Aldrich Soldiers in Revolutionary War ALDRICH Soldiers who served in  the American Revolution.



    DAR PATRIOT INDEX - Centennial Edition
National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution, 1994

***Note: The National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution has its own organization and can be found at

This is a listing of all ALDRICH soldiers and patriots whose service in the American Revolution was the basis for someone joining the DAR.  There may have been other ALDRICHES who served, but they are not listed if no one has  joined the DAR on their service.

Aaron: b. 9-29-1743 RI, d. 1838 NY, m. Marcy____  Pvt RI
Abel: b. 11-16-1749 MA, d. 4-7-1841 MA, m. Elizabeth RAWSON  Pvt MA
Abel: b. 11-14-1741 MA, d. 8-31-1819 RI, m. Hannah TILSON  Pvt RI
Abner: b. --- d.--- m. Phebe INMAN  Pvt CT
Abner: b. 11-17-1727 MA, d. 10-31-1815 NH, m. (1)Elizabeth COOK (2)Anna BROWN ,Capt   NH
Amasa: b. 6-13-1760 MA, d. 12-2-1813 NH, m. Uranah PAINE  Sgt MA
Andrew: b. p 1727, d. p 1790 NH, m. X  Sgt RI
Asquire: b. 6-14-1760 RI, d. 1-16-1837 VT, m. (1)Mary WHIPPLE (2)Abigail  WHIPPLE  (3)Abigail IDE
    (4)Mrs. Phebe CALKINS  Sgt RI PNSR
Augustus: b. 5-9-1760 RI, d. --- m. Bathsheba ARNOLD  Pvt RI
Caleb Sr.: b. 1728 MA, d. 12-6-1799 NH, m. Deborah NILES  Cpl PS NH
Caleb Jr.: b. 11-29-1757 NH, d. 1-4-1823 NH, m. Eunice BULLOCK  Pvt NH
Caleb: b. 1-14-1726 RI, d. 11-18-1809 RI, m. Mary ARNOLD  PS RI
Drewry: b. c1730 NC, d. p 9-10-1793 NC, m. Mary BARRINGTON  PS NC
Ebenezer: b. 6-5-1740 MA, d. 10-29-1818 NH, m. Deborah PIERCE  Pvt NH
Esek: b. 9-9-1753, d. 3-2-1830, m. Amy WHIPPLE  Drm RI
Ezekiel: b. 4-2-1757 NC, d. 1809 IN, m. X  PS NC
Francis: b. c1765 NC, d. 5-17-1845 KY, m. (1)Margaret COLE (2)Mary GIRDLER  Pvt NC  PNSR
George: b. 10-19-1763 MA, d. 10-19-1845 MA, m. Polly BOWEN  Pvt MA
George: b. 3-13-1738 MA, d. 7-17-1815 MA, m. Azubah HOW  Capt NH
Henry: b. 8-13-1746 MA, d. 10-4-1822 ME, m. Elizabeth HUNT  Pvt MA PNSR
Jacob Sr.: b. 1723 NY, d. 8-3-1806 NY, m. (1) Mary_____ (2)Mrs. Mary REEVE  PS NY
Jacob Jr.: bpt. 2-9-1755 NY, d. 12-22-1840 NY, m. (1)Mary OWEN (2)Jemima CLEAVES     OrdlSgt NY
James: b. 11-7-1747 RI, d. 12-29-1821 RI, m. Alce SMITH  Lt RI
James: b. 1759 VA, d. p 1783 VA, m. Susan_____  Pvt VA
John: b. 4-1-1760 CT, d. 2-22-1843 RI, m. Elizabeth THURSTON  Sol Dr CT PNSR
John: b. 2-9-1761 VA, d. 11-17-1842 IN, m. Mary LAKIN  Pvt VA PNSR
Joseph: b. a 1740, d. a 5- -1808 NC, m. X  PS NC
Joshua: b. 9-28-1759 RI, d. 10-17-1849 NY, m. Ruth EVANS  Pvt RI PNSR
Levi: b. 12-19-1729 MA, d. 12-22-1795 MA, m. Abigail HUNT  Capt MA
Naaman: b. 5-6-1756 RI, d. p 1802 RI, m. Mercy ARNOLD  Pvt RI
Nathaniel: b. 5-9-1739 MA, d. 1-7-1831 MA, m. Hope THAYER  Pvt MA
Nathaniel: b. 1-10-1753 MA, d. 3-5-1834 ME, m. Mary GOOGINE  Pvt MA PNSR
Nathaniel: b. 12-3-1755 MA, d. 1825 VT, m. Cleopatra RAMSDELL  Sol NH
Noah: b. c1745 RI, d. 3-1-1825 RI, m. Huldah WHITAKER  Pvt RI
Peter: b. 9-19-1722 MA, d. 3-17-1799 MA, m. (1)Esther COMSTOCK (2)Isabel____  Pvt MA
Peter: b. c1761, d. a 5- -1813 NC, m. Judith WAGGONER PS NC
Richard: b. p 1758, d. 3-16-1829 NH, m. Orpha BUFFUM  Pvt RI WPNS
Robert: b. 4-3-1752 RI, d. p 1836 NY, m. (1)Mary BEETLEBRUNT
    (2)Mrs. Ludia BEETLEBRUNT  DIVINE  Pvt NY
Rufus: b. 12-19-1745 MA, d. 5-8-1833 MA, m. (1)Lois LOVETT (2)Susannah THOMPSON
    (3)Mrs. Susannah      BENSON (4)Sally THOMPSON  Sgt MA
Samuel: b. c 1726 MA, d. 7-5-1814 MA, m. Huldah HILL  PS MA
Samuel Jr.: b. 10-16-1748 RI, 8-13-1800 RI, m. Anne ALDRICH  Pvt RI
Seth: b. 12-6-1738 MA, d. 2-24-1817 MA, m. Mary ALDRICH  CS MA
Silas: b. 8-14-1734 MA, d. 2-24-1812 MA, m. Elizabeth BROWN  Pvt MA
Silas: b. c1765, d. 3-26-1821 NY, m. Hannah WILLIAMS  Pvt MA
Solomon: b. 1-26-1761 MA, d. 5-11-1839 NY, m. Susan WALKUP  Pvt MA
Solomon: b. 1752 MA, d. 12-5-1833 NY, m. Rebecca____  Pvt NH PNSR
Stephen: b. c1740, d. p 1-7-1795 MA, m. Mary BROWN  Sgt MA
Stephen: b. 1741 RI, d. 3-15-1808 RI, m. Sarah____  Pvt RI
Stephen: b. 8-4-1747 RI, d. 10-18-1813 MA, m. (1)Keziah KING (2)Jerusha
William: b. 1-13-1731 MA, d. 9-9-1803 NH, m. Dina Aldrich  Sol NH
William: b. 9-27-1726 RI, d. abt 1810 RI, m. Lydia _____  Pvt NH
William: b. 4-3-1752 RI, d. 1798 RI, m. Prusha Paine  Maj RI
Ziba: b. c1753 MA, d. 7-23-1840 VT, m. Hannah WEBBER  Cpl VT

If you find one of your ancestors in this list, you can write to the DAR for  the application papers of the person or persons who joined on his service.  There is a fee of $5.00 for each set of papers.  The address is:
Registrar  General, NSDAR,
Record Copy Dept.,
1776 D Street NW,
Washington DC 20006-5392.

Contributed by Sue Roe

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Aldrich Soldiers listed on that page include the following:

(Each entry contains references to a volume and page number. The volume number is followed by a colon and a page number. Multiple sets of volume: page numbers are separated by a comma.)

  Abel, 1:30
  Alfred, 12:25
  Amasa, 1:28
  Andra, 7:94
  Andrew, 1:28
  Artemas, 8:33
  Azel, 1:30
  Benjamin, 1:28
  Betsy, 1:29
  Bettey, 1:29
  Caleb, 1:28, 1:29
  Charlotte, 1:30
  Clark, 1:28, 1:29
  Content, 1:29
  Cyril, 1:29
  Daniel, 1:78
  David, 1:29
  Elisha, 1:29
  Elizabeth, 1:78, 20:44
  Esek, 1:29
  Fedeba, 1:30
  George, 1:29
  Gideon, 1:29
  Gustavus, 1:29
  Hannah, 1:30
  Henry, 1:30
  Israel, 1:29
  James, 1:30, 15:112
  Jedadiah, 1:30
  Joseph, 1:29
  Joshua, 1:29
  Levi, 1:28, 1:30
  Louicy, 1:30
  Lovey, 1:28
  Lusina, 1:30
  Lydia, 18:78
  Mary, 12:25
  Milton, 1:30
  Nancy, 1:29
  Nathaniel, 1:30
  Nelson, 20:44
  Noah, 1:30
  Olive, 14:60
  Orpah, 1:30
  Phebe, 1:29
  Phenehas, 1:30
  Polly, 1:29
  Reuben, 1:29, 14:60
  Rhoda, 1:29
  Richard, 1:30
  Roba, 11:91
  Rosimond, 1:30
  Ruth, 1:29
  Sally, 1:29
  Samuel, 1:29
  Seth, 7:94
  Silas, 1:30
  Urana, 1:28

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