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An account of the fun and games of the Indogreeketceteras in the cafes and banana plantations around Murwillumbah and Mullumbimby

The White Australia Café, Mullumbimby 1913.
(It became a Greek possession in 1915 and remained in business until 2007, at which time it was known as
The Popular Cafe
and had been in the hands of the Psaltis family for 57yrs.)
Photo courtesy of The Brunswick Valley Historical Society.]
This story has been updated since the interim effort published in 2003.

At that time ten cheap photocopies were made for distribution to local libraries, historical societies and selected individuals pending the finalizing of some outstanding matters, which at this stage looks likely to take forever.

So to hasten the project and the production of posh hardcopies the author would welcome any feedback in the way of photos/corrections/additions/whatever.

And ditto for the draft book on the Richmond Greeks, 'A Gourmet's Guide to Lismore & District',
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Author’s Note

Those readers who take their history seriously may be peeved over the lack of footnotes verifying the veracity. But rest easy; patience in a trawl through 'References' will eventually deliver enlightenment. And all historical facts supplementing the quotes from the main sources, The Mullumbimby Star and The Tweed Daily, have been liberally and shamelessly plagiarised from the credentialed authors in the bibliography. So blame those blokes if you spot mistakes. It must be said however, that all eyewitness info has been recorded in good faith and no responsibility can be accepted for any errors, omissions or distortions by mischievous individuals trying to even up an old score. So there.


The writing of this book wouldn’t have been possible without the assistance of many others:

Many thanks to Southern Cross University for access to their vast resources and the friendly and professional service of the library staff in walking me through it all;

Ditto David and Pauline at the Richmond-Tweed Regional Library for putting together an equally comprehensive resource centre and for their skill and perseverance in tracking down obscure information upon request;

Ditto Gabrielle, Helen and Pat at the Mullumbimby Library for similar patience and good humour in meeting such requests;

Ditto the staff of the National Archives for their wonderful service in making documents available on-line;

Ditto all those who indulged me with their personal histories;

And special thanks to the long-suffering Susan for not nagging too much about the lawn needing mowing.

May you all gain a high place in Heaven.

© 2003 Peter Tsicalas
All rights reserved etc.
Self Printed, Stapled and Distributed April 2003.
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