In 1996 I found a copy of my father's genealogy (Hurd) in an old photo album. Since then I have become really interested in my family history. I have been compiling a lot of information and getting in contact with other researchers on the internet.

It's a lot of fun to find out about the interesting people that are related to me. There are axe murderers and people who came over on the Mayflower (what a combination!) on my Dad's side and a woman who went west on the Oregon trail on my Mom's side.

I have the Hurd history traced back to a little before 1611. A bunch of greats ago on the Hurd side, Justus Hurd married Rachel Love Fuller. Her ancestors were on the Mayflower; I have their genealogy back to 1423.

I only have a little bit of my mother's history (Erickson), from my Uncle Kenny. That side of the family was Swedish, but at times lived in Finland. I've been encountering some difficulties on this side because the Ericksons emigrated from Finland relatively recently. (I don't read Finnish or Swedish (grin) )

If there is something incorrect in here, or you have some information that I don't, please contact me at Thanks.

Here are my family photos

My Paternal Side: Hurd Genealogy

My Maternal Side: Erickson/Carlson/Senecal Genealogy

  • Erickson - My grandfather's paternal side.
  • Senecal - My grandfather's maternal side.
  • Amans - My grandfather's other maternal side.
  • Carlson Side - My grandmother's paternal side.
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