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Family Finder

The company Family Tree DNA recently released a DNA test called Family Finder. It will significantly widen our Allison/Ellison Surname project. Find out more from FTDNA here.

About the test

The test may be taken by both men and women. DNA inherited from both parents is analyzed.

Each Family Finder test is compared with others who have taken the test. It confidently matches anyone closer than a fourth cousin and may indicate a match with fifth cousins.

Why is this test so significant?

Until testing of autosomal DNA (inherited from both parents) there were no DNA tests that women could take that identified close relations. Men have had the option of taking a Y-chromosome test that only identifies matches along the male line. Until April 2010 this project has been based on that test.

Both men and women will be able to match cousins on all branches of their family tree.

Family Finder is not the first autosomal DNA test available to genealogists. Previous tests, with other companies, have been structured to reveal medical information as well as facilitate genealogical matching. As a consequence many of the participants in those tests were not interestesd in genealogy and did not respond to contact from those who matched them. FTDNA is a company catering to genealogists. Its tests are designed for genealogical use and do not reveal medical information1. It is very likely that people who match, being genealogists, will be very interested in corresponding with matches.

How will this test change this Project?

Now that there is a test that can identify cousins along any line the number of people who are potential matches has greatly increased. Our groups will grow with the inclusion of people who do not have the Allison/Ellison surname.

Some members of diverse groups, such as our Group C, appear not to match each other - they have a large genetic distance. They are included because of 'in-betweeners' - people who have a smaller genetic distance (i.e are related) to both of them. Family Finder has the potential to reveal further the degree of relatedness between member of a Group.

Those currently ungrouped are more likely to find relations.

1 FTDNA's Full mitochrondrial sequence has the potential to reveal medical information. The company only reveals the sequence to its customers and will not comment on medical implications.

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