Ancestry database of Alex Hall (Compton-Hall) and Felice Wechsler

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This private family genealogy database is dedicated to the dear memories of Val Allman and Dick Ogle, both of whom contributed a significant amount of information to these pages and will be greatly missed.

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A1 - WECHSLER A1-0 Felice Dianne WECHSLER A1-0a James Marshall WECHSLER A1-0ax Dulce Maria LANDAETA HERNANDEZ A1-0aa Otto Simón WECHSLER A1-1 Philip WECHSLER A1-1a Diane WECHSLER A1-1b Edwin Jay WECHSLER A1-1bx Rhoda Gail POSSES A1-1ba Michael David WECHSLER A1-1bax Valerie Ann RIZZO A1-1baa Lauren Ashley WECHSLER A1-1bab Michael Robert WECHSLER A1-1bb Stacey Anne WECHSLER A1-2 Morris ('Murray') WECHSLER A1-2a Gussie WECHSLER A1-2ax Isaac MACK A1-2aa Ethel MACK A1-2aax --?-- GWERTZMAN A1-2aaa Susan GWERTZMAN A1-2aaax --?-- --?-- A1-2aaaa Cheryl --?-- A1-2ab Seymour MACK A1-2abx Linda LINSTROMBERG A1-2aba Sarah MACK A1-2abax Steven CUNETTA A1-2abaa Michael CUNETTA A1-2abab Nicholas CUNETTA A1-2abb Nancy MACK A1-2abbx Dr. William L. GEISSERT A1-2abba Peter GEISSERT A1-2abbax Sarah-Luella BAKER A1-2abbaa Lila Bluebelle GEISSERT A1-2abbab Wesley Madrone GEISSERT A1-2abbb Carl GEISSERT A1-2abbc Laura GEISSERT A1-2abbd Julie GEISSERT A1-2abc David MACK A1-2abcx Priscilla --?-- A1-2abca Randy MACK A1-2b Samuel WECHSLER A1-2bx Henrietta GREENHUT A1-2ba Seymour WECHSLER A1-2bax Dorothy FIERMAN A1-2baa Marcy WECHSLER A1-2bab Sandra WECHSLER A1-2bb Ruth WECHSLER A1-2bbx Norman ALPERIN A1-2bba Scott ALPERIN A1-2bbax --?-- --?-- A1-2bbaa --?-- ALPERIN A1-2bbb Mitchell ALPERIN A1-2bbbx --?-- --?-- A1-2bbba --?-- ALPERIN A1-2bc Herbert Paul WECHSLER A1-2bcx Lynne HIRSHSTEIN A1-2bca Steven WECHSLER A1-2bcax Caryn WOLF A1-2bcaa Alia WECHSLER A1-2bcaax --?-- GORKIN A1-2bcaaa Isis Rose GORKIN A1-2bcab Sophia WECHSLER A1-2bcac Samuel WECHSLER A1-2bcb Deborah WECHSLER A1-2bcbx Gary KELM A1-2bcba Zak KELM A1-2c Max WECHSLER A1-2cx Mary LANDAU A1-2ca Shirley Myra WECHSLER A1-2cax Keith Arthur SWISS A1-2caa Nancy SWISS A1-2caax Dr. Nelson L. DIAMONDSTEIN A1-2caaa Amanda DIAMONDSTEIN A1-2caaax Michal CIEPLINSKI A1-2caaaa Klara Gwendolyn CIEPLINSKI A1-2caab Megan DIAMONDSTEIN A1-2cab Jonathan SWISS A1-2cabx --?-- --?-- A1-2caba Ashley Elizabeth SWISS A1-2cac Abbe SWISS A1-2cacx Stephen MARCUS A1-2caca Hailey MacKenzie MARCUS A1-2cacb Becky Alexandra MARCUS A1-2cacc Maxwell David MARCUS A1-2cb Jane WECHSLER A1-2cbx Greg CROSBY A1-2d Benjamin WEXLER [WECHSLER] A1-2dx Sophia STRANSKY A1-2da Robert WEXLER A1-2db Diane WEXLER A1-2dbx Kenneth HAYDEN A1-2dba Katherine Diane HAYDEN A1-2dbax Benjamin McRoy CANTERBURY A1-2dbaa Riley Kate CANTERBURY A1-2dbab Tyler Hayden CANTERBURY A1-2dbb Robert Matthew Ira HAYDEN A1-3 Jacob ('Jack') WECHSLER A1-3a Sam WECHSLER A1-3b Max WECHSLER A1-3bx --?-- --?-- A1-3ba --?-- WECHSLER A1-4 Phillip WECHSLER -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A2 - STREISAND A2-2 Sonia ('Sunny') STREISAND A2-2a Michael STREISAND A2-2b Rose STREISAND A2-2bx William EDELSTEIN A2-2ba Rhoda EDELSTEIN A2-2bax Irwin ARMSTRONG A2-2baa Peter ARMSTRONG A2-2bb Philip Alan EDELSTEIN A2-2bbx Ethel SHUCH A2-2bba Lauren EDELSTEIN A2-2bbax Vincent PASSALAQUA A2-2bbaa Vincent Philip PASSALAQUA A2-2bbb Glen EDELSTEIN A2-2bbbx Dorothy Ellen ISENBERG A2-2bbba Antonia Rose EDELSTEIN A2-2bbbb Gabriel Francis EDELSTEIN A2-2bby Dorothy LEVINE A2-2c Celia ('Ceil') STREISAND A2-2cx Nathaniel BINDER A2-2ca Phyllis ('Mady') BINDER A2-2cax Marvin Ronald SINGER A2-2caa Amy Jo SINGER A2-2caax David Bruce ROSS A2-2caaa Ian Matthew ROSS A2-2caab Gustave Eric ROSS A2-2caac Melanie Ruth ROSS A2-2caacx Ryan WYLLYS A2-2caaca Charley Jane WYLLYS A2-2caad Samuel Warren ROSS A2-2cab Nathaniel Reid SINGER A2-2cabx Andrea Dee ALPERT A2-2caba Mallory Rachael SINGER A2-2cabb Marvin Reid SINGER A2-2cabc Garrett Ethan SINGER A2-2cb Ellen Iris BINDER A2-2cbx Shelden Jay LEVINE A2-2cba Natalie Lynn LEVINE A2-2cbax Steven Ronald COLLIER A2-2cbaa Julia Johana COLLIER A2-2cbb Rachele Anne LEVINE A2-2cbbx Richard Todd PERAZA A2-2cbba Gabrielle Celia PERAZA A2-2cbc Daniel Ross LEVINE A2-2cbcx Corrine HOROWITZ A2-2cbca Benjamin Noah LEVINE A2-2cbcb Elijah Max LEVINE A2-2d Pauline STREISAND A2-2dx David KREIZER A2-2da Sonia Esta KREIZER A2-2dax Israel Zachary FRADKIN A2-2daa Steven Russell FRADKIN A2-2daax Linda MANGEL A2-2daaa Julia Reine FRADKIN A2-2daab Gabriel Zachary FRADKIN A2-2dab Randi Beth FRADKIN A2-2dac Dahvi Juliana FRADKIN A2-2dacx Jason Emanuel NEELIS A2-2daca Talia NEELIS A2-2dad Jackie Lynn FRADKIN A2-2dadx Uri Moses SILBERSTEIN A2-2db Philip Joseph KREIZER A2-2dbx Irene Lois SERKIN A2-2dba Dawn M. KREIZER A2-2dbax John DROZJOCK A2-2dbaa Joei M. DROZJOCK A2-2dbab Rylie Jace DROZJOCK A2-2dbb Tammi Lynn KREIZER A2-2dbbx Brian Anthony BORCHARD A2-2dbba Brian Anthony BORCHARD ('Jr.') A2-2dbbb Natasha Brooke BORCHARD A2-2dbc David Paul KREIZER A2-2dc Dara Michele KREIZER A2-2dcx Joseph LONGOBARDI A2-2e Ruth STREISAND A2-3 Fiszel ('Philip') STREISAND A2-3a Chai Ester STREISAND A2-3ax Falik ('Felix') STRAUBER A2-3aa Chaim ('Herman'/'Hymie') STRAUBER A2-3aax Miriam RESNICK A2-3aaa Sharon STRAUBER A2-3aaax Sol YAHNEY A2-3ab Michael S. ('Mitch') STRAUBER A2-3abx Lenore ('Lee') STRAUBER A2-3aba Gilbert STRAUBER A2-3abax Sharon --?-- A2-3abaa Warren STRAUBER A2-3abab Jeffrey STRAUBER A2-3abb Edmund STRAUBER A2-3abbx Marilyn --?-- A2-3abba Lauren STRAUBER A2-3ac Samuel ('Nathan') STRAUBER A2-3ad Sollie STRAUBER A2-3adx Bertha FIEDLER A2-3ada Audrey STRAUBER A2-3adb Lorraine STRAUBER A2-3ae Harvey STRAUBER A2-3aex Florence --?-- A2-3aea John STRAUBER A2-3aeb Eugene STRAUBER A2-3aec Edward STRAUBER A2-3af Rose STRAUBER A2-3afx William FELIX A2-3afa Robert FELIX A2-3afb Eileen FELIX A2-3b Perl STREISAND A2-3bx Moses BILLIG A2-3ba Chaim BILLIG A2-3bb Max BILLIG A2-3bc Rose BILLIG A2-3bd Celia BILLIG A2-3be Florence BILLIG A2-3c Schaja Nathan STREISAND A2-3d Leibisch ('Louis') STREISAND A2-3dx Anna KUPERMAN A2-3da Adele STREISAND A2-3db Ruth STREISAND A2-3dbx Murray LISSAK A2-3dc Max STREISAND A2-3dcx Florence RATSCHIN A2-3dca Robert STREISAND A2-3dcax --?-- --?-- A2-3dcaa Adam STREISAND A2-3dcaax Betsy --?-- A2-3dcb Karen STREISAND A2-3dcbx --?-- SHAPIRO A2-3dcc Scott STREISAND A2-3dccx Lisa FIRESTEIN A2-3dcca Brett STREISAND A2-3dccb Stephanie STREISAND A2-3dccc Michelle Joy STREISAND A2-3dcy Gloria GOODMAN A2-3dd Sidney STREISAND A2-3ddx Gertrude HORWITZ A2-3dda Lloyd STREISAND A2-3ddax Carol FERDSCHNEIDER A2-3ddaa Robyn STREISAND A2-3ddab Marc STREISAND A2-3ddabx Iveth --?-- A2-3ddaba Mija STREISAND A2-3dday Arlene AUSLANDER A2-3ddac Blaine STREISAND A2-3ddad Aden STREISAND A2-3e Sossie ('Sofie') STREISAND A2-3ex Harry TANNENBAUM A2-3ea --?-- TANNENBAUM A2-3eax --?-- --?-- A2-3eaa --?-- --?-- A2-3eb --?-- TANNENBAUM A2-3f Neche ('Jennie') STREISAND A2-3fx --?-- LONDON A2-4 Mechel ('Michael') STREISAND A2-4a [----] STREISAND A2-4b Sossie STREISAND A2-4bx Mandel BANDLER A2-4ba Salman Hersch BANDLER A2-4c Simon STREUSAND A2-4cx Golde Zipre TENENBAUM A2-4ca Serki ('Chaje Sara') STREUSAND A2-4cax Adolf ('Ascher') KREINDLER A2-4caa Harry KREINDLER A2-4caax Becky WANDER A2-4caaa Rita KREINDLER A2-4caaax Harry DANZINGER A2-4caaay Charles OLKEN A2-4caaaa Jeffery Brian OLKEN A2-4caaab Sharon Meredith OLKEN A2-4caaaz James WADSWORTH A2-4caaas Stuart SERMAN A2-4cab Max KREINDLER A2-4cabx Esther SHAPIRO A2-4caba Irving KREINDLER A2-4cabax Barbara GARWOOD A2-4cabaa Holly KREINDLER A2-4cabab Mark KREINDLER A2-4cababx Cheryl ELLIOTT A2-4cabb Sondra KREINDLER A2-4cabbx Jack BARON A2-4cabba Mark BARON A2-4cabbax Evelyn --?-- A2-4cabbaa Eliza BARON A2-4cabbab Jonathan BARON A2-4cabbac Jacqueline BARON A2-4cabbb David BARON A2-4cabbbx Debbie --?-- A2-4cabbc Ricky BARON A2-4cabc Alfred M. KREINDLER A2-4cabcx Sharron HARPER A2-4cabca Gregory Aron KREINDLER A2-4cabcax Felissa BURNS A2-4cabcaa Hannah Brianna KREINDLER A2-4cabcab Livia Estelle KREINDLER A2-4cabcac Joseph Michael KREINDLER A2-4cabcb Marla Joan KREINDLER A2-4cabcbx Rafer CAUDILL A2-4cabcc Jay Leslie KREINDLER A2-4cabccx Heidi A. MONTEITH A2-4cabcca Tristan William KREINDLER A2-4cabccb Tatum Ann KREINDLER A2-4cabccc Chloe Ariana KREINDLER A2-4cabd Jeffrey KREINDLER A2-4cabdx Patricia Anne YOELSON A2-4cabda Brian Mark KREINDLER A2-4cabdax Jacqueline BELCHER A2-4cabdb Scott Elliot KREINDLER A2-4cabdc Chad Alan KREINDLER A2-4cabdd Lindsey Beth KREINDLER A2-4cac Mitchell Aaron ('Mike') KREINDLER A2-4cad Esther KREINDLER A2-4cae Louis KREINDLER M.D. A2-4caex Katherine KOORLAND A2-4caea Michael Stephan KREINDLER M.D. A2-4caeax Alta Gail ZIMOV A2-4caeaa Laura Elizabeth KREINDLER A2-4caeaax Thomas Frederick GLASSMAN A2-4caeaaa Ethan Louis GLASSMAN A2-4caeaab Ryan Jacob GLASSMAN A2-4caeab Elyse Rachel KREINDLER A2-4caeabx Scott LEVITT A2-4caeaba Zakry Louis LEVITT A2-4caeabb Megan Nicole LEVITT A2-4caeb Thomas Gordon KREINDLER M.D A2-4caebx Debra Martha FRIEDMAN A2-4caeba Karlin KREINDLER A2-4caebb Justin KREINDLER A2-4caebc Alison KREINDLER A2-4caec James Jacob KREINDLER M.D. A2-4caecx Linda LANE A2-4caeca Erin Leigh KREINDLER A2-4caecb Jill Elizabeth KREINDLER A2-4caf Bessie KREINDLER A2-4cb Abraham STREUSAND A2-4cc Michel STREUSAND A2-4cd Chaim ('Hymie') STREUSSAND A2-4cdx Bluma TELESMAN A2-4cda Sam STREUSSAND A2-4cdax Mae KLARSFELD A2-4cdaa Gail STREUSSAND A2-4cdaax Jeffrey YOCCA A2-4cdaaa Anna YOCCA A2-4cdaab Nicholas YOCCA A2-4cdaay Eric POROSKY A2-4cdaac Parker J. POROSKY A2-4cdaad Sara POROSKY A2-4cdab Marcia Harriet STREUSSAND A2-4cdabx Douglas Jay GREEN A2-4ce Sussel STREUSAND A2-4d Kesriel STREISAND A2-4dx Mali FELDMAN A2-4da Isaak STREISAND A2-4dax Annie KESTAND A2-4daa Emanuel ('Manny') STREISAND A2-4daax Diana Ida ROSEN A2-4daaa Sheldon Jay STREISAND A2-4daaax Ellen --?-- A2-4daaaa Erica STREISAND A2-4daaaax Steve NEEDLE A2-4daaaaa Haley NEEDLE A2-4daaaab Max NEEDLE A2-4daaay Judy --?-- A2-4daab Barbra Joan STREISAND A2-4daabx Elliot GOULD A2-4daaba Jason Emanuel GOULD A2-4daaby James BROLIN A2-4dab Maurice ('Murray') STREISAND A2-4dabx Bessie PRESANT A2-4daba Kenneth STREISAND A2-4dabax Judith ROTHMAN A2-4dabaa Susan Lynn STREISAND A2-4dabaax Steven Joseph ZWEIG A2-4dabaaa Leah Streisand ZWEIG A2-4dabaab Ariel Ruth Streisand ZWEIG A2-4dabab Eric STREISAND A2-4dabb Warren STREISAND A2-4dabbx Isabel GREENBERG A2-4dabba Scott STREISAND A2-4dabbax Ashley --?-- A2-4dabbaa Alexandra STREISAND A2-4dabbb Randi STREISAND A2-4dabbbx Kenneth TERCYAK A2-4dabbba Samuel TERCYAK A2-4dabbbb Anna TERCYAK A2-4dabbbc Ryan TERCYAK A2-4dabc Francine STREISAND A2-4dabcx Stephen M. GUREY A2-4dabca Allison GUREY A2-4dabcax Jonathan WASSERSTEIN A2-4dabcaa Max Russell WASSERSTEIN A2-4dabcb Lowell GUREY A2-4dabcbx Keren BAKAL A2-4dac Herman ('Hymie') STREISAND A2-4dacx Sadie --?-- A2-4daca Melvin STREISAND A2-4dacax --?-- --?-- A2-4dacaa Karen STREISAND A2-4dacab Jonathan STREISAND A2-4dacay Carol --?-- A2-4dacb Marilyn STREISAND A2-4dacbx Steven --?-- A2-4dacby Bill OTIS A2-4dacba Laura OTIS A2-4dacbz Richard HARVEY A2-4dacc Mark STREISAND A2-4daccx Gail --?-- A2-4dad Philip STREISAND A2-4dadx Sylvia AARONS A2-4dada Helene STREISAND A2-4dadax Rodney MOSS A2-4dadaa Jeffrey Allen MOSS A2-4dadaax Dana Marie VAZQUEZ A2-4dadaaa Melina Hannah MOSS-VAZQUEZ A2-4dadaab Tristan Andel MOSS-VAZQUEZ A2-4dadaac Ella Rose MOSS-VAZQUEZ A2-4dadab David MOSS A2-4dadabx Joan FISHMAN A2-4dadaba Julia Abigail MOSS A2-4dadb Karen Evelyn STREISAND A2-4dadbx --?-- --?-- A2-4dadba Tiffany Alona --?-- A2-4dadbax Bruce HATHCOCK A2-4dadbaa Taji Amir HATHCOCK A2-4dadc Dale STREISAND A2-4dadcx Cindy --?-- A2-4dadca Isaiah STREISAND A2-4dadcy Christina --?-- A2-4dadcb Varsana STREISAND A2-4dadcc Leila STREISAND A2-4dae Daisy STREISAND A2-4daf Mildred ('Molly') STREISAND A2-4dafx Nat PARKER A2-4dafa Carole PARKER A2-4dafax Paul SCULLY A2-4dafaa Kari SCULLY A2-4dafab Jennifer SCULLY A2-4dafb Phyllis PARKER A2-4dafbx --?-- --?-- A2-4dafby John GUIFFRIDA A2-4dafba Derek GUIFFRIDA A2-4db Rachel STREISAND A2-4dc Ida STREISAND A2-4dcx David SCHULTZ A2-4e Berl STREISAND A2-4ex Chane STREISAND A2-4ea Schaje Nathan STREISAND A2-4eb Chaskel ('Charles') STREISAND A2-4ebx Bertha KIRSHTENBAUM A2-4eba Esther STREUSAND A2-4ebax --?-- ROSENTHAL A2-4ebaa Haskell ROSENTHAL A2-4ebab Lois ROSENTHAL A2-4ebabx --?-- KRUMHOLTZ A2-4ebac Annette ROSENTHAL A2-4ebacx --?-- WEINER A2-4ebb Bernard STREUSAND A2-4ebbx --?-- --?-- A2-4ebba Charles STREUSAND A2-4ebbax Betty LEWIS A2-4ebbaa Burk STREUSAND A2-4ebbab Teri STREUSAND A2-4ebbb Joyce STREUSAND A2-4ebc Ben STREUSAND A2-4ebcx --?-- --?-- A2-4ebca Harold STREUSAND A2-4ebcax --?-- --?-- A2-4ebcaa Ben STREUSAND A2-4ebcb Bernard W. ('Boogy') STREUSAND A2-4ebcbx Elaine ('Sissy') WEISS A2-4ebcba Barry J. STREUSAND A2-4ebcbb William STREUSAND A2-4ec Salamon Hersch STREISAND A2-4ed Heri ('Harry') STREISAND A2-4edx Sare ('Sarah') DICK A2-4eda Ethel STREISAND A2-4edax Jerome SILL A2-4edaa Peter L. SILL A2-4edaax Marcia --?-- A2-4edaaa Jennifer J. SILL A2-4edaaax Holm ALBRECHT A2-4edaab Randy SILL A2-4edab Joan SILL A2-4edabx --?-- CORWIN A2-4edb Jeanette STREISAND A2-4edbx Julius LEVIN A2-4edba Francis Ann LEVIN A2-4edbax George SISSON A2-4edbaa Barbara SISSON A2-4edbaax Phil BRADY A2-4edbaaa Jessica BRADY A2-4edbaay Brian WIDENER A2-4edbab Brenda SISSON A2-4edbabx Scott LEWIS A2-4edbaba Jordan LEWIS A2-4edbabb Zoe LEWIS A2-4edbac Richard SISSON A2-4edbay Theodore TRAEGER A2-4edbb Lawrence Charles LEVIN A2-4edbbx Ronnie Jane SCHLESINGER A2-4edbba Andrew LEVIN A2-4edbbb Kimberly LEVIN A2-4edbbc Tamara LEVIN A2-4edc Bernard L. STREISAND A2-4edcx Sophie BRASLOW A2-4edcy Ruth --?-- A2-4edd Miriam J. STREISAND A2-4eddx Walter ABRAMSON A2-4edda Nicholas Frederick ABRAMSON A2-4eddax Bobbie --?-- A2-4eddaa Chris ABRAMSON A2-4edday Helene MEISLER A2-4eddab Jesse ABRAMSON A2-4eddb John ABRAMSON A2-4eddbx ? A2-4eddby ? A2-4eddbz ? A2-4eddba ? A2-4eddbb ? A2-4eddc Hope ABRAMSON A2-4eddcx Jeremy BURSTEIN A2-4eddca Jenny BURSTEIN A2-4f Rissie STREISAND A2-5 Chaim ('Charles') STREUSAND -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A3 - EISENBERG A3-3 Dora EISENBERG A3-4 Seymour EISENBERG -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A4 - ZWILLINGER A4-3 Esther ZWILLINGER A4-3a Max ZWILLINGER A4-3ax Clara Elsie SCHWARTZ A4-3aa Rose ZWILLINGER A4-3aax Samuel STEINBERG A4-3aaa Sylvia STEINBERG A4-3aaax Irving BETHEIL A4-3aaaa Stephen Michael BETHEIL A4-3aaaax Amy --?-- A4-3aaab Cheryl Ellen BETHEIL A4-3aaabx Frank AIELLO A4-3ab Reba ZWILLINGER A4-3abx Benjamin YOUNG A4-3aba Helen ('Nonnie') YOUNG A4-3abax Mack SHUSTER A4-3abaa Sheila Grace SHUSTER A4-3abaax Lester MACKS A4-3abaaa Wendy Beth MACKS A4-3abaab Allison Faith MACKS A4-3abab Carol Rita SHUSTER A4-3ababx Merwin KLEIN A4-3ababa Jennifer KLEIN A4-3ababb Richard KLEIN A4-3ababy Steve SCHIFF A4-3abb Blanche ('Bobbie') YOUNG A4-3abbx Seymour Leo PLISKIN A4-3abba Kerry Scott PLISKIN A4-3abbax Rosalinda GAYOSA A4-3abbaa Jessica Michelle PLISKIN A4-3abbay Mary Beth MORRISSEY A4-3abbb Jill Ruby PLISKIN A4-3abbbx Jonathan Harrison STEINBERG A4-3aby David GREENBERG A4-3ac Sophie ZWILLINGER A4-3acx Harry STERN A4-3aca Kenneth STERN A4-3acax Marilyn --?-- A4-3acaa Jonathan STERN A4-3acay Amy --?-- A4-3acaz Ann --?-- A4-3acb Donald STERN A4-3acbx Carolyn LEVANT A4-3acba Tracy STERN A4-3acbb Janice STERN A4-3acby Eileen --?-- A4-3acbc Michele STERN A4-3acbd Linda Fran STERN A4-3acbz Sharon --?-- A4-3ad Daniel ZWILLINGER A4-3adx Lillian STEINLAUF A4-3ada Stanley ZWILLINGER A4-3adax Rosalind KASLOW A4-3adaa Dana Robin ZWILLINGER A4-3adaax Dennis KLAINBERG A4-3adaaa Adam Stuart KLAINBERG A4-3adaab Emma Lauren KLAINBERG A4-3adab Sharon Alyssia ZWILLINGER A4-3adb Mark ZWILLINGER A4-3adbx Sondra Karen KATZMAN A4-3adba Erik Jan ZWILLINGER A4-3adbb Tracy Dawn ZWILLINGER A4-3adby Christine Maryanne LEONE A4-3adbc Daniel A. LEONE-ZWILLINGER A4-3adbd Matthew LEONE-ZWILLINGER A4-3ae Frank ZWILLINGER A4-3aex Dorothy ETSIG A4-3aea Joan ZWILLINGER A4-3aeax Alvin ORENSTEIN A4-3aeaa Meryl ORENSTEIN A4-3aeaax George BROWN A4-3aeab Stacey ORENSTEIN A4-3aeabx Adam TOPALIAN A4-3aeb Roberta ZWILLINGER A4-3aebx Irwin CYMBOL A4-3aeba Todd David CYMBOL A4-3aebb Bradley CYMBOL A4-3aebbx Nina --?-- A4-3aeby Irving HIMMELSTEIN A4-3b Morris ZWILLINGER A4-3c --?-- ZWILLINGER (f) A4-3cx David KLINGER A4-3ca Katie KLINGER A4-3cb Abe KLINGER A4-3cc Joey KLINGER A4-4 Abraham ZWILLINGER -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A5 - --?-- A5-4 Ruth --?-- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A6 - DIAMANT A6-4 Rachel ('Rose') DIAMANT -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A7 - --?-- A7-4 Gussie --?-- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A8 - COHEN A8-4 Rose COHEN -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A10 - MAYER A10-5 Sujsel MAYER A10-6 Aron Leib MAYER -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A26 - --?-- A26-6 Pessie --?-- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B1 - LIBIDINSKY B1-1 Eileen LIBIDINSKY B1-1a Florence LIBIDINSKY B1-1ax Harold Murray REISER B1-1aa Seth David REISER B1-1aax Pamela PRICE B1-1aaa Rachel Price REISER B1-1aab Frank Louis REISER B1-1ab Robert Paul REISER B1-1abx Tina Marie KING B1-1aba Madeleine Bonnie REISER B1-1abb Alexandra Beth REISER B1-2 Ephraim ('Frank') LIBIDINSKY B1-2a Avrum ('Abraham') LIBIDINSKY B1-2ax [B2-4aa] Shirley SCHWARTZ B1-2aa Sylvia LIBIDINSKY B1-2ab Florence LIBIDINSKY B1-2abx Dr. --?-- --?-- B1-2b Ruchel ('Rose') LIBIDINSKY B1-2bx Sol IDE [ITZKOWITZ] B1-2ba Irving IDE B1-2bax Gloria LUNGEN B1-2baa Ariann IDE B1-2baax Michael AKEN B1-2baaa Andrea AKEN B1-2baab Shayna AKEN B1-2baac Alexander AKEN B1-2bab Philip IDE B1-2bb Frances IDE B1-2bbx Paul PULIS B1-2bba Sandra PULIS B1-2bbb Corrine PULIS B1-2bbc Laura PULIS B1-2bbd Paul PULIS B1-2c Itzic ('Irwin') LIBIDINSKY B1-3 Zalman ('Solomon') LIBIDINSKY B1-4 --?-- LIBIDINSKY B1-4a --?-- LEBEDINSKY B1-4ax --?-- --?-- B1-4aa Solomin LEBEDINSKY B1-4aax --?-- --?-- B1-4aaa Libby LEBEDINSKY B1-4aab Jack LEBEDINSKY B1-4aabx --?-- --?-- B1-4aaba Dorris LEBEDINSKY B1-4aac Samuel LIBIDINSKY B1-4aacx Sarah ALEXSON B1-4aaca Lila Ray LIBIDINSKY B1-4aacax Murray KAUFMAN B1-4aacaa Rachel Fran KAUFMAN B1-4aacaax Dan SYTHE B1-4aacaaa Stella Rose SYTHE B1-4aacaab Althea June KAI [SYTHE] B1-4aacab Franca Merle KAUFMAN B1-4aacabx --?-- --?-- B1-4aacaby --?-- --?-- B1-4aacabz David BARROWS B1-4aacaba Alyssa BARROWS B1-4aacac Eric Steven KAUFMAN B1-4aacad Alan David KAUFMAN B1-4aacadx Carolyn --?-- B1-4aacada Jeffrey KAUFMAN B1-4aacadb Michelle KAUFMAN B1-4aacb [daughter] LIBIDINSKY B1-4aacc Zena LIBIDINSKY B1-4aaccx Mervin SCHAFFER B1-4aacca Jeffrey SCHAFFER B1-4aaccau Mayblene LOWARY B1-4aaccaa Hattie LOWARY B1-4aaccax Reina ALONSO B1-4aaccab Philip SCHAFFER B1-4aaccac Jake SCHAFFER B1-4aaccb Jill SCHAFFER B1-4aaccbx Michael ROTENBERG B1-4aaccba Noah ROTENBERG B1-4aaccbb Talia Rose ROTENBERG B1-4aaccby Deric LUBIN B1-4aad Gershon LEBEDINSKY B1-4ab Rasil ('Rose') LEBEDINSKY B1-4abx Jacob ALEXSON B1-4b --?-- LEBEDINSKY B1-4bx --?-- --?-- B1-4ba Boruch LEBEDINSKY B1-4bax Tuba THOMASHEFSKY B1-4baa Sarah LEBEDINSKY B1-4baax --?-- --?-- B1-4baaa Tanya --?-- B1-4bab Solomin LEBEDINSKY B1-4babx --?-- --?-- B1-4baba Tanya LEBEDINSKY B1-4bac Nathan LAWRENCE [LEBEDINSKY] B1-4bacx Sonia LASKOWITZ B1-4baca Allan LAWRENCE [LEBEDINSKY] B1-4bacax Helen KUPFER B1-4bacaa Robert LAWRENCE B1-4bacab Stephen LAWRENCE B1-4bacabx Christine --?-- B1-4bacaba Hannah LAWRENCE B1-4bacaby Cathy --?-- B1-4bacac William LAWRENCE B1-4bacb Lee LEBEDINSKY B1-4bacbx Joseph WEISS B1-4bacba Donald WEISS B1-4bacbb Steven WEISS B1-4bacbbx Jean --?-- B1-4bacbba Amy WEISS B1-4bacbbb Peter WEISS B1-4bacbbc Douglas WEISS B1-4bacbby Robin --?-- B1-4bacby Fred NOCHIMSON B1-4bacbc Richard NOCHIMSON B1-4bacbcx Martha --?-- B1-4bacbca David NOCHIMSON B1-4bacbcb Holly NOCHIMSON B1-4bacc Irving LAWRENCE [LEBEDINSKY] B1-4baccx Helen Madaline SURIANO B1-4bacca Geraldine Marie LAWRENCE B1-4baccax Robert Louis GUHRING B1-4baccaa Eric Louis GUHRING B1-4baccaax Judy NIEVES B1-4baccay Eric Francis FORBES B1-4baccb Joan Ellen LAWRENCE B1-4baccbx Joseph John LOMBARDI B1-4baccc Kathryn Marsha LAWRENCE B1-4bacccx Anthony RANIERE B1-4baccca Michael Dominick RANIERE B1-4bacccb Jessica Marie RANIERE B1-4baccd James Richard LAWRENCE B1-4baccdx Terri Corrine DIAMOND B1-4baccda Samantha Kyle LAWRENCE B1-4baccdb Rachel Lee LAWRENCE B1-4bacce Debra Ann LAWRENCE B1-4baccex Donald Edward SELLS B1-4baccea Sonia Marie SELLS B1-4bacceb Michael SELLS B1-4baccf Carol Susan LAWRENCE B1-4baccfx Donald Millard ARCHER ('Jr.') B1-4baccfa Daniel Lawrence ARCHER B1-4baccfb Russell Lawrence ARCHER B1-4baccg Robert John LAWRENCE B1-4baccgx Donna ALDERSON B1-4baccga Sarah Marie LAWRENCE B1-4baccgb Adam Peter LAWRENCE B1-4bacd Lillian LEBEDINSKY B1-4bacdx David NEUMANN B1-4bacda Kenneth NEUMANN B1-4bacdax Martha BRODERICK B1-4bacdaa Alexis NEUMANN B1-4bacdab Zachary NEUMANN B1-4bacday Susan --?-- B1-4bacdac Rajini NEUMANN B1-4bacdb Gail NEUMANN B1-4bacdbx Edward HARMON B1-4bacdba Craig HARMON B1-4bacdbb Kimberly HARMON B1-4bacdbbx --?-- ROZNOWSKI B1-4bacdbc Elissa HARMON B1-4bay --?-- --?-- B1-4bad David LEBEDINSKY B1-4bae Sheinal LEBEDINSKY B1-4bb Meyer LEBEDINSKY B1-4bbx Bella --?-- B1-4bba Nissle LEBEDINSKY B1-4bbax --?-- --?-- B1-4bbaa David LEBEDINSKY B1-4bbab Bella LEBEDINSKY B1-4bbac [B1-4bbbax] Seymon LEBEDINSKY B1-4bbacx [B1-4bbba] Bella LEBEDINSKY B1-4bbaca Victor LEBEDINSKY B1-4bbacax Inna --?-- B1-4bbacaa Ilona LEBEDINSKY B1-4bbacaax Carlos CHENEY B1-4bbacaaa Dayvin Rhys CHENEY B1-4bbacaab Kiyah Sage CHENEY B1-4bbacab Paul LEBEDINSKY B1-4bbacabx Meira WEINE B1-4bbacaba Yisroel Dov Brett Favre LEBEDINSKY B1-4bbacay Tanya --?-- B1-4bbacb Alexander LEBEDINSKY B1-4bbacbx Dora --?-- B1-4bbacba Mariana LEBEDINSKY B1-4bbb Aaron LEBEDINSKY B1-4bbbx --?-- --?-- B1-4bbba [B1-4bbacx] Bella LEBEDINSKY B1-4bbbax [B1-4bbac] Seymon LEBEDINSKY [Children] B1-4bbbb Dina LEBEDINSKY B1-4bbbbx --?-- --?-- B1-4bbbba Svettland LEBEDINSKY B1-4bbbbax --?-- --?-- B1-4bbbbaa Irena --?-- B1-4bbbbab Natalie --?-- B1-4bbc Joseph LEBEDINSKY B1-4bbcx --?-- --?-- B1-4bbca Mike LEBEDINSKY B1-4bbcb David LEBEDINSKY B1-4bbcbx --?-- --?-- B1-4bbcba Edward LEBEDINSKY B1-4bbcc Bella LEBEDINSKY B1-4bbd Dora LEBEDINSKY B1-4bbe Levic LEBEDINSKY B1-4bbex --?-- --?-- B1-4bbea Samuel LEBEDINSKY B1-4bbeb Boruch LEBEDINSKY B1-4bbec Bella LEBEDINSKY B1-4bbf Mania LEBEDINSKY B1-4bbfx --?-- --?-- B1-4bbfa Jenny --?-- B1-4bbfb William --?-- B1-4bbfc Golda Jenny --?-- B1-4bbg Rosa LEBEDINSKY B1-4bbgx --?-- --?-- B1-4bbga Anna LEBEDINSKY B1-4bbgb Riva LEBEDINSKY B1-4bbgc Dina LEBEDINSKY B1-4bc Abram LEBEDINSKY B1-4bcx --?-- --?-- B1-4bca Klara LEBEDINSKY B1-4bcb Label LEBEDINSKY B1-4bd Moisha LEBEDINSKY B1-5 --?-- LEBEDINSKY -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B2 - SCHWARTZ B2-2 Basia ('Bessie') SCHWARTZ B2-2a Leon ('Louis') SCHWARTZ B2-2ax Irene --?-- B2-2aa Norma SCHWARTZ B2-2ab Hannah SCHWARTZ B2-2b Tania SCHWARTZ B2-2bx Joseph BARSH B2-2ba Preston BARSH B2-2bax Estelle --?-- B2-2baa Rena Ilene BARSH B2-2baax Robert RUDOLPH B2-2baaa Jason RUDOLPH B2-2baab Sara RUDOLPH B2-2bab Steven BARSH B2-2bb Elisa BARSH B2-2bbx Robert GREEN B2-2bba Nicholas GREEN B2-2bbb Tiffany GREEN B2-2bbc Brandy(?) GREEN B2-2c Gerels ('Harry') SCHWARTZ B2-2cx Annette --?-- B2-2ca Mona SCHWARTZ B2-2cb Roy SCHWARTZ B2-2cbx Diana --?-- B2-2d Abraham ('Al') SCHWARTZ B2-2e Anna SCHWARTZ B2-2f --?-- SCHWARTZ (m) B2-2g --?-- SCHWARTZ (f) B2-2h Paul SCHWARTZ B2-2hx Elaine --?-- B2-2ha Tina SCHWARTZ B2-2hb David SCHWARTZ B2-2hc Ira SCHWARTZ B2-3 Srul ('Israel') SCHWARTZ B2-3a Sheindele ('Jennie') SCHWARTZ B2-3ax Yithak SINGER B2-3aa Edith SINGER B2-3aax Lawrence SHANKMAN B2-3aaa Caroline SHANKMAN B2-3aab Jeffrey SHANKMAN B2-3ab Celia SINGER B2-3abx Somer RUMM B2-3aba --?-- RUMM (m) B2-3abb --?-- RUMM (m) B2-3abc --?-- RUMM (f) B2-3b Zuzi SCHWARTZ B2-3c Dvorci SCHWARTZ B2-3d Enya SCHWARTZ B2-4 Eluve SCHWARTZ B2-4a --?-- SCHWARTZ (m) B2-4ax --?-- --?-- (f) B2-4aa [B1-2ax] Shirley SCHWARTZ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B3 - LIBIDINSKY B3-3 Yetta LIBIDINSKY -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B4 - TRIDUPSKY/TEDOFF B4-3 Faige TRIDUPSKY B4-3a Moishe ('Morris') TRIDUPSKY B4-3ax Bruche --?-- B4-3aa Perel ('Pauline') TRIDUPSKY B4-3aax Sol ZIMMERMAN B4-3aaa Nat ZIMMERMAN B4-3aaax --?-- --?-- B4-3aab Bobby ZIMMERMAN B4-3aabx --?-- --?-- B4-3aac Eleanor ZIMMERMAN B4-3aacx --?-- --?-- B4-3aacy --?-- --?-- B4-3ab Herschel ('Harry') TRIDUPSKY B4-3abx --?-- --?-- B4-3aba --?-- TEDOFF B4-3aby Pearl WETTER B4-3abb Ira L. TEDOFF B4-3abc --?-- TEDOFF (m) B4-3ac Jankel ('Jack') TRIDUPSKY B4-3ad Chone ('Henry') TRIDUPSKY B4-3ae Feyga ('Fay') TRIDUPSKY B4-3aex Harry DRAZEN B4-3aea Leonard DRAZEN B4-3b Jankel TRIDUPSKY B4-3bx Ruchel --?-- B4-3ba Louis TRIDUPSKY B4-3bax Annette --?-- B4-3baa Sandra TEDOFF B4-3bab --?-- TEDOFF (f) B4-3bac --?-- TEDOFF (f) B4-3bb Faige ('Fay') TRIDUPSKY B4-3bbx --?-- --?-- B4-3bc Yetta TRIDUPSKY B4-3bcx --?-- --?-- B4-3bca --?-- --?-- B4-3bcy --?-- --?-- B4-3bcb Billie --?-- (f) B4-3bcc --?-- --?-- B4-3c Itzi TRIDUPSKY B4-3cx --?-- --?-- (f) B4-3ca Yetta TRIDUPSKY B4-3cax Max BALL B4-3caa Irving BALL B4-3caax --?-- --?-- B4-3caaa --?-- BALL B4-3caab --?-- BALL B4-3caac --?-- BALL B4-3cab Mildred BALL B4-3cabx --?-- --?-- B4-3cac Harvey BALL B4-3cacx --?-- --?-- B4-3d Kolman TRIDUPSKY B4-3dx Chaikhaya --?-- B4-3da Srul TRIDUPSKY B4-3db Yisroel? TRIDUPSKY B4-3dc Faige TRIDUPSKY B4-4 Pacie TRIDUPSKY -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B5 - --?-- B5-4 --?-- --?-- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B6 - RAIST B6-4 Chayaraizel ('Chaye') RAIST -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B8 - --?-- B8-4 Pessie --?-- B8-4a --?-- --?-- (f) B8-4ax Ershru --?-- B8-5 --?-- --?-- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B9 - --?-- B9-5 --?-- --?-- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B16 - --?-- B16-5 --?-- --?--

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A1 - HALL / COMPTON-HALL A1-0 Alexander Michael Compton HALL A1-0u Pauline Linda STRONG A1-0ua Sheila Louise STRONG A1-1 Michael Wilfred COMPTON-HALL A1-1a Joy COMPTON-HALL A1-1b Peggie COMPTON-HALL A1-1bx Michael Percy Fanum MOYLE A1-1ba Camillia Marie Michelle Alexandra MOYLE A1-1bax Nicholas Grant RICKETT A1-1c June Carmen COMPTON-HALL A1-1cx Stanley Maurice DAWTREY A1-1ca Linda Gabrielle Susan DAWTREY A1-1cb Graham Keith DAWTREY A1-1cbx Deborah BARLEY A1-1cc Neil Ian DAWTREY A1-1ccx Nicola A. SKENTELBERY A1-1cca Thomas Fraser DAWTREY A1-1ccb Charlotte Olivia S. DAWTREY A1-1ccc Carmen Emily DAWTREY A1-2 Wilfred Brian COMPTON-HALL A1-2x --?-- --?-- --?-- A1-2y Leonor AGUIRRE --?-- A1-2ya Jorge Ricardo COMPTON-HALL AGUIRRE A1-2yax --?-- --?-- --?-- A1-2yaa Leandro COMPTON-HALL --?-- A1-2yab Julieta COMPTON-HALL --?-- A1-2yac Guillermo COMPTON-HALL --?-- A1-2z Vicenta CÁCERES GALVAN A1-2za Beryl Catalina COMPTON-HALL CÁCERES A1-2zax Miguel Angel Ramon BARRIOS MONGES A1-2zaa Beryl Carolina BARRIOS COMPTON-HALL A1-2zaax --?-- OLAVARRIETA --?-- A1-2zaaa Beryl Sthefania OLAVARRIETA BARRIOS A1-2zaab Jonathan OLAVARRIETA BARRIOS A1-2zab Alex Miguelangel BARRIOS COMPTON-HALL A1-2zb Carlos COMPTON-HALL CÁCERES A1-2a Ethelind COMPTON-HALL A1-2b Muriel Josephine COMPTON-HALL A1-2bx William Maurice OGLE A1-2ba Richard Allen OGLE A1-2bax Irene Cynthia Phoebe COOK A1-2baa Michael Allen OGLE A1-2bab Simon Peter OGLE A1-2babx Carol Joy SANDEVER A1-2baba Sharon Louise OGLE A1-2babax Howard Dennis JONES A1-2babb Wendy Lorraine OGLE A1-2babbx Sean Francis MOORE A1-2babba Thomas Patrick MOORE A1-2babbb Megan Amy MOORE A1-2babbc Ciaran MOORE A1-2bay Kathleen Mary HALLETT (nee FLETCHER) A1-2bb Janet Penelope OGLE A1-2c Richard William COMPTON-HALL, OBE A1-2cx Gwyneth GOULD A1-2ca Cdr. Patrick Richard COMPTON-HALL, RN, MBE A1-2cax Gillian F. SLADE-BAKER A1-2caa Richard Mark COMPTON-HALL A1-2caax Jenny T. DUNCAN-SMITH A1-2caaa Timothy Anthony Simon COMPTON-HALL A1-2caaax Sarah --?-- A1-2caab Jamie Dominic COMPTON-HALL A1-2cab Simon C. COMPTON-HALL A1-2cabx --?-- --?-- A1-2cay Eve M. CAMERON (nee --?--) A1-2cy Gwendolen G. CLIFFORD A1-2cz Theresa Catherine --?-- A1-3 Joseph COMPTON-HALL A1-3x Elsie Millicent PITT A1-3a William Compton HALL A1-3ax Susan DODD A1-3aa Jessie Compton HALL A1-3ab Gwendoline HALL A1-3ac Florence L. HALL A1-3acx Claude DAVIES A1-3aca Margaret DAVIES A1-3ad Maud HALL A1-3adx Herbert GWYN A1-3ada John GWYN A1-3adb Olivia GWYN A1-3adbx John YOUNG A1-3b Lucy Elisabeth HALL A1-3c Alfred Joseph HALL A1-3d Alice HALL A1-3dx Rev. Francis LONG A1-3da Margery Compton LONG A1-3dax Francis John HERBERT A1-3daa Dennis J. HERBERT A1-3daax --?-- --?-- A1-3daaa Janet HERBERT A1-3daab John HERBERT A1-3dab Diana Lillian HERBERT A1-3dabx Philip HAKLUYTT A1-3daba Piers D. HAKLUYTT A1-3dabb Philip N. HAKLUYTT A1-3dabbx Ann FRANCKEISS A1-3dabba Hannah Rose HAKLUYTT A1-3dabbb Charlotte Sarah HAKLUYTT A1-3db Alice Mary LONG A1-3dc Francis Stuart LONG A1-3dd Lucy Kathleen LONG A1-3ddx Geoffrey FILMER A1-3dda Caroline FILMER A1-3ddax Richard PENMAN A1-3e Mary Agnes HALL A1-3f Alfred Hall COMPTON A1-3fx Marian Hope NEILD A1-3fa Dorothy Marian COMPTON A1-3fax James George William LOWE A1-3faa Brenda Margaret LOWE A1-3fb Phyllis Margaret COMPTON A1-3fbx William Arthur DELAHAYE A1-3fba Peter Reginald DELAHAYE A1-3fbb Joan Marian DELAHAYE A1-3fbbx Stanley Isaac KAPLAN A1-3fbba Susan Edith KAPLAN A1-3fbbau Gregory SWEETNAM A1-3fbbaa Josephina Maria DELAHAYE A1-3fbbaax --?-- --?-- A1-3fbbaaa Dinah Jean DELAHAYE A1-3fbbav Charles THORNTON A1-3fbbab Glen Alexander DELAHAYE A1-3fbbac Mariella Poppy DELAHAYE A1-3fbbad Alan Thomas DELAHAYE A1-3fbbb Deborah KAPLAN A1-3fbbbu Chris BARRETT A1-3fbbba Jake BARRETT A1-3fbbbb Alicia KAPLAN A1-3fby Rev. Arthur John SINCLAIR BURTON A1-3fc Joseph Neild COMPTON, OBE A1-3fcx Dorothy Margaret Townsend ROBERTS A1-3fca Michael Graeme COMPTON, CBE A1-3fcax Susan Pascal BENN A1-3fcaa Josephine COMPTON A1-3fcaax Thomas Julian NEVILLE A1-3fcaaa Daisy Beatrice NEVILLE A1-3fcab Ann Margaret COMPTON A1-3fcabx Lewis Harold BIGGS A1-3fcaba Alison Rhona Compton BIGGS A1-3fcabb Nicholas Lewis Compton BIGGS A1-3fcb Christopher John COMPTON A1-3fcbx Jane Valerie PIPER A1-3fcba Richard Charles Joseph COMPTON [TREVITT] A1-3fcbax Miyako KASE A1-3fcbay Inga BALDANO A1-3fcbaa Leonard TREVITT A1-3fcbb Peter John COMPTON [TREVITT] A1-3fcbbx Christa LAMB A1-3fcbba Max Charles Compton TREVITT A1-3fcbbb Eleni Voymma Compton TREVITT A1-3fcbc Sara J. COMPTON [TREVITT] A1-3fcbcx Raoul --?-- A1-3fcbca --?-- --?-- A1-3fcby Frederika Katharina REINER A1-3fcbd John Lawrence COMPTON[-REINER] A1-4 William Bancks HALL A1-4x Eliza BALDING A1-4xa Catherine HALL A1-4a [A5-4bx] Mary Bancks HALL A1-4ax [A5-4b] Joseph COMPTON A1-4b Alice Boyer HALL A1-4c Lucy HALL A1-4d Charlotte Elizabeth HALL A1-5 William HALL A1-5a John HALL A1-5ax Elizabeth BYFIELD A1-5aa Elizabeth Byfield HALL A1-5ab Mary Byfield HALL A1-5abx William Thomas MARRIOTT A1-5aba William Hall MARRIOTT A1-5abax Hannah MASON A1-5abaa George Armstrong MARRIOTT A1-5abaax Cicely Mary Brindley HARTLEY A1-5abab William Mason MARRIOTT A1-5abac Ella MARRIOTT A1-5abacx Lionel WALKER A1-5abad Philip MARRIOTT A1-5abadx Joan --?-- A1-5abae Margaret MARRIOTT A1-5abaex Aubrey CROWTHER A1-5abaf Hugh MARRIOTT A1-5abafx Vera LANE A1-5abb Mary Elizabeth MARRIOTT A1-5abbx Rev. Andrew CHALMERS A1-5abba Thomas Marriott CHALMERS A1-5abc Harriet Katherine MARRIOTT A1-5ac John HALL A1-5acx Kate HEALD A1-5aca Katharine Mary HALL A1-5acax Charles Edward Waithman GADDUM A1-5acaa Christopher GADDUM A1-5acb Edith Byfield HALL A1-5acc John HALL A1-5accx Jean Isobel NESBITT A1-5acca John HALL A1-5accb Thomas Byfield HALL A1-5accbx Sylvia COLLIE A1-5accba John HALL A1-5accbax Susan --?-- A1-5accbaa Chloe HALL A1-5accbab Tom A. HALL A1-5accbay June WELLS A1-5accc Robert Nesbitt HALL A1-5acccx Sybil Nellie BECK, MBE A1-5accd Patrick Campbell HALL A1-5accdx Winifred Hazel ROBINS A1-5accda David Edward Campbell HALL A1-5accdax Charlotte May Congreve LLOYD A1-5accdaa Lucinda Mary HALL A1-5accdab Patrick Campbell HALL A1-5accday Susan LLOYD A1-5accdac Samantha HALL A1-5accdy Catherine Elaine WALKER (nee HICKMAN) A1-5accdb Andrew Campbell HALL A1-5acce Joan Leonore Genevieve HALL A1-5accex Rear Adm. William Moss LANDYMORE, OBE, CD A1-5accea Lauretta Jean LANDYMORE A1-5acceax Terence John HARRIS A1-5acceaa Eleanor Jean HARRIS A1-5acceaax Matthew William BURKE A1-5acceab Isabelle Anne HARRIS A1-5acceabx Mark Ross McKENZIE A1-5acceaba Benjamin Harry Coulter McKENZIE A1-5acceb Roderick William LANDYMORE A1-5accebx Kathleen Marie QUINLAN A1-5acceba Heather Patricia Kathleen LANDYMORE A1-5accebb Margaret Helen Genevieve LANDYMORE A1-5accebc William John Roderick LANDYMORE A1-5accebcx Amy HAVILL A1-5accebca Griffin William Bruce LANDYMORE A1-5accebcb Violet LANDYMORE A1-5acceby Frances Mary HOWELL A1-5accec John Frederick LANDYMORE A1-5accecx Linda Doran DAVISON A1-5acceca Jane Beauchamp LANDYMORE A1-5accecb John Dudley LANDYMORE A1-5accecy Caroline PATON A1-5accecc Hugh William Hall LANDYMORE A1-5accecz Melanie Anne BULLEN A1-5accf Philip Roderick HALL A1-5acd Constance Marsden HALL A1-5ace Margaret Elizabeth HALL A1-5acex Norman GALLOWAY A1-5acf Ernest Byfield HALL A1-5acfx Emma Letitia CLEGG A1-5acfa Ernest Nicholas HALL A1-5acfax Frances Hope CONGREVE A1-5acfaa Richard HALL A1-5acfab Alister HALL A1-5acfabx Julia CHATTERLEY A1-5acfb William Byfield HALL A1-5acfbx Susanna Nathalie OSGOOD A1-5acfc Letitia Guendolen HALL A1-5acfcx Arthur Gruffydd TUDOR-EVANS A1-5acfca Camilla Guendolen TUDOR-EVANS A1-5acfcax Julian Hugh PARDOE A1-5acfcaa Simon David PARDOE A1-5acfcaax Fiona BARRETT A1-5acfcaaa Isabella Laura PARDOE A1-5acfcab Joanna Clare PARDOE A1-5acfcabx Hon. Edward BRASSEY A1-5acfcaba Hon. Christian Peter BRASSEY A1-5acfcac Fiona Mary PARDOE A1-5acfcacx Nigel POWELL A1-5acfcaca Annabel Alice POWELL A1-5acfcacb Poppy Clare POWELL A1-5acfcb Edward S. TUDOR-EVANS A1-5acfcbx Diana S. BOYCE A1-5acfcba Rowena Clare TUDOR-EVANS A1-5acfcbb Edward William TUDOR-EVANS A1-5acfd Nora Constance HALL A1-5ad William Byfield HALL A1-5b Anne HALL A1-5c Robert Atkinson HALL A1-5d Mary HALL A1-5e Jane HALL A1-5f Sarah HALL A1-5g Sir Charles HALL A1-5gx Sarah DUVAL A1-5ga Sarah Elizabeth HALL A1-5gax Henry CASSON A1-5gaa Helen Maria CASSON A1-5gab Edith CASSON A1-5gac John Lees CASSON A1-5gad Mabel CASSON A1-5gb Mary Jane HALL A1-5gbx Edmund John MORTLOCK A1-5gba Mary Blanche MORTLOCK A1-5gbax Rev. John James LIAS A1-5gbaa Ronald John Mortlock LIAS A1-5gbab Edmund Thomas Mortlock LIAS A1-5gbabx Phyllis Muriel LAMB A1-5gbaba Phyllis Elizabeth Mortlock LIAS A1-5gbac Blanche Mortlock LIAS A1-5gbacx Sir Leonard William REYNOLDS, KCSI, KCIE A1-5gbaca Pamela Blanche REYNOLDS A1-5gbacb Barbara Janet REYNOLDS A1-5gbacbx Denys Ormiston PATERSON A1-5gbacba Gillian Elizabeth PATERSON A1-5gbacbax Thomas Ferber GRAFFY A1-5gbacbb Rowland William Ormiston PATERSON A1-5gbacbbx Marya MOUNT A1-5gbacbba Sophie Jane PATERSON A1-5gbacbbb Lucie PATERSON A1-5gbacbbc Aimie PATERSON A1-5gbacbbcx Jonathon MILLS A1-5gbacbbca Molly MILLS A1-5gbacbbd Millie PATERSON A1-5gbacc William REYNOLDS A1-5gbaccx Patricia BENTLEY A1-5gbacca Diana REYNOLDS A1-5gbaccax Paul HOPCROFT A1-5gbaccaa Belinda HOPCROFT A1-5gbaccaau --?-- --?-- A1-5gbaccaaa Tristan HOPCROFT A1-5gbaccaax Gary --?-- A1-5gbaccaab Taya --?-- A1-5gbaccab Victoria HOPCROFT A1-5gbaccb Rosemary REYNOLDS A1-5gbaccbx Nigel WORTHINGTON A1-5gbaccba Jennifer WORTHINGTON A1-5gbaccbax --?-- --?-- A1-5gbaccbaa --?-- --?-- (m) A1-5gbaccbb Keith WORTHINGTON A1-5gbaccbbx --?-- --?-- A1-5gbaccbc Emily Kate WORTHINGTON A1-5gbaccc Susan REYNOLDS A1-5gbacccx --?-- HADFIELD A1-5gbaccca Carla HADFIELD A1-5gbacccb Stuart HADFIELD A1-5gbaccd Bridget REYNOLDS A1-5gbaccdx Alan BROWN A1-5gbaccda Nicola BROWN A1-5gbaccdb Denis William BROWN A1-5gbb Alice MORTLOCK A1-5gbbx Rev. John Prediger FARLER A1-5gbc Bertha Elizabeth MORTLOCK A1-5gbcx Rev. Archibald Ewart CLARK-KENNEDY A1-5gbca Elizabeth Alletta CLARK-KENNEDY A1-5gbcb Gladys CLARK-KENNEDY A1-5gbcbx Rev. Tom GOING A1-5gbcba Charles H. GOING A1-5gbcbb Alexander T. GOING A1-5gbcbbx Maureen C. AMBLER A1-5gbcbba Jane C. GOING A1-5gbcbbax Tristan J. HILL A1-5gbcbc Mary H. GOING A1-5gbcbcx Martin T. KIBBLEWHITE A1-5gbcbca Helen R. KIBBLEWHITE A1-5gbcbcax Richard F. MILHEN A1-5gbcbcb Celia M. KIBBLEWHITE A1-5gbcbcc Anna Judith KIBBLEWHITE A1-5gbcc Dr. Archibald Edmund CLARK-KENNEDY A1-5gbccx Phyllis G. JEFFREE A1-5gbcca Phyllis Gillian CLARK-KENNEDY A1-5gbccax --?-- --?-- A1-5gbccaa --?-- --?-- (f) A1-5gbccab --?-- --?-- (f) A1-5gbccb Alexander Charles CLARK-KENNEDY A1-5gbccbx Elizabeth M. COATES A1-5gbccba Louise E. CLARK-KENNEDY A1-5gbccbax Howard M.A. RICHARDSON A1-5gbccbaa Charles Howard RICHARDSON A1-5gbccbab Hugh Alexander RICHARDSON A1-5gbccbb Alice K. CLARK-KENNEDY A1-5gbccbbx Alexander G. MOORE A1-5gbccbba George Henry A. MOORE A1-5gbccbbb Emily Kate MOORE A1-5gbcd Bertha CLARK-KENNEDY A1-5gbd Ellen Duval MORTLOCK A1-5gbdx Rev. Ludovick Stewart ROBINSON A1-5gbda Charles ROBINSON A1-5gbdb Margaret ROBINSON A1-5gbdc Ludovick ROBINSON A1-5gbdd Gordon ROBINSON A1-5gbde --?-- ROBINSON (f) A1-5gc Rev. Lewis Duval HALL A1-5gcx Mary Kate MEEKING A1-5gca Charles Spencer HALL A1-5gcax Mary Madeleine Stevens BRADY A1-5gcb Francis Duval HALL A1-5gcc Mary Kate HALL A1-5gccx (Lord) --?-- HOLLAND A1-5gcca Mary Hilaire Duval HOLLAND A1-5gcd Lewis Duval HALL A1-5gce Geoffrey Duval HALL A1-5gd Rt. Hon. Sir Charles HALL, PC, KCMG A1-5ge Harriet HALL A1-5gex James Ochoncar FORBES A1-5gea Patrick Charles FORBES A1-5geb John Walter FORBES A1-5gec James Ochoncar FORBES A1-5gecx Norah Maude ABERCROMBY A1-5geca Patrick Walter FORBES, OBE A1-5gecax Margaret Hawthorne LYDALL A1-5gecaa Mhairi Margaret FORBES A1-5gecab Andrew Iain Ochoncar FORBES A1-5gecac Shelagh Ann FORBES A1-5gecb David Ochoncar FORBES A1-5gf Samuel HALL A1-5gg Francis HALL A1-5gh Ellen HALL A1-5ghx Henry GORDON A1-5gha Elizabeth Cruger GORDON A1-5h Elizabeth HALL A1-5i Andrew HALL A1-5j George HALL A1-5jx Frances JAMES A1-5ja Charles Addison HALL A1-5jax Kate BOWER A1-5jaa Frank Addison HALL A1-5jab George Lloyd HALL A1-5jb Frances Mary HALL A1-5jc George Arthur HALL A1-5k [unnamed] HALL (m) A1-6 John HALL A1-6a Anne HALL A1-6ax William COLLING A1-6aa Elizabeth COLLING A1-6b Mary HALL A1-6c Atkinson HALL A1-6d William HALL A1-6e Thomasine HALL A1-6f Pally HALL A1-6g Sarah HALL A1-6gx Edward ASHTON A1-6ga Edward ASHTON A1-6gb Mary ASHTON A1-6h Andrew HALL A1-6hx Ellen WARD A1-6ha Edward HALL A1-6hb Amelia HALL A1-6hc Eliza HALL A1-6hd James HALL A1-6he Henry HALL A1-6i Mary Ann HALL A1-7 John HALL A1-7a Alice HALL A1-7b Charity HALL A1-7c William HALL A1-7d Anne HALL A1-7e Thomas HALL A1-7f Sarah HALL A1-8 John HALL A1-8a Christopher HALL A1-9 John HALL -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A2 - GEPP A2-2 Gertrude Edith GEPP A2-2a Arthur Francis GEPP A2-2b Amabel Naomi GEPP A2-2bx Harry KERWIN A2-2c Robert Ernest GEPP A2-2d Dorothy Margaret GEPP A2-2dx Frederick MUNN A2-2da Hilary Margaret MUNN A2-2dax Peter Woodruff BROOKER A2-2daa Jean Louisa BROOKER A2-2daax Richard Campbell MATHIESON A2-2daaa Steven Brooker MATHIESON A2-2daab David Campbell MATHIESON A2-2daac Louisa Campbell MATHIESON A2-2db Frederick Francis MUNN A2-2dbx Patricia Gladys WHARTON A2-2dba Frederick John MUNN A2-2dbb Carol Lynn MUNN A2-2dbbx Charles MIDDLETON A2-2dbc Paul James MUNN A2-2dbd Peter Jeremy MUNN A2-2e Arthur Walter GEPP A2-2f Francis George GEPP A2-2fx Gwendolen ARNOLD A2-3 Francis William GEPP A2-3a Margaret Elizabeth GEPP A2-3ax Samuel Lucas HUNT A2-3aa Ethel Margaret HUNT A2-3aax Lionel Victor RAY A2-3aaa Lionel Napier RAY A2-3aaax Norah Lucinda BENSON A2-3aaaa --?-- RAY A2-3aab Cecil RAY A2-3ab Noel Guy HUNT A2-3ac William Lucas HUNT A2-3b Wilhemina GEPP A2-3bx Louis Henri JUNOD A2-3ba Bernard William JUNOD A2-3c Anna Sutton GEPP A2-3d [A2-5abcx] Constance Emma GEPP A2-3dx [A4-6abc] [A2-5abc] Walter Payne GEPP A2-3e Paul William GEPP A2-4 [A4-5a] William Barlow GEPP A2-4a [A4-5] Rev. George Edward GEPP A2-4ax [A12-5] Emma Sophia ARNTZ A2-4aa [A4-4a] (Daughter) GEPP A2-4ab [A4-4b] (Son) GEPP A2-4ac [A4-4c] George Edward GEPP A2-4ad [A4-4d] Emma Elizabeth GEPP A2-4ae [A4-4e] Frances Mary GEPP A2-4af [A4-4f] George Robert GEPP A2-4afx [A4-4fx] Giuseppina Giuditta Amadea FERRARI A2-4afa [A4-4fa] George Arthur GEPP A2-4afax [A4-4fax] Maria del Carmen BIGGS A2-4afaa [A4-4faa] Ilma Sophia GEPP A2-4afaax [A4-4faax] Alexander Murray QUIGLEY A2-4afaaa [A4-4faaa] Ilma Mary QUIGLEY GEPP A2-4afaaax [A4-4faaax] Manfred BRÄUCHLE A2-4afaaaa [A4-4faaaa] Nane Lisette BRÄUCHLE QUIGLEY A2-4afaaaax [A4-4faaaax] --?-- --?-- A2-4afaaab [A4-4faaab] Manfred A. BRÄUCHLE QUIGLEY A2-4afaaac [A4-4faaac] Robert BRÄUCHLE QUIGLEY A2-4afaaad [A4-4faaad] Christian BRÄUCHLE QUIGLEY A2-4afaab [A4-4faab] Charles QUIGLEY GEPP A2-4afaac [A4-4faac] Patrick QUIGLEY GEPP A2-4afaad [A4-4faad] George QUIGLEY GEPP A2-4afab [A4-4fab] Libya Emma GEPP A2-4afabx [A4-4fabx] Eric Edward GLAISHER A2-4afaba [A4-4faba] Eric Charles Philip GLAISHER A2-4afabax [A4-4fabax] Marie Louise STAMPFLI A2-4afabaa [A4-4fabaa] Rosemary GLAISHER A2-4afabab [A4-4fabab] Dawn GLAISHER A2-4afabac [A4-4fabac] Fleur GLAISHER A2-4afabacx [A4-4fabacx] --?-- PRITCHETT A2-4afabb [A4-4fabb] Cecil Eustace James GLAISHER A2-4afabbx [A4-4fabbx] Valerie B. HARDING A2-4afabba [A4-4fabba] Philip S. GLAISHER A2-4afabbb [A4-4fabbb] Bridget Mary GLAISHER A2-4afabbbx [A4-4fabbbx] Jeremy WARD A2-4afabbba [A4-4fabbba] Ellie WARD A2-4afabbbax [A4-4fabbbax] William LONNIE A2-4afabbbaa [A4-4fabbbaa] Vincent LONNIE A2-4afabbbb [A4-4fabbbb] Philip WARD A2-4afabbby [A4-4fabbby] Moussa Allen AWUONDA A2-4afabbbc [A4-4fabbbc] Opiyo Taiwo Leo Awuonda ATIENO [Opiyo Taiwo Leo AWUONDA] A2-4afabbbd [A4-4fabbbd] Odongo Kehinde L. Awuonda ROBERTS [Odongo Kehinde L. AWUONDA] A2-4afabbc [A4-4fabbc] Eve V. GLAISHER A2-4afabbcx [A4-4fabbcx] John M. OTLEY A2-4afabbca [A4-4fabbca] Jo OTLEY A2-4afabbcax [A4-4fabbcax] Graham MURPHY A2-4afabbcb [A4-4fabbcb] Helen E. OTLEY A2-4afabbcbx [A4-4fabbcbx] Nick DOWLER A2-4afabbcc [A4-4fabbcc] Howard OTLEY A2-4afabbccx [A4-4fabbccx] Jennifer CABALLERO A2-4afabbd [A4-4fabbd] Frances A. GLAISHER A2-4afabbdx [A4-4fabbdx] Charles Everett Randall HOSKINS A2-4afabbe [A4-4fabbe] Emma GLAISHER A2-4afabbex [A4-4fabbex] Richard Albert HAWLEY A2-4afabbea [A4-4fabbea] Emily Rose HAWLEY A2-4afabc [A4-4fabc] Brian Douglas GLAISHER A2-4afabcx [A4-4fabcx] Catherine Joy Edna STAMPFLI A2-4afabca [A4-4fabca] Judith C. GLAISHER A2-4afabcax [A4-4fabcax] Christopher R. SHARPE A2-4afabcaa [A4-4fabcaa] Adam SHARPE A2-4afabcab [A4-4fabcab] Holly SHARPE A2-4afabcb [A4-4fabcb] Julie V. GLAISHER A2-4afabcbx [A4-4fabcbx] Paul A. LLOYD-SMITH A2-4afabcba [A4-4fabcba] Tiffany Ellen LLOYD-SMITH A2-4afabcbb [A4-4fabcbb] Sam William LLOYD-SMITH A2-4afabcc [A4-4fabcc] Charles F. GLAISHER A2-4afabccx [A4-4fabccx] Susannah I. --?-- A2-4afabcca [A4-4fabcca] Harry Frederick GLAISHER A2-4afabccb [A4-4fabccb] George Woulfe GLAISHER A2-4afabccc [A4-4fabccc] Saskia Catherine GLAISHER A2-4afabcd [A4-4fabcd] James A. GLAISHER A2-4afabd [A4-4fabd] Norman Hilary Stewart GLAISHER A2-4afabdx [A4-4fabdx] Mary SCOTT A2-4afabda [A4-4fabda] Susan L. GLAISHER A2-4afabdax [A4-4fabdax] --?-- --?-- A2-4afabdaa [A4-4fabdaa] Jess GLAISHER A2-4afabdb [A4-4fabdb] Lynette J. GLAISHER A2-4afabdbx [A4-4fabdbx] --?-- --?-- A2-4afac [A4-4fac] George Frederick Edward GEPP A2-4afacx [A4-4facx] Sara Josefina MATTHEWS NIEMÖLLER A2-4afaca [A4-4faca] Sara Carmen Berta GEPP A2-4afacb [A4-4facb] George Charles GEPP A2-4afacbx [A4-4facbx] Suzanne MAY A2-4afacba [A4-4facba] Suzanne Charlotte GEPP A2-4afacbb [A4-4facbb] George Frank GEPP A2-4afacbc [A4-4facbc] Frank Robert GEPP A2-4afacbcx [A4-4facbcx] Sheila Ann CONROY A2-4afacbca [A4-4facbca] Elaine Marie GEPP A2-4afacbcb [A4-4facbcb] Corrina Suzanne GEPP A2-4afacbd [A4-4facbd] Christine GEPP A2-4afacbdx [A4-4facbdx] John LEA A2-4afacc [A4-4facc] Charles Francis GEPP A2-4afad [A4-4fad] Charles William Brewster GEPP A2-4afae [A4-4fae] Ruby Edna GEPP A2-4afaf [A4-4faf] Carmela Inez GEPP A2-4ag [A4-4] William Tweddell GEPP A2-4agx [A8-4] Louisa LEE A2-4aga [A4-3] Edith Louisa GEPP A2-4agax [A2-3] Francis William GEPP [Children] A2-4agb [A4-3a, A8-4aax] Francis Henry GEPP A2-4agbx [A4-3ax] [A8-4aa] Muriel WRIGHT A2-4agba [A4-3aa, A8-4aaa] John Neville GEPP A2-4agbb [A4-3ab, A8-4aab] Ena Louisa GEPP A2-4agbc [A4-3ac, A8-4aac] Helen GEPP A2-4agbcx [A4-3acx, A8-4aacx] --?-- --?-- A2-4agbd [A4-3ad, A8-4aad] Alan Francis GEPP A2-4agc [A4-3b] Ernest William GEPP A2-4agcx [A4-3bx] Maud DUNN A2-4agd [A4-3c] Herbert Arthur GEPP A2-4age [A4-3d] Mary Constance GEPP A2-4agy [A2-4ea] Elizabeth Mary CRUSH A2-4ah [A4-4g] Edward Philip GEPP A2-4ai [A4-4h] Rev. Charles Granville GEPP A2-4aix [A4-4hx] Harriet Alice Lister SWAINSON A2-4aiy [A4-4hy] Charlotte Jemima KINCHANT (nee FOSTER) A2-4aia [A4-4ha] Violet Alice Favel GEPP A2-4aiax [A4-4hax] Alfred ASHLEY A2-4aiz [A4-4hz] Alice WALLINGTON A2-4aib [A4-4hb] Blanche Edith GEPP A2-4aibx [A4-4hbx] James J.H. CLEMENTS A2-4aic [A4-4hc] Helen Gertrude GEPP A2-4aicx [A4-4hcx] Sidney BROAD A2-4aica [A4-4hca] Helen M. BROAD A2-4aicax [A4-4hcax] Donald W.R. RADFORD A2-4aicaa [A4-4hcaa] Christopher M. RADFORD A2-4aicaax [A4-4hcaax] --?-- --?-- A2-4aicab [A4-4hcab] Jocelyn C. RADFORD A2-4aicabx [A4-4hcabx] --?-- --?-- A2-4aicac [A4-4hcac] Roderick A. RADFORD A2-4aicacx [A4-4hcacx] --?-- --?-- A2-4aid [A4-4hd] Lancelot Charles GEPP A2-4aidx [A4-4hdx] --?-- --?-- A2-4aie [A4-4he] George Asser GEPP A2-4aiex [A4-4hex] [A8-4ab] Rita WRIGHT A2-4aiea [A4-4hea] Charles George GEPP A2-4aieax [A4-4heax] --?-- --?-- A2-4aieaa [A4-4heaa] --?-- GEPP A2-4aieaax [A4-4heaax] Mary Jane DA CUNHA A2-4aieaaa [A4-4heaaa] João Horacio GEPP A2-4aieb [A4-4heb] Harold Francis GEPP A2-4aiec [A4-4hec] Edward John GEPP A2-4aied [A4-4hed] Joyce Cynthia GEPP A2-4aif [A4-4hf] Hermione Jane GEPP A2-4aifx [A4-4hfx] Reginald F. MUNDAY A2-4aj [A4-4i] Henry Alleyne GEPP A2-4ajx [A4-4ix] Jane CRANWELL A2-4aja [A4-4ia] Edward Arthur GEPP A2-4ajb [A4-4ib] Ernest William GEPP A2-4ajc [A4-4ic] Charles Francis GEPP A2-4ajd [A4-4id] Edgar Henry GEPP A2-4aje [A4-4ie] Edith Mary GEPP A2-4ajf [A4-4if] Laurence Merrifield GEPP A2-4ajg [A4-4ig] Lewis Alleyne GEPP A2-4ajh [A4-4ih] Amy Eleanor GEPP A2-4aji [A4-4ii] Julian Herbert GEPP A2-4ajj [A4-4ij] Alfred Hugh GEPP A2-4ajk [A4-4ik] Wilfred Henry GEPP A2-4ajl [A4-4il] Maude Violet GEPP A2-4ajm [A4-4im] Walter GEPP A2-4ajn [A4-4in] Alice Mabel GEPP A2-4ak [A4-4k] (Daughter) GEPP A2-4ay [A4-5x] Emma Jane MAITLAND A2-4al [A4-4l] Edward Arthur GEPP A2-4am [A4-4m] Emma Georgiana GEPP A2-4az [A4-5y] Frances WOOD A2-4b [A4-5b] Mary Ann GEPP A2-4bx [A4-5bx] James BREWSTER A2-4ba [A4-5ba] Rev. James George BREWSTER A2-4bax [A4-5bax] Alice RIVINGTON A2-4baa [A4-5baa] Alice M. BREWSTER A2-4bab [A4-5bab] Rev. Arthur J. BREWSTER A2-4bac [A4-5bac] Helen A. BREWSTER A2-4bad [A4-5bad] Constance D. BREWSTER A2-4bb [A4-5bb] Mary Elizabeth BREWSTER A2-4bc [A4-5bc] Frances Harriet BREWSTER A2-4bcx [A4-5bcx] Rev. Charles Musgrave HARVEY A2-4bca [A4-5bca] Richard Charles Musgrave HARVEY A2-4bcax [A4-5bcax] Laura WILLMER A2-4bcb [A4-5bcb] Sir John Musgrave HARVEY A2-4bcbx [A4-5bcbx] Pauline Beatrice WARD A2-4bcba [A4-5bcba] Charles E.M. HARVEY A2-4bcbb [A4-5bcbb] Helen Musgrave HARVEY A2-4bcbbx [A4-5bcbbx] Lt.-Col. John Francis MANT A2-4bcbc [A4-5bcbc] Janet M. HARVEY A2-4bcbd [A4-5bcbd] Phyllis M. HARVEY A2-4bcbdx [A4-5bcbdx] Raymond Palmer MIDDLETON A2-4bcc [A4-5bcc] Sir Ernest Musgrave HARVEY, 1st Bt. A2-4bccx [A4-5bccx] Sophia PAGET A2-4bcca [A4-5bcca] Joan Musgrave HARVEY A2-4bccb [A4-5bccb] Sir Richard Musgrave HARVEY, 2nd Bt. A2-4bccbx [A4-5bccbx] Frances Estelle LAWFORD A2-4bccba [A4-5bccba] Joanna Musgrave HARVEY A2-4bccbax [A4-5bccbax] Angus Donald MacINTYRE A2-4bccbaa [A4-5bccbaa] Katherine Cressida Eve MacINTYRE A2-4bccbab [A4-5bccbab] Benedict Richard Pierce MacINTYRE A2-4bccbabx [A4-5bccbabx] Katherine MUIR A2-4bccbac [A4-5bccbac] Magnus William Lachlan MacINTYRE A2-4bccbb [A4-5bccbb] Charles Richard Musgrave HARVEY, 3rd Bt. A2-4bccbbx [A4-5bccbbx] Celia Vivien HODSON A2-4bccbba [A4-5bccbba] Paul Richard HARVEY A2-4bccbbb [A4-5bccbbb] Tamara Catherine HARVEY A2-4bccc [A4-5bccc] Ruth Musgrave HARVEY A2-4bcccx [A4-5bcccx] George MacGowan HARPER A2-4bccca [A4-5bccca] Jane Alison HARPER A2-4bcccax [A4-5bcccax] Lt.-Col. Justus Michael Molitor LENSCHAU A2-4bcccaa [A4-5bcccaa] James Gabriel Molitor LENSCHAU A2-4bcccaax [A4-5bcccaax] Angelina Renée ROVER A2-4bcccaaa [A4-5bcccaaa] Alexandra J. LENSCHAU A2-4bcccab [A4-5bcccab] Katherine Jane LENSCHAU A2-4bcccabx [A4-5bcccabx] Jorge VALLADARES A2-4bcccaba [A4-5bcccaba] Isabella Jane VALLADARES A2-4bcccb [A4-5bcccb] Nicholas M. HARPER A2-4bccd [A4-5bccd] Eleanor Paget Musgrave HARVEY A2-4bccdx [A4-5bccdx] Edward Kent Haliburton KARSLAKE A2-4bccda [A4-5bccda] Brig. Antony Edward Kent KARSLAKE A2-4bccdax [A4-5bccdax] June Pauline EASTWOOD A2-4bccdaa [A4-5bccdaa] John Burgess KARSLAKE A2-4bccdaax [A4-5bccdaax] Naomi Celia RAISON A2-4bccdaaa [A4-5bccdaaa] Eleanor Veldes KARSLAKE A2-4bccdaab [A4-5bccdaab] Clare Laura KARSLAKE A2-4bccdaac [A4-5bccdaac] Samuel Kent KARSLAKE A2-4bccdaad [A4-5bccdaad] Matthew William KARSLAKE A2-4bccdab [A4-5bccdab] Caroline Sarah KARSLAKE A2-4bccdabx [A4-5bccdabx] Luis TALAVERA CORONA A2-4bccdaba [A4-5bccdaba] Thomas TALAVERA KARSLAKE A2-4bccdabb [A4-5bccdabb] Alexander TALAVERA KARSLAKE A2-4bccdabc [A4-5bccdabc] Dominic TALAVERA KARSLAKE A2-4bccdac [A4-5bccdac] William Edward Kent KARSLAKE A2-4bccdacx [A4-5bccdacx] Sarah Ann HYNARD A2-4bccdaca [A4-5bccdaca] Emma Kate KARSLAKE A2-4bccdacb [A4-5bccdacb] Lucy Olivia KARSLAKE A2-4bccdacc [A4-5bccdacc] Alice Charlotte KARSLAKE A2-4bccdad [A4-5bccdad] Henrietta Sarah KARSLAKE A2-4bccdadx [A4-5bccdadx] James Beadlien FORSYTH A2-4bccdada [A4-5bccdada] Rebecca Anne FORSYTH A2-4bccdadb [A4-5bccdadb] Rory James FORSYTH A2-4bccdb [A4-5bccdb] Sophia Susan KARSLAKE A2-4bccdbx [A4-5bccdbx] Donald Watkins BROWN A2-4bccdba [A4-5bccdba] Bridget Joan BROWN A2-4bccdbax [A4-5bccdbax] Nicholas J. SALMON A2-4bccdbaa [A4-5bccdbaa] Henry William Sebastian SALMON A2-4bccdbab [A4-5bccdbab] Edward Hugo Paget SALMON A2-4bccdbac [A4-5bccdbac] Imogen Sophia Leonora SALMON A2-4bccdbb [A4-5bccdbb] Stephen Scott BROWN A2-4bccdbbx [A4-5bccdbbx] Katharine Mary CRAWFORD A2-4bccdbba [A4-5bccdbba] Emily Kate BROWN A2-4bccdbbb [A4-5bccdbbb] Charles Samuel BROWN A2-4bccdbc [A4-5bccdbc] Geoffrey Mark BROWN A2-4bccdbcx [A4-5bccdbcx] Kirsty EVERETT A2-4bccdbca [A4-5bccdbca] Georgia Ruth BROWN A2-4bccdc [A4-5bccdc] Mary Leonora KARSLAKE A2-4bccdcx [A4-5bccdcx] Andrew Nicholas Dakin GOODHART A2-4bccdca [A4-5bccdca] Rachel Mary GOODHART A2-4bccdcb [A4-5bccdcb] Catherine Jervis Ruth GOODHART A2-4bccdcbx [A4-5bccdcbx] --?-- --?-- A2-4bccdcba [A4-5bccdcba] Joseph Daniel Cambridge GOODHART A2-4bccdcbb [A4-5bccdcbb] Benjamin Paul Cambridge GOODHART A2-4bccdcc [A4-5bccdcc] Gavin John GOODHART A2-4bcd [A4-5bcd] Mary Frances Musgrave HARVEY A2-4bcdx [A4-5bcdx] Rev. Charles James SHARP A2-4bce [A4-5bce] Ethel Musgrave HARVEY A2-4bcf [A4-5bcf] Bernard Musgrave HARVEY A2-4bcg [A4-5bcg] Dorothy Musgrave HARVEY A2-4bch [A4-5bch] Margery Musgrave HARVEY A2-4bchx [A4-5bchx] Rev. Aubrey Baskerville MYNORS A2-4bcha [A4-5bcha] Winifred Mary Baskerville MYNORS A2-4bchax [A4-5bchax] Thomas Francis Vivian MATTHEWS A2-4bchaa [A4-5bchaa] Charles C.F. MATTHEWS A2-4bchab [A4-5bchab] Richard T.S. MATTHEWS A2-4bchac [A4-5bchac] --?-- MATTHEWS A2-4bchb [A4-5bchb] Roger Aubrey Baskerville MYNORS A2-4bchbx [A4-5bchbx] Lavinia Sybil ALINGTON A2-4bchc [A4-5bchc] Sir Humphrey Charles Baskerville MYNORS, 1st Bt. A2-4bchcx [A4-5bchcx] Lydia Marian MINNS A2-4bchca [A4-5bchca] Elizabeth Baskerville MYNORS A2-4bchcax [A4-5bchcax] Jeremy Longmore RUSSELL A2-4bchcaa [A4-5bchcaa] Thomas Lancelot RUSSELL A2-4bchcaax [A4-5bchcaax] Jules MONSELL A2-4bchcab [A4-5bchcab] Jennifer Frances RUSSELL A2-4bchcb [A4-5bchcb] John Humphrey Baskerville MYNORS A2-4bchcc [A4-5bchcc] Catherine Baskerville MYNORS A2-4bchccx [A4-5bchccx] Christopher Mordaunt RICHARDS A2-4bchcca [A4-5bchcca] Sophia Janet RICHARDS A2-4bchccax [A4-5bchccax] Jonathan GLANVILLE A2-4bchccaa [A4-5bchccaa] Adam Leo GLANVILLE A2-4bchccab [A4-5bchccab] Toby GLANVILLE A2-4bchccb [A4-5bchccb] Dr. Benedict William Mordaunt RICHARDS A2-4bchccbx [A4-5bchccbx] --?-- BUSHNELL A2-4bchccba [A4-5bchccba] --?-- RICHARDS A2-4bchccc [A4-5bchccc] Clare Eleanor RICHARDS A2-4bchcccx [A4-5bchcccx] Timothy BROWN A2-4bchccca [A4-5bchccca] --?-- BROWN A2-4bchcccb [A4-5bchcccb] --?-- BROWN A2-4bchcccc [A4-5bchcccc] --?-- BROWN A2-4bchcd [A4-5bchcd] Sir Richard Baskerville MYNORS, 2nd Bt. A2-4bchcdx [A4-5bchcdx] Fiona Bridget REINDORF A2-4bchcda [A4-5bchcda] Alexandra Fiona MYNORS A2-4bchcdax [A4-5bchcdax] Stephen HERBERT A2-4bchcdaa [A4-5bchcdaa] Eva Paisley HERBERT A2-4bchcdb [A4-5bchcdb] Frances Veronica MYNORS A2-4bchcdbx [A4-5bchcdbx] Michael TOMLINSON A2-4bchcdba [A4-5bchcdba] Samuel James TOMLINSON-MYNORS A2-4bchcdc [A4-5bchcdc] Victoria Jane MYNORS A2-4bchce [A4-5bchce] Philippa Baskerville MYNORS A2-4bchcex [A4-5bchcex] Rev. Alan DUCE A2-4bchcea [A4-5bchcea] Eleanor Rachel DUCE A2-4bchceax [A4-5bchceax] James ST. JOHN-BIRD A2-4bchceb [A4-5bchceb] Catherine Veronica DUCE A2-4bchcec [A4-5bchcec] Patrick Richard DUCE A2-4bchcf [A4-5bchcf] Jane Marjery Baskerville MYNORS A2-4bchcfx [A4-5bchcfx] Nicholas Kersteman KING A2-4bchcfa [A4-5bchcfa] Theresa Jane KING A2-4bchcfb [A4-5bchcfb] Jennifer Vivien KING A2-4bchcfc [A4-5bchcfc] Hugh Samuel KING A2-4bchd [A4-5bchd] Thomas Halliday Baskerville MYNORS A2-4bchdx [A4-5bchdx] Dagmar SJOGREN A2-4bchda [A4-5bchda] Margaret Dagmar Baskerville MYNORS A2-4bchdax [A4-5bchdax] Michael Edward Randall LAMBERT A2-4bchdaa [A4-5bchdaa] Charles Michael LAMBERT A2-4bchdb [A4-5bchdb] Peter Thomas Baskerville MYNORS A2-4bchdbx [A4-5bchdbx] Rosemary Ann BOORD A2-4bchdba [A4-5bchdba] Camilla Greta Baskerville MYNORS A2-4bchdbax [A4-5bchdbax] --?-- --?-- A2-4bchdbb [A4-5bchdbb] Robert Thomas Baskerville MYNORS A2-4bchdbbx [A4-5bchdbbx] --?-- --?-- A2-4bchdc [A4-5bchdc] Charlotte Birgitta Baskerville MYNORS A2-4bchdcx [A4-5bchdcx] Timothy Oliver FROST A2-4bchdca [A4-5bchdca] Samuel Timothy Einar FROST A2-4bchdcb [A4-5bchdcb] Zachary Oliver Gustav FROST A2-4bchdcc [A4-5bchdcc] Roger Harry Gösta FROST A2-4bche [A4-5bche] Maj. David Rickards Baskerville MYNORS O.B.E. A2-4bchex [A4-5bchex] Mary Laurence GARTON A2-4bchea [A4-5bchea] Robert David Baskerville MYNORS A2-4bcheax [A4-5bcheax] Jane Elizabeth Charlotte PIKE A2-4bcheaa [A4-5bcheaa] Harry Robert Baskerville MYNORS A2-4bcheab [A4-5bcheab] Sibella Elizabeth Baskerville MYNORS A2-4bcheb [A4-5bcheb] Peter Leslie Baskerville MYNORS A2-4bchebx [A4-5bchebx] Angela Elles NORIE A2-4bcheba [A4-5bcheba] Geraldine Angela Baskerville MYNORS A2-4bchebax [A4-5bchebax] Dr. Iain Alexander McNEISH A2-4bchebaa [A4-5bchebaa] Angus Hugh Mynors McNEISH A2-4bchebb [A4-5bchebb] Rowland Peter Baskerville MYNORS A2-4bchebbx [A4-5bchebbx] Elisabeth Suzanne CONINGSBY A2-4bchebba [A4-5bchebba] Verity Elisabeth Baskerville MYNORS A2-4bchebbb [A4-5bchebbb] Tristan Peter Baskerville MYNORS A2-4bchebbc [A4-5bchebbc] Felix Edward Baskerville MYNORS A2-4bchec [A4-5bchec] Edward Baskerville MYNORS A2-4bchecx [A4-5bchecx] Janet Elizabeth BISCHOFF A2-4bcheca [A4-5bcheca] Philip Edward Baskerville MYNORS A2-4bchecb [A4-5bchecb] Sophie Elizabeth Baskerville MYNORS A2-4bched [A4-5bched] James Baskerville MYNORS A2-4bchedx [A4-5bchedx] Helen TAYLOR A2-4bcheda [A4-5bcheda] Thomas Baskerville MYNORS A2-4bchee [A4-5bchee] Eleanor Mary Baskerville MYNORS A2-4bcheex [A4-5bcheex] Dr. Peter David Owen DAVIES A2-4bcheea [A4-5bcheea] Richard Peter Owen DAVIES A2-4bcheeb [A4-5bcheeb] Edward John Owen DAVIES A2-4bcheec [A4-5bcheec] Mary Elizabeth Owen DAVIES A2-4bcheed [A4-5bcheed] Michael David Owen DAVIES A2-4bchef [A4-5bchef] Charles Baskerville MYNORS A2-4bchefx [A4-5bchefx] Janet Lennox WARDROP A2-4bchefa [A4-5bchefa] Katherine Janet Rickards MYNORS A2-4bchefb [A4-5bchefb] Elizabeth Lavinia Rickards MYNORS A2-4bchefc [A4-5bchefc] David Francis Rickards MYNORS A2-4bd [A4-5bd] Agnes Rose BREWSTER A2-4be [A4-5be] Emily Margaret BREWSTER A2-4bex [A4-5bex] Charles William START A2-4bf [A4-5bf] Edith Jane BREWSTER A2-4bfx [A4-5bfx] William GREEN A2-4bg [A4-5bg] Charles Edward BREWSTER A2-4bgx [A4-5bgx] Elizabeth Sarah BECKETT A2-4bga [A4-5bga] Katherine Mary BREWSTER A2-4bgb [A4-5bgb] Edward Hugh BREWSTER A2-4bgc [A4-5bgc] Eleanor Georgina BREWSTER A2-4bgd [A4-5bgd] Joan BREWSTER A2-4c [A4-5c] Francis Sutton GEPP A2-4d [A4-5d] John Parker GEPP A2-4e [A4-5e] Elizabeth Martha GEPP A2-4ex [A4-5ex] Isaac CRUSH A2-4ea [A2-4agy, A4-5ea] Elizabeth Mary CRUSH A2-4eax [A2-4ag, A4-5eax] [A4-4] William Tweddell GEPP A2-4f [A4-5f] Rev. Edward Francis GEPP A2-4fx [A4-5fx] Eliza Jemima Mary BRANFILL A2-4fa [A4-5fa] (Son) GEPP A2-4fb [A4-5fb] Eva Mary GEPP A2-4fc [A4-5fc] Rev. Edward GEPP A2-4fd [A4-5fd] (Daughter) GEPP A2-4fe [A4-5fe] Hubert Majendie GEPP A2-4ff [A4-5ff] Maurice GEPP A2-4fg [A4-5fg] Antony GEPP A2-4fgx [A4-5fgx] Ethel Sarel BARTON A2-4fga [A4-5fga] Edward Antony GEPP A2-4fgb [A4-5fgb] Damaris Editha GEPP A2-4fgc [A4-5fgc] Capt. Egerton Antony Hammond GEPP A2-4fgcx [A4-5fgcx] Moira KIDMAN A2-4fgca [A4-5fgca] Ann Sarel GEPP A2-4fgcax [A4-5fgcax] David Morgan CANNOCK A2-4fgcaa [A4-5fgcaa] Robert Morgan A. CANNOCK A2-4fgcaax [A4-5fgcaax] Hannah E. ROSS A2-4fgcaaa [A4-5fgcaaa] Georgiana CANNOCK A2-4fgcaab [A4-5fgcaab] Toby Egerton D.M. CANNOCK A2-4fgcab [A4-5fgcab] Giles CANNOCK A2-4fgcb [A4-5fgcb] Anthony GEPP A2-4fgcbx [A4-5fgcbx] Sandra --?-- A2-4fgcba [A4-5fgcba] Phillip GEPP A2-4fgcbb [A4-5fgcbb] Richard GEPP A2-4fgcc [A4-5fgcc] Pauline Damaris GEPP A2-4fgccx [A4-5fgccx] William Arthur Milne HEMSLEY A2-4fgcca [A4-5fgcca] Simon James Dominic HEMSLEY A2-4fgccax [A4-5fgccax] Jennifer Louise GRIMSHAW A2-4fgccaa [A4-5fgccaa] Evie Rose HEMSLEY A2-4fgccab [A4-5fgccab] James Thomas Egerton HEMSLEY A2-4fgccb [A4-5fgccb] Annaliese Kirsten Sarel HEMSLEY A2-4fgccc [A4-5fgccc] Tristan William Nairn HEMSLEY A2-4fgcccu [A4-5fgcccu] Claire MADDOCK A2-4fgccca [A4-5fgccca] Alice HEMSLEY A2-4fgcd [A4-5fgcd] Cheryl M. GEPP A2-4fgcdx [A4-5fgcdx] Anthony S. JACKSON A2-4fgcda [A4-5fgcda] Marc Richard S. JACKSON A2-4fgcdax [A4-5fgcdax] Nicola R. McLAREN A2-4fgcdaa [A4-5fgcdaa] Rebecca JACKSON A2-4fgcdab [A4-5fgcdab] Daniel JACKSON A2-4fgcdb [A4-5fgcdb] Ian Michael JACKSON A2-4fgcdc [A4-5fgcdc] Andrew JACKSON A2-4fgcdcx [A4-5fgcdcx] Kaye --?-- A2-4fgcdca [A4-5fgcdca] Abigail JACKSON A2-4fh [A4-5fh] Francis GEPP A2-4fi [A4-5fi] Mary GEPP A2-4fj [A4-5fj] Florence GEPP A2-4fjx [A4-5fjx] Rupert Lewis MORRIS A2-4fja [A4-5fja] Leila Mary MORRIS A2-5 [A4-6] George Asser GEPP A2-5a [A4-6a] Thomas Frost GEPP A2-5ax [A4-6ax] Anna Maria MORGAN A2-5aa [A4-6aa] Anna Maria Georgiana GEPP A2-5aax [A4-6aax] Edward Robert PORTER A2-5aaa [A4-6aaa] Charles Edward PORTER A2-5aab [A4-6aab] Georgiana(?) Douglas PORTER A2-5aac [A4-6aac] Gertrude Edith Palmer PORTER A2-5aacx [A4-6aacx] Albert A. DAMMIEN A2-5aaca [A4-6aaca] Georgiana Marguerite DAMMIEN A2-5aacb [A4-6aacb] Ada J. DAMMIEN A2-5aacbx [A4-6aacbx] --?-- --?-- A2-5aacc [A4-6aacc] Estelle H. DAMMIEN A2-5ab [A4-6ab] Thomas Morgan GEPP A2-5abx [A4-6abx] Mary Lane PAYNE A2-5aba [A4-6aba] Thomas Sydney GEPP A2-5abb [A4-6abb] Rev. Henry John GEPP A2-5abbx [A4-6abbx] Marjorie Jane Hamilton ROBSON A2-5abba [A4-6abba] Henry Hamilton GEPP A2-5abbax [A4-6abbax] Mary Noel GRIMSTON A2-5abbaa [A4-6abbaa] Miriam Helen GEPP A2-5abbaax [A4-6abbaax] Lionel W. HARRISON A2-5abbab [A4-6abbab] Henry Walter GEPP A2-5abbac [A4-6abbac] Rosalind Mary GEPP A2-5abbacx [A4-6abbacx] Roger H.C. HUMAN A2-5abbaca [A4-6abbaca] Henry R.J. HUMAN A2-5abbacax [A4-6abbacax] --?-- --?-- A2-5abbacb [A4-6abbacb] Ann R. HUMAN A2-5abbacbx [A4-6abbacbx] --?-- --?-- A2-5abbad [A4-6abbad] Adela Marjorie GEPP A2-5abbae [A4-6abbae] Maj. Thomas Christopher GEPP A2-5abbaex [A4-6abbaex] Evelyn Phillips CASTLE A2-5abbaea [A4-6abbaea] Sarah I. GEPP A2-5abbaeb [A4-6abbaeb] Charlotte Annabel GEPP A2-5abbaebx [A4-6abbaebx] Andrew N. BELLAMY A2-5abbaeba [A4-6abbaeba] Alice Rose BELLAMY A2-5abbaec [A4-6abbaec] Christina R. GEPP A2-5abbaecx [A4-6abbaecx] Anthony D. NOAKES A2-5abbaeca [A4-6abbaeca] Charles Frederick NOAKES A2-5abbaecb [A4-6abbaecb] Amelia Louise NOAKES A2-5abbay [A4-6abbay] Evelyn Mary WHISTLER A2-5abbb [A4-6abbb] Sidney Tindal GEPP A2-5abbc [A4-6abbc] Sir Ernest Cyril GEPP, KBE A2-5abbcx [A4-6abbcx] Evelyn Marion NORTHEY A2-5abbcy [A4-6abbcy] Katie HARRISON (nee DEELEY) A2-5abc [A2-3dx, A4-6abc] Walter Payne GEPP A2-5abcx [A4-6abcx] [A2-3d] Constance Emma GEPP A2-5abd [A4-6abd] Charles Bramston Osborne GEPP A2-5abdx [A4-6abdx] Elizabeth May CLARKE A2-5abda [A4-6abda] Dorothy May GEPP A2-5abdb [A4-6abdb] Eileen Lucy GEPP A2-5abdc [A4-6abdc] Charles Edward GEPP A2-5abdd [A4-6abdd] Kathleen Mary GEPP A2-5abddx [A4-6abddx] Walter Frederick William HARVEY A2-5abe [A4-6abe] Mary Agnes Eldridge GEPP A2-5abex [A4-6abex] Clarence Armstrong ROBERTS A2-5abea [A4-6abea] Clarence Armstrong ROBERTS A2-5abeb [A4-6abeb] Gertrude Emma ROBERTS A2-5abec [A4-6abec] Constance Anne ROBERTS A2-5abed [A4-6abed] Sydney Gordon ROBERTS A2-5abee [A4-6abee] Agnes C. ROBERTS A2-5abef [A4-6abef] --?-- ROBERTS (m) A2-5abeg [A4-6abeg] --?-- ROBERTS (m) A2-5abeh [A4-6abeh] --?-- ROBERTS (m) A2-5abei [A4-6abei] --?-- ROBERTS (m) A2-5abf [A4-6abf] Rev. Nicolas Parker GEPP A2-5abfx [A4-6abfx] Alice Philippa MELVILL A2-5abfa [A4-6abfa] Lt. Nicolas Melvill GEPP A2-5abfb [A4-6abfb] Alice Mary GEPP A2-5abfc [A4-6abfc] Arthur Hubert GEPP A2-5abfd [A4-6abfd] Ismena Emily GEPP A2-5abfdx [A4-6abfdx] Frank W. RENDLE A2-5abfe [A4-6abfe] Winifred Hester GEPP A2-5abfex [A4-6abfex] Ralph KINDER A2-5abff [A4-6abff] Gilbert Philip Melvill GEPP A2-5abfg [A4-6abfg] (Son) GEPP A2-5abg [A4-6abg] Arthur Mildmay GEPP A2-5abgx [A4-6abgx] Maria Merelina Symonds TINDAL A2-5abga [A4-6abga] Merelina Muriel Ismena Tindal GEPP A2-5abgax [A4-6abgax] Julius von Raatz BROCKMANN A2-5abgb [A4-6abgb] Louis O'Donnel Tindal GEPP A2-5abgc [A4-6abgc] Morgan Tindal GEPP A2-5abgcx [A4-6abgcx] --?-- --?-- A2-5abh [A4-6abh] Anna Maria GEPP A2-5abi [A4-6abi] Ismena Tindal GEPP A2-5abix [A4-6abix] Rt. Hon. Robert William HANBURY, MP A2-5ac [A4-6ac] Emma Sophia GEPP A2-5acx [A4-6acx] Rev. Henry Lewis MAJENDIE A2-5aca [A4-6aca] Lewis Ashhurst MAJENDIE, MP A2-5acax [A4-6acax] Lady Margaret Elizabeth LINDSAY A2-5acaa [A4-6acaa] James Henry Alexander MAJENDIE, MP A2-5acaax [A4-6acaax] Beatrice Cecilia MITCHELL A2-5acaaa [A4-6acaaa] Robin James Lewis MAJENDIE A2-5acaaax [A4-6acaaax] Rose BEUKER A2-5acaaaa [A4-6acaaaa] John MAJENDIE A2-5acaab [A4-6acaab] Lewis Bernard Alexander MAJENDIE A2-5acaabx [A4-6acaabx] Margaret SPEIRS A2-5acaaba [A4-6acaaba] Andrew James Lewis Ashhurst MAJENDIE A2-5acaabb [A4-6acaabb] Peter John MAJENDIE A2-5acaabc [A4-6acaabc] Dinah MAJENDIE A2-5acaac [A4-6acaac] Musette Frances Jacqueline Natalie MAJENDIE A2-5acab [A4-6acab] Bernard Louis MAJENDIE A2-5acac [A4-6acac] Hon. Margaret Aline MAJENDIE A2-5acacx [A4-6acacx] Sir Francis Wallace, 1st Baron GRENFELL A2-5acaca [B6-5afcdbx, A4-6acaca] Madelina Victoria Margaret GRENFELL A2-5acacax [A4-6acacax] [B6-5afcdb] Archibald Julian LUCAS [Children are listed in section B] A2-5acacb [A4-6acacb] Pascoe Christian Victor Francis GRENFELL A2-5acacbx [A4-6acacbx] Elizabeth Sarah Polk SHAUGHNESSY A2-5acacba [A4-6acacba] Caroline Sarah Aline GRENFELL A2-5acacbax [A4-6acacbax] Zbyszek Leon MIECZKOWSKI A2-5acacbaa [A4-6acacbaa] Stefan Pascoe St. Leger MIECZKOWSKI A2-5acacbaax [A4-6acacbaax] Jocelyn M.S. KEE A2-5acacbab [A4-6acacbab] Helena Elizabeth Caroline MIECZKOWSKI A2-5acacbb [A4-6acacbb] Julian Pascoe Francis, 3rd Baron GRENFELL A2-5acacbbx [A4-6acacbbx] Loretta Maria Olga Hildegarde REALI A2-5acacbba [A4-6acacbba] Hon. Isabella Sarah Frances GRENFELL A2-5acacbbax [A4-6acacbbax] Luigi Pianini MAZZUCCHETTI A2-5acacbby [A4-6acacbby] Gabrielle RAAB A2-5acacbbb [A4-6acacbbb] Hon. Katharina Elizabeth Anne GRENFELL A2-5acacbbbx [A4-6acacbbbx] Patrick H. O'CONNOR A2-5acacbbba [A4-6acacbbba]Charlie O'CONNOR A2-5acacbbc [A4-6acacbbc] Hon. Vanessa Julia Claire GRENFELL A2-5acacbbz [A4-6acacbbz] Elizabeth PORTER (nee SCOTT) A2-5acacbbs [A4-6acacbbs] Dagmar DEBREIL (nee LANGBEHN) A2-5acacby [A4-6acacby] Irene Lilian CARTWRIGHT A2-5acacbc [A4-6acacbc] Jane GRENFELL A2-5acacbd [A4-6acacbd] Aline Mary GRENFELL A2-5acacc [A4-6acacc] Hon. Arthur Bernard John GRENFELL A2-5acaccx [A4-6acaccx] Eleanor Dorothy Alice JAMES A2-5acacca [A4-6acaccx] Margaret GRENFELL A2-5acaccax [A4-6acaccax] Simon Trevor SMAIL A2-5acaccaa [A4-6acaccax] Lucy Jane SMAIL A2-5acaccab [A4-6acaccab] Thomas Patrick SMAIL A2-5acaccb [A4-6acaccb] Francis Pascoe John GRENFELL A2-5acaccbx [A4-6acaccbx] Elizabeth Katharine KENYON A2-5acaccc [A4-6acaccc] John St. Leger GRENFELL A2-5acacccx [A4-6acacccx] Pauline Mary WALTON A2-5acaccca [A4-6acaccca] Richard Arthur St. Leger GRENFELL A2-5acacccax [A4-6acacccax] Sally Marie HALSTEAD A2-5acacccaa [A4-6acacccaa]James St. Leger GRENFELL A2-5acacccb [A4-6acacccb] Sarah Marion GRENFELL A2-5acacccc [A4-6acacccc] Julian Francis John GRENFELL A2-5acacccd [A4-6acacccd] Sophie Elizabeth GRENFELL A2-5acb [A4-6acb] Arnold Henry Ashhurst MAJENDIE A2-5acc [A4-6acc] Edith Mildmay Ashhurst MAJENDIE A2-5accx [A4-6accx] William CLINTON-BAKER A2-5acca [A4-6acca] Henry William CLINTON-BAKER A2-5accb [A4-6accb] Admiral Sir Lewis CLINTON-BAKER A2-5accbx [A4-6accbx] Rosa HENDERSON, MBE A2-5accba [A4-6accba] William Lewis CLINTON-BAKER A2-5accbb [A4-6accbb] Jean CLINTON-BAKER A2-5accc [A4-6accc] Estina Anna CLINTON-BAKER A2-5acccx [A4-6acccx] Herbert Nelson LEAR A2-5accca [A4-6accca] Eda Anna LEAR A2-5acccb [A4-6acccb] Lilian Estina LEAR A2-5accd [A4-6accd] Osbert CLINTON-BAKER A2-5acce [A4-6acce] Geoffrey CLINTON-BAKER A2-5accex [A4-6accex] Violet Edith Henniker HASTINGS A2-5accf [A4-6accf] John Hugh CLINTON-BAKER A2-5accg [A4-6accg] Katherine Edith CLINTON-BAKER A2-5accgx [A4-6accgx] George William COLE-HAMILTON A2-5accga [A4-6accga] Katherine Letitia COLE-HAMILTON A2-5accgax [A4-6accgax] Maj. Bernard Alleyne MURRAY A2-5accgaa [A4-6accgaa] Katherine Elizabeth MURRAY A2-5accgaax [A4-6accgaax] Robert Hugh SHIRLEY A2-5accgaaa [A4-6accgaaa] Michael Bruce SHIRLEY A2-5accgaab [A4-6accgaab] Katherine Judith SHIRLEY A2-5accgab [A4-6accgab] Mary Bridget MURRAY A2-5accgabx [A4-6accgabx] Randall Clive SMITH A2-5accgaby [A4-6accgaby] John Robin EDWARDS A2-5accgb [A4-6accgb] Anne COLE-HAMILTON A2-5accgbx [A4-6accgbx] Lieut. David Edmund COLE-HAMILTON A2-5accgba [A4-6accgba] Lieut. Michael Antony COLE-HAMILTON A2-5accgbax [A4-6accgbax] Jane Elizabeth Mary STEWART-WALLACE A2-5accgbaa [A4-6accgbaa] Ellen Susannah COLE-HAMILTON A2-5accgbaax [A4-6accgbaax] Graham LUNT A2-5accgbaaa [A4-6accgbaaa]Stuart Alexander LUNT A2-5accgbaab [A4-6accgbaab]Matthew Christopher LUNT A2-5accgbab [A4-6accgbab] William Michael David COLE-HAMILTON A2-5accgbac [A4-6accgbac] Alexandra Jane COLE-HAMILTON A2-5accgbacx [A4-6accgbacx] Timothy KRUGER A2-5accgby [A4-6accgby] Oswald Graham Noel TURNBULL A2-5accgc [A4-6accgc] Mary COLE-HAMILTON A2-5accgcx [A4-6accgcx] Lt.-Col. John CAREW-JONES A2-5accgcy [A4-6accgcy] John Locke LOVIBOND A2-5accgcz [A4-6accgcz] Col. Donald Barry GIRLING A2-5accgd [A4-6accgd] Elizabeth Peace COLE-HAMILTON A2-5accgdx [A4-6accgdx] Lt.-Col. Rodney Athelstan PRICE A2-5accgda [A4-6accgda] David George PRICE A2-5accgdax [A4-6accgdax] Diana Catherine Symington DAVIE A2-5accgdaa [A4-6accgdaa] Toby Charles Rodney PRICE A2-5accgdab [A4-6accgdab] Simon James Edward PRICE A2-5accgdabx [A4-6accgdabx] Diana Jacqueline HANCOCK A2-5accgdy [A4-6accgdy] Col. Geoffrey Russell ARMSTRONG A2-5accgdb [A4-6accgdb] Johny ARMSTRONG A2-5accgdbx [A4-6accgdbx] Elsie Borodale PETERS A2-5accgdba [A4-6accgdba] Geoffrey Read ARMSTRONG A2-5accgdbb [A4-6accgdbb] Graham Whitney ARMSTRONG A2-5accgdc [A4-6accgdc] Ruth Margaret ARMSTRONG A2-5accgdcx [A4-6accgdcx] Henry Clifton CALVERT A2-5accgdca [A4-6accgdca] Piers Henry CALVERT A2-5accgdcb [A4-6accgdcb] Henrietta Amelia CALVERT A2-5acd [A4-6acd] Rev. Severne Andrew Ashhurst MAJENDIE A2-5ace [A4-6ace] Alice Tindal Ashhurst MAJENDIE A2-5acf [A4-6acf] Constance Emma Ashhurst MAJENDIE A2-5acg [A4-6acg] Eleanor Elizabeth Ashhurst MAJENDIE A2-5ad [A4-6ad] Anne Parker GEPP A2-5ae [A4-6ae] Sophia Jane GEPP A2-5aex [A4-6aex] Rev. Arthur PEARSON A2-5aea [A4-6aea] Rev. Arthur Cyril PEARSON A2-5aeax [A4-6aeax] Philippa Massingberd Maxwell LYTE A2-5aeaa [A4-6aeaa] Sir Cyril Arthur PEARSON, GBE, 1st Bt. A2-5aeaax [A4-6aeaax] Isobel Sarah BENNETT A2-5aeaaa [A4-6aeaaa] Isla PEARSON A2-5aeaaax [A4-6aeaaax] Charles Frederick Rutty KNOWLES A2-5aeaaaa [A4-6aeaaaa] --?-- KNOWLES A2-5aeaab [A4-6aeaab] Muriel PEARSON A2-5aeaabx [A4-6aeaabx] Capt. E.W. Seton COTTERILL A2-5aeaaby [A4-6aeaaby] Charles C.K. DAGG A2-5aeaabz [A4-6aeaabz] E.O. WHITFIELD A2-5aeaac [A4-6aeaac] Nora PEARSON, MBE A2-5aeaacx [A4-6aeaacx] Henry Frederick LIPSCOMB A2-5aeaaca [A4-6aeaaca] Margaret A. LIPSCOMB A2-5aeaacy [A4-6aeaacy] Capt. Harold JOHNSON, MC A2-5aeaacz [A4-6aeaacz] Maurice George Reid AITKEN A2-5aeaay [A4-6aeaay] Ethel Maud FRASER, DBE A2-5aeaad [A4-6aeaad] Sir Neville Arthur PEARSON, 2nd Bt. A2-5aeaadx [A4-6aeaadx] Hon. Mary Angela MELCHETT A2-5aeaada [A4-6aeaada] Anne PEARSON A2-5aeaadax [A4-6aeaadax] Sqn.-Ldr. Michael Antony Cristobal NOBLE A2-5aeaadaa [A4-6aeaadaa] Hon. Catharine Gina Amita NOBLE A2-5aeaadaax [A4-6aeaadaax] Peter Conrad Hamilton VEY A2-5aeaadaaa [A4-6aeaadaaa]Tessa Atlanta Louise VEY A2-5aeaadaab [A4-6aeaadaab]Rupert Michael Chistopher VEY A2-5aeaadaay [A4-6aeaadaay] Denzil Robert Onslow HOW A2-5aeaadab [A4-6aeaadab] Hon. Marya Anne NOBLE A2-5aeaadabx [A4-6aeaadabx] Maj. Peter EGERTON-WARBURTON A2-5aeaadaba [A4-6aeaadaba]Christopher Geoffrey EGERTON-WARBURTON A2-5aeaadabax [A4-6aeaadabax]Sarah R.M. RUSSELL A2-5aeaadabaa [A4-6aeaadabaa]George Sebastian EGERTON-WARBURTON A2-5aeaadabab [A4-6aeaadabab]Emily Lettice EGERTON-WARBURTON A2-5aeaadabb [A4-6aeaadabb]Louisa Jane EGERTON-WARBURTON A2-5aeaadac [A4-6aeaadac] Hon. Anastasia Diana NOBLE A2-5aeaadacx [A4-6aeaadacx] Jonathan Sinclair DELAP A2-5aeaadaca [A4-6aeaadaca]James Robert Onslow DELAP A2-5aeaadacb [A4-6aeaadacb]Michael Jonathan Sinclair DELAP A2-5aeaadad [A4-6aeaadad] Hon. Rebecca Juliet NOBLE A2-5aeaadadx [A4-6aeaadadx] Lt.-Cdr. John Richard BOYLE, RN A2-5aeaadada [A4-6aeaadada]Cara Mary Cecilia BOYLE A2-5aeaadadax [A4-6aeaadadax]James W.M. WILLOUGHBY A2-5aeaadadb [A4-6aeaadadb]Rory Jonathan Courtenay BOYLE A2-5aeaadadc [A4-6aeaadadc]Davina Claire Theresa BOYLE A2-5aeaadb [A4-6aeaadb] Nigel Arthur PEARSON A2-5aeaadbx [A4-6aeaadbx] Lady Frances Elizabeth Ann HAY [TWEEDDALE] A2-5aeaady [A4-6aeaady] Gladys Constance BUCKMASTER(nee COOPER), DBE A2-5aeaadc [A4-6aeaadc] Sally PEARSON A2-5aeaadcx [A4-6aeaadcx] Timothy Sydney Robert HARDY, CBE A2-5aeaadca [A4-6aeaadca] Emma Jocelyn Cressida Myfanwy HARDY A2-5aeaadcax [A4-6aeaadcax] Hamish A. BULLOUGH A2-5aeaadcaa [A4-6aeaadcaa]Alice Miranda BULLOUGH A2-5aeaadcab [A4-6aeaadcab]Robert Gabriel BULLOUGH A2-5aeaadcac [A4-6aeaadcac]Cressida Hope BULLOUGH A2-5aeaadcb [A4-6aeaadcb] Justine Elinor Eldrydd HARDY A2-5aeaadz [A4-6aeaadz] Anne ELEBASH (nee DAVIS) A2-5aeab [A4-6aeab] Ethel PEARSON A2-5aeac [A4-6aeac] Mabel Philippa PEARSON A2-5aeacx [A4-6aeacx] Rev. Alfred Sidney MENZIES A2-5aead [A4-6aead] Marion PEARSON A2-5aeae [A4-6aeae] Olive Noel PEARSON A2-5aeaex [A4-6aeaex] Harry Holden ARNOLD A2-5aeaea [A4-6aeaea] --?-- ARNOLD A2-5aeb [A4-6aeb] Anna S. PEARSON A2-5aec [A4-6aec] --?-- PEARSON A2-5aed [A4-6aed] --?-- PEARSON A2-5aee [A4-6aee] --?-- PEARSON A2-5b [A4-6b] Emma Elizabeth GEPP A2-5bx [A4-6bx, A10-5fx] Christopher Comyns PARKER A2-5ba [A4-6ba] Emma Elizabeth PARKER A2-5bb [A4-6bb] Jane Ann PARKER A2-5bc [A4-6bc] John Oxley PARKER A2-5bcx [A4-6bcx] Louisa DURANT A2-5bca [A4-6bca] Oxley PARKER A2-5bcb [A4-6bcb] Maria Louisa PARKER A2-5bcc [A4-6bcc] Emily Frances PARKER A2-5bcd [A4-6bcd] Christopher William PARKER A2-5bcdx [A4-6bcdx] Helen Cecilia FARRER A2-5bcda [A4-6bcda] Christine Elizabeth Oxley PARKER A2-5bcdax [A4-6bcdax] Charles Wakefield CHRISTIE-MILLER A2-5bcdaa [A4-6bcdaa] Mary Cecilia CHRISTIE-MILLER A2-5bcdab [A4-6bcdab] William John CHRISTIE-MILLER A2-5bcdabx [A4-6bcdabx] Kathleen Estelle GATAKER A2-5bcdac [A4-6bcdac] Helen Mary CHRISTIE-MILLER A2-5bcdacx [A4-6bcdacx] John Anthony FIELDEN A2-5bcdaca [A4-6bcdaca] Lucy Anne FIELDEN A2-5bcdacax [A4-6bcdacax] David ASPIN A2-5bcdacb [A4-6bcdacb] Samuel John FIELDEN A2-5bcdad [A4-6bcdad] Elizabeth Anne CHRISTIE-MILLER A2-5bcdadx [A4-6bcdadx] Leonce Kraffe DE LAUBAREDE A2-5bcdada [A4-6bcdada] Marie-Christine Jeanne Kraffe DE LAUBAREDE A2-5bcdadau [A4-6bcdadau] Pierre Frederick Henri C.B.W. D'ARENBERG, Duke A2-5bcdadaa [A4-6bcdadaa] Alienor Margaretha Elisabeth L.M. D'ARENBERG A2-5bcdae [A4-6bcdae] Jane Wakefield CHRISTIE-MILLER A2-5bcdb [A4-6bcdb] Lt.-Col. John Oxley PARKER, TD A2-5bcdbx [A4-6bcdbx] Mary Monica HILLS, OBE A2-5bcdba [A4-6bcdba] Christopher William Oxley PARKER A2-5bcdbax [A4-6bcdbax] Jocelyn Frances Adeline ARKWRIGHT A2-5bcdbaa [A4-6bcdbaa] John Oxley PARKER A2-5bcdbab [A4-6bcdbab] Alison Mary Oxley PARKER A2-5bcdbac [A4-6bcdbac] Claire Monica Oxley PARKER A2-5bcdbb [A4-6bcdbb] Helen Rosemary Oxley PARKER A2-5bcdbbx [A4-6bcdbbx] Sir Andrew Alexander Steel STARK, KCMG, CVO A2-5bcdbba [A4-6bcdbba] Antony I. STARK A2-5bcdbbb [A4-6bcdbbb] Michael C. STARK A2-5bcdbbbx [A4-6bcdbbbx] Kate --?-- A2-5bcdbbc [A4-6bcdbbc] Donald STARK A2-5bcdbc [A4-6bcdbc] Pamela Margaret Oxley PARKER A2-5bcdbcx [A4-6bcdbcx] James Tyrrell BROCKBANK A2-5bcdbca [A4-6bcdbca] Richard J. BROCKBANK A2-5bcdbcb [A4-6bcdbcb] Nicholas L. BROCKBANK A2-5bcdbcc [A4-6bcdbcc] Andrew J. BROCKBANK A2-5bcdbcd [A4-6bcdbcd] Christopher T. BROCKBANK A2-5bcdc [A4-6bcdc] Cecilia Louise Oxley PARKER A2-5bcdd [A4-6bcdd] Flora Helen Oxley PARKER A2-5bcde [A4-6bcde] Lt. William Lefevre Oxley PARKER A2-5bce [A4-6bce] Oxley Durant PARKER A2-5bcex [A4-6bcex] Ethel Geraldine GAMBIER-PARRY A2-5bcea [A4-6bcea] Ethelinda Katharine PARKER A2-5bcf [A4-6bcf] Elizabeth Alice PARKER A2-5bcg [A4-6bcg] Eva Caroline PARKER A2-5bcgx [A4-6bcgx] Rev. Canon Greville Turner BRUNWIN-HALES A2-5bcga [A4-6bcga] Capt. Greville Oxley BRUNWIN-HALES A2-5bcgb [A4-6bcgb] Lt. Henry Tooke BRUNWIN-HALES A2-5bch [A4-6bch] Charles Alfred PARKER A2-5bchx [A4-6bchx] Charlotte Agnes DURANT A2-5bcha [A4-6bcha] Richard Cecil Oxley PARKER, OBE, TD A2-5bchax [A4-6bchax] Iris de Lautour WELLS A2-5bd [A4-6bd] Elizabeth Oxley PARKER A2-6 [A4-7] Edward GEPP A2-6x [A4-7x] Mary MARKE A2-6xa [A4-7xa] Edward Marke GEPP -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A3 - AUSTIN / BARNES-AUSTIN A3-3 Ethelind BARNES-AUSTIN A3-3a Beatrice Maude BARNES-AUSTIN A3-3ax Albert Ommanney NELSON A3-3b Norman Edgerley BARNES-AUSTIN A3-3c Edgar Harold Spedding BARNES-AUSTIN A3-3cx Lilian Hector NELSON A3-3d Edith Pain Constance Emmeline BARNES-AUSTIN A3-3dx Edward DU BOIS A3-3e Gertrude Muriel Vickers BARNES-AUSTIN A3-3f Montagu Barnes Austin PERCIVAL-ALWYN [Montague Alwyn BARNES-AUSTIN] A3-3fx Lois Ada HOPKINS A3-3fa Laurence Montague PERCIVAL-ALWYN A3-3fax Peggy Alice May WHEBLE A3-3faa Timothy PERCIVAL-ALWYN A3-3faax Diane Helen VICKERTON A3-3faaa Lawrence PERCIVAL-ALWYN A3-3faab Richard PERCIVAL-ALWYN A3-3fb Eric Vaughan PERCIVAL-ALWYN A3-3fbx Joan M. THARME A3-3fba --?-- PERCIVAL-ALWYN A3-3fc --?-- PERCIVAL-ALWYN A3-3fcx --?-- --?-- A3-4 Richard BARNES-AUSTIN A3-4a Caroline Mary AUSTIN A3-4ax William CHILD A3-4aa Austin William CHILD A3-4aax Ada --?-- A3-4aaa Constance A. CHILD A3-4aab Dorothy CHILD A3-4aac Grace CHILD A3-4ab Ada Caroline CHILD A3-4ac Henrietta Wilson CHILD A3-4ay Francis BUCKLE A3-4b Louisa Emily AUSTIN A3-4bx Edward NORMAN A3-4ba Emily Florence NORMAN A3-4bb Edward Allibone NORMAN A3-4bbx --?-- --?-- A3-4c Edward Adams AUSTIN A3-4d John AUSTIN A3-4e Emmeline AUSTIN A3-5 Barnes AUSTIN A3-5a Emma AUSTIN A3-5b Mary-Ann AUSTIN A3-5bx Sherman CHESTERTON A3-5c Priscilla AUSTIN A3-5d Jemima AUSTIN A3-5e Eliza Stanley AUSTIN A3-5ex John VICKERS A3-5ea Eliza Gertrude VICKERS A3-5eax Elisha William TEACKLE A3-5eaa Virginia Eliza TEACKLE A3-5eaax Meredith CARRE-SMITH A3-5eaaa Virginia Gertrude E. CARRE-SMITH A3-5eaaax Basil Norman RECKITT A3-5eaaaa Susan E. RECKITT A3-5eaaab Jocelyn V. RECKITT A3-5eaaac Rosemary A. RECKITT A3-5eaaacx John H. BARNICOAT A3-5eaab Joan Evelyn CARRE-SMITH A3-5eaabx George E.D. LANE A3-5f Ann AUSTIN A3-6 Richard AUSTIN A3-6a Mary AUSTIN A3-6b Ann AUSTIN A3-6c John AUSTIN A3-7 Richard AUSTIN -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A4 - GEPP [See Section A2 for full details - intermarriage] A4-3 [A2-4aga] Edith Louisa GEPP A4-4 [A2-4ag] William Tweddell GEPP A4-5 [A2-4a] Rev. George Edward GEPP -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A5 - COMPTON A5-4 Elizabeth COMPTON A5-4a Susanna COMPTON A5-4b [A1-4ax] Joseph COMPTON A5-4bx [A1-4a] Mary Bancks HALL A5-4c Sarah COMPTON A5-4cx [A13-5bax] [A45-7bdc] John BUTTERWORTH A5-4ca Rev. John Compton BUTTERWORTH A5-4cax [A13-6xaaa] Lucy Agnes REMINGTON A5-4caa Katherine Mary Compton BUTTERWORTH A5-4cab Frances Margaret BUTTERWORTH A5-4cabx George DICKINSON A5-4cac Constance Lucy BUTTERWORTH A5-4cacx Godfrey Herbert FLETCHER A5-4cad Eleanor Mary BUTTERWORTH A5-4cb Reginald BUTTERWORTH A5-4cbx Emma CLARKE A5-4cba Reginald BUTTERWORTH, C.B.E. A5-4cbax Cornelia Gertrud WELLENSTEIN A5-4cbaa John Compton BUTTERWORTH A5-4cbaax K.C. --?-- A5-4cbab Reginald Edmund Compton BUTTERWORTH A5-4cbabx Elizabeth WERNER A5-4cbac Joy BUTTERWORTH A5-4cbb Dora Madeline BUTTERWORTH A5-4cbc Lucy Lilian BUTTERWORTH A5-4cbd Edwyn O. BUTTERWORTH A5-4cbe Joseph Compton BUTTERWORTH A5-4cc Ada Mary BUTTERWORTH A5-4cd Edmund BUTTERWORTH A5-4cdx Frances Sarah SMITH A5-4cda John BUTTERWORTH A5-4cdax Dorothy Ellen JENKINSON A5-4cdaa Joan Catherine BUTTERWORTH A5-4cdaax John James BARNARD A5-4cdaaa Margaret Joan BARNARD A5-4cdaab Christopher John BARNARD A5-4cdab Phillip John BUTTERWORTH A5-4cdabx Muriel --?-- A5-4cdaaa Muriel BUTTERWORTH A5-4cdaby Dorothy MAY A5-4cdaab Peter BUTTERWORTH A5-4cdaac Wendy BUTTERWORTH A5-4cdb Thomas Hoyle BUTTERWORTH A5-4cdc Ethel Elizabeth BUTTERWORTH A5-4cdcx Arthur William LOBB A5-4cdca Arthur William LOBB A5-4cdcax Margaret Sheila PEARSON A5-4cdcaa Shirley Margaret LOBB A5-4cdcaax --?-- BRADY A5-4cdcab Christine Patricia LOBB A5-4cdcabx --?-- GOKSEN A5-4cdcaba Sarah ESTERMAN [LOBB/GOKSEN] A5-4cdcabau --?-- --?-- A5-4cdcabaa Nazmiye Melissa ESTERMAN A5-4cdcabb Rebecca ESTERMAN [LOBB/GOKSEN] A5-4cdcac Michael Peter LOBB A5-4cdcad Andrea Catherine LOBB A5-4cdd Edmund Compton BUTTERWORTH A5-4cde Frances Mary BUTTERWORTH A5-4cdex Charles F. PAYNE A5-4cdea Muriel Francis PAYNE A5-4cdeax Dr. Kamel EWEIDA A5-4cdeaa Nadia Frances EWEIDA A5-4cdeb Beatrice Naomi PAYNE A5-4cdebx Allen A. MILLER A5-4cdeba Sarah Margaret MILLER A5-4cdebax John Frederick BALL A5-4cdebaa Timothy BALL A5-4cdebab Samantha BALL A5-4cdebb John Charles MILLER A5-4cdebc Penelope Ann MILLER A5-4cdebcx Christopher ELLIS A5-4cdebca Abigail ELLIS A5-4cdebcb Frances ELLIS A5-4cdebd Neil Allen MILLER A5-4cdf Stephen Compton BUTTERWORTH A5-4cdfx Mabel ISHERWOOD A5-4cdfa Mabel Elizabeth BUTTERWORTH A5-4cdfax Charles Edward WAIN A5-4cdfaa --?-- WAIN A5-4cdfaax --?-- NICHOLL A5-4cdfaaa --?-- NICHOLL A5-4cdfaab --?-- NICHOLL A5-4cdfy Ethel BIRCH A5-4cdfb William James HARRISON A5-4cdfbx Susan Elizabeth DUNN A5-4cdfba --?-- HARRISON A5-4cdfbax --?-- SALT A5-4cdfbaa --?-- SALT A5-4cdfbab --?-- SALT A5-4cdfbb --?-- HARRISON A5-4cdfbbx --?-- POWELL A5-4cdfbba --?-- HARRISON A5-4cdfbbb --?-- HARRISON A5-4cdfbc --?-- HARRISON A5-4cdfbcx --?-- LATHAM A5-4cdfbca --?-- HARRISON A5-4cdfbcb --?-- HARRISON A5-4cdfbcc --?-- HARRISON A5-4cdfbd --?-- HARRISON A5-4cdfbdx --?-- WOODRUFFE A5-4cdfc Muriel Stephanie BUTTERWORTH A5-4cdfcx Raymond Greenham PATTEMORE A5-4cdfca --?-- PATTEMORE A5-4cdfcax --?-- NEWBERY A5-4cdfcaa --?-- NEWBERY A5-4cdfcab --?-- NEWBERY A5-4cdfcb --?-- PATTEMORE A5-4cdfcbx --?-- COMPTON A5-4cdfcba --?-- PATTEMORE A5-4cdfcbb --?-- PATTEMORE A5-4cdfcby --?-- CARDONA A5-4cdfcbc --?-- PATTEMORE A5-4cdfcbd --?-- PATTEMORE A5-4cdfcc --?-- PATTEMORE A5-4cdfccx --?-- BARRETT A5-4cdfcca --?-- PATTEMORE A5-4cdfccb --?-- PATTEMORE A5-4cdfccc --?-- PATTEMORE A5-4cdfd Stephen Charlesworth BUTTERWORTH A5-4cdfdx Patricia HAMMONDS A5-4cdfda Robert Stephen BUTTERWORTH A5-4cdfdax Michell Catherine SHEEHY A5-4cdfdaa Timothy Robert BUTTERWORTH A5-4cdfdab Michael Robert BUTTERWORTH A5-4cdfdac Jacqueline Michell BUTTERWORTH A5-4cdfday Melinda Margaret THOMAS (nee --?--) A5-4cdfdb Anthony BUTTERWORTH A5-4cdfdbu Louise Henriette RUTTER A5-4cdfdba Ellen Louise RUTTER A5-4cdfe Norman Edmund BUTTERWORTH A5-4cdfex Irma Mary Ellen JULYAN A5-4cdfea Lynne BUTTERWORTH A5-4cdfeax Jeoffrey LAWSON A5-4cdfeaa Jessica Kathryn LAWSON A5-4cdfeab Piquet Collin LAWSON A5-4cdfeac Senna Paul LAWSON A5-4cdff Benjamin Thomas BUTTERWORTH A5-4cdfg Frances Margaret BUTTERWORTH A5-4cdfgx Dennis Johnstone CAMPBELL A5-4cdfga --?-- CAMPBELL A5-4cdfgax --?-- BERNARD A5-4cdfgb --?-- CAMPBELL A5-4cdfgbx --?-- COPELAND A5-4cdfgba --?-- COPELAND A5-4cdfgbb --?-- COPELAND A5-4cdfgc --?-- CAMPBELL A5-4cdfgcx --?-- BELL A5-4cdfgcy --?-- PEARSON A5-4cdfgd --?-- CAMPBELL A5-4cdfgdx --?-- McARTHY A5-4cdfgda --?-- CAMPBELL A5-4cdfgdb --?-- CAMPBELL A5-4cdfgdc --?-- CAMPBELL A5-4cdfgdy --?-- BAILEY A5-4cdfgdd --?-- CAMPBELL A5-4cdfge --?-- CAMPBELL A5-4cdfgex --?-- ATKINS A5-4cdfgea --?-- ATKINS A5-4cdfgey --?-- KERRY A5-4cdfgeb --?-- KERRY A5-4cdfgf --?-- CAMPBELL A5-4cdfgfx --?-- GREGSON A5-4cdfgfa --?-- CAMPBELL A5-4cdfgfy --?-- --?-- A5-4cdfgg --?-- CAMPBELL A5-4cdfggx --?-- WILLIS A5-4cdfgga --?-- WILLIS A5-4cdfggb --?-- WILLIS A5-4cdfh Elizabeth BUTTERWORTH A5-4cdfhx Edward James MELLING A5-4cdfha --?-- MELLING A5-4cdfhax --?-- BARTON A5-4cdfhaa --?-- BARTON A5-4cdfhab --?-- BARTON A5-4cdfhb --?-- MELLING A5-4cdfhbx --?-- OGILVIE A5-4cdfhba --?-- MELLING A5-4cdfhbb --?-- MELLING A5-4cdfhc --?-- MELLING A5-4cdfhcx --?-- KNOWLES A5-4cdfhca --?-- MELLING A5-4cdfhcb --?-- MELLING A5-4cdfhd --?-- MELLING A5-4cdfhdx --?-- YATES A5-4cdfhe --?-- MELLING A5-4cdfhex --?-- BENNETT A5-4cdfhea --?-- MELLING A5-4cdfheb --?-- MELLING A5-4cdfhf --?-- MELLING A5-4cdfhfx --?-- SHORT A5-4cdfi Brian Frederick BUTTERWORTH A5-4cdfix Rita BRADBURY A5-4cdfia --?-- BUTTERWORTH A5-4cdfiax --?-- PARRY A5-4cdfiaa --?-- BUTTERWORTH A5-4cdfiay --?-- --?-- A5-4cdfib --?-- BUTTERWORTH A5-4cdfibx --?-- PARASKEVA A5-4cdfiba --?-- PARASKEVA A5-4cdfibb --?-- PARASKEVA A5-4cdfibc --?-- PARASKEVA A5-4cdfic --?-- BUTTERWORTH A5-4cdfid --?-- BUTTERWORTH A5-4cdfidx --?-- SCHOFIELD A5-4cdfida --?-- SCHOFIELD A5-4cdfidb --?-- SCHOFIELD A5-4cdfie --?-- BUTTERWORTH A5-4cdfiex --?-- WILLIAMS A5-4cdfiea --?-- BUTTERWORTH A5-4cdfieb --?-- BUTTERWORTH A5-4cdfiey --?-- ARMSTRONG A5-4cdfiec --?-- BUTTERWORTH A5-4cdfif --?-- BUTTERWORTH A5-4cdfifu --?-- HINCE A5-4cdfifa --?-- BUTTERWORTH A5-4cdfj David BUTTERWORTH A5-4cdfjx Ann HUNT A5-4cdfja Carol-Anne BUTTERWORTH A5-4cdfjb Michael David BUTTERWORTH A5-4cdfjc Bryan Derek BUTTERWORTH A5-4cdfjcx Linda Marie FATTORE A5-4cdfjca Caliban Rhianna BUTTERWORTH A5-4cdfjd Kim BUTTERWORTH A5-4cdfjdu Richard Ernest SIBLEY A5-4cdfjda Eric Compton SIBLEY A5-4cdfje Karen BUTTERWORTH A5-4cdfjex James McCABE A5-4cdfjea James Christian McCABE A5-4cdfjeb Ryan Andrew McCABE A5-4cdfjec Joel David McCABE A5-4cdfjed Samantha Erin McCABE A5-4cdfk Patricia BUTTERWORTH A5-4cdfkx Sydney Trevor LITTLE A5-4cdfka --?-- LITTLE A5-4cdfkax --?-- FLUET A5-4cdfkaa --?-- LITTLE A5-4cdfkab --?-- LITTLE A5-4cdfkb --?-- LITTLE A5-4cdfl John BUTTERWORTH A5-4cdflx Margaret Mary McGRATH A5-4cdfla Theresa Bridgette BUTTERWORTH A5-4cdflb Andrew James BUTTERWORTH A5-4cdflbx Lori Jean McROBERTS A5-4cdflba Emily Margaret BUTTERWORTH A5-4cdflc Susan Frances BUTTERWORTH A5-4cdflcx Matthew KRAS A5-4cdflca Jessica Taylor KRAS A5-4cdflcb Daniel Lucas KRAS A5-4cdfld Laura Jean BUTTERWORTH A5-4cdfm Stanley BUTTERWORTH A5-4cdfmx Helen Louise ARCHER (nee CURTIS) A5-4cdfma --?-- BUTTERWORTH A5-4cdfn Katharine BUTTERWORTH A5-4cdfnx Gerald Leo BROHMAN A5-4cdg Lionel BUTTERWORTH A5-4cdgx Dorothy NEVITT A5-4cdga Nancie Dorothy BUTTERWORTH A5-4cdgax Herbert Robert ALLMAN A5-4cdgaa Andrew Ronald ALLMAN A5-4cdgaax Ann Nora McGEE A5-4cdgaaa Matthew Paul ALLMAN A5-4cdgab Carole Elizabeth ALLMAN A5-4cdgabx Stephen Henry JONES A5-4cdgaba Mark Thomas JONES A5-4cdgabb Gavin Stephen JONES A5-4cdgabc Martyn Daniel JONES A5-4cdgac Valerie Joan ALLMAN A5-4cdgay John WALSH A5-4cdgb Shirley Marjorie BUTTERWORTH A5-4cdgbx Roy Edwin MARSHALL A5-4ce Henry Paul BUTTERWORTH A5-4d Mary COMPTON A5-4dx Rev. Charles Bird JACKSON A5-4da Mary Compton JACKSON A5-4db Charles Selwyn JACKSON A5-4dbx Margaret Jane READ A5-4dba Violet Compton JACKSON A5-4dbau --?-- --?-- A5-4dbaa --?-- JACKSON A5-4dbax Richard Ernest WRIGHT A5-4dbb Charles Compton JACKSON A5-4dbc Constance Sarah JACKSON A5-4dbd Mary Isobel JACKSON A5-4dbe Annie Josephine Compton JACKSON A5-4dbf Francis Edward HAYNES[Robert Northwood JACKSON] A5-4dbfx Nancy Elizabeth GOULD A5-4dbfa --?-- HAYNES A5-4dbfax --?-- --?-- A5-4dbfaa --?-- HAYNES A5-4dbfab --?-- HAYNES A5-4dbfac --?-- HAYNES A5-4dbfb --?-- HAYNES A5-4dbfbx --?-- HARTVIGSEN A5-4dbfba --?-- HAYNES A5-4dbfbax --?-- --?-- A5-4dbfbaa --?-- HAYNES A5-4dbfbb --?-- HAYNES A5-4dbfc --?-- HAYNES A5-4dbfcx --?-- --?-- A5-4dbfca --?-- HAYNES A5-4dbfcb --?-- HAYNES A5-4dbfd --?-- HAYNES A5-4dbfdx --?-- --?-- A5-4dbfda --?-- HAYNES A5-4dbfdy --?-- --?-- A5-4dbfdb --?-- HAYNES A5-4dbfdc --?-- HAYNES A5-4dbfdd --?-- HAYNES A5-4dbfde --?-- HAYNES A5-4dbfe --?-- HAYNES A5-4dbfex --?-- --?-- A5-4dbfea --?-- HAYNES A5-4dbfeb --?-- HAYNES A5-4dbg Dorothy Jean JACKSON A5-4dbh Ethel Lucille Compton JACKSON A5-4dbhx John Richard Benjamin FARLOW A5-4dbha --?-- FARLOW A5-4dbi Edna Margaret JACKSON A5-4dbix Clarence John O'LOUGHLIN A5-4dbia --?-- O'LOUGHLIN A5-4dbiax --?-- --?-- A5-4dbiaa --?-- --?-- A5-4dbiab --?-- --?-- A5-4dbiac --?-- --?-- A5-4dbib --?-- O'LOUGHLIN A5-4dbibx --?-- --?-- A5-4dbiba --?-- --?-- A5-4dbibb --?-- --?-- A5-4dbibc --?-- --?-- A5-4dbibd --?-- --?-- A5-4dbibe --?-- --?-- A5-4dbic --?-- O'LOUGHLIN A5-4dbicx --?-- --?-- A5-4dbica --?-- --?-- A5-4dbicb --?-- --?-- A5-4dbid --?-- O'LOUGHLIN A5-4dbidx --?-- --?-- A5-4dbida --?-- O'LOUGHLIN A5-4dbidb --?-- O'LOUGHLIN A5-4dc [A13-6xaafx] Arthur Molineux JACKSON A5-4dcx [A13-6xaaf] Constance Gauthorne REMINGTON A5-4dca [A13-6xaafa] Arthur Molineux JACKSON A5-4dd John Lowthian JACKSON A5-4ddx Ida Beatrice BIRD A5-4dda Gilbert E. JACKSON A5-4ddax Annie NESS A5-4ddb Phyllis Compton JACKSON A5-4ddc Carol Molineux JACKSON A5-4ddd Joan M. JACKSON A5-4de Ethel JACKSON A5-4df Anna Elizabeth JACKSON A5-4dg Jane Molineux JACKSON A5-4dh Cyril Compton JACKSON A5-4dhx Beatrix Clara GREY A5-4dha Marion Beatrix Compton JACKSON A5-4dhax Arthur Ralph HARVEY JAMES A5-4dhaa Stephen Joseph HARVEY JAMES A5-4dhaax Angela June HARVEY-MOORE A5-4dhaaa Maxine Valerie HARVEY JAMES A5-4dhaaax Lee RUANE A5-4dhaaay Stephen LORD A5-4dhaab Justin Patrick HARVEY JAMES A5-4dhab Penelope Ann HARVEY JAMES A5-4dhabx Jeremy Miles SIMPSON A5-4dhb Gerald Walter Compton JACKSON A5-4dhbx Brenda Mary DURMARESQ A5-4dhba John Charles JACKSON A5-4dhbax Pamela Jane SUTCLIFFE A5-4dhbb Jane Mary JACKSON A5-4dhbbx Dermot FINEGAN A5-4di Constance Lucy JACKSON A5-4dj Edward Chretien JACKSON A5-4e Rev. Thomas Hoyle COMPTON A5-4ex Emma Sarah WINZAR A5-4ea Emma Elizabeth COMPTON A5-4eb Margaret Susan Mary COMPTON A5-4ec Walter Joseph COMPTON A5-4ecx Mary HEDRICH A5-4eca Alice Isabel COMPTON A5-4ecb Margaret Emma COMPTON A5-4ecc Edward Hoyle COMPTON A5-4ed Alice Lucy COMPTON A5-4ee Isabel Katherine COMPTON A5-4ef Rev. Leonard William COMPTON A5-4efx Lilian C. WALTERS A5-4eg Theodora COMPTON A5-4eh Arthur Michael Thomas COMPTON A5-4ehx Agnes Lucy DAVIS A5-4eha Leonard Ralph COMPTON A5-4ehax Sally A. --?-- A5-4ehb Winifred Agnes COMPTON A5-4ehbx Jesse F. JACKSON A5-4ehba Arthur L. JACKSON A5-4ehc Mildred Pearl COMPTON A5-4ehcx Carleton Renworth RICHESON A5-4ehca Lawrence Arthur RICHESON A5-4ehd Elsie M. COMPTON A5-4ehe Arthur Lincoln COMPTON A5-4ehex Gladys Avelyn JOHNSON A5-4ehea Geraldine COMPTON A5-4eheb Audrey COMPTON A5-4ehec Alan L. COMPTON A5-4ehecx Mary --?-- A5-4eheca Jeffrey A. COMPTON A5-4ehecax Pamela --?-- A5-4ehecaa Lincoln Jeffrey COMPTON A5-4ehecab Libby COMPTON A5-4ehecac --?-- COMPTON A5-4ehecb Elizabeth M. COMPTON A5-4ehecbx --?-- CHOATE A5-4ehecc Gregory Alan COMPTON A5-4ehf Walter John Davis COMPTON A5-4ehfx Olene ALM A5-4ehfa Richard Marlow COMPTON A5-4ehfax Mary Crescence EHLERS A5-4ehfaa Michael COMPTON A5-4ehfaax Kris --?-- A5-4ehfab Mary COMPTON A5-4ehfabx Keith MOREHOUSE A5-4ehfaba Seth MOREHOUSE A5-4ehfabax Alicia --?-- A5-4ehfabaa Jovee Nicole MOREHOUSE A5-4ehfabab Tay Richard MOREHOUSE A5-4ehfabb Luke MOREHOUSE A5-4ehfabc Emilee Cres MOREHOUSE A5-4ehfac Patrick COMPTON A5-4ehfacx Nancy --?-- A5-4ehfaca Jeffrey COMPTON A5-4ehfad Jeffrey COMPTON A5-4ehfadx Anne --?-- A5-4ehfb Martha Marie COMPTON A5-4ehfbx Thomas Allen DAHLE A5-4ehfba Erica DAHLE A5-4ehfbax --?-- AHRENDT A5-4ehfbb Marnie DAHLE A5-4ehfbbx --?-- BACKER A5-4ehfbc David Michael DAHLE A5-4ehfc Roxann Lee COMPTON A5-4ehfcx Terry BRUNDAGE A5-4ehfca Jeffrey BRUNDAGE A5-4ehfcb Jodi BRUNDAGE A5-4ehfcbx --?-- CARROLL A5-4ehg Margaret Mary COMPTON A5-4ehgx R.C. LAKEBERG A5-4ehh Elsie COMPTON A5-4ei Francis John COMPTON A5-4eix Dorothea MAHON A5-4eia Patrick John Winzar COMPTON A5-4eiax May L. STARLING A5-4eiaa Michael John Mahon COMPTON A5-4ej Agnes Winifred COMPTON A5-4ek Edward Denison COMPTON A5-4ekx Annie Maude MAY A5-4el Edith Eleanor Mary COMPTON A5-4em Charles Christopher COMPTON A5-4emx Enid Maud Murray WILSON A5-4ema Theodore COMPTON A5-4emb Rev. Christopher Moore COMPTON A5-4embx --?-- --?-- A5-4emba John Christopher COMPTON A5-4embb Margaret COMPTON A5-4embc Helen Cecilia COMPTON A5-4en Philip Henry COMPTON A5-4enx --?-- SKERRETT A5-4ena Peter Skerrett COMPTON A5-4eo Maurice Winzar COMPTON A5-4eox Mabel Constance LOWRY A5-4eoa Margery COMPTON A5-4eoax John S. TWIST A5-4eob Ethel Isabel Lowry COMPTON A5-4eobx Donald John HALL A5-4eoba Christopher Compton HALL A5-4eobb Sarah Compton HALL A5-4eoc John Philip COMPTON A5-4eocx --?-- --?-- A5-4eoca Simon Hugh COMPTON A5-4ep George Gabriel COMPTON A5-4epx Emily Maude Hilda COMPTON A5-4epa Helen ('Sally') COMPTON A5-4epax John Bliss FORGE A5-4epaa Thomas Compton FORGE A5-4eq Violet Helen Mary COMPTON A5-4f Lucy COMPTON A5-5 Joseph COMPTON A5-5a Thomas COMPTON A5-5b Townsend COMPTON A5-5bx Eliza NEVINS A5-5ba [A5-5eax] Nevins COMPTON A5-5bax [A5-5ea] Mary COMPTON A5-5baa [A5-5eaa] Pym Nevins COMPTON A5-5baax [A5-5eaax] Catherine MCAULEY A5-5baaa [A5-5eaaa] John Nevins COMPTON A5-5baab [A5-5eaab] Edith Mary COMPTON A5-5baac [A5-5eaac] Mileva COMPTON A5-5baacx [A5-5eaacx] Richard SHAW A5-5baacy [A5-5eaacy] Thomas TODD A5-5bab [A5-5eab] Townsend Samuel COMPTON A5-5bac [A5-5eac] Mary COMPTON A5-5bacx [A5-5eacx] Henry Francis SEATON A5-5baca [A5-5eaca] Mary Alice SEATON A5-5bacax [A5-5eacax] William Cullen BRYANT A5-5bacaa [A5-5eacaa] Daisy Adaline BRYANT A5-5bacaax [A5-5eacaax] John ROSTER A5-5bacab [A5-5eacab] Gertrude May BRYANT A5-5bacabx [A5-5eacabx] Robert ROSTER A5-5bacaba [A5-5eacaba] Audrey M. ROSTER A5-5bacb [A5-5eacb] Arthur Henry SEATON A5-5bacbx [A5-5eacbx] Isobel Elizabeth McLEOD A5-5bacc [A5-5eacc] Stella Frances SEATON A5-5baccx [A5-5eaccx] Edward Thurso EDMUNDS A5-5bacd [A5-5eacd] Eveline E. SEATON A5-5bace [A5-5eace] Lucy Margaret SEATON A5-5bacex [A5-5eacex] Gerald SWEET A5-5bacf [A5-5eacf] Gertrude Elizabeth SEATON A5-5bacfx [A5-5eacfx] Louis Sidney CROSBY A5-5bacg [A5-5eacg] Frederick Gervas N. SEATON A5-5bach [A5-5each] Esther Annette SEATON A5-5bachx [A5-5eachx] Alban Percy CARTER A5-5baci [A5-5eaci] Jessie Marian SEATON A5-5bacj [A5-5eacj] Gerald Theodore SEATON A5-5bb John Townsend COMPTON A5-5bbx Jane KENNARD A5-5bba Agnes COMPTON A5-5bbax Thomas Nevins HUNT A5-5bbaa Charles Lowther HUNT A5-5bbab Gilbert HUNT A5-5bbac Fanny HUNT A5-5bbad Rose HUNT A5-5bbae --?-- HUNT A5-5bbb Fanny Maria COMPTON A5-5bbc Ambrose COMPTON A5-5bbcx --?-- --?-- A5-5bbd Charles James COMPTON A5-5bbe John Henry COMPTON A5-5bc Theodore COMPTON A5-5bcx Elizabeth HARRISON A5-5bca Edward Theodore COMPTON A5-5bcax --?-- --?-- A5-5bcaa Alwyn COMPTON A5-5bcab Marian Auguste Natalie COMPTON A5-5bcac Edward Harrison COMPTON A5-5bcb Marian Elizabeth COMPTON A5-5bcc Louisa Matilda COMPTON A5-5bcd Rev. William Cookworthy COMPTON A5-5bcdx Alice JOHNSON A5-5bcda Ethelwyn COMPTON A5-5bcdax Francis Robinson Gladstone DUCKWORTH A5-5bcdb Rev. Cuthred COMPTON A5-5bcdbx Sophia Hope GORHAM (née HALLOWES) A5-5bd Ambrose COMPTON A5-5be Matilda COMPTON A5-5bf Agnes COMPTON A5-5bfx Henry Broadhurst WILKINSON A5-5bfa Maude Mary WILKINSON A5-5bfax John Joseph GRAHAM A5-5bfaa Maude GRAHAM A5-5bfab Edith GRAHAM A5-5bfac Dorothy GRAHAM A5-5bfb Lizzie Ellen WILKINSON A5-5bfc Agnes Laura WILKINSON A5-5bfd Edith Gertrude WILKINSON A5-5bfe George WILKINSON A5-5bff Anne WILKINSON A5-5bfg Henry WILKINSON A5-5bg Eliza Maria COMPTON A5-5c William COMPTON A5-5d Hannah COMPTON A5-5dx Thomas FOSTER A5-5da Alfred FOSTER A5-5db Henrietta FOSTER A5-5dc John FOSTER A5-5dcx Harriet --?-- A5-5e [A37-7baax] Samuel COMPTON A5-5ex [A37-7baa] Elizabeth METFORD A5-5ea [A5-5bax] Mary COMPTON A5-5eax [A5-5ba] Nevins COMPTON [Children] A5-5eb Elizabeth Metford COMPTON A5-5ebx Charles Borham WARNER A5-5eba Henry WARNER A5-5ebax Elizabeth Jane HULL A5-5ebaa Henry Hull WARNER A5-5ebaax Mary Anne LEWIN A5-5ebaaa Athelstan Lewin WARNER A5-5ebaab Gwendoline Marion W. WARNER A5-5ebab Norah WARNER A5-5ebac Lillian WARNER A5-5ebad Claude WARNER A5-5ebae Ada WARNER A5-5ebaf Charles Bernard WARNER A5-5ebag Elsie WARNER A5-5ebah Annabelle Louise WARNER A5-5ebai Ambrose WARNER A5-5ebaj Olive WARNER A5-5ebb Compton WARNER A5-5ebbx Rosalie Susan BOYLE A5-5ebba Kathleen WARNER A5-5ebbax George HUNT A5-5ebbaa Arthur W. HUNT A5-5ebbab George Kenneth HUNT A5-5ebbabx Nellie Gladys ROBINSON A5-5ebbaba --?-- HUNT A5-5ebbabax Betty DRAPER A5-5ebbabaa Elizabeth HUNT A5-5ebbabaax Peter ATKINS A5-5ebbabaaa Miranda ATKINS A5-5ebbabaab Rowan ATKINS A5-5ebbabab Paul HUNT A5-5ebbabac Simon HUNT A5-5ebbabb Rosemary Brooke HUNT A5-5ebbabbx William John EDGE A5-5ebbabba Nicholas William EDGE A5-5ebbabbb Sarah Katharine EDGE A5-5ebbabbbx Manel BAIZAN A5-5ebbabbba Cristina BAIZAN A5-5ebbabbbb Amanda BAIZAN A5-5ebbabbbc Marc BAIZAN A5-5ebbabbc David Neil EDGE A5-5ebbabbcx Joanna Elizabeth NORTHFIELD A5-5ebbabbca Maximillian George EDGE A5-5ebbabbcb Sophie Brooke EDGE A5-5ebbabbd Charles Michael EDGE A5-5ebbabbdx --?-- WILLIAMS A5-5ebbabbda Arthur Brooke EDGE A5-5ebbb Leonard WARNER A5-5ebbbx Violet --?-- A5-5ebbc Ethel WARNER A5-5ebbd Hugh WARNER A5-5ebbe Hilda WARNER A5-5ebbex John SALWEY A5-5ebbea Humphrey John SALWEY A5-5ebbf Alice WARNER A5-5ebbg Owen WARNER A5-5ebbh Clement WARNER A5-5ebc Charles WARNER A5-5ebcx Amy Elizabeth BOYLE A5-5ebca Charles WARNER A5-5ebcb Eveline WARNER A5-5ebcbx Jessie HERBERT A5-5ebcc Ernest WARNER A5-5ebcd Amy Boyle WARNER A5-5ebce Allan WARNER A5-5ebcf Malcolm WARNER A5-5ebcg Ellen WARNER A5-5ebch Sibyl WARNER A5-5ebd Metford WARNER A5-5ebdx Agnes Elizabeth ABBOTT A5-5ebda Albert WARNER A5-5ebdax Margaret --?-- A5-5ebdb Gertrude Mary WARNER A5-5ebdc Horace W. WARNER A5-5ebdd Marcus WARNER A5-5ebde Harold Metford WARNER A5-5ebdf Reginald WARNER A5-5ebe Alice WARNER A5-5ebf [A5-5edex] Conrad WARNER A5-5ebfx [A5-5ede] Mary CAPPER A5-5ebfa Conrad WARNER A5-5ebfb Mark WARNER A5-5ebfc Donald WARNER A5-5ebfd Mary E. WARNER A5-5ec Thomas COMPTON A5-5ecx Susannah SHEEN A5-5ed Ellen COMPTON A5-5edx Mark CAPPER A5-5eda Ellen CAPPER A5-5edax William Wilks WADDINGTON A5-5edaa Ellen WADDINGTON A5-5edab Mary WADDINGTON A5-5edac Rev. Pomfrett WADDINGTON A5-5edad Hilda WADDINGTON A5-5edae Quinton WADDINGTON A5-5edaex Maude Mary HEWITT A5-5edaea James Hilary Sheffield WADDINGTON, M.B.E. A5-5edaeax Ruth Elizabeth Florence POLLARD A5-5edaeaa Richard Hewitt Northcote WADDINGTON A5-5edaeaax Clare Leslie STANHOPE-LOVELL A5-5edaeaaa Edward Martin Bain WADDINGTON A5-5edaeaaax Samantha Lucia DENTON A5-5edaeaab Samantha Jacqueline Helen WADDINGTON A5-5edaeaabu Malcolm HANNAFORD A5-5edaeaaba Benjamin Richard HANNAFORD A5-5edaeaay Theresa LORD A5-5edaeab Martin Roger Capper WADDINGTON A5-5edaeac Georgina Mary Fulton WADDINGTON A5-5edaeacx Göran Gabriel MALMSTROM A5-5edaeaca Bridget Kjerstin Mary MALMSTROM A5-5edaeacax Jeffrey David BICKFORD A5-5edaeacaa William Jeffrey BICKFORD A5-5edaeacab Alexander Karl BICKFORD A5-5edaeacac Elisabeth Mary Agneta BICKFORD A5-5edaeacb Ann Louise Fulton MALMSTROM A5-5edaeacbx Philippe FANAC A5-5edaeacba Charles Emile FANAC A5-5edaeacc Magnus Martin Gabriel Fulton MALMSTROM A5-5edaeaccx Asa Margareta LIDMAN A5-5edaeacca Mathilda Mary Louise MALMSTROM A5-5edaeaccb Viktoria Emma Georgina MALMSTROM A5-5edaeacd Karl William Brooke MALMSTROM A5-5edaf Hal WADDINGTON A5-5edag Jessie WADDINGTON A5-5edah John J. WADDINGTON A5-5edai Margaret WADDINGTON A5-5edaj Abbott Ralph WADDINGTON A5-5edak Joshua WADDINGTON A5-5edb Edith CAPPER A5-5edc Kate CAPPER A5-5edd Mark CAPPER A5-5eddx Caroline SOPER A5-5ede [A5-5ebfx] Mary CAPPER A5-5edex [A5-5ebf] Conrad WARNER [Children] A5-5edf Hugh CAPPER A5-5edg Ethel CAPPER A5-5edh Lilly CAPPER A5-5edi Jasper CAPPER A5-5edj Bertha CAPPER A5-5edk Mabel CAPPER A5-5edl Paul CAPPER A5-5ee Louisa COMPTON A5-5f Sarah COMPTON A5-5fx John TRAVIS A5-5fy John WEBSTER A5-5g Henry COMPTON A5-5h Elizabeth COMPTON A5-5hx Samuel MERRYWEATHER A5-5ha Sarah MERRYWEATHER A5-5hb Mary MERRYWEATHER A5-5hc Emily MERRYWEATHER A5-5hcx Amos BIGLAND A5-5hca Amos BIGLAND A5-5hcax Mary GREGORY A5-5hcb Samuel Henry BIGLAND A5-5hcbx Julia MORGAN A5-5hcba Ethel BIGLAND A5-5hcbb Maud BIGLAND A5-5hcc Compton BIGLAND A5-5hcd Emily BIGLAND A5-5hcdx David John MORGAN A5-5hcda Emily Mary MORGAN A5-5hcdb Florence Harriet MORGAN A5-5hcdc Alice MORGAN A5-5hcdd David MORGAN A5-5hcde John H. MORGAN A5-5hcdf Edward C. MORGAN A5-5hd Lavinia MERRYWEATHER A5-5he Elizabeth MERRYWEATHER A5-5hf Compton MERRYWEATHER A5-5hg Adelaide MERRYWEATHER A5-5hgx Edwin BIGLAND A5-5hga Edwin BIGLAND A5-5hgb Ernest BIGLAND A5-5hgbx Frances Anne DAKIN A5-5hgba Adelaide Scott BIGLAND A5-5hgbb Mildred BIGLAND A5-5hgbbx Ernest Charles CHARRINGTON A5-5hgbba Eileen V. CHARRINGTON A5-5hgbbax Charles S. DAWSON A5-5hgbbaa Patricia E.V. DAWSON A5-5hgby Florence Tyzack PARBURY A5-5hgc Frank BIGLAND A5-5hgcx Rosa Isabel HAGEDORN A5-5hgca Leonard Frank BIGLAND A5-5hgcax Helen Florence McMURRAY A5-5hgcaa Oscar Leonard BIGLAND A5-5hgcaax Margaret LEE-BOOKER A5-5hgcaaa Victoria Helen Siddel BIGLAND A5-5hgcaaax Michael Robert HANDFIELD-JONES A5-5hgcaaaa Emma HANDFIELD-JONES A5-5hgcaaaax David WALKER A5-5hgcaaaaa Omey WALKER A5-5hgcaaaab Evie WALKER A5-5hgcaaaac Felicity WALKER A5-5hgcaaab Poppy Alexandra HANDFIELD-JONES A5-5hgcaaabx Simon Paul CRUZ A5-5hgcaaaba Tom CRUZ A5-5hgcaaabb Holly CRUZ A5-5hgcaaabc Oscar CRUZ A5-5hgcaab Robin Neil S. BIGLAND A5-5hgcaabx Frances Shilton COOPER A5-5hgcaaba Alexandra Catherine BIGLAND A5-5hgcaabb Charlotte Sophie BIGLAND A5-5hgcab Beryl Laura BIGLAND A5-5hgcabx William Peabody COOKE A5-5hgcac Norman Richey BIGLAND A5-5hgcacx Ellaline Mary SPRECKLEY A5-5hgcaca Sally L. BIGLAND A5-5hgcacb Gillian M. BIGLAND A5-5hgcad Kenneth BIGLAND A5-5hgcb Edwin Herbert BIGLAND A5-5hgcc Robert Taylor BIGLAND A5-5hgccx Helen Inglis Scott HANNAY A5-5hgcca Maj. Thomas Scott BIGLAND, D.S.C. A5-5hgccax Rosalind Constance CASTLE A5-5hgccaa Timothy B.S. BIGLAND A5-5hgccaax Lavinia Susan KENNEDY A5-5hgccaaa Alexandra Rosalina BIGLAND A5-5hgccab Guy C. BIGLAND A5-5hgccabx --?-- BARKER A5-5hgccaba Henry Thomas BIGLAND A5-5hgccb Margaret R. BIGLAND A5-5hgccbx William W. STALLYBRASS A5-5hgccc Ernest Frank BIGLAND A5-5hgcccx Doreen Mary DALZELL A5-5hgccca Robert David Inglis BIGLAND A5-5hgcccax Carole V. SEYMOUR-JONES A5-5hgcccaa Emma Catherine BIGLAND A5-5hgcccaax --?-- MARSHALL A5-5hgcccaaa Hannah MARSHALL A5-5hgcccaab Lydia MARSHALL A5-5hgcccaac Rory MARSHALL A5-5hgcccab Sophie Victoria BIGLAND A5-5hgcccac Edward Robert S. BIGLAND A5-5hgcccad Lucy Camilla BIGLAND A5-5hgcccay --?-- --?-- (nee --?--) A5-5hgcccb John Anthony Dalzell BIGLAND A5-5hgcccc Josephine Helen BIGLAND A5-5hgccccx David C. HOLT A5-5hgcccca Katie Louise HOLT A5-5hgccd Robert H. BIGLAND A5-5hgcce Anthony Robert BIGLAND A5-5hgccex Yvonne M. BOWERMAN A5-5hgcd Isabel BIGLAND A5-5hgcdx --?-- SMITH A5-5hgcda Jean SMITH A5-5hgd Alfred BIGLAND A5-5hgdx Emily Jane ARKLE A5-5hgda Florence Annie BIGLAND A5-5hgdax Arthur Henry QUIMBY A5-5hgdaa Mary Loraine QUIMBY A5-5hgdb Hilda Gertrude BIGLAND A5-5hgdbx Robert Dudley WOOD A5-5hgdba Nigel Dudley Bigland WOOD A5-5hgdbb Terence Bigland WOOD A5-5hgdc Alfred Douglas BIGLAND A5-5hgdcx Phoebe Mildred POWELL A5-5hgdca Elizabeth A.D. BIGLAND A5-5hgdcax Leslie I. PARR A5-5hgdcb Ann P.D. BIGLAND A5-5hgdd Leslie BIGLAND A5-5hge Percy BIGLAND A5-5hgex Edith Mary Hanbury AGGS A5-5hgea Ranulf Aggs BIGLAND A5-5hgeax Dorothy Eva SHAW A5-5hgeaa Brenda R. BIGLAND A5-5hgeaax Joseph RITCHIE A5-5hgeaaa Anne Jocelyn RITCHIE A5-5hgeb Griselda Aggs BIGLAND A5-5hgebx Lloyd Howard FOX A5-5hgeba Angela Bigland FOX A5-5hgebax Robert Keith BRADFORD A5-5hgebaa John Robert BRADFORD A5-5hgebab Carolyn Gay BRADFORD A5-5hgebac Richard Howard BRADFORD A5-5hgebad Daniel Lloyd BRADFORD A5-5hgebay Cdr. Anthony Tosswill COURTNEY A5-5hgebb David Lloyd FOX A5-5hgebbx Valerie Mary OUTHWAITE A5-5hgebba Rebecca Howard FOX A5-5hgebbax Robert Andree VANDER STEEN A5-5hgebbaa James Howard VANDER STEEN A5-5hgebbab Toby Robert VANDER STEEN A5-5hgebbac Benjamin Joseph VANDER STEEN A5-5hgebbb Gillian Emma FOX A5-5hgebbbx Nicholas STAFFORD A5-5hgebbby Peter VINCENT A5-5hgebby Rosalind Dakeney DEACON A5-5hgebbc Simon David FOX A5-5hgebbcx Julie Ann DARCH A5-5hgebbca Robert Simon Lloyd FOX A5-5hgebbcb Tabitha Charlotte FOX A5-5hgebbd Laetitia Lloyd FOX A5-5hgebbdx David William GRANT A5-5hgebbda Harriet Felicity GRANT A5-5hgebbdb Jordan Lloyd GRANT A5-5hgebbe William Seamus FOX A5-5hgebbex Suzanne Mary PENWARNE A5-5hgebbea Dakeney Grace FOX A5-5hgebbf Benjamin John FOX A5-5hgebbfx Victoria Louise PAYNE A5-5hgebbg Ophelia Jane FOX A5-5hgebbgx Paul Michael Burnett HOGAN A5-5hgebbga Evangelina Rose Chambray HOGAN A5-5hgebbz Margaret KENT A5-5hgebc Griselda Mary FOX A5-5hgebcx Dr. Raymond Keith MASON A5-5hgebca Laurence Edward MASON A5-5hgebcb Deborah Mary MASON A5-5hgebd Penelope Howard FOX A5-5hgebdx James Henry PUTZ A5-5hgebda Catherine Sarah PUTZ A5-5hgebdb Rachel Ann PUTZ A5-5hgebdc Nicholas Charles PUTZ A5-5hgf Ada Louisa BIGLAND A5-5hgg Walter BIGLAND A5-5hggx Gertrude Mary ROBERTS A5-5hgga Eric Walter BIGLAND A5-5hggax Eileen A.C. POLLARD A5-5hggaa Patricia Mary BIGLAND A5-5hggaax --?-- KANE A5-5hggaaa Michael KANE A5-5hggaab Robert KANE A5-5hggab Ian C. BIGLAND A5-5hggac Michael D. BIGLAND A5-5hggb Enid Gertrude BIGLAND A5-5hh Louisa MERRYWEATHER A5-5hi Annie MERRYWEATHER A5-5i John COMPTON A5-5j Mary COMPTON A5-5jx Alfred BIRCHALL A5-5ja Alfred Compton BIRCHALL A5-5jax Jane Ann PLEWS A5-5jb Marianna BIRCHALL A5-5jc Sarah BIRCHALL A5-5jcx James GREGORY A5-5jca George GREGORY A5-5jcax --?-- --?-- A5-5jcaa George James GREGORY A5-5jcy Charles LAWSON A5-5jcb Henry LAWSON A5-5jd Thomas BIRCHALL A5-5je Emma BIRCHALL A5-5jf Frederick BIRCHALL A5-5jg Amelia BIRCHALL A5-5jgx William FOSSICK A5-5jga William FOSSICK A5-5k Robert COMPTON A5-6 Thomas COMPTON A5-6a William COMPTON A5-6b John COMPTON A5-6bx Ann WICKENS A5-7 William COMPTON A5-7a Sarah COMPTON A5-7b John COMPTON A5-7c Mary COMPTON A5-7cx William DAWES A5-7d Grace COMPTON A5-7dx Edward BALL A5-7e Benjamin COMPTON A5-8 William COMPTON A5-8a John COMPTON A5-8b Mary COMPTON A5-9 John COMPTON -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A6 - HUTCHINSON Special thanks to Ann Stevens for the names in this section. A6-4 Margaret Jane HUTCHINSON A6-4a James HUTCHINSON A6-4b John HUTCHINSON A6-4c Anna Maria HUTCHINSON A6-4d Rev. James HUTCHINSON A6-4e Sarah HUTCHINSON A6-4f William Batley HUTCHINSON A6-4fx Louisa Harriet BULLER-BRAZIER A6-4fa William Edward HUTCHINSON A6-4fb Gertrude Ella Sarah HUTCHINSON A6-4fbx Robert PORTER A6-4fba George Robert PORTER A6-4fbax Mary A. ANDERSON A6-4fbb Stephen PORTER A6-4fbc William J. PORTER A6-4fbd Robert PORTER A6-4fbe Henry S. PORTER A6-4fbex Caroline HILYARD A6-4fbf Ella Gertrude Sarah PORTER A6-4fbfx Henry NANCARROW A6-4fbfa Henry R. NANCARROW A6-4fbfb Edith S. NANCARROW A6-4fbfbx Cecil U. SPIER A6-4fbfba Henry John Charles SPIER A6-4fbfbax Madeline Brenda JOHNSON A6-4fbfbb Enid Mary SPIER A6-4fbfbbx Bruce DOUGLASS A6-4fbfbc June SPIER A6-4fbfc Henry NANCARROW A6-4fbfcx [A6-4fbfdd] Hazel Caroline ('Peg') McDONALD A6-4fbfca Peter Henry NANCARROW A6-4fbfcax --?-- --?-- A6-4fbfcay --?-- --?-- A6-4fbfcaz --?-- --?-- A6-4fbfcb Hazel ('Kim') NANCARROW A6-4fbfcbx --?-- --?-- A6-4fbfcby --?-- --?-- A6-4fbfcbz --?-- --?-- A6-4fbfcc June Suzanne NANCARROW A6-4fbfccx --?-- YOUNG A6-4fbfd Ethel Lucy NANCARROW A6-4fbfdx Milton McDONALD A6-4fbfda Marjorie McDONALD A6-4fbfdax --?-- BUSHE A6-4fbfdb Henry Milton McDONALD A6-4fbfdbx Marjorie SMALL A6-4fbfdba Diana McDONALD A6-4fbfdbax Walter LEMAIRE A6-4fbfdbb Marion McDONALD A6-4fbfdc Agnes M. McDONALD A6-4fbfdd Hazel Caroline ('Peg') McDONALD A6-4fbfddx [A6-4fbfc] Henry NANCARROW [Children] A6-4fbfe Ella G. NANCARROW A6-4fbff Lila M. NANCARROW A6-4fbfg Ella Gertrude NANCARROW A6-4fbfgx Jacob M. JENSEN A6-4fbfh Valentine Robert NANCARROW A6-4fbfhx Grace BAILEY A6-4fbfi Phillip Richard NANCARROW A6-4fbfix Mary Elizabeth LAWRENCE A6-4fbfia Gwenda Elizabeth NANCARROW A6-4fbfiax Charles Gerald MOSS A6-4fbfiaa Phillip Charles MOSS A6-4fbfiaax Jennifer SHARP A6-4fbfiaaa Christopher Phillip MOSS A6-4fbfiaab Emily Katherine MOSS A6-4fbfiaac Sarah Anne MOSS A6-4fbfiab Robert Ian MOSS A6-4fbfiabx Suzanne June SMITH A6-4fbfib Ruth NANCARROW A6-4fbfibx Robert Edward SANDS A6-4fbfiba Christine Heather SANDS A6-4fbfibax Steven Malcolm BLACKBURN A6-4fbfibaa Erin Louise BLACKBURN A6-4fbfibab Amanda Jane BLACKBURN A6-4fbfibac Simon Martin BLACKBURN A6-4fbfibad Megan Emily BLACKBURN A6-4fbfibb Malcolm SANDS A6-4fbfibbx Heather --?-- A6-4fbfibba Elizabeth SANDS A6-4fbfibbb Averil SANDS A6-4fbfibc Sarah SANDS A6-4fbfic Roger Laurence NANCARROW A6-4fbficx Margaret Ann SOUTHWELL A6-4fbfica Richard NANCARROW A6-4fbficb Peter Laurence NANCARROW A6-4fbficbx --?-- --?-- A6-4fbficc Shelley Elizabeth NANCARROW A6-4fbfid Phillip John NANCARROW A6-4fbfidx Jennifer Lloyd SMITH A6-4fbfida Brett Phillip NANCARROW A6-4fbfidax Elizabeth NOLTE A6-4fbfidaa Zoe Pepita Lloyd NANCARROW A6-4fbfidab Zaelea Amber NANCARROW A6-4fbfidb Nathan Richard NANCARROW A6-4fbfidc Cassandra Lloyd NANCARROW A6-4fbg John PORTER A6-4fbh Charles Edward PORTER A6-4fbhx Alice Golding WILSON A6-4fbha Robert Wilson PORTER A6-4fbhb Claude Alexander PORTER A6-4fbhc Harold Arthur Roland PORTER A6-4fbhd Amy Zillah PORTER A6-4fbhdx Thomas V. RYAN A6-4fbhe Albert Edward PORTER A6-4fbhf John Stephen PORTER A6-4fbhfx Edna M. HOFFMAN A6-4fbhg Gertrude E.R.T. PORTER A6-4fbhgx Edward B. HORSLEY A6-4fbhga Barry HORSLEY A6-4fbi Walter PORTER A6-4fbj Harold Veetis PORTER A6-4fbk Zillah Elizabeth PORTER A6-4fbkx David O. CHADWICK A6-4fbka David R. CHADWICK A6-4fbkb William V. CHADWICK A6-4fbkc Christina E. CHADWICK A6-4fbkcx Thomas O. ATKINS A6-4fbkd Albert F. CHADWICK A6-4fbke Jean Isabel CHADWICK A6-4fbkex William George McCONKEY A6-4fc Harriet Buller HUTCHINSON A6-4fcx [A6-4fhx] Alfred Horatio SAMPSON A6-4fca Alfred Austin SAMPSON A6-4fcax Harriet Isabella BOWMAN A6-4fcaa Olive SAMPSON A6-4fcaax --?-- --?-- A6-4fcaaa Dorothy --?-- A6-4fcaaax --?-- --?-- A6-4fcab Dorothy Vivian SAMPSON A6-4fcabx George Ray FERRIS A6-4fcac Clarence Langley SAMPSON A6-4fcacx Nellie Crago DEARDEN A6-4fcaca Dorothy SAMPSON A6-4fcacax John Francis ('Toby') ATHERTON A6-4fcacay Richard RAXWORTHY A6-4fcacaa Julian Richard RAXWORTHY A6-4fcacb Aileen Millicent SAMPSON A6-4fcacbx Edward Richard PARK A6-4fcacba Ronald Edward PARK A6-4fcacbax Julie May PICKER A6-4fcacbaa Heidi Louise PARK A6-4fcacbab Sarah May PARK A6-4fcacbb Aileen Margaret PARK A6-4fcacbbx Michael John WRIGHT A6-4fcacbba Aileen Margret Beryl WRIGHT A6-4fcacbbb Michael Joseph John WRIGHT A6-4fcacbbc Dennis James WRIGHT A6-4fcacbc David Colin PARK A6-4fcacbcx Joan SPINA A6-4fcacbca Joshua Nathan PARK A6-4fcacbcy Tanya Margaret DAVIES A6-4fcacbcb Dayvid Edward PARK A6-4fcacbcc Hayden Rhys PARK A6-4fcacbcd Kathleen Grace ('Cate') PARK A6-4fcacc Lorraine Ellen SAMPSON A6-4fcaccx Antony Peter JONES A6-4fcacca Christopher Peter JONES A6-4fcaccb Rosemary Ellen JONES A6-4fcaccc Sarah Alexandra JONES A6-4fcad Illene Millicent SAMPSON A6-4fcadx William Kenneth BAILEY A6-4fcada Laurence BAILEY A6-4fcadb Bruce Bowman BAILEY A6-4fcadbx Helen --?-- A6-4fcadba Kevin BAILEY A6-4fcadc Kevin Maurice BAILEY A6-4fcadd Ian BAILEY A6-4fcay Elizabeth Agnes LEARY A6-4fcae Austin SAMPSON A6-4fcaeu --?-- --?-- A6-4fcaea Barry SAMPSON A6-4fcaf Alfred Nelson SAMPSON A6-4fcag Cora Beatrice SAMPSON A6-4fcagx Cecil J. HALCROW A6-4fcaga Peggy HALCROW A6-4fcagax Ken McNAMARA A6-4fcagaa Vicki McNAMARA A6-4fcagaax David ANDERSON A6-4fcagy Tod WEBSTER A6-4fcagb Raymond WEBSTER A6-4fcah Madge V. SAMPSON A6-4fcai Mary SAMPSON A6-4fcaj Victor H. B. SAMPSON A6-4fcb Burton E. SAMPSON A6-4fcbx Catherine ERHARDT A6-4fcba Victor Horatio Buller SAMPSON A6-4fcbb Burton Batley SAMPSON A6-4fcbbx Gertrude M. WARK A6-4fcbba Burton J. SAMPSON A6-4fcbc Frederick Austin SAMPSON A6-4fcbd Erle Vincent Buller SAMPSON A6-4fcbdx Winifred ELDRIDGE A6-4fcbe Winifred M. I. M. SAMPSON A6-4fcbex Sydney WHITEHORN A6-4fcbea Pat WHITEHORN A6-4fcbeax Vern WELLS A6-4fcbeaa Anne WELLS A6-4fcbeaax --?-- STEVENSON A6-4fcbeab Geoff WELLS A6-4fcbf Elise SAMPSON A6-4fcbfx --?-- --?-- A6-4fcc Alice G. SAMPSON A6-4fcd Percy Albert SAMPSON A6-4fcdx Annie Myra J. BOWMAN A6-4fcda Lister SAMPSON A6-4fcdb Barry Victor SAMPSON A6-4fcdbx --?-- --?-- A6-4fcdby --?-- --?-- A6-4fcdc Clarice Tally SAMPSON A6-4fcdd Edith M. SAMPSON A6-4fcddx Leslie G. JACKSON A6-4fcde Freda M. SAMPSON A6-4fcdf Olive C. SAMPSON A6-4fcdg Eileen Verna(?) Bunty(?) SAMPSON A6-4fcdgx Henry F. BROWN A6-4fcdh Lance E. SAMPSON A6-4fce Bertha Emily SAMPSON A6-4fcex Cecil Caldwell PHELPS A6-4fcea Beryl Kate PHELPS A6-4fceax Charles R.W. Kirkpatrick YOUNG A6-4fcf Ernest Elphingstone SAMPSON A6-4fcfx Annie L. FAVELL A6-4fcfa Ernest Arthur Lionel SAMPSON A6-4fcfax Constance CROSSMAN A6-4fcfaa Richard Brian SAMPSON A6-4fcfab Bruce SAMPSON A6-4fcfabx Helen PIPER A6-4fcfaba Guy SAMPSON A6-4fcfabb Lisa SAMPSON A6-4fcfac Elizabeth SAMPSON A6-4fcfacx David KENNETT A6-4fcfaca Sally Anne KENNETT A6-4fcfacb Karen KENNETT A6-4fcfacc Joanne KENNETT A6-4fcfacd Wendy KENNETT A6-4fcface Scott KENNETT A6-4fcfad Jennifer SAMPSON A6-4fcfb Zillah M. SAMPSON A6-4fcfbx Allan R. CALLAGHAN A6-4fcfba John CALLAGHAN A6-4fcfbb Robin CALLAGHAN A6-4fcfbc Margaret Mary CALLAGHAN A6-4fcfbcx Tony COMBES A6-4fcfbd Kerly(?) CALLAGHAN A6-4fcfc Horace Redvers Buller SAMPSON A6-4fcfcx Ingrid Rosenquist JOHNSTONE A6-4fcfca Patrick Walter SAMPSON A6-4fcfcb Glen SAMPSON A6-4fcfcc Robert Ernest SAMPSON A6-4fcg Eda Linda SAMPSON A6-4fcgx Francis Horace FADDY A6-4fcga Francis Horatio ('Ray') FADDY A6-4fcgb Ernest Adrian FADDY A6-4fcgc Jessie S. H. FADDY A6-4fcgcx Walter F. ROBERTSON A6-4fcgd Mildred H. FADDY A6-4fcge Walter B. FADDY A6-4fch Owen Langley B. SAMPSON A6-4fd John James Buller HUTCHINSON A6-4fdx Eliza Jane BARKER A6-4fda Louisa Mary HUTCHINSON A6-4fdb Emily Edith HUTCHINSON A6-4fdbx Charles H. GERHARD A6-4fdc Fanny B. HUTCHINSON A6-4fdd Ella Gertrude HUTCHINSON A6-4fddx Frederic Reaney COWIE A6-4fdda Edward R. COWIE A6-4fddb Alice L. M. COWIE A6-4fddc Edward Rennie COWIE A6-4fddcx Rita Merlie ANDREWS A6-4fddca Heather Lauris COWIE A6-4fddcax Rex Reginald SIMPSON A6-4fddcaa Rodger Love SIMPSON A6-4fddcaax Adel --?-- A6-4fddcaaa Blair SIMPSON A6-4fddcaab Philip SIMPSON A6-4fddcab Greg Sands SIMPSON A6-4fddcabx Jo-Ann BOWER A6-4fddcaba Peter Gregory SIMPSON A6-4fddcabb Penelope Jane SIMPSON A6-4fddcaby Glenda NIGHTINGALE A6-4fddcac Antony Michael SIMPSON A6-4fddcacx Moira Jeanette HAMILTON A6-4fddcaca Julia Jeanette SIMPSON A6-4fddcacb Lynette Heather SIMPSON A6-4fddcad Beven Hugh SIMPSON A6-4fddcadx D. --?-- A6-4fddcada Bessie SIMPSON A6-4fddcadb Cassie SIMPSON A6-4fddcadc Rosi SIMPSON A6-4fddcadd Sophi SIMPSON A6-4fddcb Lorna June COWIE A6-4fddcbx Charles George BOOTH A6-4fddcba Margaret Ann BOOTH A6-4fddcbax William Walter James MANNING A6-4fddcbaa Mitchel James MANNING A6-4fddcbaax Rachel Venessa INGRAM A6-4fddcbaaa Kristel Ann MANNING A6-4fddcbaaax Carl --?-- A6-4fddcbaab Belinda Jane MANNING A6-4fddcbaac Stacey Lee MANNING A6-4fddcbaad Benjamin James MANNING A6-4fddcbb Reyney June BOOTH A6-4fddcbbx Ernest Sydney HULBERT A6-4fddcbba Jennifer Louise HULBERT A6-4fddcbbax Aaron MULHALL A6-4fddcbbaa Andrew Thomas MULHALL A6-4fddcbbab --?-- MULHALL A6-4fddcbbb Peter David HULBERT A6-4fddcbc George Edward BOOTH A6-4fddcbcx Ute COEPSEL A6-4fddcbca Joedy BOOTH A6-4fddcbcax William EDWARDS A6-4fddcbcb Kylie BOOTH A6-4fddcbcy Janice McKENZIE A6-4fddcbcc Leigh BOOTH A6-4fddcbcd Phillip BOOTH A6-4fddcbcz Viti ILAGARI A6-4fddcbce Teneal BOOTH A6-4fddcc Edward Lance COWIE A6-4fddccx Janet Catherine SLACK A6-4fddcy Madge GREEN A6-4fddd Harold F. COWIE A6-4fdde Dorothy J. COWIE A6-4fddf Alexander R. COWIE A6-4fddg Delfine COWIE A6-4fddh Elise COWIE A6-4fddi John COWIE A6-4fddj Letitia COWIE A6-4fddk Norman COWIE A6-4fde John E. HUTCHINSON A6-4fe Mary Louisa HUTCHINSON A6-4ff Henry Buller HUTCHINSON A6-4fg Anna Maria Buller HUTCHINSON A6-4fh Emily Hely HUTCHINSON A6-4fhx [A6-4fcx] Alfred Horatio SAMPSON A6-4fha Ida J. HUTCHINSON A6-4fhb Elise Isabel ('Lil') SAMPSON A6-4fhbx Raymond A. CARR-BOYD A6-4fhba Raymond V. CARR-BOYD A6-4fhbb Cathleen CARR-BOYD A6-4fhc Illene Mary ('Lena') SAMPSON A6-4fhcx John C. HAMILTON A6-4fhca Emily Alice Ruth HAMILTON A6-4fhcax Bill KETTLE A6-4fhcaa Brian KETTLE A6-4fhcb Helen ('Nell') HAMILTON A6-4fhcc John Douglas HAMILTON A6-4fhcd Richard Claude HAMILTON A6-4fhce Horace Ian HAMILTON A6-4fhcex Coran --?-- A6-4fhcea Vivian HAMILTON A6-4fhceb John HAMILTON A6-4fhcec William HAMILTON A6-4fhced --?-- HAMILTON A6-4fhcee --?-- HAMILTON A6-4fhcf Norman Yarde-Buller HAMILTON A6-4fhcg Colin Redvers Scott HAMILTON A6-4fhcgx Nancy F. UTHER A6-4fhcga Alan HAMILTON A6-4fhcgax Cecily --?-- A6-4fhcgaa Colin HAMILTON A6-4fhcgab --?-- HAMILTON A6-4fhcgb David HAMILTON A6-4fhcgc Greg HAMILTON A6-4fhcgd Angus HAMILTON A6-4fhcgdx Penelope --?-- A6-4fhcgda Dougal HAMILTON A6-4fhcgdb --?-- HAMILTON (m) A6-4fhcgdc --?-- HAMILTON (m) A6-4fhcge Judith HAMILTON A6-4fhch Eric HAMILTON A6-4fhchx Lyndall BOWDEN A6-4fhcha Scott HAMILTON A6-4fhchb Rodney HAMILTON A6-4fhchc Janelle HAMILTON A6-4fhchd Cindy HAMILTON A6-4fhd Edith M. SAMPSON A6-4fhe Muriell G. B. SAMPSON A6-4fhex --?-- FOSTER A6-4fi Fanny Porter HUTCHINSON A6-4fix Thomas William DAWSON A6-4fia Louisa Harriet DAWSON A6-4fib Thomas DAWSON A6-4fic William DAWSON A6-4ficx Ethel REILLY A6-4fiu William SANDS A6-4fid Burtim Edward DAWSON A6-4fidx Mary Jane CHURCH A6-4fida Florence Emily SANDS A6-4fidax Herbert Augustus LAYT A6-4fidaa Herbert William LAYT A6-4fidaax Lorraine Gracie Mary BATEMAN A6-4fidaaa Janine Elizabeth LAYT A6-4fidaaau Doug POUND A6-4fidaaaa Melissa Gaye BRUNSKILL A6-4fidaaaax --?-- --?-- A6-4fidaaaaa Alicia Jane --?-- A6-4fidaaaab Luke --?-- A6-4fidaaaau Kornel --?-- A6-4fidaaaac Joshua Henry BRUNSKILL A6-4fidaaax Paul Andrew MATTHEWS A6-4fidaay Rose CRISTAUDO A6-4fidaaz Ruth KORGER A6-4fidab Florence May Emily LAYT A6-4fidabx Mervyn James ROSSER A6-4fidaba Terrence Keith ROSSER A6-4fidabax Marjorie Gay LITTLEMORE A6-4fidabaa Troy Scott ROSSER A6-4fidabab Liza Michelle ROSSER A6-4fidabb Lynette Ann ROSSER A6-4fidabbx Ivan Phillip NAUMANN A6-4fidabba Kim Maree NAUMANN A6-4fidabbb Stacey Renee NAUMANN A6-4fidabc Sandra Diane ROSSER A6-4fidabcx Robert EMBLEM A6-4fidabca Taylah Jade EMBLEM A6-4fidaby Walter Alfred FERRIDAY A6-4fidac Neville Edward LAYT A6-4fidacx Delmai Betty HODGES A6-4fidaca Michael John LAYT A6-4fidacax Karen Kathleen DONELLEY A6-4fidacaa Thomas Joseph LAYT A6-4fidacb Sharon Lee LAYT A6-4fidacbx Brett HANAN A6-4fidacby Andrew YOUNG A6-4fidacba --?-- YOUNG (m) A6-4fidacbb --?-- YOUNG (f) A6-4fidacc Warren Neville Frederick LAYT A6-4fidaccx Tracey ALLEN A6-4fidacca --?-- LAYT (f) A6-4fidaccb --?-- LAYT (f) A6-4fidacy Elizabeth Grace WEBB A6-4fidad Claire Irene LAYT A6-4fidadx Selwyn James MARTIN A6-4fidada Kerri-Lee MARTIN A6-4fidadax Paul ROSS A6-4fidadb Alyson MARTIN A6-4fidadbx Trevor PRIOR A6-4fidadba Trevor Matthew PRIOR A6-4fidadbb April PRIOR A6-4fidadbc Christel PRIOR A6-4fidadbd Luke PRIOR A6-4fidae Robert James LAYT A6-4fidaf Ronald Murray LAYT A6-4fidafx Theresa Lorraine GREENWOOD A6-4fidafa Michelle Ann LAYT A6-4fidafax Martin KING A6-4fidafaa Mitchell Russell KING A6-4fidafb Debora Maree LAYT A6-4fidafbx Robert PASCOE A6-4fidafba Jacob PASCOE A6-4fidafbb Beau PASCOE A6-4fidafbc Tyson PASCOE A6-4fidafbu Tony MORTENSON A6-4fidafbd Tia Jade MORTENSON A6-4fidafc Shane Ronald LAYT A6-4fidafcx Mandy HOLT A6-4fidafca Kallan Ronald LAYT A6-4fidag Olive Millicent LAYT A6-4fidagx Colin Edward ROWELL A6-4fidaga Steven Colin ROWELL A6-4fidagax --?-- --?-- A6-4fidagb Trevor Keith ROWELL A6-4fidah Betty Evelyn LAYT A6-4fidahx Joseph KOOVSHINOFF A6-4fidaha Yuri KOOVSHINOFF A6-4fidahax --?-- --?-- A6-4fidai Rhonnda Fay LAYT A6-4fidaix Kwok Keung LEUNG A6-4fidaia Camille LEUNG A6-4fidaiax Jason James NICHOLSON A6-4fidaib Deanne LEUNG A6-4fidaj Barry John LAYT A6-4fidajx Susan Gail KENNEDY A6-4fidaja Darren Ashley LAYT A6-4fidajb Belinda Leigh LAYT A6-4fidajbu Craig WARNER A6-4fidajba Emily WARNER A6-4fidaju Jennifer Margaret COLLOCOTT A6-4fidajc Andrew John LAYT A6-4fidajd Wade Anthony LAYT A6-4fidb Ivy May SANDS A6-4fidbx Frederick Herbert BATCHELOR A6-4fidba Garry Bertram BATCHELOR A6-4fidbax Margaret --?-- A6-4fidbaa Samantha BATCHELOR A6-4fidbb Donald Graham BATCHELOR A6-4fidby Patrick John WATSON A6-4fidbc Ronald WATSON A6-4fidbcx Jennifer Kay WALDRON A6-4fidbca Angela Jane WATSON A6-4fidbcax Glen Marshall SIMON A6-4fidbcaa Jessica Louise SIMON A6-4fidbcab Matthew James SIMON A6-4fidbcb Matthew Ronald? McClyde WATSON A6-4fidbcc Benjamin Francis WATSON A6-4fidbccx Judith Ann BAKER A6-4fidc Francis Birten SANDS A6-4fidd Mary Agnes SANDS A6-4fide Edith Marie SANDS A6-4fidex Edmund Roy WILSON A6-4fidea Ann Maree WILSON A6-4fideax John Frederick DAVIS A6-4fideaa John Edmund DAVIS A6-4fideaax Therese Lynette ('Tracy') ELDRIDGE A6-4fideaaa John-William DAVIS A6-4fideaay Kerri Ann CONNORS A6-4fideab Heather Maree DAVIS A6-4fideabx Ronny Adriano COLLA A6-4fideaba Celena Maree COLLA A6-4fideac Daryl Kenneth DAVIS A6-4fideay Grahame Henry STEVENS A6-4fideb Penelope Margaret WILSON A6-4fidebx Bruce Ernest SIEMON A6-4fideba William Richard SIEMON A6-4fidebb Linda Marie SIEMON A6-4fidec Susan Patricia WILSON A6-4fidecx Antonio Franjo PERICH A6-4fideca Peter Benjamin PERICH A6-4fided Roy Thomas WILSON A6-4fidedx Teresina Giuseppina CALABRESE A6-4fideda Samantha Marie WILSON A6-4fidedb Andrew Nicolas WILSON A6-4fidee Vivienne Jane WILSON A6-4fidf Winifred Seymour SANDS A6-4fidfx George Frederick LEERSON A6-4fidfa Lynette LEERSON A6-4fidfax Paul Leslie DE WITT JONES A6-4fidfaa Grant Adam DE WITT JONES A6-4fidfaax Samantha ENFIELD A6-4fidfaay Dianne ALLEN A6-4fidfab Brett Victor DE WITT JONES A6-4fidfabx Marion ATTARD A6-4fidfaba Alexander Matthew JONES A6-4fidfabb Sophia JONES A6-4fidfy Donald S. NIXON A6-4fj Edward Yarde Buller HUTCHINSON A6-4fjx Eliza E. MILLER A6-4fja Robina B. HUTCHINSON A6-4fjax Harold L. HATFIELD A6-4fjb Zilla E. HUTCHINSON A6-4fjc Eileen Genevieve HUTCHINSON A6-4fjy Annie BROWN A6-4fjd Doris Agnes BULLER A6-4fjdx Edmund Patrick KEOGH A6-4fjda Mary Barbara KEOGH A6-4fjdax Kevin John ('Muggsy') GRANT A6-4fjdaa Kirsten Jane GRANT A6-4fjdaax Dervis PAVLOVIC A6-4fjdaaa Emile PAVLOVIC A6-4fjdaab Marika Mary PAVLOVIC A6-4fjdab David Luke GRANT A6-4fjdabu Anne KRONENBERG A6-4fjdaba Yanni KRONENBERG A6-4fjdabb Mischa KRONENBERG A6-4fjdabc Lucien KRONENBERG A6-4fjdac Cassandra Barbara GRANT A6-4fjdacu Christopher HAMILTON A6-4fjdaca Phoebe Jane HAMILTON A6-4fjdacb Arabella Grace HAMILTON A6-4fjdb Doris Patricia KEOGH A6-4fjdbx James WOOD A6-4fje Edward Yarde ('Bill') BULLER A6-4fjex Edith Maude FORD A6-4fjf Alma BULLER A6-4fjfx John MacDONALD A6-4fjfa John MacDONALD A6-4fjfax --?-- ('Billy') --?-- A6-4fjfb Angus MacDONALD A6-4fjfbx June(?) --?-- A6-4fk [----] HUTCHINSON A6-4g Mary Ann HUTCHINSON A6-4h Henry Parker HUTCHINSON A6-5 Rev. James HUTCHINSON A6-5a Rachel HUTCHINSON A6-6 John HUTCHINSON -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A7 - KIRKMAN


Tony Kirkman is seeking a living male Kirkman from this family, which is now the only major line of Kirkmans worldwide not to be represented in the study and comparison of DNA in this exciting project. It is possible that a DNA test from someone listed below will reveal similarities with other Kirkman branches, indicating long lost cousins who would not have been able to connect otherwise. A simple DNA test from a living male Kirkman is all that is needed for the entire branch to participate in the project - please get in touch if you can help.

See the project's website for more information and for contact details:

A7-4 Charlotte Ellen KIRKMAN A7-4a John KIRKMAN A7-4b John James KIRKMAN A7-4bx Catherine Hyett BURGE A7-4ba Kate Jane Marie KIRKMAN A7-4bb [A7-4ggx] John Henry KIRKMAN A7-4bbx [A7-4gg] Anna Maria BRETT A7-4bba Hilda M. KIRKMAN A7-4bbax Robert Alexander WILSON A7-4bbaa Laverne M. WILSON A7-4bbaax Lois C. --?-- A7-4bbaaa Kathleen M. WILSON A7-4bbaab Mary Jane WILSON A7-4bbaac Betty WILSON A7-4bbaad Linda WILSON A7-4bbb Richard Curtis KIRKMAN A7-4bbc Emily KIRKMAN A7-4bbd Birdie KIRKMAN A7-4bbe Kathleen KIRKMAN A7-4bbf Catherine Ruth KIRKMAN A7-4bbfx Edward Vincent MATEER A7-4bbfa Edward B. MATEER A7-4bbfax Loretta --?-- A7-4bbfaa Patrick MATEER A7-4bbfb John R. MATEER A7-4bbfc Mary Catherine MATEER A7-4bbfcx George HORTON A7-4bbfca Rev. Dr. Mark Alexander HORTON A7-4bbfcax Susan Marjorie JENNETT A7-4bbfcb Maureen HORTON A7-4bbfcc Michael Christopher HORTON A7-4bbfd Agnes Hilda MATEER A7-4bbfdx Livingston CRISPELL A7-4bbfda Gareth CRISPELL A7-4bbfdb Kevin CRISPELL A7-4bbfdy Carroll E. WHITTEMORE A7-4bbg John James KIRKMAN A7-4bbgx Janet Hope MILLER A7-4bbga John James KIRKMAN A7-4bbgb Margaret Hope KIRKMAN A7-4bbgbx Victor Alexander BARNES A7-4bbgba Janet Hope BARNES A7-4bbgbax Michael John LAVENBEIN A7-4bbgbaa Timothy Kirk LAVENBEIN A7-4bbgbab Jacqueline Hope LAVENBEIN A7-4bbgbac Trevor Britt LAVENBEIN A7-4bbgbb John Allan BARNES A7-4bbgbbx Linda BROADWAY A7-4bbgbba Matthew John BARNES A7-4bbgbbb Michelle Lynn BARNES A7-4bbgby Clyde Pool GREEN A7-4bbh Mary Hyett KIRKMAN A7-4bbi Frederick KIRKMAN A7-4bbj Joseph Francis KIRKMAN A7-4bbjx Ina Evelyn WATSON A7-4bbja Evelyn Frances KIRKMAN A7-4bbjax William MILLICAN A7-4bbjaa William MILLICAN A7-4bbjaax Diane CADENAS A7-4bbjaaa Scott MILLICAN A7-4bbjaay Martha REICH A7-4bbjab Eugenia Dian MILLICAN A7-4bbjabx Lawrence BANNISTER A7-4bbjaba Todd Joseph BANNISTER A7-4bbjabb Jason Allan BANNISTER A7-4bbjb Dorothy May KIRKMAN A7-4bbjbx Morris Stanton CAREY A7-4bbjba Morris Stanton CAREY A7-4bbjbax Kasey --?-- A7-4bbjbay Katherine Ruth HEATON A7-4bbjbaa Michael Ryan CAREY A7-4bbjc Joseph Henry KIRKMAN A7-4bbjd Jack Arthur KIRKMAN A7-4bbje Richard Leslie KIRKMAN A7-4bbjex Mary Anna HOOD A7-4bbjea Richard Leslie KIRKMAN A7-4bbjeax Rebecca Ann HENDERSON A7-4bbjeaa Amanda Renee KIRKMAN A7-4bbjeab Matthew Sean KIRKMAN A7-4bbjf Edward Arnold KIRKMAN A7-4bbjfx Diana Katherine DUNCAN A7-4bbjfa Edward Arnold KIRKMAN A7-4bbjfax Lorena Denise DAY A7-4bbjfb Christopher Wayne KIRKMAN A7-4bbjfbx Mary Elizabeth LOWE A7-4bbjfba Zachary Scott KIRKMAN A7-4bbjfc Wiley Ann KIRKMAN A7-4bbjy Grace Lillian NORMENT A7-4bbk Benjamin Spedding KIRKMAN A7-4bbkx Mabel Frances RINGER A7-4bbl Anna Maria KIRKMAN A7-4bblx Malcolm PIERCEY A7-4bbla Malcolm Francis PIERCEY A7-4bblax Katherine Mae MANSON A7-4bblb Benjamin Harold PIERCEY A7-4bblbx Barbara Ruth HALPERT A7-4bblba Jeffrey Scott [PIERCEY] THYMIUS A7-4bblbax Cheri Jeannette WILLIAMS A7-4bblbaa Brian Joseph THYMIUS A7-4bblbab Jeffrey Scott THYMIUS A7-4bblbac Ellen Michelle-Blaire THYMIUS A7-4bblbb Jill Blaire [PIERCEY] THYMIUS A7-4bblbbx George Thomas WHITE A7-4bblbba Michael Christopher WHITE A7-4bblbbb George Thomas WHITE A7-4bblbbc Daniel Gregory WHITE A7-4bblby Elizabeth ROBBINS A7-4bblc Ruth Elizabeth PIERCEY A7-4bblcx Thomas James QUINN ('II') A7-4bblca Thomas James QUINN ('III') A7-4bbld Helen Lavinia PIERCEY A7-4bbldx Clifford Oscar Americ PETERSON A7-4bblda Lynn Marie PETERSON A7-4bbldax William John KEITH A7-4bbldb Jayne Ann PETERSON A7-4bbldbx Jeffrey James MAJTYKA A7-4bble Mimie Florence PIERCEY A7-4bblex Frederick Francis FRIBERT A7-4bblea Paul Frederick FRIBERT A7-4bbleax Karen SMITH A7-4bbleaa Paul Richard FRIBERT A7-4bbleab Timothy Frederick FRIBERT A7-4bbleac Peter Michael FRIBERT A7-4bbleb Donna Marie FRIBERT A7-4bblebx Paul Frederick BATEMAN A7-4bbleba Kathleen Marie BATEMAN A7-4bblebb Brian Patrick BATEMAN A7-4bblf Doris Hilda PIERCEY A7-4bblfx Thomas Howard MALONEY A7-4bblfa Gary Thomas MALONEY A7-4bblfax Valerie BOTHWELL A7-4bblfaa Jason Patrick MALONEY A7-4bblfab Trevor John MALONEY A7-4bblfb Kevin Howard MALONEY A7-4bblfbx Pamela Lucille NASH A7-4bblfba Charlotte Beth MALONEY A7-4bblfc Gail Marie MALONEY A7-4bblfcx Timothy Robin BARTELL A7-4bblfca Sawyer Adam BARTELL A7-4bblfcb Cameron Thomas BARTELL A7-4bbm Doris K. KIRKMAN A7-4bbmx William Scott COLEMAN A7-4bbma Freida COLEMAN A7-4bbmb Richard D. COLEMAN A7-4bbn Alice Helen KIRKMAN A7-4bbnx Jacob John AMES A7-4bbna Frederick Clifton AMES A7-4bbnb Linda Ruth AMES A7-4bbnbx Clifford Edwin LLOYD A7-4bbnba Kristine Elizabeth LLOYD A7-4bbnbb Geoffrey Clifford LLOYD A7-4bbnbc Dennis Jonathan LLOYD A7-4bbnc John Edward AMES A7-4bbncx Roberta Elaine ROBB A7-4bbnca Deborah Eloise AMES A7-4bbncax Thomas Brian MELOTT A7-4bbncaa Elise Katherine MELOTT A7-4bbncb Sheila Ann AMES A7-4bbncc Cory Lewis AMES A7-4bbncd Rodney John AMES A7-4bbnd Jerauld Robert AMES A7-4bbndx Donna Ivy WATERFIELD A7-4bbnda Jason Robert AMES A7-4bbndb Heather Louise AMES A7-4bc Annie Louise KIRKMAN A7-4bcx Wilhelm (William) HEWELCKE A7-4bca Dorice HEWELCKE A7-4bcb Timothy HEWELCKE A7-4bcc Marjorie HEWELCKE A7-4bcd Joyce HEWELCKE A7-4bcdx --?-- IRVINE A7-4bce Jack HEWELCKE A7-4bd Emily Elizabeth KIRKMAN A7-4bdx Rev. Hugh HATHORNE WOOD A7-4bda Reginald Sydney Carruthers HATHORN WOOD A7-4bdb Eirene Charlotte Annie HATHORN WOOD A7-4be Alfred Spedding KIRKMAN A7-4bf Mable Martha KIRKMAN A7-4bg Ruth Unwin KIRKMAN A7-4bh Frederick William KIRKMAN A7-4bi Herbert Reginald KIRKMAN A7-4bj Mary Hyett KIRKMAN A7-4bk Bertha Stella KIRKMAN A7-4c Edward KIRKMAN A7-4d Maria Sarah KIRKMAN A7-4dx Amos SWAISLAND A7-4da Edward SWAISLAND A7-4db Rowland SWAISLAND A7-4dc Charles SWAISLAND A7-4dcx Ellen CUMMING A7-4dca Edith SWAISLAND A7-4dcb Helen SWAISLAND A7-4dy --?-- LEWISHAM A7-4dd Charles W. LEWISHAM A7-4dz Robert William TAYLOR A7-4de Robert E. TAYLOR A7-4df [A7-4ebx, A7-4kx] Ellen Maria Sarah TAYLOR A7-4dfx [A7-4k] Benjamin Spedding KIRKMAN [Children] A7-4dfy [A7-4ebx] Frank Other WINDSOR A7-4dg Florence TAYLOR A7-4dh Emily TAYLOR A7-4di --?-- TAYLOR (f) A7-4dj Alice C. TAYLOR A7-4dk Emma M. TAYLOR A7-4dl Florence A. TAYLOR A7-4dm Harold Alfred TAYLOR A7-4dmx Florence Carruthers WINDSOR A7-4dma Harold William Robert TAYLOR A7-4dmax Elizabeth ROLLINGS A7-4dmaa Arthur W. TAYLOR A7-4dmab Robert W. TAYLOR A7-4dmac Aileen M. TAYLOR A7-4dmad Elizabeth Florence TAYLOR A7-4dmb Florence Dorothy TAYLOR A7-4e Arthur Abraham KIRKMAN A7-4ex Julia BURGE A7-4ea Agnes Catherine KIRKMAN A7-4eax George Wayland POTTER A7-4eaa Wilfred POTTER A7-4eaax Frances SCHOOLING A7-4eaaa Timothy POTTER A7-4eaab Elizabeth POTTER A7-4eaabx --?-- JARVIS A7-4eaaba John JARVIS A7-4eaabax Valerie --?-- A7-4eaabb Robin JARVIS A7-4eaac Kathleen POTTER A7-4eaad Tiddler POTTER (f) A7-4eaae Rose POTTER A7-4eaaf Marjorie POTTER A7-4eab Bertha Agnes POTTER A7-4eabx Jack LINDSEY A7-4eaba Donald A.S. LINDSEY A7-4eabax Winifred M.L. OVERTON A7-4eabaa Sandra LINDSEY A7-4eac Olive POTTER A7-4eacx Ned HEATHCOTE A7-4eaca Douglas HEATHCOTE A7-4eacb Babbs HEATHCOTE A7-4eacc Bernard HEATHCOTE A7-4eacd Kenneth HEATHCOTE A7-4eacdx --?-- --?-- A7-4eacda Rex Alan HEATHCOTE A7-4eacdax Patricia Rita --?-- A7-4eace Doris HEATHCOTE A7-4eacf Edward Leslie HEATHCOTE A7-4eacfx Amy BRADFORD A7-4ead Muriel Rose POTTER A7-4eadx Bernard DE NEUMANN A7-4eada Peter DE NEUMANN A7-4eadax Dorothy KIMBER A7-4eadaa Bernard DE NEUMANN A7-4eadab John DE NEUMANN A7-4eadb Olive DE NEUMANN A7-4eadc Basil DE NEUMANN A7-4eadcx Betty WHIT A7-4eadca Arne DE NEUMANN A7-4eadd Derek DE NEUMANN A7-4eaddx Pamela --?-- A7-4eadda Colin DE NEUMANN A7-4eaddb Philip DE NEUMANN A7-4eaddy Joyce WILKINSON A7-4eae Montague James POTTER A7-4eaex Frances(?) --?-- A7-4eaea George POTTER A7-4eaeb Eunice POTTER A7-4eaec Tony POTTER A7-4eaed Pamela POTTER A7-4eaf Una(?) Katherine POTTER A7-4eafx Frederick John TUCKER A7-4eafa Christina Katherine TUCKER A7-4eafax Horace John WILLIAMS A7-4eag Charlotte Angela POTTER A7-4eagx Frederick COOK A7-4eaga Gwen COOK A7-4eagax Stanley ASQUITH A7-4eagaa John ASQUITH A7-4eagab Richard ASQUITH A7-4eagb Peter COOK A7-4eagbx Doreen --?-- A7-4eagba Lesley COOK A7-4eagbb Adrian COOK A7-4eagc Jean COOK A7-4eagcx Kenneth HUMPHRIES A7-4eagca Glynis HUMPHRIES A7-4eagcb Anne HUMPHRIES A7-4eagcc --?-- HUMPHRIES (f) A7-4eah Christina Sarah POTTER A7-4eahx Edwin Frances DEXTER A7-4eaha Mary Kathleen DEXTER A7-4eahax Eric Guy DIXON A7-4eahaa Patricia Ann DIXON A7-4eahaax Jeremy David HOLDEN A7-4eahaaa Claire Rebecca HOLDEN A7-4eahaab Alexandra Elizabeth HOLDEN A7-4eahab John Dexter DIXON A7-4eahabx Sandra Vivian PAYNE A7-4eahaba Sarah Joanna DIXON A7-4eahabb Thomas Dexter DIXON A7-4eahb Patricia Agnes DEXTER A7-4eb Julia Annie KIRKMAN A7-4ebx [A7-4dfy] Frank Other WINDSOR A7-4eba Julia Nell WINDSOR A7-4ebb Agnes Caroline WINDSOR A7-4ebc Mary Ida WINDSOR A7-4ebcx John CUTHBERT A7-4ebca Christine Nell CUTHBERT A7-4ebcax Wayne EVERETT A7-4ebcaa John Aratus EVERETT A7-4ebcaax Marlyn CARNEY A7-4ebcab Gerald Wayne EVERETT A7-4ebcb Agnes C. CUTHBERT A7-4ebcc Frank John CUTHBERT A7-4ebccx Dorothy ROLLINS A7-4ebcca Audley Kathy CUTHBERT A7-4ebcd Mary Ida CUTHBERT A7-4ebce Peter Windsor CUTHBERT A7-4ebcf Thomas W. CUTHBERT A7-4ebcfx Marianne RAPS A7-4ebcfa John CUTHBERT A7-4ebcfb Klaus CUTHBERT A7-4ebcg Nancy Jane CUTHBERT A7-4ebcgx Homer McCORMICK A7-4ebcga George William McCORMICK A7-4ebcgax Patti MULFORD A7-4ebcgaa Judy McCORMICK A7-4ebcgab George T. McCORMICK A7-4ebcgb Mary Ann McCORMICK A7-4ebcgbx Robert JONES A7-4ebcgba Amber L. JONES A7-4ebcgbb Andra L. JONES A7-4ebcgc Frank Homer McCORMICK A7-4ebcgcx Vicky --?-- A7-4ebcgd Gertrude Rae McCORMICK A7-4ebcgdx George Eugene CONWAY A7-4ebcgda Douglas Eugene CONWAY A7-4ebcgdau Michelle WOOTEN A7-4ebcgdaa Jacob CONWAY A7-4ebcgdab Kyle CONWAY A7-4ebcgdax Judy Ann HIGH A7-4ebcgdac Destiny Maxine CONWAY A7-4ebcgdb Michael Lance CONWAY A7-4ebcgdbx Elizabeth --?-- A7-4ebcgdba Michael CONWAY ('Jr.') A7-4ebcgdc Kimberly Anne CONWAY A7-4ebcgdcu Dean Elwood REESE A7-4ebcgdca Sean Michael McDONNELL [REESE] A7-4ebcgdcx William Edward McDONNELL A7-4ebcgdcb Caitlin Leigh McDONNELL A7-4ebcge Peter McCORMICK A7-4ebcgex --?-- --?-- A7-4ebcgea --?-- McCORMICK A7-4ebcgf Patrick McCORMICK A7-4ebcgg Thomas Windsor McCORMICK A7-4ebcgh Connie Lynne McCORMICK A7-4ebcghx Rubin SOUZA A7-4ebcgha Kelly R. SOUZA A7-4ebcghb Frank E. SOUZA A7-4ebcgi Ida Christine McCORMICK A7-4ebcgix --?-- --?-- A7-4ebcgia Dacia --?-- A7-4ebcgib Robert? --?-- A7-4ebcgic --?-- --?-- A7-4ebcgj James McCORMICK A7-4ebcgk John Calhoun Stanfield McCORMICK A7-4ebcgl Dennis Hoyt McCORMICK A7-4ebcgm Michael Stanfield McCORMICK A7-4ebd Frank Other Kimble WINDSOR A7-4ebdx Marguerite HALLPIKE A7-4f Martha KIRKMAN A7-4fx Dr. John AGNEW A7-4fa John Kirkman AGNEW A7-4g Catherine Rawlings KIRKMAN A7-4gx Walter BRETT A7-4ga Henry Walter BRETT A7-4gax Mary MORRISON A7-4gaa Ethel Ann BRETT A7-4gab Clara BRETT A7-4gabx Edmond SMITH A7-4gac Arthur BRETT A7-4gb Helen Orme BRETT A7-4gbx [A7-4gcx] Frederick PAYNE A7-4gc Emily Orme BRETT A7-4gcx [A7-4gbx] Frederick PAYNE A7-4gca Emily Lou PAYNE A7-4gcb Thomas PAYNE A7-4gcc Catherine PAYNE A7-4gcd Virginia PAYNE A7-4gd Richard Curtis BRETT A7-4gdx Eliza POWERS A7-4gda Walter BRETT A7-4gdb Reina BRETT A7-4gdc Helen BRETT A7-4ge Charles BRETT A7-4gf Caroline BRETT A7-4gfx Jasper STILL A7-4gfa Jasper STILL A7-4gfb Charles STILL A7-4gfc Walter STILL A7-4gfd Frederick STILL A7-4gfe Hubert STILL A7-4gff Duffy STILL A7-4gg [A7-4bbx] Anna Maria BRETT A7-4ggx [A7-4bb] John Henry KIRKMAN [Children] A7-4gh Catherine BRETT A7-4ghx --?-- BRISALION A7-4gha Charles BRISALION A7-4ghb Henry BRISALION A7-4ghc Violet BRISALION A7-4ghd Eva BRISALION A7-4gi Louisa BRETT A7-4gix Lewis L. DIXON A7-4gia Walter DIXON A7-4gib Arthur DIXON A7-4gic Louis DIXON A7-4gid Gladys DIXON A7-4gidx Stanley BUMSTEAD A7-4gie Violet DIXON A7-4giex Norman FARLEY A7-4h Robert George KIRKMAN A7-4hx Agnes Jane BURGE A7-4ha Agnes KIRKMAN A7-4hb Jane Urquhart KIRKMAN A7-4hbx Thomas Edward HORSEMAN A7-4hc Helen KIRKMAN A7-4hd Robert C. KIRKMAN A7-4he Henry R. KIRKMAN A7-4hf Arthur KIRKMAN A7-4hg Edith KIRKMAN A7-4hh Herbert Soterios KIRKMAN A7-4i Edward William KIRKMAN A7-4ix May Ann HAYS A7-4j Leny Spedding KIRKMAN A7-4k [A7-4dfx] Benjamin Spedding KIRKMAN A7-4kx [A7-4df] Ellen Maria Sarah TAYLOR A7-4ka Benjamin Spedding Francis Henry KIRKMAN A7-4kax Ada Eleanor Hope WRIGHT A7-4kaa James Spedding KIRKMAN A7-4kaax Dorothy --?-- A7-4kaaa Richard KIRKMAN A7-4kaaax Janie --?-- A7-4kaaaa Emily KIRKMAN A7-4kaaab Sarah KIRKMAN A7-4kaaac Robin Charles KIRKMAN A7-4kb Rowland Devitt KIRKMAN A7-4kbx Ethel Agnes ALLEN A7-4kba Sylvia KIRKMAN A7-4kbax Cecil READING A7-4kbb Joan Phylis KIRKMAN A7-4kbbx James GILL A7-4kbba Peter GILL A7-4kc Ellen Maria KIRKMAN A7-4kd Edith KIRKMAN A7-4kdx Percy de la Taste BRISTOW A7-4kda Patricia Ellen Kirkman BRISTOW A7-4kdax Harry Walter WOODFORD A7-4kdaa Nicola C. WOODFORD A7-4kdaax --?-- DELANEY A7-4l Charles William KIRKMAN A7-4lx Ada Nutt PETTIGREW A7-4la Augustus KIRKMAN A7-4lb --?-- KIRKMAN A7-4ly Julia Ellen SCHOLEY A7-4lc Charles Frederick KIRKMAN A7-4ld William Henry Richard KIRKMAN A7-4ldx Elizabeth Alice MANN A7-4lda William Henry Richard KIRKMAN A7-4ldb Thomas Charles KIRKMAN A7-4ldbx Dorothy HAMPSHIRE A7-4ldba Doreen KIRKMAN A7-4ldbax --?-- MILLS A7-4ldbb John Edward KIRKMAN A7-4ldbbx --?-- --?-- A7-4ldbba Victoria KIRKMAN A7-4ldbbb Elizabeth KIRKMAN A7-4ldbc Patricia KIRKMAN A7-4ldbd Ann KIRKMAN A7-4ldbdx --?-- DAVIES A7-4ldbe Sidney KIRKMAN A7-4ldbex Jean --?-- A7-4ldbea Susan KIRKMAN A7-4ldbeb David KIRKMAN A7-4ldbebx --?-- --?-- A7-4ldbeba Stephanie KIRKMAN A7-4ldbebb George KIRKMAN A7-4ldbebc --?-- KIRKMAN (f) A7-4ldc Henry Edward KIRKMAN A7-4ldcx Edith BUTLER A7-4ldca William KIRKMAN A7-4ldcax Cathy --?-- A7-4ldcaa Cathy KIRKMAN A7-4ldcab William KIRKMAN A7-4ldcb Henry KIRKMAN A7-4ldcbx Joyce --?-- A7-4ldcba Elizabeth KIRKMAN A7-4ldcbb Peter KIRKMAN A7-4ldcc Robert KIRKMAN A7-4ldccx Averil --?-- A7-4ldcca Simon KIRKMAN A7-4ldd Sydney Frederick KIRKMAN A7-4lddx Helen Matilda PASSEY A7-4ldda Frederick Arthur KIRKMAN A7-4lddb David Alan KIRKMAN A7-4lddc Stephen Thomas KIRKMAN A7-4lddcx Maria Paola MALLENZI A7-4lddca Roberto Arthur Mallenzi KIRKMAN A7-4lde Ivy Doris KIRKMAN A7-4ldex Thomas Charles LAND A7-4ldea Reginald Henry LAND A7-4ldeb Sylvia Rosemary LAND A7-4ldebx James SYMES A7-4ldeba Ruth Louise SYMES A7-4ldebb Christine Hazel SYMES A7-4ldebc Adrian Peter SYMES A7-4ldebcx Lorraine J. UDALL (nee WATSON) A7-4ldebca Robert SYMES A7-4ldebcb Paul SYMES A7-4ldebd Robin James SYMES A7-5 John KIRKMAN A7-5a Charlotte Frederica KIRKMAN A7-5b Martha KIRKMAN A7-5c Abraham KIRKMAN A7-5d William KIRKMANN A7-5dx Julia VILE A7-5da Julia KIRKMANN A7-5db William KIRKMANN A7-5dc Marianne KIRKMANN A7-5dd Oliver KIRKMANN A7-5de Martha Blaksley KIRKMANN A7-5df Frederick KIRKMANN A7-5dg Eliza KIRKMANN A7-5dh Harriet Catherine KIRKMANN A7-5di Ellen Louisa KIRKMANN A7-5dj Alice Forbes KIRKMANN A7-5djx --?-- --?-- A7-5e Martha Anne KIRKMAN A7-5ex Edward Welshman WRIGHT A7-5ea Edward WRIGHT A7-5eb --?-- WRIGHT (f) A7-5ec Robert WRIGHT A7-5ed William WRIGHT A7-6 Abraham KIRKMAN A7-6x Catherine DANIEL A7-6a Jacob KIRKMAN A7-6ax Susan BROWN A7-6b Charlotte Susannah KIRKMAN A7-6bx William WHEATLEY A7-6c Joseph KIRKMAN A7-6cx Mary LAND A7-6ca Josephine KIRKMAN A7-6cb Caroline KIRKMAN A7-6cbx Charles STOKES A7-6cba Edward STOKES A7-6cbb Robert STOKES A7-6cbc Caroline Elizabeth STOKES A7-6cbd Charles Thomas STOKES A7-6cbe Charles John Alfred STOKES A7-6cc Joseph KIRKMAN A7-6ccx Louisa --?-- A7-6cca Frederick Augustus KIRKMAN A7-6ccb Joseph KIRKMAN A7-6ccc Alexander Henry KIRKMAN A7-6ccd Louisa KIRKMAN A7-6ccdx Robert REECE A7-6ccda Elizabeth Anne REECE A7-6ccdax Lydston Horton HAWORTH-LESLIE A7-6ccdb Henry REECE A7-6ccdbx Annie FINDLAY A7-6cce Henry John KIRKMAN A7-6ccf Georgiana Marian KIRKMAN A7-6ccy Eleanor Sarah --?-- A7-6cd Charlotte KIRKMAN A7-6cdx Thomas Burgh LEWIS A7-6ce Jane Ann KIRKMAN A7-6cex William Frederick DAVIS A7-6cf Harriett KIRKMAN A7-6cfx John WILLIAMS A7-6cg Mary Ann KIRKMAN A7-6cgx John WALKER A7-6ch Charles KIRKMAN A7-6chx Jane BARNSLEY A7-6ci Frederick Augustus KIRKMAN A7-6cj Henry John KIRKMAN A7-6cy --?-- LONG A7-6ck Josephine Lucy Long KIRKMAN A7-6cl Robert Long KIRKMAN A7-6d Harriet KIRKMAN A7-6dx Edward BOLGER A7-6da Harriet Ann BOLGER A7-6db John Atkinson BOLGER A7-6e Frances KIRKMAN A7-6ex Henry JOHNSON A7-6ea Charles Henry JOHNSON A7-6eb Robert Edward JOHNSON A7-6ec Alfred Ford JOHNSON A7-6ed Frances Maria JOHNSON A7-6edx Josias FOOT A7-6ee Eliza Harriett JOHNSON A7-6ef Henry JOHNSON A7-6f Ann KIRKMAN A7-6fx David DAVIES A7-6g George Frederick KIRKMAN A7-6gx Eliza MILES A7-6ga Eliza Thibault KIRKMAN A7-6h Maria KIRKMAN A7-7 Abraham KIRKMAN A7-7a Christian KIRKMAN A7-7b Christian KIRKMAN A7-7c Jacob KIRCHMANN A7-7d Jacob KIRCHMANN A7-7dx Eliza GREEN A7-7da Henry Green KIRKMAN A7-7dy Mary MARCHINGTON A7-7db Emma Marchington KIRKMAN A7-7dz --?-- PRITCHARD (nee --?--) A7-7dc Sarah Louisa Pritchard KIRKMAN A7-7e Jean Pierre KIRCHMANN A7-7ex Marie Esther LEONHARD A7-7ea Isaac KIRCHMANN A7-7f Isaac KIRCHMANN A7-8 Abraham KIRCHMANN A7-8a Abraham KIRCHMANN A7-8b Susannah KIRCHMANN A7-8bx Jacob SPIEGELBERGER A7-8ba Marie Esther SPIEGELBERGER A7-8bax Peter KUNTZEL A7-8bb Susannah SPIEGELBERGER A7-8bbx Christian REINBOLD A7-8bba Christian REINBOLD A7-8bbb Jacques REINBOLD A7-8bbc Abraham REINBOLD A7-8bbd Maria Esther REINBOLD A7-8bbdx Peter KUNTREL A7-8bbda Peter KUNTREL A7-8bc Madeleine SPIEGELBERGER A7-8bcx Louis GOLLNER A7-8bca Marie Madaline GOLLNER A7-8bcb Marie Esther GOLLNER A7-8bcc Jean Louis GOLLNER A7-8bcd Marie Catherine GOLLNER A7-8bce Marie Elizabeth GOLLNER A7-8bd Jacob SPIEGELBERGER A7-8c Jean Pierre KIRCHMANN A7-9 Abraham KIRCHMANN A7-9x Judith LOTTER A7-9xa Marie KIRCHMANN A7-9y Suzanna Maria BURCKHARD A7-9ya Christian KIRCHMANN A7-9yb Jacob KIRCHMANN A7-9ybx Suzanna VIRGOE A7-9yc Marie Elisabeth KIRCHMANN A7-9yd Jean Pierre KIRCHMANN A7-9ye Jean Pierre KIRCHMANN A7-9yf Marie Esther KIRCHMANN A7-9yfx Joseph RINCKENBERGER A7-9yg Anne Marie KIRCHMANN A7-9a Marie KIELMAN A7-9ax Jean FISCHER A7-9b Marie Esther KIELMAN A7-9bx Jacob JOBAR A7-9c Susanna Elisabetha KILGMANN A7-9cx Abraham BERTRAND A7-9d Anne Marguerite KILGMANN A7-9e Magdeleine KILGMAN A7-9ex Christian WILD A7-9f Hans Peter KILCHENMANN A7-9g Johann Jacob KILGEMANN A7-9h Hans Georg KILCHENMANN A7-9i Anna Eva KILCHENMANN A7-9j Hans Jacob KILCHMANN A7-9jx Elisabeth REMY A7-10 Hans Peter KILCHMANN A7-10a Maria KILCHMANN A7-10b Hans KILCHMANN A7-10c Conrad KILCHMANN A7-10d Urs KILCHMANN A7-11 Conrad KILCHMANN A7-11x Elisabeth DURNER A7-11xa Peter Hans KILCHMANN A7-11a Hans KILCHMANN A7-11b Eva KILCHMANN A7-11c Benedict KILCHMANN A7-12 Peter KILCHMANN -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A8 - LEE A8-4 [A2-4agx] Louisa LEE A8-4a Emma LEE A8-4ax Francis Ross Allen WRIGHT A8-4aa [A2-4agbx] Muriel WRIGHT A8-4aax [A2-4agb] Francis Henry GEPP [Children] A8-4ab [A2-4aiex] Rita WRIGHT A8-4abx [A2-4aie] George Asser GEPP [Children] A8-4b --?-- LEE (f) A8-5 George LEE, MD -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A9 - BANCKS A9-5 Mary Elizabeth BANCKS A9-5a Sarah Jane BANCKS A9-5ax Andrew BROWNE A9-5aa Elizabeth BROWNE A9-5ab Lucy BROWNE A9-5ac Katherine Louisa BROWNE A9-5ad Clementine BROWNE A9-5b John BANCKS A9-5bx Margaret --?-- A9-5c Lucy Ann BANCKS A9-5cx Edward Phillip VAN CUTSEM A9-5ca Lucille Edwina VAN CUTSEM A9-5cax Rev. Richard Williams GRIFFITH A9-5cb Edward Charles VAN CUTSEM A9-5cbx Harriett Ida Carolina HARCOURT A9-5cba Lucy Camille Ida VAN CUTSEM A9-5cbax Kilian EULER A9-5cbaa William Edward VAN CUTSEM A9-5cbaax Dorothy Mary UNTHANK A9-5cbb Edward Charles Louis VAN CUTSEM A9-5cbbx Mary Burnett Stone POMEROY A9-5cbc Richard Emile Godfrey VAN CUTSEM A9-5cbcx Mary Christian ARNOTT A9-5cbca Ida Mary Victoria VAN CUTSEM A9-5cbcb Mary Christian VAN CUTSEM A9-5cbcbx Maj. Mark Desmond MURPHY, MC A9-5cbcba Shaun D.R. MURPHY A9-5cbcbb Tara M. MURPHY A9-5cbcbc Moira A.I. MURPHY A9-5cbcbd Kevin D. MURPHY A9-5cbcc Richard Henry Edward John VAN CUTSEM A9-5cbd Henry Harcourt VAN CUTSEM A9-5cbdx Eleanor Mary Josephine Southwell TRAFFORD A9-5cbda Bernard Henry Richard VAN CUTSEM A9-5cbdax Mary COMPTON A9-5cbdaa Hugh Bernard Edward VAN CUTSEM A9-5cbdaax Jkv. Emelie Elise Christine QUARLES VAN UFFORD A9-5cbdaaa Edward Bernard Charles VAN CUTSEM A9-5cbdaaax Lady Tamara Katharina GROSVENOR A9-5cbdaab Hugh Ralph VAN CUTSEM A9-5cbdaabx Rose Nancy Langhorne ASTOR A9-5cbdaac Nicholas Peter VAN CUTSEM A9-5cbdaad William Henry VAN CUTSEM A9-5cbdab Geoffrey Neil VAN CUTSEM A9-5cbdabx Sally McCORQUODALE A9-5cbdaba Sophie VAN CUTSEM A9-5cbdabb Zara VAN CUTSEM A9-5cbday Lady Margaret FORTESCUE A9-5cbdac Eleanor VAN CUTSEM A9-5cbdacx Arthur Desmond C. GORE, 9th Earl of Arran A9-5cbdaca Lady Laura Melissa FORTESCUE-GORE A9-5cbdacax Maj. James Anthony L'Etang DUCKWORTH-CHAD A9-5cbdacaa Molly Lettice Fortescue DUCKWORTH-CHAD A9-5cbdacb Lady Lucy Katherine FORTESCUE-GORE A9-5cbdad Rosamund Isabel VAN CUTSEM A9-5cbdadx Thomas William FELLOWES A9-5cbdada Catherine Margaret Jane FELLOWES A9-5cbdadb Mary Eleanor FELLOWES A9-5cbe Herbert John Coleman VAN CUTSEM A9-5cbf Florence Josephine Alexandra VAN CUTSEM A9-5cbfx Lt.-Col. Freeman Astley JACKSON, DSO A9-5cbfa Capt. Harry Freeman JACKSON A9-5cbfax Dorothy Alleyne D'Aubigny D'ENGELBRONNER A9-5cbfaa Virginia Alleyne Freeman JACKSON A9-5cbfaax Charles Henry STANHOPE, Viscount PETERSHAM A9-5cbfaaa Hon. William STANHOPE A9-5cbfaaax Candida S. BOND A9-5cbfaab Hon. Serena Alleyne STANHOPE A9-5cbfaabx David Albert C. ARMSTRONG-JONES, Visc. LINLEY A9-5cbfaaba Hon. Charles Patrick Inigo ARMSTRONG-JONES A9-5cbfaabb Hon. Margarita Elizabeth A. ARMSTRONG-JONES A9-5cbfb Penelope Maud JACKSON A9-5cbg Sibyl Maud Harriett Lucille VAN CUTSEM A9-5d Arabella BANCKS A9-5dx Joshua EDWARDS A9-5da --?-- EDWARDS A9-5db --?-- EDWARDS A9-5dc --?-- EDWARDS A9-5dd --?-- EDWARDS A9-5de --?-- EDWARDS A9-5df --?-- EDWARDS A9-5dg --?-- EDWARDS A9-5dh --?-- EDWARDS A9-5di --?-- EDWARDS A9-6 Dr. John BANCKS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A10 - SUTTON A10-5 [A20-6] Elizabeth Wilhemina SUTTON A10-5a Francis SUTTON A10-5b Francis Barlow SUTTON A10-5c Mary Ann SUTTON A10-5cx John WARD A10-5ca Elizabeth Mary WARD A10-5cb Thomas Lay WARD A10-5d Emma SUTTON A10-5e Clara SUTTON A10-5f Frances SUTTON A10-5fx [A2-5bx] Christopher Comyns PARKER A10-5g Harriet SUTTON A10-6 [A20-7] Francis SUTTON -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A11 - BROWN A11-5 Caroline BROWN -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A12 - ARNTZ A12-5 Emma Sophia ARNTZ A12-5a Jane Frances Ann ARNTZ A12-5ax --?-- DOYLE A12-5b Juliana Liseta ARNTZ A12-5bx John Freeman WOOD A12-5ba Rev. John George WOOD A12-5bax Jane Eleanor ELLIS A12-5baa Theodore Aleucita WOOD A12-5bab Theodore WOOD A12-5babx Helen CLARKE A12-5bac [A12-5bccx] Amy Lisetta WOOD A12-5bacx [A12-5bcc] Herbert Edgar RUSSELL [Children] A12-5bad Reginald John WOOD A12-5bae Violet Winifred WOOD A12-5baex Rev. John William TIMS A12-5baea Winifred Agnes TIMS A12-5baeb John Reginald TIMS A12-5baebx --?-- --?-- A12-5baeba Violet Joan TIMS A12-5baebax --?-- FLETCHER A12-5baebaa Pamela Doreen FLETCHER A12-5baebaax Aaron WAKELY A12-5baebab Ian Scott FLETCHER A12-5baec Sydney Christopher TIMS A12-5baecx Ruth --?-- A12-5baeca Walter TIMS A12-5baecb John W. TIMS A12-5baecbx Kitty --?-- A12-5baf Eleanor Mabel Freeman WOOD A12-5bb Martha WOOD A12-5bc Juliana Lisetta WOOD A12-5bcx Thomas RUSSELL A12-5bca Eleanor Mary RUSSELL A12-5bcax John Greig COCHRANE A12-5bcb Emma Lisetta RUSSELL A12-5bcc [A12-5bacx] Herbert Edgar RUSSELL A12-5bccx [A12-5bac] Amy Lisetta WOOD A12-5bcca John Freeman RUSSELL A12-5bccb Geoffrey Herbert Staden RUSSELL A12-5bcd Maria RUSSELL A12-5bce Agatha Lucy RUSSELL A12-5bcf Maud RUSSELL A12-5bcg Margaret Elizabeth Emily RUSSELL A12-5bch Arthur Ernest RUSSELL A12-5bchx Marguerita SCHENKER A12-5bd Margaretta Maria WOOD A12-5be Rosa WOOD A12-5bf Harvey WOOD A12-5bfx Ann Harriet ELLIS A12-5bfa Ellen WOOD A12-5bfax John Ernest LEGG A12-5bfb Henry WOOD A12-5bfbx Mary CHALLIS A12-5bfba Harvey Ellis WOOD A12-5bfbax Ethel Mary BUTCHER A12-5bfbaa Bernice Olive WOOD A12-5bfbaau --?-- --?-- A12-5bfbaaa Carolyn WOOD A12-5bfbaaax Dr. Adrian HAAS A12-5bfbaaaa Damien Charles HAAS A12-5bfbaaab Marcus Allan HAAS A12-5bfbab Frederick Charles WOOD A12-5bfbb Percy WOOD A12-5bfbc Violet May Wilkinson WOOD A12-5bfbcx William WISBEY A12-5bfbca Violet Jean WISBEY A12-5bfbcax Leslie James HAYES A12-5bfbcaa Pamela Irene HAYES A12-5bfbcab Lexie Joan HAYES A12-5bfbcabx Bruce Sinclair PICKEN A12-5bfbcaba Pamela Jean PICKEN A12-5bfbcabb Emma Irene PICKEN A12-5bfbcabc Megan Kate PICKEN A12-5bfbcabd Peter William PICKEN A12-5bfbcac Janet Patricia HAYES A12-5bfbcad Peter George HAYES A12-5bfbcadx Ruth HUNT A12-5bfbcada James Leslie HAYES A12-5bfbcadb Benjamin Joseph HAYES A12-5bfbcb Alan William WISBEY A12-5bfbcbx Dawn LACEY A12-5bfbcba Colin WISBEY A12-5bfbcbb Heather WISBEY A12-5bfbcbc Ross WISBEY A12-5bfbcbd Bruce WISBEY A12-5bfc Charles WOOD A12-5bfd Herbert WOOD A12-5bfe Minnie WOOD A12-5bfex --?-- CARTER A12-5bfea Ann Marguerite CARTER A12-5bff Ernest WOOD A12-5bfg Frederick WOOD A12-5bfgx Isabella SCOTT A12-5bfh Frank WOOD A12-5bfhx Hester Whitcombe OSBORNE A12-5bfha Violet Pearl WOOD A12-5bfhax Norman Lindsay McBAIN A12-5bfhaa Lindsay Gordon McBAIN A12-5bfhaax Ruth M. SOUTHGATE A12-5bfhaaa Gregory John McBAIN A12-5bfhaab Timothy John McBAIN A12-5bfhab Lorna Hester McBAIN A12-5bfhabx George MANCHESTER A12-5bfhaba Karen Lee MANCHESTER A12-5bfhabax John deHercz SMYTH A12-5bfhac Yvonne Pearl McBAIN A12-5bfhacx Stuart RAMSAY A12-5bfhaca Callum Neil RAMSAY A12-5bfhb Elma Maude WOOD A12-5bfhbx Herbert Walter DESNOY A12-5bfhba Robyn Lynette DESNOY A12-5bfhbb Graeme Geoffrey DESNOY A12-5bfhbbx Peggy SMITH A12-5bfhbc John Walter DESNOY A12-5bfhc Ethel May WOOD A12-5bfhcx Howard Vaughan TINKLER A12-5bfhd Arthur Frank WOOD A12-5bfi [son] WOOD A12-5bg Ann Rosa WOOD A12-5bh Frederick WOOD A12-5bhx Isabel REDMAN A12-5bi Frances WOOD A12-5bj Emma WOOD A12-5bk Thomas James WOOD A12-5bl Charles WOOD A12-5c Albert ARNTZ A12-5d Robert Richard ARNTZ A12-5dx Jessie P. HOWELL A12-5da Mary E. ARNTZ A12-5e Augusta Mary ARNTZ A12-5ex Hubbersty Maddison TWEDDELL A12-5ea Maj. Francis TWEDDELL A12-5eax Mathilda VON DULKEN A12-5eaa Francis TWEDDELL A12-5eaax Emma Clark BILLS A12-5eaaa Francis TWEDDELL A12-5eaab Diana TWEDDELL A12-5eaac Dorothy Margaret TWEDDELL A12-5eaad Edith Grace TWEDDELL A12-5eaae Aynsley TWEDDELL A12-5eab Henry TWEDDELL A12-5eabx Blanche Marguerite MAYNARD A12-5eac Augusta Kate TWEDDELL A12-5eacx Richmond Trevor CRICHTON A12-5ead Hilda G. TWEDDELL A12-5eb Jane TWEDDELL A12-5ec Julia Augusta TWEDDELL A12-6 Johannes Matthias ARNTZ A12-7 Matthias ARNTZ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A13 - HOYLE A13-5 Elizabeth HOYLE A13-5a Mary HOYLE A13-5ax William NEILD A13-5aa Thomas Hoyle NEILD A13-5ab Lucy NEILD A13-5ac Elizabeth NEILD A13-5ad Alfred NEILD A13-5adx Mary Ann HUNTON A13-5ady Lucy Reynell WREFORD A13-5ada William Morell NEILD A13-5adax Mabel VERNON A13-5adaa Meryll Vernon NEILD A13-5adaax Harry Norbury NUTTALL A13-5adaaa Michael Vernon NUTTALL A13-5adaaax Doreen M. BULL A13-5adaaaa Bridget A. NUTTALL A13-5adaaab Sarah J. NUTTALL A13-5adaab Timothy V. NUTTALL A13-5adaay --?-- GILLES-REYBURN A13-5adab Charles Wreford Vernon NEILD A13-5adac Iris Vernon NEILD A13-5aday Ethel Margaret O. OSWALD A13-5adb Mary NEILD A13-5adbx Herbert Fullerton RANSOME A13-5adba Lucy Joyce RANSOME A13-5adbb Dorothy Mary RANSOME A13-5adc Alfred NEILD A13-5adcx Cornelia Anne Meta STACK A13-5adca Dennis William NEILD A13-5adcax Helen Judith SOMMERVILLE A13-5adcaa Jillian Frances NEILD A13-5adcaax Leslie John KENNEDY A13-5adcaaa Paul William KENNEDY A13-5adcaab Caroline Anne KENNEDY A13-5adcaabx Nathan FORLONG A13-5adcaaba Hannah Mae FORLONG A13-5adcaac Hamish John KENNEDY A13-5adcaad Samantha Jane KENNEDY A13-5adcb Hilary Francis NEILD A13-5adcbx Majorie YOUNG A13-5adcba Shirley Patricia NEILD A13-5adcbax Donald Theodore PAVIOUR-SMITH A13-5adcbaa Nicola PAVIOUR-SMITH A13-5adcbaax Alex CHAPMAN A13-5adcbaaa James Alexander CHAPMAN A13-5adcbaab Aaron Matthew CHAPMAN A13-5adcbaac Laura Hannah Madeleine CHAPMAN A13-5adcbab Keryn PAVIOUR-SMITH A13-5adcbac Sarah PAVIOUR-SMITH A13-5adcbad Martin PAVIOUR-SMITH A13-5adcbb Prudence Mary NEILD A13-5adcc John Reynell NEILD A13-5adccx Agnes McMILLAN A13-5adcca William Alexander NEILD A13-5adccax Dorothy Joy PARSONS A13-5adccaa Sandra Joy NEILD A13-5adccab Jacqueline Ann NEILD A13-5adccac Robyn Mae NEILD A13-5adccad John William NEILD A13-5adccb Richard NEILD A13-5adccbx Joan Barbara EADES A13-5adccba Pamela Joan NEILD A13-5adccbax Lance Neville GLEESON A13-5adccbaa Charlotte Marie GLEESON A13-5adccbab Eleanor Rose GLEESON A13-5adccbb Rosemary Kay NEILD A13-5adccbbx Alan Craig DAVEY A13-5adccbba James Richard DAVEY A13-5adccbbb Alice Mary DAVEY A13-5adccbbc Michael John DAVEY A13-5adccbc James Richard William NEILD A13-5adccbcx Elizabeth Anne JARDINE A13-5adccbca James Richard Alexander NEILD A13-5adccc Elizabeth NEILD A13-5adccd Andrew NEILD A13-5adccdx Cheryl GOODE A13-5adccda Duncan John NEILD A13-5adccdb Nichola Anne NEILD A13-5adcce Dorothy NEILD A13-5adcd Patrick Wreford NEILD A13-5adcdx Margaret NAYLOR A13-5adcda Janet Anne NEILD A13-5adcdax Jeff HOLDER A13-5adcdaa Rachel Marie HOLDER A13-5adcdab Sarah HOLDER A13-5adcdb Jeremy David NEILD A13-5adcdbx Diana STEPHENSON A13-5adcdba David Patrick NEILD A13-5adcdbb Susannah Clare NEILD A13-5adcdbc Michael Jeremy NEILD A13-5add Charles Henry NEILD A13-5ade Lucy Reynall NEILD A13-5ae William Henry NEILD A13-5af Mary NEILD A13-5ag Ellen NEILD A13-5agx John CARLISLE A13-5aga Mary Elizabeth CARLISLE A13-5agb William CARLISLE A13-5agc Helen CARLISLE A13-5agd Herbert CARLISLE A13-5age Alice CARLISLE A13-5agf Lucy CARLISLE A13-5agfx Rev. Joseph DAVIES A13-5agfa Noel DAVIES A13-5agg Maud CARLISLE A13-5agh Catherine CARLISLE A13-5agi John H. CARLISLE A13-5agj Leonard Alston CARLISLE A13-5agjx Winifred Jane --?-- A13-5agk Gerald Arthur CARLISLE A13-5agl Douglas CARLISLE A13-5agm Mildred CARLISLE A13-5ah Arthur NEILD A13-5ahx Annette BARTON A13-5b Sarah HOYLE A13-5bx [A13-9cafaa] Robert HAWLEY A13-5ba Susannah HAWLEY A13-5bax [A5-4cx] [A45-7bdc] John BUTTERWORTH A13-5bb Thomas Hoyle HAWLEY A13-5bbx Ruth RATHER (nee --?--) A13-5bba Ellen HAWLEY A13-5bbb Frederick Thomas HAWLEY A13-5bbbx Eliza --?-- A13-5c Alice HOYLE A13-5d Susanna HOYLE A13-5dx John Atkinson RANSOME A13-5da Thomas RANSOME A13-5dax Hannah JACKSON A13-5daa Cyril RANSOME A13-5daax Edith Rachel BOULTON A13-5daaa Arthur Michell RANSOME A13-5daaax Ivy Constance Graves WALKER A13-5daaaa Tabitha RANSOME A13-5daaaax Frederick Harold LEWIS A13-5daaaaa John LEWIS A13-5daaaab Hazel S. LEWIS A13-5daaay Evgenia Petrovna SHELEPIN A13-5daab Cecily Margaret RANSOME A13-5daac Geoffrey Cyril RANSOME A13-5daad Marjorie Edith Joyce RANSOME A13-5daadx Hugh Ralph LUPTON A13-5daada Francis Geoffrey Hugh LUPTON A13-5daadb Arthur Ralph Ransome LUPTON A13-5daadc Cecily Margaret LUPTON A13-5daadd Geoffrey Charles Martineau LUPTON A13-5dab Edith RANSOME A13-5dac Jessie Molineux RANSOME A13-5dad John Arthur RANSOME A13-5dae Mary Maud RANSOME A13-5daf Lucy Hoyle RANSOME A13-5day Ann SHEPHERD A13-5dag Thomas RANSOME A13-5dagx Mary Woodman SIMPSON A13-5dah Hannah Gertrude RANSOME A13-5dai Ethel Margaret RANSOME A13-5daj Philip Shepherd RANSOME A13-5dajx Margaret TANNER A13-5dak Edward Lancelot RANSOME A13-5dakx Wynifred MILLER A13-5dal Oswald RANSOME A13-5dalx --?-- --?-- A13-5dala Richard T.E. RANSOME A13-5db Mary RANSOME A13-5dc [A13-6xabx] John Henry RANSOME A13-5dcx [A13-6xab] Emily BINYON [Children] A13-5dd Lucy Hoyle RANSOME A13-5de Susanna RANSOME A13-5df Edith RANSOME A13-5e Martha HOYLE A13-6 Thomas HOYLE A13-6x [A13-9aaaa] Lucy ECROYD A13-6xa Lucy HOYLE A13-6xax Alfred BINYON A13-6xaa Frances BINYON A13-6xaax Rev. Reginald REMINGTON A13-6xaaa Lucy Agnes REMINGTON A13-6xaaax [A5-4ca] Rev. John Compton BUTTERWORTH A13-6xaab Henry REMINGTON A13-6xaabx Mary --?-- A13-6xaac Mary Frances REMINGTON A13-6xaacx Joseph CLARK A13-6xaad Catherine Joy(?) REMINGTON A13-6xaae Gertrude Dorothea REMINGTON A13-6xaaf [A5-4dcx] Constance Gauthorne REMINGTON A13-6xaafx [A5-4dc] Arthur Molineux JACKSON A13-6xaafa [A5-4dca] Arthur Molineux JACKSON A13-6xab Emily BINYON A13-6xabx John Henry RANSOME A13-6xaba Henry Alfred RANSOME A13-6xabax Hilda RAMSBOTTOM A13-6xabaa Emilie Margaret RANSOME A13-6xabab Edward Henry Leigh RANSOME A13-6xabac Mary Fielden RANSOME A13-6xabb Maurice John RANSOME A13-6xabbx Janet DALRYMPLE A13-6xabba Sir Gordon Arthur RANSOME A13-6xabbax Daphne Mary BEACH A13-6xabbb Kathleen Joan RANSOME A13-6xabbbx James D. OGILVIE A13-6xabbba David J.R. OGILVIE A13-6xabbbb Christopher OGILVIE A13-6xabc Emily Susan RANSOME A13-6xabcx Alexander MacDONALD A13-6xabd Gertrude Lucy RANSOME A13-6xabe Dora Frances Mary RANSOME A13-6xabf Hilda Maud RANSOME A13-6xabg Edmund RANSOME A13-6xabh Frederick Stanley RANSOME A13-6xabi Lionel RANSOME A13-6xabj Arthur Harold RANSOME A13-6xabk Cyril Marshall RANSOME A13-6xac Alfred BINYON A13-6xacx Sarah CLARKE A13-6xaca Lucy Beatrice BINYON A13-6xacb Alfred Ernest BINYON A13-6xacc George Herbert BINYON A13-6xacd Walter BINYON A13-6xace Ethel BINYON A13-6xad Lucy BINYON A13-6xae Mary Jane BINYON A13-6xaf Frederick BINYON A13-6xafx Mary DOCKRAY A13-6xafa John Frederick BINYON A13-6xafax Mabel Fynes CUNTON A13-6xafaa Phyllis Mable BINYON A13-6xafaax Sydney BROWN A13-6xafaaa Anthony Martin BROWN A13-6xafaab Philip BROWN A13-6xafab Olwen Ruth BINYON A13-6xafabx Eric MAJOR A13-6xafac Dennis BINYON A13-6xafacx Nancy EMMERSON A13-6xafaca Timothy BINYON A13-6xafacb Mary BINYON A13-6xafacc [A13-6xafbbbx] Jane BINYON A13-6xafaccx [A13-6xafbbb] Jonathan HIGGINS A13-6xafacca [A13-6xafbbba] Sarah HIGGINS A13-6xafaccb [A13-6xafbbbb] Zoe HIGGINS A13-6xafb Robert Laurence BINYON A13-6xafbx Cecily Margaret POWELL A13-6xafba Helen Francesca M. BINYON A13-6xafbb Agatha Margaret E. BINYON A13-6xafbbx Humphrey HIGGINS A13-6xafbba Harriet HIGGINS A13-6xafbbb [A13-6xafaccx] Jonathan HIGGINS A13-6xafbbbx [A13-6xafacc] Jane BINYON A13-6xafbbba [A13-6xafacca] Sarah HIGGINS A13-6xafbbbb [A13-6xafaccb] Zoe HIGGINS A13-6xafbbc Andrew HIGGINS A13-6xafbbcx --?-- --?-- A13-6xafbbca Thomas HIGGINS A13-6xafbbcb Laurence HIGGINS A13-6xafbc Nicolet BINYON A13-6xafbcx Basil GRAY A13-6xafbca Marius GRAY A13-6xafbcax Clare MILWARD A13-6xafbcaa Emma Catherine GRAY A13-6xafbcaax Graham PHILLIPS A13-6xafbcaaa Mathew PHILLIPS A13-6xafbcaab Thomas PHILLIPS A13-6xafbcaac Frances PHILLIPS A13-6xafbcab Theodor Clement GRAY A13-6xafbcac Bridget GRAY A13-6xafbcad Jacquetta GRAY A13-6xafbcb Camilla GRAY A13-6xafbcbx Oleg PROKOVIEV A13-6xafbcba Anastasia PROKOVIEV A13-6xafbcc Edmund GRAY A13-6xafbcd Cecilia GRAY A13-6xafbcdx Tassilo Wolff METTERNICH A13-6xafbcda Josephine Wolff METTERNICH A13-6xafbcdb Mopsa Wolff? METTERNICH A13-6xafbcdc Boris Wolff? METTERNICH A13-6xafbcdd Edwin Wolff METTERNICH A13-6xafbce Sophia GRAY A13-6xafc Alfred George BINYON A13-6xafd Francis Dockray BINYON A13-6xafe Lucy Caroline BINYON A13-6xaff Charles Arthur BINYON A13-6xafg Edward Reginald BINYON A13-6xafh Herbert BINYON A13-6xafi Gilbert Clive BINYON A13-6xag Dora BINYON A13-6xah Alice Maud BINYON A13-6xahx Rev. Thomas Machell REMINGTON A13-6xaha Mary Alice REMINGTON A13-6xahb George Frederick REMINGTON A13-6xahc Lucy Maud REMINGTON A13-6xahd Thomas Machell REMINGTON A13-6xahe Margaret Emily REMINGTON A13-6xahf Catherine REMINGTON A13-6xb Thomas Ecroyd HOYLE A13-6xc Frances HOYLE A13-6xcx Ollive SIMS A13-6xca Lucy Olivia SIMS A13-6xcb Anna Mary SIMS A13-6xcc Thomas Hoyle SIMS A13-6xccx Janet Elizabeth Mary BOWLES A13-6xcca George Alfred SIMS A13-6xccb William Edgar SIMS A13-6xccbx Annie Elizabeth STARK A13-6xccc John Cuthbert SIMS A13-6xccd John Walter SIMS A13-6xccdx Dorothy ST. JOHN A13-6xccda John Oliver SIMS A13-6xccdax Elizabeth Doris BLAKELY A13-6xccdb Robert Oswald SIMS A13-6xccdbx Alison Monsarrat WEST-WATSON A13-6xccdba Christina Mary Monsarrat SIMS A13-6xccdbax Peter SUMNER-POTTS A13-6xccdbaa Katherine Alison SUMNER-POTTS A13-6xccdbab Joanna Mary SUMNER-POTTS A13-6xccdbabx Tim JESSOP A13-6xccdbaba Maia JESSOP A13-6xccdbay Arthur Bernard KNAPP A13-6xccdbaz David Penfold BEST A13-6xccdbb John Campbell Oliver SIMS A13-6xccdbbx Denise GRIFFITHS A13-6xccdbba Christopher John Griffiths SIMS A13-6xccdbby Valerie BUSHNELL A13-6xccdbbz Heather Joy LOCK A13-6xccdbbb Richard Alastair SIMS A13-6xccdbbc David Cameron SIMS A13-6xccdbc Martin Robert Walter SIMS A13-6xccdbcx Mary HAMMOND A13-6xccdbca Andrew Martin SIMS A13-6xccdbcy Marika MANDIC (nee KEREKOVIC) A13-6xccdbcz Mei Yu ('Mary') LIN A13-6xccdbcb Amy Casey(?) SIMS A13-6xccdbd Roderick Charles Hallowes SIMS A13-6xccdbdx Kay Christine TYDEMAN A13-6xccdbda Geoffrey Michael Robert SIMS A13-6xccdbdb Eleanor Rachel Amelia SIMS A13-6xccdbdy Frances HULL A13-6xccdbdz Johanna Claire KIJAS A13-6xccdc Edward Graham SIMS A13-6xccdcx Mary Dilys Margaret TURNER A13-6xccdca Graham Andrew Michael SIMS A13-6xccdcb Derek John Keith SIMS A13-6xccdcy Marie Katherine Ann GRAHAM A13-6xccdcc James Edward SIMS A13-6xccdcd Jonathan Charles SIMS A13-6xcd Frances SIMS A13-6xcdx Frederick Harvey BELLMAN A13-6xd Anna HOYLE A13-6xdx Rev. John Eddowes GLADSTONE A13-6a Elizabeth HOYLE A13-6ax William SATTERTHWAITE A13-6aa --?-- SATTERTHWAITE (m) A13-6ab --?-- SATTERTHWAITE (m) A13-6b John HOYLE A13-7 Thomas HOYLE A13-7x Jane CROPPER A13-7a John HOYLE A13-7ax Mary KAY A13-7b James HOYLE A13-7c Timothy HOYLE A13-7d Elizabeth HOYLE A13-7e Timothy HOYLE A13-7f Alice HOYLE A13-8 Thomas HOYLE A13-8a John HOYLE A13-8ax Jennet WADDINGTON A13-8aa John HOYLE A13-8ay Mary LANCASTER A13-8ab Elizabeth HOYLE A13-8abx Joshua ROBINSON A13-8ac Isaac HOYLE A13-8ad Joseph HOYLE A13-8ae Ann HOYLE A13-8af Richard HOYLE A13-8b Martha HOYLE A13-8bx James HEYWORTH A13-9 John HOYLE A13-9a Gyles HOYLE A13-9ax Mary --?-- A13-9b Henry HOYLE A13-9bx Mary HALL A13-9c Martha HOYLE A13-9cx Henry KAILEY A13-9ca Susannah KAILEY A13-9cax Richard ECROYD A13-9caa Martha ECROYD A13-9cab Elizabeth ECROYD A13-9cabx William PAYNE A13-9cac Tabitha ECROYD A13-9cacx Richard MARRIOTT A13-9cad Henry ECROYD A13-9cadx Mary MOSS A13-9cae John ECROYD A13-9caex Mary CROPPER A13-9caf Richard ECROYD A13-9cafx Frances TIPPING A13-9cafa Susannah ECROYD A13-9cafax Robert HAWLEY A13-9cafaa [A13-5bx] Robert HAWLEY A13-9cafaax [A13-5b] Sarah HOYLE [Children] A13-9cafaay Ann GIRTON A13-9cafaaa Ann HAWLEY A13-9cafaaax Frederick COLLINS A13-9cafaab Robert HAWLEY A13-9cafaabx --?-- --?-- A13-9cafaaba --?-- HAWLEY A13-9cafaac Rev. Edward HAWLEY A13-9cafaacx --?-- --?-- A13-9cafaaca --?-- HAWLEY A13-9cafaad George William HAWLEY A13-9cafaadx Clara --?-- A13-9cafab --?-- HAWLEY (f) A13-9cafac --?-- HAWLEY (f) A13-9cafb Richard ECROYD A13-9cafc William ECROYD A13-9cafd [A13-6x] Lucy ECROYD A13-9cafdx [A13-6] Thomas HOYLE [Children] A13-9cag James ECROYD A13-9cah Susanna ECROYD A13-9d James HOYLE A13-9dx Jennet --?-- A13-9e Timothy HOYLE A13-9f Alice HOYLE A13-9g Elizabeth HOYLE A13-10 John HOYLE A13-10x Mary --?-- A13-11 Henry HOYLE A13-12 Gyles HOYLE A13-13 John HOYLE A13-14 Gyles HOYLE -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A14 - RADCLIFFE A14-5 Sarah RADCLIFFE -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A15 - SPEDDING A15-5 Maria SPEDDING A15-5a Robert George SPEDDING A15-5ax Elizabeth SMITH A15-5b Sarah SPEDDING A15-5bx Richard THOMAS A15-5ba Octavius Spedding THOMAS A15-5c Benjamin Joseph SPEDDING A15-5cx Charlotte Ellen SMITH A15-5ca Charlotte Sarah SPEDDING A15-5cax Henry Burton BEDLEY A15-5cb Benjamin Joseph SPEDDING A15-5cc Caroline Maria SPEDDING A15-5ccx Hayes KYD A15-5cd Benjamin Joseph SPEDDING A15-5ce Leny Christopher SPEDDING A15-5d William Samuel SPEDDING A15-5e Harriet SPEDDING A15-5ex Leny Deighton SMITH A15-5ea Kirkman SMITH A15-5eb Sarah Spedding SMITH A15-5f Richard Alexander SPEDDING A15-5g Penelope SPEDDING A15-5gx George Frederick SMITH A15-6 Robert George SPEDDING A15-6a Ann Eleanor SPEDDING A15-6ax John WILD A15-6b Mary SPEDDING A15-6bx Samuel Thomas HUNTER A15-6c Benjamin SPEDDING A15-7 Rev. Benjamin SPEDDING A15-7a Robert SPEDDING A15-7b Isabel SPEDDING A15-7c George SPEDDING A15-7cx --?-- --?-- A15-7ca Robert SPEDDING A15-7cb John SPEDDING A15-7d Rev. William SPEDDING A15-7e Winifred SPEDDING A15-7f Thomas SPEDDING A15-7fx Susanna --?-- A15-7g Joseph SPEDDING A15-7h Richard SPEDDING A15-8 George SPEDDING A15-8a Wynifred SPEDDING A15-8ax Robert BETHAM A15-9 Robert SPEDDING A15-9x Sarah GLENTON A15-9a Margaret SPEDDING A15-9ax --?-- GIBSON A15-9b Agnes SPEDDING A15-9bx --?-- PINDAR A15-9c Isabel SPEDDING A15-9cx --?-- GLENTON A15-10 Francis SPEDDING -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A16 - --?-- A16-5 --?-- --?-- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A17 - DOBSON A17-6 Mary DOBSON A17-7 Richard DOBSON A17-8 Thomas DOBSON -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A18 - ROBINSON A18-6 Ann ROBINSON A18-7 William ROBINSON -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A19 - BARNES A19-6 Mary BARNES A19-7 James BARNES -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A21 - TOWNSEND A21-6 Mary TOWNSEND A21-6a Deborah TOWNSEND A21-6b John TOWNSEND A21-6c Joseph TOWNSEND A21-6d Hannah TOWNSEND A21-6e John TOWNSEND A21-6f John TOWNSEND A21-7 John TOWNSEND A21-7a Rachel TOWNDSING A21-7b Mary TOWNDSING A21-7c Warman TOWNSEND A21-7d Richard TOWNSEND A21-7e Betty TOWNSEND A21-7f James TOWNSEND A21-8 John TOWNSEND A21-9 John TOUNSINE -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A22 - --?-- A22-6 --?-- --?-- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A23 - BLAKESLEY A23-6 Martha BLAKESLEY A23-7 John BLAKESLEY -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A25 - SPENCER A25-6 Tabitha SPENCER A25-7 William SPENCER -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A26 - BARLOW A26-6 [A52-7] Mary REMNANT (nee BARLOW) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A28 - CANTWELL A28-6 Martha CANTWELL A28-7 Joseph CANTWELL -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A29 - NICHOLS A29-6 Susanna NICHOLS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A31 - STEBBING A31-6 Sarah STEBBING -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A33 - ATKINSON A33-7 Mary ATKINSON A33-8 Robert ATKINSON -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A35 - GARDNER A35-7 Priscilla GARDNER -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A37 - MOXHAM A37-7 Sarah MOXHAM A37-7a Mary MOXHAM A37-7b John MOXHAM A37-7bx Hannah PERY A37-7ba Mary MOXHAM A37-7bax William METFORD A37-7baa [A5-5ex] Elizabeth METFORD A37-7baax [A5-5e] Samuel COMPTON [Children] A37-7c Sarah MOXHAM A37-7d Ann MOXHAM A37-7e Rachel MOXHAM A37-7f William MOXHAM A37-8 John MOXHAM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A39 - NIEUBHAR A39-7 Charlotte Frederica NIEUBHAR A39-7a Catherine NIEUBHAR A39-7ax Philip BURKINYOUNG A39-8 Frederic NIEUBHAR -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A44 - REINSHAGER A44-7 Maria Gertrud REINSHAGER -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A45 - FIELDEN A45-7 Mary FIELDEN A45-7a John FIELDEN A45-7b Sarah FIELDEN A45-7bu Abraham GIBSON A45-7ba Gibson FIELDEN A45-7bax Mary COTTON A45-7baa James FIELDEN A45-7bay Margaret GAIN A45-7bx James BUTTERWORTH A45-7bb James BUTTERWORTH A45-7bc Mary BUTTERWORTH A45-7bcx Edward PHILLIPS A45-7bd John BUTTERWORTH A45-7bdx Ann FALLOWS A45-7bda Sarah BUTTERWORTH A45-7bdb Elizabeth BUTTERWORTH A45-7bdc John BUTTERWORTH A45-7bdcx [A13-5ba] Susanna HAWLEY A45-7bdcy [A5-4c] Sarah COMPTON [Children] A45-7bdd Mary BUTTERWORTH A45-7bde Thomas BUTTERWORTH A45-7bdf Mary Ann BUTTERWORTH A45-7bdfx Edwyn OFFER A45-7be Elizabeth BUTTERWORTH A45-7bf Sarah BUTTERWORTH A45-7c Hannah FIELDEN A45-7d Abraham FIELDEN A45-7dx Sarah --?-- A45-7dy Mary --?-- A45-7e Esther FIELDEN A45-7ex James B-?-- A45-7f Grace FIELDEN A45-7fx John BANCROFT A45-7fa David BANCROFT A45-7fax Mary BRADBURY A45-7faa David BANCROFT A45-7fab Hannah BANCROFT A45-7fac Alfred BANCROFT A45-7fad Phebe BANCROFT A45-7fae Rachel BANCROFT A45-7fb Samuel BANCROFT A45-7fc James BANCROFT A45-7fd Sarah BANCROFT A45-7fdx John EARNSHAW A45-7fe Rachel BANCROFT A45-7ff Hannah BANCROFT A45-7g John FIELDEN A45-8 Abraham FIELDEN A45-8x Elizabeth MOSS A45-8xa Samuel FIELDEN A45-8a John FIELDEN A45-8b Joshua FIELDEN A45-8bx Elizabeth CROSSLEY A45-8ba [son] FIELDEN A45-8bb [son] FIELDEN A45-8bc [son] FIELDEN A45-8c Martha FIELDEN A45-8cx Richard SUTCLIFFE A45-8d Samuel FIELDEN A45-8dx Jane ROBINSON A45-8da Samuel FIELDEN A45-8db Joshua FIELDEN A45-8dc John FIELDEN A45-8dcx Betty WOOD A45-8dca Samuel FIELDEN A45-8dcax Sally HOLDEN A45-8dcaa Samuel FIELDEN A45-8dcaax Mary FIELDEN A45-8dcaaa Fielden FIELDEN A45-8dcaaax Mary LAW A45-8dcaaaa Betsy FIELDEN A45-8dcaaaax John Henry HALSTEAD A45-8dcaaaaa Thomas Rigby HALSTEAD A45-8dcaaaaax Ellen METCALFE A45-8dcaaaaaa Margaret Mary HALSTEAD A45-8dcaaaaaax Peter TURNER A45-8dcaaaaaaa John Michael TURNER A45-8dcb [son] FIELDEN A45-8dcbx --?-- --?-- A45-8dd Mary FIELDEN A45-8ddx James SCHOLFIELD A45-8dda James SCHOLFIELD A45-8ddax Mary FIELDEN A45-8ddaa John SCHOLFIELD A45-8ddaax Margaret KILMAN A45-8ddaaa Mary Fielden SCHOLFIELD A45-8ddaaax L.G. CARTER A45-8ddab James SCHOLFIELD A45-8ddac Abraham SCHOLFIELD A45-8ddad Samuel SCHOLFIELD A45-8ddae --?-- SCHOLFIELD A45-8ddaf --?-- SCHOLFIELD A45-8ddag --?-- SCHOLFIELD A45-8ddah --?-- SCHOLFIELD A45-8ddb John SCHOLFIELD A45-8ddbx Betty GREENWOOD A45-8ddba --?-- SCHOLFIELD A45-8ddbb --?-- SCHOLFIELD A45-8ddbc --?-- SCHOLFIELD A45-8ddbd --?-- SCHOLFIELD A45-8ddby Betty CROSSLEY A45-8ddbe --?-- SCHOLFIELD A45-8ddbf --?-- SCHOLFIELD A45-8ddbg --?-- SCHOLFIELD A45-8ddbh --?-- SCHOLFIELD A45-8ddbi --?-- SCHOLFIELD A45-8ddbj --?-- SCHOLFIELD A45-8ddbk --?-- SCHOLFIELD A45-8ddbl --?-- SCHOLFIELD A45-8ddc Martha SCHOLFIELD A45-8ddcx Ambrose BROOK A45-8ddd William SCHOLFIELD A45-8dddx Mary --?-- A45-8ddda James SCHOLFIELD A45-8dddax --?-- --?-- A45-8dddaa William SCHOLFIELD A45-8dddab Susannah SCHOLFIELD A45-8dddabx --?-- --?-- A45-8dddaba --?-- --?-- (m) A45-8dddb Hannah SCHOLFIELD A45-8dddc William SCHOLFIELD A45-8dddd Ann SCHOLFIELD A45-8ddde Cyrill SCHOLFIELD A45-8dddf Thomas SCHOLFIELD A45-8dddg Samuel SCHOLFIELD A45-8dddh Susan SCHOLFIELD A45-8dddi Elizabeth SCHOLFIELD A45-8dddix --?-- --?-- A45-8dddia --?-- --?-- A45-8dddib --?-- --?-- A45-8dddj --?-- SCHOLFIELD A45-8dddk --?-- SCHOLFIELD A45-8dddl --?-- SCHOLFIELD A45-8dde --?-- SCHOLFIELD A45-8ddf Abraham SCHOLFIELD A45-8ddfx --?-- --?-- A45-8ddfa James SCHOLFIELD A45-8ddfb --?-- SCHOLFIELD A45-9 Joshua FIELDEN A45-9a Nicholas FIELDEN A45-9ax Ann HELLIWELL A45-9aa Nicholas FIELDEN A45-9ab Ann FIELDEN A45-9abx Jonathan CRAVEN A45-9ac William FIELDEN A45-9acx Mary ARMISTEAD A45-9aca Armistead FIELDEN A45-9acax Elizabeth KILDEN A45-9acaa Mary FIELDEN A45-9acab John FIELDEN A45-9acac William FIELDEN A45-9acad Nicholas FIELDEN A45-9acae Elizabeth FIELDEN A45-9acaf Hannah FIELDEN A45-9acag Esther FIELDEN A45-9acagx Richard STAYNER A45-9acaga --?-- STAYNER A45-9acagb --?-- STAYNER A45-9acagc --?-- STAYNER A45-9acagd --?-- STAYNER A45-9acage --?-- STAYNER A45-9acagf --?-- STAYNER A45-9acagg --?-- STAYNER A45-9acah Ann FIELDEN A45-9acai Joseph FIELDEN A45-9acaix Frances WILSON A45-9acaia --?-- FIELDEN A45-9acaib --?-- FIELDEN A45-9acaic --?-- FIELDEN A45-9acaid --?-- FIELDEN A45-9acaie --?-- FIELDEN A45-9acaif --?-- FIELDEN A45-9acaig --?-- FIELDEN A45-9acaih --?-- FIELDEN A45-9acaii --?-- FIELDEN A45-9acaiy Mary McGRATH A45-9acaiz Catherine --?-- A45-9acb Ann FIELDEN A45-9acbx Joseph HADWEN A45-9acc Elizabeth FIELDEN A45-9accx William TOPPER A45-9acd Alice FIELDEN A45-9acdx John ROBINSON A45-9acy --?-- --?-- A45-9ace William FIELDEN A45-9acex --?-- --?-- A45-9acea John FIELDEN A45-9aceax Mary --?-- A45-9aceaa James FIELDEN A45-9aceab Elizabeth FIELDEN A45-9aceac Lucy FIELDEN A45-9acead Dempsey FIELDEN A45-9aceadx Sarah A. TURNER A45-9aceada John Lee FIELDEN A45-9aceadax Sarah Howard COATS A45-9aceadaa Nancy Jane FIELDEN A45-9aceadaax James M. RYCROFT A45-9aceadaaa Dorsie Mabel RYCROFT A45-9aceadaaax Jonathan Herbert WATSON A45-9aceadaaaa Clarence Cleo WATSON A45-9aceadaaaax Margaret H. STORM A45-9aceadaaaaa Dorinda WATSON A45-9aceadaaaaax --?-- PARKS A45-9aceadaaaaaa David PARKS A45-9aceadaaaaaax Rosemary --?-- A45-9aceadaaaaaaa Rosemary PARKS A45-9aceadaab Mary Cassie RYCROFT A45-9aceadaabx Walter Bern WATSON A45-9aceadaaba --?-- WATSON A45-9aceadaabb Olen WATSON A45-9aceadaac Olen RYCROFT A45-9aceadaay Ralph SIMPSON A45-9aceadab James Madison FIELDEN A45-9aceadabx Manerva J. PHILLIPS A45-9aceadaba Amos Lloyd FIELDEN A45-9aceadabax Dorothy J. CLEAVER A45-9aceadabaa Florence Lorene FIELDEN A45-9aceadabaax Charles William WILSON A45-9aceadabaaa Bill WILSON A45-9aceadabaab Ron WILSON A45-9aceadabab Auston FIELDEN A45-9aceadabac Myrtle FIELDEN A45-9aceadabacx --?-- NYE A45-9aceadabad Nellie FIELDEN A45-9aceadabadx --?-- MORLEY A45-9aceadabae Juanita FIELDEN A45-9aceadabaex --?-- DIXON A45-9aceadaby Mary E. BROWN A45-9aceadabb William Floyd FIELDEN A45-9aceadabc Florence FIELDEN A45-9aceadabcx --?-- MABE A45-9aceadabd Everett FIELDEN A45-9aceadabe Charles FIELDEN A45-9aceadabex Alice --?-- A45-9aceadabea Alta FIELDEN A45-9aceadabeax Everett KING A45-9aceadabeb Earl(?) FIELDEN A45-9aceadabec Garnett FIELDEN A45-9aceadabed Charlene FIELDEN A45-9aceadac Sarah Lewiza FIELDEN A45-9aceadacx William H. ROSS A45-9aceadaca Alma Mae ROSS A45-9aceadacax Daniel Henry ALTIS A45-9aceadacaa Lavern William ALTIS A45-9aceadacaax Hazel Agnes RUST A45-9aceadacaaa Earl Edward ALTIS A45-9aceadacaaax Judy Jean SHREWSBURY A45-9aceadacaaaa Daniel ALTIS A45-9aceadacaab Ethel Lou ALTIS A45-9aceadacaabx --?-- COLE A45-9aceadacab Roscoe ALTIS A45-9aceadacabx --?-- --?-- A45-9aceadacaba --?-- ALTIS A45-9aceadacac Ralph H. ALTIS A45-9aceadacy Jim M. FARRIS A45-9aceadad Mary Elizabeth FIELDEN A45-9aceadadx George Washington WOOD A45-9aceadada Lilburn WOOD A45-9aceadadb Lou Ella WOOD A45-9aceadadbx Francis E. LOMAN A45-9aceadadba Myrna Mae LOMAN A45-9aceadadbax Millard O. WAGNER A45-9aceadadbaa George Donald WAGNER A45-9aceadadbay --?-- KLIDY A45-9aceadadc Fred Columbus WOOD A45-9aceadadd John Henry Lee WOOD A45-9aceadaddx Erma --?-- A45-9aceadadda [dau] WOOD A45-9aceadade Ethel Mae WOOD A45-9aceadadex Ross LOMAN A45-9aceadadea Oliver LOMAN A45-9aceadadeb Raymond LOMAN A45-9aceadadec Stella LOMAN A45-9aceadadecx Walter Eugene MOTZKUS A45-9aceadadeca Leroy Eugene MOTZKUS A45-9aceadadecax Kathy LOVONLAY A45-9aceadadecaa Leroy Eugene MOTZKUS A45-9aceadadecab Michael Eric MOTZKUS A45-9aceadadecac Nathan Roy MOTZKUS A45-9aceadadecb Viola Fay MOTZKUS A45-9aceadadecbx Norman J. HENRY A45-9aceadadecba Tamatha Lynn HENRY A45-9aceadadecbax Bruce ZITTER A45-9aceadadecbb Tracy Jay HENRY A45-9aceadadecbc Todd Eugene HENRY A45-9aceadadecbd Teresa Leann HENRY A45-9aceadadecc Carol Ann MOTZKUS A45-9aceadadeccx Stephen Lewis BROWN A45-9aceadadecca Cristie Lea BROWN A45-9aceadadeccb Steven Lewis BROWN A45-9aceadadeccc Allan Eugene BROWN A45-9aceadadecd Melissa Kay MOTZKUS A45-9aceadadecdx --?-- --?-- A45-9aceadaded Levern LOMAN A45-9aceadadee Ruby LOMAN A45-9aceadadeex --?-- DAVIS A45-9aceadadf Earnest Cecil WOOD A45-9aceadadfx Ruby Marie SKYLES A45-9aceadadfa Mary Edith WOOD A45-9aceadadfax Bill WAYLAND A45-9aceadadfaa Lulu Marie WAYLAND A45-9aceadadfaax Merle DIXON A45-9aceadadfaaa Matthew Curtis DIXON A45-9aceadadfaab Michael Paul DIXON A45-9aceadadfab Evelyn Sue WAYLAND A45-9aceadadfabx Paul PECK A45-9aceadadfaba Natalie Paige PECK A45-9aceadadfac Mary Blanche WAYLAND A45-9aceadadfacx Danny WESTFALL A45-9aceadadfaca Brittney Danielle WESTFALL A45-9aceadadfacb Shelby Norene WESTFALL A45-9aceadadfb Linda Marie WOOD A45-9aceadae Richard Stricklin FIELDEN A45-9aceadaf Vinettie FIELDEN A45-9aceadafx Floyd Winfield GRAHAM A45-9aceadafa John Linas GRAHAM A45-9aceadafb Delia Belle GRAHAM A45-9aceadafbx John Leonard HARTGRAVES A45-9aceadafba Leon HARTGRAVES A45-9aceadafbb Hubert HARTGRAVES A45-9aceadafbc John HARTGRAVES A45-9aceadafbcx Barbara Sue BROWER A45-9aceadafbcy Kathy PENDLETON A45-9aceadafc Wilford Levene GRAHAM A45-9aceadafcx Cordelia HARTGRAVES A45-9aceadafca Elizabeth GRAHAM A45-9aceadafcax Wilbur Leon BRILL A45-9aceadafcb Evelyn Gene GRAHAM A45-9aceadafcbx Charles Blaine GARRISON A45-9aceadafcy Pauline Tilly KELLY A45-9aceadafd Iva GRAHAM A45-9aceadafy Ivey Alfonso SIMPSON A45-9aceadag John Thomas FIELDEN A45-9aceadah Iva Candes FIELDEN A45-9aceadahx William Samuel WOOD A45-9aceadaha Edna Eugenia WOOD A45-9aceadahax Clyde Hershal HOUSE A45-9aceadahaa Zelda Marguerette HOUSE A45-9aceadahaax Dean Howard POWELL A45-9aceadahaaa --?-- POWELL A45-9aceadahaaax --?-- SJOLANDER A45-9aceadahaaaa --?-- SJOLANDER A45-9aceadahaaaax --?-- TICKLE A45-9aceadahaaaaa --?-- TICKLE A45-9aceadahaaaab --?-- TICKLE A45-9aceadahaaaac --?-- TICKLE A45-9aceadahaaaad --?-- TICKLE A45-9aceadahaaaae --?-- TICKLE A45-9aceadahaaab --?-- SJOLANDER A45-9aceadahaaabx --?-- --?-- A45-9aceadahaaaba --?-- --?-- A45-9aceadahaab --?-- POWELL A45-9aceadahaabx --?-- --?-- A45-9aceadahaaba --?-- POWELL A45-9aceadahaabax --?-- MALOTTE A45-9aceadahaabaa --?-- MALOTTE A45-9aceadahaabab --?-- MALOTTE A45-9aceadahaac --?-- POWELL A45-9aceadahaacx --?-- --?-- A45-9aceadahaaca --?-- POWELL A45-9aceadahaacb --?-- POWELL A45-9aceadahaacc --?-- POWELL A45-9aceadahab Elda Marlene HOUSE A45-9aceadahabx --?-- JACOBS A45-9aceadahaba --?-- JACOBS A45-9aceadahabb --?-- JACOBS A45-9aceadahabc --?-- JACOBS A45-9aceadahaby Al HILLMAN A45-9aceadahac Duane Clyde HOUSE A45-9aceadahacx Darlene RAGSDALE A45-9aceadahaca Tammy HOUSE A45-9aceadahacax --?-- BARRETT A45-9aceadahacb --?-- HOUSE A45-9aceadahad Marilyn HOUSE A45-9aceadahadx Wayne WILKEN A45-9aceadahady --?-- MEEK A45-9aceadahb Alva Robert WOOD A45-9aceadahbx Beulah Edna KELLY A45-9aceadahba Eva Marie WOOD A45-9aceadahbax Ted MORSE A45-9aceadahbaa Dorothy MORSE A45-9aceadahbaax Charles GRIFFIN A45-9aceadahbaaa Marion Marie GRIFFIN A45-9aceadahbaab Elizabeth Frances GRIFFIN A45-9aceadahbab Leona Ruth MORSE A45-9aceadahbac Kathryn Colleen MORSE A45-9aceadahbacx Randy SMITH A45-9aceadahbaca Sarina Elaine SMITH A45-9aceadahbad Samuel Theodore MORSE A45-9aceadahbb Alva Robert WOOD ('Jr.') A45-9aceadahbbx Dee Ann MEHMEN A45-9aceadahbba Alva Robert WOOD ('III') A45-9aceadahbbb Roberta Ann WOOD A45-9aceadahbbbx Mark FONECIA A45-9aceadahbbba Michael FONECIA A45-9aceadahbbby Eric TATE A45-9aceadahbbbb Derek TATE A45-9aceadahbbbc Ryan TATE A45-9aceadahbbc Melissa Lee WOOD A45-9aceadahbbcx Robert BRILL A45-9aceadahbbca Megan BRILL A45-9aceadahbbcb Christopher Dillon BRILL A45-9aceadahbbd Dawn Michelle WOOD A45-9aceadahbbdx Larry SHAW A45-9aceadahbbda Jordan SHAW A45-9aceadahbbdb Justin SHAW A45-9aceadahbc Burl William WOOD A45-9aceadahbcx Linda CONNER A45-9aceadahbca Bradley William WOOD A45-9aceadahbcb Tracey Lee WOOD A45-9aceadahbcc Justin Vance WOOD A45-9aceadahbd Earl Allen WOOD A45-9aceadahbdx Debbie STERRETT A45-9aceadahbda Leslie Lynn WOOD A45-9aceadahbdb Kelly Allison WOOD A45-9aceadb Mary Jane FIELDEN A45-9aceadc James FIELDEN A45-9aceadd William FIELDEN A45-9aceade Alford FIELDEN A45-9aceadf Allen FIELDEN A45-9aceadfx Martha McGEE A45-9aceadg Sarah FIELDEN A45-9aceadh Elizabeth FIELDEN A45-9aceadi Richard Columbus FIELDEN A45-9aceadj Nancy Ann FIELDEN A45-9aceb William FIELDEN A45-9acebx Jennie ROE A45-9aceba Richard FIELDEN A45-9acebax Mahethlon --?-- A45-9acebaa Salina Jane FIELDEN A45-9acebaax James Harvey DINWIDDIE A45-9acebab James H. FIELDEN A45-9acebabx Larusha CORAM A45-9acebac Susannah FIELDEN A45-9acebacx Thomas SIMPKINS A45-9acebad Frances FIELDEN A45-9acebadx Frederick ELLER A45-9acebae William Berry FIELDEN A45-9acebaex Martha N. FRYE A45-9acebaea Richard Henry FIELDEN A45-9acebaeax Cordelia BALLINGER A45-9acebaeb Elbert F. FIELDEN A45-9acebaebx Mary A. HAWORTH A45-9acebaec Martin Luther FIELDEN A45-9acebaecx Matilda Jane HAWORTH (246 more entries on this branch, permission needed to publish names) A45-9acebaecy Nancy WEST (31 more entries on this branch, permission needed to publish names) A45-9acebaed L. Roe FIELDEN A45-9acebaedx M. A. TIMMONS A45-9acebaedy Alice N. TIMMONS A45-9acebaee Dr. Swan Russel FIELDEN A45-9acebaeex Ida J. ENGLAND A45-9acebaeey Ibby Arlonia DONAHEW A45-9acebaeez Mary Matilda NICELEY A45-9acebaef Laura Ellen FIELDEN A45-9acebaefx Samuel N. FENNELL A45-9acebaefy John Thomas ELMORE A45-9acebaeg George Burton FIELDEN A45-9acebaegx Tinnie NORTHERN A45-9acebaeh Fred L. FIELDEN A45-9acebaehx Lillie LOYD A45-9acebaei [A45-9acebdffx] Ben Bailey FIELDEN A45-9acebaeix [A45-9acebdff] Rosa A. FIELDEN A45-9acebaey Angeline NEAL A45-9acebaej Judson FIELDEN A45-9acebaek Sophia FIELDEN A45-9acebaekx Bert Thomas PRATT A45-9acebael Bertha Mae FIELDEN A45-9acebaelx William Harrison HODGE A45-9acebaf Elizabeth FIELDEN A45-9acebafx Ananias HANKINS A45-9acebag John R. FIELDEN A45-9acebagx Louvisa E. HANKINS A45-9acebagy Mary MORGAN A45-9acebb Dempsey FIELDEN A45-9acebbx Frances BAILEY A45-9acebba --?-- FIELDEN A45-9acebbb Richard FIELDEN A45-9acebbbx Mary MARTIN A45-9acebbby Mary E. BRIGHT A45-9acebbc William S. FIELDEN A45-9acebbcx Sarah HERRELL A45-9acebbd Josiah FIELDEN A45-9acebbdx Elizabeth Jane ELMORE A45-9acebbe Leander FIELDEN A45-9acebbex Louisa P. BARNES A45-9acebbea John David FIELDEN A45-9acebbeax Ova Zena HOUSEWORTH A45-9acebbeaa Mary Pairlee FIELDEN A45-9acebbeaax Edgar Bogartas HITT A45-9acebbeaaa Zenia Jane HITT A45-9acebbeaaax Calvin TAYLOR A45-9acebbeaaay Richard YOUNG A45-9acebbeaab Zilphia Elizabeth HITT A45-9acebbeaabx Harrison Franklin RUTLEDGE A45-9acebbeaaba Dr. Lowell Edison RUTLEDGE, M.D. A45-9acebbeaabax Laura Christine SOBEY A45-9acebbeaabb Ralph Windell RUTLEDGE A45-9acebbeaac [unnamed] HITT A45-9acebbeab Thomas Lee FIELDEN A45-9acebbeabx Johnnie A. THOMAS A45-9acebbeac Walter Scott FIELDEN A45-9acebbead Eldridge E. FIELDEN A45-9acebbeay Jane A. RILES A45-9acebbeae Versie Lou FIELDEN A45-9acebbeaex Joseph H. HOUSEWORTH A45-9acebbeaey Lumm FAULKNER A45-9acebbeaf Henry Carrell FIELDEN A45-9acebbeag John Alexander FIELDEN A45-9acebbeagx Pearl PILGRIM A45-9acebbeagy Myrtle C. MALONEY A45-9acebbeah Annie Mirtie FIELDEN A45-9acebbeahx Lafayette Fate CLEMENTS A45-9acebbeahy John F. MORROW A45-9acebbeai Allie Bertie FIELDEN A45-9acebbeaix Daniel George Washington PILGRIM A45-9acebbeaiy Bill DUNE A45-9acebbeaiz Thomas PRATT A45-9acebbeaj Jerome Davis FIELDEN A45-9acebbeajx Emma Della PILGRIM A45-9acebbeb William Carroll FIELDEN A45-9acebbebx Sarah Ann REYNOLDS A45-9acebbeba James Marion FIELDEN A45-9acebbebax Ella Cordilia GIPSON A45-9acebbebaa Carl Clinton FIELDEN A45-9acebbebaax Anice A. LANSDALE A45-9acebbebab Howard Harvey FIELDEN A45-9acebbebabx Alma J. VEST A45-9acebbebac Tiny Virgil FIELDEN A45-9acebbebacx Roy HARE A45-9acebbebacy Charles DODGEN A45-9acebbebad Dee FIELDEN A45-9acebbebae Lenard FIELDEN A45-9acebbebaf Almon Leo FIELDEN A45-9acebbebafx Letty Mae GORMAN A45-9acebbebag Clayton Henry FIELDEN A45-9acebbebagx Letha DELAVAN A45-9acebbebagy Calley CAPPS A45-9acebbebah Almeda FIELDEN A45-9acebbebahx George BABCOCK A45-9acebbebahy M.L. ROBERTS A45-9acebbebai Preston Franklin FIELDEN A45-9acebbebaix Julia TAGLIANETTI A45-9acebbebaiy [A45-9acebbebakx] Lila M. FIELDEN (nee McCOY) A45-9acebbebaj [unnamed] FIELDEN A45-9acebbebak Cleburn Dilane FIELDEN A45-9acebbebakx Lila M. McCOY A45-9acebbebaka Doris Jean FIELDEN A45-9acebbebakb Louis Wayne FIELDEN A45-9acebbebakc James Dennis FIELDEN A45-9acebbebakd [unnamed] FIELDEN A45-9acebbebal Ancil Clifton FIELDEN A45-9acebbebalx Opal Pearl PENTON A45-9acebbebaly Alice HAMILTON A45-9acebbebalz Elsie R. LEATH A45-9acebbebam Grace Ileta FIELDEN A45-9acebbebamx Curtis D. HALL A45-9acebbebay Denie --?-- A45-9acebbebb Louisa Elvira FIELDEN A45-9acebbebbx Ruben B. PATTERSON A45-9acebbebc Laura Melvina FIELDEN A45-9acebbebcx George Henry WALLER A45-9acebbebca Hurshal W. WALLER A45-9acebbebcax Omah D. FLOWERS A45-9acebbebcaa G.B. WALLER A45-9acebbebcaax Annabelle WILSON A45-9acebbebcaaa Nadra C. WALLER A45-9acebbebcaaax Don SMITH A45-9acebbebcaaaa Michael D. SMITH A45-9acebbebcaaab Dana Michelle SMITH A45-9acebbebcaab David Michial WALLER A45-9acebbebcaabx Linda Ann WILLIS A45-9acebbebcaaba Michael B. WALLER A45-9acebbebcaabb David P. WALLER A45-9acebbebcaabc Mark E. WALLER A45-9acebbebcaac Kimberly Dawn WALLER A45-9acebbebcaacx Mark A. LOFTIS A45-9acebbebcaaca Aaron C. LOFTIS A45-9acebbebcaad Kylie Shannon WALLER A45-9acebbebcaadx --?-- WELCH A45-9acebbebcab Thomas H. WALLER A45-9acebbebcabx Johnnie M. SWANNER A45-9acebbebcaba Linda Lue WALLER A45-9acebbebcabax Jerome WAGNER A45-9acebbebcabaa Mark A. WAGNER A45-9acebbebcac Christelle WALLER A45-9acebbebcacx Charles M. JACKSON A45-9acebbebcaca Carolyn A. JACKSON A45-9acebbebcacax James R. BOMAN A45-9acebbebcacaa Chris A. BOMAN A45-9acebbebcad Loyd E. WALLER A45-9acebbebcadx Peggy McKINLEY A45-9acebbebcada Tommy E. WALLER A45-9acebbebcadax Sandra --?-- A45-9acebbebcadaa Teresa WALLER A45-9acebbebcadab Bobby WALLER A45-9acebbebcadb Sherry L. WALLER A45-9acebbebcadbx Robert Paul KNABENSHUE A45-9acebbebcadba Jennifer L. KNABENSHUE A45-9acebbebcadbax --?-- MANGHAM A45-9acebbebcadbb Robin L. KNABENSHUE A45-9acebbebcadbc Renee L. KNABENSHUE A45-9acebbebcadbcx --?-- SANDERS A45-9acebbebcadbd Denise KNABENSHUE A45-9acebbebcadbdx Nic REYNOLDS A45-9acebbebcadbda Ava Claire REYNOLDS A45-9acebbebcadbdb Emma Grace REYNOLDS A45-9acebbebcadc Tina M. WALLER A45-9acebbebcady Marilyn S. WILLIAM A45-9acebbebcadd Marsha S. WALLER A45-9acebbebcade Eugenia D. WALLER A45-9acebbebcb Audie Lawson WALLER A45-9acebbebcbx Willie Mae STRINGER A45-9acebbebcba Mary Melvina WALLER A45-9acebbebcbax Horace D. DOW A45-9acebbebcbaa Karolyn Ann DOW A45-9acebbebcbaax Patrick JONES A45-9acebbebcbaaa Natalie K. JONES A45-9acebbebcbaaax Chris CARROLL A45-9acebbebcbaaaa Hannah CARROLL A45-9acebbebcbaaab Weston CARROLL A45-9acebbebcbaaac Cayden CARROLL A45-9acebbebcbaab Michael Scott JONES A45-9acebbebcbaac Ashley JONES A45-9acebbebcbaacx Ryan DILLARD A45-9acebbebcbaaca Faith DILLARD A45-9acebbebcbaacb Luke DILLARD A45-9acebbebcbaacc Audrey DILLARD A45-9acebbebcbaacd Elly DILLARD A45-9acebbebcbaad Alexander JONES A45-9acebbebcbab Guy L. DOW A45-9acebbebcbabx Joyce FARQUHAR A45-9acebbebcbaba Bradley Scott DOW A45-9acebbebcbabax Amy CLANTON A45-9acebbebcbabaa Charley Kate DOW A45-9acebbebcbabb Emily DOW A45-9acebbebcbabc Kayla DOW A45-9acebbebcbac Daniel S. DOW A45-9acebbebcbacx Diana BROCK A45-9acebbebcbaca Matthew DOW A45-9acebbebcbacax Sarah Grace --?-- A45-9acebbebcbacaa Everlee DOW A45-9acebbebcbacb James DOW A45-9acebbebcbacbx Melody M. WELSH A45-9acebbebcbacba Titus DOW A45-9acebbebcbacc Andrew DOW A45-9acebbebcbaccx Heather MANZ A45-9acebbebcbacd Timothy DOW A45-9acebbebcbb Kathryn V. WALLER A45-9acebbebcbbx Sidney W. FEARS A45-9acebbebcbba Anthony W. FEARS A45-9acebbebcbbax Vickie MORRIS A45-9acebbebcbbb David L. FEARS A45-9acebbebcbc James L. WALLER A45-9acebbebcbcx Beth SNIDER A45-9acebbebcbca Gayle Jo WALLER A45-9acebbebcbcax Gary Lee JONES A45-9acebbebcbcb Mary R. WALLER A45-9acebbebcbcbx Dickie OWENS A45-9acebbebcbcba Jeremy OWENS A45-9acebbebcbcbb Amber OWENS A45-9acebbebcc Bessie Mae WALLER A45-9acebbebccx Alvin Bradshaw ALEXANDER A45-9acebbebcca Mattie Lee ALEXANDER A45-9acebbebccb Sigsby C. ALEXANDER A45-9acebbebccc Ala Fay ALEXANDER A45-9acebbebcd Edith Gertrude WALLER A45-9acebbebcdx Lloyd Green BAIRD ('Sr.') A45-9acebbebcda Lloyd Green BAIRD ('Jr.') A45-9acebbebcdax Frances GREEN A45-9acebbebcdaa Phillip D. BAIRD A45-9acebbebcdb Edith Charlene BAIRD A45-9acebbebcdbx James Earl BLACKSTONE A45-9acebbebcdba Mark Lloyd BLACKSTONE< A45-9acebbebcdbax Deanne CAIN A45-9acebbebcdbaa Bethany Dalene BLACKSTONE A45-9acebbebcdbay Gena Kay WUNDT A45-9acebbebcdbab Rebecca Elise BLACKSTONE A45-9acebbebcdbac Anna Clarissa BLACKSTONE A45-9acebbebcdbb Karen Denise BLACKSTONE A45-9acebbebcdbbx Wayne Harold MOTSINGER A45-9acebbebcdbba Kevin Paul MOTSINGER A45-9acebbebce Alton Cleo WALLER A45-9acebbebcex Bonnie ROSE A45-9acebbebcea Alton WALLER A45-9acebbebceax Gladys GANT A45-9acebbebceb Lola Gertrude WALLER A45-9acebbebcebx William Herbert LIVELY A45-9acebbebcec William Alfred WALLER A45-9acebbebcecx Judy --?-- A45-9acebbebcecy Marilyn SUMMERS A45-9acebbebced Laura Sue WALLER A45-9acebbebcedx Felix Renon MONTGOMERY A45-9acebbebcedy William KOLTHOFF A45-9acebbebcedz Doyle WILLIAMS A45-9acebbebcee Harold WALLER A45-9acebbebceex Bettie PICKLE A45-9acebbebceea Carol Lyn WALLER A45-9acebbebceeb Carla WALLER A45-9acebbebceebx Charles Warren HARPER A45-9acebbebceeba Chloe HARPER A45-9acebbebcf George Neva WALLER A45-9acebbebcfx Ruby Lee --?-- A45-9acebbebcfa Wayburn David WALLER A45-9acebbebcfax Loyce Fredine TIBBITTS A45-9acebbebcfaa Wayburn David WALLER ('II') A45-9acebbebcfaax Julie Ann HAYS A45-9acebbebcfaaa Wayburn David WALLER ('III') A45-9acebbebcfaaax Michelle ORTIZ A45-9acebbebcfaaaa Weston WALLER A45-9acebbebcfaaab Davey WALLER A45-9acebbebcfaab Stephanie Ann WALLER A45-9acebbebcfaabx Michael SMITH A45-9acebbebcfaaba Mae Mae SMITH A45-9acebbebcfaabb Macy SMITH A45-9acebbebcfaac Laurie Marie WALLER A45-9acebbebcfab Wanetta D. WALLER A45-9acebbebcg Almon D. WALLER A45-9acebbebcgx Janie Maxine LOVELADY A45-9acebbebcga Jane Anne WALLER A45-9acebbebcgb George W. WALLER A45-9acebbebcgbx Florence G. LEE A45-9acebbebcgba Andre Lee WALLER A45-9acebbebcgbb Joanie G. WALLER A45-9acebbebcgy Bobbie Jean WOODARD A45-9acebbebcgc Waylon D. WALLER A45-9acebbebcgcx Debbie LAWRENCE A45-9acebbebcgca Jennifer M. WALLER A45-9acebbebcgcb Bradley T. WALLER A45-9acebbebcgd Alan R. WALLER A45-9acebbebcgdx Glenda GOODMAN A45-9acebbebcgda Scott A. WALLER A45-9acebbebcge Dan L. WALLER A45-9acebbebch Sybil Maurene WALLER A45-9acebbebchx Rene LANGFORD A45-9acebbebcha Glendel Rene LANGFORD A45-9acebbebchax Mary E. WATSON A45-9acebbebchaa Waylon D. LANGFORD A45-9acebbebchab Travis G. LANGFORD A45-9acebbebchb Patricia M. LANGFORD A45-9acebbebchy James NORTON A45-9acebbebchz Robert CATHCART A45-9acebbebd John Henry FIELDEN A45-9acebbebdx Clyde Hattie FINLEY A45-9acebbebda Virgil Alva FIELDEN A45-9acebbebdax Estelle BARNETT A45-9acebbebdaa Barbara Jean FIELDEN A45-9acebbebdaax Charles ROBERTSON A45-9acebbebdab Virgil Alva FIELDEN ('Jr.') A45-9acebbebdabx Carolyn TICE A45-9acebbebdac Edith Ann FIELDEN A45-9acebbebdacx Sherman TINNES A45-9acebbebdaca Christy Ann FIELDEN A45-9acebbebdacb Cynthia A. FIELDEN A45-9acebbebdy Mary Lou SMITH A45-9acebbebdb Gertrude Willette FIELDEN A45-9acebbebdbx Clifford E. MAPLES A45-9acebbebdby Melvin ROBERTSON A45-9acebbebdbz Howard WOELTJI A45-9acebbebdbs William GOODRICH A45-9acebbebdbt John L. CARVER A45-9acebbebdbß James E. SPANGLER A45-9acebbebdc Woodrow Wilson FIELDEN A45-9acebbebdcx Lillian YANCY A45-9acebbebdcy Maria G. RODRIQUEZ A45-9acebbebdca Jeanette Gertrude FIELDEN A45-9acebbebdcax Freddie ANGE A45-9acebbebdcaa Anthony Scott ANGE A45-9acebbebdcay Tom J. REECE A45-9acebbebdcab Michael Todd REECE A45-9acebbebdcb Dolores Ann FIELDEN A45-9acebbebdcbx Jack D. STAUSS A45-9acebbebdcba Jack Dean STAUSS ('Jr.') A45-9acebbebdcbb Joseph D. STAUSS A45-9acebbebdcbc Sharisse Deanne STAUSS A45-9acebbebdcbcx --?-- --?-- A45-9acebbebdcbca Lachlan --?-- A45-9acebbebdcby --?-- WELLS A45-9acebbebdcc John William FIELDEN A45-9acebbebdccx Shellie Fanton COOKE A45-9acebbebdcca Narayana Kealoha FIELDEN A45-9acebbebdccax Kelli SHAFER A45-9acebbebdccaaKaila Rain FIELDEN A45-9acebbebdccb Kesava Krishna FIELDEN A45-9acebbebdccc Rachel Nicole FIELDEN A45-9acebbebdz Ann --?-- A45-9acebbebe Charles William FIELDEN A45-9acebbebex Claudia M. HERRING A45-9acebbebea Lewis Carroll FIELDEN A45-9acebbebeax Mary Frances SHARP A45-9acebbebeaa Marilyn FIELDEN A45-9acebbebeaax Wayne MARTINDALE A45-9acebbebeaaa James MARTINDALE A45-9acebbebeaab Jeffery MARTINDALE A45-9acebbebeaac John MARTINDALE A45-9acebbebeab Carolyn FIELDEN A45-9acebbebeabx Gary ARCHBOLD A45-9acebbebeaba Christina ARCHBOLD A45-9acebbebeabb Roy Glenn ARCHBOLD A45-9acebbebeb Charlene FIELDEN A45-9acebbebebx Robert COOK A45-9acebbebeba Sherry COOK A45-9acebbebebb Robbie COOK A45-9acebbebebc Linda COOK A45-9acebbebey Maggie --?-- A45-9acebbebf Sarah Jane FIELDEN A45-9acebbebfx Jack M. PATTERSON A45-9acebbebfy Oliver H. QUARLES A45-9acebbebg Pairlee Carter FIELDEN A45-9acebbebgx Arthur LASTER A45-9acebbebga Frank H. LASTER A45-9acebbebgax Edna WALKER A45-9acebbebgaa William A. LASTER A45-9acebbebgaax Alice HAAS A45-9acebbebgaaa William W. LASTER A45-9acebbebgaab Jean E. LASTER A45-9acebbebgaac Bruce E. LASTER A45-9acebbebgab Ruby L. LASTER A45-9acebbebgabx Henry PARKHILL A45-9acebbebgaba Susan G. PARKHILL A45-9acebbebgabax --?-- MARTINEZ A45-9acebbebgabaa Micah Logan MARTINEZ A45-9acebbebgabab Connor MARTINEZ A45-9acebbebgabac Amanda MARTINEZ A45-9acebbebgabb David C. PARKHILL A45-9acebbebgabbx Barbara MEYERS A45-9acebbebgabba Michell L. PARKHILL A45-9acebbebgac Gertrude A. LASTER A45-9acebbebgay Margie --?-- A45-9acebbebgb Rena M. LASTER A45-9acebbebgbx Levi C. SMITH A45-9acebbebgba Wanda J. SMITH A45-9acebbebgbax Milton KNIGHT A45-9acebbebgbaa Rena F. KNIGHT A45-9acebbebgbab Stanley L. KNIGHT A45-9acebbebgc Arva Marie LASTER A45-9acebbebgcx Ivan Dean TURNER A45-9acebbebgca Peggy Joan TURNER A45-9acebbebgcax Earl Edwin HOLDEN A45-9acebbebgcaa Linda Lorraine HOLDEN A45-9acebbebgcaax Chris COX A45-9acebbebgcaaa Ryan COX A45-9acebbebgcab Marc William HOLDEN A45-9acebbebgcac Paul James HOLDEN A45-9acebbebgcacx Wendy --?-- A45-9acebbebgcaca Olivia HOLDEN A45-9acebbebgcacb Miranda HOLDEN A45-9acebbebgcb Jay E. TURNER A45-9acebbebgcbx Kathleen F. MARSH A45-9acebbebgcba Mary S. TURNER A45-9acebbebgcbb Rebecca M. TURNER A45-9acebbebgcbbu --?-- --?-- A45-9acebbebgcbba Sarah K. TURNER A45-9acebbebgcbc Ronald J. TURNER A45-9acebbebgcy Vernon CAIN A45-9acebbebgd Edith P. LASTER A45-9acebbebgdx Richard MORGAN A45-9acebbebgda Norma Jean MORGAN A45-9acebbebgdax John W. LEE A45-9acebbebgdaa John W. LEE A45-9acebbebgdaax Wendy SMITH A45-9acebbebgdaaaFrosty D. LEE A45-9acebbebgdaay Ramona GRANT A45-9acebbebgdab Terry M. LEE A45-9acebbebgdabx Mary J. --?-- A45-9acebbebgdac Robert A. LEE A45-9acebbebgdb Blanche O. MORGAN A45-9acebbebgdy Robert RUDICHAR A45-9acebbebgdc Robert W. RUDICHAR A45-9acebbebgdcx Kathleen --?-- A45-9acebbebgdca Chris RUDICHAR A45-9acebbebgdcb Peter RUDICHAR A45-9acebbebgdcc Jim Bob RUDICHAR A45-9acebbebgy Floyd BESSENT A45-9acebbebge Glenn Dee BESSENT A45-9acebbebgex Lula Merle TUCKER A45-9acebbebgea Lynette BESSENT A45-9acebbebgeax Arthur F. LOVE A45-9acebbebgeaa Lori Dee LOVE A45-9acebbebgeaax Steve --?-- A45-9acebbebgeaaa Steven --?-- A45-9acebbebgeaab Evan --?-- A45-9acebbebgeay Charles A. SUTHERLAND A45-9acebbebgeab William A. SUTHERLAND A45-9acebbebgeabx --?-- --?-- A45-9acebbebgeaba Alex SUTHERLAND A45-9acebbebgeabb Liam SUTHERLAND A45-9acebbebgeaz Quinton COOK A45-9acebbebgeas Dale BAIRD A45-9acebbebgeb Bobby Lynn BESSENT A45-9acebbebgebx Diane CASPER A45-9acebbebgeba Michael L. BESSENT A45-9acebbebgebax --?-- --?-- A45-9acebbebgebaa Ashley BESSENT A45-9acebbebgeby Sandra TOWNZER A45-9acebbebgebb Tobie Lynn BESSENT A45-9acebbebgebbx Warren SNYDER A45-9acebbebgebba Alex SNYDER A45-9acebbebgebbb Mark SNYDER A45-9acebbebgebbc Hans SNYDER A45-9acebbebgebc Tabitha D. BESSENT A45-9acebbebgebcx Steven HAUTAMAKI A45-9acebbebgebca Reagan HAUTAMAKI A45-9acebbebgec Glenda J. BESSENT A45-9acebbebgecx Stephen WAGNER A45-9acebbebgeca James G. WAGNER A45-9acebbebgecax --?-- --?-- A45-9acebbebgecaa Aaron WAGNER A45-9acebbebgecb Christi M. WAGNER A45-9acebbebgecbx --?-- --?-- A45-9acebbebgecba Brianna --?-- A45-9acebbebgecy --?-- SIDBERRY A45-9acebbebged Gary Don BESSENT A45-9acebbebgedx Vickie G. MILLER A45-9acebbebgeda Shea Lynn BESSENT A45-9acebbebgedax Joe --?-- A45-9acebbebgedb Gary Dee BESSENT A45-9acebbebgedbx --?-- --?-- A45-9acebbebgedba Roy BESSENT A45-9acebbebgedy --?-- --?-- A45-9acebbebh Lee Andrew Pruitt FIELDEN A45-9acebbebhx Beryl M. COTHERN A45-9acebbebha Donald Lee FIELDEN A45-9acebbebhax Frances F. TRAUGH A45-9acebbebhaa Donley Bruce FIELDEN A45-9acebbebhab Walter Scott FIELDEN A45-9acebbebhabx Clara Elizabeth WASSOM A45-9acebbebhaba Amanda Elizabeth FIELDEN A45-9acebbebhabb Jennifer Alexis FIELDEN A45-9acebbebhabc Michael Scott FIELDEN A45-9acebbebhabd Jason Thomas FIELDEN A45-9acebbebhac Daniel Curtis FIELDEN A45-9acebbebhacx Cheryl BARRINGER A45-9acebbebhay Helen E. MILLER A45-9acebbebhy Betty E. FURRH A45-9acebbec Henry Franklin FIELDEN A45-9acebbecx M.A. HOUSEWORTH A45-9acebbecy Mary Ann STONE A45-9acebbed Jane L. FIELDEN A45-9acebbedx Joe L. DAVIDSON A45-9acebbee Charles T. FIELDEN A45-9acebbeex Amelia BULL A45-9acebbf Mary Ann FIELDEN A45-9acebbfx James Henry LEWIS A45-9acebc Susannah FIELDEN A45-9acebcx Joel ELMORE A45-9acebd Berry G. FIELDEN A45-9acebdx Sally NEAL A45-9acebda William FIELDEN A45-9acebdax Margaret SIMPSON A45-9acebday Fannie W. HERNDON A45-9acebdb Martha FIELDEN A45-9acebdbx Nathan McGEE A45-9acebdby Allen FIELDEN A45-9acebdc James FIELDEN A45-9acebdcx Sarah HANKINS A45-9acebdca Rosannah FIELDEN A45-9acebdd Elvin FIELDEN A45-9acebddx Mary J. HINES A45-9acebde Nancy FIELDEN A45-9acebdf Berry Grover FIELDEN A45-9acebdfx Martha Jane NICELY A45-9acebdfa Almeda Narsissis FIELDEN A45-9acebdfax Evan C. PATE A45-9acebdfaa Eva PATE A45-9acebdfab Ivan PATE A45-9acebdfac Austin R. PATE A45-9acebdfacx Zella VOWELLS A45-9acebdfad Lottie PATE A45-9acebdfae John Lee PATE A45-9acebdfb Samuel Lee FIELDEN A45-9acebdfbx Oma MOHON A45-9acebdfc Ida May FIELDEN A45-9acebdfcx James WATSON A45-9acebdfd William Berry FIELDEN A45-9acebdfe Lena Ann FIELDEN A45-9acebdfex John Jackson MOHON A45-9acebdfea Pauline MOHON A45-9acebdfeax Ralph Andrew BARNEY A45-9acebdfeaa Judith Ann BARNEY A45-9acebdfeaax --?-- --?-- A45-9acebdfeaay Ken KARPINSKI A45-9acebdfeb John Jackson MOHON A45-9acebdfebx Elizabeth --?-- A45-9acebdfec James Howard MOHON A45-9acebdfecx Marguerite H. GANTT A45-9acebdff [A45-9acebaeix] Rosa A. FIELDEN A45-9acebdffx [A45-9acebaei] Ben Bailey FIELDEN A45-9acebdfg Temple Roe FIELDEN A45-9acebdfgx Vitula COLLINS A45-9acebdfga Jessie Roe FIELDEN A45-9acebdfgax John R. BERRY A45-9acebdfgb Lillian Ada FIELDEN A45-9acebdfgbx Bruce TIPPIN A45-9acebdfgc Mary Katherine FIELDEN A45-9acebdfgcx Ray Lee HOLLAND A45-9acebdfh Nina Bell FIELDEN A45-9acebdfi Mamie Eula FIELDEN A45-9acebdfix J.R. CRAWFORD A45-9acebdfia Mary Louise CRAWFORD A45-9acebdfiax --?-- LINDSEY A45-9acebdfiaa James LINDSEY A45-9acebdfiay Frank BERGER A45-9acebdfiaz E.R. CASPER A45-9acebdfib Martha Alice CRAWFORD A45-9acebdfibx Leroy REYNOLDS A45-9acebdfiba Barbara Ann REYNOLDS A45-9acebdfibax Lewis Eugene VANDIVER A45-9acebdfibaa Susan Ann VANDIVER A45-9acebdfibaax Gary LINVILLE A45-9acebdfibaaa Carly Jo LINVILLE A45-9acebdfibaab Barbara Louise LINVILLE A45-9acebdfibab Jeffery Lewis VANDIVER A45-9acebdfibabx Nancy PRADOS A45-9acebdfibaba Jason VANDIVER A45-9acebdfibabb Nathan VANDIVER A45-9acebdfibabc Justin C. VANDIVER A45-9acebdfibb Jack William REYNOLDS A45-9acebdfibbx Bettye Darlynn PERKINS A45-9acebdfibba William Todd REYNOLDS A45-9acebdfibbax Paula J. ITSCHNER A45-9acebdfibbb Jack Bradford REYNOLDS A45-9acebdfibbbx Pamela J. HALL A45-9acebdfibbba Joshua Bradley REYNOLDS A45-9acebdfibbbax Jennifer Rose PAYNE A45-9acebdfibbbaa Ashton Leah REYNOLDS A45-9acebdfibbby Denise C. CONDER A45-9acebdfibbc Bryan S.L. REYNOLDS A45-9acebdfibbcx Sandy L. McDANIEL A45-9acebdfibbca Lauren Ashley REYNOLDS A45-9acebdfibbcb Adam REYNOLDS A45-9acebdfibbcc Brooklynn REYNOLDS A45-9acebdfibc Patricia Lou REYNOLDS A45-9acebdfibcx Charles W. BAIZE A45-9acebdfibca Nikke Lynn BAIZE A45-9acebdfibd Linda Lee REYNOLDS A45-9acebdfibdx Charles W. GREENWELL A45-9acebdfibda Charles Nicholas GREENWELL A45-9acebdfibdy Joseph Daniel McNULTY A45-9acebdfibdb Lee J. McNULTY A45-9acebdfic James Oliver CRAWFORD A45-9acebdfj James Oliver FIELDEN A45-9acebdfk Bessie Ula FIELDEN A45-9acebdfl Susie Etta FIELDEN A45-9acebdg [A45-9acfabgx] John FIELDEN A45-9acebdgx [A45-9acfabg] Sarah FIELDEN A45-9acebdga Virginia J. FIELDEN A45-9acebdh Mary Ann FIELDEN A45-9acebdhx William A. GALBRAITH A45-9acebdha Clara GALBRAITH A45-9acebdi Calvin FIELDEN A45-9acebdix Melissa HANKINS A45-9acebe [daughter] FIELDEN A45-9aceby Maria L. HOLSTON A45-9acebz Debra SMITH A45-9acf --?-- FIELDEN A45-9acfx --?-- --?-- A45-9acfa James FIELDEN A45-9ay --?-- --?-- A45-9b Abraham FIELDEN A45-9bx Grace SUTCLIFFE A45-9c Thomas FIELDEN A45-9cx Alice LEES A45-9ca John FIELDEN A45-9d Samuel FIELDEN A45-9dx Elizabeth VEEPON A45-9da Susanna FIELDEN A45-9db Ellen FIELDEN A45-9dc Mary FIELDEN A45-9dd Martha FIELDEN A45-9de Joshua FIELDEN A45-9dex Mary MERRICK A45-9dea Ann FIELDEN A45-9deax Simeon LORD A45-9deaa John LORD A45-9deab Mary LORD A45-9deac Joshua LORD A45-9deacx Alice CLEGG A45-9dead Simeon LORD A45-9deadx Mary HYDE A45-9deada Sarah Ann LORD A45-9deadax David RAMSAY, M.D. A45-9deadaa Mary Louisa RAMSAY A45-9deadaax Alexander LEARMONTH A45-9deadaaa Sarah LEARMONTH A45-9deadaaax George John SCALE A45-9deadaab Anne LEARMONTH A45-9deadaac Alexander LEARMONTH A45-9deadaad Ramsay LEARMONTH A45-9deadaae Mary LEARMONTH A45-9deadaaf McCheyne LEARMONTH A45-9deadab Sarah Elisabeth RAMSAY A45-9deadabx Buchan THOMSON A45-9deadaba Buchan THOMSON A45-9deadabb Amelia Sarah THOMSON A45-9deadac Isabella Helen RAMSAY A45-9deadacx John BELISARIO, D.D.S. A45-9deadaca John E. BELISARIO A45-9deadacb Clive Ramsay Da Costa BELISARIO A45-9deadacc Ethel Margaret BELISARIO A45-9deadacd Isabella Sarah Louisa BELISARIO A45-9deadace Catherine Olive BELISARIO A45-9deadacf John Buchan BELISARIO A45-9deadacg Guy Alexander Fernandez BELISARIO A45-9deadad David RAMSAY A45-9deadadx Katherine Dorothy DE MESTRE A45-9deadada David RAMSAY A45-9deadadb James Edward RAMSAY, M.D. A45-9deadadc Charles De Mestre RAMSAY A45-9deadadd Lord Livingstone RAMSAY A45-9deadade Archibald Ernest RAMSAY A45-9deadadf Roderic Rupert RAMSAY A45-9deadadg Kate Louisa RAMSAY A45-9deadadh Margaret Marceline RAMSAY A45-9deadadi Kenelm Kierston RAMSAY A45-9deadae Louisa RAMSAY A45-9deadaex Alexander Campbell BUDGE A45-9deadaea [unnamed son] BUDGE A45-9deadaf Margaret RAMSAY A45-9deadag James RAMSAY A45-9deadagx Emilie FORDE A45-9deadaga James Allan RAMSAY A45-9deadagb David Bruce RAMSAY A45-9deadagc Edward Lord RAMSAY A45-9deadagd Eleanor Louisa RAMSAY A45-9deadah [unnamed son] RAMSAY A45-9deadai Edward Pearson RAMSAY A45-9deadaix Ellen Eliza FOX A45-9deadaia Sarah Beatrice RAMSAY A45-9deadaib Edward Henry Pearson RAMSAY A45-9deadaic Margaret Isobel RAMSAY A45-9deadaid John Simeon Pearson RAMSAY A45-9deadaie Mary Edith RAMSAY A45-9deadaif Neroli Gabrielle RAMSAY A45-9deadaj John Simeon RAMSAY A45-9deadajx Elizabeth Frances Madeleine LA BARTE A45-9deadak [A45-9deadhfx] Percy Robert RAMSAY A45-9deadakx [A45-9deadhf] Emmeline Rebecca Marie LORD A45-9deadaka [A45-9deadhfa] Emmeline Lord RAMSAY A45-9deadakb [A45-9deadhfb] David Lord RAMSAY A45-9deadakc [A45-9deadhfc] Mary Louisa RAMSAY A45-9deadakd [A45-9deadhfd] Madeline RAMSAY A45-9deadake [A45-9deadhfe] Percy Lord RAMSAY A45-9deadb Louisa LORD A45-9deadbx Alexander DICK A45-9deadba John DICK A45-9deadbb Augustus DICK A45-9deadbc Eliza DICK A45-9deadbd [------] DICK A45-9deadbe [------] DICK A45-9deadbf --?-- DICK A45-9deadbg Rosa DICK A45-9deadbh Flora Louisa Ramsay DICK A45-9deadbi William Allan Tritton DICK A45-9deadbj --?-- DICK (f) A45-9deadbk Charles DICK A45-9deadbl Sarah Mary Ramsay DICK A45-9deadc Simeon LORD A45-9deadcx Sarah BIRCH A45-9deadca Francis Allan LORD A45-9deadcax Annie Louisa O'BRIEN A45-9deadcb Louisa LORD A45-9deadcbx William Alcock TULLY A45-9deadcba Collingwood TULLY A45-9deadcbb Kate Alexandra Mary TULLY A45-9deadcbc Louisa Blanche TULLY A45-9deadcc William LORD A45-9deadcd George LORD A45-9deadce Edward LORD A45-9deadcf Emma LORD A45-9deadcfx George John Taylor AIREY A45-9deadcfa [son] AIREY A45-9deadcfb Eliza M.M. AIREY A45-9deadcfc Amy L. Beatrice AIREY A45-9deadcfd Alice Pearl AIREY A45-9deadcfe George C.V. AIREY A45-9deadcff Emma R.M. AIREY A45-9deadcfg Ina K.M. AIREY A45-9deadcg Frederick LORD A45-9deadcgx Mary Da Costa WARNER A45-9deadcga Emily Louisa LORD A45-9deadcgb Ernest Frederick LORD A45-9deadcgc Charles Stuart LORD A45-9deadcgd Arthur Wilfred LORD A45-9deadcge Elsie Clara Burnett LORD A45-9deadch Robert Stuart LORD A45-9deadchx Louise STABLE A45-9deadci Simeon Fitzherbert LORD A45-9deadcix Mary ROSS A45-9deadcia Ruby Waldrick LORD A45-9deadcib Evelyn Moondaroo LORD A45-9deadcj Alfred Percy LORD A45-9deadcjx Catherine Anne Louise HILLCOAT A45-9deadcja Robert Percy LORD A45-9deadcjb Reginald Simeon LORD A45-9deadcjc Catherine Ruby LORD A45-9deadcjd Mabel Beryl LORD A45-9deadcje Alfred Victor LORD A45-9deadcjf Francis Guy LORD A45-9deadcjg Arthur Brougham LORD A45-9deadcjh Louisa Pearl Gertrude LORD A45-9deadcjy Amy Katherine --?-- A45-9deadd Francis LORD A45-9deaddx Barbara MILL A45-9deadda Mary LORD A45-9deaddax Richard Randolph MacHATTIE A45-9deaddaa Ethel Mary MacHATTIE A45-9deaddab Mabel Margaret MacHATTIE A45-9deaddac Gertrude Constance MacHATTIE A45-9deaddad Genevieve Louise MacHATTIE A45-9deaddadx Ewen Fergus MacPHERSON A45-9deaddae Kathleen Marion Smith MacHATTIE A45-9deaddaf Valentine Irene MacHATTIE A45-9deaddag Mary Ainsworth MacHATTIE A45-9deaddah Pearl E. MacHATTIE A45-9deaddy Mary HANESWORTH A45-9deaddb Sarah LORD A45-9deaddbx Francis HIXSON A45-9deaddba Francis W. HIXSON A45-9deaddbb Edward M. HIXSON A45-9deaddbc [son] HIXSON A45-9deaddbd Herbert O.H. HIXSON A45-9deaddbe Henry(?) HIXSON A45-9deaddbf Anne Madeleine Mary HIXSON A45-9deaddbg Mabel Alice Emmeline HIXSON A45-9deaddbh Florence H. HIXSON A45-9deaddc Louisa LORD A45-9deaddcx John LIVING A45-9deaddca Constance C. LIVING A45-9deaddcb Harriet L. LIVING A45-9deaddcc Annie Genevieve LIVING A45-9deaddcd Mary LIVING A45-9deaddce George John LIVING A45-9deaddd Genevieve Elizabeth LORD A45-9deadddx John Thomas Ewing GOWLLAND A45-9deaddda John V.C.R. GOWLLAND A45-9deadddb Percy Hartwell GOWLLAND A45-9deadddc Mary Maude GOWLLAND A45-9deadddy Donnelly FISHER A45-9deadddd Edith Eleanor W. FISHER A45-9deaddde Arthur D.W. FISHER A45-9deadddf Thomas I.W. FISHER A45-9deadde Francis LORD A45-9deaddex Alice Emily WILSHIRE A45-9deaddea Leslie LORD A45-9deaddeb Alice Eliza LORD A45-9deaddec Francis Arthur LORD A45-9deadded Mary Isobel LORD A45-9deaddee John Naughton Cecil LORD A45-9deaddef Hector Pitt LORD A45-9deaddeg Southwell Austin LORD A45-9deaddeh Walter Bernard LORD A45-9deaddei Ruth LORD A45-9deaddej Roy Septimus LORD A45-9deaddek Enid K. LORD A45-9deaddel Keith LORD A45-9deaddem Harry Pitt LORD A45-9deaddf Edward E. LORD A45-9deaddg Charles Septimus LORD A45-9deaddgx Bertha KERR A45-9deaddga Marjorie Ainsworth LORD A45-9deade Edward LORD A45-9deadex Lucy HYDE A45-9deadea David LORD A45-9deadeb Walter LORD A45-9deadec Caroline LORD A45-9deaded Blanche De Mestre LORD A45-9deadedx Alfred George MILSON A45-9deadeda Muriel Hyde MILSON A45-9deadedb James Lord MILSON A45-9deadee Esther M. LORD A45-9deadef John LORD A45-9deadeg Edward Wason LORD A45-9deadeh Lucy F. LORD A45-9deadei Rupert Hyde LORD A45-9deadeix Enid Beatrice Joan BRODIE A45-9deadeia John Hyde LORD A45-9deadeib Nancy J.H. LORD A45-9deadej Edith Corrie LORD A45-9deadejx Oliver GEORGE A45-9deadf Thomas LORD A45-9deadg George William LORD A45-9deadgx Elizabeth Puckeridge LEE A45-9deadga Ada Mary LORD A45-9deadgax Wilfred Lawrence DOCKER A45-9deadgaa --?-- DOCKER A45-9deadgab --?-- DOCKER A45-9deadgb Florence Lucy LORD A45-9deadgbx Arthur Robert DOCKER A45-9deadgba Madeleine Murray DOCKER A45-9deadgbb George Arthur M. DOCKER A45-9deadgbc Elizabeth Harrison DOCKER A45-9deadgbd Isabella May H. DOCKER A45-9deadgbe Wilfred B. DOCKER A45-9deadgbf Dorothy L. DOCKER A45-9deadgbg Florence M.F. DOCKER A45-9deadgc George Lee LORD A45-9deadgcx Mary Caroline SMITH A45-9deadgca Brenda Lee LORD A45-9deadgd Madeline Louisa LORD A45-9deadge Herbert Edward LORD A45-9deadgex --?-- GILCHRIST A45-9deadgf Henry LORD A45-9deadgfx Grace STEPHENS A45-9deadgfa William Henry LORD A45-9deadh Robert Charles LORD A45-9deadhx Elizabeth A. WOOD A45-9deadha Robert Garwick LORD A45-9deadhb Elizabeth Anne LORD A45-9deadhbx Henry Palmer ABBOTT A45-9deadhba Elizabeth Ann Lucy ABBOTT A45-9deadhbb Thomas Henry ABBOTT A45-9deadhbc Henry Palmer ABBOTT A45-9deadhbd Eleanor Kingsmill ABBOTT A45-9deadhbe Melanie Mary Lord ABBOTT A45-9deadhc Mary Helen LORD A45-9deadhd Melanie Sarah LORD A45-9deadhdx Augustus HYDE A45-9deadhe Edward Henry LORD A45-9deadhf [A45-9deadakx] Emmeline Rebecca Marie LORD A45-9deadhfx [A45-9deadak] Percy Robert RAMSAY [Children] A45-9deae Betty LORD A45-9deaf Samuel LORD A45-9deag Thomas LORD A45-9deagx --?-- --?-- A45-9deaga Daniel LORD A45-9deagax --?-- --?-- A45-9deagaa Thomas LORD A45-9deagaax --?-- --?-- A45-9deagaaa Daniel LORD A45-9deagaab John William LORD A45-9deagaac Ruth LORD A45-9deagab Richard LORD A45-9deagac Maria LORD A45-9deagb Richard LORD A45-9deagc Simeon LORD A45-9deah William LORD A45-9deai Richard LORD A45-9deaj Sarah LORD A45-9deb Eliza FIELDEN A45-9dec Samuel FIELDEN A45-9decx Hannah BARNES A45-9ded Joshua FIELDEN A45-9dedx Jenny GREENWOOD A45-9deda Samuel FIELDEN A45-9dedb Mary FIELDEN A45-9dedbx Thomas BOYS A45-9dedba Mary BOYS A45-9dedbax Ashton STANSFIELD A45-9dedbb Jane BOYS A45-9dedbbx John LACY A45-9dedbc Christiana BOYS A45-9dedbcx Edmund WRIGLEY A45-9dedbca Jane WRIGLEY A45-9dedbcb John WRIGLEY A45-9dedbcc Thomas WRIGLEY A45-9dedbccx Mary FIELDEN A45-9dedbcca Christiana WRIGLEY A45-9dedbccb Jessie WRIGLEY A45-9dedbccc Thomas Fielden WRIGLEY A45-9dedbcd Fielden WRIGLEY A45-9dedbce Sarah Lord WRIGLEY A45-9dedbcf Edmund WRIGLEY A45-9dedbcfx Anna S. NASH A45-9dedbcfa Constance Ada WRIGLEY A45-9dedbcfax Alexander Henry DAWES A45-9dedbcfb Anna WRIGLEY A45-9dedbcfbx --?-- --?-- A45-9dedbcfc Sarah Doxon WRIGLEY A45-9dedbcfcx --?-- --?-- A45-9dedbcfd Edmund WRIGLEY A45-9dedbcfdx Anne WIGNALL A45-9dedbcfda Edna WRIGLEY A45-9dedbcfdb Edmund WRIGLEY A45-9dedbcfdc Tom WRIGLEY A45-9dedbcfe Edith Mary WRIGLEY A45-9dedbcfex William LAYCOCK A45-9dedbcfea Margaret LAYCOCK A45-9dedbcg Mary WRIGLEY A45-9dedc Betty FIELDEN A45-9dedcx Henry LACY A45-9dedca Gilbert LACY A45-9dedcb David LACY A45-9dedcc Thomas LACY A45-9dedcd Henry LACY A45-9dedce John LACY A45-9dedcf Mary LACY A45-9dedcg Betty LACY A45-9dedd Joshua FIELDEN A45-9deddx Else MALLINSON A45-9dedda Joshua FIELDEN A45-9deddb John FIELDEN A45-9deddc Jane FIELDEN A45-9deddcx James RAMSBOTHAM A45-9deddca Capt. John RAMSBOTHAM A45-9deddcax Helen Leigh CLARE A45-9deddcaa James Hugh RAMSBOTHAM A45-9deddcab Alice Mary RAMSBOTHAM A45-9deddcac Hilda RAMSBOTHAM A45-9deddcad Ralph Lee RAMSBOTHAM A45-9deddcay Sophia Borman STANDALOFT A45-9deddcb James RAMSBOTHAM A45-9deddcc Lieut. Thomas RAMSBOTHAM, R.N. A45-9deddccx Agnes Mary RAMSBOTHAM A45-9deddcca Sydney RAMSBOTHAM A45-9deddccb Gertrude Alice RAMSBOTHAM A45-9deddccbx William HOLDING A45-9deddccc Godfrey RAMSBOTHAM A45-9deddccd Helen M. RAMSBOTHAM A45-9deddccdx Guy HARCOURT A45-9deddcce Agnes RAMSBOTHAM A45-9deddccex Charles FREEMAN A45-9deddccf Lucy RAMSBOTHAM A45-9deddccfx E.A.C. MATTHEWS A45-9deddccy Emily Blanche FATT A45-9deddcd Joshua RAMSBOTHAM A45-9deddce Fielden James RAMSBOTHAM A45-9deddcex Edith Henrietta WALKER A45-9deddcea Edward Rishton RAMSBOTHAM A45-9deddceb James Humphrey RAMSBOTHAM A45-9deddcec Edith H. RAMSBOTHAM A45-9deddced Mildred F. RAMSBOTHAM A45-9deddcf Richard Hugh RAMSBOTHAM A45-9deddcfx Agnes Geraldine HOYLE A45-9deddcfa Frances RAMSBOTHAM A45-9deddcfb Jane F. RAMSBOTHAM A45-9deddcfc Henry RAMSBOTHAM A45-9deddcfd Joshua RAMSBOTHAM A45-9deddcfe Richard M. RAMSBOTHAM A45-9deddcg Alice Fielden RAMSBOTHAM A45-9deddcgx John Bridges WALKER A45-9deddcga [son] WALKER A45-9deddcgax --?-- --?-- A45-9deddcgaa Jane WALKER A45-9deddch Frances RAMSBOTHAM A45-9deddchx Capt. Robert Watts DAVIES, R.N. A45-9deddcha Winifred Ramsbotham DAVIES A45-9deddchb Ursula Helen DAVIES A45-9deddchbx Rev. Archibald William DOUGLAS A45-9deddchba Helen St. Bride DOUGLAS A45-9deddchbax Cdr. Killingworth Richard Utten TODD, R.N. A45-9deddchbaa Richard Utten TODD A45-9deddchbaax Joy Frances MULFORD A45-9deddchbaaa Frances Julie Utten TODD A45-9deddchbaab Richard James Utten TODD A45-9deddchbaay Georgina Marion OCLEE A45-9deddchbaac Shauna Clare Utten TODD A45-9deddchbaad Melanie Petraea Utten TODD A45-9deddchbab Helen Penelope June Utten TODD A45-9deddchbabx Sir David Burdett MONEY-COUTTS, K.C.V.O. A45-9deddchbaba Harriet St. Bride MONEY-COUTTS A45-9deddchbabax Charles Spencer Chetwode RAM A45-9deddchbabay Martin Neil POTTINGER A45-9deddchbabb Benjamin Burdett MONEY-COUTTS A45-9deddchbabbx Patricia Anne TREPAGNIER A45-9deddchbabba Christopher Burdett MONEY-COUTTS A45-9deddchbabbb Cecily Ann MONEY-COUTTS A45-9deddchbabbc Zachary Alexander MONEY-COUTTS A45-9deddchbabc Laura Isabella MONEY-COUTTS A45-9deddchbabcx Peter James CORRIE A45-9deddchbabca Joshua Richard CORRIE A45-9deddchbabcb Lucinda Mary CORRIE A45-9deddchbb Joanna Katherine DOUGLAS A45-9deddchbbx James Utten TODD A45-9deddchbba James Donald Utten TODD A45-9deddchbbax Susan Mary BRISCOE A45-9deddchbbaa Robert Alastair Utten TODD A45-9deddchbbab Kate Elizabeth Utten TODD A45-9deddchbbac Duncan James Utten TODD A45-9deddchbbb Helen Patricia Utten TODD A45-9deddchbbbx David Brian WENTWORTH A45-9deddchbbba Shaun David WENTWORTH A45-9deddchbbbax Jennifer O'ROURKE A45-9deddchbbbb Jennifer Louise WENTWORTH A45-9deddchbbbbx Frank Paul D'ANGELL A45-9deddchbbbc James Douglas WENTWORTH A45-9deddchbbbcx Kelly Christine FALLON A45-9deddchbbbd Richard Benning WENTWORTH A45-9deddchbbc William Utten TODD A45-9deddchbbcx Frances Margaret WARREN A45-9deddchbbca Dylan Utten TODD A45-9deddchbbcb Jody Utten TODD A45-9deddchbbcc Louisa Jane TODD A45-9deddchc Rev. Herwald Ramsbotham DAVIES A45-9deddchcx Ada BROWN A45-9deddchd Muriel Ramsbotham DAVIES A45-9deddchdx M. TEW A45-9deddchda David Henderson TEW A45-9deddchdax Brenda Ruth BRADSHAW A45-9deddchdaa Katherine Muriel TEW A45-9deddchdaax Martin John PEACOCK A45-9deddchdaaa Carlotte PEACOCK A45-9deddchdaab Victoria PEACOCK A45-9deddchdab Margaret Ruth TEW A45-9deddchdabx Jeremy Pashley GIBB A45-9deddchdaba James Robert Henderson Pashley GIBB A45-9deddche Louis Ramsbotham DAVIES A45-9deddchex Jennet LAWSON A45-9deddchea James R. DAVIES A45-9deddchf Capt. Eric Ramsbotham DAVIES A45-9deddchfx Doris IRVING A45-9deddchfa Rev. Nigel DAVIES A45-9deddchfax Audrey KINCH A45-9deddchfaa Simon DAVIES A45-9deddchfab Robin DAVIES A45-9deddchfac Hester DAVIES A45-9deddchfb James DAVIES A45-9deddchfbx Margaret CUTTING A45-9deddchfba Jane DAVIES A45-9deddchfbb Anne DAVIES A45-9deddchfbc Clive DAVIES A45-9deddchfc Richard DAVIES A45-9deddchg Rev. James Ramsbotham DAVIES A45-9deddchgx Dora Louisa SYKES A45-9deddchga Philip DAVIES A45-9deddchgax Rosemary WATKINS A45-9deddchgaa Elizabeth DAVIES A45-9deddchgaax Howard BONSER A45-9deddchgaaa Sarah BONSER A45-9deddchgaab Jane BONSER A45-9deddchgab Diana DAVIES A45-9deddchgabx Gerald FREWIN A45-9deddchgaba Penelope FREWIN A45-9deddchgac Barbara DAVIES A45-9deddchgacx Anthony CRIDDLE A45-9deddchgaca Christopher CRIDDLE A45-9deddchgay Margaret DAVIS (nee CUTTING) A45-9deddchgb Frances DAVIES A45-9deddchgbx Maurice Evan HONOUR A45-9deddchgba Michael HONOUR A45-9deddchgbb James HONOUR A45-9deddchgbc Alison HONOUR A45-9deddchgbd Jenifer HONOUR A45-9deddchgc Doris Michal DAVIES A45-9deddchgcx Robert MOSS A45-9deddchgca Michal Louise MOSS A45-9deddchgcax Graham Richard ROLPH A45-9deddchgcaa Helen ROLPH A45-9deddchgcab Susan ROLPH A45-9deddchgcb Eric Robert MOSS A45-9deddchgcbx Kate Ann MORRISON A45-9deddchgcba Jake MOSS A45-9deddchgcbb Thomas MOSS A45-9deddchgcc Frances Jane MOSS A45-9deddchgccx John Patrick BROADBENT A45-9deddchgcd Phillipa Ann MOSS A45-9deddchgcdx Piers Frank RISELEY-PRICHARD A45-9deddchgcda Lilley RISELEY-PRICHARD A45-9deddchgce Peter James MOSS A45-9deddchgcex Margaret POLLARD A45-9deddchgcea James MOSS A45-9deddchgd Thomas DAVIES A45-9deddchgdx Beryl Margaret MOSS A45-9deddchgda Alastair DAVIES A45-9deddchgdax Marion LEWIS A45-9deddchgdaa Andrew DAVIES A45-9deddchgdab Timothy DAVIES A45-9deddchgdb John DAVIES A45-9deddchgdc Jane DAVIES A45-9deddchgdcx Richard William WELCH A45-9deddchgdca Harriet WELCH A45-9deddchgdd Patrick DAVIES A45-9deddchh Joyce Ramsbotham DAVIES A45-9deddchhx Lieut. Edward JEFFREY A45-9deddchha Rev. Robert JEFFREY A45-9deddchhy Rev. William Montgomery McWATTERS A45-9deddchhb Frances Honor McWATTERS A45-9deddchhc Patience Winifred McWATTERS A45-9deddci Phillip Bury RAMSBOTHAM A45-9deddcix Florence E. KING A45-9deddcia Richard B. RAMSBOTHAM A45-9deddcj Edward Geoffrey RAMSBOTHAM A45-9deddcjx Octavia Lucy N. CHADWICK A45-9deddck Herwald RAMSBOTHAM A45-9deddckx Ethel Margaret BEVAN A45-9deddcka Herwald RAMSBOTHAM A45-9deddckax Doris Violet DE STEIN A45-9deddckaa James Herwald RAMSBOTHAM A45-9deddckaax Anthea Margaret WHITTON A45-9deddckab Joan Eleanor RAMSBOTHAM A45-9deddckabx Robert Hardress Standish O'GRADY A45-9deddckaba Jane Elizabeth O'GRADY A45-9deddckabb Jeremy Robert O'GRADY A45-9deddckabc Seline Joan O'GRADY A45-9deddckac Peter Edward RAMSBOTHAM A45-9deddckacx Frances Marie BLOMFIELD A45-9deddckaca Oliver RAMSBOTHAM A45-9deddckacb Mary Frances RAMSBOTHAM A45-9deddckacc Simon RAMSBOTHAM A45-9deddckay Ursula WAKEHAM A45-9deddy Maria HOLT A45-9dede Salley FIELDEN A45-9dedf John FIELDEN A45-9dedfx Ann GRINDROD A45-9dedfa Jane FIELDEN A45-9dedfb Samuel FIELDEN A45-9dedfbx Sarah Jane FIELDEN A45-9dedfba John Ashton FIELDEN A45-9dedfc Mary FIELDEN A45-9dedfd Ann FIELDEN A45-9dedfdx Henry BROCKLEHURST A45-9dedfda John Fielden BROCKLEHURST, Baron RANKSBOROUGH A45-9dedfdax Louisa Alice PARSONS A45-9dedfdb Capt. Henry Dent BROCKLEHURST A45-9dedfdbx Marion LASCELLES A45-9dedfdba Marjorie Dent BROCKLEHURST A45-9dedfdbax Michael Hugh HICKS-BEACH, Viscount QUENINGTON A45-9dedfdbaa Lady Delia Mary HICKS-BEACH A45-9dedfdbaax Brig. Sir. Charles M. DILLWYN-VENABLES-LLEWELYN A45-9dedfdbaaa Mary Julia DILLWYN-VENABLES-LLEWELYN A45-9dedfdbaaax Michael B. ELSTER A45-9dedfdbaaaa Jake ELSTER A45-9dedfdbaaab Caitlin ELSTER A45-9dedfdbaab Sir John Michael DILLWYN-VENABLES-LLEWELYN A45-9dedfdbaabx Nina HALLAM A45-9dedfdbaaba Georgina Katherine DILLWYN-VENABLES-LLEWELYN A45-9dedfdbaabax Antony H. MEAD A45-9dedfdbaabb Emma Susan DILLWYN-VENABLES-LLEWELYN A45-9dedfdbaaby Nina Gay Richardson OLIVER A45-9dedfdbaabc [dau] DILLWYN-VENABLES-LLEWELYN A45-9dedfdbab Rt. Hon. Michael John HICKS-BEACH A45-9dedfdbabx Diana Mary Christain SMYLY (nee MILLS) A45-9dedfdbaba Michael Henry HICKS-BEACH, 3rd Earl ST. ALDWYN A45-9dedfdbabax Gilda Maria SAAVEDRA A45-9dedfdbabaa Lady Atalanta Maria HICKS-BEACH A45-9dedfdbabab Lady Aurora Ursula HICKS-BEACH A45-9dedfdbabb Peter Hugh HICKS-BEACH A45-9dedfdbabc David Seymour HICKS-BEACH A45-9dedfdbabcx Katrina Louise Susannah HENRIQUES A45-9dedfdbabca Lucy Susan HICKS-BEACH A45-9dedfdbabcb Peter Etienne HICKS-BEACH A45-9dedfdbabcc Susan Diana HICKS-BEACH A45-9dedfdc --?-- BROCKLEHURST A45-9dedfdd Ernest BROCKLEHURST A45-9dedfde Constance Ann BROCKLEHURST A45-9dedfdex Sir William Charles FITZWILLIAM A45-9dedfdea Eric Spencer FITZWILLIAM, 9th Earl FITZWILLIAM A45-9dedfdeax Jessica Gertrude ROWLANDS A45-9dedfe John FIELDEN A45-9dedfex Ruth STANSFIELD A45-9dedfey Ellen MALLINSON A45-9dedff Joshua FIELDEN A45-9dedffx Ellen BROCKLEHURST A45-9dedffa John FIELDEN A45-9dedffb Thomas FIELDEN A45-9dedffbx Martha KNOWLES A45-9dedffba Edward FIELDEN A45-9dedffbb --?-- FIELDEN A45-9dedffbc --?-- FIELDEN A45-9dedffbd --?-- FIELDEN A45-9dedffbe --?-- FIELDEN A45-9dedffbf --?-- FIELDEN A45-9dedfg Ellen FIELDEN A45-9dedg Ann FIELDEN A45-9dedh James FIELDEN A45-9dedhx Grace ORMEROD A45-9dedi Thomas FIELDEN A45-9dee Thomas FIELDEN A45-9def Mary FIELDEN A45-9defx John SUTCLIFFE A45-9e John FIELDEN A45-9ex Tamar HALSTEAD A45-9f Hannah FIELDEN A45-9fx Joseph WHALLEY A45-9fa John WHALLEY A45-9fb Joshua WHALLEY A45-9fc William WHALLEY A45-10 Joshua FIELDEN A45-11 Abraham FIELDEN A45-12 Nicholas FIELDEN A45-13 Bartholomew FIELDEN A45-14 Jeffrey FIELDEN -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A47 - KING A47-7 Mary KING -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A49 - ADDISON A49-7 Isabella ADDISON A49-8 John ADDISON -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A50 - DUESBERY A50-7 Mary DUESBERY -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A51 - --?-- A51-7 Mary --?-- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A52 - BARLOW See Section A26 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A53 - HOGG(E) A53-7 Sarah HOGGE A53-7a Hannah HOGGE A53-7b Francis HOGGE A53-7c Anne HOGGE A53-7d Francis HOGGE A53-7e Kezia HOGGE A53-7f Mary HOGGE A53-8 Francis HOGGE A53-8a Elizabeth HOGGE A53-8b Ann HOGGE A53-8c Mary HOGGE A53-8d Richard HOGGE A53-9 Francis HOGG -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A55 - --?-- A55-7 Sarah --?-- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A57 - --?-- A57-7 Mary --?-- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A60 - --?-- A60-7 Elizabeth --?-- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A65 - MOORSON A65-8 Alice MOORSON -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A69 - FINCHAM A69-8 Grace FINCHAM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A71 - SAUCOURT A71-8 Suzanna Maria SAUCOURT A71-8x Friderich Christian OMPHALIUS A71-8xa Suzanne Marie OMPHALIUS A71-8xb Samuel OMPHALIUS A71-9 Albert SAUCOURT -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A77 - WALKER A77-8 Alice WALKER -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A79 - BETHAM A79-8 Ellinor BETHAM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A81 - LEIGHTON A81-8 Jane LEIGHTON -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A85 - TOUNSINE (TOWNSEND) A85-8 Mary TOUNSINE A85-9 Worman TOUNSINE -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A97 - BAXTER A97-8 Mary BAXTER -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A101 - HARRIS A101-8 Mary HARRIS A101-9 Moses HARRIS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A103 - --?-- A103-8 --?-- --?-- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A109 - MERRICK A109-8 Mary MERRICK A109-9 John MERRICK A109-10 John MERRICK A109-11 Thomas MERRICK A109-12 John MERRICK A109-13 Edward MERRICK A109-14 John MERRICK -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A113 - YOUNG A113-8 Elizabeth YOUNG -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A117 - BLAKE A117-8 Hannah BLAKE -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A129 - --?-- A129-9 --?-- --?-- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A133 - GINGELL A133-9 Frances GINGELL -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A135 - PREVOT A135-9 Anna PREVOT A135-10 Jean PREVOT -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A141 - --?-- A141-9 --?-- --?-- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A143 - --?-- A143-9 Janett --?-- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A149 - --?-- A149-9 --?-- --?-- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A173 - SUTCLIFF(E) A173-9 Mary SUTCLIFFE A173-10 John SUTCLIFF -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A181 - --?-- A181-9 Ann --?-- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A199 - RIBELET A199-9 Marie Elisabeth RIBELET -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A213 - --?-- A213-9 Jane --?-- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A229 - --?-- A229-9 --?-- --?-- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A237 - ROWE A237-9 Sarah ROWE A237-10 Roger ROWE -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A263 - BRANGET A263-10 Marie BRANGET -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A269 - --?-- A269-10 Alice --?-- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A271 - --?-- A271-10 --?-- --?-- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A301 - GREENWOOD A301-10 Martha GREENWOOD -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A365 - --?-- A365-10 Mary --?-- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A391 - ROUSELLE A391-10 Anne ROUSELLE -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A429 - --?-- A429-10 --?-- --?-- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A493 - --?-- A493-10 Sarah --?-- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A519 - KUNTZ A519-11 Anni KUNTZ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A525 - --?-- A525-11 Ann --?-- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A557 - FIELDEN A557-11 Elizabeth FIELDEN A557-12 James FIELDEN A557-13 Jeffrie FIELDEN A557-14 James FIELDEN -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A621 - KELSALL A621-11 Catherine KELSALL -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A1031 - STEINBERG A1031-12 Adelheid STEINBERG -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A1037 - --?-- A1037-12 --?-- --?-- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A1069 - STANSFIELD A1069-12 Christobel STANSFIELD A1069-13 John STANSFIELD -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A1133 - --?-- A1133-12 --?-- --?-- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A1581 - SCOLFELD A1581-12 Isabel SCOLFELD -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A2061 - --?-- A2061-13 Alice --?-- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A2093 - TURNER A2093-13 Agnes TURNER -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A2157 - HIGNETT A2157-13 Margaret HIGNETT A2157-14 Robert HIGNETT -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A2605 - --?-- A2605-13 --?-- --?-- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A3117 - --?-- A3117-13 --?-- --?-- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A4109 - --?-- A4109-14 --?-- --?-- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A4141 - --?-- A4141-14 Alice --?-- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A4205 - --?-- A4205-14 Alice --?-- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A4653 - --?-- A4653-14 Cisley --?-- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A6253 - --?-- A6253-14 --?-- --?-- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B1 - LEWIS B1-1 Pamela Sophia Elizabeth LEWIS B1-1a George Ronald Lee LEWIS B1-1ax Pamela Elizabeth MORGAN B1-1aa Anthony Grant Robert LEWIS B1-1aax Jodi Lynn PENCE B1-1aaa Tyler LEWIS B1-1ab David Lawrence Lee LEWIS B1-1abx Helena BAKER B1-1aba Chloe Amy Leigh LEWIS B1-1abb Jesse Benjamin LEWIS B1-2 Capt. Edward Lee Lewis LEWIS B1-3 David LEWIS, JP B1-4 Evan LEWIS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B2 - MOCATTA B2-2 Mildred MOCATTA B2-2a Constantine MOCATTA B2-3 Percy George MOCATTA B2-4 Elias MOCATTA B2-4x Augusta GOLDSMID B2-4xa [B6-4hx] Constance Augusta MOCATTA B2-4xax [B6-4h] Alfred GOLDSMID B2-4a [B2-5bax] Sarah MOCATTA B2-4ax [B2-5ba] Horatio Joseph MONTEFIORE B2-4b Abraham MOCATTA B2-4bx Eveline MONTEFIORE B2-4c Benjamin MOCATTA B2-4d [B6-4fx] John MOCATTA B2-4dx [B6-4f] Maria GOLDSMID B2-4e Rebecca MOCATTA B2-4ex Joseph Barrow MONTEFIORE B2-4ea Georgiana Judith Barrow MONTEFIORE B2-4eax Joseph HENRIQUES B2-4eb Esther Hannah Barrow MONTEFIORE B2-4ebx Eliezer Levi MONTEFIORE B2-4ec Emily Barrow MONTEFIORE B2-4ecx Moses Benjamin HENRIQUES B2-4eca Florence HENRIQUES B2-4ecb Eva Rebecca HENRIQUES B2-4ecbx Antonin Emmanuel DALSÈME B2-4ecba Etienne Alexandre DALSÈME B2-4ecbax Olive GLANFIELD B2-4ecbaa Patricia DALSÈME B2-4ecbaax John Bateman HAWKESWORTH B2-4ecbaaa Anthea Genevieve HAWKESWORTH B2-4ecbaaax Gary BETHURUM B2-4ecbaaaa Alec John BETHURUM B2-4ecbaab Anthony HAWKESWORTH B2-4ecbaac Patricia Janine HAWKESWORTH B2-4ecbaacx --?-- MIKKELSEN B2-4ecbab Basil Edouard DALSÈME B2-4ecbabx --?-- --?-- B2-4ecbaba Simon DALSÈME B2-4ecbabb Emma DALSÈME B2-4ecbabbx --?-- STUBBS B2-4ecbabba Olivia Chloe STUBBS B2-4ecbabbb Dominic STUBBS B2-4ecbac Jérôme DALSÈME B2-4ecbacx Joan HOFFERT B2-4ecbaca Lynn DALSÈME B2-4ecbacax Douglas COOK B2-4ecbacaa Steven COOK B2-4ecbacay Gregory JOHNSON B2-4ecbacab Jamie JOHNSON B2-4ecbacb Janis DALSÈME B2-4ecbacbx Delvin NEIDHARDT B2-4ecbacba Jason NEIDHARDT B2-4ecbacbb Danielle NEIDHARDT B2-4ecbacby Mario MORA B2-4ecbacbc Jessica Briann MORA B2-4ecbacc Jacqueline DALSÈME B2-4ecbaccx Donald WILLIAMS B2-4ecbb Gaston DALSÈME B2-4ecbc Emilie Augusta DALSÈME B2-4ecbcx Georges Charles SOULIÉ de MORANT B2-4ecbca Nevill SOULIÉ de MORANT B2-4ecbcax Hélène Jeanne Henriette RODANET B2-4ecbcaa Francis Nevill SOULIÉ de MORANT B2-4ecbcaax Martine Jacqueline Bernadette Ghislaine Marie GAMELIN B2-4ecbcaaa --?-- SOULIÉ de MORANT B2-4ecbcaaax Armelle FORESTIER B2-4ecbcaaaa Adrien Yves Francis SOULIÉ de MORANT B2-4ecbcaaab Clémence Martine Monique SOULIÉ de MORANT B2-4ecbcaab Stéphanie Marie Paule SOULIÉ de MORANT B2-4ecbcaabx Vincent BEHAEGHEL B2-4ecbcaaba Léontine BEHAEGHEL B2-4ecbcaabb Céleste BEHAEGHEL B2-4ecbcaay Arlette LABURTHE B2-4ecbcaaz Béatrice Marie Joséphine WALHAIN B2-4ecbcab Marc Henri Georges SOULIÉ de MORANT B2-4ecbcabx Agnès VANDROMME B2-4ecbcaba Delphine SOULIÉ de MORANT B2-4ecbcabax Nicolas HANNEBELLE B2-4ecbcabaa Octave Nevill HANNEBELLE B2-4ecbcabab Basile HANNEBELLE B2-4ecbcb Evelyn Miriam SOULIÉ de MORANT B2-4ecbcbx Jacques BRIENS B2-4ecbcba Ariel BRIENS B2-4ecbcbax Michel BARRAUD B2-4ecbcbaa Béatrice BARRAUD B2-4ecc Effy HENRIQUES B2-4ed Sarah Evelina Barrow MONTEFIORE B2-4ee Justina Barrow(?) MONTEFIORE B2-4eex Joseph Barrow Levi MONTEFIORE B2-4ef Augusta Barrow MONTEFIORE B2-4eg Josephine Barrow MONTEFIORE B2-4egx Leopold OPPENHEIM B2-4eh Herbert Barrow MONTEFIORE B2-4ei Marion Barrow MONTEFIORE B2-4ej Horace Barrow MONTEFIORE B2-4ek Edith Barrow MONTEFIORE B2-4ekx David NATHAN B2-4el Ada Barrow MONTEFIORE B2-4elx Saul JOSHUA B2-4ela --?-- JOSHUA B2-4elax --?-- --?-- B2-4elb --?-- JOSHUA B2-4elbx --?-- --?-- B2-4elc --?-- JOSHUA B2-4elcx --?-- --?-- B2-4eld --?-- JOSHUA B2-4eldx --?-- --?-- B2-4em George Barrow MONTEFIORE B2-4emx Dorothy Frances FULLER B2-4ema --?-- MONTEFIORE B2-4emb Gilbert Vita Barrow MONTEFIORE B2-4en Helen Barrow MONTEFIORE B2-4f Solomon MOCATTA B2-4fx Knendla HORT B2-4g George Gershon MOCATTA B2-4gx Lydia Harries VOSS B2-4ga George Voss MOCATTA B2-4gax Emily HOLLINGDALE B2-4gb William Hugh MOCATTA B2-4gbx Ada Frances OSBORNE B2-4gc Houlton Walters MOCATTA B2-4gcx Arabella Harriet Ida CROMPTON B2-4gd Annie Brenda MOCATTA B2-5 Daniel MOCATTA B2-5a Rebecca MOCATTA B2-5ax Aron CATELLA B2-5b Rachel MOCATTA B2-5bx Joseph Elias MONTEFIORE B2-5ba [B2-4ax] Horatio Joseph MONTEFIORE B2-5bax [B2-4a] Sarah MOCATTA B2-5bb Eveline MONTEFIORE B2-5c Grace MOCATTA B2-5cx Samuel Hayyim MONTEFIORE B2-5d Isaac Lumbrozo De Mattos MOCATTA B2-5dx Abigail LOUSADA B2-5da Esther MOCATTA B2-5dax Moses MONTEFIORE B2-5db Abraham MOCATTA B2-5dbx Grace Ann Mendes DA COSTA B2-5dba Isaac MOCATTA B2-5dbb [B2-5fhx] Abigail MOCATTA B2-5dbbx [B2-5fh] Isaac Lindo MOCATTA [Children] B2-5dbc Rebecca MOCATTA B2-5dbcx Judah NAHON B2-5dbd Abraham MOCATTA B2-5dbdx Grace Mendes DA COSTA B2-5dbda Elkah Ella MOCATTA B2-5dbdb Charles Abraham MOCATTA B2-5dbdbx Sarah SALINGER B2-5dbdba Ethel Grace MOCATTA B2-5dbdbax Edward M. THEOMIN B2-5dbdbb Frederick Elias MOCATTA B2-5dbdc Esther MOCATTA B2-5dbdcx Raphael BENZECRY B2-5dbdd Catherine MOCATTA B2-5dbde Edward Lumbroso MOCATTA B2-5dbdex Flora GUBBAY B2-5dbdea Sybil Grace MOCATTA B2-5dbdeb Gladys Elkah MOCATTA B2-5dbdec Violet Hannah MOCATTA B2-5dbded Sir Alan Abraham MOCATTA B2-5dbdedx --?-- --?-- B2-5dbdeda Edward MOCATTA B2-5dbdedax --?-- --?-- B2-5dbdedaa Michael MOCATTA B2-5dbdedab David MOCATTA B2-5dbdf Leah MOCATTA B2-5dbdfx Anghel GASTER B2-5e Esther MOCATTA B2-5f Moses MOCATTA B2-5fx Abigail LINDO B2-5fa Abraham Lindo MOCATTA B2-5fb Elias MOCATTA B2-5fbx Julia DE LEON B2-5fba Maurice MOCATTA B2-5fbax Elizabeth WOODBURNE B2-5fbaa Margaret MOCATTA B2-5fbaax Arthur STEARNS B2-5fbab Maurice Sherbotoff MOCATTA B2-5fbabx Jessie Elizabeth WEST B2-5fbaba Edith MOCATTA B2-5fbabax George Frederick GEOGHAGEN B2-5fbabb Lilian Mary MOCATTA B2-5fbabbx Cyril Durrant FIELD B2-5fbabc Kathleen Isabel MOCATTA B2-5fbabd Gladys Evelyn MOCATTA B2-5fbac Charles John MOCATTA B2-5fbad Elizabeth MOCATTA B2-5fbae Edith MOCATTA B2-5fbaf Myles Woodburne MOCATTA B2-5fbag Emily Edith MOCATTA B2-5fbb Sarah MOCATTA B2-5fbbx Benjamin CLARKE B2-5fbc Benjamin MOCATTA B2-5fbd Daniel MOCATTA B2-5fbdx Georgina Lucinda MANNING B2-5fbda Georgina Julia MOCATTA B2-5fbdax Frederick GREGORY B2-5fbdaa Mary GREGORY B2-5fbdab Frederick Charles GREGORY B2-5fbdac Dorothy GREGORY B2-5fbdb Emma Sophia MOCATTA B2-5fbdbx William Jones MENZIES B2-5fbdba Edith Caroline MENZIES B2-5fbdbb Ethel Mary MENZIES B2-5fbdbbx Maj. Cromer ASHBURNHAM B2-5fbdbc Eveline Lucy MENZIES B2-5fbdbcx Arthur Marmaduke WHITAKER B2-5fbdbca Barbara WHITAKER B2-5fbdbd Ella Frances MENZIES B2-5fbdbe Elaine Gertrude MENZIES B2-5fbdbf Emma G. MENZIES B2-5fbdc Charles Henry MOCATTA B2-5fbdcx Florence Emily ALKER B2-5fbdca Charles Douglas MOCATTA B2-5fbdcb Elsie Gertrude MOCATTA B2-5fbdcc Norah Frances MOCATTA B2-5fbdccx James M. FENTON B2-5fbdcd John Sidney Manning MOCATTA B2-5fbdd George Frederick MOCATTA B2-5fbddx Agnes Maude Amelia GUEST B2-5fbdda Marjorie Maude MOCATTA B2-5fbddb Freda Mary MOCATTA B2-5fbddc Barbara Georgina MOCATTA B2-5fbde Daniel Edward MOCATTA B2-5fbdex Edith Russell FORBES B2-5fbdf Maude Evelyn MOCATTA B2-5fbdg Ernest William MOCATTA B2-5fbe Augustus Joseph MOCATTA B2-5fbex Maria PICON B2-5fbea Maria Josephine Julia Louisa MOCATTA B2-5fbf Robert MOCATTA B2-5fbg Francis MOCATTA B2-5fbgx Mary Agnes DAVIS B2-5fbga Mary Isoline MOCATTA B2-5fbh William Abraham MOCATTA B2-5fbhx Mary Anne MENZIES B2-5fbha Julia Caroline Mary MOCATTA B2-5fbhb Henry Elias MOCATTA B2-5fbhbx Katherine Anne COOKE B2-5fbhba William Edward MOCATTA B2-5fbhbax Joan W. SPAIN B2-5fbhbaa Robert Henry MOCATTA B2-5fbhbaax Elizabeth Margaret LIDBURY B2-5fbhbaaa David William MOCATTA B2-5fbhbaaax Caroline Alison FELL B2-5fbhbaaaa Alexander Lidbury MOCATTA B2-5fbhbaaab Tabitha Rose MOCATTA B2-5fbhbaab Robert James MOCATTA B2-5fbhbaabx Jane BEWSEY B2-5fbhbaaba Edward William MOCATTA B2-5fbhbaabb Eleanor Frances MOCATTA B2-5fbhbaabc James Henry MOCATTA B2-5fbhbaac Charles Toby MOCATTA B2-5fbhbaacx Stephanie KING B2-5fbhbaaca Simon Benjamin Carne MOCATTA B2-5fbhbaacb Nicholas Peter MOCATTA B2-5fbhbaacc Rebecca Carne MOCATTA B2-5fbhbb Robert Menzies MOCATTA B2-5fbhbc Edith Mary MOCATTA B2-5fbhbcx Humphrey MILMAN B2-5fbhbca John MILMAN B2-5fbhc Maurice John MOCATTA B2-5fbi Louisa MOCATTA B2-5fbix Frederick Charles DANVERS B2-5fbj Henry Robert Ker Porter MOCATTA B2-5fbjx Penelope Rosamond SNEYD B2-5fbja Rose Isabel MOCATTA B2-5fbjax William Francis STANLEY B2-5fbjaa Enid Muriel STANLEY B2-5fbjb Edward Henry MOCATTA B2-5fbjbx Margaret NUNNERLEY B2-5fbjba Monica MOCATTA B2-5fbjbb Greba MOCATTA B2-5fbk Anna Maria MOCATTA B2-5fbkx Francis John STEARNS B2-5fc Benjamin MOCATTA B2-5fcx Mary MONTEFIORE B2-5fd [B6-4ax] David MOCATTA B2-5fdx [B6-4a] Ann GOLDSMID B2-5fe [B2-5gbcx] Samuel MOCATTA B2-5fex [B2-5gbc] Miriam MOCATTA B2-5fea Frederick MOCATTA B2-5feb Rebecca MOCATTA B2-5fec Ada MOCATTA B2-5fed George Albert MOCATTA B2-5fee Laura MOCATTA B2-5feex Sir Eliezer KADOORIE B2-5fef Horace MOCATTA B2-5fefx Henrietta Esther ABISTED B2-5fefa Frederic Horace MOCATTA B2-5fefb Phyllis Flora MOCATTA B2-5ff Rachel MOCATTA B2-5ffx Abraham COHEN B2-5fg Jessie MOCATTA B2-5fgx Thomas Robert DOBSON B2-5fh [A2-5dbbx] Isaac Lindo MOCATTA B2-5fhx [A2-5dbb] Abigail MOCATTA B2-5fha Grace MOCATTA B2-5fhb Amelia Rebecca MOCATTA B2-5fhc Herbert Lindo MOCATTA B2-5fhcx Lucy Beatrice BAUMANN B2-5fhca Cyril Herbert MOCATTA B2-5fhcax Dorothy Allen DEGEN B2-5fhcaa Kenneth A. MOCATTA B2-5fhcab David A. MOCATTA B2-5fhcac Julian E. MOCATTA B2-5fhd Benjamin MOCATTA B2-5fhe Evelina MOCATTA B2-5fhf Alfred Lindo MOCATTA B2-5g Jacob MOCATTA B2-5gx Rebecca LOUSADA B2-5ga Esther MOCATTA B2-5gb Abraham MOCATTA B2-5gbx Miriam BRANDON B2-5gba Rebecca MOCATTA B2-5gbax Sigismund SCHLOSS B2-5gbaa David Frederick SCHLOSS B2-5gbb Jacob MOCATTA B2-5gbbx Juliana ELKIN B2-5gbba Benjamin Elkin MOCATTA B2-5gbbax Marian LUCAS B2-5gbbaa Owen Elkin MOCATTA B2-5gbbaax Jeanne Rosalie Fanny STERN B2-5gbbaaa Edward Elkin MOCATTA B2-5gbbab Valentine Elkin MOCATTA B2-5gbbac Lydia Juliana MOCATTA B2-5gbbb Marian Helen MOCATTA B2-5gbbbx Herbert George LOUSADA B2-5gbbc Abraham De Mattos MOCATTA B2-5gbbcx Florence Justina COHEN B2-5gbbca Effie Bertha MOCATTA B2-5gbbcb Edgar Lumbroso De Mattos MOCATTA B2-5gbbcbx Mabel BEDDINGTON B2-5gbbcc Reginald De Mattos MOCATTA B2-5gbc [B2-5fex] Miriam MOCATTA B2-5gbcx [B2-5fe] Samuel MOCATTA [Children] B2-5gbd [B6-5afbx] Frederic David MOCATTA B2-5gbdx [B6-5afb] Mary Ada GOLDSMID B2-5gc Daniel MOCATTA B2-5gd Rachel MOCATTA B2-5gdx Lewis RAPHAEL B2-5ge Rebecca MOCATTA B2-5gf Abigail MOCATTA B2-5gg Maria MOCATTA B2-5gh Isaac MOCATTA B2-5gi Emanuel MOCATTA B2-5gj Sarah MOCATTA B2-5gjx Frederick SAMUEL B2-5gk Eliza MOCATTA B2-5gkx Sigismund STIEBEL B2-5h [B2-6bbx] Sarah MOCATTA B2-5hx [B2-6bb] David Arbarbanel LINDO B2-5i Aaron MOCATTA B2-5ix Leah BRANDON B2-5j Elias MOCATTA B2-6 Abraham MOCATTA [Abraham Lumbrozo DE MATTOS] B2-6a Jacob Lumbrozo DE MATTOS B2-6b Grace DE MATTOS B2-6bx Elias LINDO B2-6ba Abraham LINDO B2-6bax Anne MANN B2-6baa Almira LINDO B2-6bay Harriet GILLINGHAM B2-6bb [B2-5hx] David Arbarbanel LINDO B2-6bbx [B2-5h] Sarah MOCATTA B2-7 Moses Lumbrozo DE MATTOS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B3 - LEWIS B3-3 Alice Jenkins Sophia LEWIS B3-3a David Jenkins LEWIS B3-3b Helen Frances Gertrude LEWIS B3-3c Albert Edward LEWIS B3-3d Mary A.L. LEWIS B3-4 Rev. David LEWIS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B4 - COCKE B4-3 Mary Wyche COCKE B4-3a Robert Robinson COCKE B4-3b Frances Diana COCKE B4-3bx Edward Nicholls PUGH B4-3c Jared Sanders COCKE B4-3d Thomas James COCKE B4-4 Thomas Isaac COCKE B4-4a William Kader Talbot COCKE B4-4ax Mahala MORRISON B4-4aa Bowman William Sinclair COCKE B4-4aax Araminto Jane BURKE B4-4aaa Ella Florence COCKE B4-4aab James Wofford COCKE B4-4aac Thomas Isaac COCKE B4-4aacx Mary DAVIS B4-4aad Martha Talbot COCKE B4-4aadx Robert Alexander RENICK B4-4aada Alma Lita RENICK B4-4aadax Russell JOHNSTON B4-4aadaa Anne Russell JOHNSTON B4-4aadab Elizabeth Renick JOHNSTON B4-4aadb Robert Alexander RENICK B4-4aadbx Flora Hill BURNET B4-4aadby Billia Adel SHEBURNE B4-4aadc Evelyn Genevieve RENICK B4-4aadcx William A. AUTRY B4-4aae William Burke COCKE B4-4aaf Susan Pugh COCKE B4-4aafx R.S. LIVINGSTON B4-4aag Benjamin Branklin COCKE B4-4aagx Emma SPAETH B4-4aah Mary Hunter COCKE B4-4aahx Levy Ogden WALTON B4-4ab Ella Florence COCKE B4-4ac Ringold Winfield COCKE B4-4acx Mary BUFORD B4-4b Susannah Crenshaw COCKE B4-4c Mary Diana Tabb COCKE B4-4cx James Nixon WOFFORD B4-4ca [B8-4ex] Elizabeth Alzira ('Bessie') WOFFORD B4-4cax [B8-4e] Jared Young SANDERS ('Jr.') [Children] B4-4cb Ben Wingfield WOFFORD B4-4d Sarah Elizabeth COCKE B4-4e Georgianne Sarah Elizabeth COCKE B4-4ex Dr. John Eaton PUGH B4-4ea Mary Diana PUGH B4-4eb Bessie Talbot PUGH B4-4ebx Samuel Mills MALHIOT B4-4eba Rahula Grant MALHIOT B4-4ebb Bertha MALHIOT B4-4ebbx --?-- --?-- B4-4ebby William SEEGER B4-4ebba Donald William SEEGER B4-4ebbax Dorothy Jane HEAD B4-4ebbaa Scott Owen SIMON [SEEGER] B4-4ebbz --?-- THOMPSON B4-4ec John Eaton PUGH ('Jr.') B4-5 Col. William COCKE -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B5 - --?-- B5-4 --?-- --?-- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B6 - GOLDSMID B6-4 Rachel GOLDSMID B6-4a Ann GOLDSMID B6-4ax David MOCATTA B6-4b John Alexander GOLDSMID B6-4c Aaron GOLDSMID B6-4cx Sophie SALOMONS B6-4ca Evelyn Isabel GOLDSMID B6-4cax Charles Congalton BETHUNE B6-4d Sydney GOLDSMID B6-4e George GOLDSMID B6-4f Maria GOLDSMID B6-4fx John MOCATTA B6-4g Juliana GOLDSMID B6-4gx George Emanuel Baruch LOUSADA B6-4h [B2-4xax] Alfred GOLDSMID B6-4hx [B2-4xa] Constance Augusta MOCATTA B6-5 Alexander GOLDSMID B6-5a [B6-6gdx] Sir Isaac Lyon GOLDSMID, Bart. B6-5ax [B6-6gd] Isabel Bayla GOLDSMID B6-5aa Anna Maria GOLDSMID B6-5ab Benjamin GOLDSMID B6-5ac [B6-5ebx] Sir Francis Henry GOLDSMID, Bart. B6-5acx [B6-5eb] Louisa Sophia GOLDSMID B6-5ad Daniel GOLDSMID B6-5ae Charles GOLDSMID B6-5af [B6-5cax] Frederick David GOLDSMID B6-5afx [B6-5ca] Caroline SAMUEL B6-5afa Helen GOLDSMID B6-5afax Lionel LUCAS B6-5afaa Frederick Louis LUCAS B6-5afab Ethel Rebecca LUCAS B6-5afb [B2-5gbdx] Mary Ada GOLDSMID B6-5afbx [B2-5gbd] Frederic David MOCATTA B6-5afc Sir Julian GOLDSMID, Bart. B6-5afcx Virginia PHILIPSON B6-5afca Violet GOLDSMID (Baroness) B6-5afcax Sidney Francis HOFFNUNG B6-5afcaa Cyril Julian HOFFNUNG-GOLDSMID B6-5afcaax Nancy MacGILLYCUDDY B6-5afcaaa Michael Lyon HOFFNUNG-GOLDSMID B6-5afcaab David HOFFNUNG-GOLDSMID B6-5afcaac John HOFFNUNG-GOLDSMID B6-5afcab Ronald HOFFNUNG-GOLDSMID B6-5afcabx Dorothy LAWNDES B6-5afcac Vivian Edward HOFFNUNG-GOLDSMID B6-5afcacx Vera LEVY B6-5afcaca Priscilla HOFFNUNG-GOLDSMID B6-5afcb Edith GOLDSMID B6-5afcbx Charles James JESSEL, Bart. B6-5afcba George JESSEL B6-5afcbax Muriel Gladys SWETENHORN B6-5afcbaa Charles John JESSEL B6-5afcbab Gloria Joan JESSEL B6-5afcbb Nina Dorothy JESSEL B6-5afcbc Richard Hugh JESSEL B6-5afcbcx --?-- --?-- B6-5afcbca David JESSEL B6-5afcbcb Robin JESSEL B6-5afcbd Marjorie Constance JESSEL B6-5afcc Margherita GOLDSMID B6-5afccx William George RAPHAEL B6-5afcca Dorothy RAPHAEL B6-5afccb Elsie Violet RAPHAEL B6-5afccc Grace Charlotte RAPHAEL B6-5afcd Beatrice GOLDSMID B6-5afcdx William Louis LUCAS B6-5afcda Robert Hugh Arthur LUCAS B6-5afcdb [A2-5acacax] Archibald Julian LUCAS B6-5afcdbx [A2-5acaca] Madelina Victoria Margaret GRENFELL B6-5afcdba [A2-5acacaa] Virginia Beatrice LUCAS B6-5afcdbax [A2-5acacaax] Tristram Roger Dymoke POWELL B6-5afcdbaa [A2-5acacaaa] Georgia POWELL B6-5afcdbaax [A2-5acacaaax] Toby COKE B6-5afcdbaaa [A2-5acacaaaa]Harry COKE B6-5afcdbaab [A2-5acacaaab]Hope COKE B6-5afcdbab [A2-5acacaab] Archibald Thomas Llywelyn POWELL B6-5afcdbb [A2-5acacab] Julia Margaret LUCAS B6-5afcdbbx [A2-5acacabx] William Robert Ferdinand MOUNT B6-5afcdbba [A2-5acacaba] William Robert Horatio MOUNT B6-5afcdbbb [A2-5acacabb] Henry Francis MOUNT B6-5afcdbbc [A2-5acacabc] Mary Julia MOUNT B6-5afcdc Henry Oliver LUCAS B6-5afcdd Elizabeth Virginia LUCAS B6-5afce Maud GOLDSMID B6-5afcex Herbert Merton JESSEL B6-5afcea Gladys May JESSEL B6-5afceb Vera Pearl JESSEL B6-5afcec Edward Herbert JESSEL B6-5afced Doreen Maud JESSEL B6-5afcf Nora Octavia GOLDSMID B6-5afcg Maria Teresa GOLDSMID B6-5afch Grace Catherine GOLDSMID B6-5afd Albert Abraham GOLDSMID B6-5afe Isabel GOLDSMID B6-5aff Flora GOLDSMID B6-5afg Walter Henry GOLDSMID B6-5afh Francis Arthur GOLDSMID B6-5afi Emma Catherine GOLDSMID B6-5ag George GOLDSMID B6-5ah [B2-4x] Augusta GOLDSMID B6-5ahx [B2-4] Elias MOCATTA [Child] B6-5ai Rachel GOLDSMID B6-5aix Count Solomon Henri D'AVIGDOR B6-5aia Elim Henry D'AVIGDOR B6-5aiax Henrietta Matilda JACOBS B6-5aiaa Olga Marie Rachel D'AVIGDOR B6-5aiaax Frank FLETCHER B6-5aiaaa Rachel FLETCHER B6-5aiaaax Cameron HUNTER B6-5aiaaaa Charlotte Anne HUNTER B6-5aiaaab Sally Rachel HUNTER B6-5aiaab Molly FLETCHER B6-5aiaac Joan FLETCHER B6-5aiab Estelle D'AVIGDOR B6-5aiabx George Emanuel NATHAN B6-5aiac Sylvie D'AVIGDOR B6-5aiacx Charles Blackston CLAPCOTT B6-5aiad Sir Osmond Elim D'AVIGDOR-GOLDSMID B6-5aiadx Alice LANDAU B6-5aiada Sir Henry Joseph D'AVIGDOR-GOLDSMID, Bart. B6-5aiadax --?-- --?-- B6-5aiadaa Rosemary Chloe D'AVIGDOR-GOLDSMID B6-5aiadaax Anthony James Moreton TEACHER B6-5aiadaaa Harry TEACHER B6-5aiadaaax Kate WHITEHEAD B6-5aiadaaaa Alice Flora MacNaghten TEACHER B6-5aiadaaab Molly Cordelia Goldsmid TEACHER B6-5aiadaab Poppy TEACHER B6-5aiadaabx Anthony Alexander ADAMS, M.B.E. B6-5aiadaaba Atticus William MacNaghten ADAMS B6-5aiadaac Petra TEACHER B6-5aiadaad Sarah TEACHER B6-5aiadab Sarah Venetia D'AVIGDOR-GOLDSMID B6-5aiadb Maj. Gen. James Arthur D'AVIGDOR-GOLDSMID B6-5aiae Elsa D'AVIGDOR B6-5aiaex Henry Frederick GOLDSCHMIDT B6-5aiaf Berenice D'AVIGDOR B6-5aib Isabel Olga D'AVIGDOR B6-5aibx Horatio Joseph LUCAS B6-5aiba Mary Rachael LUCAS B6-5aic Sergius D'AVIGDOR B6-5aid Borislau D'AVIGDOR B6-5aj Caroline GOLDSMID B6-5ak Emma GOLDSMID B6-5akx Dr. Nathaniel Mayer MONTEFIORE B6-5aka Alice Julia MONTEFIORE B6-5akax Henry LUCAS B6-5akaa Nathaniel LUCAS B6-5akaax Floretta SEBAG-MONTEFIORE B6-5akb Charlotte Rosalind MONTEFIORE B6-5akbx Sir Lewis McIVER, Bart. B6-5akba Marjorie McIVER B6-5akbax Harry PHILIPS B6-5akbaa David PHILIPS B6-5akbaax Rosemary Ann CATOR B6-5akbaaa Richard PHILIPS B6-5akbaab Simon PHILIPS B6-5akbab Judith PHILIPS B6-5akbb Nathalie McIVER B6-5akc Leonard MONTEFIORE B6-5akd Claude Joseph GOLDSMID-MONTEFIORE B6-5akdx Therese Alice SCHORSTEIN B6-5akda Leonard Nathaniel GOLDSMID-MONTEFIORE B6-5akdax Muriel Jeanetta TUCK B6-5akdaa Alan GOLDSMID-MONTEFIORE B6-5akdab David GOLDSMID-MONTEFIORE B6-5akdy Florence Fyfe Brereton WARD B6-5al Julia GOLDSMID B6-5b Ann GOLDSMID B6-5c Julia GOLDSMID B6-5cx Philip Moses SAMUEL B6-5ca [B6-5afx] Caroline SAMUEL B6-5cax [B6-5af] Frederick David GOLDSMID [Children] B6-5d Aaron Asher GOLDSMID B6-5dx Sophia SALOMONS B6-5da Emily GOLDSMID B6-5dax Jules AVIGDOR B6-5db Edmund GOLDSMID B6-5dc Sophia GOLDSMID B6-5dcx David Jacob DE STERN, Viscount B6-5dca Sydney James DE STERN, Baron WANDSWORTH B6-5dd Julia GOLDSMID B6-5ddx Hermann DE STERN, 1st Baron B6-5dda Emily Teresa DE STERN B6-5ddax Edward Lenox DUTTON, 4th Baron SHERBORNE B6-5ddb Laura Julia DE STERN B6-5ddbx Sir David Lionel SALOMONS B6-5ddba David Reginald SALOMONS B6-5de Arthur GOLDSMID B6-5df Frances GOLDSMID B6-5dg Elizabeth GOLDSMID B6-5e Moses Asher GOLDSMID B6-5ex Eliza SALOMONS B6-5ea Augustus GOLDSMID B6-5eax Carolina STISTED B6-5eaa Ernest Edward GOLDSMID B6-5eb [B6-5acx] Louisa Sophia GOLDSMID B6-5ebx [B6-5ac] Sir Francis Henry GOLDSMID, Bart. B6-5ec Charles GOLDSMID B6-6 Asher Aron GOLDSMID B6-6a [B10-6] Gershon GOLDSMID B6-6ax [B26-6] Rebecca COHEN B6-6aa Abraham GOLDSMID B6-6aax Martha SAMSON B6-6aaa John GOLDSMID B6-6aab Henry GOLDSMID B6-6aac Simeon Samson GOLDSMID B6-6aacx Jane CORBETT B6-6aaca Mathilda Constance GOLDSMID B6-6aacb Clive GOLDSMID B6-6aacc Cecilia GOLDSMID B6-6aacd George Corbett GOLDSMID B6-6aace John Corbett GOLDSMID B6-6aacf Henrietta GOLDSMID B6-6aacg Elizabeth GOLDSMID B6-6aach Septimus GOLDSMID B6-6aachx Gertrude Elizabeth HUFFAM B6-6aacha Francis Sampson GOLDSMID B6-6aachy Susannah WARRE B6-6aachb William Henry Warre GOLDSMID B6-6aachc Evelyn Isabel GOLDSMID B6-6aachcx Edwyn Thomas CLOSE B6-6aachd Albert GOLDSMID B6-6aache John Alexander GOLDSMID B6-6aachex Gladys Warre STOKES B6-6aachea Peter GOLDSMID B6-6aacheb Patricia GOLDSMID B6-6aachec Susan GOLDSMID B6-6aachf Violet GOLDSMID B6-6aachg Helen GOLDSMID B6-6aachh Gertrude GOLDSMID B6-6aachi Olive GOLDSMID B6-6aachj Dorothea GOLDSMID B6-6aaci Gertrude GOLDSMID B6-6aad Benjamin GOLDSMID B6-6aae William GOLDSMID B6-6aaex Sophia HOLLAND B6-6aaea William Holland GOLDSMID B6-6aaeax Alice FENDALL B6-6aaeaa John GOLDSMID B6-6aaeab Kathleen GOLDSMID B6-6aaeb Adelaide Sophia GOLDSMID B6-6aaec Florence GOLDSMID B6-6aaed Catherine GOLDSMID B6-6aaee Esther GOLDSMID B6-6aaef Margaret E. GOLDSMID B6-6aaf Sarah GOLDSMID B6-6ab Samson Simon GOLDSMID B6-6ac Nathanial GOLDSMID B6-6ad Mariana GOLDSMID B6-6ae [B10-5] Anne GOLDSMID B6-6aex [B2-5] Daniel MOCATTA [Children] B6-6af George GOLDSMID B6-6b Perle Aron GOLDSMID B6-6bx Magnus Joachem HANNOVER B6-6ba Sara Magnus HANNOVER B6-6bax Mozes Jacob KOOPMAN B6-6bb Roosje Magnus HANNOVER B6-6bbx Samuel Isaac CANTOR B6-6bc Ester Magnus HANNOVER B6-6bcx Mozes BERLIN B6-6c Esther Aron GOLDSMID B6-6cx Elias Joachem HANNOVER B6-6d Polly GOLDSMID B6-6dx Baron Lyon DE SYMONS B6-6da Tryphena Esther DE SYMONS B6-6dax Simon BARROW B6-6daa Jacob BARROW B6-6daax --?-- --?-- B6-6daaa Oscar Theodore BARROW B6-6daaax Helen Emma Winifride REYNOLDS B6-6daaaa Reginald Lousada BARROW B6-6dab Capt. Francis Octavius BARROW B6-6dac Maj.-Gen. Joseph Lyon BARROW B6-6dacx Alicia EGAN B6-6daca Rev. Kingston Egan BARROW B6-6dacax Amy ROTHNEY B6-6dacaa John Rothney BARROW B6-6dacaax --?-- --?-- B6-6dacaaa

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