How to Join the Alsup/Alsop DNA Project

The easiest way to join the project is to order your Y-Chromosome DNA test from FamilyTreeDNA through the DNA Testing link on our web site. We recommend that you order the 37 marker test or the 67 marker test if that is within your budget.

FamilyTreeDNA will notify us of your results and we will add your name and test results to our web site. You will also get an eMail from the project administrator, David Alsup or the co-administrator, Dale Alsop welcoming you to the project and requesting information about your Alsup family tree. If you have already tested through another company, send us an eMail so we can arrange to have your test results added to our records.

If you are not ready to order a DNA test at the current time or if you are not a male with the Alsup/Alsop/Allsop (or other variant) surname but have a genealogical interest in the family, send an eMail to the webmaster asking to have your name added to our mailing list. We will send notices when we update the web site. Please tell us why you are interested in the project and provide information about your Alsup/Alsop ancestors.

We look forward to having you become part of our Alsup/Alsop DNA family.