Headings 1855 New York State Census


1855 New York State Census

population.   CENSUS of the Inhabitants in the  _______________ Election District of the _________________________  in the County of ____________________  taken by me on the ___________day of June 1855.

1.  Dwelling numbered in order of visitation
2. Of what material built
3  Value
4.  Families numbered in the order of visitation
5.  Name of every person whose usual place of residence on the first day of June was in this family
    Note: I have separated this into two fields -  5a Last name and 5b First name
6.  Age
7.  Sex
8.  Color: Whether Black or Mulatto
9.  Relation to the head of the family
10. In what county of this State or in what other State or foreign country born
11. Married
12. Widowed
13. Years resident in this city or town
14. Profession, trade or occupation
15. Voters: Native
16. Voters: Naturalized
18. Persons of color not taxed
19. Persons over 21 years who cannot read and write
20. Owners of land
21. Deaf, dumb, blind, insane or idiotic
I have added a column for page number, Line number (LN) at beginning
and (Li just before transcribers remarks) and  transcribers remarks at the end