Records from Hochberg, Württemberg

The following are scanned images of copies made from LDS Family Hisory Film Nr. 1056857 which contains the Familienbuch for Hochberg. Although it is the Lutheran family book, the Jewish family book was copies and placed in the back. I did not make copies of all the familes listed on the microfilm.

Abraham Gideon          Judas Anschel         Nathan Jacob Hausman        (Jung) Isaac Kusiel        Salomon Kusiel 

Judas Israel (?)        Aron Kusiel        Jacob Kusiel         Gumpel Kusiel        Marx Judas Anschel    Isaak Kusiel

Samuel Kaufman        Kaufman Kusiel        Ephraim Kusiel          Wolf Levi Salman Top Bottom        Samuel Leopold (?)

Benedikt Ostertag         Löw Thalheimer (?) Top Bottom        Salomon Israel Kusiel top bottom        Raphael Kaufmann top bottom

Simson Löw top bottom