Walkup Family and Photographs

If you are a Walkup or come from Walkups and want to share your information, this be the place. To contribute simply contact me via my e-mail address, attach the picture as a .jpg and be sure you have an explanation of some kind on them or if they are unidentifiable, I need to know that too.

I am Wendy Gayle Walkup-Barry and am proud to be a Walkup, and sadly the last in my line.
Wendy>H. Gordon>Harold C.>Fred Gordon>Fred Gordon? or Sarah Margaret's illegit son>William & Mary>so on

This site is dedicated to my Daddy
H. Gordon Walkup b. 5/22/1934 d. 1/28/2003

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**Adopted in Oklahoma City**

A Collage of Albert Samuel's Family

Albert Samuel Walkup's ggrandchildren

Bertie, Johnny & Clyde Walkup

Evelyn Elizabeth Walkup and husband Frederick Crisp

Fred Gordon Walkup

Finley's Grandsons!

Hannah Helton Walkup

Hannah and Finley Walkup

Harold Clifford Walkup

Harold Gordon Walkup

James and Margaret Walkup - 1700's Jerry Tom Walkup

Joseph Edward "Ed" Walkup with first wife Dora

Keith Walkup and Bride Kathy!!!

Margarete Elizabeth Walkup

Paris and Ruth Walkup

Paula Adine Walkup

Peggy Jean Walkup


Three Unknown Walkup Men

Unknown Woman

William Finley Walkup

William H. Walkup - Civil War Letters

William LeRoy "Roy" Walkup and Mary E. Goff Walkup

Walkup Family Recipes

Walkups in the Censuses - Send me yours! Updated


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