PRO REFERENCE FOR THIS CENSUS: RG13 Piece 3212 Folios 158 - 179 (44 pages)

     Schedule   Surname        Forename        Relation  Cond   Age      Occupation          Where Born           Comments

       1        HANCOCK        Edward           Head       M    83        Farm labourer...    Risley            ...retired
                HANCOCK        Sarah            Wife       M    86                            West Hallam
       2        HANCOCK        Alick            Head       M    47        Coal miner hewer    Kirk Hallam
                HANCOCK        Maria            Wife       M    44                            Smalley
                STEVENS        Alick            Nephew     S    12                            Mapperley
                MARSHALL       Joseph           F in law   M    78        Retired coal miner  Horsley
                MARSHALL       Amy              M in law   M    78                            Leicester, LEI
       3        BINGHAM        Francis          Head       M    26        Coal miner          Stanley
                BINGHAM        Ellen J          Wife       M    24                            Chesterfield
                BINGHAM        Gertrude S       Dau        U     3                            Manchester, LAN
                BINGHAM        Lily                              6 m                          Stanley
       4        BINGHAM        Sabina           Head       Wid  62                            West Hallam
                BINGHAM        Elijah           Son        S    21        Coal miner hewer    Stanley
                MARSHALL       Hannah           G Child    S    15        Dressmaker          Stanley
                MARSHALL       Charlotte        G Child    S    12                            Stanley
       5        WAIN           Philip           Head       M    24        Coal miner/deputy   Belper
                WAIN           Sarah A          Wife       M    23                            Stanley
       6        MARSHALL       George           Head       M    38        Coal miner hewer    Smalley
                MARSHALL       Mary             Wife       M    37                            Stanley
                MARSHALL       William          Son        S    14        Pony driver ...     Stanley           ...at colliery
                MARSHALL       James            Son        S    10                            Stanley
                MARSHALL       Florence         Dau        S     8                            Stanley
                MARSHALL       Maria            Dau        S     7                            Stanley
                MARSHALL       Charles          Son              5                            Stanley
                MARSHALL       May              Dau             11 m                          Stanley
       7        WINFIELD       James            Head       M    25        Coal miner hewer    Smalley
                WINFIELD       Eliza            Wife       M    24        Sweets...           Stanley          ...& chip potato seller
                WINFIELD       Hilda            Dau              3                            Stanley
                WINFIELD       Francis          Son              1                            Stanley
                WINFIELD       Maurice          Son              3 m                          Stanley
       8        HARDY          Alick            Head       M    33        Coal miner hewer    Marlpool
                HARDY          Ellen            Wife       M    31                            Marlpool
                HARDY          Alfred           Son             12                            Marlpool
                HARDY          Eliza            Dau             10                            Marlpool
                HARDY          Enoch            Son              7                            Marlpool
       9        CUSSE          Henry            Head       M    37        Housekeeper...      Sherrington, BKM   ...at colliery
                CUSSE          Sarah            Wife       M    37                            Ilkeston
                CUSSE          E E              Dau             10                            Hallam Fields
                CUSSE          Lucy             Dau              4                            Stanley
                CUSSE          Lily             Dau              2                            Stanley
      10        FLINT          James            Head       M    27        Coal miner "loader" Mapperley
                FLINT          Eliza Ellen      Wife       M    24                            Ilkeston
                FLINT          Percy Henry      Son              3                            Ilkeston
                FLINT          Wilfred Benjamin Son              6 m                          Stanley
      11        WAIN           William          Head       M    34        Coal miner "loader" Belper
                WAIN           Sarah            Wife       M    32                            Leake, LEI
                WAIN           Sarah Ada Ellen  Dau              6                            Smalley
                WAIN           Percy Philip     Son              3                            Stanley
      12        HANCOCK        Edwin            Head       M    57        Coal miner hewer    Kirk Hallam
                HANCOCK        Harriet          Wife       M    49                            West Hallam
                HANCOCK        Arthur E         Son        S    22        Coal miner "loader" Smalley
                HANCOCK        Albert E         Son        S    19        Coal miner "loader" Smalley
                HANCOCK        Sarah            Dau        S    16        Mother's help       Smalley
                HANCOCK        Frank            Son        S    12                            Smalley
                HANCOCK        Walter           Son              8                            Smalley
      13        MEE            Samuel           Head       M    54        Cottager...         Smalley            ...& small farmer
                MEE            Mary             Wife       M    57                            Stanley
                MEE            William          Brdr       S    44        Coal miner hewer    Stanley
                MEE            Herbert          Brdr       S    34        Coal miner hewer    Mapperley
      14        DANN           Charles          Head       M    54        Checkweighman       Wymeswold, LEI
                DANN           Dinah            Wife       M    55        Grocer              Smalley
                DANN           Morley           Son        S    21        Student teacher     Stanley
                DANN           Henry N          Son             13                            Smalley
                ABBOTT         Jane             Brdr       S    35        Schoolmistress      Leicester, LEI
                YATES          Clara            Servant    S    14        General servant...  Wysall, NTT        ...(domestic)
                LAPWORTH       Annie            Brdr             5                            Belper
      15        NESSON         James            Head       M    55        Coal miner hewer    Church Gresley
                NESSON         Winifred         Wife       M    53                            Ireland
                NESSON         Georgina         Dau        S    25        Mother's help       Swinton, LAN
                NESSON         John F           Son        S    22        Coal miner hewer    Basford, NTT
                NESSON         Thomas           Son        S    17        Pony driver...      Kirkby, NTT        ...at colliery
                MOORE          Thomas           Grandson         1                            Sutton in Ashfield, NTT
      16        SIDWELL        Henry            Head       M    38        Coal miner ...      Foleshill, WAR      ...contractor
                SIDWELL        Mary             Wife       M    35                            Burton On Trent
                SIDWELL        N G A            Son             13        Pony driver...      Awsworth, NTT       ...at colliery
                SIDWELL        I H J            Son             11                            Ilkeston
                SIDWELL        Wm E             Son              3                            Ilkeston
                SIDWELL        Percy            Son              4 m                          Stanley
      17        KIRKHAM        Samuel           Head       M    25        Colliery carpenter  Holme Pierpoint, NTT
                KIRKHAM        Betsy Elizabeth  Wife       M    24                            Lowdham, NTT
      18        BRAMLEY        Thomas           Head       M    24        Coal miner "deputy" Brinsley, NTT
                BRAMLEY        Ada              Wife       M    25                            Bulwell, NTT
                BRAMLEY        Lilian           Dau              2                            Old Radford, NTT
      19        STRAW          John             Head       M    57        Coal miner hewer    Marlpool
                STRAW          Rebecca          Wife       M    50                            Heanor
                STRAW          Mabel            Dau        S    16        General servant...  Heanor             ...domestic
      (Schedule 20 is the "Bateman Arms")
      20        MILLS          Samuel           Head       M    38        Publican            Bunny, NTT
                MILLS          Esther Jane      Wife       M    33                            Calverton, NTT
                CUSSE          Mary Ann         Servant    S    14        General servant...  Hallam Fields      ...domestic
      21        BOOTH          Thos James       Head       M    29        Family Butcher      Pentrich
                BOOTH          Emily Jane       Wife       M    25                            Derby
                BOOTH          Dorothy Eleanor  Dau              2                            Stanley
                FLETCHER       Eliza            Servant    S    16        General servant...  Stanley            ...domestic
      22        SHAW           Jabez            Head       M    46        Coal miner hewer    Holbrook
                SHAW           Sarah            Wife       M    37                            Holbrook
                SHAW           William          Son        S    27        Coal miner hewer    Holbrook
                SHAW           John             Son        S    16        Coal miner "loader" Holbrook
                SHAW           Harry            Son             14        Below pony driver   Holbrook
                SHAW           Walter           Son             12                            Holbrook
                SHAW           Herbert          Son             10                            Holbrook
                SHAW           Jabez            Son              9                            Stanley
                SHAW           Reuben           Son              7                            Stanley
                SHAW           George           Son              4                            Stanley
      23        BEARDSLEY      William          Head       M    65         Living...          Morley             ...on own means
                BEARDSLEY      Emma             Wife       M    65         Domestic laundress West Hallam
                SHAW           Thomas           Brdr       S    30         Colliery labourer  Lenton, NTT
                WILSON         Joe              Brdr       S    35         Living...          Little Eaton       ...on own means
                EADES          Albert           Brdr       M    33         Coal miner hewer   Blackheath, STS
      24        TOMLINSON      Mary             Head       Wid  61         Charwoman          Carlton, NTT          Deaf
      25        CLIFTON        James            Head       M    56         Coal miner hewer   Kimbolton, NTT
                CLIFTON        Mary             Wife       M    46                            Stanley
                CLIFTON        Thomas           Son        S    21         Coal miner hewer   Stanley
                CLIFTON        John Richard     Son        S    16         Coal miner loader  Stanley
                CLIFTON        Joseph           Son             14         Pony driver        Stanley
                CLIFTON        May              Dau             11                            Stanley
                CLIFTON        Cecilia Mary     Dau              5                            Stanley
      26        ADAMS          Joseph           Head       M    62         House keeper...    Chesham, BKM        ...at colliery
                ADAMS          Emily            Wife       M    41                            Brailsford
                ADAMS          Rosalin H        Adopted dau     10                            Shardlow
                BANCROFT       Mary             Brdr       Wid  82                            Belper
                WOOD           George           Brdr       M    60         Bricklayer         Nottingham, NTT
      27        BEARDSLEY      Edward           Head       M    42         Coal miner hewer   Stanley
                BEARDSLEY      Maria            Wife       M    37                            Ilkeston
                BEARDSLEY      Emily            Dau        S    16     			      Ilkeston
                BEARDSLEY      Harriett         Dau             14     		              Stanley
                BEARDSLEY      Luke             Son             13                            Stanley
                BEARDSLEY      Henry            Son             10                            Stanley
                BEARDSLEY      Ann              Dau              7                            Stanley
                BEARDSLEY      James            Son              6                            Stanley
                BEARDSLEY      Selina           Dau              4                            Stanley
                BEARDSLEY      Mark             Son              2                            Stanley
                BEARDSLEY      Jacob            Son              2 m                          Stanley
      28        LONGDEN        Ann              Head       Wid  61         Shopkeeper General Green Hill Lane
                LONGDEN        Clara            Dau        S    26         Shop Assistant     Codnor
                LONGDEN        Frank            Son        S    22         Coal miner hewer   Stanley
      29        PRITCHETT      William          Head       M    34         Coal miner hewer   Granby, LIN
                PRITCHETT      Sarah Eliza      Wife       M    29                            Stanley
                PRITCHETT      John William     Son             10                            Stanley
                PRITCHETT      Geo Henry        Son              9                            Stanley
                PRITCHETT      Alice Mary       Dau              5                            Stanley
                PRITCHETT      Sarah Ann        Dau              3                            Stanley
                PRITCHETT      Eliza            Dau              1                            Stanley
      30        ELLIOTT        Edward           Head       M    63         Coal miner hewer   Dodsworth, YKS
                ELLIOTT        Mary Elizabeth   Dau        S    28                            Swallows Nest, YKS
                ELLIOTT        Geo Edwin        Son        S    26         Coal miner loader  West Hallam
      31        ELLIOTT        Harry            Head       M    32         Coal miner hewer   Swallows Nest, YKS
                ELLIOTT        Maria            Wife       M    30                            Mapperley
                ELLIOTT        Walter           Son              7                            Stanley
                ELLIOTT        Albert           Son              6                            Stanley
                ELLIOTT        Harry            Son              3                            Stanley
                ELLIOTT        Edith            Dau              2                            Stanley
                ELLIOTT        Ethel            Dau              1                            Stanley
                ELLIOTT        Winifred         Dau              1 m                          Stanley
      32        SWAIN          James            Head       M    33         Coal miner hewer   Mapperley
                SWAIN          Kate             Wife       M    32                            Marlpool
                SWAIN          John             Son             12                            Marlpool
                SWAIN          James            Son             10                            Stanley
                SWAIN          Annie            Dau              9                            Stanley
                SWAIN          Charlotte        Dau              7                            Stanley
                SWAIN          Arthur           Son              3                            Stanley
                SWAIN          Henry            Son              1                            Stanley
      33        PERKINS        Fred             Head       M    37         Coal miner hewer   Flintham, NTT
                PERKINS        Elizabeth Ann    Wife       M    28                            Ilkeston
                PERKINS        Harry            Son        S    18         Coal miner loader  Nottingham
                PERKINS        Charles Fredk    Son              5                            Bury, LAN
                PERKINS        Ivy              Dau              2                            Sheffield
                PERKINS        Fred             Son              6 m                          Stanley
      34        BRADLEY        Harriet          Head       M    46                            Shottle
                BRADLEY        Henry            Son             12                            Ilkeston
                BRADLEY        Wilfred          Son              9                            Ilkeston
                BULL           Sarah            Niece           11                            Pleasley, NTT
                BULL           George           Nephew          10                            Pleasley, NTT
      35        DILKS          Thomas           Head       M    38         Coal miner hewer   Stanley
                DILKS          Ann Elizabeth    Wife       M    34                            Ilkeston
                DILKS          Thomas           Son              9                            Stanley
                DILKS          Florence         Dau              4                            Stanley
                DILKS          Frank            Son              2                            Stanley
      36        STEVENS        Thos Allen       Head       M    26         Coal miner hewer   Dale Abbey
                STEVENS        Bertha Hannah    Wife       M    25                            Stanley
      37        SMITH          David            Head       M    49         Coal miner hewer   Brundish, SFK
                SMITH          Henry            Son        S    16         Below pony driver  Bulwell, NTT
                SMITH          Thomas           Son             13         Below pony driver  Bulwell, NTT
                SMITH          Celia            Dau              7                            Bulwell, NTT
                PICKERING      Thurza           Servant    S    22         Housekeeper...     Kimberley, NTT       ...to head of family
      38        STONE          Henry            Head       M    57         Coal miner hewer   Weston On Trent
                STONE          Elizabeth        Wife       M    54                            Mapperley
                STONE          Mary Ann         Dau        S    33                            Mapperley                  Epileptic
                STONE          Tom              Son        S    20         Coal miner loader  Stanley
                STONE          Emma             Dau        S    15                            Stanley
                STONE          Joe              Son             13         Below pony driver  Stanley
                STONE          Frances          Dau             12                            Stanley
                STONE          Robert Henry     Son              9                            Stanley
                STONE          Beatrice         Dau             not stated                    Stanley
      39        PYE            Charles          Head       M    32         Colliery Deputy    Sheffield, YKS
                PYE            Fanny            Wife       M    30                            Handsworth Woodhouse, YKS
                PYE            Annie Elizabeth  Dau              6                            Handsworth Woodhouse, YKS
      40        WEBSTER        William          Head       M    53         Coal miner hewer   Linton
                WEBSTER        Ann              Wife       M    63                            West Hallam
                DUROW          Alfred           Step Son   S    36         Coal miner hewer   Mapperley
                WEBSTER        Geo Henry        Son        S    26         Coal miner loader  Stanley
                WEBSTER        Tom              Son        S    21         Coal miner loader  Stanley
                HANCOCK        Harriett         Neice            8                            Stanley
      41        ELLIOTT        John             Head       M    25         Coal miner hewer   Stanley
                ELLIOTT        Harriett         Wife       M    26                            Stanley
                ELLIOTT        Mary E A         Dau              1                            Stanley
      42        CARRINGTON     Joseph Arthur    Head       M    23         Coal miner hewer   Stanley
                CARRINGTON     Millicent        Wife       M    22                            Heanor
                CARRINGTON     George           Son              3 m                          Stanley
      43        DAYKIN         Willis           Head       M    32         Beer retailer...   West Hallam                ...& grocer
                DAYKIN         Emma             Wife       M    33                            Derby
      44        HARRIS         John             Head       M    22         Coal miner hewer   Stanley
                HARRIS         Elizabeth        Wife       M    22                            Stanley
                HARRIS         Edward Bardill   Son              1                            Stanley
      45        TOMLINSON      William          Head       M    48         Coal miner hewer   Shardlow
                TOMLINSON      Mary Ann         Wife       M    43                            Loughboro', LEI
                TOMLINSON      Annie Millicent  Dau             12                            Smalley
                TOMLINSON      Florrie May      Dau              2                            Stanley
      46        HART           Geo Henry        Head       M    40         Coal miner hewer   Brimington
                HART           Annie Phoebe     Wife       M    43                            Heanor
                HART           Mabel Wightman   Dau        S    18                            Heanor
                HART           Thos William     Son             11                            Heanor
                HART           Mary             Dau             10                            Smalley
                HART           Nellie Milmor    Dau              9                            Heanor
                HART           Elizabeth GertrudDau              2 m                          Stanley
      47        DAY            Festus           Head       M    35         Coal miner loader  Horsley Woodhouse
                DAY            Letitia          Wife       M    26                            Smalley
                DAY            Alice            Dau              6                            Morley
                DAY            Florrie          Dau              2                            Littleover
                DAY            Joseph           Son              6 m                          Stanley
      48        HILL           Albert           Head       M    27         Coal miner sadler  Hilton
                HILL           Lizzie           Wife       M    25                            Gainsboro', LIN
                HILL           Annie            Dau              5 m                          Stanley
      49        SMITH          John William     Head       M    23         Coal miner hewer   Bulwell, NTT
                SMITH          Sarah Jane       Wife       M    23                            Bulwell, NTT
                SMITH          John Richard     Son              1                            Smalley
                BANKS          Alfred           Brdr       S    21         Colliery banksman  Derby
                SHEPHERD       James            Brdr       S    31         Coal miner hewer   South Normanton
      50        HARRIS         Charles          Head       M    24         Coal miner hewer   Belper
                HARRIS         Ann              Wife       M    22                            Smalley
                HARRIS         Chas Fredk       Son              2                            Stanley
                HARRIS         Reginald         Son              4 m                          Stanley
      51        LONGDEN        Jonathen         Head       M    35         Coal miner hewer   Codnor
                LONGDEN        Maria            Wife       M    34                            Stanley
                LONGDEN        Walter           Son             11                            Stanley
                LONGDEN        Emma             Dau             10                            Stanley
                LONGDEN        Fred             Son              8                            Stanley
                LONGDEN        Flora            Dau              6                            Stanley
                LONGDEN        Ernest           Son              4                            Stanley
                LONGDEN        Hiram            Son              2                            Stanley
                LONGDEN        Jonathon         Son             11 m                          Stanley
      52        FLINT          William          Head       M    29        Coal miner hewer    Mapperley
                FLINT          Myra             Wife       M    27                            Ilkeston
                FLINT          Geo Wm           Son              6                            Mapperley
                FLINT          Ivan             Son              4                            West Hallam
                FLINT          Jonathon CresswelSon              1                            Stanley
      53        HARRIS         Frederick        Head       M    43        Coal miner "hewer"  Horsley Woodhouse
                HARRIS         Elizabeth        Wife       M    41                            Smalley
                HARRIS         Percy            Son        S    16        Coal miner...       Horsley Woodhouse          ...pony driver
                HARRIS         Fanny            Dau             12                            Smalley
                HARRIS         William          Son              9                            West Hallam
                HARRIS         Jane             Dau              7                            West Hallam
                HARRIS         Charlotte May    Dau              4                            Horsley Woodhouse
      54        SITDOWN        Samuel           Head       M    48        Colliery deputy     Kilburn
                SITDOWN        Alice            Wife       M    45                            Bargate
                SITDOWN        Thomas           Son        S    21        Lamp trimmer...     Darley                     ...at colliery
                SITDOWN        Mary             Dau        S    16                            Newtown
                SITDOWN        William          Son             14        Pony driver...      Newtown                    ...at colliery
                SITDOWN        Samuel           Son             12                            Derby
                SITDOWN        Alice            Dau             10                            Durham, DUR
                SITDOWN        James            Son              7                            Durham, DUR
                SITDOWN        Hannah           Dau              4                            Durham, DUR
                SITDOWN        John             Son              2                            Smalley
      55        ROBINSON       Noah             Head       M    41        Coal miner "hewer"  Kimberley, NTT
                ROBINSON       Alice            Wife       M    38                            Bourne, LIN
                ROBINSON       Ernest Shipley   Son        S    19        Coal miner "loader" New Basford, NTT
                ROBINSON       Sam Edward       Son             12                            Stanley
                ROBINSON       Sarah Ann        Dau             10                            Stanley
                ROBINSON       Percy Mosley     Son              5                            Stanley
                ROBINSON       Harold Gamble    Son              4                            Stanley
                ROBINSON       Louisa Ethel     Dau              9 m                          Stanley
      56        CROOT          Thomas           Head       M    53        Engine tenter ...   Wisbeach, LIN              ...at colliery
                CROOT          Hannah           Wife       M    52                            March, LIN
                CROOT          Willie           Son        S    24        Coal miner "hewer"  Bardney, LIN
                CROOT          Thomas           Son        S    22        Coal miner "hewer"  Bardney, LIN
                CROOT          James            Son        S    18        Coal miner "hewer"  Grantham, LIN
                CROOT          Ellen            Dau        S    16                            Grantham, LIN
                CROOT          Samuel           Son             14                            Grantham, LIN
                CROOT          John             Son             12                            Grantham, LIN
                CROOT          Elizabeth        Dau              9                            Normanton
      57        LEE            Geo Wm           Head       M    31        Coal miner "hewer"  West Hallam
                LEE            Hannah Mary      Wife       M    32                            Ockbrook
                LEE            Mary Ada         Dau              8                            Stanley
                LEE            Ethel Minnie     Dau              3                            Stanley
      58        BANKS          Thomas           Head       M    36        Plasterer           Ilkeston
                BANKS          Gertrude Ellen   Wife       M    24                            Ilkeston
                BANKS          Evelyn May       Dau             10 m                          Stanley
      59        GREEN          Henry            Head       Wid  49        Coal miner "hewer"  Ambergate
                BUTLER         Hannah           Servant    Wid  49        Housekeeper         Horsley
      60        WOOD           David            Head       M    32        Coal miner "hewer"  Stanley
                WOOD           Sarah Ann        Wife       M    26                            Mapperley
                WOOD           David            Son              3                            Stanley
                WOOD           Harry            Son              2                            Stanley
      61        STONE          William          Head       M    31        Coal miner "hewer"  Mapperley
                STONE          Sarah            Wife       M    30                            Stanley
                STONE          Harriett         Dau              7                            Stanley
                STONE          Arthur           Son              5                            Stanley
                STONE          Ernest           Son              4                            Stanley
                STONE          Ida              Dau              3                            Stanley
      62        WOOD           Harry            Head       M    35        Coal miner "hewer"  Stanley
                WOOD           Julia            Wife       M    45                            West Hallam
                WOOD           Frederic         Son              5                            Stanley
                WOOD           Leslie           Son              1                            Stanley
      63        WRIGHT         Thomas           Head       M    40        Platelayer...       Annesley Woodhouse, NTT    ...on G N Railway
                WRIGHT         Martha           Wife       M    30                            Horsley
                WRIGHT         Phyllis          Dau              5                            Stanley
                WRIGHT         Joyce            Dau              1                            Stanley
                MARSHALL       Timothy          Bro in law S    18        Coal miner "loader" Ilkeston
                MARSHALL       Louie            Sis in law S    12                            Ilkeston
      64        LONGDEN        Ernest           Head       M    29        Coal miner "hewer"  Codnor
                LONGDEN        Florence         Wife       M    31                            Kings Hill, STS
                LONGDEN        Annie            Dau              8                            Ilkeston
                LONGDEN        Lewis Jething    Son              6                            Stanley
                LONGDEN        Jno Ernest       Son              1                            Stanley
      65        CRESSWELL      Reuben           Head       M    23        Colliery deputy     Belper
                CRESSWELL      Mary Elizabeth   Wife       M    23                            Mapperley
                CRESSWELL      Joseph           Son              1                            Stanley
      66        BROWN          Thomas           Head       M    43        Bricklayer          West Hallam
                BROWN          Margaret         Wife       M    43                            Codnor
                BROWN          Laura            Dau        S    18        Mother's help       Stanley
                BROWN          Wilifred         Son        S    15        Apprentice...       Stanley                 ...to father
                BROWN          Frederick        Son             13                            Stanley
                BROWN          Evelyn           Dau             11                            Stanley
                BROWN          Thomas           Son              8                            Stanley
                BROWN          Reginald         Son              6                            Stanley
      67        WOOD           George           Head       M    34        Coal miner "hewer"  Stanley
                WOOD           Annie            Wife       M    28                            Cropstone, LEI
                WOOD           Sydney           Son              4                            Stanley
                WOOD           Horace           Son              3                            Stanley
                WOOD           Ethel            Dau              1 m                          Stanley
      68        WOOD           Thomas           Head       M    66        Green Grocer        Stanley
                WOOD           Frances          Wife       M    61                            Walton, LEI
                WOOD           Clara            Dau        S    26                            Stanley
      69        HARDY          Harvey Wain      Head       M    21        Colliery...         Stanley                 ...engine driver
                HARDY          Mary             Wife       M    19                            Smalley 
      70        TOPLIS         Willis           Head       M    49        Coal miner "hewer"  West Hallam
                TOPLIS         Julia            Wife       M    43                            Halstead, ESS
                TOPLIS         Mary             Dau        S    16        Domestic servant... Stanley                 ...out of situation
                TOPLIS         Walter           Son             11                            Stanley
                TOPLIS         Amy              Dau              7                            Stanley
      71        THOMPSON       Jesse            Head       M    75        Retired...          Stanley                  ...farm foreman
                THOMPSON       Maria            Wife       M    62                            Ilkeston
                THOMPSON       Thomas           Son        S    30        Coal miner "hewer"  Ilkeston
                THOMPSON       Allen            Son        S    19        Coal miner "sadler" West Hallam
                THOMPSON       Harry            Son             14        Coal miner "sadler" South Normanton
      72        KERRY          Achor            Head       M    60        Coal miner "hewer"  Stanley
                KERRY          Martha           Wife       M    58                            Leicester, LEI
                KERRY          Tom              Son        S    26        Coal miner "hewer"  Stanley
      73        PLATT          Thomas           Stepson    S    17        Horse driver        Stoke on Trent, STS
                GRASHION       George           Head       M    24        Colliery...         Skegby, NTT              ...engine driver
                GRASHION       Florence         Wife       M    25                            Stanley
      74        DUROW          William          Head       M    33        Coal miner haulier  Mapperley
                DUROW          Sarah Ann        Wife       M    30                            Mexborough, YKS
                DUROW          Leonard          Son              4                            Stanley
      74a       BROWN          Frederick        Head       M    28        Coal miner "hewer"  Stanley
                BROWN          Jemima           Wife       M    30                            Smalley
                BROWN          Edith            Dau              5                            Stanley
                BROWN          Beatrice Eliza   Dau              3                            Stanley
                BROWN          John Arthur      Son              1                            Stanley
      75        WALTERS        Henry            Head       M    41        Coal miner "hewer"  Mapperley
                WALTERS        Sarah            Wife       M    42                            Stanley
                WALTERS        James            Son        S    17        Lamp trimmer...     Smalley                    ...at colliery
                WALTERS        Harry            Son             15        Grocer's apprentice Stanley
                WALTERS        Lucy             Dau             10                            Stanley
                WALTERS        Eliza            Dau              8                            Stanley
                WALTERS        Mark             Son              7                            Stanley
      76        BINGHAM        Benjamin         Head       M    34        Coal miner "hewer"  Stanley
                BINGHAM        Jane             Wife       M    33                            Stanley
                BINGHAM        Alfred           Son             13        Pony driver         Stanley
                BINGHAM        Leonard          Son              5                            Stanley
                BINGHAM        Hettie Crossland Dau              7 m                          Stanley
                MEE            Jane             Brdr       Wid  77                            Carlton, NTT
      77        ROPER          Charles          Head       M    29        Coal miner "hewer"  Rotherham, YKS
                ROPER          Ada              Wife       M    28                            Beauchief
                ROPER          Eliza            Dau              5                            Handsworth Woodhouse, YKS
                ROPER          Reginald         Son              3                            Handsworth Woodhouse, YKS
                ROPER          Constance        Dau              4 m                          Stanley
      78        WALTERS        Benjamin         Head       M    50        Coal miner "hewer"  Mapperley
                WALTERS        Lucy             Wife       M    49                            Kirk Hallam
                WALTERS        Joseph Edward    Son        S    22        Engine driver...    Stanley                    ...at colliery
                WALTERS        Willm Henry      Son        S    19        Coal miner "loader" Stanley
                WALTERS        Violet Betsy     Dau             12                            Smalley
      80        SHAW           Henry            Head       M    24        Coal miner "hewer"  Smalley
                SHAW           Annie Elizth     Wife       M    26                            Smalley
      81        HANCOCK        Abraham          Head       M    44        Coal miner "hewer"  Kirk Hallam
                HANCOCK        Alice            Wife       M    43                            Mapperley
                HANCOCK        Alice Ann        Dau        S    21        Domestic servant... Stanley                    ...out of situation
                HANCOCK        Jos Edward       Son        S    19        Coal miner "loader" Stanley
                HANCOCK        Sarah Maria      Dau        S    17        Mother's help       Stanley
                HANCOCK        Alfred           Son             12                            Stanley
                HANCOCK        Lydia            Dau             10                            Stanley
                HANCOCK        John             Son              6                            Stanley
                HANCOCK        Mary Elizabeth   Dau              4                            Stanley
                HANCOCK        Mark             Son              2                            Stanley
                HANCOCK        George William   Son             10 m                          Stanley
      82        HART           Samuel           Head       M    35        Coal miner "hewer"  Stanley
                HART           Elizabeth        Wife       M    31                            Ilkeston
                HART           Hilda            Dau              8 m                          Stanley
      83        LEE            Enoch            Head       M    28        Coal miner "hewer"  Ilkeston
                LEE            Martha           Wife       M    30                            Kilburn
                LEE            Walter           Son              4                            Stanley
                LEE            Harold           Son              3                            Stanley
      84        HARRISON       Geo Edward       Head       M    31        Colliery banksman   Newark, NTT
                HARRISON       Sarah Ann        Wife       M    32                            Rowan Green
                HARRISON       Gladys Gertrude  Dau              7                            Cotton Tree, LAN
                HARRISON       Doris Annie      Dau              4                            Stanley
                HARRISON       Cyril Stanley    Son              1                            Derby
                HARRISON       Jas Edward       Son              2 m                          Stanley
      85        MASON          William          Head       M    29        Coal miner "hewer"  Stanley
                MASON          Harriett         Wife       M    29                            West Hallam
                HARRISON       Arthur           Son              4 m                          Stanley
                HART           Enoch            Ftr in law Wid  64        Coal miner "hewer"  West Hallam
      86        MOON           Joseph           Head       M    24        Coal miner "loader" Mapperley
                MOON           Jemima           Wife       M    19                            Mapperley
                MOON           Doris            Dau              5 m                          Stanley
      87        DILKS          Timothy          Head       M    48        Coal miner "hewer"  Stanley
                DILKS          Martha           Wife       M    46                            Ilkeston
                DILKS          Walter           Son        S    23        Coal miner "hewer"  Stanley
                DILKS          Thomas           Son        S    21        Coal miner "hewer"  Stanley
                DILKS          William          Son        S    19        Coal miner "loader" Stanley
                DILKS          Alice Ann        Dau        S    15                            Stanley
                DILKS          Allen            Son             11                            Stanley
                DILKS          Mary Jane        Dau              3                            Stanley
      88        LEE            George           Head       M    30        Coal miner...       West Hallam                ...contractor
                LEE            Annie Elizth     Wife       M    29                            Egginton
                LEE            Annie Elizth     Dau              4                            Stanley
                LEE            Albert George    Son              2 m                          Stanley
      89        KNOWLES        John Wm          Head       M    30        Steam engine fitter Heanor
                KNOWLES        Mary Eliz        Wife       M    31                            Heanor
                KNOWLES        Albert Cyril     Son              8                            Heanor
                KNOWLES        Horace           Son              6                            Trowell, NTT
                KNOWLES        Ernest Victor    Son             11 m                          Heanor
      90        CRESSWELL      Joseph           Head       M    27        Coal miner "hewer"  Wakefield, YKS
                CRESSWELL      Lydia Ann        Wife       M    32                            Belper
                CRESSWELL      George Maurice   Son              6                            Belper
                CRESSWELL      Alice Maud       Dau              4                            Stanley
                CRESSWELL      Joseph Lancelot  Son              1 m                          Stanley
                BIRKIN         Hannah           Mtr in law Wid  66        Living on own means Belper
                WALKER         William          Nephew          13        Lamp trimmer...     Belper                    ...at colliery
      91        LANGTON        John             Head       M    39        Colliery labourer   Riddings
                LANGTON        Eliza            Wife       M    41                            Cinderhill, NTT
      92        SWAIN          Edward           Head       M    55        Coal miner "hewer"  Ilkeston
                SWAIN          Eliza            Wife       M    57                            Basford, NTT
                SWAIN          Edwin Albert     Son        S    22        Coal miner "hewer"  Chesterfield
                SWAIN          William          Son        S    20        Coal miner "hewer"  Smalley
      93        WATCHORN       Thomas           Head       M    40        Coal miner "hewer"  Stanley
                WATCHORN       Alice            Wife       M    36                            Stanley
                WATCHORN       Violetta         Dau        S    15        Mother's help       Stanley
                WATCHORN       Albert           Son             12                            Stanley
                WATCHORN       Ada              Dau              7                            Stanley
      94        MEE            Stephen          Head       M    31        Coal miner sadler   Mapperley
                MEE            Susan            Wife       M    28                            Smalley
                MEE            Reginald Arth    Son              5                            Stanley
                MEE            Albert           Son              3                            Stanley
                MEE            Horace           Son              5 m                          Stanley
      95        TAYLOR         George           Head       M    35        Coal miner sadler   Somercotes
                TAYLOR         Ellen            Wife       M    33                            Horsley Woodhouse
                TAYLOR         George           Son             13        Shop assistant      Horsley Woodhouse
                TAYLOR         Samuel           Son              9                            Horsley Woodhouse
                TAYLOR         Thomas           Son             11                            Horsley Woodhouse
                TAYLOR         Sydney           Son              7                            Horsley Woodhouse
                TAYLOR         Ethel Elizth     Dau              1 m                          Stanley
      96        WINFIELD       Samuel           Head       M    27        Coal miner "hewer"  Stanley
                WINFIELD       Elizabeth Ann    Wife       M    25                            Manchester, LAN
                WINFIELD       Harold           Son              2                            Stanley
                WINFIELD       Mabel            Dau              1                            Stanley
      97        WINFIELD       Samuel           Head       M    49        Waggoner on farm    Toton, NTT
                WINFIELD       Emma             Wife       M    48                            Smalley
                WINFIELD       William          Son        S    16        Pony driver...      Stanley                   ...at colliery
                WINFIELD       Isaac            Son             11                            Stanley
                WINFIELD       George           Son              8                            Stanley
      98        SITDOWN        Joseph           Head       M    36        Coal miner "hewer"  Kilburn
                SITDOWN        Lucy Ellen       Wife       M    36                            Waingroves
                SITDOWN        Lucy Ellen       Dau             13                            Alfreton
                SITDOWN        Beatrice Mary    Dau             11                            Kilburn
                SITDOWN        Elizabeth        Dau              9                            Kimblesworth, DUR
                SITDOWN        Eleanor Allen    Dau              7                            Smalley
      99        CARRIER        William          Head       M    40        Colliery deputy     Kirk Hallam
                CARRIER        Rebecca          Wife       M    34                            Dale Abbey
                CARRIER        Arthur           Son        S    16        Signal boy...       Stanley                   ...at colliery
                CARRIER        Ross             Son        S    15        Signal boy...       Stanley                   ...at colliery
                CARRIER        May              Dau             13                            Stanley
                CARRIER        William          Son             11                            Stanley
                CARRIER        Stanley          Son             10                            Stanley
                CARRIER        Ethel            Dau              8                            Stanley
                CARRIER        James            Son              6                            Stanley
                CARRIER        Denis Raymond    Son              7 m                          Stanley
     100        BINGHAM        Robert           Head       M    40        Coal miner "hewer"  Stanley
                BINGHAM        Hannah           Wife       M    36                            Stanley
                BINGHAM        Harold           Son             11                            Stanley
                BINGHAM        Clara            Dau              9                            Stanley
                BINGHAM        Percy            Son              5                            Stanley
                BINGHAM        Ada              Dau              3                            Stanley
                BINGHAM        Norman           Son              3 wk                         Stanley
                THOMPSON       Edith                       S    15        Domestic nurse      Stanley
     101        KERRY          Thomas           Head       M    50        Lamp trimmer...     Stanley                  ...at colliery
                KERRY          Mary Ellen       Wife       M    50                            Belper
                KERRY          Walter           Son        S    22        Colliery...         Stanley                   ...on setter at bottom of shaft
                KERRY          Hickman          Son        S    17        Coal miner "hewer"  Stanley
                KERRY          Minnie           Dau             10                            Stanley
                KERRY          Elijah Henry     Son             13        Pony driver...      Stanley                   ...at colliery
                KERRY          Hettie           Dau              6                            Not stated
     102        CHAMBERS       George           Head       M    44        Coal miner "hewer"  Kilburn
                CHAMBERS       Eliza            Wife       M    43                            Kilburn
                CHAMBERS       George           Son        S    17        Coal miner loader   Holbrook
                CHAMBERS       Percy            Son             13        Pit boy...          Kilburn                    ...at colliery
                CHAMBERS       Florrie          Dau             11                            Smalley
                CHAMBERS       Alice            Dau              9                            Smalley
                CHAMBERS       Frederick        Son              6                            Stanley
                CHAMBERS       Harry            Son              3                            Smalley
                CHAMBERS       Sidney           Son              7 m                          Stanley
     103        KERRY          Samuel           Head       Wid  87        Retired bricklayer  West Hallam
     104        CHAMBERS       John             Head       M    24        Coal miner haulier  Kilburn
                CHAMBERS       Caroline         Wife       M    33                            Burton, STS
                CHAMBERS       Ethel            Dau              2                            Stanley
     105        ROBERTS        William          Head       M    37        Winding engine...   Essington, STS             ...driver
                ROBERTS        Harriett         Wife       M    40                            Anstey, WAR
                ROBERTS        Percy            Son              9                            Marlpool
     106        HARRISON       Thomas           Head       M    43        Platelayer...       West Leake, NTT            ...at colliery
                HARRISON       Elizabeth        Wife       M    46                            Stanley
                HARRISON       William          Son        S    20        Coal miner haulier  West Leake, NTT
                HARRISON       Annie            Dau        S    18        Domestic servant... Stapleford, NTT            ...out of situation
                HARRISON       Pollie           Dau        S    16                            Stapleford, NTT
                HARRISON       Daniel           Son             11                            Stanley
                HARRISON       George           Son              4                            Stanley
     107        MALPAS         Jas Henry        Head       M    29        Coal miner "hewer"  Pensnett, STS
                MALPAS         Sarah Ann        Wife       M    28                            Stanley
                MALPAS         Edith            Dau              5                            Stanley
                MALPAS         Florence         Dau              1                            Stanley
     108        TOMLINSON      George           Head       M    36        Winding engine...   West Hallam                ...driver
                TOMLINSON      Cissy            Wife       M    40                            Colne, WIL
                TOMLINSON      Kate Elizabeth   Dau             12                            West Hallam
                TOMLINSON      Geo Walter       Son              9                            West Hallam
                TOMLINSON      Jos Middleton    Son              7                            West Hallam
                TOMLINSON      Arthur Edwin     Son              4                            Stanley
     109        MORRIS         John             Head       M    60        Coal miner "hewer"  Markfield, LEI
                MORRIS         Eliza            Wife       M    56                            West Hallam
                KNIGHTON       William          Son in law M    22        Coal miner "hewer"  Heanor
                KNIGHTON       Harriet Eliz     Dau        M    21                            Smalley
     110        DILKS          Joseph           Head       M    36        Coal miner "hewer"  Stanley
                DILKS          Mary Ann         Wife       M    35                            Stanley
                DILKS          Mabel Flint      Step Daur       13                            Ilkeston
                DILKS          Thos William     Son             10                            West Hallam
                DILKS          Frederick        Son              7                            Stanley
                DILKS          Mary Ann         Dau              5                            Stanley
                DILKS          Ada              Dau              1                            Stanley
     111        BROWN          John             Head       M    42        Coal miner "hewer"  Stanley
                BROWN          Margaret         Wife       M    38                            Horsley Woodhouse
                BROWN          Albert Henry     Son        S    15        Coal miner "loader" Horsley Woodhouse
                BROWN          Maud             Dau             13                            Horsley Woodhouse
                BROWN          Florrie          Dau             11                            Horsley Woodhouse
                BROWN          Arthur           Son              3                            Stanley
     112        HALL           John James       Head       M    27        Coal miner "hewer"  Belper
                HALL           Sarah Hannah     Wife       M    28                            Sheffield, YKS
                HALL           Geo Henry        Son              2                            Stanley
     113        RILEY          William          Head       M    42        Coal miner "hewer"  Stanley
                RILEY          Mary Ellen       Wife       M    35                            Smalley
                RILEY          Eliza            Dau        S    16        Dressmaker          Stanley
                RILEY          Albert           Son             13        Pony driver...      Stanley                    ...at colliery
                RILEY          Hannah           Dau             12                            Stanley
     114        WINFIELD       William          Head       M    38        Colliery banksman   Ilkeston
                WINFIELD       Ann              Wife       M    37                            Nottingham, NTT
                WINFIELD       Emma             Dau             10                            Nottingham, NTT
                WINFIELD       Samuel           Son              8                            West Hallam
                WINFIELD       Ethel            Dau              4                            West Hallam
                WINFIELD       Arthur           Son              3 m                          Stanley
     115        CLIFFORD       Frank            Head       M    42        Coal pit sinker     Bramcote, NTT
                CLIFFORD       Eliza            Wife       M    44                            Beeston, NTT
                CLIFFORD       John Henry       Son        S    18        Coal miner "loader" Bramcote, NTT
                CLIFFORD       Charles          Son        S    16        Coal pony driver    Bramcote, NTT
                CLIFFORD       Walter           Son             14        Coal pony driver    Bramcote, NTT
                CLIFFORD       Edith Ann        Dau              6                            Stanley
     116        CARRINGTON     Ann              Head       Wid  57                            Mapperley
                CARRINGTON     George           Son        S    19        Coal miner "hewer"  Stanley
                CARRINGTON     Walter           Son        S    15        Colliery carpenter  Stanley
                CARRINGTON     William          Son        S    14        Pony driver below   Stanley
                CARRINGTON     Elizabeth        Dau             11                            Stanley
                CARRINGTON     James            Son              9                            Stanley
                CARRINGTON     Annie            Dau              5                            Stanley
     117        EVANS          William H        Head       M    41        Coal miner "hewer"  Honiton, DEV
                EVANS          Margaret         Wife       M    34                            Pentreath, AGY
                EVANS          Mary             Dau             10                            Bootle, LAN
                EVANS          Annie            Dau              8                            Bootle, LAN
                EVANS          Harry            Son              7                            Bootle, LAN
                EVANS          William          Son              5                            Bootle, LAN
                LEWIS          Robert           Bro in law S    20        Colliery carpenter  Pentreath, AGY
     118        CARRINGTON     Fred             Head       M    27        Coal miner "hewer"  Stanley
                CARRINGTON     Maria            Wife       M    24                            Denby
                CARRINGTON     Annie Elizabeth  Dau              3                            Stanley
                CARRINGTON     Emily            Dau              2                            Stanley
                CARRINGTON     Joseph           Son              1                            Stanley
     119        HAMPSON        George           Head       Wid  77        Retired watchman    Snelston
     120        BROWN          George           Head       S    25        Coal miner "hewer"  Stanley
                BROWN          Sarah            Mother     Wid  69                            Chaddesden
                BROWN          Albert H         Brother    S    21        Coal miner "hewer"  Stanley
                JONES          John Thos        Brdr       S    25        General painter     Stafford, STS
     (Schedule 121 is "Hayes Wood Farm")
     121        MEE            Alfred           Head       M    24        Coal miner & farmer Mapperley
                MEE            Fanny            Wife       M    29                            Chaddesden
                CLARKE         William          Brdr       Wid  85        Retired farmer      Chaddesden
                GRUNDY         Elizabeth        Brdr       Wid  75        Farmer's widow      Stanley
     (Schedule 122 is "The Post Office")
     122        THOMPSON       Isaac            Head       M    40        Colliery banksman   Stanley
                THOMPSON       Emma             Wife       M    42        Sub post mistress   West Hallam
                THOMPSON       Harry            Son             14        Colliery banksman   Stanley
                THOMPSON       Annie Elizabeth  Dau             12                            Stanley
                THOMPSON       Frances Elsie    Dau              9                            Stanley
     123        HOBSON         Frederick        Head       M    69        Underworker...      West Hallam                ...in colliery
                HOBSON         Julia            Wife       M    69                            Stanley
     124        THOMPSON       George           Head       M    33        Coal miner "hewer"  Stanton by Dale
                THOMPSON       Sarah            Wife       M    31                            Morton
                THOMPSON       Nellie           Dau             10                            Hucknall, NTT
                THOMPSON       George Thos      Son              8                            Tibshelf
                THOMPSON       Rachel           Dau              5                            Tibshelf
                THOMPSON       Susan            Dau              1                            Stanley
     (Schedule 125 is "Stanley Lodge")
     125        SPENCER        George           Head       S    43        Mining engineer     Measham, LEI
                WESTON         Thomas           Servant    M    63        Coachman domestic   Horsley
                WESTON         Ruth             Servant    M    62        Housekeeper         Horsley Woodhouse
                BAILEY         Helen            Servant    S    18        Servant             Stanley
     (Schedule 126 is "Hill Top Farm")
     126        HAYNES         Samuel           Head       M    55        Farmer              Denby
                HAYNES         Emma             Wife       M    45                            Crich
                HAYNES         Clement          Son        S    18        Farmer's son        Stanley
                HAYNES         Elizabeth        Dau        S    15                            Stanley
                HAYNES         Francis          Son             13                            Stanley
                HAYNES         Joseph           Son             11                            Stanley
                HAYNES         Samuel           Son             10                            Stanley
                HAYNES         Anthony          Son              8                            Stanley
                HAYNES         Alfred           Son              3                            Stanley
                HAYNES         Hannah           Servant    S    30        General servant...  Denby                      ...domestic
     (Schedule 127 is "Buggs Wood Farm")
     127        FLETCHER       James            Head       M    72        Farmer              West Hallam
                FLETCHER       Lucy             Wife       M    65                            West Hallam
                FLETCHER       Mary E           Dau        S    32                            Stanley
     128        FLETCHER       William          Head       M    44        Carter..            West Hallam                ...at colliery
                FLETCHER       Sarah            Wife       M    39                            Ednaston
                FLETCHER       Jos Henry        Son        S    19        Coal miner haulier  Stanley
                FLETCHER       Elsie            Dau             11                            Stanley
                FLETCHER       Charlie          Son              9                            Stanley
                FLETCHER       James            Son              7                            Stanley
                FLETCHER       Jemima           Dau              5                            Stanley
                FLETCHER       Margaret         Dau              3                            Stanley
     129        HANDLEY        Thomas           Head       Wid  85        Tailor              West Hallam
                MOSLEY         Sam              Son in law M    42        Colliery banksman   Derby
                MOSLEY         Frances          Dau        M    42                            Stanley
                MOSLEY         Sarah Ann        Grand daur       6                            Stanley
     130        FLINT          William          Head       M    33        Coal miner "hewer"  West Hallam
                FLINT          Mary Ann         Wife       M    38                            Hildenstone, STS
                FLINT          Ada Mary         Dau              7                            Stanley
                FLINT          Fredk William    Son              5                            Stanley
                FLINT          Hilda            Dau              4                            Stanley
     131        THOMPSON       Alfred           Head       M    25        Coal miner "hewer"  Stanley
                THOMPSON       Emma             Wife       M    21                            Bardney, LIN
     132        ROBINSON       Zadock           Head       M    59        Labourer on farm    Stanley
                ROBINSON       Hannah           Wife       M    56                            Crich
                ROBINSON       Elizabeth Ann    Dau        S    19        Mother's help       Stanley
                ROBINSON       Ethel            Dau        S    16        Dressmaker's...     Stanley                    ...apprentice
                ROBINSON       Ada              Dau             12                            Stanley
                ROBINSON       Horace           Son              9                            Stanley
                MINETT         Ernest           Brdr       S    19        Coal miner "hewer"  Guilford, SRY
     133        CLARKE         Thomas           Head       M    31        Coal miner "hewer"  West Hallam
                CLARKE         Cecilia Mary     Wife       M    29                            Weston
                CLARKE         Daisy May        Dau              7                            Stanley
                CLARKE         Eva Mary         Dau              3                            Stanley
                CLARKE         Annie Margery    Dau              1                            Stanley
                CLARKE         Cecilia Ann      Dau              9 m                          Stanley
     134        MARTIN         Isaac            Head       M    26        Coal miner "hewer"  Stanley
                MARTIN         Mary Anne        Wife       M    23                            Bradfordton, GLS
                MARTIN         Celia Elizabeth  Dau              3                            Stanley
                MARTIN         Hector Reginald  Son              2                            Stanley
                MARTIN         Archibald Victor Son              7 m                          Stanley
     135        HARTSHORN      John             Head       M    35        Farmer              Stanley
                HARTSHORN      Annie            Wife       M    39                            Snelston, STS
                HARTSHORN      Wilfred          Son              7                            Dale Abbey
                HARTSHORN      Aaron            Brother    S    29        Coal miner "hewer"  Stanley
                MARTIN         Ruth             Servant    S    15        Servant "domestic"  Stanley
     136        HUNT           John             Head       M    36        Coal miner "hewer"  Smalley
                HUNT           Jane             Wife       M    25                            Dogsthorpe, LIN
                HUNT           John Thomas      Son             13                            Ilkeston
                HUNT           Joseph           Son              9                            Ilkeston
                OUTRAM         Francis          Brdr       S    41        Blacksmith's...     Stanley                    ...labourer
                KELLY          Matthew          Brdr       S    25        Coal miner "hewer"  Ilkeston
     137        STEVENS        Zadok            Head       M    35        Coal miner "hewer"  Stanley
                STEVENS        Amy              Wife       M    36                            Stanley
                STEVENS        Mary Jane        Dau              9                            Stanley
                STEVENS        Florence         Dau              8                            Stanley
                STEVENS        Clara            Dau              7                            Stanley
                STEVENS        Amy              Dau              5                            Stanley
                STEVENS        Nellie           Dau              4                            Stanley
                STEVENS        Maria            Dau              1                            Stanley
                STEVENS        Annie            Dau              3 m                          Stanley
     138        MARTIN         John             Head       M    46        Coal miner haulier  Stanley
                MARTIN         Hannah           Wife       M    43                            Stanley
                MARTIN         Charles          Son        S    22        Labourer "loader"   Stanley
                MARTIN         John Thomas      Son        S    20        Blacksmith striker  Stanley
                MARTIN         Mary Ann         Dau        S    19                            Stanley
                MARTIN         George           Son        S    17        Coal miner...       Stanley                    ...pony driver
                MARTIN         Abigail          Dau             11                            Stanley
                MARTIN         Isaac            Son              9                            Stanley
                MARTIN         Luther           Son              7                            Stanley
                MARTIN         Lewis            Son              5                            Stanley
     139        CLARKE         Herbert H        Head       M    28        Coal miner "hewer"  West Hallam
                CLARKE         Hannah           Wife       M    20                            Alfreton
                CLARKE         Mabel Annie      Dau              2                            Stanley
                CLARKE         Winston Willie   Son              1                            Stanley
     140        HART           William D        Head       M    25        Coal miner "hewer"  Stanley
                HART           Mary             Wife       M    28                            Stanley
                HART           Eliza Ethel      Dau              6                            Stanley
                HART           Winifred Maud    Dau              5                            Stanley
                HART           Edith May        Dau              2                            Stanley
                HART           Unnamed          Son              1 m                          Stanley
     141        MARTIN         William          Head       M    24        Coal miner "loader" Stanley
                MARTIN         Betsy            Wife       M    26                            Mapperley
                MARTIN         Letitia          Dau              5                            Mapperley
                MARTIN         Sarah Ann        Dau              2                            Stanley
                MARTIN         Esther Fern      Dau              3 m                          Stanley
                MARTIN         Sarah            Sister          12        Nurse "domestic"    Stanley
     142        BOSTOCK        Uriah            Head       M    44        Coal miner "hewer"  Ilkeston
                BOSTOCK        Hannah           Wife       M    43                            Shipley
                BOSTOCK        Sarah Ann        Dau             17        Mother's help       Ilkeston
                BOSTOCK        Samuel           Son        S    21        Coal miner "hewer"  Cinderhill, NTT
                BOSTOCK        Archie           Son              4                            Ilkeston
                BOSTOCK        Ernest           Son              2                            Stanley
     143        LEE            Thomas           Head       M    48        Coal miner "hewer"  West Hallam
                LEE            Elizabeth        Wife       M    41                            Snelston, STS
                LEE            William Thos     Son              9                            West Hallam
     144        POTTER         Samson           Head       Wid  76        Farmer              Mickleover
                HILL           Mary             Dau        M    43        Housekeeper         Mackworth
     145        ROBINSON       John             Head       M    48        Boot & Shoemaker    Stanley
                ROBINSON       Emma             Wife       M    49                            Stanley
                ROBINSON       Edith            Dau        S    18        Servant...          Stanley                        ...(domestic) out of situation
                ROBINSON       William          Son             13                            Stanley
                ROBINSON       Thomas           Son             11                            Stanley
                ROBINSON       Emily            Dau              9                            Stanley
                ROBINSON       Fanny            Dau              8                            Stanley
                ROBINSON       Hannah           Mother     Wid  80                            Stanley
     (Schedule 146 is "The Yews")
     146        OGDEN          Alexander        Head       M    65        Colliery agent...   St Martin In The Fields, LND    ...& farmer
                OGDEN          Eliza            Wife       M    39                            Brailsford
                OGDEN          Frederick S      Son        S    13                            Stanley                         Middle name is Soresby
                ADAMS          Caroline         Niece      S    21                            Yeaveley
                RICHARDS       Frederick        Servant    S    13        Unreadable boy      Long Clawson, LEI               Occupation?
     147        HART           Philip           Head       M    51        Farmer & Coal hewer Stanley
                HART           Mary Ann         Wife       M    50                            Morley
                HART           Philip           Son        S    26        Coal miner "hewer"  Morley
                HART           Silas            Son        S    21        Farmer's son        Stanley
                HART           Mary Ann Ivas    Dau        S    19        Mother's help       Stanley
                HART           Phyllis Thompson Dau              7                            Stanley
     148        FANCOURT       John             Head       M    30        Coal miner "hewer"  Dale Abbey
                FANCOURT       Annie            Wife       M    30                            Stanley
                FANCOURT       Elsie            Dau             10                            Stanley
                FANCOURT       Julia May        Dau              9                            Stanley
                FANCOURT       Walter           Son              8                            Stanley
                FANCOURT       Fredk Arthur     Son              3                            Stanley
     149        WILEMAN        Joseph C         Head       M    33        Colliery labourer   Burton
                WILEMAN        Mary             Wife       M    30                            London, LND
                WILEMAN        Lucy May         Dau              5                            Stanley
                WILEMAN        Rose             Dau              3                            Stanley
                WILEMAN        George           Son             11 m                          Stanley
     150        FISHER         Paul             Head       S    63        Colliery banksman   Stanley
                FISHER         Catherine        Sister     S    61                            Stanley
     151        HARRISON       Joseph           Head       M    31        Carter at colliery  Stanley
                HARRISON       Eliza            Wife       M    30                            Stanley
                HARRISON       Lucy A           Dau              6                            Risley
                HARRISON       Sarah A          Dau              4                            Stanley
                HARRISON       James F          Son              1                            Stanley
     152        EVANS          Robert B         Head       M    33        Butcher             West Hallam
                EVANS          Ann              Wife       M    30                            Stanley
                EVANS          Robert Barton    Son              5                            Stanley
                EVANS          Alfred Isaac     Son              3                            Stanley
                EVANS          Cicely Clarice   Dau              5 m                          Stanley
                WHITBY         Isaac            Nephew     S    29        Coal miner haulier  Stanley
                WHITBY         Benjamin         Nephew     S    16        Coal miner "hewer"  Stanley
     (Schedule 153 is "The Post Office")
     153        OUTRAM         Thomas           Head       M    38        Sub postmaster...   Stanley                    ...& coal hewer
                OUTRAM         Hannah           Wife       M    33        Dressmaker          Dale Abbey
                OUTRAM         Edith Jane       Dau             13                            Stanley
                OUTRAM         William Thos     Son              7                            Stanley
                OUTRAM         Elsie May        Dau              3                            Stanley
                OUTRAM         John Henry       Son              1                            Stanley
     154        MARTIN         Mary             Head       S    77                            Stanley
     155        UPTON          George           Head       M    59        Coal miner haulier  East Bridgford, NTT
                UPTON          Jane             Wife       M    56                            Stanley
                RILEY          Fanny Upton      Grand daur       9                            Stanley
      (Schedule 156 is "The White Hart Inn")
     156        TAFT           Charles          Head       M    35        Publican & farmer   Spondon
                TAFT           Annie Eliz       Wife       M    30                            Sawley
                TAFT           Elizabeth        Dau              3                            Stanley
                ALLEN          Alice            Sis in law S    29        Barmaid             Derby
                BRADSHAW       Ernest           Servant    S    20        Groom               Hilton
                FLETCHER       Lucy             Servant         14        Servant general...  Stanley                    ..domestic
                TOMLINSON      Edward           Visitor    S    25        Dealer in horses    Derby
                MELLOWS        William          Servant    S    40        Labourer on farm    Smalley
      (Schedule 157 is "Manor Farm")
     157        RICHARDSON     John             Head       M    66        Farmer              Ashleyhay
                RICHARDSON     Sarah            Wife       M    47                            Sawley
                KIDDY          William          Nephew          25        Carter on farm      Turnditch
                COWLEY         James            Servant         15        Servant on farm     Stanley
                LEMON          Mary E           Servant         15        Servant (domestic)  Cossall, NTT
                HART           John             Servant         45        Labourer on farm    Ireland, Baladoyle, MAY
      (Schedule 158 is "Home Farm")
     158        WOOLLEY        Samuel           Head       M    35        Farmer              Codnor
                WOOLLEY        Annie Eliza      Wife       M    32                            Dethick
                WOOLLEY        Mary Elizth      Dau              9                            Denby
                WOOLLEY        Harriett Annie   Dau              7                            Denby
                WOOLLEY        Margaret Maria   Dau              6                            Denby
                WOOLLEY        Lydia Agnes      Dau              5                            Denby
                WOOLLEY        Florence SusannahDau              4                            Denby
                WOOLLEY        Ann Sarah        Dau              2                            Denby
                WOOLLEY        Beatrice Alice   Dau              1                            Stanley
                BRIGES         John             Servant    S    19        Waggoner on farm    Yeaveley
                JACKSON        John E           Servant    S    15        Cattle man on farm  Stanley
     159        COTTON         William          Head       M    69        Farm labourer       Stanley
                COTTON         Patience         Wife       M    62                            Stanley
      (Schedule 160 is "Sough Farm")     
     160        KAY            Elizabeth        Head       Wid  68                            Aston on Trent
                KAY            George           Son        S    33        Farmer's son        Idridgehay
                KAY            Martha           Dau        S    28        Farmer's daughter   Idridgehay
                KAY            William          Son        S    26        Farmer's son        Idridgehay
                SARSON         Thomas           Servant    S    19        Cattle man on farm  Stanley
     161        GROCOCK        William          Head       Wid  62        General labourer... Radcliffe on Trent, NTT    ...at colliery
                GROCOCK        Herbert          Son        S    19        Coal miner "hewer"  Stanley
                GROCOCK        William          Son        M    28        General labourer... Stanley                    ...at colliery
                GROCOCK        Ethel            Daur in lawM    22                            Derby
                GROCOCK        Thos William     Grandson        11 m                          Chaddesden
     162        HART           Salome           Head       Wid  77                            Alvaston
                STEEL          Katherine        Grand daur M    22                            Stanley
                STEEL          Kate             G G Daur         2                            Canada, Alberta            British subject
     163        WHITBY         Joseph           Head       M    46        Coal miner "hewer"  Dale Abbey
                WHITBY         Sarah Emma       Wife       M    30                            Sleaford, LIN
                WHITBY         Israel Henry     Son             12                            Stanley
                WHITBY         Lucy             Dau              7                            Stanley
                WHITBY         Florence May     Dau              5                            Stanley
                WHITBY         Enoch            Son              3                            Stanley
                WHITBY         Joseph           Son              1                            Stanley
     164        FROST          Eliza            Head       Wid  60                            West Hallam
                HART           Ethel Eliza      G daur           5                            Stanley
                HUNT           Joseph           Brdr       S    20        Coal miner "hewer"  Horsley Woodhouse
      (Schedule 165 is "The Bridge Inn")
     165        STARBUCK       John             Head       M    56        Publican            Stapleford, NTT
                STARBUCK       Elizabeth        Wife       M    50                            Basford, NTT
                STARBUCK       Ada Elizabeth    Dau        S    20        Helps parents       Babbington, NTT
                FROST          Samuel           Son in law M    30        Coal miner "hewer"  Stanley
                FROST          Annie Mary       Dau             28                            Babbington, NTT
                FROST          Olga             G daur           4                            Stanley
                FROST          Norman           G Son            2                            Stanley
                FROST          Dora             G Daur           2 m                          Stanley
     166        HARRISON       Charles          Head       M    37        Lamp trimmer ...    Stanley                    ...at colliery
                HARRISON       Harriett         Wife       M    39                            Burton Joyce, NTT
                HARRISON       Edwin            Son             14        Coal miner haulier  Stanley
                HARRISON       Hannah Mary      Dau              9                            Stanley
                HARRISON       George           Son              8                            Stanley
                HARRISON       William          Son              5                            Stanley
                HARRISON       Charles          Son              3                            Stanley
                HARRISON       Ernest           Son              1                            Stanley
     167        HARRISON       William          Head       M    70        Road labourer       Kirk Ireton
                HARRISON       Ann              Wife       M    71                            Yeldersley
     168        HOUGH          Joseph           Head       M    49        Coal miner "hewer"  Bedworth, WAR
                HOUGH          Mary             Wife            49                            Bedworth, WAR
                HOUGH          Frank            Son              8                            Nottingham, NTT
     169        RILEY          John             Head       M    56        Farm labourer       Mapperley
                RILEY          Alice            Wife       M    57                            Stanley
                RILEY          George           Son        S    31        Coal miner "hewer"  Stanley
                RILEY          Joseph           Son        S    27        Coal miner "hewer"  Stanley
                RILEY          German           Son        S    18        Coal miner "hewer"  Stanley
                BARKER         Herbert          Visitor    S    33        Coal miner "hewer"  Stanton by Dale
     170        DEAN           Joseph           Head       M    47        Coal miner "hewer"  Biggin
                DEAN           Sophia           Wife       M    53                            Denby
     171        WHITBY         George           Head       S    53        Colliery banksman   Stanley
                WALDRON        Ann              Housekeep  M    53                            Carlton, STS
                WALDRON        George           Son             13        Colliery labourer   Stanley
                WALDRON        Edith            Dau             11                            Stanley
     172        ASTILL         Samuel           Head       M    30        Coal miner "hewer"  Plumtree, NTT
                ASTILL         Mary Ann         Wife       M    32                            Stanley
                ASTILL         William Thos     Son              7                            Stanley
                ASTILL         Edith            Dau              5                            Stanley
     173        MONK           John             Head       M    40        General labourer... Princess Risboro', BKM     ...at colliery
                MONK           Mary             Wife       M    30                            Stanley
                MONK           Harriett         Dau              7                            Stanley
                MONK           Francis          Son              6                            Stanley
                MONK           Lizzie           Dau              8 m                          Stanley
                MONK           Francis          Father     Wid  80        Retired from work   Tring, HRT
     174        HAULT          James            Head       M    19        Coal miner "loader" Basford, NTT
                HAULT          Mabel            Wife       M    18                            Stanley
     175        KERRY          William          Head       M    34        Oil engine driver   Heanor
                KERRY          Emma             Wife       M    29                            Stanley
                KERRY          Ernest A         Son              8                            Stanley
                KERRY          Evelyn M         Dau              7                            Stanley
                KERRY          Harold M         Son              5                            Stanley
                KERRY          Reginald J       Son              3                            Stanley
     176        MARTIN         Mary             Head       Wid  69                            Ticknall
     177        HART           Thomas           Head       M    40        Coal miner "hewer"  Stanley
                HART           Hannah           Wife       M    44                            Stanley
                HART           Samuel           Son             11                            Bulwell, NTT
                HART           John             Son              9                            Holbrook
                HART           Hannah M         Dau              6                            Holbrook
                HART           Lilley           Dau              4                            Stanley
                HART           William          Son              2                            Stanley
     178        SHAW           John             Head       M    38        Coal miner "hewer"  Draycott in the Clay, STS
                SHAW           Hannah           Wife       M    18                            Stanley
     179        BAINES         John Wm          Head       M    27        Coal miner...       Denby                      ...timber setter
                BAINES         Annie            Wife       M    30                            Tutbury, STS
                BAINES         George Wm        Son              6                            Willington
                BAINES         Albert Thos      Son              3                            Derby
                BAINES         Dorothy May      Dau              1                            Derby
     180        NEWTON         Thos Jackson     Head       M    34        Joiner...           Mansfield, NTT             ...at colliery
                NEWTON         Sarah            Wife       M    35                            Sheffield, YKS
                NEWTON         Amy              Dau             14                            Mansfield, NTT
                NEWTON         Ivy              Dau             13                            Mansfield, NTT
                NEWTON         Mabel            Dau             11                            Mansfield, NTT
                NEWTON         Florence J       Dau              9                            Stanley
                NEWTON         Wm Henry         Son              7                            Stanley
                NEWTON         Alfred           Son              6                            Stanley
                NEWTON         Jas David        Son              8 m                          Stanley
     181        WALKER         John             Head       M    60        Coal carter...      Ockbrook                   ...at colliery
                WALKER         Ann              Wife       M    44                            Pembroke Docks, WLS
                EATON          William          Brdr       S    59        Labourer...         Over Haddon                ...at colliery
                HITCHMAN       John             Brdr       S    50        Labourer...         Coldhyson, GLS             ...at colliery
     182        BENISTON       Joseph           Head       M    28        Colliery deputy     Alfreton
                BENISTON       Mary Ann         Wife       M    23                            Ilkeston
                BENISTON       Edley            Son              2                            Stanley
                BENISTON       Jno William      Son              1 m                          Stanley
                BENISTON       Mary Ann         Sister     S    23        Servant domestic... Alfreton                   ...out of situation
     183        BENISTON       Frederic         Head       M    47        Coal miner "hewer"  Whitwick, LEI
                BENISTON       Elizabeth Jane   Wife       M    47                            Kilbourne
                MABBOTT        Bertie           Brdr       S    25        Coal miner haulier  Henlow, BDF
     184        MARTIN         Inman            Head       M    31        Coal miner "hewer"  Stanley
                MARTIN         Alice            Wife       M    28                            Duffield
                MARTIN         Naomi            Dau              6                            Stanley
                MARTIN         Dorothy          Dau              5                            Stanley
                MARTIN         Hilary           Son              3                            Stanley
                MARTIN         Adelaide         Dau              6 wks                        Stanley
     185        DAVIS          Matthew          Head       M    38        Coal miner "hewer"  South Normanton
                DAVIS          Leacher          Wife       M    39                            Stanley
                DAVIS          Matthew          Son              8                            Stanley
                DAVIS          Thos Isaac       Son              7                            Stanley
                DAVIS          Catherine        Dau              4                            Stanley
                DAVIS          Arnold           Son              2                            Stanley
                DAVIS          Isabel           Dau              1                            Stanley
                MELLOR         William          Ftr in law Wid  66        Coal miner "hewer"  Pinxton, NTT
     186        MARTIN         William          Head       M    69        Furnace stoker      Smalley
                MARTIN         Ann              Wife       M    68                            Stanley
     187        THOMPSON       John             Head       M    55        Colliery banksman   Stanley
                THOMPSON       Emma             Wife       M    54                            Stanley
                THOMPSON       John Amos        Son        S    18        Coal miner "loader" Stanley
                THOMPSON       Sarah Ann        Dau        S    16        Mother's help       Stanley
                THOMPSON       Horace Wm        G son            7                            Stanley
     188        FROST          William          Head       M    34        Coal miner "hewer"  Stanley
                FROST          Selina           Wife       M    30                            Linton
                FROST          William H        Son              7                            Stanley
                FROST          Thos S Noel      Son              5                            Stanley
     189        MELLOWS        Jno A            Head       M    24        Coal miner "hewer"  Stanley
                MELLOWS        Mary             Wife       M    28                            Stanley
                MELLOWS        Annie Ada J      Dau              5                            Stanley
                MELLOWS        Gertrude E       Dau              1                            Stanley
     190        DEXTER         Thomas           Head       M    38        Engine fitter       Tamworth, WAR
                DEXTER         Jane Eliz        Dau              9                            Stanley
                DEXTER         Samuel J         Son              6                            Stanley
                DEXTER         Annie Mary       Dau              4                            Stanley
                WARD           Jane             Housekeep  M    49        Housekeeper         Bulwell, NTT
     191        WHEATLEY       William          Head       M    56        Engine tenter       Dale Abbey
                WHEATLEY       Mary             Wife       M    36                            Dale Abbey
                WHEATLEY       Annie            Dau             11                            Dale Abbey
                WHEATLEY       Ernest           Son              6                            Stanley
     192        SARSON         William          Head       M    57                            Stanley                    Paralysed
                SARSON         Emily            Wife       M    57                            Stanley
                SARSON         Fred             Son        S    19        Coal miner header   Stanley
                SARSON         Thos             Son             11                            Stanley
                SARSON         George           Son              9                            Stanley
     193        MARTIN         Hannah           Head       Wid  60                            Castle Donnington, LEI
                MARTIN         William          Son        M    28        Coal miner haulier  Stanley
                MARTIN         Louisa           Wife       M    24                            Aston on Trent
                MARTIN         George Vernon    G child          2                            Stanley
                HORSNALL       George           Brdr       S    22        Unreadable          Dalton in Furness, LAN     ?Occupation
     194        CROSS          Harry            Head       M    47        Coal miner "hewer"  Rempstone, NTT
                CROSS          Mary             Wife       M    46                            Hoton, LEI
                CROSS          Jno Edward       Son        S    21        Coal miner "hewer"  Sileby, LEI
                CROSS          Alfred           Son        S    18        Coal miner loader   Stanford, NTT
                CROSS          Ada Mary         Dau             14                            Rempstone, NTT
                CROSS          Naomi            Dau             10                            Rempstone, NTT
                CROSS          Christopher      Son              4                            Hoton, LEI
     195        SANDERS        John             Head       M    27        Coal miner "hewer"  Dale Abbey
                SANDERS        Elizabeth Ann    Wife       M    26                            Loughboro', LEI
                SANDERS        Monica           Dau              3                            Stanley
                SANDERS        Annie Mary       Dau              1                            Stanley
     196        STEVENS        Jane             Head       Wid  57                            Stanley
                STEVENS        Arthur           Son        S    21        Coal miner "hewer"  Stanley
                STEVENS        Thos             Son        S    19        Coal miner "hewer"  Stanley
                STEVENS        Samuel           Son        S    16        Pony driver         Stanley
                STEVENS        Nelson           Son             12                            Stanley
     197        WHITE          William          Head       M    57        Coal miner "hewer"  Coalville, LEI
                WHITE          Harriett         Wife       M    57                            Faithley, STS
                WHEATLEY       William          Brdr       Wid  56        Coal miner "hewer"  Holbrook
                SUTCLIFFE      Edmund           Brdr       S    34        Coal miner haulier  Alfreton
     198        HARTSHORN      Vivian E         Head       M    23        Coal miner "hewer"  Platts Common, YKS
                HARTSHORN      Mary             Wife       M    27                            Heanor
                HARTSHORN      John Prince      Son              3                            Heanor
                HARTSHORN      Thomas           Son              1                            Shirebrook
     199        FREEMAN        George           Head       M    39        Horse keeper...     Mansfield, NTT             ...at colliery
                FREEMAN        Emma             Wife       M    29                            West Binley, NFK
                FREEMAN        Sarah Ann        Dau             11                            Ripley
                FREEMAN        Alice            Dau              9                            Ilkeston
                FREEMAN        Elizabeth        Dau              6                            Derby
                FREEMAN        Emma             Dau              2                            Derby
                FREEMAN        George           Son             11 m                          Hathern, LEI
     200        SNEAP          William          Head       M    40        Coal miner "hewer"  West Hallam
                SNEAP          Mary Ann         Wife       M    38                            Mapperley
                SNEAP          Harriet Ann      Dau        S    18        Servant domestic... Stanley                    ...out of situation
                SNEAP          Edward           Son        S    15        Pony driver...      Stanley                    ...at colliery
                SNEAP          William          Son             12                            Stanley
                SNEAP          Samuel           Son             10                            Stanley
                SNEAP          Georgina         Dau              7                            Stanley
                SNEAP          John             Son              4                            Stanley
     201        SKELTON        William          Head       M    44        Stoker...           Holme, HUN                 ...on locomotive
                SKELTON        Hannah           Wife       M    40                            Homlegate
                SKELTON        Thiza            Dau             15                            Homlegate
                SKELTON        John             Son             12                            Bracebridge, LIN
                SKELTON        Winifred         Dau             10                            West Hallam
                SKELTON        Robert           Son              8                            West Hallam
                SKELTON        Victor           Son              6                            West Hallam
                SKELTON        William          Son              4                            West Hallam
                SKELTON        Bernard          Son              2                            West Hallam
     202        SANDERS        Alexander        Head       M    54        Coal miner "hewer"  East Leake, NTT
                SANDERS        Selina           Wife       M    55                            Dale Abbey
                SANDERS        William          Son        S    20        Coal miner "loader" Stanley
                SANDERS        Harriet          Dau             14                            Stanley
                SANDERS        Alexander        Son             11                            Stanley
     203        WHITTLE        Francis          Head       M    28        Coal miner "header" Alfreton
                WHITTLE        Catherine        Wife       M    25                            Dale Abbey
     204        RADFORD        Edward           Head       M    77                            Mickleover                 Paralysis
                RADFORD        Elizabeth        Wife       M    72                            Stanley
                RADFORD        Zillah           Dau        S    36        Dressmaker          Derwent
                RADFORD        Mary             Dau        S    32                            Derwent                    Imbecile
     205        HART           Mary             Head       Wid  75                            Stanley
     206        HART           Julia            Head       M    30        Farmer's wife       Breadsall
                HART           Grace Lucilla    Dau              6                            Stanley
                HART           Lawrence Allen   Son              4                            Stanley
                HART           Unice Irene      Dau              2                            Stanley
                HART           Osborne Luther   Son              3 m                          Stanley
                LENTON         Edward           Servant    S    18        Cow man on farm     Burton
                SARSON         William          Servant    S    27        Worker on farm      Morley
                DISNEY         Mary Augusta     Servant         13        House girl...       Stanley                    ...domestic
     207        JONES          Elizabeth        Head       Wid  52                            Nanmarch, WLS
                MOODY          David            Son        S    28        Coal miner "hewer"  Wrexham, WLS
                MOODY          Lydia            Dau        S    26        Dressmaker          Trafford, CHS
                JONES          Isaac Ernest     Son             14        Pony driver...      Moston, LAN                ...at colliery
                JONES          Thomas           Son             11                            Moston, LAN
     208        SNEAP          Edward           Head       M    38        Coal miner "hewer"  Dale Abbey
                SNEAP          Sarah Ann        Wife       M    38        Charwoman           Derby
                SNEAP          Sarah Ann        Dau              8                            Derby
                SNEAP          John             Father     Wid  59        Colliery labourer   Ockbrook
                WHITE          Selina           Brdr       Wid  69        Seamstress          Stanley
     209        HEMSTOCK       Reuben           Head       M    55        Farmer              Clipstone, NTT
                HEMSTOCK       Rebecca          Wife       M    57                            Stanley
                HEMSTOCK       John Thos        Son        S    26        Coal miner "hewer"  Stanley
                HEMSTOCK       Willis           Son        S    23        Coal miner "hewer"  Stanley
                HEMSTOCK       Harold           Son        S    20        Coal miner sadler   Stanley
                HEMSTOCK       Sarah Ann        Dau        S    18        Mother's help       Stanley
      (Schedule 210 is "Stanley Hall")
     210        POTTER         Saml Willm       Head       Wid  61                            Kilburn                    Blind 3 yrs
                POTTER         Margaret         Dau        S    30                            West Hallam
     211        HART           Francis          Head       M    37        Farmer...           Stanley                    ...& coal carter
                HART           Ellen            Wife       M    47                            Heage
      (Schedule 212 is "The Vicarage")
     212        DAY            Rev Harry L      Head       S    43        Clergyman...        Bromsgrove, WOR            ...Church of England
                DAY            Ina Mary         Sister     S    30                            Hollyne, YKS
                BARKER         Selina           Servant    S    16        General servant...  Breaston, NTT              ...domestic
     213        HARTSHORN      Charles          Head       M    39        Check weighman      Stanley
                HARTSHORN      Margaret         Wife       M    36                            Burton on Trent
                HARTSHORN      George           Son             14        Errand boy...       Stanley                    ...at colliery
                HARTSHORN      Thos             Son             13                            Stanley
                HARTSHORN      Annie            Dau              9                            Stanley
                HARTSHORN      Emma             Dau              4                            Stanley
      (Schedule 214 is "The Cedars")
     214        GRUNDY         Jane             Head       Wid  74        Living on own means West Hallam
                GRUNDY         Annie M          Dau        S    31                            West Hallam
     215        HALL           Charles          Head       Wid  76        Labourer retired    Stanton by Dale
                HALL           Sarah            Dau in law M    35                            Stanley
                HALL           Charles          G son            8                            Stanley
                HALL           Sarah Ann        G daur           4                            Stanley
                HALL           Lucy             G daur           3                            Stanley
     216        GREENWOOD      Charles          Head       M    31        Coal miner "hewer"  Harby, LEI
                GREENWOOD      Elizabeth        Wife       M    38                            Stanley
                GREENWOOD      Edward           Son              8                            Stanley
                GREENWOOD      Ernest           Son              5                            Stanley
                GREENWOOD      George           Son              2                            Stanley
     217        HALL           William          Head       M    46        Coal miner "hewer"  Stanley
                HALL           Elizabeth        Wife       M    48                            Honeybourne, WOR
     218        FINNEY         Thomas           Head       M    38        Coal miner "hewer"  Boylestone
                FINNEY         Emma             Wife       M    40                            Kingsley, STS
                SIGLEY         Roland           Brdr       S    18        Coal miner "hewer"  Leek, STS
     219        HARTSHORN      William          Head       M    42        Traction engine...  Draycott                   ...driver
                HARTSHORN      Harriet          Wife       M    37                            Tissington
                HARTSHORN      Kathleen         Dau              3                            Stanley
                WRAY           Charles A        Visitor         11                            Ilkeston
     220        HARTSHORN      Ephraim          Head       M    63        Threshing machine...Dudley, STS                ...owner
                HARTSHORN      Ann              Wife       M    71                            Stanton by Dale
                HARTSHORN      Arthur William ThSon        M    44        Traction engine...  Draycott                   ...driver
                HARTSHORN      Sarah            Dau in law M    45        Dressmaker          Hornchurch, ESS
                FOY            Edgar James      Visitor    S    23        Banker's clerk      Barnsbury, MDX
     221        HART           Henry            Head       M    46        Grocer...           Stanley                    ...& Beer Off Keeper
                HART           Martha           Wife       M    41                            Mapperley
                HART           Vernon           Son        S    21        Coal miner "hewer"  Stanley
                HART           Percival         Son        S    19        Coal miner "loader" Stanley
                HART           Bertha           Dau        S    17        Mother's help       Stanley
                HART           Charles          Son             14        Pony driver...      Stanley                   ...at colliery
                HART           Frances          Dau             12                            Stanley
                HART           George           Son              9                            Stanley
                HART           Mabel            Dau              6                            Stanley
     222        FLETCHER       John             Head       M    38        Coal miner "hewer"..India                      ...& Army pensioner
                FLETCHER       Jane             Wife       M    36                            Ireland
                FLETCHER       Violet           Dau              9                            Bermuda
                FLETCHER       Olive            Dau              7                            Canada
                FLETCHER       Eva              Dau              2                            South Africa
     223        MARTIN         Mary Ann         Head       Wid  72                            Mapperley                  Paralysed
                DAVIES         Fanny            Dau        M    32                            West Hallam
                DAVIES         Thomas           Son in law M    32        Carter on roads     Salop
                HALLAM         Samuel           Brdr             7                            Stanley
                HALLAM         John             Brdr            10                            Stanley
                DAVIES         Chas R           G son            1                            Stanley
     224        DANIELS        Elizabeth        Head       Wid  48                            Stanley
                DANIELS        Walter           Son        S    16        Coal miner "sadler" Snelston
                DANIELS        Frank            Son             14        Pony driver         Snelston
                DANIELS        Aylmer           Son             12                            Snelston
                DANIELS        Sarah Ann        Dau              8                            Stanley
                DANIELS        Lillie           Dau              6                            Stanley
                DANIELS        Fanny            Dau              4                            Stanley
     225        HART           Sarah            Head       Wid  64                            Stanley
                HART           Joseph Elijah    Son        S    29        Coal miner "hewer"  Stanley
                HART           Albert           Son        S    23        Coal miner "hewer"  Stanley
     226        HEMSTOCK       Joseph           Head       M    27        Coal miner "hewer"  Stanley
                HEMSTOCK       Mary Ann         Wife       M    26                            Stanley
                HEMSTOCK       Percy            Son              3                            Stanley
                HEMSTOCK       Albert           Son             1                             Stanley
     227        CLARKE         Francis          Head       M    35        Coal miner "hewer"  Stanley
                CLARKE         Frances Amelia   Wife       M    31                            Stanley
                CLARKE         Joseph Thos      Son             11                            Stanley
                CLARKE         Frances Laura    Dau              9                            Stanley
                CLARKE         Gertrude Annie   Dau              8                            Stanley
                CLARKE         Edgar Wm         Son              3                            Stanley
     228        MARTIN         Frank            Head       M    27        Colliery shunter    West Hallam
                MARTIN         Emma             Wife       M    22                            Stanley
     229        MELLORS        Mary             Head       Wid  64                            Draycott
                MELLORS        William          Son        S    16        Lamp trimmer...     Temple Normanton          ...at colliery
     230        HEMSTOCK       Henry            Head       M    24        Coal miner "hewer"  Stanley
                HEMSTOCK       Harriett         Wife       M    22                            Stanley
     231        DISNEY         George           Head       M    28        Coal miner...       West Hallam               ...contractor
                DISNEY         Rose Annie       Wife       M    28                            Granby, NTT
                DISNEY         George           Son              8                            Stanley
                DISNEY         Alfred Edgar     Son              6                            Stanley
                DISNEY         Willm Arthur     Son              5                            Stanley
                DISNEY         Daisy            Dau              3                            Stanley
                DISNEY         Evelyn Annie     Dau              1                            Stanley
     232        HUGGINS        Sarah            Head       Wid  57                            Wheathampstead, HRT
                HUGGINS        Myra Emma        Dau        S    27        Assistant teacher...Mapperley                  ...at Board School
                EXTON          Annie            Adopted         12                            Shardlow
     233        WALDRON        Eliza            Head       Wid  68        Grocer              Stanley
                WALDRON        Julia            Dau        S    34                            Stanley
     234        MARTIN         Chas Thos        Head       M    34        Coal miner haulier  Mapperley
                MARTIN         Cath Eliza       Wife       M    31                            Draycott In The Clay
                MARTIN         Rose Annie       Dau              9                            Stanley
                MARTIN         Harriet Maud     Dau              4                            Stanley
                MARTIN         Saml Percy       Son              3                            Stanley
     235        SHARPE         Arthur           Head       M    34        Labourer ...        Great Dalby, LEI           ...on colliery bank
                SHARPE         Beatrice         Wife       M    21                            Stanley
                CORNFORTH      Albert           Brdr       S    18        Coal carter...      Breadsall                 ...at colliery
     236        MABBOTT        Arthur           Head       M    31        Labourer...         Henlow, BDF               ...on G N Railway
                MABBOTT        Annie            Wife       M    28                            Cottesmore, RUT
                MABBOTT        Wilfred Arthur   Son              7                            Stanley
                MABBOTT        William Henry    Son              6                            Stanley
                MABBOTT        Ada Annie        Dau              4                            Stanley
                SPICER         Frederic         Brdr       S    26        Labourer...         Wymeswold, LEI             ...on G N Railway
     237        SWAIN          George           Head       M    37        Coal miner "hewer"  Langford, BDF
                SWAIN          Fanny Elizabeth  Wife       M    24                            Barrow, RUT
                SWAIN          George Alfred    Son              2                            Stanley
                SWAIN          Gladys Eliz      Dau              7 m                          Stanley
                SHORT          Frederic         Brdr       S    23        Porter...           Asbournby                 ...on G N Railway
     238        THOMPSON       Joseph           Head       M    29        Coal miner "hewer"  Stanley
                THOMPSON       Annie            Wife       M    25                            Smalley
                THOMPSON       John William     Son              5                            Stanley
                THOMPSON       Jas Archibald    Son              4                            Stanley
                THOMPSON       Annie Lily       Dau              2                            Stanley
                THOMPSON       Jos Ernest       Son              4 m                          Stanley
     239        HARVEY         Arthur           Head       M    37        Coal miner haulier  Mapperley
                HARVEY         Annie            Wife       M    34                            Mapperley
                ROE            Louisa           Sis in law S    16                            Mapperley
                JULIAN         Edward           Brdr       S    24        Coal miner "hewer"  Wycombe, LEI
                TAYLOR         George W         Brdr       S    17        Pony driver         St Clements, NFK
     240        DISNEY         Thomas           Head       M    30        Coal miner "hewer"  West Hallam
                DISNEY         Annie            Wife       M    25                            Derby
                DISNEY         Doris Mary       Dau              3                            Stanley
                DISNEY         William Daykin   Son              1                            Stanley
     241        COTTON         George           Head       M    40        Checkweighman       Stanley
                COTTON         Ellen            Wife       M    34                            Ticknall
                COTTON         Elizabeth        Dau              8                            Stanley
                COTTON         Hannah           Dau              7                            Stanley
                COTTON         George Wm        Son              5                            Stanley
     242        HICKEN         Samuel           Head       M    23        Coal miner "hewer"  Manchester, LAN
                HICKEN         Alice            Wife       M    22                            Smalley
                HICKEN         Alice            Dau              2 wks                        Stanley
                CLARK          Annie            Sis in law S    13        Nurse domestic      Horsley Woodhouse
                HUTCHINSON     Mary A           Aunt       M    52        Midwife             Belper
     243        HART           Amos             Head       M    31        Coal miner "hewer"  Stanley
                HART           Ann              Wife       M    22                            Mapperley
                HART           John Arthur      Son              8 m                          Stanley
     244        HART           Benjamin         Head       M    44        Coal miner "hewer"  Stanley
                HART           Ellen            Wife       M    42                            Stanley
                HART           Eliza Ann        Dau        S    18        Housemaid...        Stanley                    ...domestic
                HART           Jos Henry        Son        S    14        Lad on pit bank     Stanley
                HART           Emily            Dau             10                            Stanley
                HART           Enoch            Son              8                            Stanley
                HART           Mary             Dau              6                            Stanley
     245        DISNEY         Joseph           Head       M    36        Coal miner...       Kirk Hallam                ...contractor
                DISNEY         Mary Maria       Wife       M    34                            Stanley
                DISNEY         Frances Eleanor  Dau        S    15        Assistant...        Stanley                   ...pupil teacher
                DISNEY         Ethel Sarah      Dau             10                            Stanley
                DISNEY         Clarice Rhoda    Dau              8                            Stanley
                DISNEY         Ruth             Dau              6                            Stanley
                DISNEY         Eunice Amelia    Dau              3                            Stanley
                DISNEY         Edith            Dau              1                            Stanley
     246        CLARKE         Thomas           Head       M    57        Checkweighman       West Hallam
                CLARKE         Julia            Wife       M    55                            Stanley
                CLARKE         Charles Wm       Son        S    25        Coal miner haulier  West Hallam
                CLARKE         Arthur           Son        S    23        Coal miner haulier  West Hallam
                CLARKE         Hannah Mary      Dau        S    20                            Stanley
                CLARKE         Hilda Annie      Dau        S    13                            Stanley
     247        RADFORD        John             Head       M    49        Army pensioner...   Stanley                    ...& colliery clerk
                RADFORD        Johanna          Wife       M    47                            Valetta, Malta
     248        HARRISON       Elizabeth        Head       Wid  37        Charwoman           Stanley
                HARRISON       Arthur           Son        S    15        Blacksmith's...     Stanley                    ...assistant
                HARRISON       Lucy             Dau             12                            Stanley
                HARRISON       Owen             Son              8                            Stanley
     249        HART           John             Head       M    60        Labourer...         Stanley                   ...on colliery bank
                HART           Charlotte        Wife       M    70                            Stanton by Dale
     250        MARSON         William          Head       M    57        Coal miner "hewer"  Hickling, NTT
                MARSON         Kerrenhappuck    Wife       M    60                            Smalley
                MARSON         John             Son        S    31        Coal miner "hewer"  Smalley
                MARSON         James            Son        S    22        Coal miner "hewer"  Smalley
                MARSON         William          Son        S    19        Coal miner "hewer"  Smalley
     251        FLINT          Francis          Head       M    50        Joiner              West Hallam
                FLINT          Emma             Wife       M    57                            West Hallam
                FLINT          Harry            Son        S    24        Joiner              Stanley
                FLINT          Gertrude May     Dau        S    19        Milliner's...       Stanley                    ...assistant
                FLINT          Norman McLeod    Son        S    17        Weigh clerk...      Stanley                    ...(colliery)                 
                FLINT          Francis Rob      Son        S    15        Errand boy...       Stanley                    ...(colliery)
                FLINT          Horace Brown     Son             12                            Stanley
                FLINT          Evelyn Daisy     Dau              9                            Stanley
     252        HART           Humphrey         Head       M    36        Coal miner "hewer"  Stanley
                HART           Elsie            Wife       M    27                            Cat & Fiddle
                HART           Elsie            Dau              3                            Stanley
                HART           John Hupy        Son              2 m                          Stanley
     253        HUGGINS        William          Head       M    31        Coal miner "hewer"  Wheathampstead, HRT
                HUGGINS        Harriet          Wife       M    25                            Newtown, SAL
                HUGGINS        Helena           Dau              2                            Stanley
                HUGGINS        Alfred           Son              1                            Stanley
     254        RAWLINGS       William          Head       M    28        Coal miner haulier  Braunston, RUT
                RAWLINGS       Mary Jane        Wife       M    30                            Stanley
     (Schedule 255 is "Mill House")
     255        BROWN          Fredk Matthew    Head       M    29        Colliery manager    Ilkeston
                BROWN          Abi              Wife       M    27                            Ilkeston
     256        BARKSBY        Wm Tomlinson     Head       M    32        Coal miner "hewer"  Stanley
                BARKSBY        Mary Elizabeth   Wife       M    30                            Stanley
     257        PARNHAM        Arthur           Head       M    32        Coal miner "hewer"  Nottingham, NTT
                PARNHAM        Emma             Wife       M    32                            Burton on Trent
                PARNHAM        Ethel Louisa     Dau              8                            Stanley
     258        WALDRON        Charles          Head       M    29        Coal miner "hewer"  Stanley
                WALDRON        Mary Ann         Wife       M    32                            Ilkeston
                WALDRON        John             Son              3                            Stanley

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