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Family Finder Matches

Taking a Family Finder test potentially finds cousins on all lines of the family tree. This project only reports results relating to the surname Allison/Elliso or similar. So, whereas this site may be reporting "No results" the person taking the test may have made beneficial matches on other lines.

Results are presented within Family Groups. We currently have many Groups based on years of Y-chromosome testing. Groups may now contain people who have taken a Family Finder test and match others within that Group. Because the test matches on all lines Family Finder participants will not be admitted to a Group on the sole basis of a match. The participant must also provide a pedigree to support their Allison/Ellison connection.

Group B

Participant 2846 matches another person outside the project (33.65 centiMorgans). Their common Allison ancestor is Joseph Allison who was born around 1700.

Matches within the project

Apart from a brother-sister within the project two cousin relationships are indicated by this test. One match is definitely not through a common Allison ancestor as they are in different Y-DNA Groups in this project. The other is probably not through an Allison ancestor.
The table below shows two things. The numbers are the total matching segments the unit is Centimorgans). The text shows the relationship suggested by the match or a known relationship.

479283rd to 5th cousin
48 98>5th cousin
20741st Cousin

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