Allen Chronicles

An account of the descendants and ancestors of
   Gilbert Allen of Morristown, New Jersey
   Johan Michael Westhöfer of Maders Cove, Nova Scotia

This site is about two families which met in the marriage of Charles T. Allen and Myrtle G. Strong. Of course, there were a lot of other folks along the way. However, this site is about the direct lines back from Charles and Myrtle.

We are indebted to a number of sources for the information in these pages:

On the Allen side, we have a printed work from the late 1800’s by John K. Allen of Lansing, Michigan. Mr. Allen traces the line from Gilbert Allen through the first Charles Thompson Allen. 

We also have a genealogy from Gilbert Allen back to roots in England which was obtained on the internet.

For the Westhavers, we have an excellent work by Rev. Clyde Westhaver of London, Ontario. He traces the Westhaver family from 15th century Germany to the present.

Some of the accounts are very long, so if you’re really into this subject, get yourself a cool drink or a bowl of popcorn and settle in for some serious reading.

Both families had lots of children in the old days, and we have gaping holes in our information about them. We also have a lot of information that is not presented here. We would welcome any inquiries, additions, or corrections. Please e-mail.

We have hundreds of photos of Allens, Westhavers, and others going back into the 19th century. Also on hand are many documents and letters. Our genealogies include countless children of Allen and Westhaver ancestors and their relatives. This material is too extensive to show on these pages. We invite your inquiries and seek your information and/or corrections on any of the content presented here.