The Bär Family of Bruchsal

The city of Bruchsal is the largest and closest city to most of the towns where members of the Baer family have lived. Today it also includes a few Stadteile: Büchenau, Heidelsheim, Helmsheim, Obergrombach and Untergrombach. Members of the Baer family are recorded as living in Bruchsal even in the early 1800s but most of the Baer family that moved to Bruchsal came in the latter part of the 19th century. 


Family Tree of Jonas Katz and Lina nee Mayer

others will be added in the future

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Nicht vergessen - Synagoge Bruchsal 1881 - 1938

I have this CD. If you would like me to look up any individuals who were living in Bruchsal between 1928 & 1940 send me an email with their names.


LDS Film # 1056266 - records of the Jewish Community of Bruchsal 1810-1869 (I have this film on indefinite  loan if any lookups are desired)

1809 list of Bruchsal surname adoptions (available at the Leo Baeck Instiute in the Berthold Rosenthal collection)


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