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In Scotland, there are two kinds of testaments: (1) a testament testamentary, which applies when a person dies testate, i.e. leaves a will and names the executor or executors; (2) a testament dative, which applies when a person dies intestate, i.e. does not leave a will and the executor is appointed by the court. The executor so appointed was usually a near relative such a spouse or son. A testament usually included an inventory of the deceased’s goods, gear, debts and sums of money. Prior to 1868, testaments were only concerned with moveable property and not with land. When a widow and children survived, the moveable estate would be divided into three parts. One third would go to the widow, one-third to the children and the remaining third would be left to whomever the deceased wished. When the husband or wife was deceased, then one half of the property would go to the children and the other half to whomever the testator wished.

Until 1823, testaments were kept with the records of the Commissary Courts, which took over the jurisdiction of the Bishops’ Courts after the reformation. The commissariots correspond roughly to the old dioceses – not the counties. There are extensive records for 22 such courts and the Scottish Records Society has published indexes for many of the extant testaments. I have examined a number of these indexes, and list below the names of “Ms” found in them. I have also checked the following indexes, which contain no references: Dunblane 1539-1800, Lauder 1561-1800, Hamilton & Campsie 1564-1800, Brechin 1576-1800, Lanark 1595-1800, Stirling 1607-1800, Orkney & Shetland 1611-1800, Inverness 1630-1800, The Isles 1661-1800, Argyle 1674-1800, Peebles 1681-1699, Dunkeld 1682-1800, Moray 1684-1800, Aberdeen 1715-1800.

The commissariot of Edinburgh not only confirmed testaments within it’s own bounds, but could also confirm the executors of people who lived elsewhere and particularly the testament of those people who died aboard. The asterisk denotes those testaments which I have had examined.


Volume I [1515-1600]
Robert Amuligane in Hieteth, parish of Mauchline, 22nd March 1584-5*.
Isobel Clerk, spouse to Thomas Mullikin, merchant burgess of Edinburgh, 29th November 1582*.
George Mullikin in Parkiary parish of Holywood, Sheriffom of Dumfries, 25th December 1590*.
Jonat Mullikin, spouse to Patrick Hislop in Holme of Dalquharne parish of Dalry, 11th June 1590-91*.
John Amuligane son lawful to Thomas Amuligane, merchant burgess of Edinburgh, 11th Dec. 1599*.

Part II [1601-1700]
Abraham Amuligane, merchant, in the Holm of Dalquharne, parish of St. John in Dalry, Stewartry of Kirkcudbright, 2nd April 1603*.
John Mulligane in Over Bar, parish of Penninghame, Sheriffdom of Wigtown, 24th May 1606.
Helen Brown spouse of Thomas Amuligane, merchant burgess of Edinburgh, 21st September 1606*.
Cuthbert Amuligane in Benanne, parish of Tynron, Sheriffdom of Dumfries, 18th July 1607*.
John Amuligane, merchant, burgess of Edinburgh, 21st April 1609*.
Andrew Mullikine, merchant burgess of Edinburgh 4th January 1627*.
Andrew Mullikine, Merchant, Burgess of Edinburgh 22nd April 1634*.
Abraham Mullikine, stabler, burgess of Edinburgh, 15th August 1635*.
Janet Mullikine, relict of Thomas Mullikine, burgess of Edinburgh, 17th August 1639*.
Robert Mullikine, school master in Edinburgh and Margaret Browne his spouse, 20th June 1668*.
William Mullikin, sometime professor of the Old College of St Andrews, 5th October 1694.

Marion Mulliken, spouse to George Dunbar of Knokschymache, par. of Cummock, 27 Feb. 1617*.
Margaret Milliken, spouse to Robert McKawell in Maybole, 24th March 1631*.
Elizabeth Milliken, spouse to Robert McMichall in Craigdarroch, par. of Cummock, 10th May 1648*.
Janet Mulliken, spouse to Matthew Hunter, merchant in Mauchline, 17th September 1669*.
Robert Milliken in Auchmillane, parish of Mauchline, 17th September 1669.
Jonet Murdoch, spouse to John Mulliken in Bardaroch, parish of Ochiltree, 3rd October 1671*.
Thomas Milliken late bailie of Ayr, 1st November 1695*.
Alexander Mulliken of Duncanzimyre, parish of Auchinleck, 28 January 1741*.
Major James Mulliken of Mulliken, parish of Kilbarchan, 11 June 1741*.
Mary Stevens, widow of Major James Mulliken of Mulliken 5th November 1746*.
Mary Grier or Grierson indweller in Kilmarnock, relict of John Milliken in Riccardton Miln, 3rd February 1755.
James Milliken of Milliken, 28 October 1785*.
Mary Milligan, spouse to Robert Carson, schoolmaster, late in Wallaceton, now in Monkton, 29th November 1791.
Thomas Milligan, residing in Glasgow, 23rd May 1799.

James Mulekin in Friertoun, 4th March 1640*.

Alexander Mullikine in Papigo, chamberlain to the Earl of Caithness, 10th December 1662.
George Mullikine in Wick, spouse to Agnes Cormack, 7th August 1661.

In the Index to the Commissariot Court of Dumfries, the editors standardised each variant form of the surname to Milligan, except as indicated.
The same rule appears to have been applied to the Commissariot Courts of Kirkcudbrightshire and Wigtonshire, which are of more recent origin than that of Dumfriesshire.

Herbert Milligan, called of Hallhill, 12th June 1627.
Matthew Milligan in Marglay, 13th November 1627.
Elizabeth Ferguson spouse to Cuthbert Amuligane, merchant, Burgess of Dumfries, 13th Dec. 1629*.
Janet Milligan, spouse to James Maxwell, merchant burgess of Dumfries, 12th September 1629.
Margaret Milligan, spouse to Homer Laying in Capinnoch, 6th August 1630.
Margaret Laurie spouse to Alexander Milligane in Skailstowne, 16th June 1630.
John Milligan in Brae, 17th December 1630.
James Milligan in Drummilling, 14th February 1631.
Paul Milligan in Knockinhair, parish of Sanquhar, 17th August 1641.
James Milligan in Keir, 9th June 1657.
Margaret Milligan, servitrix to Agnes McBraidie, 8th October 1657.
Helen Milligan, spouse of John Davidson, in Tempilland, 12th February 1658.
William Milligan, millar at Barclay Mill, 24th March 1658.
John Milligan in Dykehead of Laggan 15th June 1658.
Bessie Milligan, 22nd July 1658.
John Milligan, 2nd February 1659.
Janet McQhirle, spouse to John Mulligane in Bush, 2nd February 1659.
Bessie Gill, spouse to Thomas Milligane in Troqueer, 4th April 1659.
Margaret Sharp, spouse to George Mulligane, merchant, 6th June 1659.
Bessie Milligan, indweller in Dumfries, 8th July 1661.
Elizabeth Milligan, spouse to John Carson, 4th December 1674.
Isobel Brown, spouse to William Milligan at Nether Mylne of Archbigland, 7th October 1675.
Thomas Milligan in Troqueer, 17th November 1675.
John Milligan in Edgartoun, 20th November 1675.
Andrew Milligan in Underbrae, in Lochuitton, 2nd July 1678.
Janet Millar, spouse to James Mulligane in Deadsyde, 17th July 1678.
Margaret Milligan, spouse to James Marshall, in Corse, 23rd July 1678.
Bessie Milligan, spouse to Thomas Douglas, in Kitchine of Painzearie, 19th July 1681.
John Milligan at Marynes-Mill, 5th October 1681.
Agnes Milligan, spouse to John Sharp, merchant, 9th August 1682.
John Milligan, merchant, burgess of Dumfries, 28th October 1682.
John Milligan, merchant, burgess of Dumfries, 7th May 1685.
James Milligan of Strawmulligane, 22nd February 1687.
James Milligan in Know, in the lands of Capinnoch, 7th January 1688.
William Milligan in Brae, 22nd February 1688.
James Milligan in Shawes, 28th July 1691.
Alexander Milligan in Hills, 22nd January 1724.
Thomas Milligan in Ridding of Morton, 30th December 1729.
James Milligan in Moat, parish of Lochrutton, 19th March 1736.
George Milligan, surgeon in Moffat, 14th December 1736.
George Milligan, surgeon in Moffat, 31st May 1737.
George Milligan, surgeon in Moffat, 17th January 1739.
George Milligan, surgeon in Moffat, 9th April 1739.
John Milligan, burgess of Dumfries, 19th April 1746.
William Milligan, joiner in Kirkbean town, 30th October 1781.
Ichabod Milligan, merchant in Dumfries, 24th August 1784.
Robert Milligan in Turnfine of Hills, parish of Lochrutton, 11th January 1792.
Andrew Milligan in Milnton of Urr, 21st June 1793.
Mary Milligan, who resides in Carswadda, widow of James Milligan in Graigend, 25th July 1793.
William Milligan, resident in Kirkgate of Dumfries, 10th April 1795.
David Milligan of Dalskairth, parish of Troqueer and late Merchant in London, 21st June 1798.
David Milligan of Dalskairth, parish of Troqueer and late Merchant in London, 30th April 1799.
Mrs Marion Clark widow of David Milligan of Dalskairth, 8th March 1800.

William Milligan in Bargaltown (2) 1675.
Andrew Milligan in Blackcraig (23) 1682.
John Milliken, tenant in Corsaks Armannoch (10) 1683.
Paul Milligan in Auchinvay (7) 1687.
John Milligan in Graighouse, in Grennan, (13) 1688.
Quentin Milligan of Holm, tenant in Glenshimrock, (14) 1696.
James Milligan in Over Auchinvey, (4 & 13) 1713.
Margaret Good, spouse to William Milligan, formerly in Kirktown of Carsphairn, now in Nether Conford, (2) 1714.
William Milligan, late in Gatehouse Fleet (5) 1734.
William Milligan in Gatehouse Fleet (1) 1746.
Jean Milligan, spouse to Alexander Gordon, late of Barley now in Milnton Park (2) 1750.
John Milligan, merchant in Kirkcudbright (6 & 7) 1776.

John Milligan, miller at the Mylne of Garlies 1710.
Sergeant Robert Milligan in Gladghouse 1720.
Andrew Milligan, milner at the Miln of Penninghame 1737.
Robert Milligan, at Bridgemilns of Luce, and James Miller, at Park of Luce, parish of Glenluce 1737.
John Milligan, miller at the Miln of Heugh 1749 & 1750.
Andrew Milligan, milner at the Miln of Penninghame 1774.
James Milligan of Tannielaggie, late at Waterside 1790.
Janet Milmine in Blairmaken, relict of James Milligan, miller at the New Mills, and thereafter of William McCaundlish, at Waulk Mill of Torhouse 1793.

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