Table of Contents
From Alia, Sicily to Texas

Table of Contents

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Prologue Chapter 1
Sicily and Departure
Chapter 2
Vincent Bova &Salvdora Bellina
Chapter 3
Salvatore Bova and
Maria Theresa Manno
Chapter 4
Alexander Marion and
Susan Matilda Dixon
Chapter 5
Joe & Cumire Bova
Chapter 6
Mike and Christine Bova
Chapter 7
Keith and Mossie Bova
Chapter 8
Gearldine Bova
& William Phillips
Chapter 9
The Mark R. Bova Story
Chapter 10
The Parchmont Family
Chapter 11
The Delavan Chase Smith Family
Appendix 1
Bova Lineage
Appendix 2
Descendants of Leonardo Bova and Anna Catalano
Appendix 3
Keith Bova Album
Appendix 4
Mossie McCann Album
Appendix 5
James Littleton McCan Family Album
Appendix 6
James M. McCan Family Album
Appendix 7
Mossie McCan's Ancestor Album
Appendix 8
Salvatore Bova Album
Appendix 9
Alexander Dixon
Family Group Sheet
Appendix 10
Alex & Susan Dixon Album
Appendix 11
Delavan Chase Smith Family Album
Appendix 12
Penny Edwards Album
Appendix 13
Marriage Certificates
Appendix 14
Dickey Family Bible
Poems by
Joseph K Bova
Appendix 16
Visit to Alia Sicily 2003
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