In this section I have tried to list all the wills of Stanley residents and give a precis of the relevant information contained in them. The full text of the wills can be found at the Records Offices in Lichfield (up to 1857) or Matlock (1858 - 1928). I believe this list is pretty much complete for the period 1682 - 1928, though as I have used indexes at Matlock and Lichfield as my sources I cannot rule out the odd omission due to indexing errors.

The list from Matlock has been compiled using a transcription of the index by Mike Spencer, which is published on John Palmer's Wirksworth website.

The list from Lichfield was compiled by myself by going through their place index and writing down every will from Stanley and Spondon (of which Stanley used to be a part). Since most of the Spondon names would have been Spondon residents, and some of the Stanley names would have been from Stanley (near Leek) in Staffordshire, rather than Stanley in Derbyshire, I then selected only those names for which I could find a corresponding burial in the Stanley (Derbyshire) registers. This means that I may have missed a few, particularly pre 1682 where there are no parish registers to consult.

ALLCROFT John 1859 (Stanley) Will made 18th Dec 1857. Beneficiaries: Wife Frances ALLCROFT, then after her death, his surviving children (not named) to share the estate. If there are no surviving children or grandchildren at the time of his wife's death, the money goes to the children of his nephew John GARFIT of Netherthorpe.
ALLPORT Matilda 1896 (Stanley Common) Beneficiaries: Children John ALLPORT, Emily ALLPORT, Charles ALLPORT, Matilda ALLPORT, Ann ALLPORT, Dean ALLPORT, Maria ALLPORT, Louisa ALLPORT, Elizabeth ALLPORT, Rachel ALLPORT, Edward Arthur ALLPORT.
BAGSHAW John 1722 (Stanley) Will made 18th Jun 1722. Beneficiaries: Wife Mary BAGSHAW, sons James BAGSHAW, Robert BAGSHAW & Joseph BAGSHAW.
BARTON Arthur 1860 (Stanley) Yeoman. Will made 25th Nov 1859.Beneficiaries: Wife Sarah BARTON, Joseph ALLSOP of Derby (Joiner), Son Arthur BARTON of Darleston, Daughters Elizabeth BARTON, Sarah GRUNDY, Hannah ROBINSON, Ann STEVENS.
BARTON Gregory 1825 (Stanley) Baker. Will made 14th Sep 1824. Beneficiaries: Wife Mary BARTON, sons Arthur BARTON, William BARTON, Stephen BARTON & James BARTON. Probate granted to Arthur BARTON of Stanley (Farmer).
BARTON Stephen 1768 (Stanley) Baker. Will made 2nd May 1767. Beneficiaries: Wife Hannah BARTON, son Gregory BARTON, daughters Sarah CROPPER (alias CROPWELL), Hannah HIDES, Ruth SCATTERGOOD, Ann BARTON, grandchildren William, Martha & Ann HIDES. Also mentioned is his sister Ruth BARTON.
BESTWICK Richard 1749 (Stanley) Will made 5th Feb 1747. Beneficiaries: Son Thomas BESTWICK, daughter Anne BESTWICK, daughters Sarah & Elizabeth BESTWICK (when they reach age 21). The small farm he owns is to be shared by his son Henry BESTWICK and his wife Katharine BESTWICK "provided they can live together in unity."  If this cannot be achieved, then Katharine is to take one cow of her choice from the herd, and go and live anywhere she pleases.
BIRD Mary Ann 1899 (Stanley Common) Widow. Will made 8th July 1893. Beneficiaries & Executors: Mary MEE and Samuel MEE (both of Stanley Common).
BOWERS Thomas 1860 (Stanley Common) Beneficiaries: Wife Elizabeth BOWERS, daughters Elizabeth BOWERS, Jane Caroline MORLEY (wife of Robert MORLEY), sons John BOWERS, Francis BOWERS, Walter BOWERS, William BOWERS, Thomas BOWERS, Elijah BOWERS.
BRENTNALL Luke 1722 (Stanley) Will made 5th Aug 1722. Beneficiaries: Wife Elizabeth BRENTNALL, children Nicholas BRENTNALL, Ann BRENTNALL, Paul BRENTNALL, Sarah BRENTNALL, Elizabeth BRENTNALL.
BRIDGES George 1761 (Stanley) Labourer. Beneficiaries: Wife Ann BRIDGES, sons William & George BRIDGES.
BROWN Eliza 1891 (Stanley Grange) Widow. Date of death 19th Aug 1891. Will made 8th Mar 1890. Executors: Nephews Edwin CANNER & John Canner PARKINSON. Beneficiaries: Nephews & Nieces namely Clement CANNER, William CANNER, Blunstone CANNER, John Canner PARKINSON, Margaret WHITEHOUSE, Annie CANNER (NB. Edwin CANNER not included because he already had an inheritance under another will).
BURROWS Godfrey 1715 (Stanley) Beneficiaries: Wife Anne BURROWS, sons Godfrey and Daniel BURROWS, daughters Anne, Lidea and Abigail BURROWS, son in law James HARVEY, daughter Elizabeth HARVEY (wife of James).
CANNER John 1864 (Stanley Grange) Date of death 9th Sep 1864. Will made 17th Feb 1863. Beneficiaries: Wife Eliza CANNER, daughter Eliza CANNER.
CARLINE Elijah 1830 (Stanley) Yeoman. Will made 31st Jan 1829. Beneficiaries: Sons Elijah CARLINE of Portsmouth, Francis CARLINE, Edward CARLINE, daughters Jane STANLEY (wife of John STANLEY) of Smalley, Sarah CARLINE, Elizabeth BOWER (wife of Thomas BOWER) of Little Hallam, Catherine DRURY (widow) now in America.
CLARK Thomas Flint 1913 (Stanley) Beneficiaries: His children Francis William CLARK, Thomas CLARK, Herbert Henry CLARK, Charles Willie CLARK, Arthur CLARK, Hannah Mary CLARK, Hilda Annie CLARK. Wife Julia CLARK. NB. This will is incorrectly indexed at Matlock RO as "CLARK, Thomas Flint, Staveley."
CLIFT John 1862 (Stanley) Farmer of Stanley and formerly of Bath Road, Nailsworth, Horsley, Glos. Beneficiaries: Wife Elizabeth CLIFT, children Elizabeth Mary CLIFT & Martin Luther CLIFT, Millicent  BUXTON (daughter of Christopher MARTIN & sister of wife Elizabeth CLIFT). Also mentions the children of his 2 sisters viz. late sister Lois, wife of Samuel MANNING, builder, late of Minchinhampton, Glos, and sister Eunice, wife of Thomas EVANS, carpenter, of Tressham, Glos.
COXON Joseph 1829 (Stanley) Farmer. Will made 27th Oct 1828. Beneficiaries: Wife Elizabeth COXON, sons Thomas COXON and John COXON, daughter Mary HIDES.
DAKIN William 1825 (Stanley) Labourer. Will made 11th Nov 1821. Executor: Samuel WHITACRE (Son in Law). Beneficiaries: Son Joseph DAKIN (soldier in the foot guards), daughter Mary JOWETT of Ashborn, daughter Christian MURFIN of Brailsford, daughter Sarah DAKIN (single woman residing in Devonshire), daughter Ann OSBORN of Soton, daughter Ellen WHITACRE, wife Christian DAKIN.
EVANS Robert 1864 (Stanley Lodge, Stanley) Date of death 29th Jan 1864. Beneficiaries: Wife Jane EVANS, children Walter Sacheveral EVANS, Mary RICHARDSON (wife of Harry RICHARDSON), Frances Lucy EVANS, Robert EVANS, Alfred Henry EVANS. His eldest son Isaac Attenborough EVANS was excluded because he would benefit from the will of his late maternal grandfather Isaac ATTENBOROUGH on the death of both of his parents.
FLINT Emma 1918 (Stanley) Wife of Francis Herbert FLINT (joiner). Executors: Brother in law Harry WOOD of Stanley Common, son in law Albert William WAITE of Derby. Beneficiaries: Husband Francis Herbert FLINT, daughter Evelyn Daisy ALDRED (wife of Richard Henry ALDRED of Ilkeston), son in law Robert TURTON of Llay, North Wales, plus her other children (not named).
FLINT Francis Herbert 1921 (Stanley) Joiner. Executors: Wife Emma FLINT, son Harry FLINT. Beneficiaries: Daughter Evelyn Daisy FLINT, all his other children (not named). Probate grant names Norman McLeod FLINT as one of his children.
FORMAN Thomas Robinson 1893 (Stanley) Date of death 13th Aug 1890. Vicar of Stanley. Executor: William ORME of Holmefield, Normanton near Derby. Beneficiaries: Mary Ann PARKER of Chellaston, Mrs Henry FORMAN of Chellaston, Ethel May STONE and her sister Ellen Grace STONE, Mary Ann Catherine ORME, William Thomas Mansfield ORME, Gertrude GEE, Lydia COLLIE (housekeeper), Henry FORMAN (cousin) of Chellaston, Jemima FORMAN (cousin), Arthur FORMAN of Aston Upon Trent, Beatrice TOMLINSON, William ORME. NB. This will is incorrectly indexed at Matlock with ROBINSON as the surname.
GIBSON Rev Alfred Augustus 1867 (Stanley) Date of death 16th Nov 1866. Beneficiary: Wife Caroline Charlotte GIBSON.
GRUNDY Richard Davies 1896 (Stanley) Beneficiaries: Wife Elizabeth GRUNDY, sons Charles Henry GRUNDY, William Bernard GRUNDY.
HALL Charles 1905 (Stanley) Will made 27th Oct 1897. Beneficiaries: Sons William HALL, Charles HALL, daughters Eliza KENT, Mary Hannah WRIGHT.
HAMBLETON John 1762 (Stanley) Beneficiaries: Brother Thomas HAMBLETON, sister Anne HAMBLETON, brother William HAMBLETON, brother Robert HAMBLETON, cousin Elizabeth MEE (daughter of Ellin MEE, deceased), sister Dorothy HART (widow). 
HAMBLETON Thomas 1782 (Stanley) Beneficiaries: Niece Elizabeth WOODWARD (wife of Luke WOODWARD), brother William HAMBLETON, brother Robert HAMBLETON.
HART Ellen 1918 (Stanley) Beneficiary: Husband Francis HART.
HART Henry 1926 (Stanley) Grocer & Beer Retailer.Beneficiaries: Wife Lydia HART, children Eliza Jane HART (wife of John HART), Vernon HART, Joseph Percival HART, Bertha ALLSOPP (wife of Charles ALLSOPP), Charles Henry HART, Frances Amelia ROBINSON (wife of Samuel ROBINSON), George Edmund HART, Mabel STOCKS (wife of Samuel STOCKS), Frank HART, Henry Lakin HART.
HART Humphrey 1881 (Stanley)  Date of death 19th July 1881. Beneficiaries: Mother Salome HART, brother William HART.
HART John 1815 (Stanley) Yeoman. Will made 3rd June 1782. Died in 1782 but probate not until 1815 (not sure why but possibly will wasn't found at the time and turned up later). Beneficiaries: Wife Hannah HART, six children Thomas HART, Richard HART, John HART, Dorothy HART, Mary HART , William HART.
HART John 1918 (Stanley) Beneficiaries: Wife Sarah HART, grandchildren John Arthur HART, Charlotte HART, Evelyn Alina HART, son in law Benjamin HART, daughter in law Mary BAILEY. Executors were George Meynall HART & George HART, both of Norman Street, Ilkeston.
HART Joseph 1890 (Stanley) Farmer. Beneficiaries: Stepson Isaac THOMPSON, wife Mary HART, children Henry HART, Ellen HART, Francis HART, Mary Maria HART, Frances Amelia HART, Joseph HART, Rebecca THOMPSON, John THOMPSON, Sarah Ann THOMPSON, Rhoda THOMPSON, Elizabeth THOMPSON, William THOMPSON.
HARTSHORN Thomas 1833 (Stanley) Farmer. Will made 23rd Jun 1831. Executors: Timothy HARTSHORN (yeoman), John HARTSHORN (Framework knitter), Aaron HARTSHORN (labourer) all of Stanley. Beneficiaries: Wife Ann HARTSHORN, four children Timothy HARTSHORN, Ann WINFIELD, John HARTSHORN, Aaron HARTSHORN.
HARTSHORN Timothy 1856 (Stanley) Farmer. Will made 18th Aug 1851. Date of death 18th Dec 1855. Beneficiaries: Wife Catherine HARTSHORN, children Matilda SMITH, Elizabeth BLANKLEY, Thomas HARTSHORN, Aaron HARTSHORN, Timothy HARTSHORN, grandson Samuel MARTIN (son of his daughter Ann MARTIN and her husband Joseph MARTIN).
HARTSHORNE John 1852 (Stanley) Yeoman. Beneficiaries: Daughter Mary (wife of William MARTIN), John MARTIN (youngest son of Mary), Henry MARTIN (son of Mary MARTIN), granddaughter Hannah MOORLEY (wife of William MOORLEY), brother William HARTSHORNE, grandchildren - children of daughter Charlotte HALLUM - namely Joseph, Henry & Mary HALLUM, son Godfrey HARTSHORNE (currently residing in America).
HAYNES Samuel 1906 (Stanley) Farmer of Stanley Hill. Beneficiaries: Wife Emma HAYNES, children Clement HAYNES, Elizabeth HAYNES, Francis HAYNES, Joseph HAYNES, Samuel HAYNES, Anthony HAYNES, Alfred HAYNES.
HOBSON Frederick 1919 (Stanley Common) Miner. Executors and Beneficiaries: Wife Julia HOBSON, son William HOBSON, daughter Julia Ann FANCOURT (wife of John FANCOURT of Stanley Common).
KAY William 1911 (Stanley) Farmer. Beneficiary: Wife Annie Eliza KAY.
KILBOURNE Nicholas 1695 (Stanley) Husbandman. Will made 14th Apr 1695. Beneficiaries: Wife Anne KILBOURNE, son Michael KILBOURNE, daughter Judie ABBOT.
KIRKBY Charles 1691 (Stanley) Beneficiaries: Sons Charles and Nicholas KIRKBY, daughters Ellin and Elizabeth.
LOMAS Thomas 1914 (Stanley Brickyard) Will made 16th July 1910. Executor: James HOULT of Brickyard, Stanley. Beneficiary: Son William LOMAS when he reaches age of 21. If he dies before age 21, estate to go to Thomas' sister in law Mabel HOULT of Brickyard, Stanley.
LONGDEN Ann 1912 (Stanley Common) Widow & Shopkeeper. Date of death 4th Feb 1912. Will made 10th Oct 1901. Beneficiaries: Children William LONGDEN, Sarah KERRY, Jonathan LONGDEN, Ann HACKETT, Ernest LONGDEN, Clara LONGDEN, Frank LONGDEN.
LONGDEN Jonathan 1900 (Stanley Common) Tradesman. Will made 25th Dec 1896. Beneficiaries: Wife Ann LONGDEN, children William LONGDEN, Sarah KERRY, Jonathan LONGDEN, Ann HACKETT, Ernest LONGDEN, Clara LONGDEN, Frank LONGDEN.
MARSHALL William Jackson 1885 (Stanley Hall, Stanley) Surgeon. Late of Stanley but died at Matlock, Derbyshire on 1st Sep 1885. Trustees: Wife Anna MARSHALL, brother Robert MARSHALL (of Ilkeston), nephew William Jackson MARSHALL (Robert's son) to be appointed 3rd trustee when he reaches age 21. Beneficiaries: Wife Anna MARSHALL, niece Catherine MARSHALL (daughter of his late brother whose forename I couldn't read), Catherine TAYLOR (daughter of the late Priscilla TAYLOR of Wessington, Derbyshire), Sarah GREGORY (wife of Isaac GREGORY, grocer) of Ilkeston,  Anne LINGARD (wife of James Edward LINGARD) of Derby, and Kate MARSHALL. (NB. Anne LINGARD & Kate MARSHALL are said to be the children of his brother Thomas MARSHALL). The will also mentions his sons and daughters but does not name them. A codicil written on 29th July 1885 (after he had moved to Matlock) mentions the recent birth of another daughter.
MARTIN Isaac 1891 (Stanley) Date of death 26th Mar 1891. Beneficiary: Wife Mary MARTIN, and after her death his estate to be divided between his brothers and sisters.
MATHEWS Thomas 1781 (Stanley) Beneficiaries: Wife Hannah MATHEWS, children John MATHEWS and Elizabeth MATHEWS.
MORRIS Mable Kate 1920 (Stanley) Executors and Beneficiaries: Husband George MORRIS, sister Hannah Mary WRIGHT of Melton Mowbray.
POTTER George 1847 (Stanley) Farmer. Died 10th Nov 1847. Will made 21st Oct 1847. Beneficiaries: Wife Mary Anne POTTER, brother Isaac POTTER of Mapperley Park (Farmer), brother John POTTER of Morley Moor, nephew Joseph POTTER of Stanley.
POTTER Joseph 1872 (Stanley Hall) Date of death 27th Feb 1872. Beneficiaries: Eliza BRIGGS (housekeeper), niece Ann Potter HUGGETT, nephew Samuel William POTTER (son of his brother Isaac POTTER), nephew Thomas Nadell POTTER, Matilda ABBOTT (niece of his late wife), nephew John HARDY, nephew Joseph POTTER, brothers John POTTER & Isaac POTTER, nephew Joseph Potter HARDY, Mary Ann BRIGGS (housekeeper's daughter).
POTTER Joseph 1912 (Stanley) Will written 17th July 1911. Date of death 3rd March 1912. Executors: Wife Annie POTTER, son William Joseph POTTER, nephew Arthur George HARDY of Sheffield. Beneficiaries: wife Annie POTTER, daughter Elizabeth Ann POTTER, son William Joseph POTTER.
POTTER Mary 1898 (Stanley Hall) Will written 5th Apr 1898. Executor and sole beneficiary daughter Margaret POTTER. Probate granted at Derby 12th May 1898.
POTTER Samuel  1837 (Stanley)  Farmer. Described as "the elder" in the document. Died 24th Aug 1837. Will made 6th Jun 1837. Executors: Sons Joseph POTTER (Farmer & Butcher of Horsley Woodhouse) & George POTTER (Farmer of Stanley). Beneficiaries: Wife Ann POTTER, sons Joseph POTTER, George POTTER, John POTTER, Thomas POTTER, Samuel POTTER & Isaac POTTER. Daughter Ann POTTER. Grandson Joseph POTTER (son of Thomas).
POTTER Thomas 1846 (Stanley) Died 24th Mar 1846. Will made 19th Mar 1846. Beneficiaries: Wife Mary POTTER, two children Joseph & Ann POTTER, brothers George & Joseph POTTER (both farmers of Horsley).
POXON Mary 1882 (Stanley) Date of death 24th July 1882. Wife of John POXON, formerly of Sawley, builder. Formerly Mary MILNES,  spinster. She leaves her entire estate to her sister Jane GRUNDY (otherwise Jane MILNES), with whom she is residing. After Jane's death the following are to be beneficiaries: Mary Ann GRUNDY (Jane's daughter), the four children of Mary's late sister Eliza STYAN, the children of her late brother John MILNES, and the children of her brother Robert MILNES of West Hallam.
RADFORD John 1788 (Stanley) Gentleman. Will made 27th July 1784. Appointed son John RADFORD and  friend Samuel ROWLAND of Derby, as trustees. Beneficiaries: Son John RADFORD, daughters  Elizabeth SMITH of Hida (?) Hall, Hertfordshire (widow), Martha GODDARD (wife of Rev Joseph GODDARD of Tideswell, Dby) and Rachel RADFORD.
RADFORD Rachel 1780 (Stanley) Wife of John RADFORD. Beneficiaries: Son John RADFORD, daughters Rachel RADFORD, Martha GODDARD (wife of Rev Joseph GODDARD of Tideswell), and Elizabeth SMITH, and son in law George SMITH of Hido (?) Hall, Hertfordshire, farmer.
REDFERN German 1803 (Stanley) Yeoman. Will made 22nd Feb 1803. Beneficiaries: Wife Mary REDFERN, sons Ralph, William, John, Samuel, Joseph, Robert & Thomas REDFERN, daughter Mary WILLIAMS (wife of Thomas WILLIAMS).
REDFERN Joseph Earl 1840 (Stanley) Farmer. Will made 28th Apr 1838. Trustees: Joseph FINNEY, George WEBSTER. Beneficiaries: Edward WILLIAMS, German WILLIAMS & Sarah WALLIS wife of Thomas WALLIS of Mickleover, wheelwright (these three being the children of his aunt Mary WILLIAMS wife of Thomas WILLIAMS). Also six children of his late aunt Elizabeth HODGKINSON, namely Sarah FINNEY (wife of Joseph FINNEY), Mary MORLEY (wife of John MORLEY) George HODGKINSON, Richard HODGKINSON, Elizabeth HODGKINSON, Edward HODGKINSON.
REDFERN Thomas 1847 (Stanley) Farmer. Died 4th Mar 1847. Will made 3rd Feb 1847. Beneficiaries: Wife Maria REDFERN, sons Thomas REDFERN & Jerman REDFERN, daughters Maria Bainbridge REDFERN, Elizabeth Bainbridge REDFERN & Mary Hannah REDFERN. The wording of the will implies that son Jerman & daughters Elizabeth & Hannah were all under 21 at the time it was written.
RICHARDSON Sarah 1886 (Stanley) Widow. Date of death 30th May 1885. Executors: William RICHARDSON of Wirksworth (Farmer), John RICHARDSON of Stanley (Farmer) - her sons, and John PORTER of Breadsall (Gardener). Beneficiaries: Sons William, John & Thomas RICHARDSON, daughter Martha RICHARDSON, grandchildren William Thomas KIDDY, Sarah Elizabeth Ann KIDDY, Matthew Henry KIDDY (children of deceased daughter Ann KIDDY).
RICHARDSON Thomas 1873 (Stanley) Farmer. Date of death 25th Jun 1873. Executors: Sons William RICHARDSON of Caller near Wirksworth and John RICHARDSON of Stanley. Beneficiary: Wife Sarah RICHARDSON.
RICHARDSON William 1755 (Stanley). Beneficiaries: Wife Alice RICHARDSON, sons Richard, William, Samuel & Henry RICHARDSON, daughters Hannah RICHARDSON, Alice FREARSON (wife of Stephen FREARSON) and Mary FLETCHER. Grandsons Samuel & William FLETCHER.
ROWBOTTOM Isaac 1834 (Stanley) Labourer. Will made 3rd Jun 1834. Executor: Wife Sarah ROWBOTTOM. Beneficiaries: Wife Sarah ROWBOTTOM, daughter Frances COTTON (wife of John COTTON), grandchildren Robert MORDICK, Jane MORDICK, Mary MORDICK, Charles MORDICK, Tempest MORDICK, Isaac MORDICK, Aaron MORDICK (all of Chaddesden), Edwin ROWBOTTOM of Milford, Sarah COTTON, Frances COTTON, Mary COTTON, Elizabeth COTTON (all of Stanley).
SARSON Joseph 1925 (Stanley) Died 5th Jun 1925. Executors: Walter Tomlinson BARKSBY, Eliza Annie KAY. Beneficiaries: Harriet Emma DAVIS (daughter) Dora SARSON (daughter) Samuel SARSON (son)
SCATTERGOOD Francis 1854 (Stanley) Yeoman. Died 6th May 1854. Will made 5th Feb 1854. Executors: John SCATTERGOOD, William SCATTERGOOD, John PORTER (Farmer of Stanley). Beneficiaries: Nephews John SCATTERGOOD of Nottingham (bricklayer), William SCATTERGOOD of Stanley (bricklayer), Thomas HOBSON of Milford, William HOBSON of Stanley. Nieces Hannah RILEY of Smalley, Ruth SHAW (wife of Henry SHAW) of Smalley. Brother Thomas SCATTERGOOD of Lenton, sister Ruth DAVIS (wife of John DAVIS) of Nottingham.
SCATTERGOOD Hannah 1799 (Stanley) Widow. Will made 14th Mar 1797. Beneficiaries: nephews Isaac FOULSTONE & James COUPLAND (both of Louth, Lincs), also Elizabeth SCATTERGOOD daughter of Thomas SCATTERGOOD of Stanley deceased.
SMITH William 1757 (Stanley) Husbandman. Will made 29th Mar 1757. Owned land and houses at Crich. Beneficiaries: Wife Elizabeth SMITH, son John SMITH (inherited the property at Crich), second son George SMITH, eldest daughter Dorothy BRENTNALL, second daughter Hannah SMITH (whom was under 21), youngest daughter Sarah SMITH.
SWINNERTON Thomas 1769 (Stanley) Dyer. Will made 10th Mar 1767. Beneficiaries: Wife Elizabeth SWINNERTON, son John SWINNERTON, daughter Mary REDFERN (wife of William REDFERN).
TAFT Robert 1887 (Stanley) Licensed Victualler, farmer & butcher - of White Hart Inn, Stanley. Date of death 7th July 1887. Executors: Wife Elizabeth TAFT, son Charles TAFT. Beneficiaries: Wife, then after her death, his children.
THOMPSON James 1851 (Stanley) Rope Maker. Will made 27th Apr 1847. Beneficiaries: Wife Maria THOMPSON, son James THOMPSON of Crich (Framework knitter), daughter Jane BATES, daughter Eliza BAIN. Note: this will includes a large inventory of his possessions, included several animals mentioned by name!
WALDRON Eliza 1905 (Stanley) Widow. Beneficiary: Daughter Julia WALDRON.
WALDRON John 1896 (Stanley) Labourer. Will made 17th Aug 1891. Beneficiary: Wife Eliza WALDRON.
WALTERS Harry 1924 (Stanley Common) Lampman. Executors: Father Henry WALTERS, brother James WALTERS. Beneficiaries: Father Henry WALTERS, brothers James WALTERS and Mark WALTERS, sister Eliza MARTIN (wife of Joseph MARTIN of Smalley Common), niece Sarah HARDY of Stanley Common, friend Hilda GETHING of Ilkeston Junction (spinster).
WHITE James 1871 (Stanley & Derby) Late of Derby, now of Stanley. Yeoman. Died 11th Aug 1871. Executor: Mary Ann BREARLEY (widow of his cousin Bernard BREARLEY). Beneficiaries: Herbert WHITE (Son) currently living in Australia. He will inherit if he returns to England. If not, Mary Ann BREARLEY to inherit.
WHITE Maria 1919 (Stanley) Widow, living with son James Henry WHITE at Hill Top Farm, Stanley. Executors: James Henry WHITE, Isaac RHODES. Beneficiaries: Son James Henry WHITE, Daughter Annie STERLAND (Wife of Joseph STERLAND), Daughter Harriet RHODES (Wife of Isaac RHODES), Daughter Edith BLOOR (Wife of Frederick BLOOR), Grandson Harry Mycroft STERLAND, Granddaughter Alice BROWN, Sons in Law Joseph STERLAND, Isaac RHODES, Frederick BLOOR.
WOODWARD Luke 1838 (Stanley) Farmer. Will made 11th July 1837. Beneficiaries: Wife Elizabeth WOODWARD, son Richard WOODWARD (farmer).

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