The Family of Anne Kanten: Maternal Grandparents

Anne's Maternal Grandparents

510. Gulbrand4 Anderson  (Anders3Gulbrandsen Ruden, Gulbrand2 Christensen Ruden, Christen Christophersen1 Ruden ) was born in 1784 on the Hilden farm in Brandbu.  Gulbrand died on April 30, 1850 at 66 years of age on the Hilden farm.

  He married Marthe3 Ellingsdatter Hilden (Elling2 Joenson Bilden, Joen1 Ellingsen Bilden) on July 24, 1819 in Gran, Hadeland, Norway. Marthe was born on 1790 on the Bilden farm in Brandbu.

Gulbrand Anderson and Marthe Ellingsdtr Hilden had the following children:

child 513 i.  Dorthea5 Gulbrandsdatter Hilden was born September 9, 1819 on the Hilden farm in Gran, Hadeland Norway.  She was baptized on September 12, 1819 in Gran.  Dorthea came to America in 1866.  Dorthea died on April 8, 1900 at 80 years of age in the USA.  She married Hans Haavelsen Hilden on November 21, 1843 in Gran. Hans was born September 4, 1808 on the Rognstad farm in Gran.  Hans died on October 26, 1862 at 54 years of age on the Hilden farm in Brandbu.

child 514 ii.  Elling Gulbrandson Hilden Bredgaten was born on September 12, 1821 on the Hilden farm in Gran, Hadeland, Norway. Elling died on November 18, 1911 at 90 years of age on the Bredgaten farm. His body was interred on November 30, 1911 at Tingelstad Kirke. Elling married Ingeborg Olsdatter on November 17, 1842. Ingeborg was born in 1821 in Gran to Ole Larsen.   Ingeborg died at 47 years of age on March 13, 1868 at Hildenbrænden in Brandbu.Elling married Oline Pedersdatter on December 3, 1871 at Gran. Oline was born January 6, 1835 on Bilden to Peder Embrectsen and Marthe Olsdatter.  She wasa baptized on January 11, 1835. Oline died at 98 years of age on September 28, 1933 in Oslo, Norway.

child 515 iii. Anders Gulbrandsen Hilden was born March 19. 1824 on the Hilden farm in Brandbu.  He was baptized on March 21, 1824 in Gran.  Anders died on March 12, 1903 at 88 years of age on the Holekanten farm.  His body was interred on March 20, 1903 at Tingelstad kirke.  Anders married Mari Andersdatter on July 31, 1846.  Mari was born in 1826 to Anders Olsen Østeneie. Mari died on January 16, 1900 on the Holekanten farm.  Her body was interred on January 24, 1900 at Tingelstad Kirke.

child 516 iv. Anne Gulbrandsdatter Hilden

child 517 v  Joen Gulbrandson Hilden was born on January 19, 1831 at the Hilden farm in Hadeland Norway. He was baptized on January 23, 1831 in Gran.  Joen emigrated to Fillmore County, Minnesota in 1854 and took the name John Tingelstad.

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