Berthold Rosenthal

According to the Leo Baeck Institute master catalog : 

" Berthold Rosenthal was born in Liedolsheim on January 17, 1875, Berthold Rosenthal was a schoolteacher and genealogist. He emigrated to the United States in 1939 and died in Omaha, Nebraska, on December 16, 1957."

Rosenthal compiled family trees for various individuals in the 1920s and 1930s whose families were primarily based in Baden. He also copied many records during the 1930s that pertained to Jews that he feared would not survive. These include the 1809 surname adoption lists. I have copies of these lists for Weingarten, Untergrombach, Heidelsheim, Bauerbach and Tarinbach. 

Family trees of interest that pertain to the Baer family include:

Moritz Baer of Weingarten

Bertha Baer of Weingarten

Louis Katz of Bruchsal

Paul Rothschild 

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