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Distribution of the Allison and Ellison surnames

Harry JF Wykes has for some years provided a website to family researchers where they can provide a data file and receive back a map showing the geographic distribution of the people within that file. When asking for permission to display maps produced by his software we learned that Mr Wykes died early in November 2005. We have been told that Mr Wykes' intentions were for his software to be shared by all and that the maps may be used in sites such as ours. We acknowledge his generosity.

More information and a link to his site are included in a paragraph at the bottom of this page. If you have the US Census CDs and are able to produce similar maps for inclusion on this site please email them to the website administrator.
The maps here show the data consolidated by census county. Maps showing the distribution consolidated by the county of birth may be seen here.

1881 Distribution maps - Numbers of people - by UK Census County

UK distribution
UK distribution

1881 Distribution maps - Proportion of people - by UK Census County

UK distribution
UK distribution

Further information about the software used to produce these maps

A full explanation is contained on Harry Wykes' site The application has been designed to be used in conjunction with files that may easily be produced from LDS Census CDs (UK 1881 and USA 1880). It is possible to produce your own files from your own sources to plot a distribution.

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