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Gourmet's Guide to Lismore & District

Annex B

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 Annex B
  Wedding Photographs

Wedding Photographs

Terakes-Sargent 1921 Brisbane

L to R males: Jack (Zacharias) Sargent (Stratigakis), unknown (perhaps Nick Kerecakis), Len Sargent,
Nick Terakes
, unknown, Xenophon Karendos, John Sargent
L to R females: Unknown (perhaps Queenie Nicholas), Ariadne Sargent (or perhaps Rosa Garaly), unknown young male sitting on floor, Katina Sargent, Henrietta (Buby) Sargent, Maria Sargent, Nick Sargent.
(Courtesy John Terakes)

Samios-Agritelis 1937 Brisbane

Bridegroom Andy Samios of Ballina standing fourth from left behind bride Maritza Agritelis
(Courtesy George Samios)

Crones-Sophios 1939 Brisbane

L to R back row males: Stan Gleeson, Peter John Coroneo, Peter Cassimatis, Eric Victor Crethar, Mark Cassimatis, Greg Londy.
L to R intermediate row: Matina Peter Crethary, Mrs Annie Peter Crethary, Unknown male, Unknown bridesmaid, Nick Crones,
Matina Sophios
, Metaxia or Eleni Kyriacos Bavea, Unknown male Sophios, Anthony Sourry, Mrs Sourry, Mary Peter Crethary
L to R sitting: Unknown older female, Effie Sourry, Mrs Fofo Peter Crithary, Poppy Sourry
(Courtesy Harry Eric Crethar)

Coronakes-Crethary 1946 Lismore

L to R standing: Nick Peter Crethary of Lismore, Mrs J. Gleeson of Coffs Harbour, Steve Angus of Murwillumbah, Peter Cassimatis of Lismore and Murwillumbah, Chris (?) Coroneo of Gunning, Annie Coroneo of Gunning, Peter John Crithary of Woodenbong,
Spiro Alex Coronakes
of Lismore, Matina Peter Crethary of Lismore, Peter John Coroneo of Lismore and Ballina,
Mary (Muriunthi) Peter Crethary of Lismore, Leo John Coroneo of Kyogle and Ballina, Mark Minas Cassimatis of Murwillumbah,
Stan Gleeson of Kyogle, Mrs Katina Stan Gleeson (nee Coroneo) of Kyogle, Con Stan Gleeson of Kyogle
L to R sitting: Mrs Zafiro George Poulos (nee Crethar), John Peter Crethary, Mrs Anna Peter Crethary (nee Coroneo),
Sylvia Stan Gleeson of Kyogle, Helen Nick Crethar of Casino, Effie Peter Cooley of Lismore, Peter Nick Crethary of Lismore,
Mrs Fofo Peter Crithary (nee Crethary) of Woodenbong, Mattie Gleeson of Coffs Harbour.
(Courtesy Matina King)

Black-Crethary 1952 Casino

L to R standing: Stan Gleeson, Mrs Katina Gleeson, Peter Coroneo, Sylvia Gleeson, unknown Veneris of Brisbane, Con Gleeson,
Jack Black, Paul Panaretto, George Black of Murgon, George Black (Mavromatis), Jim Black of Goomeri, Mary Crethary, unknown Venery, Manuel Black of Goomeri, unknown bridesmaid, Mrs Falia Poulos of Ballina with daughter Theodora, Spiro Coronakes,
Peter Crethary, Leo Coroneo, Nick Crethary.
L to R sitting: Unknown female of Bellingen, flowergirls Sofia Poulos and Maria Coronakes, John Crethary, Mary Poulos, Tessa Poulos, Mrs Annie Crethar with Peter Coronakes, Mrs Matina Coronakes, Alex Coronakes
(Courtesy Matina King)

Tambakis-Panaretto 1951 Casino

L to R standing: Jack Panaretto, Peter Locos, Paul Panaretto, Peter Tambakis, George Tambakis, Peter Christianos, Mrs Kalypso Christianos (nee Panaretto), Mrs Florrie Crethar (nee Panaretto), Arthur Panaretto, Jack Prineas,
Nick Crethar
L to R sitting: Mrs Sofia Locos (nee Panaretto), Stamatina Panaretto, Mrs Eugenia Prineas (nee Panaretto)
(Courtesy Paul Panaretto)

Coronakes/Crethar Clan 1982 Casino

Wedding reception for Anna George Black at the Marble Bar Cafe
L to R rear: Tony Alex Coronakes (fingers), Spiro Harry Crethar, Paul Spiro Coronakes, Mrs Gail Paul Coronakes, Graham King,
Christina Spiro Coronakes (Robertson), Harry Eric Crethar, Mrs Maria Harry Crethar (nee Coronakes), Ricky Harry Crethar.
L to R front: Christina Alex Coronakes, Eikie Alex Coronakes (young girl), Mrs Margaret Alex Coronakes, Mrs Anna Peter Crethary, Phillip Spiro Coronakes, Diana Spiro Coronakes, Marina George Black (Fitzpatrick), Louisa Spiro Coronakes,
Mrs Matina Graham King (nee Coronakes and Crethary), Alex Spiro Coronakes, Dion Harry Crethar (front).
(Courtesy Matina King)







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