Reader's Guide to "The Hufford Family History: 1729 - 1909"

Hoffart crestREADER'S GUIDE TO
"The Hufford Family History: 1729 - 1909":
(book by Franklin Pierce Hoffert)

Christian Hoffarth (also spelled Hoffart, Hoffort, Hufford, etc.) was born 1716 in Schwaigern, Germany. He died 1788 in Frederick County, Maryland.

He was married twice.

His first wife was Elizabeth KEIM, born 1723. Christian and Elizabeth married before 1746. Elizabeth died before 1764. Christian and Elizabeth had seven children, all who survived to maturity: Christian, Christina, Philip, Anna Margareth, Daniel, John, and Casper.

His second wife was Anna Catharine (last name unknown). Christian died in 1788 with his second wife surviving him. Christian and Anna Catharine had ten children, all who survived to maturity: Anna Catharina, George, Elizabeth, Adam, Hannah, Jacob, Susanna, Johanna Magdalena, Rebecca, and Barbara.

In 1909 a family genealogy was published: "The Hufford Family History," by Franklin Pierce HOFFERT. What's below is a page-by-page guide to the book:

Left-side of title-page spread has photo of the author, Franklin Pierce Hoffert.
(Click to see photo of Franklin P. Hoffert.)

Right-side of title-page spread looks like what's below:

The Hufford Family History


Compiled and Published by
Franklin Pierce Hoffert
Indianapolis, Indiana

Copyright, A.D. 1909
By Franklin P. Hoffert

Page numbering in the book begins on page 8. Before the page that is numbered 8, and after the title page, are the following pages:

A right-hand page with a reproduction of a photograph of a house, apparently Franklin Pierce Hoffert's house, built in 1904.

A left-hand blank page.

A right-hand page with two parts: (a) an "introduction" by the Elder P. H. Beery of Covington, Miami Co., Ohio, that begins, "Hidden from us all is the future," and continues in the vein of a "speech for all occasions," and (b) an explanation of the book, written by David H. Smith. Here is the explanation:

This work contains the Hufford family tree. The writer had many experiences in securing the information contained in these pages, some of them inspiring and helpful, but many of them calculated to cultivate Christian character when viewed in the light of the statement that "tribulation worketh patience." Devine guidance has been asked and no amount of labor and care has been spared to make this work not only interesting and useful, as such a work must necessarily be, but also truthful. The author acknowledges a debt of gratitute to the photographers, the engravers and the printers who put heart and brain into their several departments of the work, as well as to the members of this widely scattered family who so kindly co-operated with the author in his efforts.

The reader will notice that the family name is spelled several ways by different branches of the family. ...

The author found a period of time, from 1729 to 1762, in which he could not trace the genealogical tree, but he is confident that the very large number of descendants of the family named herein, as well as others whose names and family records he was unable to secure, can properly claim their ancestry from Christian Hoffart, who came to this country from Schwartzenau, Germany, in 1729. ...
[NOTE FROM ALICE BEARD: That is an error. There is no indication that Christian or his parents ever were in Schwartzenau. They were from Schwaigern, Germany.]

This work is biographical and photographical in its nature. The aim of the author has been not to eulogize the members of his family tree, but to bear record of the truth. A great many of the founders of the family cannot be represented by their portraits, for the reason that in their pioneer days likenesses were not easily obtained. Besides this, numbers of them did not believe it was right to have pictures at all.

The author desires all the descendants of the family to assist in the distribution of this work, and he humbly prays that his labors will not have been in vain, but will tend to bring the living members of the family into a closer relationship with each other, and will foster in their breasts a desire to emulate the good qualities of the staunch old Christian patriarchs who, by their thrift, integrity and kindliness made the Hufford name an honored one throughout the length and breadth of our land.

Mr. Hoffert lays no claim to college training, having simply received a good common school education. He is a simple, unassuming farmer, who, like Cincinnatus of old, felt himself called to a special work, and did the best he could.

A left-hand blank page.

A right-hand page for "AUTHOR'S PREFACE":

This work was begun in 1900 by consent of author's first cousin, Rev. Isaac Hufford [b. 26-May-1841; Hocking Co., Ohio; page 24 of HUFFORD FAMILY HISTORY; son of Samuel; son of Solomon: son of Casper; son of Christian], who undertook to write up the Hufford history and said it could not be done. By his consent it was taken up, and the information he had gave the inspiration to undertake the task. In the year 1907, one David Andrew Hufford, Printer, was also writing up the Hufford history, but, by his consent, all was surrendered, which gave more inspiration in the work. ... [David Andrew Hufford, b. 13-Oct-1858, Berwick, Seneca Co., Ohio; d. 13-Jan-1941, Los Angeles, California; page 174 of HUFFORD FAMILY HISTORY; son of Michael William; son of Michael; son of Casper, son of Christian.]

Mistakes will be found in this work, no doubt, but the author has labored hard to make as few of them as possible. He trusts the reader will pardon those which crept in, knowing they are of the head, not of the heart.

Indianapolis, July 20, 1909


It is on the page numbered "8" that the genealogy begins, and it begins with garbled information. It presents as if it is the genealogy of Christian Hoffort, and indeed the six sections of the book deal with various branches of Christian's descendants. However, the information at the top of the page gives incorrect information about Christian's wife and children. Experienced Hufford genealogists know what the mish-mash error is; inexperienced genealogists won't benefit from a repeat of the mish-mash. It does, however, have this which is worth repeating:

Our subject [Christian Hoffarth] came from Schwarzenau, Germany, to the United States of America, in company with other families who fled for liberty of conscience, being under religious persecution. He located at Germantown, Pa., 1729. No further account of them until 1762, the date proper of one Casper Hoffart (Ger.), from whom this work gives almost complete family genealogy.

See page 61 of work published -- "History of German Baptist Brethren," by Martin Grove Brumbaugh, A.M., Ph. D., Philadelphia, Pa. (Brethren Publishing, 1899). [NOTE: Martin Brumbaugh was later elected governor of Pennsylvania; served 1915-1919.]

Towards the bottom of page 8 is the heading "PART I," which deals with the descendants of Christian and Elizabeth's son Casper (1762-1825). PART I runs from page 8 through page 199.

Page after page 8 is an unnumbered page with a photograph of the gravestones for Casper and his wife:

Below the photo is a quote that appears to be from a land transfer document:

"And reserving at the same time out of said described tract or parcel of land the family burying ground or grave yard, which is to be four rods in length and two rods in breadth, running with the township line, which the said Casper Hoffert dedicated as and for a family Grave Yard."

Next page is an unnumbered blank page.

Next page is numbered "9." Subsequent pages through 265 are all numbered, and all are numbered normally.

Page 200 begins PART II: Descendants of Christian & Elizabeth's son Christian's son Christian (grandson of original Christian).

Page 232 begins PART III: Descendants of Christian & Elizabeth's son Philip.

Page 246 begins PART IV: Two groups of descendants:
First, descendants of Christian & Anna Catharine's son George. (Begins at page page page 246.)
, descendants of Christian & Elizabeth's son Daniel, through Daniel's son David's son Joel. (Begins at page 252.)

Page 258 begins PART V: Descendants of Christian & Elizabeth's son Daniel's son William D. (grandson of original Christian).

Page 264 begins PART VI: Descendants of Christian & Elizabeth's son John's son Jacob (grandson of original Christian).

Page 265 lists the officers of the 1909 Hufford Family reunion, and it lists the "constitution" of the National Organization of the Hufford Family:

President -- Abraham Hufford, Toledo, Iowa
Vice-President -- Franklin Pierce Hoffert, Indianapolis, Ind.
Secretary -- Artie D. Hufford, Bremen, Ohio.
Assistant Secretary -- Miss Lista Hufford, Toledo, Iowa
Treasurer -- John S. Hoffert, Rosseville, Ind.
Historian -- Franklin Pierce Hoffert, Indianapolis, Ind.
Executive Committee -- Foreman -- Rev. Isaac Hufford, Petoskey, Mich; Benjamin F. Seitz, Columbus Grove, Ohio; Jesse Hufford, Rossville, Ind.; Emanuel M. Hufford, Toledo, Iowa; Samuel Hufford, Rossville, Ind.; Geo. Benjamin Hufford, Chicago, Ill., now at Austin, Tex.
E. A. Hufford, President; Bremen, Ohio
Artie D. Hufford, Secretary Pro Tem

Constitution of the National Organization of the Hufford Family. Adopted at the Bremen, Ohio, Reunion August 29, 1907
The officers ...
The duties of such officers ...
The National Reunion shall be held biennially, the date and place of each subsequent meeting to be determined by popular vote of the assembly.
All persons by the name Hufford and their descendants for three generations shall be members of the organization, and all members 18 years old or over shall be allowed to vote.
This constitution may be amended at any National Reunion ...

After page 265, there is one left-side blank page, followed by four pages of what is called an INDEX. The index is not as useful as one would hope.

Within each of the six parts, the book is organized by family. The first page of each part lists all of the children of that particular descendant. Then, each child's children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren are listed before going on to the next child. The system becomes complicated because the children in each family, at each generation are numbered simply 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. There is no type face differentiation of those numbers from generation to generation.

What's below is offered as a guide through the book. It will be of benefit only as you work your way through a copy of the original book or an exact reproduction of the original book:

  • PART II: Christian Hufford, page 200
    Christian was son of Christian b. 1846, who was son of Christian and his 1st wife.]
    • Elizabeth, page 201
      • Mary, page 202
      • John, page 202
      • Adam, page 203
      • Catharine, page 204
      • Ellen, page 205
      • Ephriam, page 205
      • Agnes, page 205
      • Elizabeth, page 205
    • Agnes, page 206
      • Alma, page 206
      • Lorenzo D., page 207
      • Mary Catharine, page 207
      • Benjamin Winfield Scott, page 208
      • Hannah Margaret, page 208
      • Samuel Judson, page 208
      • Livingston Caples, page 208
    • Catharine, page 209
      • W. G., page 210
      • Sarah Catharine, page 210
    • Dorcas, page 211
      • Mary, page 211
      • Christ H., page 211
      • Elizabeth, page 212
      • Noah [no separate listing]
      • Samuel, page 212
    • Hannah, page 214
      • Elizabeth, page 214
      • Mary [no separate listing]
      • Agnes [no separate listing]
      • Demus [no separate listing]
      • Isaac [no separate listing]
      • Barbra, page 215
      • Hannah [no separate listing]
    • Mary, page 216
      • Sarah, page 216
      • Loucrecia [no separate listing]
      • Matilda [no separate listing]
      • Mary Jane, page 216
      • Noah, page 217
      • Ella, page 217
    • Sarah, page 218
      • Frederic, page 218
      • Catharine, page 218
      • Mary, page 218
      • Casper, page 220
      • Sarah, page 221
      • Isaac, Jr., page 220
      • Elizabeth, page 222
      • William, page 222
      • Jane [no separate listing]
      • Caroline, page 223
      • Ellen, page 224
      • Matilda, page 224
    • Noah, page 225
      • Mary [no separate listing]
      • Noah [no separate listing]
      • Asenath, page 225
    • Casper, page 228
      • James T., page 229
      • Christ, page 229
      • Mary M., page 229
      • LaFayette, page 229
      • Joseph, page 229
      • Elizabeth [no separate listing]
      • Findley, page 229
      • George, page 229
      • Casper, page 229
    • Nicodemus, page 230
      • Samuel Scott [no separate listing]
      • William Jasper [no separate listing]
      • Mary Rebecca [no separate listing]
      • Clara Darcus [no separate listing]
      • George Alonzo [no separate listing]
      • Mary Hannah, page 230
      • Nicodemus David, Jr., page 230
    • Christ [no separate listing]

  • PART III: Philip Hufford, page 232
    Philip was son of Christian and his 1st wife.]
    • Daniel, page [no separate listing]
    • John, page 233 (Click to see photo.)
      • Phillip [no separate listing]
      • Jane Rebecca, page 234
      • George Jacob, page 235
      • Susannah, page 237
      • Matilda, page 237
      • Daniel M., page 238 (Click to see photo.)
      • John M., page 243
      • Sevilla E., page 243
      • Samuel W., page 243
    • Solomon, page [no separate listing]
      • Mary Ann, page 244
      • George Andrew, page 244

  • PART IV: Part IV deals with two groups of Kentucky Huffords.
    , some descendants of George, the son of Christian.
    , some descendants of one grandson of Daniel, son of Christian.

    George Hufford, page 246
    George was son of Christian and his 2nd wife]

    Joel Hufford, page 252
    Joel was son of David Hufford, b. abt 1780, who was son of Daniel Hufford, b. 1756, who was son of Christian and his 1st wife.]

    • William, page 253
    • John Andrew, page 253
      • William, page 254
      • Charley, page 254
      • Pearl, page 253
    • Gideon Franklin, page 255
      • Cassie, page 255
      • Joel Van, page 256
      • Ella, page 256
      • Julia, page 256
      • Edgar, page 256
      • John Thomas, page 256
    • Adaline, page 257
    • David, page 257

  • PART V: William D. Hufford, page 258
    William was son of Daniel b. 1756, who was son of Christian and his 1st wife.]
    • Martha [no separate listing]
    • Catharine [no separate listing]
    • Elizabeth [no separate listing]
    • Daniel [no separate listing]
    • Benjamin [no separate listing]
    • Debora, page 258
    • George Washington, page 259 [children from two wives]
    • John Hiram, page 260 (Click to see photo.)
    • Mary Ann, page 263 (Click to see photo.)
    • William D., Jr., page 263

  • PART VI: Jacob Hufford, Sr., page 264
    Jacob was son of John b. 1758, who was son of Christian and his 1st wife.]
    • Sally Ann [no separate listing]
    • Surrilda [no separate listing]
    • Nancy Jane, page 264
    • David, page 264
    • James A., page 264
    • Jacob, page 265
      • Charley H.
      • George B.
      • Frances
      • Frank
      • Florence May
    • Elizabeth, page 264
    • John N., page 264
    • Eliza, page 264


  • Mr. Franklin Pierce HOFFERT was born January 1858 in Fairfield Co., Ohio. On January 19, 1882, in Piatt Co., Illinois, he married Elizabeth WYNN (b. August 19, 1859, in Rockingham Co., Virginia.
    Franklin was the son of
  • Philemon Hufford (b. March 9, 1829; d. April 24, 1895, Ohio) and Philemon's wife, Catharine SEITZ.
    Philemon was a son of
  • Solomon Hufford, Sr., (b. June 6, 1786, Woodsboro, Frederick Co., Maryland; d. August 4, 1876, Hocking Co., Ohio) and Solomon's wife, Margaret HENRICKS.
    Solomon was a son of
  • Casper Hoffert (b. August 31, 1762, Frederick Co., Maryland; d. November 28, 1825, Fairfield Co., Ohio) and Casper's wife, Catharine STIHLI.
    Casper was a son of
  • Christian Hoffarth (b. July 5, 1716, Schwaigern, Neckar, Wurtemburg, Germany; d. 1788, Monacacy Manor, Frederick Co., Maryland), and Christian's first wife, Elizabeth Keim.

Photos of Franklin Hoffert, his wife, their children, their grandchildren, and his mother-in-law are on page 52 of "The Hufford Family History." Because so many genealogists have depended on the efforts of Franklin Hoffert's work, he deserves special attention. The following information is from U.S. Census records:

  • 1860 U.S. Census: Franklin is in Ohio, Fairfield, Co., Rush Creek Township, with his parents and siblings Levi (8), Alexander (6), and Daniel (4 months). Franklin was two years old.
  • 1880 U.S. Census: Franklin is in Ohio, Fairfield Co., Rush Creek Township, with his parents and siblings Daniel (20), Chloe (17), Bentley (15), and Andrew (12). Franklin was 22 and farming on his dad's farm.
  • 1900 U.S. Census: Franklin is in Indiana, Howard Co., Ervin, District 62, with his wife and their four children who survived infancy: John, Katie, Harvey, and Lena. He was farming.
  • 1910 U.S. Census: Franklin is in Indiana, Marion Co., Indianapolis Ward 15, District 259, with his wife Elizabeth and their daughter Lena P., at 3522 Michigan Street. Franklin was a carpenter. He and his wife had been married for 28 years.
  • 1920 U.S. Census: Franklin is in Indiana, Marion Co., Indianapolis Ward 15, District 263, with his wife, at 3448 Michigan Street. He was 61, owned his own home, and was working as a "jitney helper" for an express company.
  • 1930 U.S. Census: Franklin is in Indiana, Johnson Co., Clark Township, District 3, with his wife. He was 72 and retired.

He wrote this of himself in "The Hufford Family History":

[Franklin] was born in Fairfield County, in a log house on his father's farm, being the grandfather's old homstead, which he had entered, two miles south of Bremen, Ohio. He received a common school education, and at the age of 19 years began to teach vocal music in his home school district. In his 21st year, on August 18, 1879, he joined the German-Baptist church and was baptized by Rev. D. N. Workman, of Ashland, Ohio. He was employed by his father until October 11, 1880, when he left for Illinois, where he engaged in gathering corn. In 1881 [he] was employed at farm labor by Rev. John Arnold, his first cousin. In 1882 [he] was married. Located one mile north of Lintner, Ill. Built house and moved in one mile further north on own farm. Lived there until February, 1896. Sold farm to John Wyne, his brother-in-law, and bought a farm in Howard County, Ind., of 160 acres, where he lived until 1902. He then sold and bought three miles west of Indianapolis, Ind., a farm of 160 acres, where he lived for two years. He then sold and moved on a new addition to city of Indianapolis, living a retired farmer's life.

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NOTA BENE: Not all Huffords descend from the immigrant Christian Hufford. Not all Huffords are related. However, all Huffords in "The Hufford Family History" descend from the common ancestor Christian Hoffarth (1716-1788).

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