Scottish Wills and Testaments
Millican, Milligan, Millikan, Milliken, Millikin, Mullican, Mulliken, Mullikin etc.

Collection produced by Alan Milliken, Armadale, Scotland

Scottish Wills and Testaments

Preserved at the National Archives of Scotland


[1] Thomas Mullikin, merchant burgess of Edinburgh
July, 1581: [Edinburgh] Testament dative of Isobel Clerk sometime spouse of Thomas Mullikin merchant burgess of Edinburgh who died intestate in the month of July 1581, faithfully given up by the said Thomas Mullikin her spouse as father and lawful administrator to John, Isobel and Jonet Mullikin there lawful bairns and executors dative surrogate to their said deceased mother in place of the procurator fiscal by decree.
Registered in the Commissariot Court of Edinburgh on November 28, 1582.
[Commissariot of Edinburgh (NAS), CC8/8/11]

[2] Robert Amuligane in Heateth
September 28, 1581: [Mauchline] Testament testamentar of Robert Amuligane in Heateth in the parish of Mauchline, Ayrshire, who died testate in January 1582, having given up his last testament by himself at Heateth on 28th September, 1581, before these witnesses, James Murdoch in Heateth and James Farquharson in Katrine. There is an inventory of crops and stock with 12 cows newly calved and not with calf, 6 calves and 4 stirks of one years old, 21 oxen of 4 year old, 3 mares and 2 horses, 1 old horse, one foal, 7 sheep, 6 bolls oats, 8 bolls bear, domestic equipment and household articles and clothes of his body. Sum of the inventory is £347 13s 4d. There were debts owing to the deceased (no Amuligane debts) amounting to £16 13s 4d. Total sum of inventory and debts £364 6s 8d. Debts owing by the defunct amounted £54 6s, and included 10 merks to Johne Amuligane. Rest of free geir after debt deducted £310 8d. Legacy to be divided into 3 parts, the defunct’s part amounts to £103 6s 10d. He leaves a legacy and latter will. He made Robert Amuligane, his son, his only executor and intromitter with his goods and geir. Robert Crawford of Smyddieshaw, [blank] Amuligane of Blakmyre older, Johnne Gemmell, notary, and Adam Mathie in Orchard were appointed overseers of his wife and bairns ‘as they will answer to God’. He gives his house in kindness and possessions tack titles of his mailin of Over Heateth lying in the lordship of Kylesmuir and sheriffdom of Ayr to the said Robert Amuligane, his son, to be used by him on the following conditions, that Marion McKerrell alias Amuligane, his spouse, can use the said mailin for the upbringing of his bairns, so long as she remain a widow. He leaves £40 to Bessie and Katherine Amuligane his daughters. A cow to Hew Amuligane his brother. A ewe to Robert Amuligane his brother’s son. He leaves his smithy to John Amuligane his own son. He leaves the remainder of his goods and geir to be divided amongst his bairns. This was made on 18th September 1581 before these witnesses Alan Shouful and John Gemmell notary. Confirmation was granted to Robert Amuligane, his son who has found caution, but no name is given.
Registered in the Commissariot Court of Edinburgh on March 22, 1585.
[Commissariot of Edinburgh (NAS), CC8/8/13, RH3-11-149]

[3] George & John Mullekin in Parjarg
July, 1586: [Keir] Testament dative of George Mullekin in Parjarg (sic. Parkiary) in the parish of Holywood, who died in July 1586, given up by Thomas Mullekin merchant burgess of Edinburgh his brother german executor decerned by Mr. Homer Maxwell commissary of Dumfries on 12 August 1590. There is an inventory of goods, geir, sums of money and debts pertaining to the defunct. In brief he had a nag, an ox, 5 cows, 3 stots and quoyes of 2 years old, 30 old sheep, and 12 lambs. Five and a half bolls of oats, and bolls of beir, also utensils and domiciles of his house. Sum of the inventory £185. 13s. 4d. In the debts owing to the deceased, he was due money by John Hiddleston at Allanton Mill, John Hairstane in Thornhill, William Grier in Nether Bardennoch, John Fergusson in Barnhill, £8 from John Mullekin for oats and 34 from John Mulekin dwelling under the Goodman of Parjarg and several other people. Sum of the debts owing to the decease £109. 18s. 8d. Sum of the inventory with debts £295. 12s. There is no division of goods. The quot £8. Thomas Mullekin is confirmed as executor dative to his brother the deceased George Mullekin.
Registered in the Commissariot Court of Edinburgh on December 25, 1590.
[Commissariot of Edinburgh (NAS), CC8/8/22]

[4] Janet Mullekin in Holm of Dalquhairn
August 19, 1583: [Carsphairn] Testament dative of Janet Mullekin sometime spouse of Patrick Hislop in Holm of Dalquhairn who died August 19, 1583, given up by Beatrice Hislop her lawful daughter and spouse Thomas McMichael elder, burgess of Edinburgh. Executive dative decree of the Commissary of Edinburgh on April 28, 1585. There is the usual inventory of crops and stock £277.13.4. Divided in 3 parts.
Registered in the Commissariot Court of Edinburgh on January 11, 1590.
[Edinburgh Commissariot (ELD), R. C. Reid, Vol. 160, p. 186]

[5] John Amuligane son of Thomas Amuligane
1596: [Edinburgh] Testament dative of John Amuligane son lawful to Thomas Amuligane merchant burgess of Edinburgh. The date of death is given as the year of god 1500 in Roman and LXXX with ‘sixteen years’ (making it 1596) added in, the actual month being left blank. His testament was given up by Patrick Spens, lidster, burgess of Edinburgh, who was executor dative surrogate to the said deceased Johnne Amwligan in place of the procurator fiscal be decreet of the Commissariot of Edinburgh of the date December 7, 1599. The inventory consisted only of his clothes with £13 6s 8d. There was no division of the goods, so it looks as if there were no children. David Lourtie burgess of Edinburgh was cautioner.
Registered in the Commissariot Court of Edinburgh on December 11, 1599.
[Commissariot of Edinburgh (NAS), CC8/8/34]

[6] Abraham Amuligane, merchant in Holm of Dalquhairn
July, 1602: [Carsphairn] Testament dative of Abraham Amuligane merchant in Holm of Dalquhairn within the parish of St. John’s of Dalry who died in July, 1602, and faithfully given up by James and Robert Amuligane his lawful brothers and executors dative surrogate to their deceased brother. His inventory listed cows pastured on the lands of Blackcraig and stock pastured on the lands of Dalquhairn and of Holm. The cautioner was Thomas Amuligane younger merchant burgess of Edinburgh and there was no division of goods.
Registered in the Commissariot Court of Edinburgh on April 2, 1603.
[Commissariot of Edinburgh (NAS), CC8/8/37]

[7] John Muligane in Over Bar
August 17, 1605: [Penninghame] Testament testamentar of John Muligane in Over Bar within the parish of Penninghame who died on August 26, 1605, given up by himself on August 17, 1605, in the presence of Roger McCokburn in Barwhirran, Thomas McCork in Barlauchlan and Gilbert McCork in Boreland of Penninghame. The agriculture inventory came to £775. There were no Muligane debts owing to the defunct, and only two Muligane debts by the defunct, being to his brothers Alexander and Gilbert Muligane. In his last will, he made his lawful brothers Alexander and Gilbert Muligane and Jonet McCord his spouse his executors and intromittors with his goods and geir. He leaves to Marion Muligane his daughter her portion and best part of the geir which may fall to her with the death of her father. In case Jonet McCord his wife marries again, he leaves Gilbert Muligane his brother and Helen McCord his spouse to supervise his daughter during her minority. He leaves to ‘ilk ane of the bairns of Maggie Muligane his sister’ a young hog and does the same for the bairns of Alexander Muligane his brother. He also leaves to Alexander Muligane in Minnigaff a hog. Alexander Mure of Corkaid became cautioner.
Registered in the Commissariot Court of Edinburgh on May 26, 1606.
[Commissariot of Edinburgh (NAS), CC8/8/41]

[8] Helen Brown spouse of Thomas Amuligan merchant burgess of Edinburgh
September 21, 1606: [Edinburgh] Testament testamentary of Helen Brown, who died in 1606, no month date is given. This testament is partly made and given up by herself on the fourth day of September 1599, and partly given up by Thomas Amuligan her spouse, as her only executor.
The inventory consisting of utensils and domicils being the inheritance and the clothes of her body amounted to £20.
There were many debts owing to the dead, but none from any Amuligans or Muligans.
The total amount of debts added up to a staggering £2, 375 4/8d and with the inventory that came to £2, 395 4/8d.
The debts owed by the dead.
She and her husband owed 500 merks to the heirs of John Johnstoun burgess of Edinburgh.
Also to Agnes Amuligane sister to the defunct’s spouse £40.
Sum of the debts owed by the dead £373 6d.
Rest of free geir debts deducted £2022 21-.
To be divided in two parts £1011 l/-.
Whereof the quot is 20 merks.
Helen Broun mentions no children of her own and of Thomas Amuligan, her husband, in her will. He is made her only executor and everything is left to him save her legacies to Agnes Johnston, wife of Patrick Spens and their bairns.
Registered in the Commissariot Court of Edinburgh on September 21, 1606.
[Commissariot of Edinburgh (NAS), CC8/8/42]

[9] Cuthbert Amuligane in Bennan
July 18, 1607: [Tynron] Testament and Inventar of the guids and geir and sowmes of money and debts pertaining to umquhill Cuthbert Amuligane in Benene within the parochine of Tynrene and Sheriffdom of Dumfries the tyme of his deceis quha deceissit the [blank] day of Februer the yeir of god 1607 faithfullie made and given up be himself upon the 21 of Februar yeir forsaid in presence of the witnesses underwritten.
The inventory:
Item 3 KY new calffit….. Price of the peis £12 summa £144?
Item 15 three yeir auld and tua yeir auld cattle price of the peis or heid £5 summa £75.
Item the pastureland in Benene and Margmone 8 score sheep younger and older price of the peis or held £33 4d? Suma £266 13s 4d.
Item in the hand of John Kirkpatrick in Gilcarsland 46 hoges…to be delivered at Beltane next price of peis or heid 33/4d sums £76 13s 4d.
Item in the hands of Thomas Glendyning three 3 yeir auld gaitbucks at £1 6s 4d the peis suma £7.
Item in Benene 2 black naigs at 20 merks the peis suma 40 merks.
Item in the barn and barnyard in Benene and Margmoney 16 bolls aittis price of the boll with the fodder £6 suma £96.
Item mair there 3 furlotts beir…price of the boll with the fodder £12 summa [£unclear].
In utencils and domiciles with the abuliements of bodie estimate £20.
Suma of the inventar £731.
Followes the debts awand to the dead.
Item be Johne Johnstoun in Mitchell arsbarks £4 for the price of 4 gaits to be payit at Beltane next.
Item be John Patersoun in nothing. …£24 to be payit at Beltane next.
Item be Thomas Lawrie at the Howfurd of Amdell?19 merks resten of an naigs payment to be payit at Beltane next.
Item be William Jakson in Halywod as principall and Cuthbert Welsch his cautioner 100 merks for the price of certain geir to be payit at Beltane next whereof ressavet £5 of awin restes de clare £61 13 4d.
Item be Allan Johnstoun in Doumfreis flesher £19 6s 7d resten of the price of ky.
Item be Jon McCraige in Mylntoun conforme to his obligation 100 merks. Item be James Greirsoun in Laicht 30/-.
Item be Henrie Horne in Cambell Laws 8 merks conforme to ane decreet in the Barron Court of Clyburne.
Item be James Gordoun in Nokman? as principall James Geills officer to the laird of Lochnillaf? Or Lochmwaf? His cautioner 10 merks.
Item be William Broun in Wodend £11 payit be the defunct at his guids to the gudman of Priher?
Item be William McCall in Knox £4.
Item be William Amuligan brother to James Amuligan £10 as cautioner to the laird of Blakmyre.
Item be Jon Assitlemvrn? in Margmony 2 bolls corne measure of Nithsdale at £5 the boll suma £10.
Item be the laird of Barnedarroch conforme to his obligation 200 merks.
Suma of the debts to the dead £369 10s.
Suma of the inventar and debts £1,100 10s.
Follows the debts awand be the dead.
Item be Robert Wilson in Margmony 8 score quherof he hes letters of ane pairt therof at Witsonday next.
Item to Marion Aitkin in Samuligin spouse to Jhone Wilsoun Miller there £15 of principall.
Item mair to him 15/-.
Item to the laird of Blakmyre £10 as cautioner for William Amulligan.
Item Archibald Brown £15 in Walkmylne of Marguestoun.
Item mair to him 2 lambes at 13/4d the peis suma 26/8d.
Item to Thomas Robisoun in Halywod £13 resten of £28 quhilk umquhill Thomas Amuligan son to the defunct was awand.
Item mair to him resten of his fie £10.
Item to Peter Huilwod? Huipswod? There £5 10s.
Item to Patrick Amulligan in Dalgarnock 51 merks 6/8d.
Item to John Gratt in Walker? at Margiestoun 22 merks of borrowit money.
Item to Thomas Wilsoun elder in Cleuchbray of Narguestoun £8 6/8d and farder ordains his executor to deliver to the said Thomas his haill scheep he hes in pasturing within his rowmes rouch [unshorn] and frie of onie mare teynd ar dewlie at Beltane next.
Item to Thomas Patersoune in Third Tynrene £8 resten of ane grettar somme.
Item to Alan Layab? in Dumfries £12 for [iron?].
Item to Mathew Broun 2 merks to Hew? Grirt? Cornmuligan £10 6/8d. I ordaine James Amuligan in Benene to have 20 of his hoggis that is with Jhone Kirkpatrick in Gillkersland and to get the same at Beltane next and that for full satisfaction of all dettes claim that he is awand to the said James Athie be act obligation or otherways conforme to 3 compts and agreements set dune amang thame And at the ressat therof to have his discharge of the samyn as forsaid.
Suma of debts awand be the deid £247 2/8d.
Rests of frie geir debt deductit £853 6/8d.
To be dividit into 3 parts deids part is £280 8/9d.
Querof the quot is componit for £7.
Followes the deids legacie and latter will.
At Benene 21 of Februar 1607 the quhilk day the foresaid Cuthbert Amulligan in Benene maid his testament and latter will as followes viz he nominates Jeane Welsch his spouse and Jeane Amulligan and Helen Amulligan his lawfull dochters to be his executors and intromittors with his goods lands and possessions and to crave and pay dettis and to put his latter will to execution. I leaf my sister Bessie Mulligane ane young quoy together with 5 lambes Item I leiff to Bessie Broun my half sister ane quoy together with 5 lambes Ileiff David Broun my half brother ane boll of corne measure foresaid to be payit him at the new corne and the said Davids geir he hes with him to be frie quhill Beltane next I leve to Thomas Willisoun Robert Willisounes sone and to Jhone McClane the said Roberts oy 2 ewes and 2 lambes to be dividit amongst them Item I ordaine my wyf to have her awin third and my twa bairns that exist with their mother to have a third of my goods I ordaine and wills that my wyf remaine in full possession of my haill rowmes and possessions I have presently so long as she lives and so lang as they are in Walkburne? And gif onie of thame beis rillann [poor] or quhatt can be purchast or gottin for onie of the saids rowmes Iordaine her to have the effect and rait thairoff all the dayis of her lifetime alanerlie And thairefter the samyn appertaine to my twa bairnes to be equallie devydit amongis thame. I ordaine to certain? Of my awin third of my geir deducting all dettis the somme of thrie hundred merks to be usit in manner following viz I ordaine William Amulligane my oy son naturall to umquhill Thomas Amulligan my son to have the samyn quhilk thrie hundred merks Iordaine myn executors delyver to David Welsch my gudbrother and thaw the said David to gif sufficient securitie for the samyn to deliver the samyn to the said William my oy at his perfyte age of 21 yeirs and in case of his decease er his perfyte age Iordaine the saymn to be delivered to my said dochters to be equallie devydit amongs thame for the quhilk somme the said David and his successors sal be astrictit and obligat to pay yearly the annual rent of £20 for the samyn to my wyff only for the upbringing of my sons oy the effect therof to be applyit to the cost of his instruction quhill his lawful age as said is and that the forsaid plus of my third attour the 300 merks Ileiff the samyn to my wyff Iordaine Jhone Broun of the land? Laird? Younger? And David Welsch my gudbrother to be overseers maintainers and defenders of my said executors and bairns in the lawfull advice and in specially my writtis and richts I have of Benene and Murgmoney I ordaine my wyf and bairns to use the counsel of Cuthbert Broun in Penzearn and thairof and to conforme themselves to these mens counsels and advyse in all their thoughts? And acts? Be tis my latter will and testament given up with my awin mouth beand in gud memorie subscribed as followes the day and place forsaid before these witnesses David Welsch my gudbrother, Thomas Williamson burgess of Edinburgh, Peter Muligane in Ke, Cutherbert Broun in Penzearne, Cuthbert Broune his son, and Archibald Welsch in Halywod and David Broun my brother. Written by Richard Broun minister at Tynrom Charles Maxwell of Lochgue cautioner.
[Commissariot of Edinburgh (NAS), CC8/8/43 ff657-661]

[10] Janet Mullikin relict of Thomas Mullikin
October 1611: [Edinburgh] Testament dative of Janet Mullikin relict of Thomas Mullikin burgess of Edinburgh, who died upon the (blank) day of October 1611, faithfully made and given up (1639) by ‘Jonet Mullikine spouse to James Ramsay skinner burgess of Edinburgh dochter lawfull to the said defunct and only executrix dative decerned to her said umquhil mother’.
There is no inventory of her goods. It simply states ‘there said umquhil Jonet Mullikine had no uther guds geir sowmes of money nor debtis perteaning to hir the tyme of her deceis foresaid except the particulars following viz’ by James Nicoll merchant burgess of Edinburgh £120. Also a sum of £311 6s 8d with 20 merks of expenses conform to a bond, by the said James Nicoll making in all £444 13s 4d. There was no division. Alexander Dunbar servitor to Archibald Campbell brother german to the laird of Lanark? became cautioner.
Registered in the Commissariot Court of Edinburgh on August 17, 1639.
[Commissariot of Edinburgh (NAS), CC8/8/59]

[11] Marion Millikan in Knockschinnoch
November 1614: [New Cummock] Testament dative of inventory of Marion Millikan spouse of George Dunbar of Knockschinnoch who died in November, 1614, given up by George in name and behalf of John, George, Margaret, Bessie and Sara Dunbar, lawful bairns of the defunct. Inventory - the said umqll. Marion and her husband had a black nag, a brown mare, and a foal, a 2 year old filly, a dun nag, ky, 6 stotts, 4 quoys, bull?toddoch, 22 sheep, 12 hogs, oats, beir. Insight of the house, utensils and domicils, abulziements of the defunct's body. Total £650. 6s. 8d. Debts owed by the deceased include - to Hew Dunbar of Lochingerroch £86. 13s. 4d. Sums of debts £1,188. Debts exceed goods.
Registered in the Commissariot Court of Edinburgh on February 27, 1617.
[Commissariot of Glasgow (NAS), CC9/7/13/107v]

[12] Andrew Mullikin, merchant burgess of Edinburgh
May 15, 1626: [Edinburgh] Testament testamentar and Inventar of the goods and geir, and sums of money and debts pertaining to umquhil Andrew Mullikin merchant burgess of Edinburgh at the time of his decease upon the 15th day of May 1626, faithfully made and given up by Jonet Newtoun his relict spouse whom he nominates his only executrix in his later will underwritten at Edinburgh the 23rd day of March 1621 subscribed with his own hand in presence of the witnesses.
He had a large inventory that amounted to £2051 1s 4d.
In the debts owing to the dead, there were no Millikens.
The sum of the Inventar with the debts £4270 17s 8d.
In the debts owing by the dead, there were no Millikens.
This came to £66.
The rest of free geir the debts deducted -£4204 17s 8d.
To be divided into three parts Deceased part is £1401.
The quot is £52 12s.6d.
Andrew Mullikin made his will because he was just about to go abroad. He made Jonet Newtoune his spouse his only executrix and leaves everything to her ‘als weill with in this realme and out with the samyne' and ‘leivis and dispones my part thereof to the bairne in the womb of the said spous if one be and makes and constitutes Johne Winsone sone to William Winsone merchand in Dumfries tutor testamentar to the said bairne’. Made at Edinburgh 23rd March 1621.
The cautioner was William Newtoune Jonet’s brother.
Registered in the Commissariot Court of Edinburgh on January 4, 1627.
[Commissariot of Edinburgh (NAS), CC8/8/54]

[13] Herbert Amilligane in Hallhill, John Amilligane in Culreoch
April 16, 1627: [Kirkpatrick Irongray] Testament testamentar of Herbert Amilligane called of Hallhill who died in April last by past or thereby 1627, fully made and given up by his own mouth being sick of body but of perfect memory on April 16, 1627. William and James Amilligane his lawful sons were executors testamentars. There was no inventory of goods as such, but many debts owing to the defunct by a Jon Amilligane in Culreoch and by many others. Sum of inventory £416. To be divided into two parts £208. Latter will. I leave to William Amulligane my son an 100 merks of money over and above his equal half of the executry. I give to Bessie Burgess my daughter-in-law a cow. Written by Mr. James Brown, minister of Kirkpatrick who became cautioner. Witnessed by Andrew Burgess in Howthnie and James Burgess his servant.
Registered in the Commissariot Court of Dumfries on June 12, 1627.
[Commissariot of Dumfries (NAS), CC5/6/3]

[14] Mathew & Thomas Muligane in Marglay
November 13, 1627: [Kirkpatrick-Durham] Testament testamentar of Mathew Muligane in Marglay within the parish of Kilpatrick Durham and Stewartry of Kirkcudbright, who died in August 1627, given up by himself on August 20, 1627. The Inventory was agricultural, with cows and pasture in Marglay, sheep oats and corn and beir, together with the furniture and household goods coming to £513 13s 4d. [The inventory sum was £13 13 4d, which by other calculations, must be £500 short].
The debts owing to the deceased came to £30 9s.
[No Milligans involved].
Sum of inventor and debts came to £546 1s & 8d.
The debt owed by the deceased came to £232.
[None was owed to Milligans].
Sum of the free geir debts deducted came to £314 1s 8d.
This was divided into 3 parts, the decease’s part being £104 13 10d.
Legacy: `I nominate Issobell McKeun my spouse and Thomas Amuligane my lawful son my executors and to have intromission with my guids and geir. Item it is my will and I ordaine that notwithstanding I have created the Issobell McKeune my Spouse and Thomas Muligane my son executors…. I ordaine George, William, Robert and Roger Muliganes to have ane pairt and naturall portione of the free guids and the bairns pairt of geir conforme to use and order all that sall befall them’.
Issobell McKeun and Thomas Amuligane were confirmed executors foresaid.
James Anderson flesher burgess at Dumfries is cautioner.
Registered in the Commissariot Court of Dumfries on November 13, 1627.
[Commissariot of Dumfries (NAS), CC5/6/1]

[15] Janet Milligan, spouse to James Maxwell, merchant burgess of Dumfries
September 13, 1629: [Dumfries] Testament testamentar of umquhile Jonnet Amulligane spouse to James Maxwell merchant burgess of Dumfries, who died in July in 1629, given up on the penultimate day of July. Her executor was James Maxwell in name and behalf of her children James and Edward Maxwell in their minority. The inventory had goods in agriculture and in some merchandise in two booths being worth 300 merks a booth. Item a third part of a bark and furniture thereof estimate at 300 merks.
Sum of the inventar £1700 53s 4d.
Debts owing to the dead came to £1832 9s 10d.
[No Milligans involved].
Sum of the inventar and debts £3535 3s 2d.
Debts owed by the deceased.
Two people only and no Milligans.
Sum of debts owed £1733 6s 8d.
Sum of free geir debts deducted £1800 35s 10d.
Divided into three parts, deceased’s part £600 12s 8d.
Testament: She nominates James and Edward Maxwell her sons the only executors and intromittors but commits the giving up of her testament to James Maxwell their father in their minority. She leaves to Bessie Maxwell her lawful daughter 1000 merks, to Jonnet Maxwell also her daughter 800 merks, to Isabell Maxwell her youngest daughter 600 merks, she gives £8 to the poor of the parish.
Subscribed by the notary at her command because she could not write.
Herbert Morison merchant was cautioner.
Registered in the Commissariot Court of Dumfries on September 13, 1629.
[Commissariot of Dumfries (NAS), CC5/6/1, p. 410]

[ ] James Amulligane in Drummillan
May 12, 1630: [Troqueer] Testament testamentar of the deceased James Amulligane in Drummillan within the parish of Troqueer and Stewartry of Kirkcudbright, who died in May 1630, given up by his own mouth on May 12, 1630.
Agricultural inventory was worth £301.
There were no debts owed to the deceased.
Debts owed by the deceased.
Various, among them:
‘Item to Marion Murray Lady Kirkconnell elder for the fermes of the land £20’.
‘To Jon Amulligane my son £7’.
‘To James Amulligane my son 10s’.
Sum of debts owed by the deceased £380.
Sum of the free geir debts deducted £221.
Divided into three parts deceased part is £73 13 4d.
Follows the defunct’s latter will and legacy.
He nominated Catherine Kemand and John Amuligane his son his only executors.
We are told that Catherine Kemand found caution, but not who the cautioner was.
Registered in the Commissariot Court of Dumfries on February 14, 1631.
[Commissariot of Dumfries (NAS), CC5/6/1, p. 517]

[16] Andrew Mullikine, merchant of Edinburgh
April 22, 1634: [Edinburgh] ‘Testament dative and Inventar admissa of the quids geir sowmes of money and debtis perteaning to umquil Andro Mullikine merchand burgess of Edinburgh the tyme of his deceis quha deceist upone the fyft? day of May the yeir of God 1626 omittit out of his present confirmit Testament testamentar and eik maid therin and also sett within the just availl therin contenit -(in margin) Jonet Newtoun his relict spouse and executrix testamentary confirmit to him be the Comissar of Edinburgh and the samyn of the dait at Edinburgh the fourt day of January 1627? yeirs and the fourt day of December 1632 yeirs respective at lenth beirs and now faithfullie maid and given up be Jon Henriesoune servitor to Mr Robert Nicolsoun ane of the Comissars of Edinburgh creditor to the defunct In so far as the said umquhil Andro Mullikine be the band and obligation of the dait the 28 day of June the yeir of God 1625 yeirs subscrivit with his awn hand grantit him to hav borrowit and ressavit from Mareon Patoun then servitrice to Jone McNaicht merchand burgess of Edinburgh the sowme of one hundreth punds usuall money of Scotland quhilk sowme foresaid he band and obleist him his airs executors and assignayes to have payit againe to the said Mareon Patoun betwixt the said band and the feist of Witsonday next there efter in anno 1626 but any longer delay together also with the sowme of ten punds money foresaid in caice of failzie in and to the quhilk band and sowmes of money principall and expenses foresaid thereincontenit the said Mareon Patoun with consent of David Thomsone tailyor and burgess of Edinburgh now her spouse for his entres has maid and constitutes the said Jon Henrysoun her lawfull sessioner and assignay and the said assignation of the dait the 24th day of March the yeir of God 1634 yeires more at lenth bears and so the said Jon Henrysoun as creditor to the defunct for payment and satisfaction to him of the sowmes of money above written principall and expenses as also for the expenses of the confirmation of the present testament in so far as the defuncts guids gere and debtis underwritten will extend to and as may be reservit? therof Quilk Jon Henrysoun as executor dative admissa as creditor forsaid decernit to the said umquil Andro Mullikine be decreit of the Commissar of Edinburgh and the samyn decreit of the dait at Edinburgh the - day of the yeir of God -1634 yeirs at lenth perportis.
In the first the said umquhil Andro Mullikine had the guids gere sowmes of money and debtis of the availl and pryces efter following pertaining to him the tyme of his deceis forsaid omittit out of the said present confirmit testament testamentary and eik maid thereto and also sett within the just availl thein conteanit viz Item there is confermit in the said present confirmit testament testamentar the utencills and domicills with the abulziements of the defuncts bodie by the airship to fourtie punds albeit the samyn was then worth and hundreth and fourtie punds and so sett with in the -(margin)? double the sowme of one hundreth punds quereof the particular followes Item twa standing beds with there furnissing -? £20 the peice summa £40 Item ane dresser and ane buird price of bayth 40 merks Item ane irone chymnay and? almerie (aumry) with ane glass caice price of all 50 merks Item and silver tass and 6 silver speenell (spindles) weyand each? threttene ounces price of £40. Summa of the Inventar admissa £100 (at side) gratis to Mr Robert Nicolsoun. No division. Follows the clause of confirmation much abbreviated, plus the name of the cautioner who was James Kerr servitor to Robert Sempellar skynner burgess of Edinburgh.
Registered in the Commissariot Court of Edinburgh on April 22, 1634.
[Commissariot of Edinburgh (NAS), CC8/8/56, f. 288-289]

[ ] William Mulligane, miller at Barclay Mill
March 24, 1658: [Colvend] Testament dative of William Mulligane miller at Barclay Mill who died in March 1658, faithfully made and given up by Jannet Hendry relict as having best knowledge in name and behalf of John Mulligane son lawful and only executor dative.
The inventory consists of tools used for the mill, three cows with calves, 8 hogs, and a little corn, and a firlot of bier, and the household goods, all estimate to £105 3s 4d.
Fifty merks owing by John and James Robson making £33 6s 8d.
Making in all £138 10s.
Debts owing by the deceased.
To Andrew Corsbie in Dumfries £5 67s.
To Johne Mulligane chapman £5 6s 8d.
In all making £10 I2s 8d.
Rest of free geir debts deducted £128 10s.
To be divided into three parts.
Decease’s part £42 16s 8d.
Andrew Corsbie merchant in Dumfries became cautioner.
Registered in the Commissariot Court of Dumfries on March 24, 1658.
[Commissariot of Dumfries (NAS), CC5/6/3, p. 477-8]

[ ] Elizabeth Mulligane
December 4, 1674: [Troqueer] Testament dative of the debts and goods of the deceased Elizabeth Mulligane and John Corsan her spouse, at the time of her death, in November 1674. This was given up by Marion Mulligane spouse to Johne Jamisone in Phawr rest- (last part in margin) of Lane and only sister and executor decerned to the said defunct by the commissioners of Dumfries.
Inventory of two mares and colts £12 each therefore £24;
nine cows with their calves worth in all £72;
ten sheep worth in all £24;
in the barn and barnyard 8 bolls small corn in all £56;
two bolls and a half of rent corn and bear worth £37 10s;
and her household goods and clothes worth £10.
Sum of the inventory £211 10s.
The debts owing to the deceased.
By John McKnee in Drummillan £20.
By William Mulligane in Kirkbean £6.
Sum of debts £26.
Sum of inventory and debts £249 10s.
Follows the Debts owing by the deceased.
To James Maxwell of Kirkonnell and his mother for bygone rent £46.
To Janet Corsan in Greenmerse £24.
To Marion Corsane in Kirkconnell £24.
To Pineas Rig in Greenmerse £3 12s.
To Andrew Neilson in Kirkconnell £7.
To Marion Crocket there £5.
To Johne Rig in Abbey £5.
To Marion Rig servant of fie £5.
To Hellen McKnee servant of fees £3.
Restand of bygone ?? seven pounds.
Sum of debts owing to the dead £108 12s.
Rest of free gear debts deducted £140 18s.
To be divided into two parts Defunct part is £70 9s.
Cautioner John Corsan.
[Commissariot of Dumfreis (NAS), CC5/6/5 p. 181-2]

[ ] Isobel Brown spouse of William Milligane at Netheringreen of Arbigland
September 24, 1675: [Kirkbean] Testament of Isobel Broun spouse to William Milligane at Netheringreen of Arbigland, who died in September 1675, and gave up her own will on September 24, 1675.
Inventory of one cow £10, 2 heifers £10, the half of an plough worth 48s.
The household goods and her clothes worth 58s.
In all making £25 6s.
The debts owing to the deceased.
By Thomas Heslop in Wreath £62.
By William Andersone in Preston 50s.
By Thomas Patersone in Preston 50s.
By James Cumen in Preston £4.
By Jon Greenlaw in Kimkerrick £3 4s.
By Johne Ewart in Preston £12
By Johne Clingan, younger in Preston £18.
Sum of debts owing to the dead £58 4s.
Sum of inventory and debts £83 10s.
Follows the Debts owed by the dead.
To William Turner in Carse £30.
Sum of debts £30.
Rests of free gear debts deducted £53 10s.
To be divided into two parts, decease’s part is £26 15s.
Latter Will and Testament.
Made September 24 1675, Isobell Browne spouse to Williame Mulligane (sic) at the Netheringreene in Arbigland, who commits her soul to God and her body to be honestly interred in the churchyard of Kirkbean. She leaves her debts to her spouse William Milligane who is her sole executor and is to inherit everything save £10 which she leaves to the poor of the parish. Witnesses to the testament Mr. Richard Scott, minister of Kirkbean writer hereof, Johne Beardine in ‘Powsyd’. “The minister is to subscribe her name for her as she cannot write herself”.
Registered at the Commissariot Court of Dumfries on October 7, 1675.
[Commissariot of Dumfries (NAS), CC5/6/5 p.229-230]

[ ] Thomas Mulligane in Troqueer
November 17, 1675: [Troqueer] Testament dative of deceased Thomas Mulligane in Troqueer who died in September 1675, faithfully made and given up by Janet Mulligane relict of the said defunct as having best knowledge for and in name and behalf of John, Janet and Margaret Mulligan bairns lawful and only executors decerned to the said defunct by decreet of the Commissioner of Dumfries.
The agricultural inventory plus the insight plenishing of the house and his clothes came to £121.
The debts owed to the dead with no Mulligans involved came to £31 10s. Sum of inventar and debts came to £252 10s.
Debts owed out.
To John Dempster for house maill and land rent £16.
To Thomas Williamson in Clonyard, which came to £34 16s Scots.
Rest of free geir debts deducted £136 10s.
To be divided into 3 parts.
Cautioner was John Herrieson in Barcloy.
Registered in the Commissariot Court of Dumfries on November 17, 1675.
[Commissariot of Dumfries (NAS), CC5/6/5]

[ ] Margaret Milligane in Carse
November 10, 1676: [Kirkpatrick Durham] Testament testamentary of Margaret Milligane spouse to James Marshall in Carse, who died in 1676, and her testament was given up by herself on November 10, 1676, and written by Mr Alexander Sangster minister at Kirkpatrick.
Inventory of stock and goods, an old naig worth £3, 5 kyne with calves worth £60, 12 sheep worth £18, 4 bolls of small corne worth £32,3 pecks beir worth 30s. The insight and plenishes (furniture and household goods) and abullziaments of her body (clothing) worth 40s.
Sum of inventar £116 10s.
No debt owing to the deceased.
Debt owing by the deceased.
To Roger Gordon of bygone rents the term of Martinmas 1676 and Whtsunday 1677.
To Roger Gordon for teinds £30.
To Agnes Marshall their daughter of borrowed money £21.
To be divided in 3 parts George Neilson Baillie cautioner.
[Commissariot of Dumfries (NAS), CC5/6/6, p. 263-4]

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