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The Bär Family of Heidelsheim

This branch of the Baer family stems from Lehmann Bär, a son of a Baerle. Although this family is part of the 1934 Dr. Hermann Baer family tree that connection might not fit.  A family tree recently found in the Berthold Rosenthal collection seems to indicate that Lehmann Baer was not a son of Berlin (Issachar Berle Baer of Untergrombach). Further research must be done to come up with a final conclusion regarding this part of the family's connection.

A daughter of Aron Bär, Schönle (Jeanette) married Maier Kaufmann Odenheimer. While some of Schönle and Maier's descendants did remain in Heidelsheim, their first daughter moved to Stebbach where she was married with Abraham Baer. As far as it is known the Stebbach Baers are not related to the Untergrombach Baer family.  

In 1809 there were twenty Jewish families living in Heidelsheim. The families adopted the surnames (number represtents how many families took name): Bär (1), Buchheimer (1), Dreifus (1), Graf (1), Griesheimer (1), Karlebach (1), Maier (6), Marx (4), Odenheimer (4). 


From the  family tree of Paul Rothschild (Reel 11 Frame 520 - 523):

Der älteste Sohn Herz betrieb nach der Namensgebungsliste wie sein Vater den Spezereinhandel. Am 11.XI. 1812 heiratetete er Bawet (Bühle) die Tocher des Lehmann Bär in Heidelsheim bei Bruchsal. Dieser hatte am 29.I.1790 dort das Scutzrecht erhalten und sein Vater Bärle am 2.V.1749. Letzterer scheint abver bald gestorben zu sein, sa er im Judenverzeichnis Kurpflaz von 1765 nicht mehr gennant ist. Bärle war vermutlich nicht in Heidelsheim geboren! Sein Herkunftsort ist nirgends angegeneb. Wahrscheinlich konnte er duch Einheirat -welcher Familie seine Gemahlin Bawet angehörte, ist nicht vermerkt-, in Heidelsheim das Niederlassungsrecht erweben. Sein Sohn Lehmann war mit Mamel der Tochter des Josef Marx in Heidelsheim verheiratet..  

          Translation of above text:

The oldest son Herz [Kaufmann] operated a Spicery according to the Surname Adoption List as did his father. On 11.XI. 1812 he married Bawet (Bühle) the daughter of the Lehmann Bär in Heidelsheim near Bruchsal. He had received protection rights on  29.I.1790 there and his father Bärle them on 2.V.1749. The latter seems however to have soon died ,as he is not mentioned in the Electoral Palatinate list of Jews of 1765 . Bärle was not probably born in Heidelsheim! His origin is given nowhere. Probably it could be through marriage -which family his wife Bawet belonged to, is not noted-,  that he received the right to live in Heidelsheim. His son Lehmann was married to Mamel the daughter of Josef Marx in Heidelsheim.


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