The Last Farewell

Appendix A of

The Last Farewell

Devon Convicts Transported to Australia 1782 – 1821


Jack Walton

Published by Australian Scholarly Publishing Pty Ltd 2003

Appendix transcribed with the author's permission, by
Alan Elliott


The convicts are listed as they appear in Appendix A to the book and to quote “have been
abstracted from ships indents and their trial details taken from Quarter Sessions, Assises
and the Exeter Flying Post” The complete Appendix A lists the 574 convicts by name, alias, crime, date, sentence and the
ship of transport to Australia.
Where names appear more than once, these are quite separate individuals. This specialist work details the economic conditions in rural Devon at that time and connects
the impact of unemployment with crime in that county, with descriptions of the courts and
their processes, the prison system and the details of several voyages. The book also describes the life of some of these convicts in New South Wales and Tasmania
Ship Left
Abeton, Richard Addicott, Pascol Akers, Thomas Anderson, John Appleby, Edward Appledore, Thomas Armstrong, John Ashton, William Auton, James Ayre, William Baker, Ann Baker, Edward Baker, James Baker, John Baker, Thomas Bale, Gabriel Ball, John Banfield, Elizabeth Barnes, Edward Barnes, Thomas Barsby, Samuel Basely, John Bearance, Elizabeth Bearance, Rebecca Beard, Elanor Beard, John Bennett, Elizabeth Berry, William Best, Elizabeth Betland, John Betty, Joseph Bisgood, William Blackmore, William Blackston, Richard George Blake, Andrew Boatswain, William Thomas Bond, William Bosley, William Bowden, Elizabeth Bowden, George Bowden, Jacob Bowden, Mary Boynes, John Bradford, John Braund, Mary Brett, Elizabeth Brewer, William Brice, John Bridges, Christopher Brimble, Samuel Brooke, Martha Brooks, Elizabeth Brown, Charles Brown, John Brown, Joseph Brown, Mary Brown, Michael Brown, Thomas Bryant, John Budd, William Bullock, William Burgess, Martha Burn Patrick Burn, Simon Buroughs, George Burt, William Burton, Hezia Butterworth, George Cann, John Carbury, John Carey, Joseph Carey, Mary Ann Carkill, Richard Carney, John Carter, Sarah Chaaf, William Chadwick, Samuel Chaff, Robert Chanin, Edward Chapman, William Childs, John Chinnery, Samuel Chudleigh, Elizabeth Clark, William Clarke, John Clarke, John Clayton, Elizabeth Clements, Thomas Coffin, John Coffin, Thomas Cole, Elizabeth Cole, Mary Cole, Samuel Cole, Sarah Coleman, Sarah Collard, Joseph Collicult, Thomas Collins, Sarah Connelly, Cornelius Connor, Dennis Connor, Mary Cook, John Cooper, Edward Copp, James Cornelius, Matthew Cothay, John Cott, Benjamin Cott, James Cott, Robert Cotter, Garrett Cowen, James Cox, John Craig, James Creamer, John Cullyhorn, John Cumberlidge, Thomas Curry, John Curtis, James Dannat, Jane Davey, John Davies, William Davis, Hugh Davis, James Davis, Samuel Davis, William Davy, Thomas Daw, James Dawn, Henry Dearin, Thomas Delbridge, William Delle, Phillip Dennis, James Dennison, Mary Densham, David Doge, John Doige, William Skinner Dornett, James Douglas, David Down, Mary Drew, James Dymond, Margaret Dymond, Thomas Eastbrook, Thomas Eastcot, George Easterbrook, May Eastley, William Edwards, Mary Elias, Abraham Elliott, William Elstone, William Endacott, Mary Endicott, William Etheridge, John Faulken, George Ferguson, John Ferris, Patrick Feuring, John Fisher, Matthew Flynn, John Foost, William Ford, Charles Ford, Daniel Foster, William Fowler, Nathaniel Frazer, John French, Ann French, Mary Frost, Frances Frost, John Frost, Susannah Fry, George Fulford, William Galley, Michael Francis Galliford, James Garland, William Garth, Susan Gibraith, Mary Ann Goddard, Thomas Goff, John Golden, William Goode, John Gordon, Phyllis Gorrick, Isaac Gosling, James Gould, John Granger, Charles Grant, James Granville, Catherine Graston, John Green, William Greenslade, Ann Gregory, John Griffin, Elizabeth Griffith, William Griffiths, Edward Haley, Thomas Hall, William Hamlyn, William Handcock, William Hanger, Samuel Hannabus, John Hannimore, William, Harford, Thomas Harris, Henry Harris, William Hart, Jonas Hart, Thomas Hart, William Harwood, William Hayball, John Haycraft, John Haydon, John Heale, Ann Heard, John Hearding, William Hegan, Lawrence Hellings, John Henry, John Herbert, John Herring, George Herring, William Hicks, Elizabeth Higgins, Arthur Hill, Elizabeth Hill, John Hilt, William Hine, Nicholas Hitchcock, John Hobbs, Thomas Hodge, Elizabeth Hodge, James Hodge, William Holland, William Homes, Sarah Holstrum, John Honell, Mary Hooper, Ann Hooper, Rebecca Hore, Joanna Hortopp, James Horwell, John Hoskins, John Hounsley, William House, Susan How, William Howarth, William Hoyle, James Huddleston, William Hulchell, Ann Humes, John Humphries, Henry Hunt, George Hurley, Elizabeth Hurley, Jermiah Hutchins, Richard Innman, Francis James, Williams Jammison, John Jarmon, Samuel Jarvis, Joseph Jeffrey, Joseph Jenkins, William Jewell, Simon John, Samuel Johns, John Johnson, George Johnson, George Johnson, Mary Jones, Thomas Jones, Thomas Jones, William Jones, William Jordan, John Jordon, William Keefer, George Keen, George Keen, George Kelly, Mary Kelly, Rebecca Kenley, Thomas Henry Kennard, William Kepwood, Michael Kerton, Thomas Keswell, John Kevill, Michael Kidwell, John Kingdom, Thomas Kingston, Robert Kitson, John Kitto, Richard Knight, Nicholas Knolls, James La Rue, James Lake, Sarah Lamprey, Phillip Lane, Samuel Lane, Thomas Langworthy, Phillip Lavers, John Lavis, Francis Lear, Simon Leatherby, Elizabeth Stratton Lee, Richard Letheridge, John Lewis, Phillip Ley, John Lightfoot, Samuel Long, Ambrose Long, Samuel Long, William Loosemore, William Luxton, Thomas Lynch, Lawrence Macgennis, Sarah Maddoks, Hannah Malters, Richard Mansell, Grace Marc, John Marsh, William Martin, James Martin, John Mash, Ann Mason, Edward Mason, William Maunder, John Mayne, Mary Ann McConnell, George McDonald, Francis McGrath, Thomas Meach, Jane Meadows, May Meech, Joseph Mellander, George Meredith, Jane Merryfield, Ann Moore, William Morgan, Alexander Morgan, Gregory Morris, Patrick Morrison, John Mortimer, John Mortimer, Noah Mortimore, Susannah Mullins, Richard Mullis, Stephen Munday, George Murphy, James Murphy, John Murray, Thomas Mushford, Sarah Mutters, Richard Narberg, John Neels, William Nevins, Robert Newberry, John Newman, Jane Noble, Ann Noble, Robert Norman, Ann O’Brien, Mary O’Craft, John Ogden, Joshua Okey, Tryce Oldrey, Richard Oxland, John Paget, Joseph Park, Richard Parker, Ann Parker, Richard Parris, Peter Parsons, Ann Parsons, William Partridge, James Passmore, James Passmore, Richard Pate, Samuel Patrick, Sheene Pattamore, Jessie Pattamore, Joseph Pavey, James Pawley, Richard Pearse, Nicholas Peck, Joshua Pendry, William Penlarrick, Phoebe Penwarden, John Perkins, Edward Petherick, John Phelp, Alexander Pickett, Mary Pigott, Samuel Pinchin, William Pitt, Joseph, Plimshale, Abram Plummer, Sarah Plunkett, Patrick Plunkett, Richard Pope, William Porch, Thomas Potter, Mary Prattern, Joseph Price, William Prior, Catherine Pulling, Samuel Radford, Ann Radford, John Redman, John Renowden, Jenny Rice, John` Rice, John Rice, John Richards, John Richards, Joseph Richards, William Richardson, James Richardson, John Richardson, William Riggs, John Riley, Ann Riley, Thomas Roach, Patrick Roberts, Jane Roberts, John Robins, John Rogers, William Rollinson, Thomas Rowden, Frances Rowden, Frances Rowe, John Rowe, John Rowland, Betty Rugg, Mary Ruth, Robert Ryall, John Ryan, Patrick Salter, George Samuel, David Sanford, Susan Sandoe, Francis Saunders, James Saunders, John Saunders, Joseph Saunders, William Sayer, John Sclater, Robert Seal, Rebecca Seally, Thomas Sellock, Thomas Servant, John Seward, Ann Jemima Sex, James Shaddock, Susannah Sharland, James Shaw, Jane Shay, John Sheedy, Patrick Shepheard, John Shepherd, John Shepherd, Mary Short, Roger Shrouder, William Shute, William Simerson, Hans Simmons, Charles Simpkins, Ann Sizemore, Richard Skinner, Thomas Slack, George Slade, John Small, John Smith, Ann Smith, Edward Smith, John Smith, John Smith, Maria Smith, Mary Smith, Rebecca Soper, Thomas Southcote, William Sparkes, Thomas Spiller, John Splatt, Thomas St Ledger, Sarah Stanbury, Ann Sterridge, Mary Stewart, Margaret Sticke, James Stockham, Mary Stoodley, John Stout, John Stuart, John Sweet, Daniel Symons, Elizabeth Tamlyn, Samuel Cockyus Tate, Johanna Tawton, John Thomas, John Thomas, John Thomson, Francis Thorne, John Tiddy, Hannah Tiddy, John Tolcher, Robert Toll, Jack Tozer, Agnes Trace, John Tracey, Samuel Treliving, Elizabeth Trim, William Tucker, Benjamin Tucker, Giles Tucker, Moses Tucker, William Tull, James Turner, John Underhay, Reuben Upton, Henry Veale, Susannah Ven, John Vicary, Thomas Vickers, Mary Vickery, William Vogler, Richard Voisey, Richard Vosper, William Wall, Richard Wallace, William Walsh, Thomas Ward, Joseph Ware, John Warren, John Warren, William Watson, Thomas Watt, James William Waugh, John Way, William Wayne, Mary Webber, Elizabeth Webber, Thomas (* see note below) Weeks, Robert Welch, John Welch, John Welford, James Westcott, James Westcott, Richard Westlake, Edward White, William Whitfield, Johanna Wicker, William Widdimcombe, Richard Willcocks, Richard Williams, Charles Williams, Francis Williams, George Williams, James Williams, James Williams, John Williams, John Willis, William Willshawke, Thomas Wilson, John Wilson, Joseph Wingfield, James Winter, William Winwood, Thomas Wood, Charles Wood, George Woodley, James Woodley, Robert Woolcott, John Woolley, Thomas Worthy, Mary Wright, James

Ship Right

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