Pedigree Charts

In the future we plan to have the capability of adding pedigree charts to the web site. Until this feature is implemented, we ask that all project members upload their Alsup/Alsop pedigree chart to the FamilyTreeDNA (FTDNA) and YSearch databases. If you have put your family tree on an internet site we would also like to know how to link to it.

In FTDNA, you are able to see pedigree charts that have been uploaded by individuals that FTDNA believes are close DNA matches. Login to your "My FTDNA Home" and click on y-DNA/Matches. You can see a person's pedigree chart by clicking the icon of a small box with the letters FT inside. If you don't see the icon then the person has not uploaded his pedigree.

Uploading your pedigree is easy if you have your family tree data in a computer program that exports data using the GEDCOM format (most programs have this capability). You upload your GEDCOM file from the "My FTDNA Home" page from the Tools/GEDCOM-Family Tree menu. Don't worry about compromising the confidentiality of living people. FTDNA does not show the names, dates or places of people born within the past 105 years. If you need help with this process or don't have your family tree data in a computer program, send an eMail to the webmaster for help.

Since the FTDNA database is only open to FTDNA customers, it is important to upload your DNA results to YSearch. Although YSearch is affiliated with FTDNA, it is open to everyone. If you tested with another company you can manually upload your results into YSearch. If you tested with FTDNA you can transfer your results to YSearch with a few mouse clicks. From your Matches page on your MY FTDNA Home, click on the link: Click here to upload to You can also upload a GEDCOM of your pedigree chart to YSearch.

DNA test results are of no use in isolation. To increase the usefulness of your results you want to maximize the number of people who can find them. This is what you accomplish by putting your results on YSearch.

Links to Member's Pedigree Charts

David P. Alsup

Dale C. Alsop