Family Groups

Family groups represented by mebers of the DNA Project are listed below. If you have information on any of these families, please send it to the webmaster.

Family Name Description
Utah - Thomas Hill Allsop

Thomas Hill Allsop was born in 1835 in Cheddleton, Staffordshire, England. He joined the LDS Church in 1856, emigrated to America in 1857 and founded the city of Sandy, Utah. His oldest proven ancestor, William Allsop, was born in Ashbourne, Derbyshire, England about 1740. William's likely father (yet to be proven) was John Allsop (about 1679) also of Ashbourne.

Thomas had 12 children who survived childhood. His numerous descendants can be found throughout America but are most highly concentrated in Utah and California.

Dale C. Alsop's family.

Hanover/Pittsylvania, VA

Jerry David and David Peter Alsup's family.

Spotsylvania, Virginia

Joseph Charles Alsop's family.

Benton County, Tennessee

William Lee Alsup and Michael W. Alsup's families.

Connecticut/NY-Richard Alsop

Richard was born about 1660 in London. He moved to New York in 1679 with his uncle, Thomas Wardell, a wealthy plantation owner and merchant. When Thomas died childless, Richard inherited his estate. Richard died in 1718. He and his wife, Hannah Underhill, are buried in Calvary Cemetery, Brooklyn, New York.

Well known descendants of Richard were the prominent political writers of the 1950's and 60's, Joseph and Stewart Alsop. Technology and publishing entrepreneur Stewart Alsop and writer Elizabeth Alsop Winthrop are also of this clan.

Byron Lee Alsop's family.

Meridith Alsup

Samuel Earl Alsup's family.

Utah - John/Ira Allsop

Ira Allsop was born in 1879 in Nottingham, England. His son, John, was born in Nottingham in 1823. In the early 1850's John joined the LDS Church and emigrated to Utah. He died in 1876 in Richmond, Utah. The family claims descent from John Alsopp (1595-1631) and Temperance Gilbert (1600-1631) of Alsop-in-the-Dale, England.

His descendants mostly live in Northern Utah and Southern Idaho.

The owners of Allsop, Inc. of Bellingham, Washington, makers of audio, video, and computer accessories are numbered among John's descendants.