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The Allee Families

The purpose of this page is to carefully document the relationships of the Allee families for the benefit of all researchers. There is considerable confusion as to who was the first Allee Immigrant in America. The concensus seems to be that Nicholas D'Ailly was the first at some time around 1680, even though there is no documentation, of which I am aware, which supports that. One section of this site, The Hackensack Family, will begin with him.

Another section, The New Rochelle Family, will deal with the family of Jean Allee and Elizabeth Perdineau. It seem very likely that the two families are related, although that connection has not been verified.

There is another large body of information on the Allee family which starts with Nicholas born in 1735 in Henrico County, Virginia. This family may or may not be related to the family of Nicholas D'Ailly. Hopefully, together, we will be able to find out. One section of this site, The Virginia Family, will begin with this Nicholas.

Still another possibility is that the Alley family is related to any or all of the above mentioned families. (Note that the first known Alley in America was Hugh Alley who sailed from London to Lynn, Massachusetts, in 1635. It is my feeling that the family of Hugh Alley is not related to the Allee family.) I have no Allee family members who used the spelling Alley, although other researchers apparently do.

All researchers are invited to send information to me, Tom Welch, to be placed on this site. Only information backed up by valid documentation will be placed here, and the source document must be quoted. This is necessary if we are ever to unravel and piece together the true picture of our family/families. Valid documentation includes such things as original documents ( Church records, Deeds, Ship Lists, legal records, etc.) which you have seen or which have been reliably transcribed. Family Bible records or other like material in your possession or faithfully transcribed, and of course, personal knowledge of family relationships is acceptable.

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Note: This is a work in progress. It is being added to on a daily basis as I have time to do so. Please feel free to come back again and again.

The New Jersey Family

The New Rochelle, New York Family

The Henrico County, Virginia Family

The Virginia Allee Unknowns
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