The Bär Family

      The Baer family originated from Untergrombach, a small town that is now part of Bruchsal, a nearby city. Various branches of the Baer family later moved to Weingarten, Graben, Bruchsal, Heidelsheim, Mannheim, Karlsruhe as well as other towns throughout Baden. The map below marks these locations with blue dots.

According to a family history prepared for Louis Katz by Berthold Rosenthal, the family tradition held that the Stammvater (Liebmann Berle) was born in either Rexingen or Baisingen (located in Schwaben). Liebmann Berle first appears in records of the Fürstbischölich-speyrische Gebiet (Sovereign Episcopal Territory of Speyer)  in 1700. Liebmann Berle's son Berlin (also referred to as Issachar Berle Baer or Berle) had eight children according to a 1935 family tree prepared by Hermann Bär (Barr). The descendants of Natan and Isidor Berle remained primarily in Untergrombach, while one son of Aron Berle went to Weingarten and another to Graben. Lehmann Baer's went to Heidelsheim, forming the Heidelsheim branch of the family. 

On each town page additional information is given on the part of the Baer family that lived there. This includes various documents as well as general information pertaining to the town and links.

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Where the Family Went - a list of Baer family members who married and then moved to a different town

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