This section lists individuals who once lived in Stanley but were later found elsewhere. These fall into 3 categories:

1) Censuses 1851 through 1901 - I have picked out people who, according to the census, were born in Stanley but were living elsewhere when the census was taken. I have seen a lot of these entries on film myself, but some (particularly the 1881 census) are taken from indexed transcripts. I would therefore recommend looking at the original film, which will also reveal more details eg. other people in the household who were not born in Stanley.

2) Marriages from Phillimore's Marriage Index for Derbyshire. These are transcripts covering the time period up to 1812 (and for some parishes up to 1837). I have listed all marriages where at least one party was said to be "of Stanley." Again, checking the original registers (especially after 1754 when witnesses names were included) is strongly recommended.

3) Burials in adjacent parishes, of people whose residence was given as Stanley or Stanley Common. These cover the period from 1813 (or when residence was first included in the burial register if earlier) to whenever the register kept at Derbyshire Records Office ends. As the Stanley burial register for most of the 19th century was destroyed by fire, these stray burials are especially useful. Stanley folk who chose to be buried elsewhere were doing future genealogists a big favour!

   I am always happy to receive additional information to add to this list - if you find any Stanley folk whilst browsing through censuses please let me have the name, marital status, age, where living, and PRO piece and Folio numbers. Likewise any stray burials in parishes I have not covered.


1851 census

1861 census

1871 census

1881 census

1891 census

1901 census

Stanley Marriage Strays (from Phillimore's Derbyshire Marriages)

Stray Burials at Dale Abbey

Stray Burials at Mapperley

Stray Burials at Morley

Stray Burials at Smalley

Stray Burials at Spondon

Stray Burials at West Hallam


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