The Bär Family of Weingarten

Almost all of the Baers who lived in Weingarten are descended from Liebmann Aron Baer. Liebmann came to Weingarten from Untergrombach after receiving Schutz (Protection) on 25 February 1795. 


13.jpg - List indicating when each Jew either obtained or renewed "Schutz" (protection)
Liebmann Aaron (later Liebmann Bär) is listed next to the number 7315

19.JPG - list of Schutzjuden (Protected Jews) in 1765 and 1771

A.jpg - list of Schutzjuden (misc. years)

3.jpg - Ancestors of Franz & Karl Baer

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Family History Library microfilms

For each source the film number is given followed by a short description.

1256840    - Catholic Church copy of Jewish community registers from 1812 to 1869

1192043 -        Item 6 - Births 1857-1860         Item 8 - Births 1857-1859

1192044 (Items 2-4) Births, marriages and deaths 1812-1870

1271328 - Birth, marriage, death 1824- 1869 (Right side pages)

1271329 - Birth, marriage, death 1810- 1824  (Right side pages)

1271330 - Birth, marriage, death 1810- 1869 (Left side pages)


Die Geschichte der Juden in Weingarten (Baden) [The History of the Jews of Weingarten] by Hayo Büsing

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