A list of individuals that are part of the Baer family and/or have an interest in it
Name Email address Descendant of ... Web Page
Alex Calzareth [email protected]  Natan Baer
Joe Mendelsohn III [email protected]  Aron Baer  
Kay Meerapfel Gale [email protected] Natan Baer  
Robert Selig [email protected] Natan Baer  
Jean Baer O'Gorman [email protected] Isaias Baer  
Richard H. Fuller [email protected] Isaias Baer  
Irene Lubasch de Münster [email protected] Aron Baer  
Eli Samson [email protected] Aron Baer  
John D. Baer [email protected] Isaias Baer
Esther Ramon [email protected] Natan Baer
Doris Loeb Nabel [email protected] Aron Baer
Lawrence Weinberg [email protected] Lehmann Bär
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Last Update: 14/09/2001