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Researching: White, James, Woodson, Landon, Easley, Chatman, Painter, Brian, Pannell, Bonnewitz, Holtsford, Williams, Crawford, in MO, AL, OH, TN, VA, NC, KS,and Arizona Territory.

I am seeking information on my GGGrandmother, Laura Landon b. 1836, wife of George White, the elder, and the mother of George E. White, the younger. In an early Family Tree Maker record, pedigree #0078, volume 13, there is a listing for these two people as the parents of George E.White, born March 6, 1855 in Missouri. In the Family Tree Maker listing Laura is shown as having been born in England. Not correct.

I have not found any information on George White other than the brief referrals to him in census records listing his son, George E. White.

The records I have found are as follows:

However, in the Iowa state census collection of 1925, Polk County, DeMoines Ward 4, George White, the younger, appears to be a lodger living in dwelling number 822 on 6th Ave. His age is 68, he is single, birthplace,

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