               Dau              9      Scholar           Stanley
         WINFIELD            William             Son              6      Scholar           Stanley
         WINFIELD            Isaac               Son              4                        Stanley
         LANCASHIRE          Frank               Brdr    S       28      Coal miner        Kent
      32 STONE               Henry               Head    M       41      Coal miner        Weston on Trent
         STONE               Elizabeth           Wife    M       44                        Mapperley
         STONE               Mary                Dau     S       23      Mother's help     Mapperley
         STONE               William             Son     S       21      Coal miner        Mapperley
         STONE               Samuel              Son     S       16      Coal miner        Stanley
         STONE               Elizabeth           Dau             12      Nurse             Stanley
         STONE               Tom                 Son             10      Scholar           Stanley
         STONE               Lily                Dau              8      Scholar           Stanley
         STONE               Emma                Dau              6      Scholar           Stanley
         STONE               Joe                 Son              4      Scholar           Stanley
         STONE               Frances             Dau              2                        Stanley
      33 DUROW               Joseph              Head    M       28      Coal miner        Mapperley
         DUROW               Mary                Wife    M       23                        Chesterfield
         DUROW               Eliza A.            Dau              2                        Smalley
         DUROW               Eveline A.          Dau              9m                       Stanley
      34 WEBSTER             William             Head    M       43      Coal miner        Linton
         WEBSTER             Ann                 Wife    M       54                        West Hallam
         DUROW               John F.             Stepson S       31      Coal miner        Stanley
         DUROW               Alfred              Stepson S       26      Coal miner        Mapperley
         DUROW               William             Stepson S       23      Coal miner        Mapperley
         WEBSTER             George H.           Son     S       16      Brick Yard...     Stanley              ...labourer
         WEBSTER             Sarah J.            Dau             14      Mother's help     Stanley
         WEBSTER             Tom                 Son             13      Scholar           Stanley
      35 HANCOCK             Abraham             Head    M       34      Coal miner        Kirk Hallam
         HANCOCK             Alice               Wife    M       33                        Mapperley
         HANCOCK             Alice A.            Dau             11      Scholar           Stanley
         HANCOCK             Joseph E.           Son              9      Scholar           Stanley
         HANCOCK             Sarah M.            Dau              7      Scholar           Stanley
         HANCOCK             Alfred              Son              2                        Stanley
         HANCOCK             Lydia               Dau              6 wks                    Stanley
      36 PAGE                Alfred              Head    M       58      Grocer            Ashtead, SRY
         PAGE                Clara               Wife    M       50      Grocer's...       West Hallam          ...assistant
         HEXTON              Julia               Vis     Wid     35      Living...         West Hallam          ...on own means
         HARDY               Albert              Neph             6      Scholar           Mapperley
      37 RIGLEY              John                Head    S       52      Coal miner        West Hallam
         RIGLEY              Caroline            Sister  S       50      Housekeeper       West Hallam
         RIGLEY              Henry               Neph    S       19      Coal miner        West Hallam
         JOHNS               Fanny               Sister  M       54                        West Hallam
      38 KERRY               John A.             Head    M       24      Coal miner        Stanley
         KERRY               Sarah               Wife    M       27                        Codnor
         KERRY               George H.           Son             11m                       Ilkeston
      39 WATCHORN            John                Head    M       30      Coal miner        Harby, LIN
         WATCHORN            Alice               Wife    M       26                        Stanley
         WATCHORN            Violet              Dau              5                        Stanley
         WATCHORN            Albert              Son              2                        Stanley
      40 SISSON              Tom                 Head    S       24      Coal miner        Conisbro, YKS
         SISSON              Sarah               Gmother Wid     71                        Cotmanhay
      41 BINGHAM             Benjamin            Head    M       25      Coal miner        Stanley
         BINGHAM             Jane                Wife    M       24                        Stanley
         BINGHAM             Alfred              Son              3                        Stanley
      42 BINGHAM             Robert              Head    M       30      Coal miner        Stanley
         BINGHAM             Hannah              Wife    M       26                        Stanley
         BINGHAM             Harold              Son              1                        Stanley
      43 HARDY               Henry               Head    M       63      Coal miner        Kimberley, NTT
         HARDY               Hannah              Wife    M       60                        Stanley
         HARDY               Samuel              Son     S       34      Coal miner        Stanley
         HARDY               Henry               Son     S       24      Coal miner        Stanley
         HARDY               George              Son     S       20      Coal miner        Stanley
      44 GREEN               Annie               Head    Wid     44                        West Hallam
         GREEN               Sarah A.            Dau     S       22      At home           Kilburn
         GREEN               Martha              Dau     S       20      At home           Kilburn
         DILKS               Richard             Brother S       31      Coal miner        Stanley
         FRANKLIN            William             Brdr    M       33      Coal miner        Bilston, STS
         FRANKLIN            David               Brdr    S       23      Coal miner        Bilston, STS
         FRANKLIN            Thomas              Brdr    M       22      Coal miner        Pelsall, STS
         ELLIOTT             Frank               Brdr    S       34      Coal miner        Shap, YKS
         GREEN               Lillie              Dau              6      Scholar           Stanley
      45 FRANKLING           Charles C.          Head    S       21      Colliery banksman Derby
         FRANKLING           Netta               Sister  S       17      Dressmaker...     Derby               ...(assistant)
         FRANKLING           Ellen               Sister  S       15      Help at home      Derby
         WIMANT              William             Brdr    M       39      Loco engine...    Southwell, NTT      ...driver
      46 HARTSHORN           Enoch               Head    M       54      Coal miner        West Hallam
         HARTSHORN           Tabitha             Wife    M       50                        West Hallam
         HARTSHORN           Samuel              Son     S       25      Coal miner        Stanley
         HARTSHORN           Harriet             Dau     S       19      Mother's help     West Hallam
         HARTSHORN           Humphrey            Son     S       18      Coal miner        West Hallam
         HARTSHORN           Enoch               Son     S       16      Coal miner        West Hallam
         HARTSHORN           Emma                Gdau            10      Scholar           Derby
         HARTSHORN           William             Son              7      Scholar           Stanley
      47 KERRY               Thomas              Head    M       39      Coal miner        Stanley
         KERRY               Mary E.             Wife    M       39                        Belper
         KERRY               Walter              Son     S       12      Scholar           Stanley
         KERRY               Hickman             Son              7      Scholar           Stanley
         KERRY               Edith               Dau              5      Scholar           Stanley
         KERRY               Elijah H.           Son              3                        Stanley
         KERRY               Minnie              Dau              3m                       Stanley
      48 KERRY               Achor               Head    M       48      Coal miner        Stanley
         KERRY               Mary A.             Wife    M       48                        Stanley
         KERRY               Harriet             Dau     S       16      Mother's help     Stanley
         KERRY               Willie              Son     S       15      Bricklayer...     Stanley             ...apprentice
         KERRY               Tom                 Son             11      Scholar           Stanley
      49 BROWN               Thomas              Head    M       33      Mason (general)   West Hallam
         BROWN               Margaret            Wife    M       33                        Codnor Park
         BROWN               Laura               Dau              8      Scholar           Stanley
         BROWN               Wilifred            Son              7      Scholar           Stanley
         BROWN               Frederic            Son              2                        Stanley
         BROWN               Eveline             Dau             11m                       Stanley
      50 WOOD                Thomas              Head    M       56      Ropemaker         Stanley
         WOOD                Frances             Wife    M       51                        Walton, LEI
         WOOD                George              Son     S       24      Coal miner        Stanley
         WOOD                Harry               Son     S       23      Coal miner        Stanley
         WOOD                David               Son     S       22      Coal miner        Stanley
         WOOD                Ruth                Dau     S       19      Dressmaker        Stanley
         WOOD                Clara               Dau     S       16      Out of situation  Stanley
      51 TRUEMAN             Thomas              Head    M       63      Living...         Mapperley           ...on own means
         TRUEMAN             Mary                Wife    M       63                        West Hallam
      52 THOMPSON            Joseph              Head    Wid     76      Ropemaker         Stanley
      54 HART                Sarah               Head    Wid     50                        Stanley
         HART                Herbert             Brdr    S       46      Labourer          Stanley
         HART                Rebecca             Brdr    S       40      Charwoman         Stanley
         HART                William             Brdr    S       38      Labourer          Stanley
         HART                Harriet             Niece            5      Scholar           Stanley
      55 KERRY               Samuel              Head    Wid     71      Bricklayer        West Hallam
      56 BANCROFT            John                Head    M       66      Coal merchant     West Hallam
         BANCROFT            Mary                Wife    M       75                        Belper
      57 DAYKIN              Thomas              Head    M       44      Farmer...         West Hallam          ...& Coal Merchant
         DAYKIN              Kate                Wife    M       44      Schoolmistress    Derby
         DAYKIN              Annie J.            Dau     S       19      Farmer's daughter West Hallam
         DAYKIN              William B.          Son     S       16      Farmer's son      Stanley
         DAYKIN              Ada                 Dau             13      Scholar           Stanley
         DAYKIN              Edith M.            Dau             10      Scholar           Stanley
      58 MEE                 Jane                Head    Wid     67                        Carlton, NTT
         MEE                 Clara               Niece           13      Scholar           Stanley
         MEE                 Thomas              B in L  Wid     75      Stockinger        Stanley              Brother in law
      59 HARRISON            Thomas              Head    M       34      Platelayer...     West Leake, NTT      ...labourer
         HARRISON            Elizabeth           Wife    M       37                        Stapleford, NTT
         HARRISON            William             Son             10      Scholar           Normanton, NTT
         HARRISON            Sarah A.            Dau              8      Scholar           Stapleford, NTT
         HARRISON            Pollie              Dau              6      Scholar           Stapleford, NTT
         HARRISON            Daniel              Son              1                        Stanley
      60 MORRIS              John                Head    M       57      Coal miner        Markefield
         MORRIS              Eliza               Wife    M       46                        West Hallam
         MORRIS              Mary J.             Dau     S       21      Dress maker       Smalley
         MORRIS              Harriet E.          Dau             11      Scholar           Smalley
         RIDGARD             George              Brdr    S       21      Banksman at mine  Breadsall
      61 CRESSWELL           Joseph              Head    M       41      Cordwainer        Stanley
         CRESSWELL           Martha              Wife    M       40                        Stanley
         CRESSWELL           George Walker       Son              5      Scholar           Dale Abbey
         DUCKHOUSE           Mark                Brdr    M       60      Miner             Stanley
      62 BROWN               Arthur              Head    M       59      Miner coal        Kirk Ireton
         BROWN               Sarah               Wife    M       58                        Chaddesden
         BROWN               Arthur              Son     S       24      Miner coal        Stanley
         BROWN               Frederick           Son     S       20      Miner coal        Stanley
         BROWN               George              Son     S       15      Miner coal        Stanley
         BROWN               Harry               Son             12      Miner coal        Stanley
      63 RILEY               William             Head    M       32      Coal miner        Stanley
         RILEY               Mary E.             Wife    M       25                        Stanley
         RILEY               Eliza               Dau              6      Scholar           Stanley
         RILEY               Harriett            Dau              5                        Stanley
         RILEY               Albert              Son              3                        Stanley
         RILEY               Hannah              Dau              2                        Stanley
      64 HOBSON              Frederick           Head    M       29      Joiner            West Hallam
         HOBSON              Annie               Wife    M       29                        West Hallam
      65 CLIFFORD            Francis J.          Head    M       32      Sinker of mines   Bramcote, NTT
         CLIFFORD            Eliza               Wife    M       34                        Beeston, NTT
         CLIFFORD            John H.             Son              8      Scholar           Bramcote, NTT
         CLIFFORD            Charles             Son              6      Scholar           Bramcote, NTT
         CLIFFORD            Walter              Son              4      Scholar           Bramcote, NTT
         CLIFFORD            Mary                Dau              2                        Bramcote, NTT
      66 CARRINGTON          Joseph              Head    M       42      General labourer  Smalley
         CARRINGTON          Ann                 Wife    M       41                        Mapperley
         CARRINGTON          Fred                Son     S       17      Coal miner        Stanley
         CARRINGTON          Joseph              Son     S       13      Pony driver...    Stanley              ...(colliery)
         CARRINGTON          George              Son              9      Scholar           Stanley
         CARRINGTON          Emily               Dau              7      Scholar           Stanley
         CARRINGTON          Walter              Son              5      Scholar           Stanley
         CARRINGTON          William             Son              4                        Stanley
         CARRINGTON          Elizabeth           Dau              1                        Stanley
      67 KING                John                Head    M       38      Miner (coal)      Smalley
         KING                Harriett            Wife    M       34                        Morley
         KING                Joseph              Son              7      Scholar           Hucknall, NTT
         HARDY               John                Brdr    S       21      Coal miner        Dale Abbey
      68 SEALS               Benjamin            Head    M       39      Engine man...     Horsley              ...(colliery)
         SEALS               Julia               Wife    M       35                        South Wingfield
         SEALS               George              Son     S       16      Coal miner        Alfreton
         SEALS               Florence            Dau             13      Mother's help     Blackwell
         SEALS               Benjamin            Son              9      Scholar           Blackwell
         SEALS               Frederick           Son              5      Scholar           Blackwell
         SEALS               Eveline             Dau              2                        Blackwell
         SEALS               Emily               Dau              5m                       Stanley
      69 HAMPSON             George              Head    M       67      General labourer  Snelstone
      70 MEE                 Samuel              Head    M       44      Coal miner        Smalley
         MEE                 Mary                Wife    M       41                        Stanley
         ELLIOTT             Betsey              Niece   S       21      Dressmaker        Wysall, NTT
         BIRD                Mary A.             Vis     Wid     37      Housekeeper...    Stanley              ...(domestic)
         JEPHSON             Mabel S.            Vis              9      Scholar           Derby
         JEPHSON             Clarice E.          Vis              7      Scholar           Derby
      71 LEWIN               Henry               Head    M       30      Sinker of mines   Cold Harbour, HRT
         LEWIN               Jane                Wife    M       24                        Cold Harbour, HRT
         LEWIN               William J.          Son              2                        Abergavenny, WLS
         LEWIN               Albert E.           Son              9m                       Stanley
      73 WALTERS             Henry               Head    M       29      Coal miner        Mapperley
         WALTERS             Sarah               Wife    M       31                        Stanley
         WALTERS             Mary                Dau              9      Scholar           Smalley
         WALTERS             James               Son              7      Scholar           Smalley
         WALTERS             Harry               Son              5      Scholar           Stanley
         WALTERS             Lucy                Dau              5m                       Stanley
      74 HOBSON              Frederick           Head    M       59      Coal miner        West Hallam
         HOBSON              Julia               Wife    M       59                        West Hallam
      75 ADAMS               Joseph              Head    M       49      General labourer  Leyhill, BKM
         ADAMS               Emily               Wife    M       31                        Brailsford
         ANDREWS             William             Brdr    S       32      Coal miner        Nottingham, NTT
      77 BEARDSLEY           Edward              Head    M       32      Coal miner        Stanley
         BEARDSLEY           Maria               Wife    M       30                        Ilkeston
         BEARDSLEY           Emma                Dau              6      Scholar           Ilkeston
         BEARDSLEY           Harriett            Dau              4      Scholar           Stanley
         BEARDSLEY           Luke                Son              3                        Stanley
         BEARDSLEY           Henry               Son              1                        Stanley
      78 HARDY               Matthew             Head    M       31      Coal miner        Stanley
         HARDY               Mary                Wife    M       35                        Platts Common, YKS
         HARDY               Thomas              Son     S       15      Coal miner        Platts Common, YKS
         HARDY               Emma A.             Dau             10      Scholar           Stanley
         HARDY               Pheobe              Dau              7      Scholar           Stanley
         HARDY               Hettie              Dau              1                        Stanley
      79 SWAIN               Edwin               Head    Wid     45      Coal miner        Ilkeston
         SWAIN               Maria               Dau     S       20      Housekeeper...    Ilkeston            ...to father
         SWAIN               John                Son     S       18      Coal miner        Ilkeston
         SWAIN               Ellen J.            Dau     S       14      Help at home      Chesterfield
         SWAIN               Edwin A.            Son             12      Coal miner        Chesterfield
         SWAIN               William             Son             10      Scholar           Smalley
      80 TOMLINSON           Enoch               Head    M       44      Banksman...       Keyworth, NTT       ...at colliery
         TOMLINSON           Mary A.             Wife    M       49                        Carlton, NTT
      81 WALTERS             Benjamin            Head    M       40      Coal miner        Mapperley
         WALTERS             Lucy                Wife    M       39                        Kirk Hallam
         WALTERS             Joseph E.           Son             12      Out of situation  Stanley
         WALTERS             William H.          Son              9      Scholar           Stanley
         WALTERS             Mary H.             Dau              5      Scholar           Stanley
         WALTERS             Violet B.           Dau              2                        Smalley
      82 PRICE               William             Head    M       42      Coal miner        Nailstone, LEI
         PRICE               Elizabeth           Wife    M       38                        Coton, LEI
         PRICE               William             Son             14      Colliery Boy      Ibstock, LEI
         PRICE               Sarah J.            Dau             12      Scholar           Ibstock, LEI
         PRICE               Ada                 Dau             10      Scholar           Ibstock, LEI
         PRICE               Lucy                Dau              7      Scholar           Ellistown, LEI
         PRICE               Edith               Dau              3                        Ellistown, LEI
         PRICE               Ethel               Dau              1                        Ellistown, LEI
      83 HARDY               John                Head    M       31      Engine driver     Mapperley
         HARDY               Emily               Wife    M       31                        Stanley
         HARDY               Harvey              Son             12      Scholar           Stanley
         HARDY               Arthur              Son             10      Scholar           Stanley
         HARDY               Frederick           Son              8      Scholar           Mapperley
         HARDY               Celia               Dau              4      Scholar           Mapperley
      85 HAYNES              Samuel              Head    M       46      Farmer            Denby
         HAYNES              Emma                Wife    M       36                        Crich
         HAYNES              Clement             Son              8      Scholar           Stanley
         HAYNES              Elizabeth           Dau              5      Scholar           Stanley
         HAYNES              Francis             Son              3                        Stanley
         HAYNES              Joseph              Son              1                        Stanley
         HAYNES              John A.             Bro     M       57      Farmer            Denby
      86 FLETCHER            William             Head    M       33      Collier           West Hallam
         FLETCHER            Sarah               Wife    M       29                        Ednaston
         FLETCHER            Joseph              Son              9      Scholar           Stanley
         FLETCHER            Eliza               Dau              6      Scholar           Stanley
         FLETCHER            Lucy                Dau              4      Scholar           Stanley
         FLETCHER            Elsey               Dau              2                        Stanley
      87 GRUNDY              Richard             Head    M       68      Farmer            Stanley
         GRUNDY              Elizabeth           Wife    M       61                        Chilvers Coton, WAR
         GRUNDY              William B.          Son     S       32      Farmer's son      Burton, LEI
      88 FLETCHER            James               Head    M       60      Farmer            West Hallam
         FLETCHER            Lucy                Wife    M       55                        West Hallam
         FLETCHER            Mary E.             Dau     S       23                        Stanley
      89 HANDLEY             Thomas              Head    Wid     74      Tailor            West Hallam
         HANDLEY             Fanny               Dau     S       33      Housekeeper       Stanley
      90 TURTON              Samuel              Head    M       84      Farmer            Ilkeston             Blind
         TURTON              Catherine           Wife    M       72                        West Hallam
         BROWN               George              Partner S       47      Farmer            Kilburn
      91 ROBINSON            John                Head    M       75      Shoemaker         Mapperley
         ROBINSON            Hannah              Wife    M       70                        Stanley
      92 ROBINSON            John                Head    M       39      Shoemaker         Stanley
         ROBINSON            Emma                Wife    M       39                        Stanley
         ROBINSON            Ada                 Dau             12      Scholar           Stanley
         ROBINSON            Annie               Dau              9      Scholar           Stanley
         ROBINSON            Edith               Dau              8      Scholar           Stanley
         ROBINSON            Hannah              Dau              7      Scholar           Stanley
         ROBINSON            Mary E.             Dau              6      Scholar           Stanley
         ROBINSON            John                Son              4                        Stanley
         ROBINSON            William             Son              3                        Stanley
         ROBINSON            Thomas              Son              1                        Stanley
      93 OGDEN               Alexander           Head    M       56      Colliery Agent    London, LND
         OGDEN               Eliza               Wife    M       29                        Brailsford
         OGDEN               Fred S.             Son              3                        Stanley
         HUNT                John                Serv    S       14      Servant           Morley
      94 SORESBY             John E.             Head    S       34      Farmer            Brailsford
         UDALL               Sarah               Serv    S       34      Housekeeper       Yeaveley
         WILKINSON           Henry               Serv    S       17      Farm servant      Kirk Hallam
      95 EVANS               Robert              Head    M       54      Retired farmer    Kirkby, NTT
         EVANS               Sarah               Wife    M       46                        Brailsford
         EVANS               Robert B.           Son     S       23      Coal miner        West Hallam
         EVANS               Thomas W.           Son     S       15      Coal miner        West Hallam
         EVANS               Mary E.             Dau             13      Scholar           West Hallam
         EVANS               Catherine           Dau              9      Scholar           Stanley
      96 WHITBY              Alice               Head    S       45                        Stanley
         WHITBY              Isaac               Son     S       21      Coal miner        Stanley
         WHITBY              Benjamin            Son              7                        Stanley
         WHITBY              Ann                 Sister          22      Domestic serv...  Stanley             ...out of situation
         CLIFFORD            Harriet L.          Gdau             4                        Ilkeston
      97 FISHER              Mary                Head    Wid     80                        Stanley
         FISHER              Paul                Son     S       54      General labourer  Stanley
         FISHER              Catherine           Dau     S       56      Out of situation..Stanley             ...(domestic servant)
         FISHER              Mary                Gdau    S       20      Domestic servant  Stanley
      98 OUTRAM              Samuel T.           Head    M       28      Postman...        Stanley             ...& coal miner
         OUTRAM              Hannah              Wife    M       23      Dressmaker        Dale Abbey  
         OUTRAM              Edith J.            Dau              3                        Stanley
      99 POTTER              Samuel W.           Head    M       51      Farmer            Kilburn
         POTTER              Mary                Wife    M       60                        West Hallam
         POTTER              Margaret            Dau     S       22                        West Hallam
     101 OUTRAM              Thomas              Head    Wid     65      General labourer  Butterley
         OUTRAM              Francis             Son     S       31      Agricultural...   Stanley             ...labourer
     102 MARTIN              Mary                Head    S       67                        Stanley
         MARTIN              William             Son     S       37      Coal miner        Stanley
     103 UPTON               George              Head    M       50      Coal miner        East Bridgford, NTT
         UPTON               Jane                Wife    M       46                        Stanley
         RILEY               Henry               S in L  Wid     23      Coal miner        Stanley             Son in Law
         RILEY               Fanny U.            Gdau             4m                       Stanley
     104 TAFT                Elizabeth           Head    Wid     57      Inn keeper        Darley
         TAFT                Charles             Son     S       25      Butcher           Spondon
         TAFT                Mary E.             Dau     S       23      Mother's help     Spondon
         TAFT                Cicely S.           Dau     S        8      Dressmaker        Stanley
         TAFT                Louisa A.           Dau     S       16      Mother's help     Stanley
         TAFT                Sarah J.            Niece   M       36      Assistant(nurse)  Walsall, STS
     105 FROST               Eliza               Head    Wid     49                        West Hallam
         FROST               William             Son     S       24      Coal miner        Stanley
         FROST               Samuel              Son     S       20      Coal miner        Stanley
         CARTER              Mary                Brdr    Wid     77                        West Hallam
         GROCOCK             Agnes               Brdr    M       50                        Stanley
     106 WHITBY              Joseph              Head    Wid     37      Coal miner        Dale Abbey
         HART                Rachel              Dau     S       15      Helps at home     Stanley
         WHITBY              Mary                Dau             13      Helps at home     Stanley
         WHITBY              Alice               Dau              9                        Stanley
         WHITBY              Harriett            Dau              7                        Stanley
         WHITBY              Emily               Dau              4                        Stanley
         WHITBY              Henry               Son              2                        Stanley
     107 RICHARDSON          John                Head    M       56      Farmer            Ashleyhay
         RICHARDSON          Sarah               Wife    M       37                        Sawley
         STEVENS             Elizabeth           Serv    S       15      Servant/Domestic  Dale Abbey
         JOHNSON             William             Serv    S       20      Servant (farm)    Wymeswold, LEI
         STEVENS             Edward              Serv    S       19      Servant (farm)    Stanley
         SLEIGH              Thomas              Serv    S       13      Servant (farm)    Stockton, NBL
     108 HODGKINSON          James               Head    M       57      Farmer            Littleover
         HODGKINSON          Georgiana           Wife    M       64                        Mickleover
         GARNER              Alice E.            Serv    S       20      Servant(domestic) Rolliston
         ELLIOTT             Thomas              Serv    S       21      Farm labourer     Scalford, LEI
         MANSFIELD           Thomas              Serv    S       17      Farm labourer     Burnaston
         TOOGOOD             William             Serv    S       15      Farm labourer     Chaddesden
     109 COTTON              William             Head    M       59      Agricultural...   Stanley            ...labourer
         COTTON              Patience            Wife    M       52                        Stanley
         COTTON              George              Son     S       30      Checkweighman...  Stanley            ...at colliery
     111 HART                Daniel              Head    M       67      Banksman...       Burslem, STS       ...(colliery)
         HART                Salome              Wife    M       68                        Elvaston
         HART                William             Gson    S       14      Banksman...       Stanley            ...(colliery)
         GROCOCK             Herbert             Neph             9      Scholar           Stanley
     112 SARSON              Joseph              Head    M       39      Farmer            Stanley
         SARSON              Annie               Wife    M       33                        Farlow. SAL
         SARSON              Florence R.         Dau     S       13      Work at home      Stanley
         SARSON              Harriet E.          Dau             11      Scholar           Stanley
         SARSON              Thomas              Son              9      Scholar           Stanley
         SARSON              Samuel              Son              5      Scholar           Stanley
         SARSON              Lucy                Dau              1                        Stanley
         HOLLOWAY            Arthur              Serv    S       19      Farm labourer     Hollington
     113 THOMPSON            Isaac               Head    M       30      Colliery banksman Stanley
         THOMPSON            Emma                Wife    M       33                        West Hallam
         THOMPSON            Edith J.            Dau              5                        Stanley
         THOMPSON            Harry               Son              4                        Stanley
         THOMPSON            Annie               Dau              2                        Stanley
     114 NEWTON              Stephen             Head    M       38      Engine driver     Dale Abbey
         NEWTON              Sarah               Wife    M       40                        Dale Abbey
         NEWTON              Mabel               Dau              3                        Dale Abbey
     115 BLOOR               David               Head    M       43      Miner (coal)      Dale Abbey
         BLOOR               Patience            Wife    M       29                        Dale Abbey
         HART                Harry               Son             10                        Dale Abbey
         HART                Alfred              Son              8                        Dale Abbey
         BLOOR               William J.          Son              4                        Dale Abbey
         BLOOR               Selina A.           Dau              1                        Stanley
     116 SANDERS             Alexander           Head    M       43      Coal miner        East Leake, NTT
         SANDERS             Selina              Wife    M       44                        Dale Abbey
         SANDERS             Annie               Dau     S       22      General servant   Ilkeston
         SANDERS             Samuel              Son     S       20      Coal miner        Dale Abbey
         SANDERS             John                Son     S       18      Coal miner        Dale Abbey
         SANDERS             Catherine           Dau     S       16                        Dale Abbey
         SANDERS             William             Son             10      Scholar           Stanley
         SANDERS             George              Son              7      Scholar           Stanley
         SANDERS             Harriet             Dau              4                        Stanley
         SANDERS             Alick               Son              1                        Stanley
     117 CRANSHAW            Edwin               Head    M       33      Fitter...         Manchester, LAN       ...(General at colliery)
         CRANSHAW            Elizabeth           Wife    M       34                        Manchester, LAN
         CRANSHAW            Mary A.             Dau              8      Scholar           Manchester, LAN
         CRANSHAW            George              Son              6      Scholar           Manchester, LAN
         CRANSHAW            Elizabeth           Dau              4                        Manchester, LAN
         CRANSHAW            Edwin               Son              2                        Manchester, LAN
         CRANSHAW            Squire              Son              1                        Manchester, LAN
     118 JONES               Edward              Head    M       43      General labourer  Wales
         JONES               Elizabeth           Wife    M       45                        Wales
         MOODY               David               Son     S       18      Coal miner        Wales
         MOODY               Lydia               Dau     S       16                        Trafford, LAN
         JONES               Isaac E.            Son              4                        Moston Prestwich, LAN
         JONES               Thomas              Son              1                        Moston Prestwich, LAN
     119 CARTER              Stephen             Head    M       48      Farm labourer     Stanley
         CARTER              Esther              Wife    M       43                        Chaddesden
         CARTER              William             Son     S       16      Farm labourer     Smalley
         CARTER              Arthur              Son     S       14      Brickyard...      Derby                ...labourer
         CARTER              Esther H.           Dau     S        8                        Stanley
         CARTER              Stephen             Son     S        6                        Mapperley
         CARTER              Joseph H.           Son     S        4                        Mapperley
         HOLLINGWORTH        Samson              Father  Wid     69                        Chaddesden
     120 FLETCHER            John                Head    M       23      Coal miner        Spondon
         FLETCHER            Catherine           Wife    M       20                        Hulland Ward
         FLETCHER            Albert E.           Son              2                        Stanley
         FLETCHER            John W.             Son              1                        Stanley
     121 NEWTON              Tom J.              Head    M       24      Joiner            Mansfield, NTT
         NEWTON              Sarah               Wife    M       25                        Sheffield, YKS
         NEWTON              Amy                 Dau              4                        Mansfield, NTT
         NEWTON              Ivy                 Dau              3                        Mansfield, NTT
         NEWTON              Mabel               Dau              1                        Mansfield, NTT
     122 ROBINSON            Zadok               Head    M       49      Labourer          Stanley
         ROBINSON            Hannah              Wife    M       44                        Crich
         ROBINSON            Jane                Dau     S       17      Domestic servant  Stonebroom
         ROBINSON            John                Son             12      Scholar           Newstead, NTT
         ROBINSON            Elizabeth A.        Dau              9      Scholar           Stanley
         ROBINSON            Ethel               Dau              6      Scholar           Stanley
         ROBINSON            Ada                 Dau              2                        Stanley
         HALLAM              Charles             Brdr    S       44      Coal miner        Mapperley
     123 MARTIN              Hannah              Head    Wid     49                        Shardlow
         MARTIN              William             Son     S       18      Coal miner        Stanley
         MARTIN              Harriet             Dau     S       16      Domestic servant  Stanley
         MARTIN              Maria               Dau     S       14      Out of situation  Stanley
     124 HARDY               William             Head    M       46      Engine driver...  Dale Abbey          ...(stationary)
         HARDY               Mary                Wife    M       25                        Dale Abbey
         HARDY               Arthur              Son     S       17      Collier           Dale Abbey
         HARDY               Hannah              Dau             11      Scholar           Dale Abbey
         HARDY               Annie               Dau             16m                       Dale Abbey
     125 MARTIN              Mary                Head    Wid     78                        Dale Abbey
         MARTIN              John                Gson    M       27      Coal miner        Stanley
         MORLEY              Hannah              Dau     Wid     61                        Dale Abbey
     126 MARSON              William             Head    M       47      Coal miner        Hickling, NTT
         MARSON              Kerrenhappuck       Wife    M       50                        Smalley
         MARSON              John                Son             22      Coal miner        Smalley
         MARSON              James               Son             12      Scholar           Smalley
         MARSON              William             Son              9      Scholar           Smalley
     127 HARTSHORN           Alfred G.           Head    M       25      Labourer          Dale Abbey
         HARTSHORN           Eliza               Wife    M       20                        Ticknall
         HARTSHORN           Louisa J.           Dau              1                        Ockbrook
     128 PARKIN              William D.          Head    M       31      Coal miner        Kilburn
         PARKIN              Charlotte           Wife    M       33                        Stanley
         MARTIN              Emma                Dau             12                        Stanley
         PARKIN              William             Son             10      Scholar           Stanley
         PARKIN              Mary A.             Dau              8      Scholar           Stanley
         PARKIN              Sarah M.            Dau              6      Scholar           Sutton in Ashfield, NTT
         PARKIN              Annie               Dau              5      Scholar           Stanley
         PARKIN              Lucy                Dau              3                        Stanley
         PARKIN              Elizabeth           Dau              2                        Stanley
         PARKIN              Lily                Dau        under 1m                       Stanley
         DOAR                John                Brdr    S       50      Labourer          Sandiacre
     129 HART                William             Head    M       35      Grocer...         Stanley              ...& coal miner
         HART                Harriet             Wife    M       35                        Belper
         HART                Catherine           Dau             11      Scholar           Stanley
         HART                Salome              Dau              9      Scholar           Stanley
         HART                Daniel              Son              7      Scholar           Stanley
         LEE                 Matthew             B in L  S       27      Coal miner...     South Normanton      ...(in army reserve) Brother in Law
         DAYKIN              Samuel              Brdr    Wid     78      Coal miner        West Hallam
     130 MARSON              Joseph              Head    M       35      Coal miner        Hickling, NTT
         MARSON              Sarah A.            Wife    M       35                        Kirk Hallam
         MARSON              Emma                Dau             10      Scholar           Stanley
         MARSON              Maud A.             Dau              8      Scholar           Skegby, NTT
         MARSON              Ada J.              Dau              7      Scholar           Skegby, NTT
         MARSON              Theodore M.         Son              3                        Skegby, NTT
         MARSON              Edwin J.            Son              6m                       Skegby, NTT
     131 RATCLIFFE           Thomas              Head    M       36      Coal miner        Stanley
         RATCLIFFE           Mary J.             Wife    M       39                        Oldham, LAN
         RATCLIFFE           Betsy B.            Dau              4                        Oldham, LAN
         HEATON              George              Son     S       19      Coal miner        Oldham, LAN
         HEATON              Thomas              Son     S       18      Coal miner        Oldham, LAN
         HEATON              William             Son     S       16      Coal miner        Oldham, LAN
     132 STEVENS             Samuel              Head    M       58      Labourer...       Mapperley           ...at colliery
         STEVENS             Jane                Wife    M       46                        Stanley
         STEVENS             Emma                Dau     S       20      Domestic servant  Stanley
         STEVENS             Eliza Dexter        Dau     M       17                        Stanley
         STEVENS             Arthur              Son     S       11      Farm servant      Stanley
         STEVENS             Thomas              Son     S        9      Scholar           Stanley
         STEVENS             Samuel              Son     S        6      Scholar           Stanley
         STEVENS             Nelson              Son              2                        Stanley
         DEXTER              Thomas R.           S in L  M       27      Engine fitter     Nuneaton, WAR       Son in Law
     133 FISHER              George              Head    M       40      Coal miner        Belper
         FISHER              Ann                 Wife    M       43                        Horsley Woodhouse
         FISHER              Thomas              Son     S       16      Coal miner        Horsley Woodhouse
         FISHER              Elizabeth A.        Dau     S       13      Mother's help     Whittington
         FISHER              Ellen               Dau              5      Scholar           Whittington
         FISHER              Mary                Dau              3                        Hucknall Huthwaite, NTT
     134 THOMPSON            John                Head    M       45      General labourer  Stanley
         THOMPSON            Emma                Wife    M       44                        Stanley
         THOMPSON            Walter              Son     S       22      Coal miner        Stanley
         THOMPSON            Joseph              Son     S       19      Coal miner        Stanley
         THOMPSON            John A.             Son     S        8      Scholar           Stanley
         THOMPSON            Elizabeth J.        Dau              6      Scholar           Stanley            Twins
         THOMPSON            Sarah A.            Dau              6      Scholar           Stanley            Twins
     136 NEWSOME             Harry               Head    M       41      Enginewright...   Mount Pleasant, YKS  ...(colliery)
         NEWSOME             Hannah              Wife    M       44                        Newbold
         NEWSOME             Maud                Dau              9      Scholar           Killamarsh
         NEWSOME             Harry               Son              7      Scholar           Killamarsh
         NEWSOME             Nellie              Dau              4                        Moston, LAN
     137 WALKER              John                Head    M       50      Carter            Alfreton
         WALKER              Eliza               Wife    M       52                        Stanley
         WALKER              Alfred              Son     S       26      Collier           Stanley
         WALKER              John                Son     S       19                        Stanley              Imbecile
         WALKER              Hannah              Dau              8                        Stanley
     139 HARDY               Joseph              Head    M       41      Collier           Stanley
         HARDY               Hephzebah           Wife    M       39                        Smalley
         HARDY               Samuel H.           Son     S       18      Collier           Stanley
     140 PEARSON             William             Head    M       28      Collier           Codnor Park
         PEARSON             Letitia             Wife    M       24                        Stanley
         PEARSON             Margaret            Dau              8      Scholar           Stanley
         PEARSON             Noah                Son              6      Scholar           Stanley
         PEARSON             Elizabeth           Dau              4                        Stanley
         PEARSON             George W.           Son              1                        Stanley
     141 BRAILSFORD          John G.             Head    M       24      Bricklayer        Sutton in Ashfield, NTT
         BRAILSFORD          Priscilla J.        Wife    M       24                        Dolberry on Severn, GLS
         BRAILSFORD          Mabel M.            Dau              5      Scholar           Wales
         BRAILSFORD          Mary                Dau              3                        Sutton in Ashfield, NTT
     142 MARTIN              William             Head    M       32      Coal miner        Stanley
         MARTIN              Elizabeth           Wife    M       24                        Stanley
         MARTIN              Annie               Dau              1                        Stanley
     143 SPENCER             William             Head    M       68      Labourer          Ambaston
         SPENCER             Ellen               Wife    M       38                        Penzance, CON
         SPENCER             Charles F.          Son             11      Scholar           Stanley
         SPENCER             George              Son              9      Scholar           Stanley
         SPENCER             Ellen M.            Dau              3                        Ockbrook
     144 MARTIN              Alfred              Head    M       48      Labourer          Morley
         MARTIN              Alice               Wife    M       29                        Morley
         MARTIN              Leonard             Son              9      Scholar           Morley
         MARTIN              Frederick           Son              7      Scholar           Morley
         MARTIN              Maria               Dau              5      Scholar           Stanley
         MARTIN              Isaac               Son              3                        Stanley
         MARTIN              Inman               Son              4m                       Stanley
     145 WALDRON             George              Head    M       44      Banksman...       Stanley            ...at colliery
         WALDRON             Ann                 Wife    M       43                        Stanley
         WALDRON             Beatrice            Dau     S       14      Domestic servant..Stanley            ...out of place
         WALDRON             Mabel               Dau             11      Scholar           Stanley
         WALDRON             George              Son              8      Scholar           Stanley
         WALDRON             Edith               Dau              3                        Stanley
         WALDRON             Eliza               Dau              1                        Stanley
     146 WHITE               Isaac               Head    M       57      Labourer          Stanley
         WHITE               Selina              Wife    M       57                        Stanley
     147 RILEY               John                Head    M       46      Miner (coal)      West Hallam
         RILEY               Alice               Wife    M       42                        Stanley
         RILEY               George              Son     S       21      Miner (coal)      Stanley
         RILEY               Joseph S.           Son     S       17      Miner (coal)      Stanley
         RILEY               German              Son             10      Scholar           Stanley
         PRITCHETT           William             S in L  M       24      Farm labourer     Diseworth, LEI      Son in Law
         PRITCHETT           Sarah A.            Dau     M       19                        Stanley
         PRITCHETT           John W.             Gson             9m                       Stanley
     148 MEE                 William             Head    M       37      Brickmaker        Stanley
         MEE                 Mary                Wife    M       26                        South Witham, LIN
         MEE                 Sarah J. M.         Dau              3                        Ilkeston
         MEE                 Hannah M.           Dau             10m                       Ilkeston
     149 HARRISON            Charles             Head    M       28      General labourer  Stanley
         HARRISON            Harriet             Wife    M       29                        Burton Joyce, NTT
         HARRISON            Edwin               Son              4      Scholar           Stanley
         HARRISON            Sydney              Son              1                        Stanley
         SHAW                John                Brdr    S       29      Labourer(railway) Draycott, STS
     150 HARRISON            William             Head    M       60      Farm labourer     Kirk Ireton
         HARRISON            Ann                 Wife    M       61                        Yeldesley
         GROCOCK             William             Brdr    M       53      Colliery banksman Ratcliffe
         GROCOCK             William             Brdr    S       17      Coal miner        Stanley
     151 STARBUCK            John                Head    M       46      Beerhouse keeper  Cinderhill
         STARBUCK            Elizabeth           Wife    M       40      Beerhouse keeper  Stapleford, NTT
         STARBUCK            Annie M.            Dau     S       18      Mother's help     Babbington, NTT
         STARBUCK            Ada E.              Dau             10      Scholar           Babbington, NTT
     152 RADFORD             Edward              Head    M       67      Labourer(railway) Mickleover
         RADFORD             Elizabeth           Wife    M       62                        Stanley
         RADFORD             Zillah              Dau     S       26      Dressmaker        Derwent
         RADFORD             Mary                Dau     S       23                        Derwent             Imbecile from birth
         RADFORD             Ruth                Dau     S       19      Mother's help     Derwent
     153 HUNT                William             Head    M       28      Labourer(general) Morley
         HUNT                Elizabeth           Wife    M       20                        Shotton, STS
     154 HART                Mary                Head    Wid     65      Farmer            Stanley
         HART                Joseph              Son     S       20      Farmer's son      Stanley
         SPIZER              Frederic            Serv    S       17      Labourer (farm)   Wymeswold, NTT
         THOMPSON            Alfred              Serv    S       15      Labourer (farm)   Stanley
     157 SARSON              William             Head    M       41      Banksman...       Stanley             ...(colliery) & sweep
         SARSON              Emily               Wife    M       41                        Stone, STS
         SARSON              William             Son     S       16      Colliery boy...   Morley              ...(pony driver)
         SARSON              Joseph A.           Son     S       14      Colliery boy...   Stanley             ...(pony driver)
         SARSON              Harriett E.         Dau             11      Scholar           Stanley
         SARSON              Fred                Son              9      Scholar           Stanley
         SARSON              Thomas              Son              1                        Stanley
     158 HART                Richard             Head    Wid     66      Stone quarry...   Stanley             ...labourer
         STEVENS             Zadock              S in L  M       25      Coal miner        Stanley             Son in Law
         STEVENS             Amey                Dau     M       26                        Stanley
     159 HEMSTOCK            Rueben              Head    M       46      Labourer (farm)   Clipstone, NTT
         HEMSTOCK            Rebecca             Wife    M       47                        Stanley
         HEMSTOCK            Mary E.             Dau     S       20      Mother's help     Stanley
         HEMSTOCK            Joseph              Son     S       18      Coal miner        Stanley
         HEMSTOCK            John T.             Son     S       16      Coal miner        Stanley
         HEMSTOCK            Willis              Son             13      Scholar           Stanley
         HEMSTOCK            Sarah A.            Dau              8      Scholar           Stanley
         HEMSTOCK            Harold              Son             10      Scholar           Stanley
     160 HART                Francis             Head    M       27      Carter            Stanley
     161 FORMAN              Thomas R.           Head    S       44      Clerk...          Derby                ...in Holy Orders (Vicar of Stanley)
         COLLIE              Lydia               Serv    Wid     62      Housekeeper       Wybunbury, CHS
         FROST               Mary                Serv    S       17      Domestic servant  Stanley
     163 HARTSHORN           Charles             Head    M       29      Coal miner        Stanley
         HARTSHORN           Margaret            Wife    M       26                        Burton on Trent, STS
         HARTSHORN           George              Son              4      Scholar           Stanley
         HARTSHORN           Thomas              Son              3                        Stanley
         HARTSHORN           Thomas              Brdr    Wid     67      Agricultural...   Stanley             ...labourer
     164 GRUNDY              Jane                Head    Wid     64      Living...         West Hallam         ...on own means
         GRUNDY              Mary A.             Dau     S       21      Living...         West Hallam         ...on own means
     165 HALL                Charles             Head    M       64      Banksman colliery Stanton by Dale
         HALL                Ann                 Wife    M       64                        Stanley
         HALL                Charles             Son     S       22      Banksman colliery Stanley
     166 HART                John                Head    M       39      Coal miner        Stanley
         HART                Rachel              Wife    M       38                        West Hallam
         HART                William             Son     S       16      Coal miner        West Hallam
         HART                German              Son     S       14      Banksman...       Stanley             ...(colliery)
         HART                Humphrey            Son     S       11      Scholar           Stanley
         HART                Ursula              Dau              8      Scholar           West Hallam
         HART                Richard             Son              6      Scholar           West Hallam
         HART                Ellen               Dau              4      Scholar           West Hallam
         HART                John                Son              1                        Stanley
     167 HALL                William             Head    M       37      Coal miner        Stanley
         HALL                Elizabeth           Wife    M       39                        Honeybourne, WOR
     168 FINNEY              Thomas              Head    M       28      Coal miner        Boylestone
         FINNEY              Emma                Wife    M       30                        Kingsley, STS
         HOOD                Robert              Vis     M       35      Coal miner        Kingsley, STS
     169 DISNEY              Samuel              Head    M       62      Coal miner        Draycott
         DISNEY              Mary                Wife    M       63                        West Hallam
         DISNEY              Thomas              Son     S       21      Coal miner        West Hallam
         DISNEY              George              Son     S       18      Coal miner        West Hallam
         GREENWOOD           Charles             Brdr    S       21      Coal miner        Harby, LEI
     170 HARTSHORN           Ephraim             Head    M       54      Machinist         Dudley, STS
         HARTSHORN           Ann                 Wife    M       70                        Stanton by Dale
         HARTSHORN           Arthur W.T.         Son     S       34      Machinist         Draycott
     171 HART                Henry               Head    M       37      Engine driver...  Stanley             ...(stationary)
         HART                Martha              Wife    M       31                        Mapperley
         HART                Eliza J.            Dau     S       13      Mother's help     Mapperley
         HART                Vernon              Son             11      Scholar           Stanley
         HART                Joseph P.           Son              9      Scholar           Stanley
         HART                Bertha              Dau              7      Scholar           Stanley
         HART                Charles H.          Son              4      Scholar           Stanley
         HART                Frances A.          Dau              2                        Stanley
     172 MARTIN              Mary                Head    Wid     79                        Ticknall
     173 CHAPMAN             Edwin               Head    M       36      Platelayer...     Kings Walden, HRT   .../Foreman
         CHAPMAN             Ann                 Wife    M       34                        Dale Abbey
         CHAPMAN             Hannah F.           Dau             12      Scholar           Stanley
         CHAPMAN             James E.            Son             11      Scholar           Stanley
         CHAPMAN             Constance           Dau              9      Scholar           Stanley
         CHAPMAN             Elizabeth           Dau              7      Scholar           Stanley
         CHAPMAN             Sydney              Son              4      Scholar           Stanley
         CHAPMAN             Harriet S.          Dau              6m                       Stanley
         STEVENS             Parkin              Son     S       15      Collier           Dale Abbey          Illegitimate
     174 MARTIN              Thos                Head    M       23      Labourer(railway) Mapperley
         MARTIN              Catherine E.        Wife    M       20                        Draycott, STS
         HASLAM              John                Brdr    S       61      Farm labourer     Hazlewood
         DAYKIN              Fanny               Brdr    S       22      Domestic servant. West Hallam         ...out of place
         DAYKIN              John                Adopted child    9m                       Stanley
     175 DANIELLS            Henry               Head    M       38      General labourer  Combleton, WOR
         DANIELLS            Elizabeth           Wife    M       39                        Stanley
         DANIELLS            Nellie              Dau              8      Scholar           Snelston
         DANIELLS            Walter H.           Son              7      Scholar           Snelston
         DANIELLS            Frank               Son              4      Scholar           Snelston
         DANIELLS            Almyer              Son              2                        Snelston
     176 HART                Job                 Head    M       54      Coal miner        West Hallam
         HART                Sarah               Wife    M       54                        Stanley
         HART                Humphrey            Son     S       27      Coal miner        Stanley
         HART                Rachel              Dau     S       24      Worker own means  Stanley
         HART                John                Son     S       21      Coal miner        Stanley
         HART                Joseph E.           Son     S       19      Coal miner        Stanley
         HART                Albert              Son             13      Scholar           Stanley
         HART                Harriet             Dau             12      Scholar           Stanley
     177 DISNEY              Joseph              Head    M       26      Coal miner        West Hallam
         DISNEY              Mary M.             Wife    M       24                        Stanley
         DISNEY              Frances E.          Dau              5      Scholar           Stanley
         DISNEY              Mary A.             Dau              3      Scholar           Stanley
         DISNEY              Ethel S.            Dau              4m                       Stanley
     178 CLARKE              Francis W.          Head    M       25      Coal miner        West Hallam
         CLARKE              Frances A.          Wife    M       23                        Stanley
         CLARKE              Joseph T.           Son              1                        Stanley
     179 MARTIN              John A.             Head    M       36      Coal miner        Stanley
         MARTIN              Hannah              Wife    M       33                        Stanley
         MARTIN              William             Son     S       14      Coal miner        Stanley
         MARTIN              Charles             Son             12      Works on a farm   Stanley
         MARTIN              John T.             Son             10      Scholar           Stanley
         MARTIN              Mary A.             Dau              9      Scholar           Stanley
         MARTIN              George              Son              7      Scholar           Stanley
         MARTIN              Ruth                Dau              5      Scholar           Stanley
         MARTIN              Sarah               Dau              2                        Stanley
         MARTIN              Abagail             Dau              1                        Stanley
     180 PEARSON             George              Head    M       53      Labourer(general) Hanlord, NTT
         PEARSON             Martha              Wife    M       55                        Stapleford, NTT      Blind
         PEARSON             Elizabeth           Dau     S       25      Mother's help     Dale Abbey
         PEARSON             Mary                Dau     S       19      Charwoman         Dale Abbey
         PEARSON             John                Son     S       17      Labourer(general) Dale Abbey
         PEARSON             Alice               Dau             11      Scholar           Stanley
         PEARSON             John                Gson             1                        Shardlow Workhouse   Illegitimate
     181 HARTSHORN           William             Head    M       28      Coal miner        Stanley
         HARTSHORN           Hannah              Wife    M       28                        Stanley
         HARTSHORN           William A.          Son              6      Scholar           Stanley
         HARTSHORN           Timothy             Son              5      Scholar           Stanley
         HARTSHORN           Sidney              Son              3                        Stanley
         HARTSHORN           Miriam              Dau              2                        Stanley
         HARTSHORN           Edward              Son              1                        Stanley
     182 DISNEY              Samuel              Head    M       30      Coal miner        Kirk Hallam
         DISNEY              Jane E.             Wife    M       29                        Stanley
         DISNEY              Albert E.           Son              9      Scholar           Stanley
         DISNEY              Mary O.             Dau              7      Scholar           Stanley
         DISNEY              Samuel T.           Son              5      Scholar           Stanley
         DISNEY              Joseph              Son              3                        Stanley
         DISNEY              Eliza A. R.         Dau              1                        Stanley
     183 HUGGINS             Alfred              Head    M       49      Traction...       Shimpling, NFK       ...engine driver
         HUGGINS             Sarah               Wife    M       47                        Wheathampstead, HRT
         HUGGINS             William             Son     S       21      Coal miner        Wheathampstead, HRT
         HUGGINS             Myra                Dau     S       17      Mother's help     Mapperley
         EXTON               Annie               Nurse child      2                        Shardlow
     184 WALDRON             John                Head    M       61      Labourer...       Kegworth, LEI        ...agricultural
         WALDRON             Eliza               Wife    M       58                        Stanley
         WALDRON             Julia               Dau     S       24      Mother's help     Stanley
         WALDRON             Mary Jane           Dau     S       22      Dressmaker        Stanley
         WALDRON             Charles             Son     S       19      Coal miner        Stanley
     185 FANCOURT            John                Head    M       22      Coal miner        Dale Abbey
         FANCOURT            Ann                 Wife    M       21                        Stanley
         FANCOURT            Elsie               Dau             11m                       Stanley
     186 BLOOR               Henry               Head    M       43      Labourer(railway) Ilkeston
         BLOOR               Mary J.             Wife    M       39                        Leadenham, LIN
         BLOOR               Bertha A.           Dau     S       17      Mother's help     Dale Abbey
         BLOOR               John H.             Son     S       15      Farm servant      Dale Abbey
         BLOOR               Florence M.         Dau             13      Scholar           Dale Abbey
         BLOOR               Charles E.          Son              8      Scholar           Stanley
         BLOOR               Thomas W.           Son              5      Scholar           Stanley
         BLOOR               Ernest              Son              3                        Stanley
     187 BURTON              Thomas              Head    M       63      Farm labourer     East Leake, NTT
         BURTON              Sarah               Wife    M       64                        Kegworth, LEI
         BURTON              Samuel              Son     S       26      Coal miner        Mapperley
         BURTON              Thomas              Son     S       22      Coal miner        Mapperley
         COOPER              Albert W.           Gson             6      Scholar           Calverton, NTT
     188 BURTON              William             Head    M       31      Coal miner        Dishley, LEI
         BURTON              Emma                Wife    M       29                        Derby
         BURTON              Thomas A.           Son              8      Scholar           Derby
         BURTON              Samuel              Son              6      Scholar           Smalley
         BURTON              William             Son              2                        Stanley
         BURTON              Emma                Dau              6m                       Stanley
     189 HARTSHORN           Aaron               Head    M       65      Agricultural...   Stanley             ...labourer
         HARTSHORN           Hannah              Wife    M       63                        Stanley
         HARTSHORN           Aaron               Son     S       19      Coal miner        Stanley
     190 HART                Hannah              Head    Wid     59      Grocer            Bramcote, NTT
     191 YOUNG               William H.          Head    M       42      Signalman         London. LND
         YOUNG               Sarah               Wife    M       36                        Hoby, LEI
     192 LOMAS               Charles             Head    M       55      Coal miner        Sutton
         LOMAS               Charlotte           Wife    M       59                        West Hallam
     193 HART                Philip              Head    M       42      Coal miner        Stanley
         HART                Mary Ann            Wife    M       41                        Morley
         HART                Philip              Son     S       16      Coal miner        Morley
         HART                Silas               Son             11      Scholar           Stanley
         HART                Mary A.T.           Dau              9      Scholar           Stanley
     194 SNEAP               William             Head    M       30      Coal miner        West Hallam
         SNEAP               Mary A.             Wife    M       28                        Mapperley
         SNEAP               Harriett            Dau              8      Scholar           Stanley
         SNEAP               Edward              Son              5      Scholar           Stanley
         SNEAP               William             Son              2                        Stanley
     195 CLARK               Thomas F.           Head    M       47      Coal miner        West Hallam
         CLARK               Julia               Wife    M       45                        Stanley
         CLARK               Thomas              Son     S       21      Coal miner        West Hallam
         CLARK               Herbert             Son     S       18      Coal miner        West Hallam
         CLARK               Charles W.          Son     S       16      Coal miner        West Hallam
         CLARK               Arthur              Son             13      Scholar           West Hallam
         CLARK               Hannah M.           Dau             10      Scholar           Stanley
         CLARK               Hilda A.            Dau              3                        Stanley
     196 HART                Benjamin            Head    M       34      Coal miner        Stanley
         HART                Ellen               Wife    M       32                        Stanley
         HART                Eliza A.            Dau              8      Scholar           Stanley
         HART                Joseph H.           Son              4      Scholar           Stanley
         HART                Emily               Dau             10m                       Stanley
     197 HARRISON            William             Head    M       30      Coal miner        Stanley
         HARRISON            Elizabeth           Wife    M       27                        Stanley
         HARRISON            Rhoda               Dau              8      Scholar           Stanley
         HARRISON            Arthur              Son              5      Scholar           Stanley
         HARRISON            Lucy                Dau              2                        Stanley
         DEXTER              Ellen               Vis     S       25      Servant(domestic) Ticknall
     198 HART                John                Head    M       49      Banksman...       Stanley             ...(colliery)
         HART                Charlotte           Wife    M       59                        Stanton by Dale
         HART                Elizabeth           Dau     S       27      Mother's help     Stanley
         HART                Amos                Son     S       21      Coal miner        Stanley
         WHITBY              Amos                Gson             4m                       Stanley             Adopted
     199 THOMPSON            William             Head    M       31      Banksman...       Stanley             ...(colliery)
         THOMPSON            Isabella            Wife    M       32                        Stockport, LAN
         THOMPSON            George W.           Son              4                        Stanley
         THOMPSON            Mary E.             Dau              4m                       Stanley
     200 FLINT               Francis H.          Head    M       42      Grocer...         West Hallam         ...& Pork Butcher
         FLINT               Emma                Wife    M       43                        West Hallam
         FLINT               Florence H.M.       Dau     S       17      Dressmaker        West Hallam
         FLINT               Harry               Son     S       15      Cabinet maker...  Stanley             ...(apprentice)
         FLINT               Lilian              Dau             12      Scholar           Stanley
         FLINT               Gertrude M.         Dau              9      Scholar           Stanley
         FLINT               Norman M.           Son              7      Scholar           Stanley
         FLINT               Francis R.          Son              5      Scholar           Stanley
         FLINT               Horace B.           Son              2                        Stanley
     201 DEAVILLE            James               Head    M       24      Farm labourer     Idridgehay
         DEAVILLE            Eliza               Wife    M       29                        Greenwich, KEN
         DEAVILLE            James               Son              9m                       Stanley
     202 EVANS               Ada                 Head    Wid     32      Assistant...      Curdworth, WAR      ...mistress
         EVANS               Bertram T. E.       Son              9      Scholar           West Hallam
         EVANS               Norman E.           Son              7      Scholar           West Hallam
         EVANS               Mabel G.            Dau              4      Scholar           West Hallam
         EVANS               Winifred A.         Dau              2                        Stanley
     203 LEE                 Thomas              Head    M       37      Coal miner        West Hallam
         LEE                 Elizabeth           Wife    M       31                        Snelston, STS
     204 HEATH               Gershom             Head    M       54      Miller & Baker    West Hallam
         HEATH               Mary                Wife    M       49                        Belper
         HEATH               William L.          Son     S       20      Miller & Baker    Stanley
         HEATH               Frederic            Son     S       19      Miller & Baker    West Hallam
         HEATH               Caroline            Dau     S       17      Pupil Teacher     West Hallam
         HEATH               Elizabeth           Dau     S       15                        West Hallam
         HEATH               Mary E.             Dau             13      Scholar           West Hallam
         HEATH               Charles             Son              9      Scholar           Stanley
     205 ASTILL              Joseph              Head    M       25      Horse Driver...   Plumtree, NTT      ...(colliery)
         ASTILL              Mary J.             Wife    M       25      Dressmaker        West Hallam
         ASTILL              Evelyn              Dau             11m                       Stanley
     206 WINFIELD            William             Head    M       66      Banksman...       Chaddesden         ...(colliery)
         WINFIELD            Fanny F.            Wife    M       70                        Stanley
     207 ASHWORTH            James               Head    M       46      Mining Engineer   Poulton le Moss, LAN
         ASHWORTH            Mary E.             Wife    M       40                        Alvastone
         ASHWORTH            Mary F. B.          Dau     S       19                        Tunstall, STS
         ASHWORTH            Herbert J.          Son             14                        Burslem, STS
         ASHWORTH            Hilda G. L.         Dau             12                        Burslem, STS
         ASHWORTH            Amy R. G.           Dau             10                        Stavely
         ASHWORTH            Reginald C. S.      Son              8                        Stavely
         ASHWORTH            Douglas G. H.       Son              4                        Stavely
         LEADBEATER          Mary A.             Serv    S       13      Domestic servant  Bradforthan, GLS
     208 BROWN               Eliza               Head    Wid     83      Living...         Stanley             ...on own means
         CANNER              William             Neph    S       41      Chemist           Dale Abbey
         HOWARD              Charlotte           Serv    S       33      Attendant nurse   Old Dalby, LEI
     209 MARTIN              William             Head    M       59      Coal miner        Smalley
         MARTIN              Ann                 Wife    M       58                        Smalley
         MARTIN              Trueman             Son     S       21      Coal miner        Stanley
         MARTIN              Leacher             Dau     S       19      Mother's help     Stanley
         MARTIN              Isaac               Son     S       16      Coal miner        Stanley
     210 TOMLINSON           Hannah              Head    Wid     74                        Breadsall
     211 BLOOR               William                     S       54      General labourer..Dale Abbey          ...(tramp)


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