The intent here is to preserve the history of our ancestors, and to provide easily accessed photos for the current generations.

We should first mention that we have noteworthy ancestors, some heroic, and some possibly not so heroic. Our lineage has been traced to such notables as William "The Conqueror", Charlemagne, William Marshall, Rodrigo Diaz ("El Cid"), Brian Boru, Boadicea, and others.

We hope to locate and include here, pictures of our more recent ancestors and descendants.






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Welcome to our Web site!

Secondly, I should introduce myself. I'm Larry Alexander, and I am what you might call a "wantabe" Web-Page Manager. I was trained as an electronic technician by the U.S. Navy during my four year enlistment, Jan 1956 thru Nov 1959, and I spent just over three years in the destroyer, U.S.S. Harold J. Ellison (DD864). I am proud of my service in the US Navy. I brokered that early training and some life experiences into a reasonably significant job as the Quality Assurance Officer for the Supervisor of Shipbuilding, Conversion and Repair, New Orleans from which I retired in May of 1994. I have to give my wife and best friend most of the credit for the successes I have experienced. Every man should find a help-mate as supportive and encouraging as my Beverly!

 Beverly and I are interested in genealogy and the honoring of our ancestors. I am a member of the Son's of the American Revolution (with lineages approved to five Revolutionary War Patriots). I also have proven lineages accepted by the  Jamestown Society , through Cecily Jordan who married Thomas FARRAR and by the Order of Descendants of Ancient Planters through that same line. Beverly is active in the Daughters of the American Revolution.

I know that many people see Larry as a nickname, but it was given to me by my parents, Leonard Ray Alexander and Theresa May Gardner Alexander, and I like it. I was born in Yuba City, California where I attended school through the 11th grade. My father's employment change required that the family move between my 11th and 12th grades, and I graduated from Ukiah High School in the class of 1954. I was the middle child of three until the summer of my thirteenth year, when my older brother, Gary, was killed in an auto accident. The few years after that were pretty difficult for my Mother and for me; probably for the rest of the family, too. Gary was three years my senior, and he was a "super-dude"; he could do everything, and I felt like I couldn't do anything! Suddenly, I was the eldest, and I wasn't ready for the responsibility. And Mother was deathly afraid of losing her remaining children, my sister Beverly and me, to the point that I could no longer even go to a movie (about 10 blocks from our home) alone. We managed to survive, however, and the strengths of Mother and Dad are what kept it together through those turbulent times.

Beverly Helen Moore Alexander (the best friend I spoke of before) was born in Portsmouth, Virginia, attended school through the 12th grade in Pokomoke, Maryland and graduated in class of 1979 at Virginia Tech (Go Hokies!). Beverly's degree is in Aerospace Engineering, and she has run the gamut of designing/building airplanes, ships, tanks, aircushion vehicles, and an amphibious tank/personnel carrier. She is a pretty impressive lady who also found time to be the 2004-2006 Regent of the Fauquier Court House Chapter of the Virginia Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution. It was pretty hectic in our home during 2006, because I was the President of the Culpeper Minute Men Chapter of the Virginia Society of the Sons of the American Revolution during part of Beverly's leadership of her DAR chapter. We did have some fun during that period!

Since a person cannot play golf every day (too much frustration!), I've decided to try my hand at this web-site stuff. I don't have the desire to become an HTML code writer, so I obtained Microsoft Front Page, and an ftp tool that is easy enough for me to operate. I found a few basic "looks" on the web that I thought worthy of using a bit, and away we go! Of course, I found friendly folks on the net that freely offered help and advice. The one individual who has helped me  more than any other is a nice fellow named George Alexander. You can see that he shares our surname, and the way we connected was through a common interest in genealogy and the use of Y-DNA in the genealogical pursuits. I will be serving as the Chapter Chaplain through 2007. I haven't been near a golf course in well over a year, but I intend to find time for that pleasure again, soon!

The entire year of 2006 was filled for me with my responsibilities as President of the Culpeper Minute Men Chapter of the Virginia Society of the Sons of the American Revolution. This was an exciting year filled with preparations and planning for events both in the DAR and the SAR! I completed my tenor as President on 20 January 2007, and Beverly completed her commitment of three years as Regent of the Fauquier Court House Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution in April of 2007. Beverly will continue as the District VI Chaplain of the Virginia Daughters of the American Revolution; and I will serve until relieved as Chaplain of the Culpeper Minute Men Chapter, SAR.