Will of William Chenoweth

Title: Will of William Chenoweth

Source text:

Gateway to the west - Vol V, #2, April 1972
Allen Co., OH, Will abstracts 1836-1844

Chenoweth, William; dated 6 Aug 1832, recorded 11 Oct 1838
Wife Ann, 5 youngest children - John Chenoweth, Nelly Franklin,
Martha Chenoweth, Lewis Chenoweth, and Mason Chenoweth

Children by first wife: John, deceased, land sold in
Virginia which came by his grandfather Rinker (other
estate papers list as Frederick Co., VA), Mary Chiswell,
Elanor Chenoweth, Elizabeth Chenoweth, Catherine Chenoweth,
Jacob Chenoweth, deceased, his heirs; William Chenoweth, deceased,
his heirs; Casper Chenoweth, Barbary Martindale, Sarah Franklin,
last 9 named received $200 each from plantation given to first wife
by her father.

executors: wife Ann and son John
Signed: Wm Chenoweth; Witnesses: Robert Terry, James Danich and
Phebe Homan.

10-11-1838; Will of Wm Chenoweth presented - Ann Chenoweth and John
Chenoweth executors, Bond of $1400

11-5-1838 Ann Chenoweth, widow of Wm Chenoweth, deceased, relinquishes
her dower in favor of provisions under her husband's will

Aaron Osmon appointed guardian of Mason Chenoweth aged 17 years on
4th day of May, 1838, son of Wm Chenoweth deceased

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