The Bär Family of Untergrombach

All branches of the Baer family have  some ancestors that were born Untergrombach. The majority of the descendants of Natan Bär (1747 - 1787) and  Isaias Bär (1767 - after 1810) remained primarily in Untergrombach at least until the end of the nineteenth century. Aron Bär (1746 -1818) stayed in Untergrombach but three of his sons moved away from Untergrombach; Natan formed the branch of the family in Graben, Liebmann the one in Weingarten, and Berle the one in Bruchsal. 

The following information comes from the book Untergrombach: Ein Dorf im Wandel der Zeit by Josef Lindenfelser

In 1887, the following members of the Baer family lived in Untergrombach:

Weingartener Straße:
Nr. 4 Jesaias Bär I, Handelsmann
Nr. 9 Jesaias Bär II, Handelsmann
Nr. 16 Kaufmann Bär, Handelsmann
Nr. 17 Bernhard Baer und Ehefrau Mina geb. Blum
Nr. 21 Leopold Bär, Handelsmann
Nr. 22 Lachmann Bär I, Handelsmann
Nr. 36 Michael Bär, Handelsmann
Nr. 46 Max Bär, Handelsmann


Nr. 39 Löb Bärle Bär, Handelsmann und Ehefrau

In 1933:

Weingartener Straße:

Nr. 17 Nathan Bär, Metzger und Ehefrau Karoline
Nr. 21 Hugo Bär, Kaufmann in Karlsruhe
Nr. 46 Berthold Bär, Kaufmann

Jewish Community Size:

1689 - 8 Jewish families
1745 - 11 Jewish citizens and their families (about 30 to 40 people)
1825 - 78 Jews
1843 - 141 Jews
1864 - 165 Jews out of total population of 1501 persons in Untergrombach
1900 - 106 Jews 
1925 - 56 Jews
1933 - 32 Jews 


  Letter giving early ancestors of the Baer family - written by Rabbi Grzymisch 

Records found on microfilm 1056392 available from any Family History Center

Marriage of Nathan L. Baer and Babette Hochberger
Birth of Ellen Falk Baer
Marriage of Machol Baer and Elise Kaufmann
Marriage of Leopold Baer and Theresa Maier
Death of Fanni Baruch nee Willstaetter

1785 Census listing Jews from Untergrombach (above Obergrombach)

List of Jews in Untergrombach in 1780 and 1790

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