Where the Family Went

New Discoveries

This page list information that has recently been found but has not yet been added to the family file.

Found in the Gemmingen Jewish records:

Ephraim Rothschild, son of Joseph Rothschild and Fradel geb. Weil married Bräunle Bär, daughter of the desceased Löb Bär and Susanna geb. Moses from Untergrombach on 23 July 1828

Löb Rothschild (son of above), born on 1 April 1834, married Hannchen Weil, daughter of Moses Weil and Babette geb. Reis from Ittlingen on 9 July 1862 in Stebbach

Löb Kuhn, b:16 Dec 1836, son of Anschel Kuhn and Karolina Bär married Theresia Bär, b:17 Jan 1873, daughter of Baerle Baer from Weingarten and Mina geb. Dreyfuß on 11 January 1865 in Sinsheim

Josef Grumbacher, b:20 June 1838, son of Marx G. and Sara geb. ??? married Rifka Rothschild, b: 17 Sept 1840, daughter of Ephraim R. and Breinle geb Bär on 21 March 1866 in Gemmingen

Isaak Kahn-Hut, b:23 December 1832, son of SImon K-H and Ricke geb. Levi married Sophie Bär from Untergrombach, daughter of Lehman Bär and Hannchen geb. Bär on 12 August 1862 in Bretten

Simon Oppenheimer, son of Moses O. and Schanette geb. ??? married Elisebetha Bär from Untergrombach, daughter of Löw Bär and Suschen on 12 June 1843 in Gemmingen

Last Update: 03 September 2001